Manayek (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Episode #2.7 - full transcript

While Barak is abroad (but not entirely on vacation), internal affairs surprise the Rishon LeZion police and the top commanders by making the investigation public.

He came through here
and headed for the personnel entrance.

How'd you let him get away?

Looked like he came in
for a meeting with the airport police.

Only when Leibo came to pick up his car,

-we connected the dots.

The cameras show he went
from the personnel entrance into here.

Barak came in here carrying the bag,

two minutes later he came out,
no uniform,

still carrying the bag,
and went back to the operational area.

Excuse me, sir,

-the restroom is closed.

He went from here straight
to Departures?


Next time he was spotted,
he and the girl were at check-in,

then security, passport control,
and onto the plane.

While your men sat outside
with their thumbs up their ass?

What do you want from me?
We had no idea he was flying.

-You should've given us a heads-up.

Let's move on.

Do you think he left something here?

Sure, he wanted to bring something
in without a security check,

otherwise, why go
through all that trouble?


-Anything there?

Either someone else took it
or he came back after check-in.

We'll have to check the cameras.

-So it's not just a vacation?
-He knows we're investigating him.

You think he'd fly off
for a romantic weekend just now?

Hold on.

They're still in the air,
we'll ask customs in Barcelona

to detain and search him.

We know that Hanan's
working the night shift tonight

so I thought we'd have five patrol cars
waiting, one at the entrance

and four on the road to his house

-in Bat-Yam.

We don't know which route he'll take...


What's going on here?

While Barak is out of the country
I want to arrest Hanan Salame.

-Catch them off guard.
-What happened all of a sudden?

We have the go-ahead
from the State's Attorney.

How'd that happen?

Isn't that what you wanted?
You're complaining?

I'm not complaining,

I just wonder how we went
from zero to 100 in a few hours.

Worry about the future, not the past.



Customs in Barcelona is going
to stop Barak.

We think he took something on board.

If they stop him, there goes your plan.

He'll realize we're onto him
and warn his people.


Call off Barcelona.

I was about to call you,

the Spaniards checked,
Barak wasn't on the plane.


He didn't take the connection,
he stayed in Milan.

You're going to love Milan.

Just you and me for a few days, huh?

Maybe we'll go to the opera, La Scala,

we can drive to Lake Como.

-You know who lives there?

-George Clooney.

Too bad I don't know where
to score here.

Score? Can't you make it
through a weekend without that shit?

If you can't, you're in bad shape.

Chill, I'm just kidding.

Of course I can.

You know what? Let's make a deal.

No blow for me and no work for you.

-Okay, we'll see.

Let's go.

Looks fine.

Same with the test results.

I'll schedule an appointment
for next week.

Doctor, about the pain,

I don't think
the prescription is strong enough.

What did they prescribe?


Thirty milligrams.

I can give you a prescription for 40.

No more than that?

It's not recommended
and the body develops resistance,

but you can take Tylenol along with it.


Bring the prescription to the pharmacy
and don't forget your ID.

Excuse me a second.

It's a call from work.

Yes, Izzy?

We're going to arrest Hanan tonight.

What? How'd that happen?

I don't know,
the State's Attorney gave authorization.

What made him change his mind?

Good question.

I'll be there, make no mistake.

No, Tal, you don't belong there.

-Sorry, this is important.
-Tal, do you hear me? Hello?

Izzy, I have to be there.

She wants to be there.

I don't know, Izzy.

Don't worry, she'll be okay, my word.

Hello? Izzy?

Okay, I'll pick you up.



-Your prescription.

Look who's here!

-How're you feeling?

Thanks, Yifat.

Well, she's back.

We have the warrants.


-How're you feeling?
-Just fine.

Okay, folks, here we go.

Let's begin.

You're all familiar
with the Eliran Khen case,

these are basically
the same suspects again.

Just hope it doesn't end up
like Eliran Khen's case.

Yeah. For those who don't
know, our friend Izzy Bachar

came out of retirement specifically
to run the secret probe,

which is now turning
an open investigation and arrests.


It's like this,

Hanan Salame, our main suspect,
we're going to arrest him.

And conduct a search of his apartment.

A team under Baranes will raid
the Rishon station.

We suspect that Hanan Salame
used a police rifle

to shoot Tal.

We'll seize all the station's rifles
and have them examined.

-Friends, bear in mind,

we're dealing with very experienced,

sophisticated cops.

Probably the most challenging targets

you'll ever come up against.

We all know how important this case is.

We have the State Attorney's
full support to go all the way.

So please,

let's not blow it on the small stuff.

Good luck, everyone.

-All right.
-Good luck.

Tal, are you coming with me?

What's so urgent that you couldn't call?

After the Tal Ben Harush shooting

IAD received information
that cops were involved.

