Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 3, Episode 7 - Unter Hypnose - full transcript

Young woman stabs her boyfriend to death under hypnosis. Moser is trying to find out who hypnotized her and why.




Ralph, wake up.


Watch out!

Mr Moser. Your dog...

No, Rex, no.

He only wants the mail.

I can't... it's registered.
I need your signature.

Just stop running.

Rex, bring me the pad.

The gate was open.
I'd have waited outside.

He jumps the fence
for the mail anyway.

A bit cheeky lately...

I noticed.

- My letter, please.
- Sure.

And you, apologise.
Or there will be no mail.


Stay calm.

- He wants more mail.
- We're coming. And call Graf.

Mr Moser, do something.

Ralph Baumann,
Karin Friedl's boyfriend.

She woke next to him,
seeing a knife in his chest.

No fingerprints on the knife.

She became hysterical.
The cleaner called the police.

Hi, Richard.
You can see for yourself.

- It doesn't look like suicide.
- Very good, Richard.

Death caused by internal
bleeding, no signs of defence,

possibly immobilised
by alcohol,

or asleep,
but we'll do a blood test.

It looks like
he was stabbed in his sleep.

- When did it happen?
- Yesterday.

In the evening, I'd say.

Thanks, Leo.

I loved him.

I really loved him.

- Ms Friedl...
- I really loved him.

- Ms Friedl...
- I loved him.

I really loved him.

Ms Friedl, tell me
what happened last night.

I've already said it.

I've already said it.

Will you tell me too?

What happened last night?

We sat in the living room
and we talked.

Who's "we"?

Ralph... and me.

- Had you been drinking?
- Not much, not a lot.

And what happened then?

I can't remember.
I can no longer remember.

It was the same with me.

She can't remember
past a certain time.

Ms Friedl...

If you insist
you can't remember anything,

I must arrest you as a suspect,

I loved him.
I loved him very much.

B?ck, arrest her,

have our doctor assess her
and take a blood sample.

Will do.

- Did he have relatives?
- His mother's Gerda Baumann.

- We rang the firm.
- And?

She wasn't in,
but I found out where she is.

- You deserve a medal.
- Thanks.

- No, Rex.
- Sorry, sir. No dogs allowed.

I'll look after him.
Is Mrs Baumann in?

Who wants me?


My name's Moser,
Crime Squad.

Can I help?

I can help myself.

It concerns your son Ralph.

Can we talk here somewhere?

I would like to sit down.

What has he done?

Mrs Baumann...

I'm sorry, your son is dead.

What happened?

He was found this morning.

Ms Karin Friedl was with him.

What does that mean?
Did she find him?

Yes. She woke beside him
and found him dead.

- You believe her?
- It's not about what I believe.

I advised him against her
several times.

She's insanely jealous,
this Friedl.

- Did she have reason?
- My son should have waited.

Any other women?


My son's popular, handsome,

speaks very well,

has many friends,
and is a bachelor.

And now he's dead.

Could anyone else
have a motive to kill him?

Not to my knowledge.

Did they often quarrel?


Please leave me alone now.


If you remember anything...

Ms Friedl...

The murder weapon
is from the dead man's kitchen.

You could have waited

for Mr Baumann to fall asleep,

fetched the knife
and killed him.

I loved Ralph.
I loved him very much.

We believe you.

Would you like a coffee?

You can kill from fear of losing
someone you love.

I wouldn't have lost him.

Even if his mother opposed me.

You haven't stated
that you did not kill him.

I no longer remember.

I no longer remember.

All right.
Let's go over it again.

You go to bed,
Baumann falls asleep,

then what happens?

Well, madam,
if you could sign here,

the endowment
will be legally binding.

I'm glad

that this matter is finalised.

I took blood samples
from him and his girlfriend.

There was no trace of drugs
in either one,

very little alcohol
in the blood,

no barbiturates, nothing.

Nothing which could
cause confusion.

How do you explain
her loss of memory?

Perhaps the shock, the deed,
the discovery of the body.

