Manayek (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Roslan - full transcript

New investigators join the team and the case becomes more complex. The goal: Find Roslan, while Barak also tries to find him. A container full of stolen weapons comes into the picture.





- Police!
- He's turning onto Balfour Street.

On the ground.

I have information
on a high-ranking officer

involved in serious criminal activity.

Would Barak Harel try to kill you?

We're making progress with Eliran.

We're sending him to record
his partner in the Ganashvili murder.

What's up, Ruslan?

I need to talk to you,
can you come by tonight?

Let's meet at the hangout.

Are you crazy?

You're sending him into a trap!


Eliran fled the country.

He got on a flight to Turkey
with his brother's passport.

I want an APB on Eliran
as a fugitive criminal.

He's all we've got in this case.

Not exactly. There's Ruslan Menachemov.

They're onto you.

Come to where we dropped you off.

- Is Ruslan home?
- Do you have a warrant?


Ruslan, what're you doing here?

We didn't want too many people involved
until we knew what we're dealing with.

I'll tell you what you're dealing with,
a pile of shit, that's what.

This makes us look very, very bad.

Eliran's mother's phone came back
to life, we've traced it.

- Let's see.
- Whose phone is this?

Not mine, I found it on the street,
I swear.

Isn't that Leibowitz?

- How did you know it was here?
- Barak told me.

When he showed up at the gas station
it raised a lot of red flags.

I get the feeling I'm being interrogated.

Are you investigating Barak?

The tortured saint
who investigates his best friend.

You're going to ruin our lives, Izzy.

Feeling better?


- Shira, what's up?
- Be there in a minute.

You don't have a minute, we have to go.

- Is this for me?
- Yes. Let's go.

- When do you finish today?
- I dunno, around three.

Alright. I'll phone you if I have to.




Who was that, Dad?


It's nothing. Get in the car.

Cute kids.

He said his son was sick. Another lie.

Didn't you say he's a widower?

His wife died of cancer three years ago.

And he doesn't have anyone?


He's just my type.

Tall, dark and crooked.


Not funny.

I only had three hours of sleep,
I need a laugh.

Alright, let's get out of here.



What were you and the cop doing
outside Barak's?

- What?
- I have men there, they saw you.

- We were checking something out.
- Checking what out?

Ruslan Menachemov made a call
to an anonymous number yesterday.

Police issued?

No, Barak has it.

How do you know?

We called the number and saw him answer.

You called him?

Without caller ID.


Nothing, he answered and we hung up.

Don't you think now he realizes
he can't use the line again?

Baranes, Barak knows
we're investigating him.

He's probably stopped talking
on the phone, period.

But he still has this phone.

That means they don't know
where Ruslan Menachemov is either.

That's the only reason
for him not to get rid of it,

in case he tries to contact him.

Good thinking.

We'll need a tap on the phone.
I'll take care of it.

the State Attorney issued an order.

They're enhancing the task force.
I stay in charge.

There are no consequences for last night?

There are.
We can't blow it like that again.

Are you with us?


I want you to be lead investigator,
I need a responsible adult there.


You sure, Izzy? It's not too close?


Good. I'm giving a briefing
in half an hour.

Be there and bring the cop.

- Her name is Tal.
- I know.

- Do you buy his sudden change of heart?
- I don't know.

- I'm leaving the wiretaps on him, right?
- Of course.

I hear they formed
a task force in my honor.

I told you, as you rise through the ranks

and people see you're aiming for the top,

the harder they'll try to bring you down.

You know what they've got on me?

No idea.

They're trying to keep me out
of the loop because of last time.

But what could they have?

What could have Eliran Khen given them?

He could make up anything.

Good morning.

What's up, Halabi? All good?

At least Izzy's there to watch your back.

He interrogated me
in my own office, the bastard.

Watch my back...

I know him, he's a loose cannon.

Okay, but if he's there
at least they won't play dirty with you.

Them putting him there is playing dirty.

What's up with you, Dudu?
Wake up and smell the bacon.

Barak, is there anything
you're not telling me?