They suspect that a patrolman
from the Rishon station

named Hanan Salame shot her.
IAD launched a probe...

Excuse me?!

Based on the findings I authorized
to a criminal investigation.

The patrolman will be arrested tonight.

It's all hush-hush, of course, no reason
the public should know about it yet.

Did Asher know about this?


We didn't want to put you
in a conflict of interest.

Dudu, I'm asking you, please,

not a word to Barak
until we make the arrest.

Why not?
He's the man's commanding officer.

We suspect that he's involved.

Of obstruction, at least.

He'll find out soon enough.

Sorry it had to happen this way,
we didn't really have a choice.

I see.

So this is how you want to play?

Okay, no problem.

You know what?

Let's discuss it
when you've calmed down.

Have a nice evening.

This place is amazing.


So nice to be able
to hold you in public.

You know, when I was a kid,

I had this recurring dream
where I fly abroad,

and when the plane lands, the door opens

and there's no ground to stand on,

it's not like Israel, everybody floats.

I imagined being in Paris, in London.

-One second.

-Yes, Dudu?
-Where are you, asshole?

What's up?

What's up? Fuck you, that's what.

-AD is going to arrest Hanan Salame.


You heard me.

You were right,
they went behind my back.

That bastard Kobi.
It's all on account of Zigdon, get it?

-Did he really do it?

Who, Hanan? Of course not.

Kobi says you're suspected
of obstruction.

Me? What do I have to do with it?

Wake up, Barak,
and get your ass over here.

-I'm not in Israel, Dudu.

-I'm in Milan for the weekend.
-You're away for the weekend?

-Get on the first flight back.
-I can't. I have plans.

Plans?! We have to deal with this!

What's to deal with?

-If he did it, let him rot in jail.

Leave me alone, Dudu.

Kobi specifically told him
not to tell Barak.

It's obstruction of justice.

Go ahead, answer.


Listen here, you piece of shit,

if it's up to me, you'll be stuck
at IAD until you retire, you hear?

What's the matter?

What's the matter?

"Not investigating
the Tal Ben Harush shooting," my ass.

You lied to my face, asshole!

Dudu, what are you talking about?

If you didn't know, it's even worse.

In any case, go fuck yourself!
You can forget the police department!

National Fraud Unit, my ass.
Fucking loser!

Kobi's going to die when he hears this.

Now he's calling to yell at me too.



He left the station
and he's heading toward you, Fogel.

-Copy that.
-Roger that, we'll follow him too.

What's this about?

What's going on here?

We're from IAD. Get out of the car.

-What's going on?
-Move it.

-What's the matter?
-You're under arrest.

-Hands off!
-Hey, calm down.

Don't you dare leave the car.

Under arrest for what? Hands off!

-Calm down.
-Hands off, I said.

Give me one good reason

-and I'll beat the shit out of you.
-Izzy, Izzy.

-Relax, I'll come peacefully.

What's with you?

Turn around.

Baranes, we've got Hanan.

Move along, folks. It's alright.

Hanan Salame, you're under arrest
for attempted murder,

firearms offenses
and obstruction of justice.

Attempted murder?

Why do you have two phones?

I talk a lot.

-Talk a lot?

Come on.

Take him away.

Hello. Internal Affairs.

Call the duty officer, please.

I don't want to go home.

Do you think I do?

Sometimes I feel like

hopping on a plane and disappearing.

What about the kids?

I'll take them with me.

We'll all disappear.

-I don't think they'll want to.
-Sure they will.

Maybe not Maayan, actually,

he's afraid of flying.



-does he remember Anat?
-Who, Maayan?

-He thinks he does.

He was so little when she died.

My Alona is even younger.

Does he ask about her?

Not as much lately.

What will I say?
When she asks about her father?

Tell her he was a hero cop.

What if she asks how he died?

Make something up.

And you?

Did you ever ask your mother
about your father?


Did I upset you?


No, it's just...

I want to put some things in the safe.


-I have to take this, he's duty officer.

Hey, Leibo.

You know they arrested Hanan, right?

I heard.

I also heard that IAD is at the station.

Yeah, they came with warrants.

They're taking all the rifles
and searching the place.

That's fine.

Your pal Izzy
and Tal Ben Harush are here too.

It's all good.

Cooperate with them.
We have nothing to hide.

Got it.

I don't want to disturb you. Good night.

Good night.

Barak says hi, I just spoke to him.

Give us a minute, please.

For heaven's sake.

Tal Ben Harush.

Praise God, the Healer.

You smoke, don't you?

I quit for the pregnancy.

You aren't pregnant anymore.

No, but I have a hole in my lung.

At least you can drink booze.
Eat sushi.

Leibo, put it out
or I'll beat you with a chair.

You don't have to get mad.

