Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 3, Episode 6 - Der Puppenmörder - full transcript



Take your time to look around.


You have
an exquisite collection.

My parents collected them too.

Over the years
the collection has grown.

My husband isn't impressed
with my love for dolls.

Please don't tell him
I was here.

Of course not.

This doll is very beautiful.

Did you know they had dolls
in France in the 1 4th century?

They were sent abroad
to sell French fashion.


Many dolls were lifesize.

I didn't know that.

Now I'll show you
something special.


It belonged
to a lifesize doll.

A lovely dress...

The doll's missing.
Otherwise it would be perfect.

- Where did you get it?
- From a dealer.

It's also from France.

May I ask you something?


I've never seen it worn.
That would bring it to life.

Would you try it on?

Try it on?

I'm sure
it would look great on you.

I'll wait outside.

I'm not sure.

You'd make me so happy.

All right.



I'm ready.

You look so beautiful in it.

Maybe it's just the dress.

No, no.

A perfect combination...
You and the dress.

- May I take photos?
- No. If someone finds them...

They're only for me.

You bring it to life.

All right then.
Why not?

Stay like that.

This is really crazy.

No, we both love dolls.

And only doll lovers
will understand.

As a child
I had a doll collection.

Me too.


Looks good.

Somehow it's not quite right.

The mouth...

Dolls always have
a red mouth.

Got a lipstick?


I hope
the colour's right.

May l?

The colour's really great.

I'm looking like a doll.

Many doll makers took the most
beautiful women as their models.

- Stay as you are.
- Like this?


Now let's try
a different pose.

What are you doing?

You're a doll.

You're my doll.

That hurts.

You're my doll
and must obey.

You're mad.
I must go now.

Please don't hurt me.
I won't tell anybody.

Dolls have no will of their own.

I know you're hungry.
Mum's hurrying up.

Wait a few more minutes

until the cake's ready
and has cooled down.

- Angelika...
- Hi, Mum.

Are you baking for her?

Yes, a Guglhupf.

Aren't you hungry?

- Yes.
- Come, lunch is ready.

Look, Mum,
I want that doll.

Yes, darling,
but it's too expensive.

Let's go now.

The mail, Rex.
Get it.

Where the hell are you?

I'm talking to you.

Very funny!

Telephone, Rex.


Hey, not with the hose!
You're crazy!

- Get the hose.
- Hi, Richard.

- Ah, B?ck. What's up?
- A man has found a corpse...

Did you hear me?

I did. Corpse found
in the Vienna Woods.

A man found a female body
in there, at around 8.30 a.m.

Anything unusual?

Yes, drag marks
from outside to here.

But we found no clothes,
no jewellery, no lD.

It will be difficult
to identify her.

- Did you check properly?
- Yes. Can you see more?

Pass me the torch.

- Why?
- Come on!


She wore contact lenses.

So we didn't check properly.

They might help
identify her.

Many people wear lenses.

Women wear them
instead of high dioptre glasses.

Strong glasses don't look good.

- No.
- Richard! Where are you?

Here, Leo.
What happened to him?

Gee, what a day it's been!

My car didn't start.

The taxi refused
to drive me here.

I had to walk
and sprained my left ankle.

Well, what's up?

A female body
between 20 and 30.

- She wasn't killed here.
- Anything else?

The usual. She's dead.

Rigor mortis has set in.
The cadaveric lividity is visible.

I'd assume the woman died
about 1 2 to 1 4 hours ago.


Can you tell how she died?

She was strangled.

Horizontal strangulation marks
on her neck and blood clots.


For once I'm ten minutes late
and you're doing my job.

Cause of death,
dear colleague?

of the blood vessels.


Sometimes I regret
having taught you so much.

Have you also taken
the body temperature?

No, I'll leave that to you.

But the cold outside

made it drop one degree per hour
after her death.

So you know everything.

Really! Calling me here
to this maze.

Why did I come here at all?

Oh dear.

Oh dear.
But it's no problem.

I'll fix your doll very soon.
Don't worry.

- When can I pick her up?
- On Wednesday.

Thank you.

I have a fine collection.

If you like,
I'll show them to you.

When I have time, yes.


Mrs Hofst?tter,
I'm glad you're early.

I'm very busy in my workshop.

I don't want to be disturbed.

Is anything wrong,

No. Why?

I've known you for ages.

As a child you were always
hiding when you had problems.

- I know about it.
- About what?

About you.

Living alone is bad for you.
Why don't you get married?

Sorry, Mrs Hofst?tter.

I haven't found a woman
to my liking.