Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 6, Episode 1 - Vollgas - full transcript

Martin, an employee at a go-kart track, desperately wants to become a race driver, but he needs money. He has already borrowed from a loan shark and is falling behind in his payments.



Closing time. You'd better
have a look at that go-cart.

No problems, boss.

Did Sasha beat you again?

- If I had a cart like his...
- Maybe he's a better driver.

I have to go.
I have a night shift.

- Coming here tomorrow?
- If I've had some sleep.


I won't kiss you. You look like
a frog prince without a crown.

- Today wasn't my day.
- There's always tomorrow.


Hi, Claudia.

You scared me.
What do you want from me?

To have a chat.
Your boyfriend hasn't paid.

He will when he wins a race.
He can't just cough it up.

You're the guarantor.
I'll get the money from you.

From me? I can't even afford
a subway ticket.

It's not a bank I work for.
I'm allowed to be rude.

Let me go!

Regards from Mr Baumann.

Tell Martin he'd better find
some cash or I'll be even ruder.

- Are you hurt?
- No. I'm okay.

If you touch my girlfriend again
I'll kill you and Baumann too!

Hi, there.
What are you doing here?

Are you mad?

Put down the gun.

Calm down!

Very good, Christian.
You got 100 points.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.

It's your turn, Kunz.

Sorry, mate. Your jacket would
have a hole in it by now.

I told you I had a problem
with shooting.

The only thing that helps
is training.

Mr Baumann?


Oh my God!

I almost shot someone
who wasn't armed.

Since then I've had a problem.
I never feel sure.

I've even thought of
getting a transfer.

I'm sure there's a solution.
It's a classic shooting hang-up.

Can we change the subject?

Good morning.

- Why are you here so early?
- The office was quiet.

I'll go back so that
someone's there.

Are you okay?

I have a shooting hang-up.

You really should have told me.

We had a case
like that in the task force.

The only thing that helps
is lots of training. Okay?

You'll get there.


Has Dr Graf been informed?

Yes. Thanks. Bye.

Let's go.

Hands in front.
The muffler is really hot.

It's better if you don't drift
through the curves. Have fun.

Hi. I brought you
something to eat.

- Hospital food?
- Better than nothing.

- Get any sleep?
- No. I'm worried about us.

- Not again.
- You say you want a family.

- It won't happen like this.
- I'm sorry about yesterday.

- It doesn't change anything.
- That arsehole!

It won't happen again!

Racing costs more than
you earn here or in prizes.

- We'll always be in this fix.
- I'll find a way. I promise.

I hope so.

I'm tired.

- I'm going to get some sleep.
- Okay.

The emergency doctor noticed
the dead man holding something.

He was right.

But if the lighter
was in his right hand

he couldn't have
held the gun in it.

Why didn't the lighter
fall out of his hand?

Because we're dealing with
a rare case

of cataleptic rigor mortis.

The cerebrum was damaged
by the bullet

which caused the victim
to freeze in this last position.

- How did you open the hand?
- Rigor mortis ceases with time.

The victim must have known
the killer.

He was sitting at this table,
the killer came in,

put a gun to his head
and shot him.

Yes, well...

It could easily be seen
as suicide.

The killer probably tried to
put the gun into his hand, but...

The fist was clenched.

- Time of death?
- I can't answer that.

- It's not typical rigor mortis.
- Have a guess.

I don't know.
Some time during the night.

I won't know exactly
till I've done the autopsy.

His name was
Herbert Baumann.

His secretary says
he was a loan shark.

- A man with few friends.
- That's right.

If a payment was late,
he'd use a debt collector.

They aren't exactly gentle
with debtors.

- She seems pretty cooperative.
- She didn't like her boss.

She took the job
for the money.

We'll need to find
a list of his clients.

Hi, Joe.
Did you win or come last?

I won two out of four races.

So? They still
use heating oil in the East.

You must be joking.
They've improved heaps.

- So what's new here?
- I fix Nemec's carts all day.

You could do mine.

Don't forget to put my trophy
in the showcase.

- Anything else?
- No, that'll be all for now.

- How did it go?
- As usual.

The customs guys were all
gathered around the carts

asking me how fast they go
and how much they cost.

