Manayek (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Shkarim (Lies) - full transcript

The investigators look for new leads. The tension between Izzy, Barak and Dudu rises, and years of friendship are at risk. Izzy tries to calculate his next steps and gets into trouble.






I have information
on a high-ranking officer

involved in serious criminal activity.

Barak Harel will try to kill you?

Hello? Hello?

Do you realize your husband
may have been killed?

By who?

The people you're protecting. That's who.

- I joined this case to help him.
- That's no way to help a friend.

Barak, is there something
you aren't telling me?

Now you're investigating me too?

Our people in Kfar Qassem
got stuck with an IDF container,

we want to return it
to the insurance company

and I need you to broker the deal.

I've got a task force on my tail,

I can't go around brokering
illegal arms deals.

Then let Leibo do it, isolate yourself.

But deal with Ruslan first.

Do I bother you so much

that you're sending me to work
with the rats?

Joining us is a new detective,
Hiba Elnasser,

and her intern, Yoel Schwartz.

- I was Izzy's intern.
- That's nice.

You were curt with her. Unpleasant.

- Is Izzy Bachar here?
- No.

Can I leave something for him?

Patrolmen spotted Gili's car in Afula.

This car was spotted
this morning in Afula.

Tal, we need a SWAT team for this bust.


Yevgeny Friedman,
we're looking for Ruslan Menachemov.

- But they already took him away.
- Son of a bitch!

Leibo, please, don't...


Where is Ruslan Menachemov?

I told you, Izzy, he was released.

They dropped him off at home
about two hours ago.

I'll look into it.

We need to question you.


Why? Because we're looking for Ruslan

and you're the last people who saw him.

Go ahead, guys, we have nothing to hide.

- We'll have to talk to you later too.
- No problem, I'm here.


Why'd you go all the way to Afula
to deal with a stolen car?

We were doing Gili Shmaya a favor.

What? He's a CI.

So you provide personal police services?

He helps us and we help him.

Why, does it work differently
in Int'l Crimes?

It's a two-million-shekel car,

he cares about his cars like they're
the most important thing in the world.

Then why'd you take Hanan Salameh
with you?

He's a patrolman, not a detective.

Sometimes I join the detectives,
is that a problem?

No problem.

I'm supposed to complete
detective training,

then return to Leibo's team.

Afula PD reported
that Gili's car was found.

We got there, started looking around,

then spotted Ruslan on the street.

- What's Ruslan got to do with it?
- We had intel that he was involved.

- What intel?
- No idea.

You deploy based on intel
you know nothing about?

I do as I'm told.

Okay, what then?

We sent Hanan out
since Ruslan doesn't know him,

he followed him to his buddy's house
where we detained him.

Our witness claims
that Ruslan's arrest was violent,

that Ruslan pulled out a gun
and you fired a taser.

There was no taser and no gun.

Then our witness imagined it.

I checked my taser back
that afternoon, after my shift.

You can check the records if you want.

Is that it? Can I go?

There was no violence.
Ruslan came along without a struggle.

We saw the apartment, it's a mess.

- What happened to your head?
- I got hit by a door.

So you claim our witness is lying?

Your witness is a liar and junkie,

like 99 percent of the witnesses
you bring in against cops.

Okay, so you escorted Ruslan
into the car and drove to Rishon.

That's right, like it says in the report.

And then you just let him go?

I spoke to Barak, he said
there was no point arresting Ruslan,

so we let him go and went
to the station to fill out the report.

You could've just read the report
instead of wasting everybody's time.

- Did anyone see you drop him off?
- I don't know.

- Anything else?
- Yes.

I'd like to take a photo
of your shoes, please.

Here you go.

Look, the car was found

and the owner
doesn't want to press charges.

So why get Ruslan into all this trouble?

He was detained, not arrested,
so I had Leibo release him.

Really. It's all in the reports.

Barak, I beg your pardon,
but you're full of shit.

You concealed the story
with Gili Shmaya's car from us

even though you knew Ruslan was involved

- and you knew we were looking for him.
- I had no idea he was involved.

Your men say you had intel
that Ruslan was involved

in the car theft.

- Is that news to you?
- What do you think?

I run the biggest police station
in Israel.

You think I have time
to look into every little detail?

Why didn't you tell us
Ruslan was arrested?

First of all, he wasn't arrested,
he was detained.

Second, you're right.

My bad.
I forgot you were looking for him.

