Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 6, Episode 5 - Eiskalt - full transcript



I wish I were as fit as him.

He's not happy
with your performance.

What performance?

Hey, Rex...
what's the hurry?

- You do this every day?
- Yes.

- It's not healthy.
- Slacker!

Come on, Rex.
First home.

What is it, Rex?

He can smell the ham rolls.

We'll have them
back at the office.

- Don't you want to shower?
- I'll do it at work.

Rex, give me the keys.

Give me the keys.
Give them to me!

You'll have to pay a ransom.

There. Hand them over.

See you later.

I'd like to welcome
the president of our club,

and his wife, our manager,

on behalf of all the players.

As you know,
I'm not one for long speeches.

This season
I want to see lots of wins.

You owe that to your fans.

My wife will tell you
just what we expect of you.

The championship starts
in two weeks.

Let's put last year
behind us.

Second place
isn't good enough.

This year our motto will be...
"We're the champions!"

Can you hear anything?

That's more like it.
Now go for it.

Are you hurt?
What's the matter?

Shit. He's unconscious.

Carry him off. Move it!

The Albert Schultz Hall.
Be quick.

I hope it's not serious.

What's with him?

He's irritated.
A pencil must be out of place.

Isn't my desk neat enough
for you?


You had yours.

Yes, thanks...
We've got a job.

Come on.

Are they all for me?


Kunz... What?
We sent you that on Tuesday.

Then look for it!


Oh, no!

He's dead.
The cops are coming.

- Why?
- No idea.

- What did he die of?
- I don't know.

Dr Altmann, club president.
I want to know what happened.

I don't know yet.
Please wait here.

- Hello, Leo.
- Hello, Alex.

The paramedic
noticed this scratch

but he doesn't know
what caused it.

- He collapsed on the ice?
- Yes.

Don't ice-hockey players
wear shoulder pads?

We took them off. We wanted
to see if he was injured.

At first
we thought he'd fainted.

- Have you got a torch?
- Yes.


It looks like a needle.

Pull it up.

I wonder
what the lab will find.

Something very fast-acting,
I'm sure.

Where are the other players?

In the locker-room...
This is awful.

- I'll make some inquiries.
- Okay.

Who has a key
to the locker-room?

The attendant, the cleaner,
the manager and me.

Can I see the attendant
and the cleaner?

The cleaner left
before training started.

- Can you ring her?
- Yes, of course.

Which of you guys
got here first today?

- Me, why?
- How long were you alone?

3 or 4 minutes.
Then the others turned up.

- What's your name?
- Peter Klein.

Klein, Peter.

- Did you train last night?
- Yes.

- Who was the last to leave?
- I was. I always am.

Everyone knows that.

- He's vainer than any model.
- Shut your face.

Who are you?

Harald Seiz.

- Why are you asking?
- It's a silly habit of mine.

He was a thoroughly fit,
healthy sportsman.

- What did he die of?
- Heart failure.

Brought on by hypoglycemia.
The lab found traces of Aktrapid.

- Aktrapid?
- One can't know everything...

It's a fast-acting insulin.

Doesn't the body break down
insulin fast?

Its biological half-life
is short.

Traces are gone within hours?


I see... Thanks, Leo.


Ah, here you are.

I can't take it in. Yesterday
we were having a beer together.

I've heard Pokorny was
popular with women.

You bet!

Did he and another player
have a fight over a girl?

I don't think so.

Is anyone on the team
a diabetic?

No. I'd know if they were.

Keep the change.
Thank you. Goodbye.


Room 19.
He's expecting you.

Come in. I'm in the bath.

I wasn't going to come
after what happened.

Pokorny's death is tragic

but any sportsman
can die suddenly.

It's happened a lot recently.
It's a professional risk.

You don't appear
overcome with grief.

You know
we weren't exactly friends.

He could be to blame.
Maybe he did drugs.

He'd never have taken
anything illegal.

