Longmire (2012–2017): Season 5, Episode 3 - Chrysalis - full transcript

Walt investigates the disappearance of a man from Jacob Nighthorse's casino. Walt and Donna (Ally Walker) each deal with the repercussions of Donna's kidnapping by Tamar Smith. Cady struggles with the fact that the money that Jacob Nighthorse gave her caused the casino's employees not to get paid and attempts to find a place to open her legal center on the Res.

[Kaleo's "I Can't Go On Without You"

[sighs, sniffles]

♪ They thought they were
made for each other ♪

♪ One thinking of one another ♪

♪ Never thinking just for one second ♪

♪ She would take a
different attraction ♪

♪ We don't want that ♪

♪ We don't want that ♪

♪ We don't want that ♪

♪ Oh, no ♪

♪ We don't want that ♪

♪ We don't want that ♪

♪ We don't want that ♪

♪ Oh, no ♪

♪ I can't go on without you ♪

♪ I can't go on without you ♪

[cell phone rings]

♪ Can't go on without you ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ I can't go on without you ♪

[ringing continues]

♪ I can't go on without you ♪

♪ I can't go on without you ♪

♪ I can't go on without you ♪

♪ Oh, without you, babe ♪

♪ Without you ♪

♪ Oh, Lord, no ♪

Sorry I'm late.

I was fielding the latest
round of complaints.


- About what?
- You.

Me? What have I done?

Exactly what I hired you to do.

You've been helping my people
navigate a legal system

built to disenfranchise them.

That is what you've
been doing, isn't it?

I've been trying.

I've been going through
Mathias' old cases

and reaching out to people on the Res...

Putting up fliers.

Yeah, I-I thought that would be...

Cady Longmire. Free Legal Aid.

Funded by Four Arrows Casino.

For a lot of my people, the most
frightening words they can hear are,

"I'm a concerned white person,
and I'm here to help."

You just put a bull's-eye on yourself.

And it doesn't help that the first
tribal casino checks went out this week.

Isn't that a good thing?

Yeah, but it's not a
life-changing thing,

and that's what people were expecting.

- So when they see your fliers...
- They wonder if I'm the reason

- their checks aren't any bigger.
- Oh, yeah.

Then maybe we need to show
the tribe that the money

you're investing in me
is actually for them.

And how do we do that?

With something visible.

I could start by opening up an office

on the Reservation,
paying rent, utilities.

Yeah, interesting... something visible.

Just keep in mind, people on the Res

may not see the world
the same way you do.

[slot machines dinging]

[tense music playing]

Hi, are you okay?

Can I open the door?


My name's Cady. What's your name?




I'm waiting for my dad.

How long have you been out here?

I don't know.

[slot machines dinging]

[indistinct conversations]

[Jacob] Oh, it's perfectly okay.

I'm... I'm kind of glad you did.
Sometimes it's better just

- to keep things in-house like this.
- Yeah, I know I...

I should have called the tribal police,
but she lives in the county,

- and I... It's habit.
- If he were my dad, I think I'd...

- think I might do the same thing.
- He's here.

Hey. Thank you so much
for coming. We...

It was nice to hear from you.
It's been a couple weeks, so...

- Yeah, I've... I've been busy...
- Where is she?

Um... oh, she's over there.

Any sign of her father?

We're still searching the premises.

Her name's Olivia Parr.

She's ten years old.

Her father, Vincent, told her to wait

in the car while he came in here.

Don't worry, honey.
Mr. Malachi has old-man's eyes.

But I bet Miss Cady will have
better luck finding your Pop.

And maybe a sody pop, too.

- [chuckles]
- Come on, Olivia. Come with me.

Ah, there's no sign of
the deadbeat anywhere.

Poor girl's putting on a brave face,
but she's terrified.

Do you know what time
her father came in here?

The girl thinks she was waiting in the
car for a couple of hours, but, uh...

she's a ten-year-old kid,
so it's hard to tell.

We thought maybe you
could take her home.

[man] Mr. Nighthorse?

Excuse me.

Dad's probably holed up
in one of the hotel rooms

with a little, uh, side action, huh?

What kind of sleazeball would bring
his daughter to a joint like this?

[slot machines dinging]

So, which house is yours?

That one.


Now, I'm gonna walk you in, and I'm sure
your mom's gonna have some questions.

She's probably sleeping, but okay.

[engine running]

Whose car is that?

[Olivia] Mom's.

Why don't you just wait
here for a moment, okay?

[engine running]

[suspenseful music playing]

Mom! Mom, wake up!