- Forgot...
- Yes, I forgot. It happens.

You know what the thing is?

We've had a detective team
sitting outside Ruslan's place

for two days now.

They didn't see him get dropped off
or make it home.

We all know
what your detectives are worth.

They were good enough to see you
there earlier.

I went to see if Oxana needed help.

When I asked you about Ruslan you said:
"What've I got to do with him?"

Now you're visiting his wife?

Hold on, is it a crime to offer help
to someone in trouble?

I'm surprised at you.

We're policemen, aren't we?
That's our job.

If you want I can send a squad car
and bring him here.

We'll need copies of those reports.

Anything you want, just ask.

And everything you've got
on the Ezra Fallah shooting.

Okay. I understand
it was a shooting accident.

Whatever it was, we have to check it out.

- I assume you seized the weapon?
- Of course.

Good, we want it.

Anything else, Izzy?

No. I think we're through.

So do I.

You better put everything back.

I don't want to have to clean up
after you.

Okay, chill.

Ruslan isn't at home, of course,

and the wife won't talk to us.

Barak's visit must've scared her.

We have to declare
that Ruslan is missing.

What do you say, Izzy?

- Izzy?
- What?

Anything to contribute?


I'll bet you anything
they stopped off somewhere

and killed him.

I want a trace on their phones,
where they were, minute by minute.

- I'll take care of it.
- Thanks.

That's it, get to sleep.
Tomorrow's a new day.

- G'night.
- G'night.


- G'night.
- G'night.

Great friend you have there, Izzy.

I want to talk to your man
from Central SIU

who was with us last time
we looked into Barak.

Sandor? He doesn't want to talk to us.

I don't care. I want to talk to him.

Bring him in by force if necessary.

- Should Izzy know about it?
- What do you mean?

I thought Izzy knows him.
That he was the one who burned him.

That's only a theory.

So it's time we put it to the test.

Turn right here.


I'll be okay, Izzy.

What the...? Move.

Go away, Archie.

Good morning.

Good morning.

When'd you get home?

Late. I didn't want to wake you.

- Want some coffee?
- Sure, thanks.



I don't know why
you're doing this to yourself.

I'm not doing anything.

Barak isn't...
He isn't who we thought he is.

Then who is he?

He's dirty.
He's involved in very heavy stuff.

- Like what?
- Never mind.

- What do you mean "never mind"?
- Believe me, you don't want to know.

I'm trying to figure out
when it began and how.

Maybe when Anat got sick,

maybe they needed money. I don't know...

You never noticed anything wrong
with him?

Did Anat ever mention anything?


When, Izzy?

When she was in hospice care,
fading before my eyes?

No, I didn't know anything was wrong
with Barak,

and Anat didn't say anything.

Do me a favor, leave me out of this.

I don't want any part of it.

Don't ever talk to me about this again.

Why are you reacting this way?
You think it's easy for me?

It's not easy for you. I see.

All I ask is for a little support.

Didn't I tell you to stay out of this?
Did I or didn't I?

But you wouldn't listen,
now what do you want me to do?

Smile as if everything's fine and dandy?

Honestly, sometimes I can't understand
how your mind works.


Next time you raid
one of my police stations,

I'd appreciate a phone call first,
just as a matter of courtesy, Ronit.

It wasn't a raid,
we just asked a few questions.

We lost a witness, and the last people
to see him were Barak's men.

You've lost a lot of witnesses lately.
Maybe the problem is in your shop?

- What's up, Dudu?
- I have nothing to say to you.

You've totally lost your mind.

Barak knows you're investigating him,
he isn't stupid.

Maybe it's time
you informed him officially

so he can prepare and find legal counsel.

No, Dudu, we have our own reasons
for when we inform our suspects,

and I'll ask you to honor our decision.

Okay, then we'll just keep playing
this stupid game. Fine.

Dudu, for all those years
as his commanding officer,

you never had a hunch
something was wrong?

My dear Ronit Meinzer,

Commander Barak Harel
is an upstanding police officer,

highly decorated,

who didn't even let a personal tragedy
stop him from moving on

and moving up,

he's an asset to the Israel Police
and the State of Israel!

Just seems odd
that you never noticed anything.

So you think I'm involved in something?
Is that right, Izzy?

You want to investigate me too?

You were also his friend
for over 20 years

and you didn't notice anything.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

No, you aren't wrong.

Let me make it clear

that I offer full cooperation
with this investigation

even though I think
it's all a load of crap.