I don't think she's lying.

Perhaps we should talk
to a psychiatrist.

What a good idea, Richard.

The soul is a vast land.

It seems the psychiatrist
isn't getting anywhere.

We need some clue.
So far nothing's happening.

I agree with you, Richard.
I don't think Friedl is lying.

It's obvious
she's been hypnotised.

She has all the symptoms,
including amnesia.

- Is there a cure?
- It won't be easy.

I can only try to remove
this blockage.

I don't know if it'll work.
I've never had such a case.

Would we be able to listen in?

I'm not sure.

Nothing she says
can be used against her.

Not even a confession.

All right, then.

You do not know
what happened, Ralph.

It should be awful.
But it's not.

You are not dead.

You only lost your body.

Your soul is free now.

And it is here.
Forget the past.

Forget everything.
Forget who you were.

Everything will start afresh.
Nothing happened.

You are alive.

You're sinking down
with each breath,

deeper and deeper.

You are so relaxed
and you feel so well.

I'll take you back to yesterday.

You're just leaving the office,

you're getting into your car.

Where are you going?

To Ralph's flat.

As usual.

You're now in the flat.

What happens then?

We're talking to each other

and drinking red wine.

Ralph is wearing his new shirt.

And then?

I can no longer remember.

You must.

I'm not allowed to say anything!

I'm not allowed to say anything.

Have a little rest.

Someone hypnotised her

and commanded her
not to remember some events.

- And that really works?
- You just saw it.

The term is
post-hypnotic suggestion.

It's given during hypnosis,

but only carried out
after waking up.

Could she have killed him
due to a hypnotic command

without knowing?

The soul is a vast land.

So I've heard.


Madam, a gentleman
from the police.

The pyramid is the pinnacle
of architecture.

It was built
to attract energy

and to slow
the passing of time.

Everything inside a pyramid
stays alive longer.

Flowers, fruit
and human beings.

Can it cure illness as well?

Not cure it,
but delay its progress.

I have bone cancer,
in its final stages.

One will try any cure,

but you didn't come
to hear about my problems.

I keep trying to figure out
who killed your son.

- I thought it was Karin Friedl.
- I'm not sure.

She had the opportunity
and a motive.

Or what do you think?

Where were you last night,
Mrs Baumann?

At home.
But no one was with me.

The maid goes home
about 5 p.m.

Baumann was killed
with one thrust.

If someone was
under hypnosis,

he'd make sure to do it right
and use several thrusts.

You'd do that too, wouldn't you?

- Anything that helps us?
- I've found no clues.

No psychiatrist
or anyone like that.

I could envy the guy.

Seems to have had
lots of free time.

What's this?

Why use a small knife
if you have big ones?

Look what I found.

Esoteric Centre.

Left, right...

Breathe deeply, left, right...

Breathe in deeply.

Now roll over slowly,

rest on your side.

And now the other side.

Don't forget your breathing.

And once more
to the other side.

And again...

Ladies, let's have a break.

Relax, close your eyes.

Do you want to enrol
the dog in yoga?

It certainly looks like it.

So you're the manager
of the Centre?

Yes, I'm Eva Herzog.

I'm Moser, Crime Squad.
This is B?ck.


Can you spare a minute
or is it a bad time?

It's all right.
Let's have some tea.

You don't know Ralph Baumann?

I am sorry, I do not know
a Ralph Baumann.

This is him.

Handsome. Unfortunately,
I don't know him.

But we did find
your business card in his flat.

Someone else here
might know him.

have you ever seen him?

No, never.

Well, he didn't get
the business card from me.

Well, then, thanks a lot.

Come on, Rex, let's go.

Yes... goodbye.


- Do you have my card?
- Why should I have it?


Ms Herzog...

I hope you'll remember me.


Thank you.

- Can I help you?
- Do you know this man?

No, I don't.
But I'm only a casual here.

My colleague might,
but she's not here.

- When...
- Tomorrow.