Now you're interrogating me too?

Just answer.

No, there isn't anything
I'm not telling you.

Are you sure?

What could there be?

I've already told you everything.

Damn it, my last two months on the force,
I thought I'd have it easy,

instead I have to deal with this shit.

I gotta get back to the station.

Leibo, can I have a word with you?

Give us a minute.

Patrolmen spotted Gili's car in Afula.

- Afula? What's he doing in Afula?
- No idea.

Grab Shem-Tov and get over there.

Take care of it.

Okay, let's make this fast.

First I want to thank Padova,

director of Central Division
who's hosting our task force.

Thank you.

Okay, the Barak Harel case.

I assume you all know
what's been going on

in the last couple of days.

Eliran Khen fled the country.

Where he is,

we don't know, but we're working on it.

Bottom line, we lost our state's witness

so we'll have to work harder.
We're enhancing the team.

Joining us is a new investigator,
Hiba Elnasser from Central Division,

- and her intern, Yoel Schwartz.
- Hey.

This is our task force room.

We'll have computers installed
and we're changing the code for the door,

so from this moment on

nobody who isn't
in this room right now comes in.

This is a top-secret investigation,

very sensitive, as I'm sure you know.

Our target knows we're working
and he's already started to impede.

Padova and I will be the attorneys
working the case.

In terms of tasks,

I want a full financial investigation
into Barak Harel.

We need to prove
he's getting something in return

for the things he does
for the Shmaya brothers,

otherwise we have no case.

We've got wiretaps, we'll have more.

Detectives, I want constant coverage
of Barak Harel, okay?

He's our main target.

Besides that, Ruslan Menachemov,

suspected of murdering Gabi Ganashvili,

we need to find him,
that's our top priority.

Hiba and Yoel, I want you
on Ruslan's phone call logs

and Facebook.

Izzy and Tal, Ruslan's house,
a search, and question his wife.

We have warrants for you.

That's it, good luck.

Is this the warrant?

Why didn't you say anything?

I thought it was bullshit,
but I was wrong.

How do you feel about this?
Isn't it hard for you?

I'm fine. This is Tal Ben Harush
from Int'l Crimes.

- Hello.
- Tal, this is Hiba,

an excellent investigator,

- and this is her intern, Yoel.
- Nice to meet you.

By the way, I was Izzy's intern
about 100 years ago.

Everything I know about investigations
I learned from him.


You don't say.


Okay, we'll get to work.

Let's go, Yoel.

You were curt with her.

- Curt?
- Unpleasant.

That's how I roll.

Shall we?

He told me he was going to help
a friend and he'd be back late,

that's the last I heard from him.

And he isn't answering his phone.

Don't you dare wake up my baby.

Does Ruslan disappear at night often?

Sometimes he works night shifts.

- Where does he work?
- M & S Properties.

Where's that?

Their office is in the industrial zone

but they also have a warehouse in Bat-Yam

and another at the Ashdod Port.

- Makes good money, huh?
- What?

Five-thousand-shekel baby carriage.

Oh, that? That was a gift from my mother.

Why not?

Why did Ruslan quit the force, anyway?

Urine test, they found drugs
or something.

What kind of drugs?

Grass, Ritalin. Nothing serious.

I didn't see anything about it
in the system.

How's that possible?

The station commander, Barak,

wanted to spare him
a criminal record so he kept it quiet.

Ruslan quit
and Barak helped him find work.

Do you know Eliran Khen?

Yeah, Ruslan's friend from the station.

- Good friend?
- I dunno, I can't stand him.

He drags Ruslan into poker games.

He's cost us a lot of money, that Eliran.

Ruslan is kind of...

easy to manage, y'know?

He does as he's told.

Lucky you.

Yes, if it were only me,
but there are lots of others.

This was in his closet,
and we found a little grass too.

What's that?

I don't know. Never seen it before.

- We won't find your prints on it?
- Of course not.

Do you realize your husband
might have been killed?

- What? Who?
- Who do you think?

The people you're protecting, that's who,

the people who pay you off in dollars.

Why are you shouting at me?

