Manayek (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Episode #2.5 - full transcript

Barak gets Dudu involved in the internal investigation. Meanwhile, Tal is recovering and insists on going home despite the doctors' orders.


My condolences.

-May God console you.
-Thank you.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry for what happened.

I'm sorry for your loss.

My condolences.

May you know no more grief.

I'm sorry for your loss.


Remember Shadi Mahamid told us
about Tal Ben Harush at the pharmacy?

Yeah, so?

Check it out.

What am I seeing here?

Tal Ben Harush, Eitan Deutsch, and...?

Sami is International Crimes' man?

I told you back when IAD arrested us,

he wasn't there by accident.
The bastard works with them.




That's Barak Harel in uniform,
next to him is Ophir Leibowitz.

Numbers one and two on your lists.

The big guy in the gray jacket
next to the two cops,

see him?

That's Avi Shem Tov,
number three on your lists.

The sergeant major in the blue
uniform is Shai Philip,

he's Barak's man at SIU Central.

He's number five on your lists.

All right.

Keep a close eye on them.

We have to get to the Rishon
armory and check the guns.


Can't we initiate
a logistics inspection?

Barak will smell it from a mile away.

Maybe we can evacuate the station.

An envelope with
a suspicious substance, or...

a gas leak or something.

Go in as Environmental Protection,
in Haz-Mat suits

and get to the armory.


Tal, we aren't the Mossad.

"Environmental Protection..."

What are they giving you here?

Let's say we pull off the operation.

Let's say we reach the armory.

You still have all the guns
out in the patrol cars

that you can't get to. It's no use.

We'll get them when we do the blitz.


You think there will ever be a blitz?

I have to get out of here
or nothing will happen.

Get out of here? Are you crazy?

I can walk, Izzy.

I can come in for check-ups,
they took me off the morphine.

They gave me some pill instead.

-Oxycet or something.
-How is that?

It's not morphine.

Izzy, one more day here
and I'll blow my brains out.

Take it easy, Tal.
You need time to recover.

This morning I told the professor
that I'm going home tomorrow.

-With or without a discharge letter.
-I don't believe you.

Where've you been?
She has a CT scan to get to.

Ask her.

What did I tell the professor earlier?

She's crazy. You wouldn't
believe how she talked to him.

Let's go.
You're lucky he has a sense of humor.

They're keeping me here
for no reason, don't you see?

-Every day is money in their pockets.

I don't like it.

-See you later, I gotta go.
-All right.

-Bye, Yael.


-What's going on here?

I thought he was a putz.

He's a sweet putz.

Dudu? I'm supposed to meet Zigdon.

He couldn't make it.
Have a seat, Baranes.


Come on, have a seat.

What'll you have?

Coffee, weak, with soy milk.

Bring him a large
soy cappuccino, please.

Thanks, honey, and we'll have
a few of your rugelach.

Zigdon told me he met you

and I remembered you wrote me
a letter when I took office.

I thought we should meet.

-How long have you been with IAD?
-It'll be four years soon.

You went through some serious
shakeups lately. Gary, Ronit...


How's Yifat?

Just fine.

I've known her for many years.

I recommended her
to the State's Attorney.

Yes, I know.

So you're tired of your job?

No, God forbid, I'd just
like to know what's next.

What do you mean?

I was supposed to be
on loan to IAD for two years

and then go back to the police.

And what happened?

I don't know.
I guess I fell between the cracks.

What does it depend on now?



Tell me, the Tal Ben Harush incident,
the shooting,

are you guys dealing with that?

How do you know he isn't lying to you?

Baranes? I've got him by the balls.

I'm directly responsible
for his career from now on,

he needs me.

If they were investigating he'd tell me.

What if they're keeping him out?

You think they can keep him out?

I don't know.

They kept Izzy out of everything
that had to do with me, for years.

But Izzy wasn't
head of their Central Unit.

Baranes is the number three man in IAD.

He's in charge of their
investigations. Come on.

The Commissioner. Unbelievable.

Kobi would never let it happen,
he needs me.

One needs you, you've got
the other one by the balls...

You've got it made, huh, Dudu?

Did you know that
the National Fraud Unit

are bugging the PM's driver?

-Yeah. Giora told me.

They've been
watching him for a week now.

They got a 30-day wiretap, and for what?

Possession of a knife.

Possession of a knife, Dudu,

with the personal intervention
of the State's Attorney.