Besides it wasn't an accident.
It was murder.

- Who says?
- The police. They rang me.

So that's why one of them
was snooping around.

Come on.

All it took was
Pokorny to be in a bodycheck

or pressed against the side.

The needle pierced the pad,

the ampoule was squeezed
and the insulin injected.

What did you get on him?

He was popular
with the fans and the players.

Only Harald Seiz, the guy
who left the locker-room last,

didn't like him.

Yes, the trainer
told me that too.

He said that a scout
watched Pokorny and Seiz.

Pokorny was offered a place
in an American NHL club.

In the US league? Hardly
anyone from here makes that.

- Was jealousy the motive?
- It's possible, isn't it?

- Didn't you want to go?
- Idiot.

- How do you feel?
- Good.

I shouldn't have come.
I've got a strange feeling.

Are you thinking
about Pokorny?

Him too.

The attendant came at 7

and the cleaner
ten minutes later.

- Have you got hold of her?
- Not yet.

- I'll go over there tomorrow.
- Question all the players.

I want to know
when everyone arrived.

- We'll check out Harald Seiz.
- That'll keep us busy!

You can have the bike.
I've nearly finished.

It's okay. I'll start over there.

This Pokorny business
is dreadful.

- He's a big loss to the club.
- Yes...

I reckon there's
a jealous woman behind it.

A woman?


Pokorny was very good-looking.

Women were always after him.

And he couldn't say no.
I caught him in the locker-room.

You caught him in the act?

Before a championship match.

It didn't affect his game
adversely. He scored five goals.

Why didn't you tell me?
It's bad for our image.

- I'd have dressed him down.
- I did.

After all, I'm the manager.

How did someone get in

Only you and the cleaner
have access.

Where there's a will,
there's a way.

- Women are good at that.
- A tale of jealousy, eh?

I didn't think of that.

Think of how he died.

Women make
more cunning killers.

You think a jealous man would
bash his rival or shoot him?


Trouble between me
and Pokorny!

Only Peter Klein would say that.

Never mind who said it.
We want to know if it's true.

Yes, I was pretty angry.

He got the overseas contract
and you were the reserve?

Sure. Who doesn't want
to play ice hockey in America?

National Hockey League.

Every player's dream.

But a reality for you
now that Pokorny is dead.

After what happened...

I don't know if I want it.

One might say all this
is rather timely for you.

You're getting a new chance.
Your career might take off.

Do you really believe
I was involved in his murder?

We aren't paid
for what we believe.

Where did you go
after you finished here?

Mrs Altmann's office.

- How long were you there?
- 20 minutes.

Then I went home
as usual.

Have you got any idea
who could have killed Pokorny?

Maybe a fan who didn't want
him to go to America.

- What do you think?
- Well...

- Pretty heavy, aren't they?
- These are nothing.

Oh yes... the weaker sex!

Thanks for your help.

If you think of anything,
call me any time.

All right, Mr Fritz Kunz.

I'm the director of a bank,
as you probably know.

And the club is just a hobby?

- Yes. An expensive one too.
- Very impressive.

Two weeks ago there was a row
between Pokorny and Seiz.

Yes, it was about playing
in America, of course.

Seiz thought that Pokorny
had gone behind his back.

- Is that true?
- No.

Pokorny is the better player...
Was the better player.

- They could tell that.
- Seiz was disappointed?

Yes, it's understandable.

He just missed out
on a great chance.

He's first-class. He was voted
best club player three times.

- You don't suspect him?
- He had a motive.

He's very ambitious

but I really don't think
he'd kill anyone.

Is anyone in the club
capable of it?

I'd vouch for the whole team.

But ask my wife.
She knows the players better.

We won't play
until the killer's caught.

The championship
starts in two weeks.

The cops may not solve it
before then.

Then they'd better hurry up.

If we don't play,
we won't get paid

and we'll be fired
for breach of contract.