I got her. Come on.

Get the door!

[Olivia] It's okay. Mom
gets like this sometimes.

Let's get her in the shower.
Bathroom's down the hall.

[Walt] Does this happen a lot?

[Olivia] Just give us a few minutes.
She'll be fine.

This way?



Maybe you could go make her some coffee?

All right.

Thank you.

[water running]

[dramatic music playing]

[Olivia] Help! I need help!

I can't hold her up. I'm sorry.

[Melissa] The sleeping pills must've
hit me harder than I thought.

Why were you in your car?

I got worried when Vincent and
Olivia didn't come home last night.

I tried calling a bunch of times,
but no one answered.

And then...

After that, it gets a little fuzzy.

Anything you can remember helps.


I remember going to the garage.

After that, just cold water.

Mom, I have a book report due.

Okay if I work on it?

Well, it's 4:00 in the morning.

Maybe you should get some rest.

But I'll get a bad grade if
I don't turn it in on time.

Oh, well, go ahead, honey.

And if Dad doesn't get home soon,
I'll give you a ride to school.

[rock music playing over stereo]

Missing a kitten?


I'm looking for office space.

Jacob Nighthorse hired me
to open a legal-aid center.

You are working for Jacob?

Does Walt know about this?

He does.

And he also knows that
I am a grown adult,

fully capable of making
my own decisions.

Did you tell him, or
did he figure it out?

No, I told him.


I didn't tell him everything.

What did you leave out?

How much money Jacob gave me.

How much did he give you?




That is generous.

- You're upset.
- I am surprised.

Yeah, well, apparently
you're not the only one.

There's already been complaints.

Jacob made a lot of
promises to the tribe.

How much were these
tribal casino checks?

About $745,000 less than yours.

Oh. [scoffs]

Henry, do you have any idea where
I can find some office space on the Res?

So I can start putting this money
back into the community?

There is not much in the way
of traditional office space.

You may have to be
non-traditional in your thinking.

[school bell rings]

[indistinct conversations]

[Walt] Olivia can't make
it to school today,

but she wanted me
to turn in her book report.

Olivia... she's so conscientious.

But why are you dropping it off?

Well, I wanted to ask you a few
questions about Olivia's father.

Ah, Vincent.

He's one of the good ones.

Attentive, reliable,
active in the school.

But that's no surprise...
he's the guidance counselor

over at the high school.

They're lucky to have him.

Well, Vincent Parr has gone missing.

He was last seen going into the
Four Arrows Casino last night.

The casino?

That doesn't sound like him.


Unless what?

It's unprofessional to gossip

- about a student's home life.
- Well, it's not unprofessional to help

locate a student's missing parent.

[sighs] It's possible
that Olivia's mother

got herself into trouble, and Vincent
needed money to bail her out.

What kind of trouble?

I can't prove anything,
but when I do see her,

which is rare, she's real jittery.

Jittery... like drugs?

If word got out that I was
saying something like that

about a parent of one of my
students, I could lose my job.


If something has happened to Vincent,

do you think Olivia would be
safe in her mother's care?

I really can't give you
an honest answer on that.

[door opens]

Did you find Vincent?

No luck so far, but Deputy Ferguson

is still at the casino searching, so...

Should I be worried?

Well, that casino's pretty big.

It's gonna take a while
to cover the whole place, um...

Do you know why your husband
was at the casino last night?

[scoffs] No.

The last I knew, he and Olivia

were driving back from getting gas.

Is that true?


We were at the gas station earlier.

We had just arrived at the
casino when Dad called Mom.

Why'd your dad fib to your mom?

Dad said the casino was our secret.

He said it was okay since he'd won
so much money the night before.

The night before?

How much money did he win?

I don't know.

Olivia, do you mind giving me

a few minutes alone with your mother?

Ms. Safford gave me
your worksheets for today.

Now, I know Ruby would be happy
to help you if you need it.



I'm sorry if this is a little direct, but
does Vincent have a gambling problem?

No, I don't think so.

You didn't know he was at
the casino either night?

No, I didn't.

Does your family have
financial problems right now?

No, Vincent's job at the high school
is the best job he's ever had.

So, if you didn't know
he was at the casino,

where'd you think he was?

I didn't think about it, really.

Well, Vincent usually picks
up Olivia after school

and then takes her to her
math tutor or piano practice.

After that, sometimes they pick up dinner
or groceries, then they head home.

What time do they usually come home?

I don't know.

Why not?

I'm not always awake when they get home.

[knock on door]


Walt, can I talk to you?