For your own sake,

you must try to get over it,
Mrs Baumann.

And you know
that death is not final.


But at times I find it hard
to focus on that.

Thank you.

You've helped me very much.

That is why I'm here.

It is good
to have a true friend.

Get home safely, Mrs Baumann.

Get home safely...

We found a business card
at Baumann's flat.

But now this yoga teacher

can't remember Baumann.

So I gave her my card
and said to ring me,

just in case
she at least remembers me.

That's against regulations.
Private remarks...

Look what I have here, Rex.

A billiard ball.

And now we'll play a game.
Left, right...

Now look, Rex.
Where's the ball?


Now you're stumped, Rex.

But I said I referred to her
not remembering Baumann.

A most interesting case.

One dead man, three women...

The yoga teacher, the mother,
the lover.

Well, take your...


Oh dear, I missed.


Once more.

The ball's here,
the ball's there...

Where is it now?

Where's the ball, Rex?

Where's the ball, Rex?

In my left hand?
Sorry, wrong guess.

Right hand.

Let's try again.
Here's the ball.

Now it's gone. Where is it?

Right hand?
No, it's the left.

Not in the beer...

We'll return to where
you were speaking to Ralph

and drank red wine.

What happened then?

I don't remember.

I'm certain that you do.

No one can take
your memory away.

I must not say anything.

No one has power over you.
You are quite free.

You do remember it now.

There was...

What was there, Karin?

Someone else was in the room.

Who was it, Karin?

I can no longer remember.

Be calm now, Karin.
You are becoming quite calm.

It's something.

But it won't help us much.

Be patient. She might talk
in the next session.

Incredible how you can
manipulate people.

I won't look into anyone's eyes
for more than 1 0 seconds.

I'll go back
to the Esoteric Centre.


Best regards
to the yoga teacher.

Excuse me. Are you...

Perhaps I can help you?


Your colleague said
to speak to you.

- Do you know him?
- He came a few days ago.

Mrs Baumann's son...
she's a regular here.

- So she's his mother?
- Yes.

He even took
a business card,

so he can contact us.

He can no longer do that.

Once more.

To feel the energy.

Breathe deeply.

And one last time.

Continue the cycle.
Rolled-up leaf, half-moon.

I'll be back.

- Where's your colleague?
- He's busy.

- Well, I made enquiries.
- Any success?

Baumann came here
to ask about his mother.

- His mother?
- Apparently.


- Mrs Baumann is a regular.
- No, is that so?

She's keen on esoterics.
Or, rather, hypnosis.

You will be strong enough
to overcome it all.

You will have such strength

that nothing and no one
can do you any harm.

You will have the power
to control everything.

How did you get in?

Your maid had no time
to announce me.

We'll discuss this, Gabriele.

We now know that Ms Friedl
was hypnotised.

- You're practising hypnosis.
- What I do is auto-suggestion.

Because of my illness.

But the books you buy
deal with hypnosis.

For the same reason.

I'm trying to fight my illness.

Traditional medicine
regards me as terminal.

I don't think Ms Friedl
killed your son.

She was there,

but she was hypnotised
and told not to recall anything.

I see, but it certainly
wasn't me.

I cannot hypnotise anyone.


- Madam?
- Mr Moser is leaving.

Yes, I got it.

B?ck, I followed Baumann
to Seefels Castle. Come here.

Do you know what's going on?

- It's my first time here.
- I don't know.

- I came from Salzburg.
- What are your problems?

- My husband died 4 years ago.
- I'm so sorry.

Since then, terrible back pain
has kept me from sleeping.

How awful.

Let's go in
to get a front row seat.

You think so?

You will be healthy again!

And I will help you
achieve it.

You're not from here.

Don't tell me.
I know.

You are from... Salzburg.

Your husband died
a few years ago.

But that isn't the reason
you're here.

You're having problems
with your back.

to be precise...

- With your spine.
- It's true, it's all true.

I can help you.

Come with me to the stage.

Please take a seat.

Please listen to me
very carefully.

