Manayek (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Change - full transcript

The investigation makes substantial progress, meanwhile Tal returns to work although it is evidently to soon. The state attorney reconsiders the case.

Kobi, Kobi, do me a favor.
Let's be realistic.

Some new blood wouldn't hurt
the National Fraud Unit.

Their work hasn't been
too brilliant in the PM's cases.

It's early in the investigation,
a very complex case.

So? Zigdon is
an expert at complex cases.

Remember Alex Goren?

Who put him behind bars
for 20 years?

Dudu, we said we'd have to both agree
upon appointments like these.

I didn't replace Gary
without consulting you first, right?

I consulted you, too.

You and Asher suggested
some names and I decided otherwise.

What's wrong with our names?

What's wrong with Zigdon?

He has an IAD file.

Case closed
four years ago.

The grounds for closure
are still undecided.

Oh, the famous Kobi Hoenig method.

Listen, pal, I don't care
what the grounds are,

I'm appointing him.

Even if he fails a polygraph test.

He's the next head
of National Fraud, period.

You know what? Fine.

I just hope nobody appeals
to the Supreme Court.

You mean one of your friends?

Let them appeal.

It'll be a real shame
if we'll have to fight in court

instead of investigating the PM, but...

if that's how it is, that's how it is.

I have to go.

Have a nice evening.

Can you help me with my jacket?

Your jacket? What for?

-I want to wear it.

It can be repaired, you know.


See you.

Where are you going?

To the office.

You are going to give me a ride?

The office?

Someone involved with
the shooting was arrested.

You aren't going, Tal.

Okay, then I'll get a cab.

-Tal, you're in no state!
-I sure am.


-Hello, Dori Katzman?

Beit Shemesh Police calling.

-You reported a stolen Sanyang, right?
-That's right.

Why, did you find it?

We have one here, no plates.

Did it have any special markings
that would help me identify it?

Yes, a big,
fresh scratch on the right side.

There's masking tape on the headlight.
It's in my report.

A friend skidded with it...

So is it mine?
Should I come over?

We went through your IM,
we know the friend is Hanan Salame.

You know what he did with your scooter?

Look at me.

He rode to Holon
and shot a policewoman.

You must've heard about it on the news.


What're you doing here, you nut?

You think I'd miss this?


Come in, sit down.


It's your bike, your jacket,

on the jacket are gunpowder
traces that link it to the scene.

If it isn't Hanan Salame, it's you.

Attempted murder on a police officer.

He must be some friend if you're willing
to take the fall for him.

Dude, I don't know anything...


You're lying to my face?

Did you loan him the bike
or didn't you?

He told me not to
say a word to anyone, okay?

But I didn't know it had to do
with that policewoman, I swear.



Nikita, what're you doing here?

Looking for you.

-I called.
-Sorry, yesterday was crazy.

-He's from IAD.

We need to talk to you.

My bus is about to arrive...

We'll give you a ride.

Hop in.

Come on, get in.

Tell us about
what you told me over the phone?

The guy with the scooter.

Oh, that was nothing.
I got the files mixed up.

I know you.

You arrested Malka.

What's she up to now?

Works security at the DMV.

You want to join her?

This woman came in.
On the night Tal was shot, she saw

some guy loading a scooter onto
a truck at the pond by the soccer field.

I took her testimony.


I reported it to Barak.

He said he'd pass it on
to International Crimes,

then he called her in again
and she ID'ed someone in the album.


No idea.
I didn't even know she came in again.

I have school on Thursdays.

I think he called her in then
because he knew I'd be out.

It really has to do with
the Tal Ben Harush shooting?

We need the witness's name.

Don't drop me off at the station, okay?

I don't want to be seen with you.

-Catch you later.
-See you.

Hear that Shadi Mahamid is missing?


His mother filed a report
with the Kafr Qasim police.

Turns out she's closely related
to Muhammad.

No one knew.

You don't say.

Muhammad's people
asked Tamir for our help.

He was last seen at Sami's yard.

In our precinct.

Maybe Sami got rid of him.

-You think Sami's the type?
-Go figure.

I want you to check it out.

Maybe he got into a beef in jail.

He used to live in a trailer Korczak,
maybe he's there.

