Manayek (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Nigmar (Finished) - full transcript

Izzy and Tal return straight into Ronit's operation. Strong undercurrents work against them the entire team. When everything falls apart Izzy refuses to say quits.





Police! Halt!

On the ground!

I have information
on a high-ranking officer

involved in serious criminal activity.

How is Eliran Khen
linked to the Ganashvili murder?

He supplied the guns.

They're going to make arrests.

But the deal is off.

Int'l Crimes arrested Imad Khirbawi.

No, The Shin Bet is holding him.
He's their man.

Eitan, this is Amnon from Shin Bet.

He's mine, I'm taking him.

Everyone realizes the deal is off, right?

That's 50 000 shekels for each of us.

That's small change to you,
but not to me.

Leibo! The deal is off.

Can someone do the deal
with Leibo instead of you?

- Leibo.
- Who is this?

Sammy Suleiman.

Got the money?

Operation Equipment Return,
it has a name and everything.

It's a serious operation
and you're part of it.

Didn't you realize it was a scam?

A high-ranking police officer
gives me a letter,

signed by the DA authorizing the deal.

What did he give you?

Let's keep this
between you and me for now.

If word gets out that the DA is involved,
it could put an end to the case.

Atalia is clearly collaborating
with Barak Harel.

I slept with someone.

It's over between you and me.


If I set foot in Israel,
I'm a dead man, like Ruslan.

- Ruslan is missing.
- You know very well he was whacked.

Leibo, don't do it...

Eliran Khen is in the Ukraine
and we can't let him come back.

And to deal with him there,
I have to deal with something here,

and for that, I need your help.

Keep 200 000 dollars of the money
seized from Moskowitz's bank account.

Release the rest immediately.

What's going on, Dudu?

Decided to help out Ukrainian mobsters
before you retire?

Quick, follow me!

Eliran, stay with me.
Eliran, you'll be okay.

Hi. How are you?

I'll be okay.


They're giving a lie detector test
to everyone who's in on the case,

trying to find out
who leaked Eliran's whereabouts.

I'll have to tell them.

I told you so they may call you in
for testing, too.

Okay, I can handle that.

- Did you happen to tell anyone?
- Who would I tell?

I don't know. Limor or Dudu.

No, Limor and Dudu aren't talking
to me anymore, and...

I'll spare you your next question.

I didn't tell Shaul either.

I didn't tell anyone.

I'm sorry.

You know it isn't your fault, right?

It's not your fault he's dead.

I know.

Are you staying?

Just came to walk Archie.

I emailed you a list of mediators,

take a look when you get a chance,
pick one.


Just pick one.

No problem.

And call the kids, they're crazy worried.




What're you doing here? I thought Padova
told you to take some time off.

I don't need time off,

I want to be there tonight
when we arrest Leibo.

I heard about Eti.

I'm sorry.

Nothing to be sorry about.

It should've happened long ago.

If you need to talk to someone
about Eliran or...

We have people we can refer you to.

- You want to send me to a shrink?
- No, it's just...

you're going through a rough patch.

I'm fine.


And that was that.

We tried to resuscitate him, but...

he was done for.

The paramedics came,
pronounced his death,

and the locals pushed us out of there.

Internal Affairs is trying to find out
who leaked his whereabouts.

They're giving everyone
lie detector tests.

Ronit Meinzer is in charge of that.

Maybe they'll find something.

I understand the Ukrainians claim
it was a dispute between inmates.

Bullshit. It was Barak Harel
and Tamir Shmaya, for sure.


Tamir Shmaya is a SIU Central target.

I know of no intel
that links Tamir Shmaya to this.

Of course not.

He won't touch the Shmaya brothers.

His whole unit is
in Barak Harel's pocket.

- Tal...
- What?

Doesn't Barak in fact runs your shop?

Maybe even you work for him.

It's beneath my dignity to answer that.

He shouldn't even be here.

Bear in mind that everything we say
here goes straight to Barak.

Tal, I realize you've been through
a traumatic experience,

- but please, settle down.
- Dispute between inmates, my ass.

If you think anyone buys that bullshit,
you're all crazy.

Actually, the evidence
does support what you say.

We traced communications
between IP addresses,

linked to the Shmaya brothers,

and servers in the Ukraine associated
with a high-priority police target

by the name of Dmitri Kogan.