I must say I'm disappointed, Ronit.

I thought with Eliran Khen
out of the picture

you'd get off your high horse.

But I see that's not gonna happen.

We investigate what we have
to investigate.

I see. Enjoy your day.

- Dudu.
- Leave me alone, Izzy.

Let's go. Updates.

We got the info on Leibo,

Hanan and Shem Tov's cellphones
from yesterday.

They drove straight from Afula to Rishon.

No stops along the way?

- Not according to the traces.
- How can that be?

That means nothing,

they could've given their phones
to someone in order to throw us off.

Hanan Salameh had no mud on his shoes.

By the way, Barak's burner...

It's inactive.

That means they stopped looking
for Ruslan.


- Anything new from the lab?
- Yes.

The blood from Maryland Avenue
matches Ezra Fallah,

and on the casing is
a partial fingerprint

that fits Ruslan Menachemov.

- And the bullet?
- Still being tested,

same for the soil sample I took
from Leibo's shoes.

Did we get the material from Rishon
regarding the Ezra Fallah shooting?

Not yet. I'll call and see
what's going on.

Don't let them run you around.

They have until this afternoon,
if not, we're coming with a warrant.

Wait, Izzy, there's something else.

Gili Shmaya's car is registered
under M.S. Properties Inc,

a real estate holdings
and logistics company.

- Ruslan works there.
- Okay.

Who else is on their payroll?

- Eliran Khen.
- Very interesting.

Wait, it gets even better.

The company is controlled by a man
named Meir Shemer.

Original name, Meir Shmaya,
Tamir and Gili Shmaya's uncle.

Meir Shemer... The name rings a bell.

Related to Naomi Shemer?

Shemer is a former official
of Port of Ashdod,

now a businessman
with his nose in politics,

a big party boss in the Rishon area.

He was even deputy mayor
of Rishon for a few years.

He's also one of the men we saw
on the hospital security cameras,

visiting Ezra.


Yup, that's him.

Nice work, Hiba.
Tal, let's go visit Meir Shemer.

Tell me, Tal,
do you have a problem with me?

Of course not.

You sure?

What's the matter?

No idea. Ask her.

Shall we?

- Hello.
- Hello.

Police. Is Meir in?

No, he went out.

I phoned a minute ago
as a flower delivery

and you said he was here.

- Want to start on the wrong foot?
- No. Sorry.

Wait here a few minutes.

Thank you.

Meir, the police is here.

Isn't that Dudu?

- Hello, how can I help you?
- Hello.

Tal Ben Harush, Int'l Crimes.
Izzy Bachar, Internal Affairs.


One of your employees is missing,
Ruslan Menachemov. Did you know?

No, I didn't. He's missing?

For two days now,
and Eliran Khen is missing too.

Oh, Eliran. I heard he was arrested
for drunk driving or something.

What do Ruslan and Eliran
do here, exactly?

Ruslan works in our warehouse in Bat-Yam

and Eliran is a delivery driver.

Do many cops work here?

We have good relations with the police.

It's no secret that policemen
who need extra pay

know they're welcome here.

What's your relationship
with Gili and Tamir Shmaya?

As you probably know,
Tamir and Gili are my nephews,

but they have nothing to do
with my business.

But Gili Shmaya's car is registered
under the company name.

We have a good deal
with the leasing company.

That car was stolen two days ago
by Ruslan Menachemov,

- did you know that?
- No, but that's very serious.

When did you last see Tamir and Gili?

I can't remember.

Then let me remind you.
Yesterday at the hospital.

Hold on, am I under investigation
or suspected of anything?

If I am, I want to talk to my lawyer.

No, we're just asking a few questions.

But we can call you in for questioning
under oath if you like.


Okay, so I went to visit a friend
in the hospital yesterday

and Tamir and Gili were there.

You're friends with Ezra Fallah?

We grew up together,

and under other circumstances
I could have ended up like him,

but luckily that didn't happen.

What happened to Ezra Fallah?

I don't know, I understood
it was a gun accident, no?

Well, I have an important call to make.

- Rachel.
- Yes?

Help them with whatever they need, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay?

Sorry, gotta run.

Did you see the photos on his wall?

His nephews run the biggest
criminal organization

in the Rishon area
and he's a favorite among the top brass.

Okay, every organization
needs someone like him,

a legitimate front.

Wait, why're you turning here?
Aren't we going to the office?

I have a quick errand to run, okay?

