Manayek (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Uman - full transcript

Izzy and Tal arrive at Uman to convince Eliran to return, but he is a tough nut to crack. Meanwhile, Ronit has a plan to take Leibo down.





Is that him?

He bought a ticket to Istanbul in cash
using Elior's passport

and landed there a few hours ago.

Nobody knows where he is.

- Mrs. Khen.
- You're under arrest

for suspicion of abetting a crime
and obstruction of justice.

He wrote that he needed money,
so I sent him money.

Our people in Kfar Qassem
got stuck with an IDF container.

We want to return it
to the insurance company for a payoff.

Didn't you realize it was a scam?

A high-ranking officer gives me a letter
signed by the DA authorizing the deal.

What did he give you?

Let's keep this
between you and me for now.

If word gets out that the DA is involved,
it could put an end to the case.

I'd like to know if there's
anything solid in Eliran's case.

Okay, what do you want to know?

This is our moment of truth.

All our work comes down to this.
I want zero mistakes.


Bigger men than you have sat here
and cried like little girls.

Eitan, this is Amnon from Shabak.

- He's mine, I'm taking him.
- What?

I hope you all realize the deal is off.



I was so glad to hear
that someone's still looking for Sharon.

Did you come across a police officer
named Barak Harel?

If you ask me, he...

He's the child's father.

Does my presence bother you so much
you're sending me to work with the rats?

- It's hard for me, too.
- Go fuck yourself.

Izzy, what're you doing here?

Eti, I have something to tell you.
I slept with someone.

It's over between you and me.

- When can I get a passport?
- One week.

Fine, one week.

And then you give me
the rest of the money.

I need your help.

Eliran Khen is in the Ukraine
and he can't come back.

- You can come out of this on top.
- What do you mean "on top"?

I mean the very top.

Pack warm clothes,
you're going to the Ukraine.

Everyone get ready.

You told them to be ready?

- Grab him, he's getting away!
- Fuck!

You can't go in there. It's a synagogue.

We're the police!

Don't do anything stupid, Eliran.

- Stop!
- Nothing stupid, Eliran.

I'm Kobi Elul, the Israel Police
representative in the Ukraine.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Move it.

Face the wall.

In you go.

That's your place.


God, what a bizarre place.

It's like Bnei Brak,
but 20 degrees colder.

Fucking hell, couldn't he have
run away to Thailand?

Are you sure you don't want to stop
at the hotel and freshen up?

No, take us straight to Eliran.

They're with me.

- How are you, my friend?
- I'm fine.

Izzy, Tal,
this is Major Kirill Porchenko.

He's the officer that's going to help us.

This is Izzy from the Justice Department
in Israel.

- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Hi.

Tal, from the Israeli police.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

So, let's go inside.

He's cute.

Let's just get this over with
and get the hell out of here.

How's it going, Eliran?


Tell me.

How'd you get here
from Turkey under the radar?

I have my ways.

Come on, throw us a bone.

I paid someone in Istanbul
5000 dollars to smuggle me across.

Then another 500 dollars
to a Ukrainian cop at the port

and that was that.

Now, I know why your mother
had to send you money.

She's smart, right?

Didn't you arrest me in Bat-Yam?

- That's right.
- International Crimes.

Nice to meet you, Tal Ben Harush.

You realize
you're wasting your time, right?

Ukraine doesn't have
an extradition agreement with Israel

and I'm not going back.

They can extradite you
without an agreement.

It'll take a little more time
and you'll spend it here, in jail.

- No hurry.
- Yeah? Having fun here?

It's not that bad.


The State Attorney authorized us
to continue the state's witness process

from where we left off.

We'll let all the trouble
you caused slide.

All you have to do
is come back to Israel with us.

I'm not going back.

If I set foot in Israel I'm a dead man,
like Ruslan.

- Ruslan is missing.
- Yeah, I read about it online.

Missing my ass.
You know very well he was whacked.

Do you know your mother was arrested?

Your mother's in the women's prison

with all the whores and junkies
and AIDS cases.

We're willing, as part of the deal,

to drop all the charges
against your mother,

if you come back and testify.

What did you think?

That if you told me my mom is in jail,

I'd cry and rush off
to the airport with you?

You know what?

If you care so little about your mother,

tell her that to her face.