He's wanted in Israel
for money-laundering and fraud,

he's located in Kiev,
he's very well-connected there.

Zigdon, you know him, don't you?

Of course I do.

I didn't know he was linked
to the Shmaya brothers.

Ezra Fallah and Dmitri Kogan served
two years in prison together,

didn't you know?


I spoke to Kobi in Ukraine,

he says Kogan has half the police there
in the palm of his hand

and he could've easily set up the hit.

And apparently he did it
for the Shmaya brothers.

The question is what he got in return.

Great, so why aren't we working that?

He's a Ukrainian citizen,
he's protected by the authorities there.

They won't release Eliran's body

until we officially inform them

that we've closed the case.

They're protecting Kogan.


- Can I have a word with you?
- I have nothing to say to you.

I think you'll want to hear
what I have to say.

What's up?

Listen to what he has to say.

Izzy, let's be clear,
this is off the record, okay?

- I'm serious.
- Spit it out already.

The other day, Dudu called me
to his office out of the blue

and ordered me
to cancel an asset forfeiture.

One involving millions.

- Okay.
- That's way out of line.

We don't just cancel forfeitures.

They're one of our best ways
of applying pressure on suspects,

and this is someone
we've been trying to crack for ages,

a big-time foreign money-launderer.

Dudu's never asked me
to do anything like this.

He offered no explanation?

Just some nonsense about court.
Bullshitted me.

Now, I'm sitting here,
hearing about the murder of your witness,

the Ukrainian mobster involved?

He's our target. The asset forfeiture.
That's his money.

The Ukrainian is linked
to the Shmaya brothers.

Get it?

The forfeiture was canceled
as payment for the murder.

Dudu's working for Barak.

It's just a theory, okay? Nothing more.

I'll need an affidavit.

Izzy, we said off the record, okay?
You got your information.

You're here
because you know Barak's going down

and Dudu's going down with him.

I realize you want an insurance policy
for the morning after,

but you'll have to give us
more than those crumbs.

What do you want?

Your full cooperation.

Zigdon, it's worth your while.

When everyone goes down,
you'll be the only man left standing.

Okay. Let me sleep on it.

When he hears we busted Leibo,
he'll come crawling back to us.


Counting the money again?

We can't afford any mistakes, bro.

This is Barak's cut, Gili's cut.

They'll be very pleased.

He's getting 50 000 for doing nothing,
he only got in your way.

Don't worry about it.

Where to?


Don't we deserve it?


Drive carefully.

Izzy, what's going on there?

Nothing. Waiting.

Okay, Machluf?

Same. All quiet.

We're behind the van. Be there in a few.

Not smoking?



You quit?


Because of me?



I decided to keep the baby.

Get out!

That's wonderful.

What about Eitan?

Eitan doesn't know and never will.

- You think he wants this baby?
- Every man wants his own child.


Tal, that's just wrong.

I'm sorry I told you.
Just forget I said anything.


I'm sorry, Tal, I...
I can be kind of stupid sometimes.

Kind of?

Whatever you decide, I'm here for you.

He turned, he's heading towards you.

Don't turn, you don't want him
to suspect you.

- Got it.
- Okay, folks, it's going down.

They're inside,
he's handing him the money.

Okay, they're coming out.

Fogel, are you in position?

We're in position.

Follow them and wait for my go-ahead.

Copy that.


Eldad, I've got the package
and I'm on my way.

Go. Get him.

Pull over.

Go. Don't stop!

Pull over, now!

Shem Tov. Remember, not a word.

Leibo, kill your engine!

Kill your engine!

Kill your engine! Come out slowly.

Get over here.

On the ground.


Hi, Leibo. So we meet again.

Go fuck yourself, rat.

Separate them.

Machluf, put them in the car.

- Nice work.
- Put him in the car.


Barak, this is Freddy
from the front desk,

IAD is here. They've got warrants.

They're searching the station
top to bottom.

- Where?
- The detectives' office, the lockers.

They even have a warrant for your office.

Okay, I'm on my way.

Son, let's go.

Come, buddy.

Come, sweetie.


Barak, open up. It's IAD.
We have a search warrant.

- What's going on here?
- Everything's fine, don't worry.

- Fine? I almost had a heart attack.
- Dudu, relax.

