Manayek (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

Following the discovery of Roslan's body, Tal investigates his murder despite everyone around her, including Izzy, trying to stop her.

Police! Halt!





-Halt! Move.
-Police! Police!

Leave him alone!
What are you doing?

Leave the boy alone!

-What's going on?
-Leave the boy alone!

Two, rats, two...

Get back, get back.

Good morning.
Sorry for the disturbance.

We have a search warrant.

Why'd you do that?
Not nice.

Fuck you and your search.

-Shkalim... Take that down.
-Let me go.

-Shh... be quiet.
-Let me go, you dog.

Dogs! Hands off!

They broke the TV. There's nothing here.
What are you looking for?


-There's nothing here.
-Let me go.

Let me go.

You can wait outside, you know.

I know, Doctor,
I just don't trust you.

No bullet in there?

No, there's an exit wound.

Search the crime scene.

Yes, Eitan.

Where'd you disappear to?

Went to check out
a John Doe near Hadera.

You and your John Does...

Anyway, it was all behind the TV

just like your guy said.

Very nice work.

Eitan, it's him this time.


The John Doe.

It's Ruslan Menachemov.

Some boat.

Yeah, it belongs
to some Frenchman.

We're taking it to Cyprus
so he won't have to pay the tax.


So what do you want to do?

I have the soil samples
I took from Leibo's shoes,

I'll compare them
to the crime scene,

and of course, traffic camera
footage from that night.

Bird's Eye?

Tech Services will have to sign
off on it, it's electronic surveillance.

So they'll sign off.

You think?

What does that mean?

You're crazy,
they won't let you near it.

Who won't? My own unit?
I want to see it.

Tal, you're going to be a mother.

That should be your number one,
two and three priority right now.

Just drop it.

I can't believe what's become of you.

All right.

Go on, sail to Cyprus, you coward,

I hope you puke your guts out.


I've had enough of you, Izzy.

What's up, Izzy?
I want to set sail within the hour!

Come along, Archie.

I don't get it, I have to go to
every damn ceremony?

I can't just cancel now, Dudu.

-It's me. Are you alone?

Just a minute.

What's up?

They found Ruslan.

How's that?

I don't know.

If you don't know, who does?


Tal Ben Harush is snooping around.

Bad news.


You're the commissioner, handle it.


Dudu, is everything okay?

Tell the Chief of Investigations
to get over here quick.

Is that it?



Into the second warehouse, okay?

Abed, Abed, listen,

I don't give a damn!

You and your brother
owe me that money.


The fact that you've got rats
is your problem, not mine.

Abed, you have one week.

Don't play games with me.

-What's up, Leibo?

Everything's great.

Want a smoke?

Move it.

Take it inside.

That's Saber's stuff.


That's the last of it.

How come?

International Crimes raided
the grow house this morning.

All the medical plants, gone.

Really? I didn't know.

Why'd you think they're in such
a hurry to move everything?

I'm down 200,000 shekels
in equipment alone.


Why don't you help them, fatso?

My bad knee...

Bad knee... Crybaby.

Want some coffee?


It's Barak, he needs us
at the station pronto.

What's so urgent?

Hell if I know.

All the way down!

All the way down. Good.

Let's go.


Fuck, fuck, fuck.
How did it happen?

Some pipe burst, so they dug
around, found the body.

A pipe burst, just like that?

What's your problem?

What's my problem?

You just dropped a bomb,
what do you expect.


Who's investigating?

For now, International Crimes,

Tal Ben Harush.

Don't worry, the top brass is on it.

I'm just letting you know
in case you hear something.

Is that clear?

Yes, yes, everything's clear.


-What do we do now?

If anyone asks questions

you repeat what you said to
Internal Affairs, word for word.

Who's going to ask questions?

I don't know, I said "if"!

Relax, Leibo,
there'll be no questions.


I got to go. Hey.

Don't do anything stupid.

What are you doing here?

I thought you were working tonight.

-Stop it, babe.

Wait a minute.

Come here a second.

Sit down.

What? Did they find him?

Near Hadera.

Is it him for sure?

They compared dental records.

It's him for sure.

I have to tell his parents.

Philip's already there.


I knew he wouldn't come back.

I knew he wouldn't come back.


Let's switch, I can't sleep.

Are you sure?
You have another two hours.

I can't sleep.

This seizure is a serious blow
to the Abu Kamal Organization.

The drugs, we also got
a few cars and bank accounts.