- You remember what we said, Edna.
- Yes.

Do your best to get him to come home.
He's only safe here.

Yes, Tal, I'm here with Edna.

I'm putting Eliran on the line.

Here, talk to your mother.

Eliran, dear, are you there?

I'm here, I'm fine. Don't cry, Mom.

Thank God you're okay.

Tell him what you're going through.

They arrested me, did they tell you?

Mom, they're only holding you
so I'll give in.

They're just manipulating you.
They have nothing on you.

They said I'll serve time, Eliran.

Be strong, Mom.

If I go back to Israel,
I'm a dead man, you hear me?

- A dead man.
- They'll protect you, Eliran.

They're lying. They can't protect me.

They couldn't even protect me
at your house.

I don't know what to think any more.

Listen, Mom.

You be strong there
and I'll be strong here.

And God willing we'll be okay. Trust me.

Are you sure?

I'm sure. They can't do anything to you.
You didn't do anything.

Don't let them mess with your head.


Eliran, don't worry about me.

- I'll do as much time as I have to.
- Edna...

You be strong...

You really don't care about your mother.

Better she do time
that cry at her son's grave.

Eliran, your bargaining position
has changed.

You aren't so important to us anymore.

What do you mean?

We have other leads now. Better leads.

We can nail Barak Harel without you.

There's not going to be another deal.

I'm sorry, but if you don't come back
with us now, it's all over.

What if I tell you how Barak
killed one of your CIs?

Which CI?

Some junkie he had a thing with.

He found out she was talking to IAD.

She planted a camera in her apartment,
inside a teddy bear.

He keeps the teddy bear in his office,
that nutcase.

Barak killed her?


- Her name was Sharon.
- How do you know he killed her?

Gili told me.

He killed her, then took her
to Tamir and Gili to get rid of the body.

They cut her up, put her through
the grinder in their farm

and fed her to the turkeys.


You heard me.

And that's the mother of his child,
not just any random girl.

What child?

You haven't got a clue, do you?

Sharon had Barak's baby,
now her sister's raising him.

How do you know it's his baby?

Come on, everybody knows.

If you're interested,
I'll gladly cooperate,

but I want you
to set me up out of Israel.

Abroad? Do you really think
you won't do time?

No jail, set me up abroad,
drop the charges against my mom.

You're out of your mind!

- They sent Tzahi Ben Abu to Canada.
- Tzahi Ben Abu didn't kill anyone!

Those are my demands.

Pass them along.

Have a seat, friends.

Okay, as you know,

I don't like calling meetings
with no advance notice,

but I have no choice.

Let's make this quick.

Who's this Moskowitz guy?

A contractor.

Suspected of bribing
the mayor of Nes Ziona.

- You know the case.
- We seized his assets.

Twelve million shekels of his own money
and of two companies he controls.

We throttled him.

The State Attorney received
a notice from his lawyer.

He's going to appeal the forfeiture,
he claims it is disproportional

because Moskowitz is only suspected
of giving the mayor 100 000 dollars.

Moskowitz works for Dmitri Kogan,

a crime boss living in the Ukraine
with businesses here in Israel.

We're pressuring him into cooperating.

Say that in court
and they'll throw us out on our asses.

Financial violence,
violation of human rights, you name it.

They'll investigate all our forfeitures.

- Dudu, I don't...
- Do we have enough

in order to charge him
with money-laundering?

- No.
- Okay.

Then all we have right now is bribery.

So I'm taking preventative steps.

My explicit orders:

Meet with the State Attorney

and keep 200 000 dollars of the money
seized from Moskowitz's bank account.

That's plenty.

Release the rest immediately.

I don't want this thing to go to court.

- What is it?
- Nothing, it's just...

a sudden change of policy.


It's a policy, not the gospel truth.
Policies can be changed.

That's why we have brass
on our shoulders.

Anything else?

Does Atalia know about this?

Those are her orders. Anything else?

- No.
- Fine, then get out of here.

What's going on, Dudu?

Helping out Ukrainian mobsters
before you retire?

You're out of here soon.
But for now, I am here.

Got a problem with that?


No problem.


You can take that thing off.

Imad, this Ronit Meinzer,
IAD chief of investigations.

If I ever commit a crime,
she'll be the one investigating me.

So be nice.


Something to drink?