Excuse me.

[Ruby] Ferg just called.

A body turned up, middle-aged male.

And it fits Vincent Parr's description.


I'll take a ride out to the casino.

No, he's not at the casino.

Ferg said the body is on the other
side of the county, 20 miles away.

[dramatic music plays]

What's the bus doing here?

One of the kids found the
body when they were walking

from that trailer park over
there to the bus stop.

Driver felt conflicted
about leaving a dead body.

How'd he feel about exposing a bus
full of kids to emotional trauma?

Well, I covered the body up,
but I don't think

we need to worry about
these kids being traumatized.

[Walt] Tell the driver he can leave.

Tell those kids to erase those
pictures from their phones.

[engine starts]

[Vic] Is that the father?

Looks like him.

If he was last seen at the casino,
what's he doing all the way out here?

I don't know.

You find out anything
else at the casino?

Not really. Malachi couldn't locate
any footage of Vincent Parr.

Isn't that sort of what you
expect Malachi to say, though,

if he and his goons are still
ripping off the big winners?

You know, Olivia said
that her father won big.

There's no money in his wallet.

[Walt] He's got these marks
across his stomach and his chest.

Looks like he was run over.

Anything else in his pockets?

There's no keys.

Just a broken phone and, uh, this.

[suspenseful music playing]

Ferg, let's get Vincent
Parr's body to the hospital.

If the kid who found the body was
coming over from the trailer park,

I'm gonna go over there
and ask some questions,

- see if anybody saw anything.
- And if they didn't, maybe someone

saw something at the casino.

[Malachi] Well, see,
that's the downside of running

150 state-of-the-art
security cameras 24/7.

There's lots and lots of movies.

- I'm still looking through them all.
- Right.

Always happy to cooperate
with an investigation, Sheriff.

Which is now a murder investigation.

Vincent Parr's body
was found in my county.

According to the victim's daughter,
he came here

the last two nights, and he was winning.

And I find it surprising that
you have no record of this.

Surprising, is it?

So, what are you thinking?

You think, uh, we're
covering something up?

Maybe it's just due to negligence on
the part of your security team, Jacob.

Malachi, please keep reviewing the video,
every single thing from the last 48 hours.

[Walt] Vincent Parr had his wallet.
None of his winnings were in it.

Malachi's loan-sharking
and mugging scheme

may have just escalated.

Okay, you have no proof
of this "scheme."

I won't, either, as long as Malachi's

the one in charge of
investigating himself.

You have any other theories right now,
aside from these

insane levels of corruption
in my organization?

I do.

Something happened in
room 503 of your hotel.

[Vic] Hello?

[knock on door]

Anyone there?

[Joe] Hey, there.

Everyone's welcome

at the Chrysalis Mobile Home Villa,

where caterpillars blossom
into butterflies.

If you're looking for a new house,
I got three cozy units available.

I'll take that under consideration.

Are you the manager? - Yes, ma'am.

Folks call me Joe-Mega,
because I used to be a mega partier,

but now I'm just mega-blessed.

Okay, Mr. Mega, did you happen
to see anything unusual last night?

No, why?

Well, this man

was found dead practically
in your backyard.

And he was driving this car.

I don't know that car,
and this man's not dead.

He's not?

Death isn't death.

It's just another stage of life.

An eternal chrysalis.

I'll let the victim know.

I'm sure he'll be delighted.

In the meantime, if you or any of your

butterflies remember anything,
go ahead and, uh, give us a call.

Yes, ma'am.


Caitlyn, who was staying in
room 503 the last two nights?

It appears 503 is being held for
ten days by a corporate account,

a company called Manifest Destinations.

Anyone use the room last
night or the night before?

No, doesn't look like it.

Thank you.

We shut down Malachi's
last loan-sharking office

in the casino men's bathroom.

Maybe he's upgraded to a hotel suite.

Or maybe... you know, just maybe...
the numbers five zero three

refer to something other
than a room in my hotel.

Why don't you let me know what you and
Malachi find on those security tapes.


[dramatic music playing]

Caitlyn, how often

has Manifest Destinations
booked rooms with us?

Quite often, actually.


Print me out a record, please, and, uh,

notify me of any further reservations.

And you know what?

Let's just keep this
between you and me, okay?

Hey, sir?

- Do you travel this road a lot?
- Oh, yes, ma'am.

Me and Tito here,
we scoot just about everywhere.

See anything unusual last night?

It's about that crazy lady, right?

[clears throat]


Where'd you see her?

Oh, right back there.

We were riding out for a
late-night milkshake.