Because you're playing dumb, that's why.

Where's the money from?

I don't know, he does all sorts of jobs.

- You're a liar.
- Tal, please.


I'll be frank with you.

We have information that your husband
is connected to Tamir and Gili Shmaya.

You know who they are, right?

He's in serious danger.

Any information you can give us
will help.

Anything odd that happened recently,

even things that seem insignificant.

Yesterday afternoon someone came by
and spoke to Ruslan.

After he left Ruslan was on edge,

then at night he left and that's that.

Who was it?

- I don't know, I don't know him.
- Try to be more specific.

He was an older man, fat...

I think I heard Ruslan call him Ezra.


One second.

Is this him?


What? Who is he?

Nobody. It's alright.
Excuse us a moment, okay?

Go to the washing machine
and get one of Ruslan's dirty clothes

- without her noticing.
- Okay.

Then I need two things:
One, call in a K9 unit,

and two, I need someone from your unit
to track down Ezra Fallah for us.


Okay, we're finished here.

Thanks for your cooperation.
I'd like you to remain available,

here's my card in case
you have questions, okay?

Don't worry, we'll find him.

Are you gonna give me trouble
or can we work together?

Of course we can work together.

Good, then show me the container.

Let's go.


Look at these delicacies
Linda made for you.

God forbid you have to eat hospital food.

This chicken smells like heaven.

So? Any news?

They've traced Gili's car.
It's only a matter of time.

He drove to Afula, the motherfucker.

I'd kill the bastard with my own hands.

He took my wallet
with Sara's picture in it.

Calm down, you need to rest.

Did you cancel my credit cards?

Barak asked us not to cancel them,

Ruslan might use them.

- Imad is here.
- Send him in.

Imad, come on in.

How's it going?

- You know my Uncle Meir.
- Hey.

Sure I know him. How's it going?

- How's it going?
- Fine.

I'll find a vase or something
to put that in water...


- How're you feeling, Ezra?
- Thanks for asking.

- Get well soon.
- Thanks.

- You have Muhammad's regards.
- I appreciate it.

- Tamir, can I have a word with you?
- Sure.

I understand that cop fled the country.

We'll find him, don't worry,
it's all under control.


Johnny and Tarek have
a stolen army container.

I thought Johnny had buyers for that.

Didn't work out.

We need to get rid of the goods,
things are too messy right now.

Paint it blue and dump it in the ocean.

No, I want to do this properly
so they'll stop searching for it.

There's an insurance company
that insures the army warehouses.

We want to return the goods.

What's that got to do with me?

I thought your cops could intervene.

No way, they've got too much heat now,
thanks to your friend.

Johnny was no friend of mine.

I could've told Muhammad
that it was your brother

who hooked Johnny up with the cop,
but I didn't.

So now I owe you?

God forbid. Who said you owe me?

We're partners,
we look out for each other.

You'll get a cut, 20 percent.

You said it's all under control,
so what's the problem?

- Thirty-five.
- Thirty.


Don't forget, the cops need their cut.

Gili will talk to you about it.

What are you doing?

- That's nothing.
- Nothing?

Whose wallets are they?
What have you gotten us into?

- Yevgeny.
- Don't "Yevgeny" me.

I want you out of here.
I don't need trouble now.

Take the money, okay?

Isn't that worth letting me
stay here a while?

Fine. I gotta get to work.

You never told me
how you ended up in IAD.

Why are you so interested?

Just passing the time.
We could talk about soccer instead.

I was an intelligence officer in SIU,

One day a CI tipped me off
to a detective in our unit

who stole five kilos of heroin
from a raid we did. Reliable tip.


I went to Dudu Eini,
my commander, for advice.

He said: "Drop it, Izzy,
don't go looking for trouble."

For some reason I didn't listen to him.

I went to the chief of detectives,
that detective's direct supervisor.

Told him: "Look what your man is up to."

He said: "That's serious.
Give me all you've got."

Went to the head of SIU.
Said they'll handle it.


They handled it
like a burial society would.

- They buried it.
- Buried isn't the word.