Iris and I have been interrogating
Saber for a couple of days now

and he's...

opening up,

he'll give us all the goods
on the Bedouin neighborhood.

Right, Iris?

I hope so.

That's how it works, folks,

you catch the small fry
to get to the big fish.

And I want to tell this forum

that without the top intelligence work
of our officer here,

Tal, none of this
would've happened.

Thank you, thank you.

Yes, Tax Man?


I don't want to be a party-pooper

but I feel you're getting
a bit overexcited.

Oh, come on...

Muhammad Abu Kamal

is laundering
assets right under your noses.

Transferring companies to straw men,

foreign financial operations,

especially in the UAE.

We issued a detailed report

with the Money Laundering Authority.

A few guns and cannabis
plants mean nothing.

A drop in the bucket.

The real money comes in through
massive financial crimes,

all under the protection of Tamir

and Gili Shmaya's Organization.

What a load of crap.

A week ago, a container associated

with one of Abu Kamal's shell companies

arrived at the port of Ashdod

and was taken directly to Tamir

and Gili Shmaya's warehouse

at the wholesale market.

What was in the container?

Drugs, cigarettes... I don't know.

Our guys didn't even
get a chance to inspect.

The Shmayas keep coming up

in the financial investigation.

They're a big part of the picture.
We can't ignore them.

-Three months of me telling you!

And nothing's happening!

Yerushalmi, let's discuss this
later, in private, okay?

Let's move on.

Okay, next.

I didn't want to say anything in there,

but the guys who
released the container?

Cops again, from Rishon.

I thought it might be
some operation I didn't know of

so I looked into it.


I contacted IAD,

they said it's being dealt with.

So? Does Tamir Shmaya
have immunity or what?

Is he working with you?

I don't know.

You're such a liar.

Hey, who put you on
the Shmayas' trail anyway?

Keep an eye on them
and we'll wait for our chance,

that's all I can tell you.

What's up, Yerushalmi?

What's new at the Tax Authority?

-Working hard, thank God.

I need a minute with Tal.

No problem.

Here's an intelligence
report on the financial ties

between the Abu Kamal
and Tamir Shmaya organizations.

I suggest you look it over.


-Bye, Yerushalmi.

What's with my request
for the Bird's Eye footage?


Same with the lab work you asked for.

SIU Central is taking over the case.


You heard me.

They found him near Hadera,

what's SIU Central got to do with it?

The missing person's report

-was filed in Rishon.
-Oh, for God's sake! Yiftah...

Do you really think

the case should be in the hands
of Barak Harel's cronies?

Tal, it was nice of you to decide

that the case is ours,
it's not up for discussion.

Now give them all the material
you have and don't make trouble.

Will you do something with this?


I apologize,

a week and half on the job
and I haven't even tidied up.

It's one thing after another.

You can handle the
IAD Chief job, Yifat.

Besides, you have
good old Baranes here,

he'll show you the ropes.

What's up with you, anyway?

Aren't you going back to the
National Fraud Unit?

Supposed to.

If I get the unit, you're there.

You have my word.

Hiba, how are you?


You didn't say there were people here.

Meet Shai Philip,

the best investigator
in my homicide squad.

Shai, Hiba, Deputy Director, IAD.

So... what's going on?

We'll try not to take up
too much of your precious time.

As everyone here knows,

Ruslan Menachemov's body
was found the other day.

The suspicion is murder.

We'll be running the investigation,
Philip will be in charge.


The incident is connected
to the Eliran Khen case.

We'll need all the relevant material.

Excuse me, Yifat,
why aren't we investigating this?

That is my deal with
the Chief of Investigations.

Look, this is obviously
a sensitive case,

that's why I came here
personally to make sure.

We will be completely
unbiased and transparent.

And of course, if we find out
police officers are involved,

we'll stop the investigation
and pass the baton.


Baranes will give you
all the material you need.

-Let's go.
-Thank you very much.

What was that about?

I'm just supposed to go along with this?

You wanted to play the game?

Get used to going along.

Ultimately, we're helping the sick,

people who are truly suffering,

and I think that's a noble thing.

Don't you find it odd,

that the number two man
in the Israel Police

is now the CEO of a cannabis firm?

Mark, the founder
and chairman of the firm,

was looking for someone

with experience
in managing large organizations.

I think I was a shoo-in. Don't you?

Anything to say, Mark?

No, it's Shaul's show today.