And she pulled right up to us.

Said she was looking for a car.

What kind of car?

Blue... royal blue. [chuckles]

And, uh, what did she look like?

We didn't really get
a good look, did we?

I-It was dark, and the
poor thing, she...

she just seemed afraid to show herself.

Paws over her face and everything.

She... she was super-shaky.

Goofed out on something, probably.

When we asked what was wrong,
she just freaked out, sped off.


And, uh...

What was she driving?

Oh, one of those little S.U.V.s...
a Honda.

And it had one of those
cutesy-pie mom, dad, and kid

stick-figure sticker on the back window.

I found the girl's mom passed out in
a Honda with the same sticker on it.

So, what? You think the mom did it?

[Walt] I don't know.


You want me to call child
services about the little girl?

I mean, technically,
we're supposed to, right?

Technically, but there's
something I have to do first.

[dramatic music playing]

[knock on door]

We found Vincent.

You found my dad?

We're still trying to
figure out what happened.

Unfortunately, he...

your father was injured
very badly, and...

he didn't survive.


I'm very sorry.

Mom, Dad's dead!




[engine shuts off]

You didn't have to come all
the way out here, you know.

I would've found the place...

Finding the place was not my concern.

Your safety was.

You love me like a father, don't you?

Yes, I do.

You're also underestimating
me like a father.

Henry, I can't use this as an office.

This is someone's home.

It was foreclosed last month.


There any other options?


Other foreclosed homes in
worse condition than this.

[cell phone ringing]

This is Henry.

[Nighthorse] Ah, so
your phone does work.

I was beginning to wonder
why I haven't heard from you.

I have been somewhat busy lately.

Is that right? You find
a better way to get

your bar back than by helping me?

I have not.

[Jacob] I didn't think so.

Which means we need to have a talk

about what exactly Malachi is up to.

[dramatic music plays]


[breathes deeply]

[clears throat]

[breathing deeply]

Hi, Donna.

It's me, Walt... Longmire.

Um, I guess I left a
message or two already.

Um, this is work-related.

Um, I got a young girl

whose father was found dead.

She's here with her mother.

She's a little unstable.

I'd like to put off calling

social services as long as I can.

So, I could use some
professional guidance.

You could call me back here or, uh,
just call Ruby, if that's easier.



[indistinct conversations]

[cell phone ringing, vibrating]


- Hey, Ruby.
- [Walt] Any word from the coroner yet?

Oh, hey, Sheriff. Yeah.

Vincent Parr was crushed to
death, just as we thought.

Someone ran him over in the
last eight to 18 hours.

You know, I'm... I'm happy to wait here.

You know, just wait for the
results and the blood work.

No, that could take hours. I need
you to get over to the Parr house.

Take a look underneath the wife's car.

You think the wife ran him over?

Well, if she did,
there'd be damage to the undercarriage.

On it.

Can Olivia and I go now?


We still need your help
in our investigation,

um, answering some background questions.


[Walt] When we found you
in your car last night,

um, you remembered getting into
it but nothing after that?

Yeah, that's right. It's...
all a blank.

[Walt] Is it possible that you drove out

to look for your husband and daughter?

I don... I don't know.

- Did I?
- Apparently, you stopped to talk to a man

while driving out near where
Vincent's body was found.

[Melissa] I don't remember that at all.

What did I say to him?

You asked him if he'd seen
Vincent's royal blue sedan.

[Melissa] Really?

Well, I... I guess if he saw me...

I mean, I... I was really...
really worried about them.

If you were worried about
your husband and daughter,

why didn't you just call us?

Well, some... sometimes when I
get all worked up about things,

um, and I think something's happened,
like, a part of me knows it might...

might just all be in my head.

I had... had an accident a few years ago

that kind of changed things for me.

- You have some kind of head injury?
- No, nothing like that.

I'm just kind of in a lot of pain,

and, um, that can kind of c...
cloud my mind.



What do you think?

I think Melissa Parr's
addicted to painkillers.


That can be a pretty
expensive habit to feed.

- Yeah.
- Maybe that's her motive.

She kills Vincent for
his casino winnings.

She seems really nervous around me.

- That could just be the pills.
- Maybe.

Maybe if I wasn't around,
she'd open up more to you.

It's worth a try.


Why not order a burger
from your own restaurant?

And miss out on the best burger in town?

Why would I do that?

So, have you found out anything about

Malachi laundering money
through the Red Pony?

I am just delivering food.

I do not know what you
are talking about.

You think my office is bugged
and that Malachi is listening in.