- You screwed me, you asshole!
- Dudu, I said relax.

Everything's under control.

Relax, shut your mouth
and leave it to me.

You hear me?

- I asked, did you hear me?
- Okay, I heard you.

You'll get everything I promised you,
don't worry.

- I hope you know what you're doing.
- I do.

This is the money time,
so don't screw up.


This is the teddy bear
Sandor gave Sharon.

Exactly as Eliran said.

Barak, did they make a mess
at your place?

What's going on here?

Don't worry, we have warrants
for everything.

We arrested Leibo and Shem Tov.

For what?

You know exactly for what.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Just some little illegal arms deal.

Arms deal?

You mean Operation Equipment Return?

Are you joking? We have
the District Attorney's authorization.

Speak to Atalia Ben Moshe.

Don't worry, we'll talk
to whoever we need to.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- What authorization?
- No idea.


Good morning, folks.

Folks, listen up.

Listen up. Sit down.

I'm sure you all heard that Leibo
and Shem Tov were arrested last night.

It's still not clear
what they're being charged with,

but I'm sure it's a mistake.

Is Wisam here?

Wisam will fill in as detective officer
for now, okay?

Now, I know things
have been difficult here lately.

We've taken some serious blows.

- Eliran Khen, rest his soul.
- Ruslan!

We still don't know
what happened to Ruslan.

- Okay?
- Who killed Eliran?

Eliran got in trouble
with criminals in Uman.

I understand the case was closed and...

his body should be arriving
in Israel tomorrow morning.

I heard IAD is investigating you,
they searched your house.

It's all talk.

They did search, it's just procedure,
but they didn't find anything.

I'm standing here, aren't I?

It's alright.

Yeah? Then where's Malka?

Yeah, Malka...

Guys, be quiet!

Last night we searched your office,
your lockers, your houses.

You and Barak are smart.
We didn't find a thing.

But you know who wasn't so smart?

Shem Tov, your buddy.

In Shem Tov's locker we found this money.

And we also found...

a kilo and a half of coke.

What's the story?
He's a mule for the Shmaya brothers now?

So Shem Tov is going to be charged
not only with all the same shit as you,

but for drugs, as well.

How long do you think it'll take him
to break down in here?

And spill the beans about Ruslan?

We haven't talked to him yet.

I'm giving you the first chance
to cooperate

before he turns on you

and we add Ruslan's murder
to the charges against you.

Gary, what are you doing here?

I was going to go to Jerusalem
and update you later.

Come in, have a seat.

What is it?

Did you give Atalia Ben Moshe
material from Barak Harel's case?

Why do you ask?

Just answer.

Yes. I may have mentioned something,
as colleagues, you know.


What exactly did you say?

We discussed the case.

You know, as friends.

Did you tell her that Eliran Khen
was in the Ukraine?

What's with all the questions?

Atalia is collaborating with Barak Harel.

She pumped you and others
in the system for information

and gave it all to him.

How do you know?

I received information.

She was questioned
by the Attorney General

and confessed everything.

She was put on leave

and will resign by the end of the week
for personal reasons.

Do you realize what you've done?

So I know, the State Attorney knows,

the Attorney General knows
and now you know.

And there's no reason
for anyone else to find out.

Is that clear?

Now we have to discuss what comes next.

Izzy, someone wants to talk to you.


What's up?

We're letting them go.

- What?
- You heard me.

The case is closed

and the task force is disbanded
as of now.

You'll all return
to your regular assignments.

Tal, you're going back to Int'l Crimes.

Hold on, what's going on?

The State Attorney doesn't think
the case is strong enough

to press charges at this point.

What? We caught them red-handed!

It turns out, that arms deal
was authorized

by all the relevant people.

I want to tell you
that you did an amazing job

and it was my honor
to head the task force,

- but it's over. I'm sorry.
- Hold on.

- Hands off, Izzy.
- You can't just walk away!

Whose toes did we step on?

Did you tell them about Atalia?

I can't believe it. What did I tell you?

- You think there's a connection?
- Of course there is.

It's because of Atalia, isn't it?

The Justice Department circling
the wagons.

- What are you talking about, Izzy?
- You listen here.

I don't give a damn.
I have nothing to lose.