Good thinking.
Check that out.

What now?

-International Crimes arrested Dori.

They took
him and his girlfriend in.

His mom says
they searched his apartment.

-How'd they get to him?
-No idea.

Can we trust him to keep quiet?

Don't know.
What if they arrest me?

Deny everything.
You know what to say.

You were at home with Oshri,
Oshri corroborates that,

it correlates with
your cellphone records.

You have an alibi.

The rest is background noise.
Is that clear?

-But he'll say I took his bike...
-I said, is that clear?

Yes, it's clear.

Off you go.

They're getting closer.

Let them come.
We're ready.

It was a municipal truck,

the ones they use for
picking up garden waste.

Excuse me.


-Yes, go ahead.
-He loaded the scooter onto it.

Okay, I'll show you some photos,

stop me if you recognize him, okay?

-I identified him at the station.
-We know. Just making sure.

Here, that's the guy.

Same guy I ID'ed before.

Yes, that's just fine.

Thank you,
you've been a big help.

But if you don't mind,
don't mention this to anyone,

-including the police. Okay?

Any questions,
contact me directly.

No problem.

Thank you.

Here, boy.

There's a traffic cam
at the roundabout by the pond.

I'll have our people check it.

Be smart about it.

Excuse me, I gotta make a call.

What's your problem?

-Are you screening my calls?
-No, I... I'm sorry, I'm working.

-She went to the office.

How could you let her?

How was I supposed to stop her?

Got a cab and split.
Now she won't answer her phone.

Tal, that nut, went to work.




What's amazing?

Seeing you back on your feet.

I'm sitting down.

Tal, are you out of your mind?
What are you doing here?



-What's up?
-We got an ID.


Finally got your finger out of your ass
and started working, huh?

Tal, this is totally irresponsible.

You too, Eitan.

-It's just wrong.
-He's starting to sound like Yael.

Come on, I'll take you home.

You've shown everyone
how tough you are,

you'll come back tomorrow.
Let's go.

Mansour Taha is on his way here,
I'm not going anywhere.

Izzy, it's an important meeting.

Okay, but you're
coming with me afterwards.


What a putz.

Excuse me.

-Yes, Shani?
-What's going on, Dad?

No store?

I took some time off.

Is that so?

Doesn't he need help?

He may need it,
but he doesn't want it.

Not from me, at least.

And you left Archie with him?
Where are you?

I went back to work.

Is this about Tal?


Is Barak involved?

Shani, not a word to anyone,
especially Mom.

For sure.

You want me to take Archie
to Nati's for now?

He's too much for Grandpa.
You won't have to worry.

Nati won't mind?

You think?
He does as I say.

Thanks, that'd be a big help.

Dad, you're messed up.

I know.

It's all there?


-See you.
-Wait a second.

Take this to Barak, okay?

He went in without a bag
and came out with one.

Keep an eye on him.

I need you to approve three more days
for the burglar from Neve Ze'ev.


Here, too.

Everything okay?

Yeah, why do you ask?

I don't know, you seem kind of...

-No, everything's fine, really.

Hi. Sorry, I didn't know
there was someone here.

It's okay, she's just leaving.

-Thanks, Revital.
-No problem.


-Frenchie give you trouble?
-No, just gave me a check.

Here, this is from the exchange.


-Thanks, Oshri.

We're very worried about the boy.

It's not like him
to disappear like this.

I'm trying to help the family.

We looked into it
and it looks like the Kafr Qasim police

are investigating his
disappearance very thoroughly.

They found his phone.


On Route 44, near Tzrifin.

Any leads?

No, it's too soon,
but they're checking all the angles,

we let them know
this is a very important case

and they have our assistance.

Thanks for the help.
It means a lot to me.

How can I help
this distinguished forum?

We appreciate you coming
at such short notice,

we know you're a busy man.

I'm busy thanks to you.

And Tal, how could
I say no to you?

I'm so happy to see you
doing well, really.

Thank you.

You met with Barak Harel,
Tamir and Gili Shmaya at the farm.

That's right.

What did you talk about?

One thing I said there
I can say here,

none of our people were involved
in your incident.

You know exactly what we're up to.

It seems like someone
wants you to think we did it,

-but we didn't.
-So who did?