Malachi, if you are listening,
Standing Bear and I

are conspiring as we speak
to uncover all your criminal activities.

You got that?

If we're gonna work together, Henry,

we have to at least pretend
to trust each other.


All I know is that there is a lot more
money flowing through the Red Pony...

new revenue streams, too.

According to the ledger I found,
your casino is booking

my catering services
several times a week.

- Okay, that's news to me.
- Me too.

So, there must be a second
ledger with the real numbers

and the real sources of income.

- I have not found it yet.
- Try harder.

And when you find it,
keep an eye out for a company

called Manifest Destinations.

I think they're a front
for a criminal organization.

- Already? The casino just opened.
- Oh, yeah.

Everyone's trying to
siphon away the profits.

Ah, yes.

The profits that should
be going to the tribe.

Is this about Cady?

It has less to do with Cady

than about your priorities.

My priorities

are the well-being of our people

and the infrastructure of our community.

Schools, community centers,
access to legal aid.

And the people themselves?

Have you heard of "refeeding syndrome"?

It's when a starved body can't
process an excess of new food.

The body shuts down... dies, even.

For centuries, our people have been
starved of prosperity and opportunity.

You can't just open up a buffet and expect
a starving person to make smart choices.

You have to feed the starved
body a little at a time

so that it can get well again.

So, you are saving misguided
Indians from themselves.

You sound like the U.S. government.

You find anything under her vehicle?

I'll show you.


No marks, no mess.

Nothing at all? No blood?

Nope, it's clean.

Maybe I should look
under some other cars.

I'm thinking Malachi's and Darius's.


[Vic] Hey, Walt!


You got a call.

Donna call back?


[rock music playing over stereo]

♪ Come on, give me what you got ♪

♪ I'll even give you the first shot ♪

Little Big Man.

Written, directed, and starring whitey.

In terms of white man ass-kissing,
I'd give it four stars.

Is that why you called...
to give me a movie review?

No, but I do have some
film for you to watch.

So, uh, grab some popcorn.

I got some footage of
your guy two nights ago.

And, yes, he was winning big.

And he was not alone.

Was his wife there?

[Malachi] I don't know.

Does his wife look like that?

[Walt] No.

Who is she?

[Malachi] No idea.

But I do know that Jacob didn't
want me to show you any of this.

Why are you showing me this?

[Malachi] Because, uh...

I have a granddaughter,
same age as his daughter.

I don't get to see her very much,
but, uh...

I'd do anything for that little girl.

We found a napkin like the one in
that video with 503 written on it.

- I need to see inside that room.
- [chuckles]

Walter, I-I can't exactly waltz you
through my boss's palace and escort you.

But I can tell you that, uh,

my guys take their lunch break
in about 40 minutes from now.

You gonna go check out that hotel room?



Yeah, no, nothing new here.

I'll keep an eye on them.

- Is everything okay?
- I... I must've caught a bug.

I should go home.

All right, um, stay here,
and I'll get you some tea.

- I need to go home.
- It's okay, Mom.

Listen, we're gonna get you
guys out of here as soon

as we can, but we still
haven't talked about

who might have had a
problem with Vincent, okay?

- All right.
- Hey.

- Hi.
- I got Walt's message.

You just missed him.


Um, maybe you and I could speak
in Walt's office for a second.


Uh, that woman is not okay.

she's going through withdrawal.

She was doped up when Walt
brought her in this morning.

So then you called
Child Protective Services.

So, when do they get here?

- We haven't called them yet.
- That woman is in no condition

to take care of her daughter,
and Walt's message said

that the dad had been killed, so...

I mean, what are we
waiting for here, huh?

The child to suffer
irreversible trauma?

The mother's a suspect
in the father's death.

Yes, all the more reason to call.




[clears throat]

If we can observe and talk to
her for a little while longer,

we may be able to figure out how
and why the father was killed.

In fact, Walt just left to
give them a chance to open up.

You know, he knows that some people
wait for him to leave to start talking.

Okay, look, why don't you just stop
with the subtle insinuations?

You're... you're actually not very good
at it, especially not the subtle part.


I find it rather coincidental that you
show up just minutes after Walt leaves.

What, were you waiting outside for him
to go so you could barely miss him

like you've been missing
his phone calls?

All right, well, you know...
[clears throat]

Walt hired you, so he trusts you.

So, he must see qualities in you
that aren't obvious to the naked eye.

So, I will give you the benefit of
the doubt and give you an answer.

You see, I missed a little
bit of work recently.

It's a long story...
you know, kidnapping, gunshot wound.

