Manayek (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Mirdaph (Chase) - full transcript

Tal Ben Harush joins the internal affairs investigation in a nocturnal pursuit of very resourceful Eliran. Roslan gets on the wrong side of the wrong people. Izzy realizes Barak is not the man he thought he was.





Police! On the ground!

Int'l Crimes arrested some cop last night
and I need you to check it out.

I have information
on a high-ranking officer

involved in serious criminal activity.

Barak Harel will try to kill you?

- Where've you been?
- Hi, Barak.

You know Izzy's retiring too.

To the Israel Police.

- How does Barak seem to you?
- Totally normal.

Think he suspects anything?


Ophir Leibowitz.
Detective, Rishon Station.

Are you used to cops being afraid of you?
You count for nothing in my book.

- My stupid brother made a blunder.
- A blunder? You call that a blunder?

Where's Johnny?

Gili knows. He's in Olga.

- What's he saying?
- What have you done?

Johnny asked me to hook him up
with someone from outside.

- The guy they arrested is Eliran the cop?
- Yes.

My man. Did you bring the passport?

Johnny Suleiman was murdered.

Eliran Khen is turning state's witness.
For IAD.

I want you there tomorrow morning.

Go fuck yourself.

What if I record someone

who knows all about
the Ganashvili murder and about Barak?

We're moving forward with Eliran.

We're sending him to record his partner
in the Ganashvili murder.

What's up, Ruslan?

I need to talk to you.
Can you come by tonight?

Let's meet at the hangout.

Are you crazy?
You're sending him straight into a trap!

Sorry, I have to make a call.

- What about Eliran?
- All's well, he's sleeping.

I think he's slept enough.



- I want an update.
- Come, I'll show you.

Everyone's out searching.

I called in more teams.


He unscrewed the bars,

went out the window, climbed down,

went through the neighbors' backyard,

then there's a big park,
then Jerusalem Street.

Taxis, buses, he could be anywhere.

How long was he out of your sight for?

Since around five.
He ate, showered and went into his room.

Are you telling me it's possible
that he's been free for over four hours?

The room was barred
and his legs were shackled.

Oh, he was shackled...

He's a cop, he knows
how to open a pair of shackles.

Shuki, get out of my sight.

Go join the others.

His mother can't find her phone.
Eliran may have snatched it.

I called. No answer.

Okay. At least we found his passport.

So we know he hasn't left the country.

He was prepared for this escape.

He probably stashed a forged passport

I don't think he's that clever.

He's proven cleverer than you.
I told you this would happen.

Fine, you were right and we're stupid.

Can we move on now?

He realized he may be walking
into a trap, so he panicked and ran.

And he's probably hiding somewhere
in his pajamas and we'll find him.

That's all.


Instructions. Baranes, I want you
to trace his mother's phone

and question the whole family.
I'll handle the warrants.

I want an APB out on Eliran
declaring him a fugitive.

- You're exposing the investigation.
- Got a better idea?

Without the police's cooperation
we'll never find Eliran.

And that's our top priority now.

He's all we've got in this case.

Not exactly. There's Ruslan Menachemov.

He probably left home already.
You have a tail on him.

- What?
- Shetrit is here.

- I called everyone here for the search.
- And just left Ruslan?


Do me a favor, shut up, okay?


Stupid assholes...



They're onto you.

Dump the phone, get out of there
and get to where we dropped you off.

Fuckin' hell.


Forgot your key again, stupid?

Mrs. Menachemov?

We're from Internal Affairs.
Is Ruslan home?

Internal Affairs? He isn't a cop anymore.

He home?

- No, he went out.
- Where did he go?

I don't know.

Can we come inside and wait?

you have a warrant?


Then no.


Wait here in case he comes back.

Hello, honey. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Did Dudu drive you home?
- Are you investigating Barak?

Dudu told me, don't even try to lie.

You're out of your mind.


No, no. You're unbelievable.

Eti, I'll explain everything at home.

You can try to explain,

but I'm not sure I'll understand.


Not only do you have the nerve
to hide the fact

that one of my top ranking officers
is under investigation

and another one
of my men is state's witness,

you also launch an operation
in my district without telling me

and then call me in
when it all goes to hell.

That's some way
of running an investigation.

I'm truly sorry that I interrupted
your dinner, Dudu,

but let me to get to the point, okay?