- So I talk fuel with them.
- Anything else?

There's a lot this time.
It looks perfect.

It shouldn't stay here, though.

I'll tell Sassman to come by
as soon as possible.

References to all sorts of deals
but no names.

I don't believe this.
Let's check the computer.

We won't get in
without a password.

He probably dodged tax too.

Mrs Lehner...

What's the password
for the clients file?

Mr Baumann never told me.

He organised those accounts

- Thanks.
- Credit indeed.

Shark loans more likely.

Right, let's play
"guess the password".

Mrs Lehner...

- What's the dog's name?
- He was called Santo.

He was run over by a car
last year.


Bingo. Rex...

I owe you a ham roll.
Okay, let's have a look.

So many of them!
That could take weeks.

Let's check the reminder list.

Still too many.

These ones haven't paid
for a while.

We'll do them first.

Well... let's go halves.


- There are more on this.
- But there are two of you.


- Hello, Mrs Grabner.
- What do you want?

I told you I can't pay yet.

You're not offering much.
I can't return empty-handed.

L just got a job. When I get
my first cheque, I'll pay a bit.

That's too long.

This crate could be
auctioned for a few grand.

If you take away my car,
I can forget about my job.

It's at the other end of town,
then there's her kindy.

Don't make debts
if you can't pay.

I made debts to pay my rent,
you arsehole.

Give me the keys,
you bitch!

Let go, you bastard!

I'm Beck. My colleague
doesn't like your language.

- What do you want?
- Watch your tongue.

- Please let me go. I'm clean.
- Sure.

It looked pretty much
like intimidation to us.

But we could
find something else.

I'll leave if he lets me go.

I'm doing my job. I work for
the Baumann credit office.

We've come from there.
Your boss is dead.

We can discuss that later.
I want your particulars first.

- Are you okay?
- Yes. Thanks for your help.

- Mr Baumann is dead?
- Yes.

We're questioning his clients.
One of them may have...

I can imagine.
But it wasn't me.

I'm divorced and I don't get
a penny of alimony.

That's how I found Baumann.
I have a job now,

but it's hard
to make ends meet.

- Are you done?
- I asked him to visit us.

Is there anything else?

I'm afraid
you must come with us.

One more name
and then we'll take a walk.

Come on.

Thanks so much.

- You're two crazy cops!
- We've heard that before.

Let's go.

You'd gain time by taking
the last curves wide.

- Maybe next time.
- Okay.

Do you drive elsewhere?

I like to go to the track
on Bruck an der Leitha.

Their two-stroke carts
are the best. I have one.

- Do you race?
- When I can afford it.

- It's an expensive hobby.
- So true.

- So you're Martin Fritsch?
- Yes.

I'd prefer to be Jean Alesi.

Do you know a broker
named Baumann?

Yes. Why?

You've been late
with repayments.


- Any of your business?
- Yes, unfortunately.

Mr Baumann is dead.

His secretary found him today.

Baumann is dead?


- How come?
- I hoped you could help me.


AW problems?

Not really. I just said
that Mr Baumann is dead.

- Did you know him?
- Who wants to know?

My name is Brandtner.


The police investigating
a suicide?

We're not sure about that.
It could have been faked.

Who would have a motive
to kill Baumann?

Possibly someone
who had debts

and couldn't pay them back.

Why look at me? Others must
have debts with him too.

Quite right.
We're checking everyone out.

- Where were you last night?
- Here.

Till 12.30.
Doing up my cart.

- Any witnesses?
- No. I was alone.

I've known Baumann
for years.

He suffered from depression
and was on heavy medication.

He could have killed himself.

That'll be all for now.
Thanks. Bye.

It looks like you had fun.
You'd better sit in the back.

It's always nice to see
how obedient you are.

- What are you doing?
- The pencils weren't parallel.

Maybe from your side.
From mine they were perfect.

Why are you so touchy?
Cheer up.

I am cheerful.
See? I'm laughing.

What's so funny?

My desk is full of sand, Rex.
Have you been in the desert?

No. I questioned a certain
Martin Fritsch

who works at a go-cart track.

A go-cart track?
Have a go?