You tell me.

I heard about a strange thing
that happened in Kafr Bara,

a house was shot at
by a police officer named Shai Philip.

-From SIU Central.
-Shai Philip shot up a house?

So rumor has it.

Can you give us anything
more than rumors?

There's an eyewitness,
I'll look into it.

By the way,

allow me to
congratulate you on your new job.

What job?

Don't you know?

She's going to be
a district attorney.


That's right.
The first Arab woman in Israeli history.

A great honor.


It's not for sure,
there's a tender...


What tender?

The State Attorney declared
it a minority hire.

You're the highest ranked minority
in the State Attorney's office.

Good for you, Hiba.

Remind me never
to play poker with you.

I thought you only
were dealing for Meinzer's job.

I underestimated you.
You certainly aim high.

Izzy, what do you want from me?

Just don't tell me it's all
about making changes from the inside.

As if your approach
of burning down the house

was such a great success.

Every time I think I can trust you

I discover something new.

I made a mistake with Atalia. Okay?

I didn't listen to you and I apologize.

For the thousandth time, I'm sorry.

Isn't it about time you forgave me?

You know what?

I don't care anymore.
Don't trust me.

Just do me a favor, get off my back.

When I brought her the evidence
on Ruslan's case, she said:

"It's not that I don't want to,
it's that I can't."

With her pretty eyes and polite demeanor

she duped me and sold the case
to Shai Philip and Zigdon.


See how calculated they are?

Got rid of Meinzer
so she could have the deputy rank,

and next thing, she's the DA.

Folks at the Attorney's office
won't like it, though.

She comes out of nowhere,
doesn't belong to any clique.

She's gonna make a lot of enemies.

To hell with her.

-Who's that?

She's gonna
give me hell when I get home.

I hear it helps
to think about depressing things.

The Rabin assassination,
the Holocaust, stuff like that.

-During sex, to make it last.

Don't get uptight,
it's just a suggestion.

-I can't believe she told you.
-She's my big sister, Izzy.

We tell each other everything.

Everything but Eitan?

-You'll have to tell her eventually.
-I don't have to do anything.

I can't believe she told you.

I expected you
to bring her straight home.

Something came up, I'm sorry.

She shouldn't be working, Izzy.
She shouldn't even be at home.

Mind not talking about me
as if I'm not here?

Tal, I took time off work, left home,

-just to be with you...
-Nobody asked you.

-Beg your pardon?
-What home?

What work? You've got nothing
so you came to run my life.

She's bored at home
so she's pretending to care.


-I see.

What are you doing?

Getting out of here.



Come on, she didn't mean it.


Why are you crying?

Because she's right.

What do you mean?

Since Ariel left

my life is empty.

I have no one
to take care of, and...

that boy was my whole life.

She knows how to hurt me.

Don't leave this way.

Come back inside and make up.

She doesn't mean it, you know that.

-I'll kick her ass.

Just don't leave this way.

Come on.

You had to tell her what happened, huh?

She told you?

-What a jerk.
-It's okay, we're grownups.



my men turned the town upside-down.

Looks like Shadi is on the run.

He has family in Jenin,
maybe he's there.

He could be
International Crimes' informant.

Could be.

It has occurred to me.

We're letting Muhammad down
just when we need him in Dubai.

Ready for the trip?
Did you get the package?

I got it.

What's wrong?

I'm worried about this trip.

It's out of our territory.

Our territory?

What's our territory,
this farm?

You want me to rot away
with the turkeys?

-I didn't say that...
-Listen here,

it's a one-time opportunity.

Not just for me, for you too.

You have a stake in this,
like you wanted,

and it's serious money.

Just do as Atalia said
and you'll be fine.

No reason why not.

You know how much work that is? No way.

Tamir will never agree to it.

-Whoa, whoa.

-What's up?
-What did you do, dumbass?

-Can it!
-What did you do to Shadi?

-Leibo, calm down!
-Who's Shadi?

Don't play stupid!

Hey, cut it out.

Stop it, both of you.
Ezra, go to the office.

-Go to the office.
-Watch your mouth, Leibo.

Keep him out of this.

He tells Tamir
everything he hears.

-What did you do?