This investigation is
in preliminary stages right now,

we didn't want to involve too many people
before we know what we have.

I'll tell you what you have,
a pile of shit, that's what.

What's going on in your department?

"What's going on in our department?"

What's going on in your district?

The mess is in your house, Dudu.
We're just here to clean up.

One more cleanup like this
and we're done for.

Feel free to intervene, Gary.
Whenever you see fit.

What can I say?
This makes us look very, very bad.

You screwed up big time.

Ronit, let's take a step back.
We at Int'l Crimes arrested Eliran Khen.

My men risked their lives under fire.

You whisked him away,
left us hanging, then let him escape.

Don't we deserve explanations?

Say, Yiftah, did I ask for explanations

when you let him kill someone
six feet away from your people?

Please. We have an escaped detainee.

As if that never happened to you guys.

I don't owe you any explanation.

You're shooting in all directions, no?

I shoot where I need to shoot, Dudu.

Come on, this whole investigation
is political assassination.

I'm retiring.

Shaul Katz is going to be
the new Chief of Police,

he wants my people out of the way
and you're doing the job for him.

And I'm shooting in all directions?

So I gather

that just like the last time
you sabotaged

our investigation into Barak,

you're going to do the same now.

I didn't sabotage anything,
we had dangerous people to put in jail

and you got in our way with your nonsense

and I don't like what you're
insinuating, Ronit.

Thanks for the support, Gary. Really.

Give me a break.
You got us into deep trouble.

The States' Attorney wants to
hang me by the balls,

and for the past two hours,

I've been screening calls from every
snot-nosed crime reporter in Israel.

- Didn't you issue a gag order?
- As if anyone cares on Twitter.

I hope you find him Ronit. I really do.



- Tal Ben Harush, Int'l Crimes, right?
- Yes.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

- I didn't lose a detainee.
- What?

Don't "what" me.
Are you idiots or something?

You just let him escape?
Do you usually work this way?

What's with you? Calm down.

What are you doing here?

- I was assigned to you.
- What're you talking about?

You heard me.

- Have you been drinking?
- What do you want from me?


I was at a wedding, I got called in
because of your screw-up.

So I had a shot, big deal.


Take one, you reek of booze.


- Any news?
- Nothing so far.

Are you Tal?

We were told you're coming. Welcome.

Okay. Izzy.

Keep her close,
update her with everything, okay?

Wait, first you update me.
What does Barak know exactly?

The story is the shooting in Bat-Yam

and Eliran's connection
with the Abu Kamals.

He doesn't know
he's in the crosshairs himself.

If what we suspect about him is true,
I'm sure he knows he's a target.

Okay, but he knows nothing about Ruslan,

so keep it quiet.

Hi, Barak.

- Hi, what's up?
- How's it going?

Good. Avner, how are you?


In case you haven't met,

Ophir Leibowitz, my chief detective.

- Yes, we've met.
- Yeah.

Who are you? IAD too?

God forbid. Tal Ben Harush, Int'l Crimes.

You don't say.

Are you in this too?

I arrested Eliran in Bat Yam.
This is my case.


Avner filled me in on
what happened in Bat-Yam.

Crazy, isn't it?

I can't believe a cop
would do such a thing.

Sorry we couldn't tell you before.

That's okay,
we know all about cover stories.

Anyway, I spoke to Dudu Eini.

We're prepared to offer
any assistance you need.

The station is at your service.

Everybody is already waiting
in the briefing room, so...

- Great. Let's go in.
- Sure.

One second, I want a word with Barak.


What's the deal with Eliran?
Did you know he is a gambler?

- Yeah, I knew.
- Why didn't you say something?

We tried to help him out,
in house, to the best of our ability.

He started therapy
and I thought he was recovering.

You told me
he is an "exemplary policeman."

Well, you know,
I thought it was just a scuffle,

I didn't want to get him in trouble.

- Did you interrogate him?
- No.

Any idea what he said
in his interrogation?

No, why do you ask?

No reason.

I'm just afraid he'll start blabbering
in order to keep himself out of trouble.

What could he say?

I don't know, you know how gamblers are.

Lying, lying to themselves,
they'd sell their own mother.

Barak, what are you trying to say?

I'm afraid he'll...
get my people into trouble.