Turns out the detective's father
and a high-ranking officer's brother

co-own some restaurant.
So they hushed it up.

Now, all that time I kept getting intel.

The detective's dealing, using.

Sold the heroin he stole,
he sold a gun too,

and nobody lifts a finger.

I had two options:
What a normal person does,

get on with life,
because what business is it of mine?

Or the idiot's option, to go to IAD.

Let me guess,
you chose the idiot's option.


For two months I worked
for them on the down-low,

recorded, took pictures, you name it.
It finally came out.

They arrested the detective,
there was a trial,

I was a key witness, and he went to jail.


Yeah, he served four years,

in jail he kicked the habit
and found God.

Now he lives in Tzfat
and he's sure God sent me to save him.

To this day, each holiday
he calls me and gives me a blessing.

- Get out.
- It's true.

The chief of detectives
got off with a rebuke,

I still don't know how.

His name is Shaul Katz,
he's your next chief of police.

Shaul Katz?

- Yup.
- And the head of SIU?

He was the chief gravedigger
so he paid the price.

They made him resign.

Today he's the Minister
of Homeland Security,

Yehuda Carmel.

- Swear it's true.
- I swear.

Don't you know how it works?
Politics attract only the finest.

Wait, isn't your wife a cop too?

- Did she know you were working with IAD?
- I only told her just before it came out.

If my husband pulled that kind
of shit on me...

Don't worry, she let me have it.
We had a big blowout.

We broke up, she took the kids...

Then we made up.


Come here, they're heading for the road.

A lot of blood.

Think he got out alive?

If he were dead,
Barak wouldn't still have his phone.

Maybe he doesn't know.

Fogel, go get the kit
and cordon off the scene, okay?

Don't touch anything
before Forensics gets here.

Let me do my job, okay?

Here's a bullet.

Nine millimeters.

Be careful.

Hold on...

The bullet hit him here...

So the casing should be...

somewhere around here.

Here it is. Come, get a picture.


Alright, he got here at 4:00 a.m.,

parked the car and started walking
toward Sprinzak Street.

The security cameras
at the deli got him on film.

Did you talk to Valley SIU?

Yeah, my guy's checking
if anyone saw him,

but I get Int'l Crimes
are looking for him as well.

- They're working with IAD.
- Yeah.

Want me to come?

No, I've got this.

You shouldn't leave your cars here
like this,

there've been lots of break-ins.

- So you came to watch them for us?
- Nah.

I heard you called in a K9 unit
so I came to see what's up.



Do you know Ruslan Menachemov?

Sure I know him. What happened to him?

We don't know.

If you're looking for him with dogs
you must have an idea.

We haven't found anything so far.

How's he connected?

We think he's involved
with Eliran's escape.

He was your man, wasn't he?

Ruslan? Yeah.

Druggie, failed a piss test,
I kicked him out.

How is it that there's no record
of him failing a urine test?

- We usually have that info.
- I dunno. Find out for yourself.

We submit our reports by the book.

- Heard from him lately?
- No, why would I?

His friends wanted to send him
a fruit platter a few months ago

when his wife had a baby.

I let them use... our gift budget, but...

that was all.

Need any help?
Cops to help with the search?

No, thanks, we're managing.

How long do we have
to keep up this charade?

Charade? What charade?

You're lying to my face.

- I'm lying to your face?
- That's right.

What's your deal, anyway?

Did you wait all these years
for a chance to screw me?

Because I worked my way up
and you got stuck in IAD?

- Is that what you think?
- That's how it feels.

All the years you pretended
to be my friend,

you were waiting to get me.

You're wrong. I wish I didn't know
what I do about you.

What do you think you know?

How long has it been this way?
Did Anat know?

Don't go there, Izzy.

She'd never let you
dirty your hands like this.

You haven't got a clue.


- What?
- Nothing.

That didn't look very cordial.

My people just called.

Ezra Fallah was hospitalized
last night. Someone shot him.

There's Baranes. Hi.

Hi. The nurse says he came in last night
with a bullet wound in his thigh,

gun accident.

