Manayek (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

Tal is recovering, while Izzy and Hiba progress with their investigation. Only they don't know Barak is ahead of them.

Need help?

Are you Izzy?

Who are you?

Ronen Yerushalmi, Tax Authority.

Is this about the shop?

What shop?

Tal Ben Harush sent me.


No thanks, I'm driving.

Tell me,

how can you live here?
Doesn't the constant motion bother you?

You get used to it.

Tal says you're the only person
who knows who the baby's father is.

She told me to tell you that
so you would know you can trust me.

Anyway, I'm attached to
the International Crimes taskforce

dealing with the Abu Kamal
organization in Kafr Qasim,

that's how I met Tal.

I soon realized that Muhammad Abu Kamal

is laundering assets
with Tamir Shmaya's help.

I started to look into it, but...

they stopped me.

Who, the Tax Authority?


International Crimes...

and the State's Attorney's.

They hinted that I should
leave the Shmayas alone,

but I don't work for them.

Our undercover unit took
these pictures at various times.

Are you tracking them?

No, but they pop up everywhere.

Here, this, for instance,

I had surveillance on an Abu Kamal
container in the port of Ashdod.

You know who picked it up?

These guys.

They took it to the wholesale market,

straight to a warehouse owned by a
Tamir Shmaya company.

Naturally I passed on the
information to IAD right away.

I even spoke to the new deputy, Hiba?

And nothing happened.

So what's the story?

Did those cops shoot her?

Here they are.

Let's just pray she doesn't
say anything out of line.

I'll kill her if she does.

-How's it going?

Here's our wonder woman.

-Hey, Tal.

-How're you feeling?
-Better, thanks.

-May I shake your hand?

Wow, what a grip.

I think she's ready to go back to work.

God willing, otherwise,
who'll catch the bastard?

Why don't we take another picture.

Smile, Dudu.

Speaking of bastards,

tell Barak thank you for the flowers.


The flowers.
Nice move.

His mama obviously taught him manners.

Why did you send her flowers?

What's wrong?

I thought it was a good idea.

-What's Izzy doing at Lahav?
-Are you sure he really was there?

Are you shutting your eyes on purpose?

Maybe he's got a case still in court.

Oh, and he shows up
just as my man's being interrogated?

Just as he leaked information
on your appointment to the press,

now he's going around, stirring the pot.

He found an opportunity.

Barak, if you're involved with
this disaster...

Are you crazy? Us, involved?

Then why is International Crimes
interrogating one of your men?

They're questioning everyone
who spoke to her the last few days.

They're just doing their job.

Well, if you aren't involved
there's nothing to worry about.

Let Izzy stir the pot.

Nothing will happen at IAD
without my knowledge.

-Kobi and I have an understanding.
-All right.

And another thing.

The Medical Cannabis Unit
of the Ministry of Health

is going to contact
the police department.

They'll require your official position
on a deal to purchase majority shares

in a company called Cannabar.

What's that got to do with anything?

Just make sure the request is approved.

Shaul runs Cannabar.
What've you got to do with it?


do me a favor, make sure it's approved.

It's very important to our friends.

They're jittery about you as it is.

Okay, I'll take care of it.

About that phone call
from the guy with the scooter?

I checked it out and bingo,
Sanyang 125 cc,

black, exactly like the

Okay, bye-bye.

Now, this scooter
was stolen two nights ago,

that is, after the shooting.

And check this out.

-Hello, Dori Katzman?

I'm calling from Beit Shemesh PD.

You reported a stolen Sanyang, right?

That's right.
Why, did you find it?

We may have.
We have one like it here without plates.

Did it have any special markings
that would help me identify it?

Yes, a big, fresh scratch
on the right side.

There's masking tape on the headlight.

It's in my report.

A friend of mine crashed it...

So is it my bike?
Should I come there?

No, it doesn't match the description.

Dori Katzman has no criminal record

but according to his Facebook profile
he and Hanan are good friends.

Nice work.

So he took his friend's bike,
gave it back and then stole it?

Why would he do that?

According to the trace on Hanan's cell

he was at home at the time of the

There's a witness
who was with him at home,

and he doesn't even have
motorcycle license.

I know,
but according to the cellular data

from the days preceding the incident,

looks like Hanan was tailing Tal,
including at her meeting with Hiba.

He also as an injury that matches
what happened at the crime scene,

plus the fingerprints.