Not now, thanks.

Imad has been working with us
for quite a few years.

You can speak freely,
but you know the rules.

- No documentation.
- Got it.

- How can I help you?
- We're investigating Barak Harel.

We got wind of your deal
with Ophir Leibowitz.

We planned a major operation around it
and now we're stuck,

so I'd be grateful for any information
on Barak or Leibowitz that could help us.

Barak has been working
with Tamir for years.

They use the cops
for all sorts of things.

They do their dirty work.

Do you know
what their financial arrangement is?

No idea.

Johnny worked very closely with them

and I only came in
after the recent incident.

Yes. Let's talk about that incident.

We tried to map out a network

of Hamas affiliated arms dealers
near Nablus,

Tarek Ismail worked with them.

We received intel on an NCO
at an IDF depot who's on drugs,

so we decided to use it.

I contacted the NCO

and hooked him up with Johnny and Tarek.

Tarek brought his buyers from Nablus,

but, at the last minute, the buyers
found out we had a collaborator with us

- and turned tail.
- Okay.

They suspected it was me,
so I had no choice.

I turned them against each other.

I convinced Johnny
that Tarek was the collaborator,

but he went to Gili and got the cop
to get rid of him.

Imad gave us a head's up
and we passed on the information,

so International Crimes would be there.

Police! Halt!

What was the story with Johnny?
Who killed him in Olga?

Every step of the operation
had government authorization.

Imad's cover is vital
to our nation's security.

We couldn't put him at risk.

And Leibowitz, when...

How does he fit in?

I wanted to dump the goods
as soon as possible.

Things were getting too hot.

I met Leibo at Tamir
and Gili's place in the village.

I discussed all the money matters
directly with him.

And Barak Harel wasn't involved?



What are you planning to do? Release him?

It's tricky. It's a murder case.

He needs at least a month in jail
to make it look believable.

We don't have a month.

Can someone do the deal with Leibo
instead of you?

Take him in for questioning.

- Hello.
- Leibo.

- Who's this?
- Sammy Suleiman.

- Where'd you get this number?
- From Imad's lawyer.

He wanted me to talk to you
about the container.

- Okay.
- Got the money?

Yeah, but I need a vehicle.

Let me know when you're ready.


- Fuck, I knew it.
- What?

Book the van,
the deal with the Arab is on.

- How'd that happen?
- I don't know, but it's happening.

Listen, not a word to Barak.

Why not?

Forget him. The best way is if we show up
in the end with his money.

It's not going to happen, Izzy,
I spoke to the State Attorney.

Did you tell him
what Eliran said about Sharon Zur?

He doesn't care. He won't even hear
of changing the agreement with Eliran.

She was our CI.

Officially, she was SIU Central's CI.

Are you serious?

I'm pissed off too, but that's how it is.

We're back to plan A again anyway.

Leibo's deal is back on the table,
we're going to bust him.

How'd that happen?

Shin Bet is working with us,

so I'm not worried about Eliran Khen,
I must admit.

I still want to try
one more thing on him.

Okay, take another 24 hours,

but if it doesn't work, forget it,
let him stay there.

In a few days, when he realizes
he's stuck in a Ukrainian jail

without a penny to his name,
he'll beg us to come get him.

I'm not sure he'll last a few days.

Don't exaggerate, okay?

I understand
they're watching over him well.

Twenty four hours. Bye.

- Let's go.
- What?

Let's go.

Excuse me for a second.

- Yes, Izzy.
- Hi.

I tried reaching you a few times.

Yes, I saw. How is it there?

Cold and depressing.

- Do you need something?
- No.

Then why did you call?

No reason.

- Don't worry, Archie's fine.
- Good.



What's up?

Nothing. Just spoke to Eti.

I just spoke to my mother.

That nut wants me to pray
at Rabbi Nachman's grave.

She thinks it'll help me find a husband.

I don't mind coming along.


no rabbi in the world can help me.

I'm a lost cause.

Did you see what's in the mini-bar?

Ukrainian beer.

Want some?
The Ministry of Justice is paying.

No, thanks.

So what do you say?

About what?

What Eliran said.

Did you know that Sharon
had Barak's baby?

I heard something about it.

What did you hear?

Sharon's sister Natalie
is raising the baby.

