Manayek (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript

It appears that Barak is ready for the internal investigation and has a plan. The case collapses in Izzy, Tal and Hiba's hands. Everything seems lost.

Take him to the interrogation room.

What's up?

This is the gun used to shoot
Tal Ben Harush, and he's the gunman.

How do you know? Did he confess?

He will confess.

You're in the interrogation room,
what do they say?

Bunch of stupid accusations.

What does your lawyer say?

What can he say?

I didn't do anything.

How did you get him to spy for us?

It was easy,
with all the charges against him.

All he did was sell phone calls
to detainees, no?

When we grabbed his cellphone

we found out he runs porn groups
on Telegram, including minors.

It wasn't hard to motivate him.
Not that it's helping.

I tell ya, they got nothing on me.

If they didn't have anything
they wouldn't arraign you.

What's with all the questions?

-Just interested.
-Just interested?

A lie, nine letters.


Yes, Baranes.

Listen, we have a problem.

I got the ballistics report.

None of the guns
from Rishon are a match.

How can that be?

Could we have missed one?

No, we checked
all the numbers with Logistics.

Izzy, let's not forget this was only
a theory, okay?

Then where did that punk get
a clean rifle, if not from the station?

There are plenty of stolen army rifles
in Kafr Qasim, maybe he bought one.

A gun like that costs 40 to 50 thousand,
before ammo.

-He doesn't have that kind of dough.
-Okay, in any case,

I think we have a strong case
even without the gun. Okay?

What's up? Did you think it over?

Look, the gun is a match.

We found it in your house,

so we have enough evidence
to charge you even if you don't confess.

You planted the gun.

I'll bet the judge never heard
that excuse before.

Look, man,

no matter what you say,

you're going to do time.

We have you sewed up from every angle.

You just have to decide
how you're going to do the time,

like a man or like a rat.

What do you think
life in jail will be like

if everyone knows you're an informant?

And what about your family?

But why would I shoot her?

She tried to recruit you as a CI.

She harassed you,
pressured you, put you in a corner,

so you did what you did.

She'll say what really happened.

No way.

They won't want to burn you.

She always treated me fairly.

That doesn't matter now.
Don't think about her.

Think of yourself.

I'm Barry.





A lot of pain.

What are they giving you, Oxycet?

What do you want from me?

You know you can get prescriptions
from each doctor separately.

The pharmacies don't know that.
It doesn't show up on the computer.

There's a reason,
they want there to be a black market.

The pharmaceutical industry
wants more sales.

All the pharmacies, the doctors,
the whole country, the whole world,

they're all in on it.

Are you hitting on me?


I have a girlfriend.

But you're really cute.

People pay good money for those pills.


So if you have some to spare
and you want to make some money,

I buy everything.

Painkillers, sleeping pills,
Lonex, Ritalin...

you name it.

I pay good money.

Look up "Pill Connection" on Telegram.

I'm a cop.

That's okay, so am I.

No, I really am a cop.

Do you want me to make some calls?

Ask if anyone in Kafr Qasim
knows about a gun they sold Hanan?

No, I spoke to Eitan, he's on it.

Take the weekend to rest,

get a grip on yourself.

Get a grip, huh?

Yes, Tal. Get a grip.


is Yael there?
I tried reaching her, she didn't answer.

She went away.

Away? Where?

A party up north.

What party?

A rave, Izzy.

Haven't you figured out
that she's a party animal?

When's she coming back?

It's a rave.
Don't you know what that is?

Tomorrow, the next day, I don't know.

-Didn't she tell you?

Get off the phone, it's Shabbat.

Rabbi Ben Harush here
is bugging me, I have to go.


Bye, Shabbat Shalom.

Hey, guys, how was your flight?


Dudu's here.

Give me two minutes, I'll be right back.

-I have to take care of something.
-Never mind, I'll take a taxi.

-No, no, Shem Tov will take you home.
-I don't want him to.



Trouble in paradise?

Nobody dares say a word to Kobi.

Not the Minister,
not the Attorney General,

certainly not the Prime Minister.

He's got them all by the throat,
that bastard.

-And what for?

The whole investigation
of the PM is bullshit.

Fishing for something to pin on him.

The First Lady was interrogated
for five hours.

I feel sorry for her
and the interrogators, too.