Spark it up.

Number Two is smoking a joint
with Gili Shmaya.

Picking up anything on the mic?

Yeah, the sound sucks but I can hear.

We talk and he disappears
24 hours later?

He's not just any kid,
he's Muhammad's cousin.

Big deal.
They're all cousins...

What are they talking about?

Can’t tell. Have Yerushalmi
check with the taskforce.

-What's that now?
-Cool it.


-Good evening.
-Good evening.

May I ask what you're doing here?

Just sitting around.

Do you live around here?


Can I see some ID, please?


Routine inspection.

-Did we do something wrong?
-No, not at all.

All right.

Have a nice evening.
Thank you.

They're onto us.


I got their details.

Ordinary citizens,
one from Jerusalem, one from Modiin.

No record, no warrants.

-Leased car.
-Okay, good job.

-Are they still there?
-No, they left right after you.

-You've got a bodycam, right?
-Yeah, I'll get to the station,

and send you their pictures.

All right.
Nice work.

-What's the matter?
-Oh, nothing.

I saw a couple of guys outside
looked out of place...

So I called a patrol car
to check them out.

-Everything's fine. Yeah.
-You sure?

-Where do I sit?
-Next to me.

So Archie's with your daughter?

At her boyfriend's house in the country.

Tell me,

how's she dealing
with your divorce?

She still dreams of
getting us back together.

Hope it won't work.


Actually, I am the jealous type.

You have nothing to worry about.
I'm through with that bitch.

I hope I never see her face again.

-Want a hit?
-Are you crazy?

You've never smoked weed?

I was a cop.

-Okay, a few times in high school.

-You were wild.
-You have no idea.

I had hair out to here,
I was in this weird band.

-So loosen up a little.
-No, I made an oath. No smoking.


This isn't a cigarette.

Not like you remember
from high school, huh?

You're trying to kill me.

On the contrary,
I'm giving you a chance to live.


-Who's that?
-I don't know.

Your stuff is too strong...

What are you doing here?



-Go inside and shut the door.

Go inside and shut the door.

What's that smell?

Are you a stoner now?

What are you doing here?

What am I doing?

They actually took you out of
the freezer to investigate me?

Couldn't say no?
Are you stupid?

Don't you realize
you're playing with fire?

Think you and your pals scare me?
I don't give a fuck.

You'll have to work on yourself one day.

Is it a self-destruction or what...?

-You're calling me self-destructive?
-I've said my peace.

Keep your distance, Izzy,
or this won't end well.

Did you come to threaten me or to talk?

You shouldn't go down
because of your men.

What do you want?

I want the man who shot Tal.

Oh, that's all I have to do?

Hand him over
and everything'll be fine?


You don't care about him.
He's small fry.

It's me you want to catch
but that won't happen.

What's up, Izzy?

I'll never smoke weed again.

-Unbelievable, huh?

To think we used to go
after the growers.

Remember that time near Nitzana?

With the stuttering Bedouin?

Don't stop going after them,
we don't like competition.

So it looks
like you landed on your feet.

No complaints, thank God.
It's a fascinating field.

But the red tape is killing us.

If not for the regulators
we'd be light years ahead.

But the reform is finally
moving ahead, isn't it?

Hell if I know.
It ain't over till it's over.

Hear that Zigdon
is getting National Fraud?

I thought you wanted Goldberg.

Dudu wanted otherwise.

I told you he'd screw you
first chance he got,

-didn't I?
-You did.

When you're right you're right.

Kobi thought he tamed him.

Dudu Eini is the PM's lapdog.
They brought him in to get in your way.

What do you know about Barak Harel?

What did he do now?

Never mind the details.

If there's a chance
to take down Barak, go for it.

He's a real shit
and he can give you Dudu.

All right.

Thanks for the tour, man,
it was interesting and instructive.

Why don't we get together for a beer?

No, I'm through with carbs.

It shows.

Don't recognize them.
Did you show Leibo?

The faces aren't familiar,

not from IAD or Lahav.

Private eyes, maybe?

No, they showed Oshri their IDs.

The guy with the kippah is named
Yoram Lev, from Jerusalem.

I asked a friend from there
to check out the address.

No one by that name there.