Until four years ago,

she and her husband lived
in the projects, welfare cases.

Suddenly, they move
to a cottage in Rishon

and they represent
some holdings company from Cyrus.

You don't say.

I see you've looked into the matter.

Not officially.


Good to know.

What else?

When the baby was born,
Barak's wife Anat was still alive.

If you ask me, he made a deal with them.

He set them up in exchange
for them raising the kid.

He wouldn't leave him
to the welfare system.

He grew up in the system,
he knows it too well.

Barak grew up in the welfare system?

His mother abandoned him
when he was five.

He went through it all,
foster families, boarding schools.

So her sister and her husband
know Barak's the father.


And they don't know that Barak
is involved in Sharon's disappearance?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

He built them a gilded cage,
that's not easy to give up.

What about the company in Cyprus?

I don't know,
probably some sort of shell.

I asked for info on it,
it's called Yarden Holdings.

That's also the boy's name, Yarden.

It's a lead to Barak's money.


Does Meinzer know about any of this?

No, nobody knows.

I only found out just before we left.

This doesn't look good.

You think I'm covering for Barak?

Having a baby out of wedlock
isn't a crime in Israel, okay?

And if there's no connection
between Barak and the company,

then there's nothing here but gossip.

Gossip we can use.

If Barak is trying
so hard to hide the kid,

it's a weak spot we can leverage.

Yeah? What do you want us to do?

Threaten to tell his kids?
Tear his family apart?

Yes, Izzy.
Maybe that's what we should do.

Remember, this is our job.

And if you can't handle it,
maybe you shouldn't have taken the case.

Don't you see how wrong it is
that you're only telling me now?

What's wrong with it?

I'm telling you, it's nothing yet.

I'm disappointed that you didn't tell me.

I thought we were friends.

From Israel, right?


Want to smoke?

I don't have money.

I don't need money.

It's okay, relax.

Israel, you come!


We made a few calls to Israel.

The State Attorney won't even consider
changing the terms of the deal.

I'm meeting a lawyer tomorrow.

And how will you pay him?

Your mother can't send money from prison.

And what would you do?
You don't even have a passport.

I'll manage. My brother will help me.

Haven't you gotten your family
into enough trouble?

The Shmaya brothers
will eventually find you.

You think they won't find you here?

You mean if I don't cooperate,
you'll make sure they find me?

We don't have to make sure of anything.

The State Attorney's office
and the police

are very big organizations.

Barak will find someone
who'll tell him where you are.

I'd be surprised
if he doesn't already know.

Why are you here?
I haven't changed my conditions.

No jail, set me up abroad
and drop all charges against my mother.

I'm not going to tell you again.

Look what we found in his room.

What is this? This is not mine.

Half a kilo of marijuana in your room,
in the hostel.

You know what you get
in this country for this?

Ten years in prison.

You put it in my room. This is bullshit.

What is this, a trick?

I have no idea. It isn't yours?


- You guys are crazy.
- Why are you smiling?

This is bullshit, a trick.

Believe me, this is not a trick.

Okay, so I have nothing to say
until I see a lawyer, okay?


- So you will go back to cell.
- Okay.

Did you really think I'd fall for this?

- This has nothing to do with me.
- Nothing to do with you?

What? You want a bribe?

You offer me bribe?

- Yes.
- Are you crazy?

Get him out of here.

- I don't think it worked, Izzy.
- Patience, that was just part one.


Here you go.

- Thanks.
- My pleasure.

I'm really glad we're getting
to know each other better, you know.

Like friends.

I even...


You know, IAD is such a men's club...

Not as much as it used to be.

It still is.

Just to see a woman like you
in such an important position...

is a sign I have somewhere to aspire to.

Do you mind my saying that?

- You aren't embarrassed?
- No.

It's fine, I'm glad you told me.

I also feel like
we have a good connection.

- We do, don't we?
- Yeah.

So how's the Eliran thing going?

It's going nowhere.
He's giving us a real hard time.


He doesn't have much choice.
It'll take a few more days, max.

He'll come crawling to us.

So in the meantime,
he's in custody there.

Yes, they'll keep him as long as we need.

In any case
he's dropped down our priority list.

We're about to make some arrests, so...

What arrests?

That can't be.

I'm telling you,
they're going to make arrests.

But the deal was called off.