Just a second, okay?

Hi, Izzy. Is something wrong?

No, everything's fine.
I didn't want to startle you.

Something wrong with the whiskey?

No, it's wonderful, but...
we aren't allowed to accept gifts.

State employees, you know.
We're sticklers. Thanks.

Right, I didn't think of that.
I just wanted to thank you.

I was happy to help you,
I don't need a reward.

- Are you happy with Yinnon?
- Yes, he's very nice.

He's nice now,
wait till the money comes in.

Listen, Daniel's coming home tonight,
I'm making dinner.

Would you like to come?

To dinner?

I'm a good cook.

Daniel says I should open a restaurant.

- What are you making?
- Our kind of food, Russian.

- Like pelmeni?
- You're familiar?

Sure, I love pelmeni,
borsht, zherenya kartoshka...

Then come, I'll make all that.

Instead of the whiskey. It isn't a gift.

- Bring your wife.
- I don't know. We'll see.

Well, I'm cooking either way.
You're welcome to join us.


Who's she?

A witness in a case,
I'm helping the family out.

- What?
- Nothing.

And please stop smoking in the car.

You're killing me.

The police request the public's help
in finding Ruslan Menachemov, 28,

from Rishon LeZion...

Minus second floor.

Going up.

You copy? I lost him.

Where've you been?
What's with the hoodie?

I was followed.

You're losing it.
You're letting IAD mess with your mind.

- I'm telling you, I was followed.
- Fine.

Two of them, I saw them.

- I shouldn't be here.
- What do you want me to do?

I told you, he refuses to go ahead
unless he talks to you.


- Hey, guys.
- How's it going?

- Hi.
- Let me introduce you,

Commander Barak Harel,
Chief of the Rishon Station.

Nice to meet you. Eldad Mann,
the company's legal consultant.

- Nice to meet you.
- Have a seat.

It's like this, as you can imagine,
we don't do this every day,

unlike you, things are usually
pretty boring here.

I just want to make sure
everything's in order.

Perfectly clear.

As Chief Inspector Leibowitz's
commanding officer

I can guarantee
that everything is on the up and up.

- So how does it work?
- It's very simple.

You give me the money, I meet with my CI,

he gives me the goods.

I only give him the money
once I make sure

all the items are there.

You and your company
have nothing to do with the process.

- Do you have the DA's authorization?
- Of course.

Operation "Equipment Return"
is under the supervision

of Central District DA
Atalia Ben Moshe personally.

"Operation Equipment Return,"
this thing has a name and everything.

Of course. It's an operation
like any other,

and you're part of it, Eldad.

Okay, cool.

I'll need to see it in writing.

No problem, you'll get it.

This is a list of the arms
that were stolen from the army depot.

Before we begin, we'll have to confirm
that all the items are present.

I'll check with my... my man.


You're saving us a huge headache
by returning the items.

No problem. Isn't that what
the police are here for?

- That's why you pay taxes.
- Totally.

If you don't mind... confidentiality.

This is a delicate matter,
our sources are at risk.

I'm sure you understand,
so it's very important

that as few people as possible
know about it.

Of course.
I was in the Intelligence Corps.

There you go.

The only ones who know
are the CEO, the CFO

and the chairman of the board,
and they're very discreet.

- Great.
- All right.


- It's been a pleasure. Thanks.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Good for you.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

Thanks for agreeing
to meet with us, Sandor.

You didn't leave me much choice.

The last thing I need
is you poking around my unit.

- We're investigating Barak Harel again.
- Okay.

What do you want from me?
I said all I had to say two years ago.

He's part
of the Shmaya brothers' syndicate.

- They're his CIs.
- Don't make me laugh.

- He works for them, not vice-versa.
- What do you mean?

They give him intel on their competitors

and he takes them down.

They take over Rishon,
and who's appointed Chief of Rishon PD?

Barak. That's what I mean.

We'd like you to work with us again.

Sandor, I told you, we didn't burn you
and Sharon.

- The info didn't come from here.
- Then where did it come from?

Nobody in the police department knew
I was speaking to you.

Don't you think I know
he's Barak's friend?

You're Izzy Bachar, right?

- Yes.
- Then you're the motherfucker.

Watch your mouth.

You burned my CI.
Her blood is on your hands.

I didn't burn anything,
I just found out Barak was investigated,

so take a chill pill.

That doesn't matter now.

What matters is, this is our chance
to make things right.