How about Shin Bet?
IAD work with them sometimes.

I don't know.

What about the guy from Kafr Bara
who made you? Find him?

Rumor has it he fled to the West Bank.

-Put an APB out on him.
-I did.

-Want to go inside?
-No, I'm going to the airport.

-The airport?
-I'm flying abroad.


He's not just any kid,
he's Muhammad's cousin.

Big deal.
They're all cousins...

Why's the quality so bad?

They recorded it with a parabolic mic.

Do you have a warrant for a parabolic?

One second, Hiba...

I said it wasn't me.

I don't believe you.

I hope you weren't caught on camera.

All right.

They're talking about Shadi Mahamid.

Who's Shadi Mahamid?

A kid from Kafr Qasim

who works at the late
Jonny Suleiman's junkyard in Rishon.

His phone was found near Tzrifin.

Sounds like he's also "late".

-Why would Gili kill him?
-I don't know, I'll look into it.

Yael says Barak
came to visit yesterday.

Yeah. She's all paranoid now.

She should smoke less weed.

What's weed got to do with it?
Barak shows up out of nowhere...

Maybe you should
have a protective detail.

-What do you think, Hiba?
-No, I don't need a detail.

Maybe your undercovers
shouldn't get burned like rookies.

-I have to go, sorry.
-What is it?

The State's Attorney wants me
for an urgent meeting about the case.


Are they shutting us down?

I don't know.

Number One just went into
the airport police station.

Copy that.

Should we follow him in?

No, no, we don't want you burned too.

Stay on his car.

Dori Katzman states that Hanan Salame
borrowed his jacket and scooter.

The jacket links Hanan
to the shooting.

Evidently, Hanan followed Tal
from the Lahav building in Lod,

as she went shopping, and then
to the crime scene near her house.

From there he drove to the
parking lot near Superland Pond.


an eyewitness there saw him load
a scooter onto a municipal vehicle.

Hanan Salame's dad works for
the Rishon municipality

so Hanan has access
to those vehicles.

We figure that at some point

our suspects realized they had
to get rid of the evidence

so they stole Dori Katzman's scooter,

took off the VIN number
and planted it in Kafr Qasim.

That and the shooting
at the house in Kafr Bara

are attempts to tamper with evidence

by Barak's men.

They're trying to frame
the Abu Kamal gang.

And by the way, we suspect
the gun used to shoot Tal

and the house in Kafr Bara...

came from the Rishon police station.

What about the intel that led
to the scooter in Kafr Qasim?

We suspect that
SIU Central planted that information.

What makes you think that?

Barak has a close connection
to that unit through Shai Philip.

We have unconfirmed information

that Shai Philip himself
carried out the shooting in Kafr Bara.

SIU Central
is helping Barak with the cover-up.

At the same time they're covering up
Ruslan Menachemov's murder.

And who knows what else.

Does Zigdon know about this?

Not only does he know, he's involved.

He and Dudu Eini tried
to interfere with the case.

With this case?


Zigdon summoned Baranes to a meeting
where Dudu Eini was also present.

And Dudu tried to pump him
for details about the investigation.

Naturally, Baranes didn't comply
and reported it to me immediately.

How come I'm hearing
about this for the first time?

Because I know the agenda in this room.

-Beg your pardon?
-Hold on.

What do you think the agenda is?

We at IAD are protecting
Dudu Eini because of the PM's cases.

You told me
to bring you serious evidence

and this is as serious as it gets.

I recommend
a full criminal investigation

with all that entails
in terms of resources,

permission to arrest and question
cops under caution,

whatever it takes
to get this under way.

Knowing that
the Commissioner is involved.

Such an investigation into Barak Harel

May wake the sleeping dog
known as the Atalia Ben Moshe affair.

-If that happens, what do we owe you?
-I don't care.

But if you bury this I intend to resign.

Just before you become
a District Attorney?

Without thinking twice.

You know what's nice about agendas?

They can change.


The bastard shook us.

Where is he?


-Where'd you come from?
-Where? From the entrance.

-I brought your bag.

You rock.
Let's go.


Enjoy your flight.

Go ahead,
I'm going to the bathroom.

Okay, Mom.


I'll call when we get there.


Come on, let's go.