Have you forgotten Pokorny?

we were training together.

Don't you want to know
who killed him? Or...

Or what?
What are you implying?

Someone here killed Pokorny.

Stop it.
That won't help.

What's going on?

A couple of players
are refusing to train.

We voted on it yesterday.
The majority want to go on.

Come on, guys...
get to work.

If the cops don't find the killer,
they'll do each other in.

It's very clever.

It sure is.

The murderer must know
a lot about insulin

and he or she must have
access to the locker-room.

Look, Rex.
Here come your rolls.

Watch out!


One second.

The cleaner
from the icerink.

Transfer it, will you?

Kunz here.

do you want another roll?

Am I working
with a bunch of rogues?

Just look how hungry
your poor dog looks.

She's remembered she knocked
down two sets of pads.

Let's go.

Come on, Rex.

Line change!

You can be a real bastard!

- It wasn't a foul.
- You play a dirty game.

Look who's talking!

Look at them.

Say what you will, ice hockey
has the best punch-ups.

Who do you think will win?

I go for green...
maybe not.

No, orange.

100 schillings on the greens.

Go, orange!

- You never bet!
- I do when it comes to sport.

Your team's not looking good.

You call that sport?

It's brutal. That's not sport.

I was sweeping the floor
and knocked the stand.

Two coat hangers fell down.

- Which two.
- Those.

- You hung them up again?
- Yes.

Harald Seiz.

Are you sure you hung them up
in the right place?

They all look the same.

You might have
swapped them?

Yes, maybe.

Thank you.

Mr Seiz... Mr Seiz!

Please come
to the locker-room.

Please remove
your jersey and pads.



It looks okay. We'll send it
to the lab to make sure.

I thought so.

Someone must hate
ice-hockey players.

You can thank Rex for this.

Seiz says he has no idea
who'd want to kill him.

There must be a motive.

Either we've got a murderer who
has it in for ice-hockey players

or you were right and the first
needle was meant for Seiz.

Okay. Thanks.

It was insulin again.
Same sort.


How's the inquiry going?

The mood at the club is awful.
They all distrust each other.

I'm sorry
but I haven't any news.

I'm prepared to offer a reward
for the murderer's arrest.

No need.
We'll soon have the murderer.

Really? I'm relieved to hear it.
Sorry to bother you.

Don't mention it.

You're an optimist.

It's all part of the job.

- What are you doing here?
- Waiting for you. Sit down.

- What do you want?
- A nice fat pay rise.

You're one of our best-paid men.
Wait till the season's over.

There'll be more money
once we're champions.

I don't think
I can wait that long.

- Where did you find this?
- I was waiting for you...

The file was out.
It was an interesting read.

It's none of your business.

It's remarkable that Seiz
is insured for so much.

What a pity
he wasn't killed.

Think of the payout!

Are you out of your mind?
Have you gone crazy?

You get me a pay rise
and I'll shut up. Okay?

Get out!

You have two days.
Then I'll tell the police.

- Out!
- Have a nice day.

Send him home. I'll tail him.

You think
the killer will try again?


Oh, it's you.

What's up?

He's found out.

He wants a pay rise
or he'll blab.

- What shall we do?
- Where is he?

He's probably gone home.

- I'll talk to him.
- It won't help.

Keep cool. Don't worry.
I'll deal with it.

I'll be right back.

What do you want?

If you blab about the insurance
or try to blackmail Lisa,

I swear I'll kill you.

I think I deserve
a little something.

Miserable little blackmailer.

Open the door.
Open the bloody door!

Police. Drop your gun!
Drop it!

When I was in Spain last year,
I had dreadful headaches.

At first I thought
it was the heat.

After all
I'm always on the ice here.

I had a thorough
medical check-up.

The doctors discovered
a brain tumour.

When I got home,
I realised I had two options...

I could give up
professional sport

or go on playing
and hope for the best.