-So he's perfectly innocent?
-Kobi won't let him off the hook.

They'll find something.

Dig deep enough,
you'll find something on anyone.

You shouldn't have stepped into
his sights.

You should've just appointed Goldberg.

Fuck that! You can't show
a guy like Kobi you're weak.

Besides, who are you to preach?

This mess is your fault.

You know what I went through
this weekend?

While you were partying in Milan,
and with whom?

-She has nothing to do with this.
-Yeah, right.

IAD is trying to frame me and my men.

They've got nothing.

They're fishing, just like you said.

It's all bullshit.

SIU Central has a suspect
from Kafr Qasim who confessed.

-What? Where'd you hear that?
-It'll all be behind us in a few hours.

-Just back Zigdon up, okay?
-I don't get it.

There's nothing to get.
It's all over.

Are you crazy?

Focus now, okay?

What's with the report
on the Cannabar deal?

The Ministry of Health's authorization
depends on it.

-I work for you, don't I?
-Don't start in, Dudu.

Say the deal is authorized.
What do I stand to gain?

What do you mean?

What do I gain from Cannabar?

You already got your share.

Remember, you're Commissioner,
you're at the top of the pyramid.

Like you always wanted.

If I'm at the top,
why do I take orders from you?

Dudu, what do you want?

I want money,


I'm fed up.

Otherwise, no Cannabar, no Shmannabar,

and your friends can kiss my ass.


Good morning.

Excuse me. We're from
the Currency Service. Pop inspection.

Are you the license owner?

-No, my mom is.
-Then call her in, please.

And stop working.

You start with the back. Let him in.

Can I see an ID?

Here you go.

Let him in.


Looks fine.
I'll get it to Atalia later.

-Thank you.
-Sure you don't want a drink?

I got to go.
Some other time.

Say, what's with the cop
from Rishon they arrested?

Nothing to do with us.

What's up?

I hear they arrested him
for shooting that policewoman.


Listen, Tamir,

we've known each other for years

and Muhammad likes you and trusts you,

but you have a problem with Barak.

I have no problem with him.

He hid from you that it was
Tal Ben Harush who was shot.

You had to hear it from me,

and now they're charging
one of his men with the shooting.

Mansour, even if that cop shot her,

Barak has nothing to do with it.

I hope not.

Well, in a day or two we can
start transferring money.

-Atalia will keep you posted.
-Okay, talk to you later.


Sorry to disturb you.
It's Gili. He says it's urgent.

-What's up?
-They're raiding the Persian's place.

The Tax Authority.

That's supposed to be next week.

Barak's pal is with them.

When did they arrest him?

On Friday. Odd, no?

-Kind of.
-Should I let them know he's with us?

So they leave him be?

No, Muhammad will find out.

Do me a favor, sniff around SIU for me,

maybe they know what's happening.



Any news on Hanan's rifle?
I hear Izzy spoke to you.

We checked with our sources
but we've got nothing yet.

Any news on Shadi Mahamid?
You're going to check security cameras?

What's that look for?

We should've taken over the case.

Tal, all they've got is a
recording of some obscure conversation,

there's nobody, no suspect,
not even a motive, and most importantly,

-I have nobody to assign to it.
-You have me.


Have a seat.


What's with the uniform?

What do you mean?

-You're on medical leave.
-I'm fine.

You're in no condition to come back.

My arm movement is
a little restricted, that's all.

Eitan, I need this.
I'm going crazy at home.

All right,

-go talk to Tzila and we'll see.
-Oh, come on!

Listen, if you want to hang out
here a while and catch up on things,

no problem.

But without our psychologist's approval,

there's no way you're coming
back to work.


-Hey, how's it going?
-Just fine.

So what did he say?

It's all right.

He said I can look into
the Shadi Mahamid case.

We never got a chance
to talk about what happened,

I mean, really talk.

What's to talk about?

I know what that baby meant to you.

You can get pregnant again, right?

-I mean...
-Iris, I don't want to talk.

-Sorry, I didn't mean to...
-It's all right.

If you need anything, I'm here.

- You know that.
-I know.


Yerushalmi pulled a fast one on them.

He knows they have a mole
at the Tax Authority

so he let it slip that they're planning
a raid for next week and hit them today.