And now there's this story
with his friend's scooter.

That's all circumstantial.

That's a lot of circumstantial.
We need to look into it.

We have to question the friend
with the scooter,

if his version contradicts
Hanan's testimony...

You can't question a civilian.

We can't question a civilian,
we can't interrogate cops,

what the hell can we do?

Will we ever be able to tail anyone?

Not for now.

-Why not?
-It's a matter of priorities.

We're extremely short on manpower.

Yeah, you wanted a cop-free IAD.

We have a team working in Zevulun.

-I can't send...
-A team in Zevulun?

Doing what?

What's higher priority than
cops who shot another policewoman?


A jailer who sells
phone calls to detainees.

A jailer who sells phone
calls to detainees. Wow. Strategic case.

We have two complainants
and an inside witness working with us.

-We aren't chasing conspiracy theories.

You only chase easy prey.


let's say you're right.

Hanan Salame was the gunman
and now they're destroying evidence.

If that's true, they're keeping
Hanan on a short leash.

I won't waste a surveillance team just
to watch him go to the station and back.

Get something serious, we'll sit down

with the State's Attorney and then
we'll see.

For now the probe status
remains the same.

They released you, huh?

No jail can hold me.

What do you need, Leibo?

I want to ask him a few questions.
Is that a problem?

No problem.
Go ahead.

Who interrogated you, Iris?

Iris and another guy.

What did they ask?

Nothing. "We have information..."
They don't know anything.

Why'd they release you
and not the others?

My lawyer gave them hell
because I'm a minor.

-You must have talked.
-I swear I didn't talk.

I swear.
Even though that lady cop followed us.

What do you mean?

She was there.

We saw her in the pharmacy
the day she was shot.

-What's he talking about?
-He's imagining things.

Why're you talking crap?
Where'd you see her?

I'm not imagining.

They showed me her picture,
I remember her belly.

Out of uniform.

In plainclothes.

Did you see her too?

I don't know what he's talking about.

She was there with a man.

I saw them, I swear.

Maybe she was shopping with her husband.

Did you think of that, genius?

She isn't married.

-Why are you talking crap?
-What was I supposed to say?

-You saw her?
-Yes, I saw her.

It's very simple, madam.

Either we tear your place apart

or you tell me what you know
about the shooting

of the policewoman in Holon.

What do I know?
What they said on the news.


You know something.

Where are these girls' passports?

How should I know?

Shall we take them into the office
and ask how they ended up here?

-And ruin your business?
-Oh, shit. Asshole.

All right.

There were two Arabs here.

They were talking about it.


We found several known felons'
phone numbers

in Mordy's phone records.

We even talked to that Yossi
guy, the detainee.

He himself states that he paid Mordy
300 shekels for a phone call.

He paid him through an app,
we have it on record.

Okay, so what now?

All we have for now is that
testimony and the phone numbers.

It's not bad but it's not enough.

We'll bring him in, close some
sort of deal for a confession.

Worst case, he'll get probation
or a disciplinary board.

Disciplinary board?
And then come back to the station?

Unless we don't even
need his confession.

We catch him red-handed.


With your help.

Hey, Dad.

Hi, honey.

What are you doing here?

Michal asked me to take
Grandpa to the doctor's.

And you didn't work?

Why not?
I thought you wanted me to quit.

I'm glad you came.

I can't handle your aunt's nonsense.

Where are the test results?

In the binder, in back.

Dad, go get the binder.

Don't bother.

-He'll make a mess. I'll get it.
-Go ahead.

Yaron is home for the weekend.

Mom wants to throw a family dinner.

Will Haim be there?


If she's making her fish

we're coming.

Tell Mom thanks, but I'm out.

Do we have to eat without you again?

If Haim's there, yes.

So what?

So what if he's there?

He's dating someone, too.

You're dating someone?

Uh... not really.
We went out once.

Who is she?

Don't you have to go?

-Tal's sister.

Come, I'll tell you about it on the way.

Will you think about it?


Wait, Grandpa.

Yes, Eitan?

We found the scooter.

No kidding.

Kafr Qasim.

How'd you find it?

Intelligence. Someone overheard
someone talking about the shooting.


-At a brothel in Netanya.
-Are there cameras there?

They erase the footage every
morning, but she described the suspect.

An Arab.

A little too easy, isn't it?

She told us about the arm wound,
the limp,

nobody knows about that,

we didn't publicize it.

What's the problem, Izzy?