And if you're going
to swept this shit under the rug,

I'm going to the press,

I'll spill the beans
on Barak, on Dudu, on Atalia,

on the State Attorney, on you, on you!

- Izzy, calm down.
- I won't calm down!

I ruined my life because of this case,
because of you!

Don't you lay this on us.

Nobody forced you to stay on the case.

You stayed because you wanted to know
the truth about your friends.

Here, now you know.

I suggest
you don't do anything stupid, Izzy.

Why? What'll you do?

Try and go to the press.

Let's see which reporter sides with you

against the top police brass
and the State Attorney.

They'll laugh you out of the room.

The most you can do
is post something on Facebook

and we'll take that off, too.

You don't want to go
head-to-head against us.

- Izzy...
- Leave me alone. Fuckin' hell.


Go release Leibo.

I need to talk to you.

What do you want from me, Izzy?

You heard about Barak.

I want you to help me keep the case open.

- Why did they close it?
- Why?

Because we came too close.

- Why would I help you?
- Because I'm not giving up.

It'll blow open,
and it will happen during your term.

- Right. During my term.
- Yes.

And you don't want
to be the Chief of Police

who has to deal with this disaster.

There is no term, Izzy,
I'm not going to be chief.

- What?
- You heard me.

Last night, Minister Yehuda Carmel
called me in and officially informed me

that he isn't going
to recommend my appointment.

- What does that mean?
- It means I'm not going to be chief.

You know what the official reason is?

The thing with Nir
and your Russian girlfriend's son.

It's bad for the image of the department.

"Image-wise it could be a problem,"
that's what that asshole said.

Who's going to be chief?

- Dudu.
- Dudu?

- How can that be?
- How can that be?

Minister Yehuda Carmel's party
is holding primaries.

He was in pretty bad shape.

Then suddenly,
one of the biggest party bosses

decided to put all his chips on him.

Guess who it is.

Meir Shemer.

And wonder of wonders,
I'm out and that prick Dudu is in.

Primaries for the top cop job.

Listen, I know what Dudu did for them,
I even have a witness.

Let's go, you and me,
to Gary, to the State Attorney.

- They can't ignore us.
- No.

They'll call him in
for a lie detector test, at least.

- Count me out.
- Why? They totally screwed you over.

Let's blow this out of the water.
Do you realize what's going on?

I do, do you?

You saw what they did in Uman.

Do you really need this kind
of shit in your life?

- We'll protect you.
- Protect me?

You know who gave me the photos
of you and Tanya Levine?

Ronit Meinzer.

And you're going to protect me?

Get this into your head.

They won, we lost.

Finito la commedia.

The number of compliments I'm getting
from Gary about you is unprecedented.

You earned us a lot of points with IAD.

You've done this unit fine service.

- I'm not kidding.
- Thank you.

I understand Barak got away clean.

Clean, he's not. But you know. Politics.

In any case, you did a fantastic job.

Now we just have to talk
about you coming back.

Before we discuss that,

I wanted to let you know,

I'm pregnant.

I know one doesn't usually announce this
before a fetus anatomy scan,

but I read online that...

it's best to inform the employer
as early as possible.

Of course, it's good you told us.

- I'm very happy to hear.
- Thanks.


Anything we can do to help, just ask.

- Welcome back.
- Thank you.


I have to ask you something.

Am I the father?


May I ask who the father is?


Is he in the picture?

I don't see
why it's any of your business, Eitan.

No, it's just that I...

Never mind.



I'm in a hurry, Hiba.

I didn't bring you the information
about Atalia so you'd close the case.

What did you think would happen?
Those kind of suspicions against a DA?

Do you think it's a good idea
to reopen all of Atalia's cases?

Murderers, rapists...

Sometimes the system has to be flexible.

- So it's a cover up.
- It's no cover up.

She's being dismissed.

And that's it?

Yes, that's it. What else?

Who's taking her place?

Her deputy will fill in for now,

the State Attorney will issue a tender

and the winning candidate
will take the position.

I'm going to apply for the position.

If you and the State Attorney
want me to keep my mouth shut,

you'll see to it that I win.

How can you be a DA? How?

You don't have the required tenure,
you haven't served as deputy,

there are screening committees,
it doesn't work that way.

When you want to appoint someone you do.

So let the system be flexible.

- Drama in the Police Department.
- That's right, Ilana.