Some officer wrote a report
this morning, Ethiopian woman.

Probably Eliran's commander.
Malka something?

Ruslan shot him.

How's he doing? Can we talk to him?

- Hello.
- Visiting hours are over, folks.

It's okay, we have permission.

What are you, IAD?
Do I look like a cop to you?

We're looking for Ruslan Menachemov.

Never met him.

- You were at his house.
- Don't remember.

What happened to your leg?

I don't know.

- How did it happen?
- Don't remember.

Don't you want us to find Ruslan?

He shot you, didn't he?

Want us to take you to central bookings?
Will that jog your memory?

Go ahead, take me.

Come on, take me.

Or are you all talk?

Alright, let's go.

You couldn't back me up in there?

Are you stupid or something?
Threatening him with central booking?

You think he gives a crap?

How can it be that there's no record
of him getting shot?

How? SIU Central is after him.

SIU Central was Barak's previous unit.

So they get the raw material
from the wiretaps and bury it?

They don't update anyone?

Go to SIGINT, see what they've got.

No way can someone
like Ezra Fallah get shot

without it showing up in the chatter.

I'll go to hospital security,

get the security camera footage
and see who's been visiting him.

Very good.

- See you at the office.
- Bye.


- Hello.
- Hello.

Is Izzy Bachar here?

No, he's in the field today. Sorry.

Can I leave you something for him?

- Sure, I'll make sure he gets it.
- Thanks.

You know you were followed here?

My man stopped them,
asked for ID, they drove away.

Yeah, those rats at IAD
won't leave me alone.

What's with Ruslan?
I'm starting to get worried.

Ruslan? Relax, they're still
combing the dunes for him.

- You sure?
- Sure I'm sure.

They went to see Ezra at the hospital.

- Really?
- Yup. They asked about Ruslan.

Not good.

I didn't know.

Anyway, that's not why I called you here.

Our boys in Kfar Qassem
got stuck with an army container.


They want to return it
to an insurance company.

I need you to broker the deal.
You'll get 10 percent.

No way, Tamir.
I don't need any adventures now.

Muhammad is testing us, don't you get it?

Then tell Muhammad it's not a good time.

If he starts to smell that we are weak
he'll make trouble.

War between us and the Arabs
is the last thing you need now.

Tamir, you don't seem to get it.

I've got a whole task force
after me. Tails, wiretaps.

I can't go around brokering
stolen arms deals.

Then let Leibo do it. Isolate yourself.

It's a very simple deal.

You'd have to work hard to screw it up.


But first thing, Ruslan.

Don't let IAD get to him before you do.



Yes, Tal.

I'm at SIGINT. I've got something.

So all we know is that Barak went
into the village.

The guard at the gate probably
works for the Shmaya brothers,

but even if they got in,

their compound is like a fortress,
no chance of seeing inside.

And nobody has a source
inside their organization?

Sure. Barak Harel does.

Be quiet, it's Tal,
I'll put her on speaker.

Go ahead, Tal, we're listening.

I'm playing you a recording
of a phone call.

Listen carefully.

That fucking Russian shot Ezra in the leg

and took off in my car.

Get over here,
I'm at the hitchhike stop in Rishon.


That was from the tap
on Ezra Fallah's phone.

The person talking is Gili Shmaya.

And the Russian is Ruslan, no question.

And that's not all.

Gili's car was declared stolen
last night.

It was declared by Rishon LeZion Station.

I told Barak we were looking for Ruslan
and he didn't say a word.

No way he didn't know.

Hold on.

The car was located this morning
by patrolmen in Afula.

Yoel, didn't you find a friend
of Ruslan's in Afula on Facebook?

Yes, Yevgeny. Yevgeny something...

Yevgeny Friedman.

Okay, find the address
and text it to me, okay?

Tal, we'll need a SWAT team
for this arrest.

Let's go. Afula.

What's that?



- Hey.
- Barak.

- How are you?
- Okay.

Was IAD here?

- Yeah.
- Did you tell them anything?

What's there to tell?
I don't know anything.