Me? No.

- Okay, so I did.
- Did it yield anything?

We need the time of death
before we check alibis.

- What will we do now?
- Clean my desk, perhaps?

That's awful.

Good night, boss.
See you tomorrow.

We should move the camper van.
The cops could return.

Cool it.

They're not sure
if it was suicide.

Sassman is coming tomorrow.

- Could Martin be involved?
- It's possible.

He owed Baumann money
and couldn't pay.

Maybe he thought he could
extinguish his debt.

If he's arrested
you can have his job.

Very funny!

I love you too, Rex,
but you still need a bath.

Okay, Rex.
We'll play later.

Bath time.

Ciao, bella.

With Baumann dead,
I'll have no creditors after me.

I wouldn't be so sure.

If he worked with a bank,
they'll come sooner or later.

Stop worrying.
We'll make it somehow.

- Don't think about it.
- Not so easy.

I have a remedy.


- Shall we go to your place?
- That guard is there tonight.

So let's use Joe's camper van.

- Can't Joe afford a new one?
- Why?

So this one could stay here.

Will you make it?

- I must concentrate.
- Nervous?

No, but the damn thing
won't open.


Look at this.


Everything okay, Rex?


I knew it.

Give me the gloves.

I tricked you.

I wondered why Meixner raced
in the East. It doesn't pay.

- Do you think Nemec knows?
- Sure. This is too big for Joe.

Nemec is probably behind it.

The track
must have cost heaps.

who does this belong to?

No idea.

They must smuggle it in.

Maybe they stole it.

- Don't touch the money.
- I won't.

How nice of you to take
the time, Mr Schulz.

- I had no choice.
- True. Come this way, please.

- Look who's come for a visit.
- Oh, Mr Schulz. How nice.

We have a nice room
where we can chat.

He's just as mean
without a gun.


- Brandtner.
- It's me, Alex. Listen.

Baumann's death occurred
between midnight and 2 a.m.

The severe brain damage
caused cataleptic rigor mortis.

Something else.
The man had liver cancer.

He could have survived that

provided he had the money
for treatment in a special clinic.

Okay. Thanks, Leo.

The time of death was
between midnight and 2 a.m.

- He also had liver cancer.
- So the killer faked suicide.

- He must have known.
- And known Baumann well.

- Anything interesting?
- Maybe.

Schulz says Baumann financed
Nemec's track two years ago.

Nemec repaid the money
and the records were wiped.

- How much was involved?
- 20 million.

Nemec couldn't have earned
that much.

- So where did he get it from?
- Only Fritsch had no alibi.

You always wreck your cart
when you race.

No one wants
a driver who crashes.

You'll never get a sponsor
this way.

Don't worry about me.

- I know more about carts.
- How's that?

Because you own this track?
What did you do before?

You raced but never won.

This track just makes up for
your failures. No big deal.

- I hope I'm not intruding.
- Could I stop you?


We now know
Mr Baumann was killed

between midnight and 2 a.m.

Hold on! Didn't you say
it was suicide?

I said we weren't sure.
Where were you at the time?

Joe! What time
did we finish up last night?

- About 2 a.m. Right?
- Yes.

Did you know Mr Baumann
had cancer?

Everyone knew that.
Anything else?

- Not for now.
- Well, then...

Mr Fritsch.

- Yes?
- It doesn't look good for you.


Because you're the only suspect
without an alibi.

- Are you arresting me?
- No.

But it wouldn't look good if
you took a holiday now. Okay?

I didn't kill Baumann.

Who won all these trophies?

- It varies.
- And these?


- All of them?
- Yes, all of them.

Those are the latest.

Go ahead. We'll just
have to have another bath.

Okay, I was alone last night.
I needn't tell the cop that.

But I wasn't in Vienna then.

But you were on your way here.
One hour won't matter.

This thing sure flies!

You clocked a great time.

45,000 and it's yours.

- Why did you come to me?
- Your go-cart is history.

You always manage
to find money.

- Give me some time.
- One day.

There are others who want it.

Shall I help you?

- No!
- Yes.

- What will you do now?
- Tell Martin I'm having a baby.