He's just here to make sure
I don't say anything stupid.

What do you think of the fact
that the Attorney General

decided to launch
a criminal investigation

against the Prime Minister,

with the Police Commissioner
not too thrilled at first?

I won't address
the investigation, of course,

but as a citizen it makes me sad
on the ethical level.

But enough politics, I have
lots more to show you.

Let's go.

The next chamber
has the bushes...

One of Muhammad's men
is talking to the cops.

So it seems.

You can't find out who it is?

It's International Crimes,
it's not so easy.

He'll pay well.

It's not worth the trouble.

Besides, you make a pretty penny
from his troubles, don't you?

Whoa, the lady just chewed me out,


I was stuck in my car listening
to her scream for ten minutes.

-What does she want?
-What does she want?

The second he made Commissioner
he flipped over like a steak.


You know how much flak I'm getting
from the party for bringing him?

How can you be so calm?
We built this whole thing around him.

Meir, Dudu's with us.

It doesn't look that way.

Do you know what they've got?

On the Prime Minister? No idea.

All I know is, the State's
Attorney is very invested in the case.

They've got nothing on him.

They lost the elections
so they're trying to frame him.

All right.

Shall we focus on
the matter at hand?

Has Cannabar reported the deal
to the Ministry of Health?

Not yet.

The money shouldn't be
sitting in the bank for so long.

I know, I'm handling it.

Barak, I swear,

if Dudu screws up this deal

he's a dead man.

Chill, Meir, what's with you?

You know how much
money is on the table?

And the reform
hasn't even passed yet!

If I said Dudu's with us, he's with us.

What can I tell you?
That's what the repair costs.

Okay, thanks.

How's it going, Ben Harush?

Fine. How are you, Leon?

Lousy, thank God.

Is your son here?

Yeah, he came back this morning.

He's in back.

-Making a mess.


You have a visitor.

Oh, Tal.
What're you doing here?

You were so right.

It's like they gave the case
straight to Tamir Shmaya himself.

I'm thinking of taking it to IAD.


Don't you read the papers?

Just the sports section. What?

They're investigating
your Prime Minister,

the State's Attorney's office
want things smooth and quiet.

They won't touch anything
to do with Dudu.

So if I take this to Hiba
she'll ignore it?

Don't you get it?

How do you think she replaced
Meinzer all of a sudden?

Became IAD Deputy Chief so quickly?

It's her reward for shutting up
about Atalia.

I don't believe it.

Don't believe me, check for yourself.

Good boy. Heel.

So how was your voyage?

Fine. Nice.

Are you planning to call
my sister sometime?

I saw how you looked at her
at my birthday party,

give her a call.

Yitzhak, you didn't price
the new harpoon guns.

-In a minute.
-I asked you to do it right away.


Okay, see you.

Bye, Yitzhak.

Bye, Leon.

-Bye, honey.
-Call her.

Who does she want you to call?

Cut out the smoking already.

Leave me alone,
I'm not a kid anymore.

Do what you want.

Let's go, Archie.

Why'd you start smoking again?

-I just don't get you.
-I'm a weak man.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

I need you to run a search
for me on the sly.

The Highway Patrol's
Bird's Eye database.

-You're trying to get me in trouble.
-It's important.

Barazani, will you help me out or not?


You always say there's nothing
in Highway Patrol that you can't get.

Fuck you.

Give me the date,
time range and location.

All right.

Looks excellent.

-Yes, the placenta's normal.


6.2 pounds, perfect.

How do you feel?


Oh, look. She's yawning.

Aw, how sweet.

I'll print it out.


Everything okay, Tal?

Yeah, you know. Work.

Not interesting.

-Want to see your cutie?

Wow, amazing.

Exciting, Tal.

Got a name yet?

I'm not going to jinx her.

Where'd you get this?

I got it.

Why did you change your mind?

I don't know.

Here you go.

I'll squeeze you some lemon.

There you go.

What a pro.

So what do you say?


Not the sardines.

Leibo and Shem Tov,

near the Ruslan Menachemov's scene
on the night of.

Contrary to their testimony.


He always gives me soy milk
instead of regular.

You took us here.


-Who's she?
-Give me a minute.

Tal Ben Harush,
International Crimes, remember me?

-Sure. What's up?
-I've been looking for you,

didn't you see my text?

Oh, yeah, I didn't get a chance
to call back, sorry.

Oh, good, I thought you
were screening my calls.

God forbid.