-What people? I don't know. People.

Who, Leibowitz?

- I can smell his stink from a mile away.
- Izzy. I don't know...

A guy in Eliran's position
could say anything about anyone.

Do me a favor,
if anything like that comes up,

give me a head's up,
so I know it's coming.


I know it's late and some of you
were called in from home,

but I want your attention.

We have important guests
from IAD here tonight.

- IAD?
- Rats!

Be quiet. Simmer down, folks.

IAD's assignment tonight
is our assignment.

So please, demonstrate a little maturity.

Give your attention
to Superintendent Avner Baranes,

head of IAD's National Unit,

who is first and foremost
a top-notch police officer.

- Avner.
- Thanks.

Okay, so in case you haven't heard yet,
we had a detainee escape tonight.

Those of you from this station
all know him, Eliran Khen.

- What?
- What?

You're kidding.

Eliran has been declared a fugitive.

Our working assumption is that
he's still around, hiding.

You'll deploy to the field
each given a sector,

scan any potential hiding place,
and man roadblocks.

We will...

We will have to question those of you
who are close to Eliran.

And if anyone has information
that could help us find him,

please contact Izzy Bachar,

our investigator who'll be coordinating
everything here

along with Tal Ben Harush
from Int'l Crimes who's working with us.

Finally, a babe.

Only hot guys, alright?

Okay. Hey, settle down.

Our mission is to locate Eliran Khen.

As far as we're concerned
he's a fugitive,

armed and dangerous.

If you run into him, don't treat him
like your buddy Eliran.

Be professional, leg and handcuffs,
thorough search.

The whole nine yards. Okay? Yes?

But what did he do?

He's suspected of murder.

- What?
- What?

An important point.

There's a gag order on this whole story.

Don't mention it to anyone
from the outside.

Any leaks will be dealt with
very severely, zero tolerance.

Is that clear?


You all know what to do,
let's go, good luck.

Malka? Malka Tseigao, right?

- You're Eliran's commanding officer?
- Yes.

Show us his locker, please.

What do you want with his locker?

Honey, what didn't you get?

Your man killed someone.
Just show us the locker.

I see you take this rat stuff seriously.

That's life.

What's up? What's going on here?

- They want to search Eliran's locker.
- So?

Didn't you hear what I said?
Anything they need.


- Fine.
- Thank you.

This is his locker.

It isn't locked?

Fine. I catch your drift.

There's nothing here.

That's his locker and that's it.

Did you know that Eliran is a gambler?

All I know is he had financial troubles
and he asked permission to work off duty.

Where does he work?

The industrial zone.
I don't know exactly where.

Looks like someone broke in
and cleared out his locker.

Any security cameras here?
Outside, maybe?


What's the connection between
Eliran Khen and Ophir Leibowitz?

Leibo? They know each other
from the station.

- Are they friends outside of work?
- No idea.

Who are his friends here?

I don't know, I don't get involved
with their social lives.

Gimme a break, I was a precinct cop once.

Everyone knows everything about everyone.

If you were a cop, you'd remember

that cops don't like to talk about
personal matters with outsiders.

Certainly not with IAD.

- Hello, everyone.
- Hi, Dudu.

Hi, Tal Ben Harush.

What a surprise.

- Hi, Dudu, how are you?
- Fine, thank God.

- Good.
- Good.

Izzy, can I have a word with you? Alone?

Tal Ben Harush.
They sent her to work with you?

There are stories about her
you don't want to hear.

What's wrong with you, Dudu?

Why'd you tell Eti
I'm investigating Barak?

You left in the middle of dinner,
my phone started ringing,

she realized something was going on,
she asked me.

- What could I do?
- Make something up?

I thought she knew,
how come you didn't tell her yourself?

- How did you even know about it?
- I put two and two together.

Who other than you would get himself
into such a situation?

Come on, Dudu. I did it to protect Barak.

Exactly as I'd expect you or him to do
in the opposite situation.

You said you weren't involved,
you looked me in the eye and lied.

Who are you to talk? For 2 years you hid
from me that he was under investigation.

- Please, Izzy, they didn't find anything.
- Then why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want to put you
in an awkward position.

Come on, Dudu, since when do you
care about people's awkward positions?

Is it that stupid Shmaya brothers
business again?

It's called intelligence work.