So if you don't know
what's going on in your own shop,

what makes you think
you know what's going on at IAD?

One minute.


Yerushalmi screwed us.

What? What's going on?

You tell us.

A house in Kafr Bara was shot up.

One of our people
saw Shai Philip drive away,

he's sure it was him.

-You know anything about it?
-You think?

-Who saw him?
-He wishes to remain anonymous.


If this weren't a serious matter

I wouldn't waste my time coming here.

Okay, tell Muhammad we'll deal with it.


Barak, none of our people
shot Tal Ben Harush. Believe me.

-What's that got to do with it?
-Hold on...

Tal Ben Harush, the cop who
worked with IAD on your case?

-She's the cop that was shot?
-Didn't you know?

What's with you?
You can't control your people,

so you come here
throwing accusations?

-I'm throwing accusations?
-Yes, you're throwing accusations!

I'm only saying that
none of our people did it.

That's all I'm saying.

Strange things
have been happening lately

and Muhammad is worried,

He sent me here
to pass on this message.

-Are you threatening us?
-Me, threatening?

-Gili, get out of here.
-Me, threatening?

-We're only talking.
-Then talk! Fuck!

Listen, tell Muhammad that whatever
worries him worries me too, okay?

He has my phone number.

Any trouble, talk to me directly. Okay?

Okay, fine. Thank you.

-Wish your mother well for me.
-Thank you.

All the best.

Son of a bitch!

Coming here with threats...


Why are you so polite to him?

We've got all their money.

They'd burn you with their
money in a heartbeat, stupid.

They don't think like us.

Everyone loves money.

You, tell me, what's with the lady cop?

How didn't I hear about it?

I didn't think it was relevant.

-Everything is relevant!
-What do you want from me?

-If they didn't shoot her, who did?
-I have no idea.

And what he said about Philip?

Tamir, that whole village
is a pressure cooker now.

All it takes is one rumor and
they start with conspiracy theories.

Don't get sucked into it.

After Alex Goren was jailed

Tamir and Gili Shmaya
moved in on his territory,

specifically on his
currency exchange places.

Gabi Ganashvili owned
Change Central on Herzl Street.

He didn't go along with
their takeover attempt.

They threw a grenade
into his place, injuring him.

You know the rest.

Eliran Khen and Ruslan Menachemov
iced him in the hospital.

Not a month passes
and Ganashvili's brother

transfers ownership of the place
to a woman named Rina Avrahamian,

an aunt twice-removed
of Tamir and Gili Shmaya.

Basically, it's a Shmaya cash laundry.

So it seems.

Why'd you think of this all of a sudden?

I got information on
Yarden Properties from the bank.

That currency exchange
regularly cashes checks

that Yarden Properties issue
to one of its vendors.

-What does that mean?
-It's a well-known method.

A company check to a vendor
in exchange for a fake invoice,

the check is cashed,

and the cash goes wherever
they want it to go without any record.

Who's the vendor?

A sanitation contractor
called Shafirim Ltd.,

all of whose clients are companies
linked either to the Shmayas

or municipal waste removal in Rishon.

Yarden Properties writes Shafirim
a check on the tenth of every month

for 49,000 shekels,
and there's a reason,

because over 50,000 the
exchange has to report it.

So what was I thinking?

Barak runs an organization?

How does he pay his people?

They get permission to work off duty

and get a no-show job at
one of Meir Shemer's companies.

We figured that out a while ago.

A no-show is nice,
but there is also a cash element.

The tenth of every month.

These are salaries.

Who's Ben Zion Salame?

Hanan's father.

Hanan's father?

He controls Shafirim.

Hold on, so he's a Shmaya front?

It's Aryeh. What does he want?

What's up?

You came to me and said:
"IAD needs help with something",

so I went along.

But then, not 24 hours pass
before we're tailing the Commissioner?

-What did you get us into?
-I told you it's a sensitive case.

You didn't say anything
about the Commissioner.

Hold on, what did you see?

We saw Barak meet with
the Commissioner in some parking lot,

then he drove straight
to Tamir and Gili Shmaya's place,

they met some guy we didn't recognize.

Okay, Barak and Dudu are friends,

makes sense that they'd meet.
It doesn't mean anything.

Put yourself in my shoes for a minute.

You think it's healthy for us?
Tailing the Commissioner?