Good. Very good.

Do you know where he is?

How should I know? I was hoping you knew.

- IAD said he's in danger.
- Don't listen to IAD.

IAD only wants to scare you and use you.

Wait, does he know anyone in Afula?

- Why Afula?
- They say he was seen in Afula.

I don't know.

Oh, he has an army buddy who lives there.


Yevgeny what?


- Did you get napkins?
- No, I forgot.

Does this have chutney?

No, you said you don't want chutney.

It tastes like chutney.

What do we do with Ruslan
when we find him?

I'll tell you when we find him.
Is there a problem?

- No problem, just asking.
- The less questions, the better.

Hey, it's Barak.

He's got something.


We'll be in Afula in ten minutes.

Listen, I want the SWAT team to meet us

at the train station parking lot,
we'll fill them in there.

And Yakir, be discreet,

I don't want the whole district
to hear about this.



Come. Turn the music down.

Turn the music down. Police.

- What's the matter?
- Yevgeny Friedman?


- Do you know Ruslan Menachemov?
- No.

Yevgeny, you're a lousy liar,
we know he's at your apartment.

I told you, I don't know who that is.

You've got a suspended sentence.
Dealing, right?

Empty your pockets.

- You can't be serious.
- Do it, or we'll do it for you.

There's nothing on me.

What's this?

You put that there.

Two grams, that's a serious charge.

Yevgeny's in trouble.

- What are you doing?
- Arresting you.

- Are you kidding?
- Do I look like I'm kidding?

Okay, wait, wait.


Yevgeny, did you bring something to eat?

I'm starving.

Rus, come along peacefully.

You've got nowhere to go.

You're ruining my house!


He has a Taser!

Okay, folks,

Ruslan Menachemov, fourth floor.

SWAT, you take the lead, good luck.

Look at this shithead.

You pull a gun on us, motherfucker?

Huh, motherfucker?

Police! Up against the wall!

He's clean.

Yevgeny Friedman?

We're looking for Ruslan Menachemov.

- They already took him away.
- Who did?

- He isn't here.
- I don't know. Detectives.

Where did they take him?

They didn't say.
They left about an hour ago.

- What did they look like?
- Is this the detective?

Yes, him and two others.

- Fuck.
- Where did they take him?

They didn't say.

Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch!

- Izzy...
- Son of a bitch!


Motherfucker! Help!


Taze him.


- Motherfucker...
- Give him another one.


Leibo, don't do it.

Leibo, please, don't do it.

Leibo, I have a baby girl at home.

Leibo. Leibo, please.

Leibo, don't do it.

Leibo, don't...

Gili Shmaya and Ezra Fallah's wallets.
They connect him with the shooting.

- Are you okay?
- No.


Yes, Izzy.

Your people arrested Ruslan
Menachemov in Afula tonight.

That's right.

I told you we're looking for him.

Where is he?

He was released.

What do you mean, released?

What do you want, Izzy?

We want to meet at the station
with Leibowitz,

with Avi Shem-Tov and with Hanan Salameh.

What's up?

And you should be there too.


Okay, I'll be waiting.


Where's Ruslan Menachemov?

You've been losing
a lot of witnesses lately.

What happened to your head?

I got hit by a door.

Daniel's coming home
from boarding school today,

I'm making dinner.

Don't you think I realize you're doing
all this just so you can fuck her?

Our business is based on the idea
that nobody messes with us.

I want to know when
he becomes a liability.

You're Izzy Bachar, aren't you?

- Then you're a piece of shit.
- Watch your language.

Get this into your head, Baranes,
he murdered her.

You've been friends for 20 years
and you know nothing about him?

Deputy Commissioner Barak Harel
is a fine police officer.

What's with the hoodie?

Izzy! You're actually going after him.

I'm not going after anybody,
I'm doing my job.

- Then leave me out of it.
- You're choosing the wrong side, Dudu.

I'm choosing the wrong side?

Didn't I tell you to stay out of this?
Did I or didn't I?

What do you think you're doing?

- I got into this to help you.
- I don't need your help.