Longmire (2012–2017): Season 5, Episode 4 - The Judas Wolf - full transcript

The CEO of a Nebraska-based drug company is abducted during a hunting trip with the Mayor. Matthias pushes Henry into bringing down a drug dealer whose product is killing people on the rez. Cady renovates her new firm.

- [technician] No allergies?
- [Walt] Nope.

[technician] No diabetes or
kidney or heart conditions?


No chance you're pregnant?

Let's hope not.

Okay. All right, climb aboard.

[motor whirring]

[heart beating]


[dog barks]


[Omar] Enjoy your shoot, Mr. Keslow?

Well, I don't usually bother with birds.

Good boy, Thor.

But a free trip's a free trip.

[Sawyer] Just think, Dan.

You move Keslow Pharmaceuticals
to Absaroka,

you could be here for elk season.

Mm, this fall, I'll be in Zimbabwe.
Come on, Thor!

[Omar sighs]

Why'd you bring that pompous ass?

Hundreds of new jobs in a shit economy,

As mayor, I got a lot weighing on me.

[Pinkie] God, I'm dying here.

The guy at the store swore
that these boots would be the best.

They totally gave me blisters.

How about those birds, Jenk?

You don't have turkeys
like that in Omaha.

I prefer my Wild Turkey in liquid form.

Listen, game's not the only thing
that makes Absaroka great.

We got a new casino
that's catnip for tourists.

And with Keslow as a corporate anchor,

we're guaranteed the green light
on Sandy's airport.

Always the politician.

Look, Sawyer, you know I love Absaroka.

Shit, I got a weekend place
not ten miles from here.

My problem's not with your county.
It's with your sheriff.

Last man who tried to develop here,
he shot in cold blood.

Walt Longmire is not anti-development.

He's just anti-Barlow.

I knew Barlow Connally.
Your sheriff sounds like my kind of guy.

Don't worry. Walt's on his way out.

[Dan] What do you mean "out"?

Our sheriff's dealing with
a minor legal issue.

Wrongful death.

I play golf with the lawyer
of the Connally estate.

- He's gonna eat Walt for lunch.
- Walt's a good man.

He's a little set in his ways,
but he works hard.

[breathing heavily]

Well, he's still an obstacle.

I'll tell you what.

I'll consider moving my company here
if you get rid of Longmire.

Well, that's easier said than done, Dan.

Of course it is. But real men
don't take no for an answer.

Were all those tests necessary
to check a minor gunshot wound?

Well, and concussion. No.

But given how hard it is to get you in
here, I figured I'd do them while I could.

Frankly, I was shocked that you even
kept your follow-up appointment.

Well, I'm trying to be more responsible,

Whoever she is, thank her for me.

Um, good news.

Scan shows a complete resolution
of your TBI.

How's the memory?

Better. I still can't
remember the attack, though.

How many head injuries would you say
you've had over the years?

Four or five.

That I remember.

And you played football...
high school, college.

Do you ever get any headaches?

I'm getting one now.

We know a lot more about the long-term
effects of concussions than we used to.

- But without sampling your brain tissue...
- I'm still using that, Doc.

Are you?

I-I just think a smarter man
probably would've retired by now.

How much longer do you plan
on doing this, Walt?

- Is there anything else?
- Uh, your cholesterol's a little high.

- Here's a statin.
- I'll eat more oatmeal.

Of course you will.

[police radio chatter]

You said you wanted to be more involved?

Well, here you go.

What happened?

Jim Pine O.D.'d.


Does Mingan know?

His son? Yeah. Mingan found him.

Jim Pine's the fifth O.D.
since the casino checks went out.

Suddenly people have money,
they're, uh, celebrating.

Courtesy of this guy.

His name's Joey Takoda.

I want Hector to go after him.

I am sorry. I cannot do that.

Joey Takoda is selling
heroin on the Res.

He's left Mingan Pine
a 14-year-old orphan.

Hector is not some Reservation Batman
righting all of society's wrongs.

You know who the dealer is.
Go arrest him.

I have.

Three times.

But I can only hold someone
on a misdemeanor.

Dealing's a federal crime.

Now that white people
are dying from heroin,

the feds have even less time for us.

The Hector we knew never played God.

He stepped in only as a last resort.