Did you hear we found
Ruslan's body?


Really? Where'd you hear it?


I don't know, someone told me.

How'd you find me here?

I'm really good at what I do.

Anyway, we're going over
all the details again,

I wanted a word with you

about the night you arrested him
in Afula.

I got to go, we just got a call.

If there's anything you told us
that isn't accurate,

now's your chance
to set the record straight.

I have nothing to set straight,

we drove him to Rishon
and released him.

I have no idea
what happened after that.

You drove directly from Afula to Rishon?

Via the Coastal Highway?

Yes, via Ara Valley,
then the Coastal Highway.

You, Leibo and Shem Tov
were in the car with Ruslan?

Are you with IAD now or something?

You want to get IAD involved?

I got to go.

You think it's wise to protect
them? Hanan...

Don't you realize
they'll sell you out in a second?

Close the door.

Now tell me exactly what happened.

She called me last night,

I don't answer
unfamiliar numbers,

then she texted me
to call her back.

-I reported it to Leibo.
-I told him to ignore her.


Then she came up to me out of nowhere

asked all kinds of questions.

What kind of questions?

About what happened.

What did you tell her?

-Okay, Hanan,

first of all, let's calm down.

Tal Ben Harush isn't even on the case.

-She knows something, Barak.
-She doesn't know anything!

SIU Central is handling the case,

Philip's the lead,
and I'm in the picture.

Tal Ben Harush is a nutcase
with a personal vendetta

which will end in nothing.

-What about IAD?

IAD isn't involved.
It's all baloney.

Nobody's behind her.

Just don't even think about her.

We got your back, okay?


You got my back?

Like you transferred me
to the detective squad?

Hanan, watch your mouth, you hear?

I'm telling you,
she's got something on us.

Are you an idiot or something?
Did you hear what the chief said?

She's nothing!
If she calls, don't answer, got it?


Now fuck off!

Go on!

Fucking shit.


Yes, Tal?

You haven't called her.

-My sister.


No, I didn't get a chance.

You're an idiot.
Listen, I'm meeting with Hiba,

I'm going to show her
everything we have.

-Tal, are you joining us?
-Yes, sorry.

Where are you?

At the hospital,
preparation for birth tour.

-So what do you say?
-About what?

Oh, about Hiba?

Just don't get your hopes up.

All right.

Talk to you later.

Great. I'm waiting to hear.



Let's start with
the first place you'll see

when you come in with
contractions, and that's Maternity ER.

Come along.

Ultimately, we're helping the sick,

people who are truly suffering,

and I think that's a noble thing.

I'm proud to be part of Israel's
medical cannabis revolution

which Cannabar is spearheading.

We'll come back to the full item

but first,
an exclusive, breaking report

concerning the bribery case
involving the Prime Minister

and Russian oligarch Semion Rosovsky.

New details have reached
the hands of our crime correspondent,

Suzy Amitai.
Suzy, what can you tell us?


Yes, Ayala, according to
suspicions now under investigation

by the National Fraud Unit,


when the Prime Minister
served as Minister of the Interior

he expedited granting Rosovsky
Israeli citizenship against regulations

and in return, the Prime
Minister's daughter Reut was appointed

to a senior position
in Rosovsky's media firm...

Move, Archie.

Any other details concerning
the Prime Minister's daughter?

Absolutely. A high ranking police
source told me that apparently

she even lived in
an apartment owned by the olig...

You drove directly
from Afula to Rishon?

Via the Coastal Highway?

Yes, via Ara Valley,
then the Coastal Highway.

You, Leibo and Shem Tov
were in the car with Ruslan?

Are you with IAD now or something?

Now look at this.

It's less than a kilometer
from where they found the body.

No highway, no coast.

They tricked us exactly as we thought.

They sent Hanan Salame to Rishon,
separately, with their cellphones,

then Leibo and Shem Tov iced Ruslan
and buried the body near Hadera.

Now you tell me,

how did this case end up at SIU Central?

Come on, Hiba, speak up.

The order came directly from
the Commissioner's office.

It's not going to happen, Tal.

Why not?

You have them on camera, Hiba.

It proves they gave false testimony,

you have soil samples...

-And Hanan Salame will crack

under interrogation,
he'll give you Barak.

-Tal, we're not getting involved.
-Why not?

We have our own considerations.

Izzy told me you wouldn't do anything.

Izzy knows about this?

He said you're protecting Dudu
because of the Prime Minister's cases.