And so I have been working
overtime to make it up.

Does that work for you? Hmm?

Or do you have some follow-up questions

concerning your boss's private life?

[Vic] Thanks...

you know, for coming down to my
level and granting me a response.

But while we're on the
topic of not understanding

what Walt sees in other
people, let me be unsubtle.


I have no idea what makes
you worthy of him.

I really don't.

But I saw him go through hell

when your life was in danger.

And so when he reaches out to contact
you, he deserves a response.

He deserves more than that, of course, but
he sure as hell doesn't deserve less.

Not from you.

Not from anyone.

- [Olivia] Mom, no!
- [Melissa] We've got to get out of here!

- [Ruby] You can't leave!
- No!

- I don't know what happened!
- Okay, calm down.

- No, no. I need to get home.
- Calm down, okay? You're in a safe place.

- I know.
- I'm very sick. I need my medicine.

All right, I cannot release
your daughter into your custody

- when you are in this state, all right?
- Okay, fine, I'll just leave her here,

- but I need to go home.
- You do not have a car.

- Okay, then I'll call a cab! [panting]
- I got this.

Please put the phone down, all right?

Don't look at me like that.
Don't look at me like I'm a bad mom.

You know, I wouldn't say that.
That's not what I said, okay?

You're not a bad mom. Oh, God! Shit!

- [gasps]
- Okay.

- I'm sorry.
- No, okay.

- Okay. All right.
- I'm so sorry.

Nope, nope. It's fine.

- All right, okay.
- No!

Please don't touch me! No! Aah! Aah!


I'm sorry.

I was told that this
room was unoccupied.

Can I help you?

Well, I'm Sheriff Longmire.

Do you mind if I ask you
a few questions, Miss...

Missus, actually.

It's Mrs. Shawna Crawford.

No, come on in.

Thank you.

I have to go to work in a few minutes,

- so I don't have long to talk.
- What kind of work?

I'm a travel agent for a company called

Manifest Destinations,
out of Massachusetts.

I'm here touring the hotel, putting
travel packages together and such.

So, what do you need?

Do you know this man?

Are you sure you're the sheriff
and not some P.I. my husband hired?

Pretty certain, yeah.

Yeah, I recognize him.

I saw him gambling a few nights ago.

He looked... safe.

And I was a bit lonely and
a bit tipsy, to be honest.

So, we flirted a little bit.

I even wrote down my room number,
but I guess he wasn't interested.

And that was the last I saw of him.

- I actually never even got his name.
- What night was this?

It was two nights ago.

Did you see him last night?

No, just the one night. Why?

Well, he was found dead
in my county this morning.

He's dead?

I'm trying to piece
together his last few days.

Is there anything you could, uh,
tell me about your conversation?

Um, wow.

Uh, okay.

Our conversation, um...

Uh, well, he complimented me on my
vocabulary, which was a nice surprise.

Um, and he said he was on a lucky
streak so he couldn't leave the table.

And I remember thinking that
if he did come to my room,

I was setting myself
up for disappointment.

How so?

The more I talked to him,
I realized he was wasted.

- Vincent was drunk?
- He masked it well.

He wasn't slurring his
words or anything.

But his eyes and breath gave it away.

[telephone ringing]

You expecting a call?


Well, you're getting one.


[ringing continues]


This is Shawna Crawford.

Yes, this is room 503.

It's for you.

I'm at the hospital with Melissa Parr.

[Walt] What happened?

I think we might have just
found another motive.

[indistinct P.A. announcement]

Yeah, okay.

Hey, I, uh... I got your message,

and you're absolutely right.

Suspect or not, that girl's mother is
in no shape to take care of a child.

So if... if there isn't any
other available family,

she's gonna have to be
placed with a social worker.

- Thanks.
- Yeah, um...

I... I got your other messages, too.

Yeah, uh...

So, should I just mail your
blouse and other clothes to you?

[Donna] No, no, I'll pick them up.


Look, Walt, I know that we need to talk,

but you're... you're busy now,

so we'll just talk later.


- Okay.
- All right.

Melissa Parr is in an exam room.

- Where's Olivia?
- Ferg's keeping her distracted.

We also got Vincent
Parr's blood tests back.

Vincent was drunk when he died.

Twice the legal limit.
How did you know?

Room 503. So what's behind this door?

What happened?

I couldn't hide the truth anymore.

The truth about what?


It's okay.

[dramatic music playing]

This is the fourth robbery in six months

by a bank robber authorities
have taken to calling Cowboy Bill.