It'll take them a few days
to go over everything

and they'll update us, of course.

Okay, good.

Moving on.

Barak landed,
we'll have to talk to him sometime.

Not that it'll help,
just for the sake of protocol.

Do you want to go?

No, I'd rather not.

All right, I'll deal with it.

Excuse me a second.

Eitan, we're in the middle
of a meeting. Is this urgent?



Okay, Boris.



They have a match.

I asked him to give us a little time,

he'll tell SIU they're running
another test or something.

Is there a number on the gun?

Scratched off.

And it was found in
Sami Suleiman's house?

-When did they arrest him, anyway?

On Friday.

I only found out today.

Can it be that he did it?

No way.

What makes you so sure?

He works with us.

Tal is his handler
and he'd never do such a thing.

I'll try to get access to him,
sit down, find out what's up.

What's up?
They're framing him, that's what.

They're ten steps ahead of us.

We have to give Hanan one last try.

Get him to confess at any cost.

At any cost?
Do you mean torture?

I don't know.
Think of something.

At any cost?

What are you doing here?

-Have a seat.
-I have nothing to say to you.

You can take me back to...



Guard! Son of a bitch...

One of the rifles from the station

matches the findings
from the Tal Ben Harush shooting.

Official forensics report.

Here, read it. Don't be scared.

We went over the arms registry.

You signed out the rifle
the day before the incident.

And returned it.

The log says you returned it.

That doesn't mean you didn't keep it.

No way.

Barak must've told you not to
worry, it's all taken care of.

Haven't you learned that
his word is worthless?

Your lousy alibi won't hold water.

Oshri'll crack and sell you out,
we have plenty of stuff on him.

-I don't believe you.
-And you believe Barak?

He promised to make you
a detective, right? Did that happen?


nobody cares about you.

We want Barak, not you.

Go fuck yourself.

All right.

I figured I'd give you a chance to talk,

you don't have to if you don't want to.

What is this?

Tal's buddies want some
quality time with you.

Son of a bitch.

Don't you touch me.

Try not to leave any marks.

Son of a bitch.

If you change your mind, tell them.
They know where to find me.

Go fuck yourself.

-It'll be fine.
-Okay, folks,

Guys, pay attention.


Zigdon, give everyone the update.

Okay, on Friday our detectives
arrested a fellow named Sami Suleiman,

a known member
of the Abu Kamal syndicate.

An M16 rifle was found at his
house and lab tests matched it

with evidence from
the Tal Ben Harush shooting.

Suleiman signed a confession
in the presence of a DA representative.

He claims that Tal Ben Harush
pressured him for information,

which caused him to do what he did.

How did you get to him?

By luck, actually.
He was stopped for a routine check,

they found drugs on him
and it took off from there.

And nobody thought of telling us?

You should've told us the minute you
found out it was a match.

A, it was on Shabbat,

and B, a dynamic with the
suspect had already developed.

Dudu, Zigdon's people did a good job,

but International Crimes should take it
from here,

-it's their case.
-Negative, CIU Central will continue.

With all due respect, it's my decision

-as Chief of Investigations...
-And it's my decision as Commissioner

that in this case it's my decision.

SIU cracked the case,

they should take it to the finish line.


Don't take this the wrong way,

I'm just trying to be efficient.

The suspect has a relationship
with Philip, he's already confessed,

we shouldn't switch investigators
on him now, am I right?

I don't know.

Something stinks.

If you have something to say, say it.

If you don't mind, Dudu,

all this is nice,
but we're in the picture too.

We have a suspect in custody.

Then let him go, this guy has confessed.

It doesn't work that way.

Then how does it work?

The prosecution has
a confession and a weapon

and everything it takes
to get a conviction,

which is the only thing they care about.
Right, Tamara?

I have to discuss this with Kobi.

I want my people to have access
to Sami Suleiman as soon as possible.

Our people need to talk to him too.

-Dream on.
-Excuse me?

-Dudu, you're going too far.

All right.


You work it out, representatives
from International Crimes and IAD,

and coordinate with Zigdon.

Good job, people, now get to work.

Amira, I want a media blitz.

Yiftah, wait a second.

You know, Asher...
I understand why he went with Kobi.

They're friends from the army.
Fine. I have no expectations.

But, you?