And if it's criminal, then half
the police force belongs in jail.

That asshole Shaul is behind all this.

As I understand it,

he's arranged for Ronit Meinzer
to take Gary's job

in exchange for her sabotaging
whomever he wants.

Why would he want to sabotage Barak?

Because Barak is my man,
he's a rising star.

You know Shaul,
he doesn't like opposition.

I don't know, Dudu,
that sounds far-fetched.

Then tell me,
why are you guys so hot for Barak?

It's all politics.

Okay, nobody is going to sabotage Barak
as long as I'm around anyway.

I promise.

What do you have on him?

Nothing, but Eliran Khen's stories.

And now he pulled off an escape
and they've got nothing.

Good. Don't do anything stupid, Izzy.

- What did he want?
- Nothing.

Eliran's mother's phone
came back to life.

- We've traced it.
- Excellent.

Relax, I'm a cop. Whose phone is this?

Not mine, I found it on the street,
I swear.

- Anyone else here?
- No.


Isn't that Leibowitz over there?

What's he doing here?

Eliran isn't here, it's just his phone.

Bag it, Machluf.

Search the place carefully,
make sure he isn't hiding.

I'm telling you, he isn't there.

I want the security footage, too.

The checkout girl
found the phone on the street.

What are you doing here?

I heard Eliran's phone was traced
and I was here with my bike, so...

I came right over. What's the problem?

This is the second time
I see you showing up real fast to places.

I'm a quick guy.

Did you radio in? I didn't hear it.

Maybe I forgot. Adrenalin.
You know how it is.

How did you know
the phone was traced to here?

Barak told me.

And this is how you show up? Alone?

I told you, I was nearby,

so I figured if Eliran was here
I'd talk him into turning himself in,

save us all the trouble.

You don't say. Kudos for the initiative.

Do you know each other well?
You and Eliran?

Pretty well. From around the station.

And Barak told you about the phone trace?

That's right. What's your problem?
What's with the third degree?

We're trying to determine
what happened here.

Fine, so I just told you.

- Anything else?
- No.

Beat it.

I told you there's something
fishy about him.

- Are you the officer from Int'l Crimes?
- Yes. Tal Ben Harush.

Were you told about the trace?

- Yes.
- Did you tell Barak?

No, just Izzy and Baranes.
Nice to meet you too, by the way.

Did you tell Barak about
the trace on Eliran's phone?

You think?

- Then how does Barak know?
- How should I know?

Maybe one of Baranes' men
said something to one of the cops.

- Maybe someone from Int'l Crimes.
- No way.

Wait, I don't get it.

Do you think he sent Leibowitz here
to take out Eliran before we got to him?

I don't know.
It kind of looks that way, right?

Come on, Izzy, it's time you woke up.

So you're investigating Barak Harel?


How's that supposed to work
if you're friends?

I don't know.

- What's he suspected of?
- I'll tell you all about it on the way.

- The way where?
- The cellular company.

I want to see who they told
about the trace.

- Can I smoke in the car?
- No.

What took you so long?

Chill out, dummy,
the city's full of cops.

Eliran escaped
they're looking for both of you now.

We'll disappear you until it blows over.
Hop in.

Come on, get in.

- You'll "disappear" me, no?
- Get in already.


What are you doing?

- Put the gun down, Ruslan.
- Get out of the car!

- Okay, we're getting out.
- Move it!

- Okay, we're getting out.
- Leave the motor running.

It's running. No funny business.


Come on!

Move it!

Calm down.

You won't "disappear" me, motherfuckers.

You're making a mistake.

Shut your mouth.

Relax, Ruslan.

Guns on the ground. Do it!



On the ground, faces down.

Go fuck yourself.

- We're lying down...
- I'm not messing around!

- Motherfucker!
- Press the wound...


- You motherfucker...
- Shut up, fat-ass.

- You're a dead man, Ruslan.
- Head down.

You're a dead man!

- Motherfucker.
- Shut your mouth, shithead.

Fuckin' asshole.

That motherfucker.

Police work has a lot of gray areas.

Dig deep enough,
you'll find something on every cop.

It's all a matter of motivation.

But what Eliran says
about Barak is unreal.

It strikes me as impossible

that cops would get involved
in that sort of thing. Impossible.

I've seen cops murder, rape, rob.