We have information that Hanan Salame

borrowed a Sanyang from a friend
on the day of the shooting

it matches the description perfectly.

Then, magically,
the scooter was stolen.


-Is there a number on the engine block?
-They rubbed it off,

-they did a good job, too.
-What do you mean?

Can't the laboratory recover it?

I'm not sure.

The number's rubbed right off,

the bike's torched,
I don't think we'll find anything.

But you know it's possible
that Hanan Salame was working

with the Abu Kamals,
no contradiction there.

So call in his friend the owner
to try to identify the vehicle

and ask a few questions
while you're at it.


Text me his contact information.

No problem.

-You hear, Eitan?

A house in Kafr Bara
was shot up last night.


SIU Central had the bullets examined.

They match the ones fired at Tal.


Since your uncle won the elections

your family's had trouble
with the Abu Kamals.

You replaced their people in
the council and there were threats, too.

It's all just talk.

But look, they shot up your

Looks like the talking stage is over.

Next time they won't just
shoot up your wall,

they'll gun you down,

or your wife, or one of your kids,

then everyone will complain
that the police can't stop the murders.

We're only asking you for a lead.

Give us a name.

Who threatened you?

He says these two guys threatened him.

Makes sense that one of them
shot at his house.

Omar is definitely
not the one in the video,

and the other one's been
in custody since Tal was shot.

You sure it wouldn't be worth
bringing Omar in just in case?

I don't think it's worth the effort.

We'll see what they decide here.


By the way,

what's with the guy
they found near Hadera?

Any news on the case?


we're checking all the angles,
but you know,

we're focusing on the Tal incident

so everything else...

is on the back burner.

Okay, thanks for the help.

No problem.

Something here doesn't make sense.


All their men are either in custody or
under surveillance

or fled to the West Bank.

We know that Muhammad
gave orders to keep a low profile.

Now you're telling me in the
middle of this mess

someone would shoot up a house
because of some local election?

They've murdered for much less.

This is a different situation.

I don't know.

Feels like someone's
trying to throw us off.

Nikita, do me a favor,
keep your theories to yourself, okay?

Stay focused.


Our people found the scooter
in Kafr Qasim,

and there was also a shooting
with the same gun that shot Tal.

So the Abu Kamal angle
is getting more likely.


I want you to turn that place
upside-down until we find our man.

We've let them do as they please
for too long.

If you need Border Patrol backup,
a battalion, two, just say so.

-Actually, we need something else.
-Talk to me.

The scooter we found
was burned to a crisp.

The engine number is so badly damaged

that the laboratory can't reconstruct
it with the means they have.

There's a new method
at the University of Maryland,

they have some kind of acid,

-I don't know exactly...
-How much will it cost?

50.000 shekels including everything.

Doesn't Investigations have a budget?

We're over budget
because of the PM's cases.

All the foreign inquiries
are going to kill us.

Okay, okay.

-Tell me something...

I'm hearing rumors,

Tal Ben Harush claims
that police officers

are involved, IAD is investigating...

I haven't heard anything.

Did Izzy Bachar come to your offices?


Don't you know
what's happening in your unit?

I understand they also
visited her in the hospital.

Hiba Elnasser and Baranes were there,

a personal visit, as I gather.

Wow... a personal visit?

I'm glad you have such
good relations with IAD.

Very useful.

From now on, I want to know about
every peep out of them, you hear?


Bunch of fucking pencil-pushers,

they've been sitting on that
reform for two years.

I don't know what we're paying
Marshak so much money for.

Without him, it'd take four years,
if ever.

They all realize it's the right
direction for the industry.

Never mind that.

All that matters is the legislative
committee, the rest is commentary.

And they'll pass it?

We'll see.
We're working on it.

Marina tells me there are new
investors interested, is it true?

You think I'd do something that stupid?

Shoot a policewoman?

I was at Charlie's birthday party
in Tel Aviv, I have an alibi.

Hold on, what are they saying at SIU?

There's information linking him to the
drug laboratory

International Crimes busted in Kafr


-A few plants, big deal.
-What information?

It's only paraphrased information
but it's enough

to put you on their radar

and they start messing around.

The investigation is not going to stop.

Are you so broke
you have to mess with them?

Tamir, stay out of my pocket, okay?

But who's the motherfucker
who mentioned my name?

Who the fuck said "Gili" to a cop?

There's the motherfucker.