You went with IAD
behind your commissioner's back.

I don't know what you're thinking,
but I'm not going anywhere.

So I suggest you get in line,
fast, and your people, too. Got it?


The number you have dialed is
unavailable. Please try again later.

What's this?

The transcripts from Shadi Mahamid's

-What do you need them for?

I saw in the computer that he said

that Gili Shmaya was a partner
in the growth house in Kafr Qasim

and I want to understand the context.

He didn't say that in questioning.

But I saw the memo.

-He said it, but it was in a recording.
-In jail?

In a meeting with his lawyer.

-Are you serious?

you were shot.

We had no leads,
so we did what we could.

Eitan laundered it as information
that came up in questioning,

but he actually didn't say anything.


-I need a favor.

Take me to Rishon,
to Sami Suleiman's lot,

I need to talk to him.

Sami Suleiman is in custody, honey.

We're at a point where,
if we keep going, we're going to pay.

You and me personally,
and the unit, all as one.

Tal too, of course.

I didn't want to get into this to begin
with, but I backed you up, didn't I?

Including your ridiculous stunt
in lockup?

-Did I or didn't I?

-You did.
-Okay then.

Now you back me up.

We're cutting away from Sami
Suleiman, from IAD, from everything.

We have enough on our plate
with the day to day.

What's she doing here?
I thought you spoke to her.

-I did.

It didn't really help.

Did you know that
Sami Suleiman is in custody?

What's the story?

He confessed to shooting you.

He what?


Here, this is the guy
who mentioned the scooter.

Well done, princess,
now just sign the form.

The date, too.

Are we almost finished here?

Finishing up now.

Thanks for your fine citizenship.


You owe me.

They're here.


He's okay,
they didn't rough him up too bad.

I can't believe I let you do that.

What are you afraid of?

That he'll complain to IAD?

That would've been funny
if anything came out of it.

Something came out.
He got a well deserved beating.

Yes, Tal.

Any news?


Where are you?

At the shop.

The shop, huh?


Are you seriously leaving me out?

I'm not leaving you out, Tal.

We didn't want to say anything

-before we had all the details.
-What details?

What kind of crap is that?

Couldn't you have told me?
What were you waiting for?

-Tal, is Eitan here?
-No, Eitan isn't coming.

Yiftah ordered us to back off, but I'm
on medical leave, so fuck him.



Back to work already?

Good for you.
-Can we go in?

Sorry, nobody said she could go in.

-We didn't agree to that.
-Excuse me?

You were instructed to give us access,

if we want her to come in, she can.

Is this a confrontation?
We aren't prepared for that.

What's wrong with
a confrontation, Zigdon? Let us in.

-What are you doing here anyway?
-Stop it.

You want to let us in
or do you want a call

from the Chief of Investigations
ordering you to let us in?

-Move, Zigdon.

Fuck it, let her in.
What does it matter?

Quite a delegation
they put together for you.

Like you're Pablo Escobar.


So you shot me?


Why are you lying?

I'm not lying.

Oh yeah?

You killed my baby?

Look at me.

Describe how you shot her.

Outside her house,
I was on a motorcycle.

Where'd you get the gun?

-I bought it in the village.
-From whom?

I don't remember.

And the motorcycle?

-From where?

Tel Aviv.

Where in Tel Aviv?

I don't remember.

Did you follow her
or wait outside the house?

I don't remember.


did they plant the gun on you?

It's my gun.

Did they find out you work with me?

Is that what they're holding over you?

You know that all our calls
are recorded?

Nobody will believe you did it.


if someone's threatening you,
we'll deal with them.

A forced confession
isn't acceptable in court.

The court will reject it.

It wasn't under threat.

-I shot her.
-Why are you lying?

Why are you lying?!

-Leave me alone.

How did you manage to screw up so bad?


-Tal, you don’t have to...
-Don't "Tal" me.

Did you see him?

He's terrified of them.

He'll take it all the way,
he has a baby at home,

he'd rather do time than tell the truth.

It won't hold up in court,
he can't explain where he got

-the gun or the scooter.
-Are you trying to fool me or yourself?

Who cares what he can explain?

It'll never even make it to court.

They'll cut a deal with him
and that'll be that.

Everything okay?

Everything's fine.