Cops are capable of anything.

And nothing stinks more than a bad cop.

This is the place.

Who is it?

Tel Ben Harush, police.
I'd like to talk to the shift manager.

- She's on her way.
- Make it snappy.

So you and Barak were in
Tel Aviv SIU together?

I recruited him.

Twenty-two year old kid, gung-ho,
fresh out of the army.

For a year he was my operative
inside a drug gang in Kfar Shalem.

We kicked their asses together.

Then he became a detective
and worked his way up.

So how'd you end up in IAD?

- Hi.
- Hi.


Tal Ben Harush, Int'l Crimes.

We spoke earlier about the trace
on the cop from Rishon.

- Right.
- Is there any chance...

that one of you gave the information
to someone other than me?


I updated the commander
of the Rishon Station, Barak...

- Barak Harel?
- Yes.

He asked me to let him know
if we traced the phone.

He said it's one of his men
who went missing with his sidearm,

that there are concerns
that he's suicidal.

Tell me. Did you miss the part that says

not to divulge this information
to anyone else?

I didn't think there was a problem.


Barak, are you there?

Yes, Izzy, come on in.

What's up?

Any news?

Nothing. He vanished.

Dudu told me you ran out
in the middle of dinner.

I messed up. Eti's mad at me.

That's nothing new.

I appreciate you staying here
overnight to help.

Not everyone would.
Is Maayan sick or something?

Yes, Shira is back home
taking care of him.

- She's a good girl.
- Shira's the best.

You look wiped. Coffee?

Sure, thanks.

That Eliran is no fool.

He threw away the phone to mislead us.

We also had a little encounter
with Leibowitz.


Yeah, I heard.

What's his connection to Eliran?

Who, Leibo?

I don't know.

He's in the detective squad,
Eliran's in patrol.

No other connection?

Not that I know of.

Why do you ask?

He said you told him we traced
Eliran's phone. Is that true?

Yes, could be.

And how did you find out?

I don't know,
one of your people told me, I think.

I don't remember.

What do you mean, you don't remember?

- Excuse me?
- What do you mean, you don't remember?

What's with you?

You asked me to give you a sign, right?

Here it is.

When he showed up at the gas station
it raised a lot of red flags.

You shouldn't have even known
about the trace.

Izzy, I don't remember who told me.

I've got 50 strangers
running around here.

Your people, Int'l Crimes, traffic.

- What's with the face?
- I went to the cellular company.

The girl there told me you asked her

to let you know
when they traced the phone.

You know? I get the feeling
I'm being investigated here.

Is that what's happening?
You're investigating me, Izzy?

I don't know what's happening yet.

What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing. Never mind.
Thanks for the coffee.


Everything okay?

Let's get out of here.

I've found two interesting things.

The last call to Ruslan
before his phone went dead,

was from a pay phone
on Katznelson Street.

And another interesting thing.

Eliran phoned him from your office
when he was in custody.

And right after Eliran called,

Ruslan made a one-minute call
to this burner. Anonymous SIM.

That means it's an operational phone.

Right after Eliran called him,

Ruslan phoned this person
to warn him, to update him, go figure.

Maybe it was Barak.


- Whose wedding did you go to?
- What?

Earlier you said you were called in,
while at a wedding.

Whose wedding was that?

Just a friend.

Can I ask you something?
But don't take offense.


What are you doing here?

Why would Int'l Crimes send you
to work with the rats?


Did you piss someone off?
What's the story?

What do you want from me?

Did I do something
to make you talk to me this way?


It's just...

He lied to my face.

Okay, no problem. Keep me posted.

Yeah, I'll be here.

Any time.

I see by your face that your chat
with Barak didn't go so well.

Now do you understand he's obstructing
this investigation under our noses?

I don't know what to tell you.

How about "you were right, Ronit,"
"I'm sorry, Ronit"?

See? I'm not so stupid.

I hope you recorded your conversation.

No, I didn't. And I don't plan to start
recording my conversations with friends.

Okay, then I want a memo
detailing exactly what was said.

I consider any interaction
between you two as evidence.

Including your nighttime fishing trips.

Get it into your head that Barak
is the target of this investigation,

not your friend.

Baranes, how dare you even talk
after tonight's screwup?

I'd keep quiet if I were you.