I will free you of your pain.

I will cure you.

I will count up to three.

And then,
you will fall asleep.




You feel...

how the pain slowly...

Ieaves your body.

Away from your shoulders,

away from your back,

away from your spine.

The pain is leaving you.

The pain is going away.

A feeling of warmth

permeates your body.

You will awake

and no longer feel any pain.

I no longer feel any pain.

the cure can be very fast.

And sometimes,
we must be patient.

But you will be cured.

Should you be interested
in an individual

and private consultation,

I'll be at your disposal
any time.

Thank you.

I have to talk to you.

It concerns my son.

You will relax now.

I will be back in an instant.

- You're really cured?
- I feel great.

- When will you be back?
- For the next lecture.

Why are you watching me?

- Who are you?
- I'm from the police. And you?

My name is Alexej Weiss.

- I try to help people.
- A nice profession.

You probably don't think
much of it.

But I only activate
the self-healing forces

which everyone has in them.

- Mrs Baumann as well.
- Mrs Baumann is very ill.

I do my best for her.

Somehow it isn't working
in her case.

You must be in good health.

I mean,

your exhausting profession,

the stress,

can cause
some minor problems.

Don't you feel exhausted?

- How's your circulation?
- I have no complaints.

Often one doesn't know
if one's not quite healthy.

Don't you often feel dizzy?

No, I don't.

Everything begins to move.

You are swaying.

You are losing consciousness...

We'd better go now.

Hello, Mrs Baumann.

So what you do here
is self-hypnosis?

Alexej Weiss treats me.

Did you know, Mr Weiss,

that hypnosis aided
in the killing of Mr Baumann?

I don't know
Mrs Baumann's son.

You may verify at any time

that I only use hypnosis

for the treatment of the sick.

I noticed that, yes.

Fine. We'll verify that.

He touched her temples
while hypnotising her.

I hope he did it
in this case as well.

There are several ways
to make fingerprints visible.

You can do it with Cyanacryl,

or use iodine vapours,
but the results can be unclear.

Or we can do this...

We'll use
the very latest method.


You need a few seconds
of patience.

I must blow on it first.

It's working.


Come on.

As usual.

You stay here and watch.

What are your problems?

- My husband died 4 years ago.
- I'm so sorry.

Since then terrible back pain
has kept me from sleeping.

That's awful.

Let's go in
to get a front row seat.

You think so?

We've met before.

You're a good dog,

a beautiful and obedient dog.

A good dog.

An obedient dog.

You will not listen to your son,
Mrs Baumann.

Only I can help you.

If you listen to me,
you'll be healthy again.

And do not forget
the endowment, Mrs Baumann.

You are quite calm.

Quite calm.

There, behind this door,
is your place.

You go to this room,

you lie there and sleep,

This is your place.

You go to your place

and you lie down.

You go to sleep.

That is your spot.

Quite calm.

And now I will close the door.

You're alone,

you little shit.

Very good.
Question another woman.


Cut the motor and get off.

I'm arresting you for the murder
of Ralph Baumann.

We have all your recordings,
your tapes, your videos.

But we have something
even better.

You know, the authorities
have hounded me before.

You do not have any evidence
for a murder charge.

All these are
my work documents,

Mr Policeman...

Mr Faith-healer,

Mr Policeman
has indisputable proof.

We found your fingerprints
on the body.

You see, there's a new method.
It's really quite interesting.

You were careless...

First, he killed your son,
who planned to expose him.

Then he tried to kill you
to get to the endowment.

He had me completely
under his control.

I did indeed arrange
an endowment for him.

Your son contacted him.

In a meeting where
Ms Friedl was present,

Weiss probably hypnotised both,
then killed your son,

hoping Ms Friedl
would be blamed.

Which is what you did.

I ask you sincerely
to forgive me.

Will you accept my apology?


Now roll back slowly,
onto your side.

I'm ready. What's the plan?

Further yoga exercises?

Well, not for me, but...

the dog's breathing
could be improved.