-You aren't tailing the Commissioner.
-I want to know what's going on.

This can't all be because
a few cops do deliveries

for the Shmaya brothers.

What's the story?

Or should I take my men and go?

If that's your attitude,
take your men and go.

Don't do us any favors.

There's a suspicion that these cops are
involved in the Tal Ben Harush shooting.

Is that true?

Yes. And you must keep it to yourself.

And I'd appreciate it

if you left out any mention
of the Commissioner in your report

because if Yoni sees it
he'll shut us down.


I hope we can trust him.

So do I.

-What's up?

-Didn't we say 2:00?
-We did.

Everyone's late as usual. Have a seat.


Listen, my worker Shadi is missing.

-What do you mean?
-He's been gone since last night.

Nobody knows where he is,
not his mother, not his brother.

So what do you want from me?

I'm afraid something's happened to him.

When did you last see him?

Last night.

He's probably hanging out somewhere.
Don't worry about it.

Say, did you look into what I asked you?

-About the cops?

They were here, they spoke to Shadi.

Shadi again? I don't care about Shadi.

I want to know if they're linked
to what happened to Tal. Okay?

Make an effort.

Son of a bitch.

Onward. Iris, can we begin?


All right...

Hiba, are you here?

-Baranes, what are you doing here?
-I was told you're here.

What's up?
Are we ready for tomorrow?


You hear?

I had a strange meeting this morning.

What meeting?

Zigdon invited me to meet over coffee.

I get there, and who's waiting for me?

Dudu Eini.

What did he want?

He started with small talk, then he
suddenly started asking questions

about the Tal Ben Harush case.

He asked about Izzy.

I wrote a memo detailing
everything that was said.

I don't like being manipulated.

What now?

Report it to Yifat?


Let's keep it between us for now.

My God...

She can't stop talking about you.

She really admires you.

It's mutual. I'm crazy about her too.

There's something about her...
We have an amazing connection.

Love at first sight.

Something like that.

Then why didn't you get together?

Me and Tal?

Are you crazy?
She's like my little sister.


Yael, I didn't
get a chance to tell you, but...

I really enjoyed our date.


Because I had an awful time.

Yeah, it was... horrible.

You aren't so good at dating, are you?

I'm a little rusty. But I'd still...

like a second chance
if you're interested.

Let's focus on finishing up here, okay?

I want all this gone
by the time she comes back.

Yeah, you're right.

Just a few more screws.


Hello, Tal, how are you?

Better, thanks.

You know who Shadi is, right?

Yes, of course.

He's missing. No one can find him.

-I think it's the cops.
-Why do you think so?

Eitan told Leibo and his men

are linked to what happened to you.


So, when Shadi was released,
Leibo came here.

He asked him who questioned him,
what he said, things like that.

And what did Shadi say?

What could he say?
He knows nothing. He's just a kid.

But I had a feeling that...

something was fishy.

Don't you have security cameras?

You can't see anything in the office cam

and someone broke the outside camera.

Have someone from his family
go to the police tomorrow.

And file a missing person's report.

Send me the case number
and I'll see what I can do, okay?


Those cops,

was it them who shot you?

Rumor has it
he's going with Zigdon, Kobi.

He sent Nitza an email on the subject.

He's putting his own man
in charge of the National Fraud Unit

at the most sensitive time imaginable.

It's like we're nothing to him.

Any indication he's getting
instructions from the Prime Minister?


So it's his idea?

I don't know.

Here he comes.

Hey, you guys. Sorry I'm late.

Give me and Kobi a minute, okay?


Is it true, what I hear?

The Fraud Unit are
wiretapping a driver at the PM's office?

Were you going to tell me?

Asher is going to
bring it up at today's meeting.

So you're
updating me after the fact?

Dudu, what do you want?

Kobi, I'm the one
paying the political price

for your obsession with the PM.

I want to know what's happening
in my own organization

I'm the one catching flak, not you.

The guys are doing their job.

You're receiving updates
as procedure dictates.

I don't see a problem.

I don't get real time, play by play
updates on the investigation, either.

Yeah, right. As if. Give me a break.

I'm not here to be
some houseplant in a uniform

whose job is to attend ceremonies.

Remember that.

We're in, Eitan.
I'm sending you visuals.

Got it. Keep going.

There it is.

Yes, that's the jacket.

A little to the right.
That's the jacket.

We got it.

Nice work. Rush it to the lab.