They know we won't dare
expose him as an informer.

You blew it.

At least admit it.


-it's not over yet, I promise.
-As if...

We all know
what your promises are worth.

Don't forget, we have
the State's Attorney on our side.

Great. Another crook.

I have to update Yifat.

I can't take it anymore.

Enough. I can't take it anymore.


Come, I'll take you home.

I don't want to go home.

Then, where to?

Remember you asked me
what I wanted to name her

and I didn't want to tell you?



That's what I wanted to call her.

You know what really drives me mad?

I didn't get a chance to make her laugh.

I don't know why, but that was
what I most looked forward to.

Maybe because I think I'm funny.

I'm so sorry, Tal.

-I deserve it.
-God forbid.

Yes, I deserve it.

I didn't protect her.

She wasn't even born yet
and I couldn't protect her.

-Don't "Tal" me. You were right.

You told me,

you told me not to get into this
shit and I didn't listen.

I should never have gotten into it.

Are they really letting him go?


They made fools of us.

Now what?

Don't know, the State's Attorney's
office is discussing it.


Mad at me for taking off?

-Yael, you don't owe me anything.
-I owe you an apology.

I was mean to you
last time you were here.

Everything that's been going on...

It overwhelmed me.
That's why I went up north.

I had to breathe.
I had to reconnect with myself.

I know I sound like some hippie...

You could've just told me
you were going.


It's a shame.
I bought wine,

lamb chops.

-What did you do with the chops?
-I ate them, what do you think?

They were good.


I'll be going.


keep in touch, okay?


Come here...

You were right.

About what?

I shouldn't be going to work.

You just need to get stronger.

No, I don't belong there anymore.

Whoa, you sure I shouldn't call a medic?

It's okay.
They checked me already.

Salame, you're going home!

It didn't work, huh?

-Just wait.

Everyone outside will know
what you're up to in here.

Fuck you, rat,
trying to bring cops down.

Shut your mouth, scumbag!

Scumbag? Whoever brought you
here is the scumbag.

-Stop! Haven't you had enough today?
-Fuck off, motherfucker.

Trying to bring cops down,
son of a bitch!


Are you there, man?

What happens now?
Can someone come talk to me?


How's it going?

Hanan Salame was released.

I told you not to worry.

What's the matter?

They raided the exchange this morning.

Routine inspection
by the Currency Service.

Your pal Izzy Bachar was there.

What's going on here, Barak?

Want to tell me what you're getting me

Why are you protecting him?!

I'm not protecting anybody
and I don't owe you any explanations.

I said what I have to say.
Something here stinks.

They're going to check
all the records at the exchange.

-All your stuff.

Tamir, we run a clean business,
they can check all they want.

Do you know what it costs me
every day that place is closed?

I know it's small change
compared to Cannabar.

Let's stay focused, Tamir.

Dudu wants money
to deal with the report.

-Yeah, he got greedy.

And without him there's no deal.

-Now he remembers?
-I don't know how his mind works.

What's that look for?
Don't you trust me?

-Think I'm trying to scam you?
-I don't know.

Give me the details.

How much he wants, how he wants it.

We'll see.


You disappeared on me.

Yeah, sorry, I fell asleep.
The flight wiped me out.

-Can I come in?
-Not now, the baby's sleeping.

What's going on?
Talk to me.

Forget it, Barak.

What do you mean?

You only care about yourself
and that's not going to change.

Where is this going?

What story did you tell yourself?

That we'd make a family
with your kids and my daughter?

Ruslan's daughter?

It'll never work.

-Are you seeing someone?
-Barak, it's just...

Never mind.
I don't know what it is.

All I know is, I need a break.

A break?


How'll you manage?
You won't see another shekel from me.

You think you can buy me?

I'll give you a week
before you come crawling back.

What are you?
A junkie.

Go fuck yourself!


Wait. Oxana.

Oxana, open up.


Open up. Oxana.

What happened?

Shut the door.

We got the results
from the University of Maryland.

They recovered the VIN number.

The scooter from Kafr Qasim
is Dori Katzman's.

That links Hanan Salame to the case.

We know he had possession of it
the night of the shooting.

Great timing.

Yes, Tal.



-What'd she want?
-Don't know, she hung up.

What do we do with this now?

Delete the email.

You never received it.