So Barak flew off
and left you to deal with this shit?

Good for him.

His thing with Oxana,

did that start before
or after Ruslan disappeared?

I don't know, he's your friend.

What's your story, anyway?
Didn't you retire? No hobbies?

You guys are my hobby.

I thought you were into fishing.

This is like fishing.

If you're patient,
you'll catch something eventually.

Back to business.
Where were you the night I was shot?

At home.

I have an alibi,
my mother-in-law was over,

so if I'd shot anyone that night,
it would've been her.

We have information
that you were working.

When we heard what happened
Barak called us in,

it's a neighboring sector,
they asked for help.

-And did you help?
-Of course.

We hit the streets, gathering intel,

heard the Arabs did it
and passed it all on.

Did you see Hanan Salame that night?

Yeah, at the station.

I think.

-At what time?
-Can't remember.

But it was after the shooting,
when you were called in?


So Hanan didn't shoot me.

No chance.
You're way off.

Tell me,

why didn't he make detective?

You told us he was going
to detective training back then.

It didn't work out.

Red tape.

But he's still a bagman
for the Shmaya brothers,

like all of you.


Thought we were done with that.

I haven't even started.

You want to make fools
of yourselves again?

No, it's different this time.

No, it's not.

You'll blow it again.



-Can you talk?

I guess I should've listened to Mansour.

-I had no idea, Tamir.
-Give me a break.

He didn't do it.

He was on duty that night,
it makes no sense.

Eliran came as a surprise to you, too.

There's a reason they raided you now,

they knew about your trip,
they're watching you.

-You sure you don't have a tail now?
-No way.

I would've noticed.

And the girl?

You trust her?


I understand your pal
from IAD is involved.

I thought we didn't have
to worry about him.

What's the story?
You want to call tomorrow off?

Just say the word.

No change in plans,
but your buddy is a problem.

My problem, not yours.

Then deal with it
before it becomes my problem.



I thought you ran out on me.

I went to the bar.

To get us a little treat.

I thought we'd keep the party going.

We're on vacation, right?

Why didn't you call room service?

What's the problem?

-Had a snort?
-Of course not.

Do you think I'm stupid?
That I can't tell when someone's high?

-Did you bring some along?
-Of course not.

Answer me.
Did you bring some along?

Look at me, did you?

-Did you?
-Just a little, okay?


-I'm sorry!

Do you even know
what they would've done to me

if they caught me with that
at the airport?

Where is it?

Answer me!
Where is it?

In my toiletry kit.

I forgot it was there, I swear.

We turned their apartment upside-down.

What did Oshri have to say?

He recited some story
like a Bar Mitzvah speech.

He claimed Hanan was at home
and only went on duty afterwards.

They all rehearsed their stories.

-Shall we go in?
-Let's go.

-Headphones, Tal.

Tal, are you okay?

I'm fine.

-Hanan, I'm taking a DNA sample.
-You're not taking anything.

It's either now
or tomorrow with a court order.

We'll see about that.

You're not taking anything.
Get that away from me.

Hanan, nose or mouth?

Don't you touch me with
that thing, you hear?

It doesn't look good,
refusing to be tested...

Look, I asked you not to,
can you please respect that?

-Let us help you.
-Lay off...

If you're innocent, let us test you.

Lay off, man, you hear what I'm saying?

I don't want that thing,
I'm innocent, I tell you.

-The truth will come out.
-Hanan, there's enough evidence

against you to keep you
in 24 hour custody, understand?

He refuses to take the DNA test.

No problem, we'll get a court order.

How are you, Hanan?

-Enjoying your arrest?

Life's full of experiences.

Why don't we just get this over with?

We know everything.
And tomorrow we'll have the gun.

What gun?
I don't know what you want from me.

Oh, you don't know?
Then let me explain.

You're suspected
of shooting Tal Ben Harush

on the first of the month
outside her house in Holon.

You injured her
and caused the death of her fetus.

Can you ride a motor scooter?

-I don't have a license.
-I didn't ask if you had a license.

I know you don't.
I asked if you can ride a scooter.

I invoke the right to remain silent.

Son of a bitch.

He's playing hard to get.

I want to consult my attorney.

I gave the detective the number
when I was arrested.


Who taught you to say that, Barak?

Explain this.

This is from a traffic cam
at the roundabout near Superland.

That isn't you?

It matches
the gunman's description exactly.

Take a good look at the jacket.

It's a biker's jacket.

At your friend Dori Katzman's
house we found a jacket just like it

with gunpowder traces
from the crime scene.

And DNA, too.
And the DNA will match yours

because that's you.

The plates,
the timeframes, everything fits.

A few minutes later and...

You took a truck from your dad's lot.

All those trucks have GPS installed.

We'll find out exactly
where you really were

when you were supposedly
at home with your housemate.