Update Hiba.

I have to ask Barak,
he has to approve the deal, so...

Can we talk about this later?


Hello, Revital?

-Rikki Stern speaking.

-Right, Rikki. How are you?
-Fine, thanks.

I was just wondering

if there's any news
regarding the guy from the photos.

What guy?

The one I identified
at the station, from the album.

You came to the station again? When?

How's it going, Revital?

Thank God. Tell me,
did you receive information from us

about a guy loading a
scooter onto a truck near the pond?

The night Tal Ben Harush was shot.

-Are you sure?

-Could Barak have spoken to Eitan?
-I'm number two on the case, babe.

I know everything.

What's the story? Who saw what?

Must be a mistake,
I'll check it out. Bye.

What mistake?

Don't worry, the lab will make
the samples their first priority.

-Boris is on it.
-Yiftah, Nikita is on call waiting. Bye.

Yes, man.

Did you receive
information from Barak Harel

about someone
who was seen loading a scooter

by the pond in Rishon
the night Tal was shot?

I received nothing from
Barak Harel. What's the story?

I have a friend there, Revital.

-The divorcee?

She just called.
She was sure I'd heard about it.

I said I hadn't and she started
fumbling for words and hung up.


Check with Iris
that we didn't miss something.

-Cool. Bye.


-My condolences.
-Thank you.

Good God, what a tragedy.

What can I say?
May you know no more grief.

Thank you.

How can it be
that you don't know anything?

We don't always know everything,

and not every murder
is solved so quickly.

Will you stop that?

You're hiding something.

-You're holding back.
-Okay, be quiet.

I'm not a little girl
you have to hide things from.

We aren't hiding anything.
We won't stop working...

-Hey, hey.

And you?

She knows.

You think she'd be with me if she knew?

Of course she would,
she's a total nutcase.

It only turns her on more.

You know, someone
identified you in Kafr Bara.

One of Muhammad's men.

Yeah, I thought I saw
a familiar face by the pizzeria.

Got a name?

Not offhand, but I can find out.

Should I pick him up?

Not now.

You're signing that you're being
discharged against medical advice.


You can make appointments
with your usual GP and OB/GYN.


This is Oxycet,

remember, it's an opiate.

It's very addictive,
so be careful, no alcohol.

You can renew the
prescriptions through your GP, and...

This is your letter of release.

Only threats work with you, huh?

Doctor, thanks for everything.

Really, you're...

You're amazing.

Wheelchair all the way to the car, okay?

Don't be a hero.

We'll see you when you
come in for a checkup.

Take care of yourself.

Here you go.

-Welcome back!

-Great to have you back!
-Great to see you again!


Careful, Mom, careful.

Your mother's darling.

Come here.

"Bless You, O Lord our God,
who grants good to the unworthy

and has granted me goodness."


Mommy and Daddy's darling.

We're waiting for you at the unit.

Thanks, babe.

How's it going, champ?

Thanks for coming.

You know we found
the jacket in the bastard's closet.

Yeah, I heard.

Eitan said he might stop by later.


I don't understand
why you can't stay with us.

It's too far from the office, Mom.


Thank you, thank you.

-How's it going?

-How are you?
-Fine, hi.

What did you do with everything?

We tidied up.

I need to use the bathroom.

Are you all right?



do you need help?

Great pictures.
Did Yerushalmi's guys take them?

Yeah, they're pros.

You know who this is?

Mansour Taha, a lawyer.
Muhammad Abu Kamal's consigliere.

I know him well.

Worth trying to talk to him?

He wants to take the heat off
his people, maybe he knows something.

Good idea. I'll give him a call.

Listen, one of the Abu Kamal crew
is missing since yesterday.

-He was arrested after my incident.

Last seen in Rishon,
in Sami Suleiman's lot.

Leibo may be involved.

How do you know?

Sami's worked with me a while.

That guy Shadi's mother

filed a missing person's report
in Kafr Qasim PD.

I have someone there I can trust.


I don't know, are you...

in any condition
to deal with this stuff?

It's just a couple of phone calls.

Tal, you need rest.

Okay. Izzy, I'm fine.

I don't know, you look a little...

-It's nothing.

Just that everything's a bit...

too much.

-You wanted to go home.

I'm going to go,
I want to stop by the shop.

-Feel better.

-Regards to Leon.
-He'll come by.

-Bye, see you later.
-Thank you so much.