Did you confide
in Mrs Altmann?

Yes. She took out a big
insurance policy on me.

You didn't tell the insurance
about the tumour?

No. The company's doctor
examined me

but it didn't occur to him
to X-ray my skull.

You're mad. What good
is money if you drop dead?

It's for her
if something happens to me.

Her mother and I split up

but I don't want them
to struggle.

Why didn't you tell me?

This changes everything.
I withdraw my complaint.

- What's her name?
- Annemarie.

The gun's fake, by the way.

Forget it.
I've got two daughters too.

- They'll soon be embracing.
- It's like a movie.

- Can we go now?
- Yes.

I have to notify the insurance
though. Sorry.


So long, guys-

I'll keep on Seiz's tail.

- You gave me a fright.
- Sorry.

- I wanted to surprise you.
- You succeeded.

How about lunch?

It's nice of you
but I've already made plans.

Meeting Seiz, are you?

Whatever gave you that idea?

- Lisa, I miss you.
- Please...

- Stop it.
- You never used to mind.

Do you want
to rake up the past?

We're adults.

We had some fun together
but we knew it wouldn't last.

- And it will with Seiz?
- Don't be stupid.

Be sure you look after him.

What's that supposed to mean?


- I'll take over now.
- He went in five minutes ago.

Look. Mrs Altmann!

- I have to see this.
- Come on, then.

I've been so worried
about you.

It was a close call.

Do you think
Klein is behind it?

No. He's a blackmailer,
but not a killer.

It's probably some madman.

Kartnig could be involved.
He threatened me.

He told me to look after you.

- Kartnig did that?
- Yes.

- Who is it?
- Brandtner.

- Hello. Sorry to...
- Are you following me?

Yes. For your own safety.
Are you alone?


Couldn't you stand it
at home any longer?

- How did you guess?
- And you chose this dive?

- Would you call your dog?
- He's nosey. I can't stop him.

Please leave.

- You don't mind?
- No one's there.

Good evening, Mrs Altmann.

My husband doesn't know.

I don't wish to be indiscreet
but this is a murder case.

How long has this affair
been going on?

Two months.

And your husband
suspects nothing?

I'm sure he doesn't.

What would he say if he knew?

He's very conservative.
He'd never hurt a fly...

but I don't think
he could handle it.

He'd divorce me.

I'm afraid I must talk to him.

You can't. He's in a clinic.
He's having a rest cure.

Why don't you tell them
what Kartnig said?

I haven't got all day!

But I do. We'll take it in turns.
It could take quite a while.


He's sticking to his story...

He made the threat
just to scare them a bit.

- What do you make of him?
- Damned if I know.

I need a coffee.


We checked
the other players' pads...

You look all done in...
We didn't find anything.

We're not getting anywhere.

Not yet, Rex.

what if we go to the clinic

and ask Altmann if he knows
about his wife's affair?

I can't even finish my coffee!

All the more for me!

Rex, you know the drill.
I won't be long.


- Where's Harald?
- Three guesses.


Room 209 should be
down here on the right.

Ah, there it is.

- Looking for someone?
- Mr Altmann.

My name's Brandtner.
I'm from the police.

- He's in the massage room.
- Can you show us? Thanks.

A mineral water.

Last again.

He's probably
in the relaxation room.

- Where's the relaxation room?
- Straight ahead.

Mr Altmann?

Mr Altmann!

- Is Mr Altmann here?
- No.

- Mr Seiz?
- He's here. Try the gym.

Where's Rex?


Get away...

- Don't move.
- Béck. I'm at the icerink.

We need backup
and an ambulance. Hurry.


Mr Altmann, stop!

Why, Rex!
What a big fish you've landed.

It looks like an own goal
to me, Mr Altmann.

- He just confessed.
- So it was jealousy?

It looks like it. We're lucky
you don't get jealous.

I wouldn't be so sure of that.