Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 3, Episode 4 - Mörderische Leidenschaft - full transcript


The Diana Markus verdit!


The sex case verdict!

Foreman, have members
of the jury reached a verdict?

Concerning the charge,
incitement to commit murder,

we have seven "yes"
and one "no".

Please rise.

Do you accept the verdict?

Ms Diana Markus is guilty
of incitement to commit murder,

according to Paragraph 1 2/75
of the criminal code.

I herewith sentence you
to ten years prison.

The verdict is based on
the testimonies heard.

The court feels that
ten years is a just sentence.

Do you understand the verdict?

The accused!


You can appeal if you feel
the law was incorrectly applied

or if the proceedings were
inadequate. Consult your lawyer.

I accept the verdict.

The case is closed.

Is ten years justified?

1 0 years for inciting
to commit murder

Beautiful and ice-cold

Murder planned
during sex games

Wolfgang D:
I was her sex slave

You have a visitor, Ms Markus.

I'm happy to finally be able
to meet you personally.

Shaking hands is prohibited.

- I'm really sorry for you.
- I often saw you in court.

I'm convinced you're innocent.

Why did you accept the verdict?

My lawyer advised me to.

You're a wonderful person.

You don't know me.

I read your letters.

Several times a day.

- Why didn't you visit me before?
- I didn't dare.

- Are you being treated well?
- I have everything I need.

At least...

that which one needs
in such a situation.

I'd give anything
to touch you right now.

You heard, it's not allowed.

I will wait for you.

The first time I saw you in court

I knew...

that is the woman
I've been looking for.

Don't forget, l...

I allegedly incited someone
to murder my boyfriend.

Doesn't that bother you?

If it's okay with you,
I'll come on each visiting day.

Or is there someone else?

No, there's no one else.

I'm being transferred
in a few days.

To the women's prison in Styria.

Rex, the phone.

6.30... I don't believe this.

One of us has to answer that.

I'd like to know
why you're so tired.

Yes... Moser. Ouch!

What? No.
Why did you wake me up, B?ck?



Okay, we'll be right there.
Put the coffee on, make it strong.

Half past six...

Don't play dead.
We have to go.

Okay, so I'll have your biscuits
for breakfast.

Not now. We're on duty.

Good morning, Richard.
Here's some coffee at least.

It's hot! What happened?

Someone knocked down
the guard

and stole his combat rifle
and magazine.

- Morning, Leo.
- Hi, Richard. Hi, Rex.

The man was knocked down and
probably died of heart failure.

- B?ck said it happened at 4.
- Approximately.

He was found at 4.30
and was seen just before 4.

So he's probably right. That's it.
Details after the autopsy.

- Want to watch?
- No, thanks. Bye.

The military police think
it's an inside job. We'll see.

I don't think the suspect
is inside the barracks.

Who would need a combat rifle?

It's nice of you to visit me again.
Do you have so much free time?

I'm a geography and art teacher,
as I wrote to you.

There's been a change.

I'm being transferred
in the morning.

I'll probably spend
the next ten years in Styria.

I'll miss you.

I'm sure you won't have to
stay in prison that long.

Both wrist arteries have points
which regulate blood pressure.

If they are overstimulated
by a blow for example,

it can lead to a sudden drop
in blood pressure

and heart failure.


So the offender didn't want
to kill him, just knock him down.

He just hit him
in the wrong place.

You're being transferred now.

- A detour...
- They've seen us too now.

Throw out your weapons!

Get out or I'll shoot again!

Both get out the same side!

Unlock the back door!

I said unlock it!

Take off your jackets!

Come on.

Get in!

I never thought you'd...

I'd do anything for you.

H?llerer, first check
who was on duty at the barracks,

or rostered on.

Great. I'll be retiring
by the time I'm through.

Good day, gentlemen.

Hi, Max.

Got nothing to do?

Quite on the contrary.

I rang here and the switch said
you were at a crime scene.

So I thought I'd better go
and get some ham rolls.

It's been busy here.

Elsewhere too.

I heard on the radio

that a police escort
was ambushed outside of town

and the prisoner freed
at gunpoint.

We have other worries.
A soldier was murdered.

- To get hold of a combat rifle.
- Speaking of combat rifles...

We once had a case
with an idiotic burglar.

He went into a bank branch
with a combat rifle,

shot around wildly,
grabbed half a million

and ran out of the branch.

- Straightforward so far.
- That's not the end.

He ran to his car
and found it was locked.

The keys were locked inside.
He shot through the window,

opened up, got in
and took off.

- So in his haste...
- That's right, in his haste...

he left the bag with
the stolen cash beside his car

and drove off.

- Was his name Stockinger?
- No.

As far as I can remember
his name was Havicek.

- Did you say you brought rolls?
- Sure.


Don't look at me! I...