This should cover the interest.

I need new saplings, too.

-I don't know if I can get you any.
-That wasn't a request.

All ready!

Hey, Mark, what's with
the request to the Ministry of Health?

Listen, I know it's...

I spoke to Atalia, and...

-Our legal team has questions.

I see.

Why don't you reconsider my offer?

The stock package I offered you
are worth much more than the debt,

I can even offer you a little more

and it won't get us in trouble
with the authorities.

Stock package?
Stock package?!

You son of a bitch,

I want the company!
The whole company!

You think you can jerk me around?

I've been lending people money
since I was 18.

Listen here,

I want that request to go out today or
much more questions will come up,

like how you broke your arms and legs.

Is that understood?

Is that understood?


-No make on the car?

You think it's them?

Of course it's them.

The scooter is also them.

They didn't just rub off
the engine number like that.

It was done by a pro.

I have a problem.

Nikita, the detective I work
with, is getting suspicious.

-We can't have that.
-I'm trying, but he's a sharp guy.

He can tell something isn't
adding up with the Abu Kamals.

Did you speak to Katzman,
the owner of the bike?



Everything okay?

Yeah, it's my wife.

I was supposed to be home
three hours ago.

What was the question?

-I asked if you spoke to Katzman.

No, he hung up on my

They must have told him not to talk.

She's pressuring me
to get off the case.

-Your wife?

She says it's unhealthy,
I'm taking it personally.

It's good that it's personal.

It's personal for me, too.

You know about me and Tal, right?


At first, I was sure...

that I was the father.

I asked her.

Could she have been lying
the whole time?

No idea.

It wasn't just a fling.

I'm not that kind of guy.

Eitan, I'm not judging you.
It's all right.


You hear?

In all the footage from the shooting

the gunman's wearing a jacket.


Now let's say Hanan Salame
did take the bike from Katzman.

Where'd he get a riding jacket?
He doesn't own a scooter.

Are you saying he might have
taken the jacket, too?

In the complaint Katzman filed

it says a helmet was stolen,

but not a word about a jacket.

He may still have it.

Yesterday we received information
from the Tax Authority.

Tamir's name came up again.

What does that mean?

What does it mean?
Someone there is investigating us,

and not just anyone.
Their Yahalom squad. You know it?


This is bad timing, man.

Could the owner
be trying to incriminate you?

No way.

He has the most to lose.

The Yahalom Squad is part of
the Abu Kamal taskforce,

could they be involved?

In any case, I'm distancing
myself more from the deal.

I thought you were distant already.

Is there anything under your name?

The company in Dubai
will be held in escrow, no?


But someone will have to go identify
himself to the Swiss as a signatory.

They need to see an actual face.

Just once, that's all.

You want me to go?

It can't be Meir, he's the face
of the deal in Israel.

It certainly can't be
my brother, the idiot.

It makes sense, too,
you're in the safest position

and I trust you.

What's the problem?
Is your passport expired?

I have someone
at the Ministry of the Interior.


There is no problem.

What are you doing?

It's Zadok's birthday,
I'm filming everyone.

Wish him a happy birthday.

Zadok, have a very happy
birthday, you jerk.

May you live to be 120,
from your brother Mordy.

Thanks, honey.

-Don't you want another take?
-No need, thanks.


That clock.

All the Coastal Region stations
got clocks like that

as Hanukah presents four years ago.

We'll have the girl plant one
like it with a camera.

We're lucky she's so cooperative.

She's a smart one.

All right, you have my approval.
Stay on it and keep me posted.

Hiba, if you and Yifat
could stay another minute.

How's our other matter going?

There's evidence linking one of
the Rishon cops to the shooting.

Circumstantial at this point.

-Hanan Salame?

You suspect that his friend
is the owner of the bike

they found in Kafr Qasim?

Yes, it's a possibility.

It must be a serious possibility

since International Crimes asked for a
warrant to search his house covertly.

His friend's house?

-Okay, I didn't know.
-Now you know.

What will they find?

I have no idea.

What are those looks for?

I brought the information to Yifat.

Maybe you didn't like what I said
so you took it to International Crimes?

We're updating them just
as you agreed upon

with the Chief of Investigations.

If Eitan decided it's enough to warrant
a covert search, that's his business.

There's no "his business."
It's all our business.

You should be running the show,
not Eitan or anyone else.

The police work for us,
not the other way around.

So what do I do now?