Witnesses describe this Cowboy
Bill as being a polite man...

Do you have any jacks?


Go fish.

[reporter] ...pulling in $20,000.

Hey, I'll be right back. No peeking.

And keep your eye out for
Cowboy Bill for me, all right?

Walt wants me to take Olivia.


Somewhere Children's Services

is less likely to show up.

The first time Vincent
hit me was four years ago.

I came here asking for painkillers.

I... I told the doctor I'd
been in a bicycle accident.

What really happened?

Well, we had gone to a holiday party

for the high school staff.

I drank too much wine.

And I bumped into the vice principal,

and I caused her to spill something.

It's not that huge of a deal.


When we got home,
Vincent... completely lost it.

And I ended up with a broken collarbone.

Had he ever hit you before?

No, he changed after he got that job.

- Why?
- I think it was because of his father.

When Vincent was growing up,
his dad drank himself

right out of a job and their family...

right out of their house.

So, Vincent was not
gonna let that happen.

So, no matter how much he drank,
he always wanted to, you know,

have the appearance of an upstanding
family man and a good provider.

And he would just lose it when he
thought I was jeopardizing that.

Did Vincent hit Olivia, as well?

[Melissa] No.

No, if he ever would've laid
a hand on our baby girl,

I would have gotten her out of there.
I would've done the right thing.

Is that why you went out
driving last night?

To do the right thing?

When Vincent and Olivia
didn't come home, I got scared.

I knew Vincent was lying
about where he was.

You knew he was at the casino?

I knew he'd been drinking,

'cause I could hear it in his voice.

Probably the Rusty Lantern.

Did Vincent often take your ten-year-old

with him when he'd go drinking?

He said leaving her in the car was safer

than leaving her with me because...

I was an unfit mother.

But when he called drunk and
then they didn't come home...

I didn't care.

I knew I shouldn't be driving, but...

All I could think about
was Olivia in some wreck.

It's been a nightmare.

Did you run your husband
over to end that nightmare?

[breathes deeply]

I don't know what I did last night.

[knock on door]

Come in.

Did we have a meeting scheduled?

N-No, no. I was just coming
to tell you that I found

some decent office space on the Res.

I mean, it's gonna need a lot of work

before it can open, but...

I have a good handyman for you.

A gentleman named Sam Poteet.

Actually, I can take care
of the repairs myself.

But it was your idea
to visibly demonstrate

how the money's being
reinvested on the Res.

Don't you think hiring a member
of the tribe will help with that?

Not if it's a waste of money.

Mr. Poteet...

is both highly dependable...

and highly efficient.

Are you threatening me?

In Cheyenne culture,
the most prized dowry

a groom can offer his new
bride's father is a rifle.

There's a reason for this tradition.

Do you know what it is?

No, clearly.

The idea is that you
never arm your enemy.

You're making a deep and, dare I say,

courageous commitment to this tribe.

The rifle is a symbol of my trust.

Take it.

Thank you.

And for those times when
symbols don't suffice...

you should have these, as well.

[horn honks]

[Vic] Hey.

Bartender confirms that Vincent was

in here for about an hour last night.
He had four beers and four shots.

Eight drinks in an hour? Jesus.

Cashier at the minimart said
that Olivia did come in there.

She got a sandwich and some Skittles,

and she crossed back over
and got into a royal blue sedan.


[Vic] So, Vincent Parr leaves

the Rusty Lantern around 9:00 p.m.

It's a 30-minute drive
from there to the casino,

and he's seen entering the casino
around 9:30, leaving Olivia in the car.

Then he isn't seen again until the kid
finds him here, 20 miles from the casino.

So, if Melissa killed Vincent,

how'd she get his body from the
casino all the way out there?

She said she didn't even know
that he was at the casino.

So, she's lying or just confused.

Let's take Malachi at his
word that Vincent Parr

never made it inside
the casino last night.


So, that would mean whatever happened,
happened out here.

From here, you can see everything.

Is this where Olivia was
sitting when Cady found her?

It is.

So, then if Melissa picked up Vincent,

or Malachi's guys mugged him...

His daughter saw it.

I need to go talk to Olivia.


Probably should get Vincent's
car back to the family.

Do you have the keys?
I can drive it over there.

I think we need to call a tow truck.

Thanks, Ferg.

How are you feeling?


But they gave me some Pedialyte,
which is helping.

Where's Olivia?

She's here. She's in good hands.

I'm afraid to even ask this, but...

but what did you find
out about last night?

Whatever happened to Vincent,

I think your daughter saw it
and she's afraid to talk.