Moser here.

Yes, so I heard.

Who was freed?



That rifle was used
in a prisoner escape.

The prisoner
was a Diana Markus.


- Bye.
- What about us?

This is the bedroom.

It's very cosy.

We won't stay more than
a few weeks.

The bathroom's here.

I never thought you'd dare.

Me neither.

I have the impression
I haven't lived till now.

Whose flat is this?

It's ours for the moment.

I rented it under a false name.

I've carefully
thought things through.

We'll stay here for a while

then go to the Czech Republic
with new papers.

From there we'll fly to Spain.

Can you pay for all that?

I'll use my savings.

They'll get us to Spain at least.

Oh well...

We'll see if it works out
between the two of us.

I'm a little demanding.


I'll do anything for you.

Don't you want to undress me?

Her mother and this
Wolfgang Bergmann visited her.

They wrote each other
lots of letters.

- She must have turned his head.
- Sure.

Check what car he drives
and send out an alert.

- Will do.
- Thanks. Goodbye.

Weren't you taking
passport photos?

Then stop laughing.
You should look serious.

Why shouldn't I laugh
now that we're leaving?

Come here...

Come on.

I must get the photos developed.

I'll be right back.

Can we assume
Bergmann killed the soldier

and ambushed the escort
with the combat rifle?

The cartridges at the scene
are used by the armed forces.

He needed a combat rifle.
A pistol wouldn't have sufficed.

Markus incited her lover
to kill her boyfriend.

One is dead, the other in jail.

Do you think Bergmann did it
because he's obsessed with her?

The warder said he must
have been quite in love with her.

Moser here.

Great. Where?

Keep watch.
We're on our way.

The patrol found the car.

The description of the tenant
fits Bergmann. B?ck, Rex!

Alert the SWOT team.
Tell them to come quietly.


How much?

Ten grand.

- I need the passports ASAP.
- Tomorrow night.

The car drove off
while we were inside.

- Can't be helped.
- It's not 1 6.

- Where's the flat?
- First floor.

It's not 1 7 either.

- Is anyone up there?
- We stayed down here.

- Can you see in?
- The windows look out the back.

B?ck, you could look
into the flat from up there.

- We'd find out what it's like.
- Yes, but...

If one of us goes up there
he'd be visible from the flat.

Do you have
the video camera?

- Yes, in the other car.
- Get it.

Further up, Rex. Go up there.

Go on.

Good boy.

Rex is a good cameraman.

Let's see if he gets it.

Now turn around.

Good. A bit more.
Not now. A bit more.

Good, Rex.

The flat is on the first floor?
Sit, Rex.


- Which window is it?
- Second from the right.

To the right.

Further to the right.

Stop! That was too far.

Turn back.

Turn back.

A bit more. Stop!

We've got the window.
Now stay!

Sit and stay!

It sure must be nice living here.


Stay, Rex. Stay.

Stay, Rex.

It's dead.
There's no one there.

No one's there.
We'll go in. I'm getting Rex.

Hey, Richard! Come here.

Someone's there!


- I saw police near the house.
- I didn't notice anything.

Don't worry.
They won't find us that fast.


I can't live without you.

If they put you away again...

I'll kill myself.

Open up!

We know you're in there,
Ms Markus. Open up!

We're breaking in the door!

No need to go
to so much trouble.

I'm alone here.

Where's Bergmann?

No idea.

He went out to go shopping.

I have to arrest you, Ms Markus.


- Can I take a shower first?
- We'll see if Romeo is returning.

I don't get a chance in prison.


Shut the shower curtain.
That won't work on me.

Where did Bergmann get the rifle
for the ambush?

I don't know.

He didn't tell me
where he got it from.

How did you meet?

He saw my photos in the papers
and started writing me letters.

He was at all the proceedings.

Then he visited me in prison
and said...

that he'd fallen in love with me.

Is that why he got hold of a rifle
to ambush a prison escort?

Some men have done
more than that for me.

I know... Get down from there!
We're not at home.

I know, Ms Markus.
We know your biography.

You probably incited him too.

Me, incite that one?

I never thought
he'd go through with it.

He probably never crossed
the street on a red light.

He's nothing but a crazy
lovesick little teacher.

So why did you tag along?

What was I to do?

Given the situation,
he was totally unpredictable!

Markus doesn't know
where Bergmann is.

Both flats are being watched
and a search is out for the car.

- At least we have his photo.
- He's never even been booked.

He's so clean, he'd make
a perfect surrogate mum.

He's an amateur.
He's unpredictable.

We need to get him ASAP.

Keep driving
and nothing will happen to you.

Why is it always my phone?
Haven't you got anything to do?


What? Who does he want?

Put me through.

Are you the one who arrested
Ms Markus?

This is Bergmann.

I have a hostage.