-Where's this from?
-Oxana's Facebook page.

Does it make sense that they already
released the body from the coroner's?

Not really.

Tell me,

were you going to tell me about
searching Dori Katzman's house?

-Where did you hear that?
-Where do you think?

From the State's Attorney.

The State's Attorney?
How does he know?

International Crimes requested a
warrant, so he knows.

He knows about
everything that goes on in his office.

What's the story?

We think the jacket Hanan was wearing

is in Katzman's apartment.

Great. I sat there like a fool,
I didn't know what to say.

Why are you keeping things from me?

Because I don't trust you.

I met with a guy named Yerushalmi
from the Tax Authority.

He tells me he gave you information
on Barak's crew.

That he spoke with you personally
and you buried it.

He showed me photos.
Leibo, Shem Tov, Hanan, everyone.

You didn't say a word,
and I'm the one keeping things?

He's been supplying you with
intelligence for months

and you've been ignoring it.

Did you know about it, Yoel?

I don't know what you're talking

Yifat, I get, Kobi Hoenig and Dudu

brought her in just to
keep things quiet.

But you?

What happened to you?


The policy was not to mess with Barak.

But things have changed.

Do you lie to yourself or only to me?

How have things changed?

All right, schedule us
a meeting with Yerushalmi,

as soon as possible.

But Izzy, I'm warning you,

every move you make on this case,
you tell me about it.

Is that clear?

-Izzy, I asked if that's clear.
-One second, it's my daughter.

Yes, Shani?

Are you at the shop?

No, why?
Is something wrong?

Did Grandpa tell you
what the doctor said?


His test results don't look good.

The doctor says he needs
a lung transplant.

Who'd give him a transplant at
his age, with the smoking...

He didn't say a word,
I was there this morning,

I helped him open the shop.

I knew he wouldn't tell you,
that's why I called.

I'm busy now.
I'll call you later, okay, sweetie?

Thanks for the update.

Everything okay, Izzy?


It's okay.
It's my dad.

Well, I have to go.

Don't forget to talk to
Yerushalmi, okay?


Hey, Dad.

What's up?
Where's Sharif?

He went home early.

His daughter has
her class this afternoon.

What did the doctor say?

That Shani has a big mouth,
just like her mother.

What's the story?

What story?

It's called getting old.

But don't celebrate too soon,

I'm still here.

Why do you say that?

You didn't expect me to ever
leave the hospital.

Even then, you thought it was over.

I spoiled your plans.

-What plans?
-To inherit.

But like it or not I'm still alive.

Do you really think my fantasy
is to inherit this lousy shop?

-Then what are you doing here?
-Trying to help you!

I don't want your help!


When I'm dead

you can do whatever you want
with this place.

Turn it into a discotheque
for all I care.

Until recently it was enough
to say "Shmaya"

and people would wet their pants.

Now they complain to the police.

He's French, he doesn't get it.

Anyway, I told him
if he doesn't withdraw the complaint

he'll have a criminal case against him,
his shop will get torn apart

-and he'll pay, too.
-Did he get the point?

Yes, and he submitted a request
to cancel the complaint.

Stupid Frenchman.

Tell me, Sami Suleiman,

how do you get along with him?

All right,

he isn't half the man
his brother was. God rest his soul.

Do you know Shadi,
the kid who works for him?


I don't know.

I got a bad feeling.

What is it, Leibo?
Don't keep me hanging.

He was picked up after
the incident with the policewoman.

They released him right away
and all the others are still in jail.


-Do you think he talked?
-Someone gave them your name.

-You think it was him?
-What does he have on you?

He and his brother built
the drywall at Saber's place.

Come to think of it, it could be.

Maybe he's the motherfucker who's been
talking to International Crimes.


-You know what the problem is?

People think we're pussies.
We've lost our power of deterrence.

It's Tamir's fault.

He's in love with his businessman act.

Forgot where he came from.

Money comes and money goes like trash.

But your name stays with you
all your life.

I want a t-shirt with that
saying on it for my birthday.

You got it.

You were born under
the sign of ass, right?

Fuck it!

-Really? All the time.
-Get out!

-Crazy. How stressful.

Not a moment's rest.

-How's it going?

-Okay, Yael. Give me a call.

-Bye, honey.

He operated on Tal.
A real sweetheart.

He smokes weed
and then operates on people?

His shift is over.
Chill, Izzy.

All your buddies are here.

How's she doing?