Maybe if you didn't leak information
to your friends, we'd still have Eliran.

- You think I'm leaking information?
- Izzy...

Ronit, you asked me to take this case.
I didn't even want it.

- Nobody thinks that.
- He does.

He thinks what I tell him to think.

Don't worry about him.

Say, sorry to interrupt.

Is this Eliran's brother?

Elior, company leader
in the Paratrooper Brigade.

He's stationed up north now.
We spoke to him.

They look alike.

Thanks for the thrilling insight.

Ronit, if you've got a problem with me,

you can ask Yiftah to send someone else
to work with you on this shit.

- Excuse me?
- What do you think?

That I like being here?

- And with your disgusting attitude?
- Tal... What did you want?

I wanted to ask

if someone happened to check
where his brother's passport is?

They're going somewhere.
I'm on their tail.

Is that him?

He bought a ticket to Istanbul
in cash with Elior's passport

and landed a few hours ago.

They're still trying to figure out
where he went from there,

but the Turks aren't being
very cooperative.

Basically, nobody knows where he is.

He could be anywhere in the world.

I'll call the Interpol liaison squad.

- We'll see what we can do.
- What a nightmare.

Now that we know
what passport he's using,

he can't go far.

- Anything on Ruslan?
- Nothing so far.

Then focus on that please.

Izzy, you can go too.

Tell me, Ronit.

Am I under suspicion in this case?

Suspicion? You?

If I am, tell me now.

Don't I have enough on my mind
without these stupid questions?

Really, Izzy.

No, you aren't under suspicion.

So what's next?

I don't know.

Good work tonight, Izzy.


So? What's happening?

Eliran left the country.

Shem-Tov followed them to the airport.

He got on a flight to Turkey
with his brother's passport.

Don't worry, he'll show up
on the radar eventually.

It's just a matter of time.

When it happens, I'll know.

Is Ezra all right?

Yeah, he's in surgery.


One of my officers, Malka,
will be at the hospital tomorrow morning.

She knows what to do.
She's going to fill out a report.

Cooperate with her.
IAD is on my back hardcore.

You have a friend there.



It's complicated.

Listen, no more burner phones.
It's too risky.

From now on we either talk in person
or through someone.



Don't forget.
Ruslan's your responsibility.

Ruslan, what're you doing here?

Turn down the music, man,
the neighbors...

I had a fight with Oxana,
she kicked me out.

So you came all the way here?

I had to clear my head.

I started driving and found myself here.

May I come in?

Sure, man.

I need a smoke.

It's "Spice".

- Come in.
- Shit. "Spice"...


Didn't you go to bed?

Eti, I had to join the case.
I didn't have a choice.

Sure you had a choice.

What is this?

Midlife crisis?

Early onset dementia?

What am I dealing with here?

Last time you pulled this kind
of crap on me,

you brought down
a random guy from your unit.

This time you're going after
your best friend.

Our best friend.

Someone who's like family.

I joined the case to help him.

That's no way to help a friend.

There's something really wrong with him.

Are you serious?

We talked today, he lied to my face.

A cop from his station was supposed
to testify against him.

He fled the country.

What are the suspicions against him?

Eti, you know I can't tell you.

And you, of all people,
have to get involved.

You, of all people.


You should know
that you aren't helping him.

Don't lie to yourself,
it's all about your ego.

- Ego?
- Yes, ego.

You always have to feel
more righteous than everyone else.

The tortured saint who
investigates his best friend

because he stands up for his principles,
blindly, like always.

You're going to ruin our lives, Izzy.

Let's go home, Archie. Get up.

Ruslan Menachemov, we have to find him.

It's our top priority.

Why are you yelling at me?

Because you're playing the fool,
that's why.

Where's all this money from?

I want you to leave.

Patrolmen located Gili's car.

Turn the music down. Police.

They're heading for the road!

How long are we going
to keep up this act?

Act? What act?

Our boys in Kfar Qassem
got stuck with an army container.

I can't go around
brokering stolen arms deals.

Visiting hours are over, folks.

How can it be that since last night
there's no intel that he was shot?

Barak, is there something
you aren't telling me?

Now you're investigating me too?


Don't let IAD get to him before you do.

We want to talk to you at the station.

With Leibowitz, with Avi Shem-Tov
and with Hanan Salameh.