I don't want to chat!

Release Ms Markus
in return for my hostage.

I'll let you know
when and where to exchange.

You needn't be afraid.

There on the left.

That was Bergmann.

He has a hostage and wants
to exchange her for Markus.

What? He must be crazy.

For Markus he's a crazy
lovesick little teacher.

He'll do anything to get her out.

We can't just
hand her over to him.

Of course not.

Did he say where the exchange
is to take place?

Not yet.

- What'll we do now?
- I don't know.

Wait and delay it
as long as possible.

What are you thinking about?

A woman.

Send a woman
instead of Diana Markus.

Sounds dangerous.

She doesn't need
to resemble her.

She just needs nerves.
The rest is cosmetics.

You know who'd be good?

Elisabeth B?hm. Your Sissi.
Remember the country job?

It'd be the third time.

Well, with the right clothes...

She'll give me heaps.

Which Sissi?


Conference Room

May I at least ring home please?



If everything goes well,
you'll be free in a few hours.

- First green contact lenses...
- And latex pads in the cheeks.

The wig comes last.

We don't know the place
for the exchange yet.

I don't know if it'll work.
First you walk towards him.

We'll step in
before he can recognise you.

Under normal light conditions,
I think I can get up to ten metres

before he'd recognise me.

I hope so.

- You'd better be there.
- We won't take any risks.

You'll get a bullet-proof vest.
You take cover as soon as we hit.

- I'm a policewoman, remember?
- You look like one too.

These are Ms Markus' clothes.

- Dig up a bullet-proof vest.
- Will do.


Very well, Mr Bergmann.
We'll be there in half an hour.

He's in Egon Paulus School.

In his own school?
What a cool customer!

He knows it's empty
on Saturday afternoon.

I need a layout. Rex, B?ck!
Hurry up, it's getting dark.


It'll be okay.

Two policemen at the door!

Calm down.

Nothing will happen to you.

The police won't risk the life
of a hostage.

They'll be here shortly.

They'll hand over my girlfriend
and I'll set you free.

Mr Bergmann!
We're bringing you Ms Markus.

Where are you?

Come with me.

On the first floor!
In the Conference Room.

No tricks.
I have the hostage.


I'm bringing you Ms Markus.

He's on the first floor
in the staff room.


The staff or conference room
is here.

Bergmann is here.

You go along this hallway

and stop in this corner.

Sissi, you take the hallway
to the staff room

and walk towards Bergmann.


We'll take the back way.

There's no way through here,
nor here. There's no door.

Here! The director's office
is the only possibility.

Through there! Check the doors!

I can't get closer
than ten metres.

B?ck will phone through how far
you are from Bergmann. Okay?


- Let's do it.
- Sissi...

No blonde jokes!

- We have a problem.
- What?

This door was easy, but we need
to break down the other one.

But B?hm is already on her way.

Get the explosive ready!

What's going on?

I won't wait much longer!

We're coming up!

Mr Bergmann!

Ms Markus
will come towards you.

- Send over the hostage.
- Not until we're away safe.

That wasn't the agreement.

My argument is the better one.


Come here.

We hear steps.

Hurry up.

30 metres left.

30 metres left.



1 5...

- It isn't working.
- Reset it. Hurry!


Get down, Sissi!

You're not Diana.

We've got you surrounded!



- What's the matter?
- Has he been hurt?

No. He just played dead.
Come on!

There's a lecture room here.
He's in a trap.

Remote control stun grenade!


I want to talk to you.

I have nothing to talk about
with you.

You tried to deceive me.

You talk to him.
Try and distract him.

Mr Bergmann! Give up.

If you come in here,
your colleague will die.

Don't make a noise, okay?

Mr Bergmann, maybe we can
reach an agreement.

Bring me Diana.

If you let go of our colleague

we can discuss
bringing Diana Markus here.

Bring Diana here
or I'll shoot your colleague.

You can't get out from here.

Do you want to put other lives
in danger?

Be reasonable!

It's no use talking to me!
Bring me Diana. Then we'll talk.

Mr Bergmann! Come out.

You'll only get a light sentence.

We know you didn't want
to kill that soldier.

When he's back,
we'll set it off and attack.

Someone's here!

Come here, Rex. Ready?

There are stairs here.
Another stairway.

- Damn!
- The door wasn't on the plan.

It must have been added later.

Throw down your weapon!

Stay here, Rex!

How are you?

I told you we'd be here.

It wasn't really so bad...

- See you at the office.
- Okay.

You incited
the crazy little teacher

to free you in your letters.

It was like an invitation.

You describe in detail
what you'll do with him.

Can I be charged for that?

The prosecutor will prove
you also incited him

to kill a soldier
and wound my colleague.

Can I go back to my cell now?

Be my guest, Ms Markus.