Because she saw me?

I don't know yet.

Dad picked me up from school,
and we went to get dinner.


[Olivia] The gas station.

I got a sandwich and some Skittles.

I ate in the car.

Outside the bar?


I waited while Dad went inside.

Then we drove to the casino.

What happened when you
got to the casino?

Dad went inside, like I said.

And that's the truth?

Olivia, darling, you need
to tell the sheriff the truth.

Even if it puts me in a bad light,

you need to tell him what happened,
no matter what I did.

The sheriff already
knows that Dad hit me.

When your dad went into the casino
last night, did anybody stop him?

I got some photos.

Was it this man?


How about this one?

From the other night.


Olivia, um, did you see your mother
outside the casino last night?

It's okay.

We're gonna tell the truth now,
no matter what.

No more secrets.


Mom wasn't at the casino last night.


So who did you see with your dad?

You didn't see anybody, did you?

Because your dad was never
at the casino last night.

What are you talking about?

Olivia, could you empty
out your pockets for me?

[dramatic music playing]

Everything, please.

[dramatic music playing]

I found these on the
driver's side floor.

I never found your dad's car keys.

That's because he gave
them to you, isn't it?

You were your dad's designated driver.

No, but O-Olivia can't drive.

She's ten.

Dad taught me.

So he wouldn't get a
DUI and lose his job.

But if you drove him to the casino,

how'd they find his body out by the bar?

Because Olivia...
didn't drive Vincent to the casino.

He was never there last night.

There's no footage of him on the inside.

And if he'd been stopped outside

by you or anyone,
somebody would've seen it.

Olivia, what happened to your dad

on the drive between the
bar and the casino?

One of my dreams happened.


I used to dream about
somebody coming to rescue us.

So that you could go to the
doctor and get better.

I dreamed up all the ways
that Dad could disappear.

And one of your dreams
turned real last night?

[Olivia] When I was driving from the bar,
Dad called Mom to say we were coming home.

Then he fell asleep with
his head against the door.

It was dark.

There wasn't anyone else on the road.

So I pulled the car over,
put the handle in "P"

like Dad showed me, and I came
around and opened his door.

Dad fell out without waking up.

So I closed the door, got back inside.

Then I put the handle in "R".

And the car went backward over him.

Then I put it in "D"...

and drove to the casino and
waited for someone to see me.

[Melissa crying]


Don't be sad.

Dad's gone now.

You can go to the doctor and get better.

[sobbing lightly]

[Olivia] It's all gonna be okay.


[knock on door]


Oh, good, you're, uh... you're still up.

Yeah, I was just
puttering around the house.

- Come in.
- Oh, yeah.



This is for you.

[Donna] Oh.

- Is it a gift?
- It's laundry.

Ah, every girl's dream.


Uh, I'll get you a beer.


So, uh... I finally called
Children's Services.

So does that mean that the
mother killed the girl's father?

No, it was the girl actually,
to protect the mother.

She'll be evaluated and
go into counseling, um...

while the mom rehabilitates, but...

she won't be charged.

- She's too young.
- Yeah.


This world will surprise you.


I'm pregnant.


- Aren't you a little, um...
- Be really careful.

Aren't we both a little...
autumnal for that?

Well, surprise.


I guess we should make it official.

- And get married.
- It's the right thing to do.

There's... there's room here,
plenty of space...

For God sakes, Walt, I am not pregnant.

- But you just said that you were pregnant.
- No, I know what I said.

I said it to make a point.

That you're a very convincing liar?

No, to make that point that if
I were pregnant, you would be

the sort of guy who would just immediately
ask me to marry him, you know?

Even though... even thought that's...
that's not what you want.

I never said that.

You don't have to.

Look, I know you like me.

And I like you... a lot, actually.

But what I don't want is for you to feel
obligated to be in a relationship with me

because now, suddenly,
after the attack, you know,

it's... it's the right
thing to do, okay?

I just... I don't feel
like pity and obligation

are ideal foundations
for a romance, so...

All right.

How about clean laundry?

And a... an enduring
perplexity about existence?


Well, I guess there are some
romances built on worse, right?

[Walt] Yeah.

You want to sit?


[soft music playing]

[both sigh]

Speaking of perplexity, do you actually
know how a woman gets pregnant?

Well, um...

I think I may have read
about that somewhere.

So, why would you think
that I was, you know...

What do you mean?

Didn't we, um...?

You don't remember?

I got hit in the head.

So did we?


I guess every great romance
deserves a little mystery.


[soft music continues]