Your alibi's falling apart, Hanan.

You think your lawyer will come in,
wave his wand, and you'll go home?

The only place you're going is jail,
and first thing tomorrow, arraignment.

I'll tell you what I think happened.

Tal got you scared
with her questions about Ruslan,

you lost your cool and made a mistake.

I also think you regret it.

I think the court will take
that into consideration.

But that's not your problem.
Your problem is Barak.

You got him in deep, deep trouble.

What are you thinking, Hanan?

Barak will take the chance of you going
to jail and not ratting him out?

Or will he deal with you like he did
with Eliran Khen? Ruslan?

I'll bet you
hat he already has plans for you.

I have to go to the bathroom.

All right. Take him.


Okay, just keep me posted, okay?

Excuse me,

your lawyer will meet you in lockup.

Okay, I'm waiting for an answer.

-See what you did?
-Wait a second.

I'll take care of that later.

Are you out of your mind?

What's with you?

He's going to get away with it.

-No way.
-You'll see.

-How can he, Tal?
-You'll see.

He's on the way to jail.

He's going
to get away with it, you'll see.

We have tons
of evidence against him!

He's weak, he'll crack.

Trust me, okay?

We'll take them down, by the book.



What's the matter?

She isn't feeling well.
I'll take her home.

I need you to stop at a pharmacy.


Tal Ben Harush, your turn.

Go on, Tal.
Your turn.

Can I have a little privacy.




Is there a problem?

No problem, we're just very cautious
with these pills.

Just a minute.

Excuse me?

Hey, excuse me?

Sorry about that, I'm in training

so I don't have the code for the safe.

-You're familiar with this drug?



Let's go.


What's your deal, huh?

You've totally lost it.

I'm not surprised about her, but you?
Where's your sense of responsibility?

How's she supposed to heal?

I'm not even talking about her injury.

How's her soul supposed to heal
if she stays in the trauma?

You promised to take care of her
and you're doing the opposite.

You're dragging her down.

Let it be on your conscience,

it'll be your fault
if anything bad happens, God forbid.

It's not enough that you didn't
stop her when she started?

-So it's my fault now?

It's your fault, too.

Yael, I'm...

I'm trying to make things better.

How, exactly?

You only made things better
for yourself.

You went back to work,
you got what you wanted.

You aren't really thinking of her.

Yael, you don't know me well enough
to analyze me, okay?

I think you should go now.


-I'm going.

Why are you such a bitch to him?

Don't you see he's the only person
who's actually trying to help me?

And what am I?

Or Mom and Dad
and all those people fawning over you?

What are we?

Do you think tonight helped you?


What for?

Have you seen?
They got a cop in here too.


I’m not getting into punishment.



Have fun.

Welcome to the lounge.

What's your name?



What station are you from?


What are you in for?

I have no idea, man.

Okay, sweetie.

So help him.

Listen to Grandma, behave yourselves.

Bye, sweetie.

I have to leave you for a few hours,
I have an errand to run.

What kind of errand?

The Israel Police representative
heard I'm in town,

and he wants to consult me on some case.

Are you serious?


We said no work.

We also said no blow.

Go out for a few hours,
take a break from me.


Go shopping.

Do me a favor, don't snort it all.


Hiba Elnasser from IAD speaking.


-How are you?

I understand you're away on vacation.

That's right.

Sorry to disturb you,
but as I'm sure you already know,

we arrested one
of your men last night, Hanan Salame.

Yes, I was informed.

Were you informed of the charges?

I gather it has to with
the Tal Ben Harush shooting.

Hanan Salame himself is suspected
of shooting her.

Hiba, is Izzy there?

Can he hear me?

-Izzy, you can hear me, right?
-Yes, Barak.

How's Italy?

Italy's a pleasure. Great pasta.

Congrats on coming out of retirement.


We need to talk to you
as soon as you come back.

No problem.

Whenever you want.
Schedule with my office.

He sounds too calm.
He's up to something.

Pull over.

Fucking hell. Motherfuckers.

I'm with the detainee.

Find anything on him?

-No weapons?

-What's up, Sami,

driving around unarmed
after what happened to your brother?

Not too clever.

-Nothing. He's clean.

Hey, Zigdon.

Requesting authorization
for a warrantless search,

the house of a suspect
from Kafr Qasim carrying drugs.

But bring a tactical team with you.

No problem.

Have a tactical team meet us
at the gas station.

What do you want?

What do you think
you'll find at my house?

I want to show you something.

How long have you been
talking to International Crimes?

If Muhammad hears about this...

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

Think of what he did
to your brother for a lot less.

What'll he do to you?

To your pretty wife?

To your cute little baby?

May Allah help you.


We've got a tactical team.

Get in the car and I'll tell you
what's going to happen.