Listen, my parents
are staying here tonight,

so I thought, if you're into it,
this could be your second chance.

-Did you search him?

These are his things.

Lock him up, okay?

I have to go.

Hands out.

-We're real pros, huh?
-Great, thanks.

Your name is Mordy, right?

I heard you can
let me make a phone call.

Who told you that?

My friend Yossi,
from Kiryat Ata, you know him?


There are 500 shekels in my wallet.

Take it.

Just let me make a call, it's urgent.

No problem, just make it quick.

Don't worry.


What's up, bro?


-It's me.
-You jerk!

-What? What's the matter?
-For God's sake...

Don't you miss me?

Get off...

Stop. I stink.
I haven't showered since yesterday.

-I don't mind, I'm sweaty too.
-I mind.

I don't like it like this.

I have a surprise for you.

Once the shiva is over

we're spending a weekend in Barcelona.

How's that?

-I already bought tickets.

And your mom is taking the baby.

-What will I tell people?
-Why do you have to tell anyone?

Come here a second, one second.

You won't believe this.

Number One's fooling around
with Menachemov's widow.

You didn't know they're together?

I'm not up-to-date on his personal life.

Strange, no?

Very strange,
but I can't say I'm surprised.

Anything else?


The Shmayas got a tip
that we're checking them out.

How do you know?

We have a wiretap at one of
Muhammad Abu Kamal's companies.

We picked up a call between one
of the girls there and Tamir's office.

Bad news.

Yeah, we knew they have
people here in our shop.

What're you going to do?

I have an idea.

I'll let you know.

Okay, I have to go. We'll talk tomorrow.


It's nice here. You were right.

I told you, this is the life.
Climb aboard.


Give me your hand. Take your time.

-There we go!

Mind your head.

-Here you go.

Something smells good. What's cooking?

Baked sea bass. You'll love it.

Is your daughter on the force, too?

Yeah. Shani.

-Training to be a juvenile investigator.
-You don't sound very pleased.

Must be genetic,
my father and brother were also cops.

Yeah, Tal told me.

So what's it like to be an IAD agent
constantly surrounded by cops?

What do you think?

Constant conflict.

-Enough of that. Cheers.

Appetizers? I made ceviche.

-Do you eat anything besides fish?
-What's wrong with fish?

Nothing, but I need
a lamb chop once in a while.

I'm a carnivore, Izzy. A predator.

Watch out.

Sit down.

What's up?

They're from IAD.


What are you doing?

-Hey, what are you doing?
-How's it going, man?

Praise Allah.

Peninit, what's going on?

Mordechai Eshel, you're
under arrest for accepting bribes,

obstruction of justice
and breach of trust.

Empty your pockets
and put it on the table.

Where'd you get the money?


It's my money. What's the problem?


I see.

Take off your belt
and put it on the chair.

Are you serious?


Give me your hands.

Nice watch.

Who's that?

-Is that Mordy?
-Who are they?

What's going on?

-Hey, Mordy, what's going on?
-What's going on here?

Hey, where are you taking him, you rat?

-Butt out!
-What the hell's going on?

What is this shit, Peninit?

-You hear me?
-Where to? No, what...

They put an undercover cop
on his ass, what the hell?

-Break it up.
-Return to your duties.

-Get in.

-What did he do?


So unfair.

Yes, babe, I'm leaving now.
I'm on the way to the car.

All right, bye.

No... I finally
get to leave at a decent time.

It's the forensics report
from the search in Rishon.

Don't you think it's time
you told me what's up?

What's that guy got to do with it?

Don't be silly, I go there every summer,
but I won't be going this year.

I took time off
until Tal is back on her feet.

Ever been there?

-To India?

The minute
I land there and see the filth

I'll hop on the
first plane back to Israel.

You're such a doofus.
It's an amazing place.


I'll switch to beer.

You drink like your sister, no offense.

All right...

What's for dessert? More fish?

No. Ice cream.

Do you mind?

No problem.
I'll clear up in the meantime.



I like to see a man do the dishes.

Hold on, wait.

-I'm sorry.
-Don't be sorry.

It's all right.

It's all right.
Don't worry about it.

-Yes, Eitan.
-You hear?

We've got gunshot residue
on Dori Katzman's jacket

which matches the ammo
from the crime scene.

And? What's next?

You tell me.

Arrest him.

Go get him, buddy.