Do you know what my job is now
in the SIU?

- No.
- Building maintenance.

Parking spots,
supervising the custodial staff,

that was my reward for doing
the right thing and talking to you,

so even if I wanted to help you out
I couldn't.

At least I go home to my kids
every day at 3:00 p.m. I got off easy.

- I could've ended up like Sharon.
- She's still missing.

Missing, my ass.

How many mothers do you know
who abandon their babies

and never even call to find out
if they're okay?

Get this into your head, Baranes,
he murdered her, okay?

Your buddy is a murderer,
did you know that?

What makes you so sure he killed her?

They were together for five years,

he paid for everything,
her phone, her apartment.

A neighbor saw him in the building
the day she disappeared.

Three days later,

he called the landlord in order
to get out of the lease.

- That doesn't mean he killed her.
- That doesn't make him a suspect?

Do you think anyone looked into him
when she went missing?

Think anyone ever questioned him?

It's all a scam,
they cover each other's asses,

just like they did
with the Gabi Ganashvili murder,

just like they always do.

But we're just spinning our wheels here.

Do you still have access
to the SIU records, computers?

No, no. I'm not messing with you again.

- It's different this time, Sandor.
- No, it's never different.

- Can I go now?
- Yes.

Next time you contact me,

I'm reporting it straight
to Zigdon and Dudu Eini.

I don't get it, Barak never told you
about Sharon Zur?

Never heard the name.

You're friends for 20 years
and you know nothing about him?

- You're either a fool or a liar.
- Baranes, watch your mouth.

Hey, hey, cool it.

Let's stay focused, okay?

We need to get our hands on those files,

the Ganashvili murder file
and the Sharon Zur file.

Those are open SIU cases.

Getting our hands on them won't be easy.

I can try talking to Dudu.

No way, he's protecting Barak
like a bulldog.

He said we have
his full cooperation, right?

- It won't work, I'm telling you.
- I heard you.

I want to talk to him.
What do we have to lose?

That's all we've got, folks,
that's all we've got.


Hey, Izzy.


Did you know that Barak
was in a relationship

with a Sharon Zur
and paid for her apartment?

Are you talking with that idiot
Yigal Sandor again?

Don't invest too much energy into him.

While we raised money
for Anat's operation in Paris,

he was keeping some call girl?
With what money?


So you knew about it...

Two liars,
how could you keep that from me?

Did you expect us to tell you?

- Look how you're acting.
- How I'm acting?

Yes, as if Barak is some street thug
who needs to be screwed

no matter what.

He had a relationship with that girl...

"Girl..." She's a whore and a junkie.

He got her off the stuff.

C'mon, Izzy, you know his story.

You must understand.

Izzy, he was going through
hard times. He needed a break.

And you think that was normal?

When Anat was sick,

nothing about Barak's life
seemed normal to me,

but I'm a friend.

Do you know the girl's a missing person?

So what if she's a missing person?
What do you think happened?

Fine. Drop it. I'm not here to argue.

Then what are you here for?

We need access to a couple
of open SIU case files,

the Ganashvili murder
and maybe a couple others.

- Forget it.
- Weren't you collaborating with the case?

- You're out to get him, aren't you?
- I'm not out to get anyone.

- I'm doing my job.
- Well, leave me out.

You can lynch your friend
all by yourself.

What's the problem, Dudu?

If Barak has nothing to hide,
why not give us access?

No access, no nothing.

We'll go to Atalia Ben Moshe
and the State Attorney

- and they'll compel you to do it.
- Fine with me.

- You're choosing the wrong side, Dudu.
- I'm choosing the wrong side? Me?

So how'd it go?

Let me guess, he told you to fuck off.


What's wrong with you? Stop it!

Fucking psycho.

- Are you okay?
- Leave me alone.

That lady officer from Int'l Crimes
has been questioning

all our workers in Bat-Yam,
for two hours.

Tamir, Barak put a hold on all the jobs
because of this investigation

which may never end.
Meanwhile we're bleeding money.

Our business model is based on the fact
that nobody messes with us.

- So what do you want to do?
- What do I want to do?

I want to know when he becomes
a burden rather than an asset.

- Barak?
- Yes.

Tamir, IAD is the Ministry of Justice,
not the police.

They don't care about us,

Why don't we offer information
on Barak and get immunity?

- What'll we do without Barak?
- Find a replacement.

Wait, you mean we should snitch?

What are you, a four-year-old?