Hello, Mr Nemec. It's Claudia.
ls Martin there?


He went out earlier
and hasn't returned.

I have no idea.
He should be back by now.

Thank you, Mr Nemec.

- What's the matter?
- He's not there.


I wonder what got into him.



It even squeaks when I write.

- Hi. Anything?
- I got Nemec's bank records.

He not only repaid
Baumann's twenty million,

he also has several
fat accounts.

- Coffee?
- Yes.

The turnover from the track
can't be right.

It would need 100 clients a day.
It smells like money-laundering.

There was a race near Budapest
the day before yesterday.

- When did it end?
- You and your carts!

Meixner gave Nemec an alibi.
Find out when he got back.

I always marvel at the quality.

Can you tell me more
about this?

We've worked together a while.
I'll tell you a secret.

Money printers are only sold
to governments.

I got one in the East.

- And how much do you have?
- Ten million dollars worth.

- All notes like these?
- Have a look.

By the way,
how is Mr Baumann?

A sad story.
He committed suicide. Cancer.

That's bad.

I got the impression you weren't
on good terms lately.

We were the best of friends.

I request that we do
the exchange quickly.

- I don't like storing the cash.
- No problems.

I'll see you tonight.


It's Claudia, Mr Meixner.
May I speak with Martin?

No, you can't.

I'd like to know where he is too.

He didn't show up today.

If you see him,
tell him to call me.



No idea if it was a cart sprint
or a single slam.

- Thanks.
- Somewhere near Budapest.

Yes, I'll wait.

Thanks, Rex.

Nothing? Oh, well...
That can't be helped.

Thanks. Bye.

A go-cart race organised
the day before yesterday.

Never mind.

Thanks. Bye.

It looks like the race
wasn't officially registered.

We won't find out
when it ended.

Sassmann is on his way.
You'd better move him.

- Oh? Where to?
- No idea.

But he can't stay in the van.
Think of something.

We could move him to the old
workshop till morning.

Okay. Once the money is gone
I'll decide what to do with him.

What happened?

- Meixner hit me.
- What were you doing here?

- I was going to take some cash.
- You idiot!

I didn't take any! He got me
as I was trying to leave.

Again nothing.

All we can do now is ring
drivers who go in these races.

How will you get
their phone numbers?

I have a couple here.

- When did you find out?
- Today.


Can you hear anything?

It's too soon.

- Let's go.
- Where to?

To the police.

- Joe took my keys.
- We'll manage.

- You're not going anywhere!
- Put down the gun!

Shut up!
Turn around and start walking.

- Don't aim at her.
- Stop!

- You never answer your phone.
- Not when I'm asleep.

What do you want?

Did you do that Budapest race
the day before yesterday?


My motor blew up
just before the finish.

- Beer?
- No, thanks.

Was Meixner there?

He won.

- When did it finish?
- At 8.

So he could have been
back by 12.

Hardly. Presentations lasted
till 12. Meixner was there.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

That was all. Thanks.
See you.


- Shut the door after you.
- Will do.

Fritz, it's me.
Nemec's alibi just crashed.

I need an arrest warrant for him
and for Meixner.

Okay, wait outside.
But remember the bathtub.

- You can pack up.
- What about our money?

Have you seen
Nemec or Meixner?

They were here a while ago.

Martin needs a doctor.

There's money inside a van
in the track hall.

Call the police.

I am the police. I'll get help.
Stay here.


Not much paper is available
right now.

I'll fix that.

Stop. Police.

The wounded man is over there.


Hands up!

Don't shoot!
I'm unarmed.

- I'm not involved...
- Hands up!

Over here. Come on.

Legs apart.

Great, Rex.


Meixner blamed it all on Nemec
who finally confessed.

They smuggled counterfeit
from the East.

Baumann financed it
and kept asking for a bigger cut.

Alex, Mr Fritsch won't go to
hospital till he's spoken to you.

What's up?

I have to enter this race.

My girlfriend is pregnant.
We need the money.

First concentrate
on getting well.

This is the second-last lap.
733 is still leading.

- Look!
- Go!

- Great race!
- Oh well...

If those two hadn't collided,
the cheque would be smaller.



Come on.

Come on.