I don't like her running this
investigation from bed.

We're just keeping her in the loop
so she doesn't feel left out.

Otherwise, she'll go nuts, you know her.



You know,

when we were kids we had a cat, Richard.

He followed us around the
neighborhood like a dog.

We'd whistle and he'd come.

One day he got run over
outside our house.

I'll never forget it.
I was in the army. Tore me apart.

Tal was in third or fourth grade.

Without a moment's thought
she grabbed a plastic bag,

picked him up and dug him
a grave in the yard, like a machine.

Sounds like Tal.

Later at night I heard her crying.

Locked herself in the bathroom
so no one would hear.

I need to know that you're
protecting her.

I'm protecting her.

I nearly throttled him
with his insignia.

Son of a bitch.

He comes to visit me,
pretends he's concerned.

At least you held back.

Sorry I'm late.

Whoa, Yerushalmi,
nice tech.

Shall we begin?

Yeah, I promised Yael
we wouldn't tire her out.

Yerushalmi, go ahead.

We're gathered here in your honor.

About time.
Nice of you to remember.

It's like this.

Izzy called my attention
to a company called Yarden Holdings,

we suspect that Barak Harel
is secretly the owner.

The company is registered in Cyprus

but it has a subsidiary here in Israel
called Yarden Properties.

It mainly deals in
commercial properties,

it seems legit.
Position holders, reports,

-money coming in and out...
-Why "seems"?

Firstly, the Israeli company's accounts

are managed by the Elhanan
Weiss accounting firm,

Tamir and Gili Shmaya's go-to firm.

We also know of all sorts of
money transfers from companies

that are linked to the Shmaya

some of which are shell companies.

How is the company connected with Barak?

The chief shareholder of Yarden
Holdings is Natalie Hasson,

Sharon Tzur's big sister.

Who's Sharon Tzur?

Sharon Tzur was in
a relationship with Barak

while doubling as an intelligence source
for IAD.

She's been missing for three years
and the suspicion is...

that Barak killed her.


Sharon had a son.
Barak is the father.

Natalie Hasson is raising the boy.

The boy's name is Yarden

as in Yarden Holdings
and Yarden Properties.

So this Natalie woman is Barak's cutout?

That's our working assumption.

And she doesn't know...

She doesn't know he killed her sister?

I don't know what she knows.

In any case,
I find this very interesting

so I'll continue to dive
into the material.

I'll update you, of course,
but now it's time for the fun part.

I have photos of your suspects
which our surveillance unit took

as part of our efforts against
the Abu Kamal organization.

Here you can see Hanan Salame.

With Oshri Baruch,

who happens to be his alibi
for Tal's shooting.

It seems the policemen
from Rishon LeZion Station

serve as bagmen.
They move money, guns, drugs.

It's actually a good arrangement.
Who'd stop a police car for inspection?

That's Shai Philip.

He's handling
the Ruslan Menachemov case.

Anyway, we have lots of photos
of these guys

in all sorts of places
where they shouldn't be.

Of course all this material
was delivered personally

to Ms. Hiba Elnasser long ago.

If you'd bothered looking at it
things might be different now...


-we said clean slate, right?

You need to keep your eyes on them.
It doesn't work this way.

What's with your surveillance team?

We don't have approval
for surveillance yet.

What's that about?

Are you deliberately giving them time
to clean up after themselves?

Huh, Izzy?

What are you doing there?

Are you still protecting them?

Because of Dudu?

We have restrictions

but we're doing all we can.

I'll go to the press.

I'm not kidding.

I'll blow you out of the water.

Do what you want,
but that's not a wise move.

-What do you suggest?
-I suggest we keep doing our job.

If we find anything that ties
Barak to your incident

the State's Attorney
will have no choice.

In any case, blasting it in the media

won't help anyone.

How will you find anything
with all your restrictions?

The whole idea is that we don't
find anything.

Can't we help them somehow?

I don't know, wiretaps, tails?

Are you crazy?
We can't touch it.

Maybe we can.

Why shouldn't our undercover tail them?

Can you make that happen?

I can try.

Where is that motherfucker?


What's up?

We need your help.

We need to move something.

Two hours work,
I'll give you 200 shekels.

I'll call Sami.

I'm supposed to be on guard duty.

Guard duty?

What's to guard?
You emptied the place out.

Come on, I'll take you to dinner.
What'll you have? Shawarma?


Wrap him up.