Listen here,
we can always cooperate with IAD.

The time hasn't come yet, y'hear?

The Arab's here.

Go seal the deal.

They like meat.

- What?
- The turkeys, they love meat.

They even eat each other.

If one gets hurt, they peck at him,
peck, peck,

until he's dead, then they eat him.


Maybe they deserve
being turned into shawarma.

Here's the cop. How's it going?

Leibo, Imad. Imad, Leibo.

Nice to meet you.

I saw the guy from the insurance company,

he gave us a list of the stolen goods.

There's more here than there really is.

You mean you already grabbed
some off the top?

More likely the army
is trying to scam the insurance company

or the insurance company
is trying to scam us.

That's what you get
for dealing with Jews.

- Did you talk about money?
- Yeah.

They'll pay a million and a half
for what's on this list.

A million and a half?
You know how much this stuff is worth?

It's worth much less to the army
than on the black market, Gili.

This is what we really have.

You can haggle with them
down to a minimum of a million.

But remember, our cut is a percentage,

so haggle like a man, not a pussy, Leibo.

Here, use this to contact me,
nothing else.

My number is stored in the memory.


Did you really punch Baranes?

I hear Meinzer had to persuade him
not to press charges.

Let him press charges.
I don't give a fuck.

What's up? Are you okay?

I keep running these scenes
from the past 20 years through my head,

trying to find signs.

Find anything?

Suddenly everything seems like a sign.

I can't stop obsessing.

You know what it's like to find out
such a big chunk of your life was a lie?

Tell me about it. My whole life is a lie.

What do you mean?

Nothing. Never mind.

I'm heading home. You staying here?



- It'll be okay.
- I'm all right.

Okay, good night.

- Izzy.
- Hi, sweetie.

- How's it going?
- Okay, and you?

Okay. How's Yaron?

Fine, he's been deployed
for the past 21 days in Gaza.

- Hi, buddy, how's it going?
- Fine.


- What a surprise.
- Can I have a word with you?

What do you think you're doing here?

I came here as a friend.

- A friend?
- Yes.

Listen, I don't know
what you're mixed up in or how deep,

I'm not here to judge you.

I'm just saying, come talk to us.

We'll be fair with you, my word.

Izzy, I have no idea
what you're talking about.

They won't get off your back,
don't you see?

They're too invested in you.

Your only way out is to cooperate.
Think of the kids.

Izzy, I know you mean well, okay?

- You made a mistake by taking the case.
- I took it to help you.

I don't need your help.
You want to help someone?

Help yourself and back off.
You're out of your depth.

What's that supposed to mean?

What can I get you, Izzy?

Nothing. He's not staying.

- Hi, hon.
- Where are you?

Nowhere. Walking around.

Limor and Dudu don't want us

to come to the wedding.

I phoned her. She's screening my calls.

Honestly, I can't blame them,

they don't need this crap
at their daughter's wedding.

Never mind. One less event.
We saved a grand.

Is that all you have to say?

What do you want me to say?

When are you coming home?



This borsht is fantastic.
You really should open a restaurant.

I want to propose a toast to Izzy,
who's been such a great help.

We're very lucky to have met you, Izzy.

Yinnon says we could get
a million shekels in damages,

maybe even more. Right?

If he says so.

- Daniel, how's boarding school?
- Shit.


Don't you think I know
you're doing all this

just so you can bang her?

Shut your mouth!

You're so stupid you don't see it.
What do you think he's doing here?


Well, maybe...

Maybe I should go.

Thanks for dinner.

Izzy. Izzy, wait.

I don't want you to go.

I don't want you to go.

Wait, Tanya, I'm sorry...

This can't happen.

I'm sorry.

There's no vacuum
in the underworld, and...

He looks good, right?


Anat's disease could have been cured.

Hers can't.

Shaul, what do you have to say?

Who sent you? How much did they pay?

Someone's trying to take me out
of the race,

maybe your buddy Dudu Eini.

- Good news.
- What?

- You're getting promoted.
- Get out!

You'll be Commander Barak Harel.

That girl is lying to you.

What do I care about that girl?
What do I care?

The Georgian is gonna talk.

We need to solve this problem
a different way.

He's in the hospital.

How do you know about Gili Shmaya?

I'd rather not reveal my sources
in this forum.

We've got a problem.

Sandor knows too much.
One of your people is talking.

Maybe it's one of your people.

Babe, you startled me. What's up?

Nothing. Everything's fine.