Int'l Crimes arrested Imad Khirbawi.

No, the Shin Bet are holding him,
he's their man.

- He works with Shin Bet?
- Turns out.

And Shin Bet is working with IAD.

- This all seems very unlikely.
- I don't know.

Ronit Meinzer told me the deal is on.

They're going to make some arrests.

She's on cloud nine.

I started smoking again,
so I could get information out of her.

I feel like crap.

- Any chance she's trying to trick you?
- No.

She isn't that clever.

Say, Barak,
where's that letter I gave you?

- Forget the letter, it's irrelevant.
- Irrelevant?

If they make those arrests,

they'll find the letter
and realize I'm involved.

- What?
- Nothing.

Listen, there is no deal.

I don't know what IAD is up to
but there is no deal.

- If there was a deal I'd know.
- Are you sure?

I'm sure. You can rest assured.

Eldad, this is Ronen from reception.

A police officer here wants
to talk to you.

- Don't let him in.
- He's already in.


- Hi, Eldad.
- Barak, hello.

- I'm just leaving.
- I need two minutes of your time.

Just two minutes.

Look, I...

First of all, I want to apologize.


For what?

I understand IAD was here
and updated you on the case.

What're you talking about?

Eldad, you don't have
to play this game with me.

I work with IAD.
I know about Leibo. It's alright.

We're on the same side.

He fooled me too.

Good thing we found out in time, no?

No offense,

but I don't think
we should be talking about this.

Eldad, I promise Leibo
will be handled with all due severity.

I'm working with IAD hand-in-hand.

You can rest assured.

I will when I get the money back.

I'll help you with that,
you have my word.


And I'll be the first
to testify that you...

got into this in good faith, like me.


Do you think they suspect me?

They didn't tell me I'm a suspect.

If I'm a suspect,
they have to tell me, don't they?

They don't have to,
but I've got your back, don't worry.

I assume you showed them
the DA's letter, right?

Of course I did.

Where'd you get that letter, anyway?

Leibo lied to me and the DA.
He submitted a false affidavit.

I told you, we're in the same boat.

Do you remember
who you gave the letter to?

Of course.

An investigator named Izzy
and a woman investigator, an Arab.

Good, then they have the letter.

Well, in a few days
all this will be behind us,

God willing.

I hope so. I'm on pins and needles.

Right. It'll be fine.


If you could keep this meeting
to yourself...

IAD asked me not to talk to you,

but I felt I had to make sure

everything was okay.

I feel like I'm responsible.


I appreciate it. Thanks.

No problem.

Anything you need, I'm here.

Kobi told me you're worried about Eliran.

Yes, very powerful people
in Israel want him dead.

Don't worry, our jail is very secure.

I told the guards
to watch him all the time.

You tell me don't worry, but I'm worried.

What's that?

Vodka with chili pepper,
it's considered impolite not to drink it.

- Drink that?
- Lighten up. Drink.

- Don't make a big deal.
- Why? Are you going to?

For sure.


To our friends from Israel.

- L'chaim!
- L'chaim, nazdarovay!

- To good health.
- To good health.

I apologize for overriding authority
and coming straight to you,

but from what I see here,

Atalia is clearly collaborating
with Barak Harel.

I suspect he's blackmailing her
in connection with her son's arrest.

I went over some cases
she closed in recent years.

There's some dubious stuff there.

How long have you known about this?

A few days.

Izzy asked me to keep it secret,

but I decided that was wrong.

And I don't quite understand
what his position in this case is.

Why didn't you take this
to Padova or Meinzer?

Due to the sensitive nature
of the material,

I thought it best to let
as few people as possible in on it.

Maybe we can use this,

feed her false information,

mislead Barak, trick him,

and bring both of them down.


No, nothing.

It's just...

I'll have to inform the State Attorney
and the Attorney General.

This is serious stuff.


I can count on your discretion, right?

Of course.

Then don't worry.
We'll handle this with all due severity.

I appreciate you coming to me with this.
You did the right thing.


Would you buy me some drinks?

- Bye, honey, buzz off.
- Excuse me?

Buzz off, he's mine.

- Off you go.
- Okay.

You realize you owe me an apology?

Eti moved out.


For good?

I think so.


Sorry, Izzy, I...

You're the first person I've told.