Is it true?

I'm sorry, Tal.

It's not that I don't want to, I can't.

-Where to?
-This is my shop.

-Are you armed?
-Get out of my way.

I'm telling you, Leon.


I almost punched out your bodyguard.

What are you doing here?

I'm on my way to a meeting,
I stopped in to say hello.

Nice of you to help your dad out.

I managed before he came along
and I'll manage after he's gone.


We all saw how well you managed.

First of all, I managed fine
without that dog, and besides,

He's trying to force me wear
the stupid shirts he made!

Who's forcing you?

See what he did with our website?

He turned us into an online store.

We spend all day taking packages
to the post office.

Business is thriving,
so why complain, Leon?

The IRS gets all of it anyway,
to hell with them.

Well, I'll be going.

Leon, it's a pleasure to see you
back on your feet.

Blessed be the healer of the sick.

Hey, Izzy, I understand
Tal Ben Harush was here.

She was.

Did she tell you they found
Ruslan Menachemov?


What else did she tell you?

Dudu, I left all that behind, okay?

Oh, and did she leave it
all behind as well?

-No idea. Talk to her.
-No, you talk to her.

Tell her it isn't worth it.

-I don't work for you, Dudu.
-But she works for me,

and if she wants
to go on working for me

she would better get that message.

So long.

Leon, call me when
the new lures come in.

Sure, buddy. Sure.

How dare you tell him about
my personal affairs?

What happens in this shop is my affair.

This shop doesn't only
belong to you, Dad!

I'm popping into the drugstore
to get something for Rim.

-Wait in the car.

Get me a Coke.

Hurry, my man's waiting outside.

You know Eitan, don't you?


I arrested Imad Khirbawi
for your brother's murder.

I'm going on maternity leave soon.
I want you to start working with him.

You made a mess.
Muhammad is freaking out.

-Glad to hear it.
-Don't worry, we got your back.

New phone numbers.

We switched phones
after you raided Saber's place.

Nice work.

Where the fuck is he?

After the raid, that detective,

Leibo, came over,

loaded up all the stuff
and drove off.

-Do you know where he took it?
-Probably to one of Tamir

and Gili's spots.

Know anything about the murder

of the girl in the Bedouin neighborhood?

Is it true they brought
men in from Yaffo?


-Where have you been?
-I told you to wait in the car.

What took you so long?

They sell vibrators here.

-They sell vibrators here, check it out.

-Let me see it.
-There's nothing to see,

-it's a generic fetus.
-I want to see it.

Come on, I want to see.

Let me see.

Aw, she's beautiful.

-Looks like you.



Are you investigating
the Ruslan Menachemov case?


No? You didn't speak to
one of the witnesses?

After you were ordered to stand down?

-Excuse me?
-You've gone too far.

Don't you want to hear
what I have to say?

No, and if you keep it up

you'll find yourself
in front of the disciplinary board.

This is no way to get your rank.

You're going on maternity leave anyway.

At first, I thought I did something

that I was to blame for the break up.

-Turns out she had another man.
-Oh, no.

Some retired El Al pilot
she met at Pilates.

I signed everything
she asked me to sign,

all so I don't have to
see her face again.

It took me two years
of fighting in court

before my ex realized
that was exactly what he should do.

We haven't spoken since.


Is she still with the guy from Pilates?

Yes, Haim.

He moved in with her.

And the kids?

The kids are grown up,
they can handle it.

About all those tattoos,
have you always had them?

I did the first one when I was 16.

They couldn't have liked that
at religious camp.

You think I survived religious
camp until I was 16?

What is this?

I asked them not to make it too spicy.

Not spicy at all.



Nothing... I don't like it when
people touch my plate.

I expected more from this place
with the prices they charge.

Excuse me?

-Can we get another bottle, please?

No, I've had enough.

It's for me.

-Bring her another glass.

-Well? How was it?
-Was? It's not over yet.

I escaped to the bathroom for a toke.

It's the only way I'll maybe survive.

I understand why his ex
went looking for thrills.

-Is it really that bad?


Now you're exaggerating.

How exactly did you think
that putz and I belong together?

-He's not such a putz.
-He's a putz, believe me.

I know from experience.

You think I'll let him
lure me to his boat?

Believe me, you'll end up...


Tal, can you hear me?


Tal, what's going on there?


My baby!

My baby...

Call an ambulance quick!

Can you hear me?

My baby!

My baby!