This evening,

Minister of Homeland Security,
Yehuda Carmel,

decided to recommend
Central District commander Dudu Eini

for the position of Chief of Police.


This is especially surprising
since in recent months,

the name that was floating
around the Police Department

and Ministry corridors...


- Are you watching?
- Yes.

Listen, I did a little online research.

You won't believe what I found.

There's a little gathering tonight
for party members with Yehuda Carmel,

to be attended
by Central District Commander Dudu Eini.

It starts in half an hour.
Guess where it's taking place.


At Meir Shemer's house.

The nerve...

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming.

How's it going, David? Glad you came.

Folks, let me introduce my dear friend,

the Minister of Homeland Security,
Mr. Yehuda Carmel.

Thank you very much. Good evening.

It's always a great pleasure
to visit Meir,

a true brother and partner.

I travel around Israel a lot
and let me tell you one thing.

It's a pleasure to see our party
alive and kicking.


Thank you.

One thing I love about my job

is having the privilege of working

with the fine people
of the Israel Police,

for example, your district commander
Deputy Commissioner Dudu Eini,

and those of you who saw tonight's news,

know that he's going to be
the next Chief of Police.

Want to say a few words, Dudu?

Yeah, Dudu, say a few words.

Tell everyone how you bought the job.

Sir, I'll ask you not to interrupt.

What's the matter? Ashamed?
You should be.

Folks, ignore the background noise.

- Beat it.
- Fuck off.

- Won't go peacefully?
- Don't you dare touch me.

Get your hands off me!

Corrupt motherfuckers!

I won't give in,
I'm taking this all the way!

- Friends, listen here...
- Shame on you!

- You have blood on your hands, you scum!
- Ignore that man.

- Coffee?
- No, thanks.

Nice show you put on at Meir's.

Did you think I'd swallow that shit?

Just as you like it.

I hear Eti left you.

You slept with someone.

You, Izzy? Can that be?

Look at that.
You think you know someone...

You knew the second we caught
onto your connection with Atalia,

it'd be the end of the case, didn't you?

The system protects itself.

At any cost.

How many corpses have you left behind?

Eliran, Ruslan, Sharon Zur.

- Who else? There must be more.
- Izzy...

Does Natalie Hasson
know what you did to her sister?

What you did to the mother of your child?

I don't believe it.
She wouldn't keep it quiet,

no matter how much
hush money you pay her.

And what was your deal
with Sharon, anyway?

Did she remind you of your mother?


Let go, asshole.

Are you okay?

Yeah, you hit like a girl.

That's why you're bleeding.

Man, I don't know what happened to you.

Nothing happened to me.

You knew who I was from the start.

When we first met at that café
in Herzliya, when you recruited me,

you looked at me
like you won the lottery.

- What's that got to do with it?
- Everything.

You sent me to mingle with criminals
because you knew I'd fit in.

That I'm one of them.

- So now it's all my fault.
- No, it's nobody's fault.

You don't understand, Izzy,
this is who I am.

I didn't want you to get hurt.

I love you, really.

Our friendship has always been
a hundred percent real to me.

That's why I want you to listen carefully
to what I have to say, Izzy.

If you keep digging into this,
you'll get hurt,

I won't be able to protect you anymore.

- You're protecting me?
- Yes, Izzy, I'm protecting you.

Bad things will happen,
and not only to you,

to Eti, to your kids,
to everyone you hold dear.

- I won't be able to stop it.
- Are you serious?

You're threatening my kids?

I'm not threatening,
I don't want it to happen.

Don't you get it? It's up to you now.

Just stop, for God's sake.

Retire, go sailing, let this shit go.

Got a smoke?


What happened?


It's over.

What do you mean, over?

It's over.


Are you Gazala?

- Tal, Int'l Crimes.
- Hi, Tal.

What happened here?

A pipe burst, so the farmers
started digging and found a body.

Forensics says it's been here for months.
The pathologist's on the way.

- I understand there's an initial ID.
- Yes, his wallet was next to him.


What's up, babe? Are you giving birth?

No, Izzy, I still have time.

That's good, because I'm sailing
to Limassol now.

- I'll only be back in a few days.
- Izzy.

I found Ruslan.


Buried in some field
with a bullet in his head.

Looks like there's going to be trouble.

Are you there?

Yes, I'm here.