Want me to explain to you what Tinder is?

And I sent that call girl away...
Wait, I'll tell her to come back.

You mean she was a call girl?

No, Izzy.

Just some 21-year-old girl
who's into you.

Why don't you check in with Tanya
when you get back?

She's into you, I know it.

I slept with her.

With who?

With Tanya, once.

You're kidding.


I'm in shock, I...

I didn't think you were that type.

I'm not that type.

If there's one thing
I've learned from all this,

it's that I'm not that type.

I'm too domesticated.

That's not for me.

But I'm fine, really.

Really, I'm fine.

This isn't because of you.

Then what is it? What's wrong?

I'm pregnant.


- Then why are you drinking?
- You think I'm going to keep it?

It's Eitan's baby.

I haven't told anyone.

I'm such a mess.

Izzy, I'm a mess.

I'm going to end up alone,
I'm going to die alone.

Don't be silly.

- I wish I was dead.
- Tal.

Look at me. Never say that.

- But that's how I feel.
- Then feel something else!

Listen, when I did
what I did back in SIU,

I went through a stretch...

Eti left home with the kids,

everyone at work
turned their backs on me,

I ate shit, I felt like my life was over.

I had those thoughts too.

So what did you do?

I didn't do anything.

I had a good friend who pulled me up
and saved my life.

I'm here for you, Tal, you're not alone.

No more of that nonsense.

Can I get you a shot of the chili vodka?

You'll be fine.

You know what the funniest thing is?

That friend who saved me was Barak.

That's why I took on this case,

I thought, here's my chance
to finally pay him back.

Instead I'm going to ruin his life.

Izzy, he ruined his own life.

It's not you. It's him.

Hold on.

Hold on.

- Hold on.
- I haven't drunk that much in ages.

You drink like a pussy.

Help me out here...

Are you okay?

Okay, goodnight. I'm going to my room.

- Tal?
- Yeah?

- I'm going to barf.
- Hold on.

Hold on, don't throw up there.

Wait, I'll get you some water.

Just a second.


Are you finished?

My head is spinning.



You aren't a mess, you're awesome.



You're one of the most amazing girls
I ever met.

You deserve...

all the very best the world has to offer.



Who's in the photo? It looks like him.

- It is him.
- Is it?


- No.
- That's him.

Israel, look.

You in newspaper.

It says police find two kilo cannabis
in Israeli tourist room.

This is big trouble for you, bro.

You know, the law in Ukraine
for drugs is very bad.

Ten years, minimum.

I need to call the guards.

You said you don't have any money.


Hello, officer!





Yes, Kobi.

You don't say.

Amazing. We're on our way.


Izzy, wake up.
Eliran wants to talk to us. Come on.

- What, really?
- Yes. Come on.

Let's get ready.

- I'll talk to him, okay?
- Okay.

We don't want him to change his mind.

I didn't really think
the trick would work.

You don't believe in my skills,
don't you?


Let's pack him up and get out of here.

I'm waiting for Kirill.

Assault of a prisoner...

- After me!
- Guards, to the cell of prisoner...

- What's going on?
- Eliran.


You'll be okay. Show me.

Fuck, Eliran!

Son of a bitch came out of nowhere...

Eliran, you'll be okay,
you're going home.

You'll be okay.

Stay with me, Eliran!
Eliran, stay with me!

Fuck, get the doctor!

- Eliran, stay with me!
- Where's the doctor?

Go get the doctor!

Eliran, stay with me.
Eliran, you'll be okay.

Where's the doctor? Get the doctor!
Eliran, stay with me!

Eliran, stay with me!

Everyone clear the room.

We have to stop the bleeding.

Press on the wound.

How are you?

I'll be okay.

We're trying to find out
who leaked Eliran's whereabouts.

I understand the Ukrainian police
claim the whole thing

was a dispute between inmates.

Bear in mind that everything we say
goes straight to Barak.

I have nothing to say to you.

I think you'll want to hear
what I have to tell you.

You screwed me, you asshole!

Calm down, shut up
and stay out of my way.

Do you realize what you've done?

Sometimes the system has to be flexible.

I won't give in,
I'm taking this all the way!

Okay, people, they're leaving.

Eldad, I have the package
and I'm on the way.

Move in. Get him.

- Pull over!
- Keep going, don't stop!