Besides, where is Jim Pine's
responsibility in all of this?

You and I both know
that Jim was a junkie.

- So he deserved it?
- No.

But if we blame Jim's death on this
dealer, why not blame his last one?

Or the guy who fired him from
Burger King when he was 22?

Why not go after Nighthorse
who sent the checks?

So your idea is to do nothing
and let our entire tribe fall apart?


Right now, my first priority is Mingan.

[engine starts]

[siren wails]


[sharp bang]

[nailgun fires]

[nailgun fires]

- Hey, Punk.
- Whoa!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Don't shoot me. Don't shoot me.

Dad? [breathes heavily]

You scared me. [chuckles]

What are you doing here?

Office warming.

Thank you.

So, uh...

You do all this on your own?


Now that you're here,
you might as well make yourself useful.

Yes, ma'am.

- This one?
- Yep.

- Okay.
- Thanks.

[nailgun firing]

So, you'll be happy to know I, uh...
I went to see Doc Weston for a physical.

What'd he say?

Well, uh...

[nailgun fires]

Well, I got to eat more oatmeal.


- [Walt chuckles]
- So there's nothing to worry about?

No, no. Uh... it's that thing.

- [Cady] What thing?
- [nailgun fires]

Well, my civil suit. Um...

They need a response by Friday.

Dad, you should have answered
that complaint weeks ago.

It's okay. I know you've been busy.

I don't blame you.

Blame me? I'm not your lawyer.

I assumed you would've found someone.

Well, people don't know I'm being sued.
I'd like to keep it that way.

Dad, I-I-I can't represent you.

I'm your daughter.

You represented Henry.

Yeah, Henry's not a relative,
and he didn't have any options.

You do.

Options that don't reinforce your guilt.

I'm not guilty.

Dad, me representing you confirms
everything they're accusing you of.

Cronyism, corruption,
ignoring the rules.

And you may not have noticed, but...

I have a job.

[nailgun fires]

- So you're choosing Nighthorse over me.
- [nailgun fires]

Here. Uh, David Milgrom.

He's a great civil attorney.

Call him.

Thanks for the plant.

[nailgun fires]

[Sawyer] I didn't fly Dan all the way
down here to have him go off without me.

You sure he didn't say
where he was going?

Well, I told you,
he and Pinkie left 'fore I got up.

You're gonna thank me for these airports
when your hunting trips are sold out.

I won't have anything to hunt
when your airport scares off the game.

You better hope Walt doesn't catch wind
that you're selling him out.

[Sawyer] Hey.

Isn't that Dan's dog?

[dog whimpering]

[Omar] These dogs don't wander off.

Hey, boy. Hey, boy.

Hey, hey.

Hey, hey.
Why are you out here all by yours...

[dog whimpers, barks]

What the hell?

If Omar says anything about my divorce,
I'm gonna sock him.

Hey, Omar.

Hey, Walt.

Look, I didn't want to call you,
but, uh...

two VIP guests of the mayor are missing.

Who we looking for?

CEO of an Omaha pharmaceutical company,
Dan Keslow.

Mayor's been kissing his ass trying to
get him to move his plant to Absaroka.

I thought you said there were two VIPs?

Yeah. The other one's a wimpy yes-man
they call Pinkie.

Anyway, Dan's dogs came back,
but there's no sign of the guys,

and the dog... had this in his butt.

You, uh...

You'll keep this quiet, right?

That you lost two VIPs?

I've sank every nickel I own
into this operation, Walt.

It ain't fair.

Lifetime of doing good work,
you make one mistake...

But then I guess I don't
have to tell you.

What do you mean?

Well, you know, y... y-your civil suit.

Omar, take Vic, start searching.

I'll head to camp, get Dan's dog.
Maybe we can catch a scent.

- I'm real good with dogs.
- So am I.

You go with Omar.

Looks like it's just you and me.

Keep it in your pants, Vicky.
I'm not in the mood.


[vehicle approaches]

[vehicle door closes]


What do you think?

It's almost an office.

Land line. How old school.

Yeah, well,
the cell service sucks out here.

So are you set up enough
to start offering legal advice?


Oh. Yes. Of course.


Have a seat. [chuckles]

And please don't tell me
that you killed someone.

How do I go about becoming a foster
parent for a Cheyenne child?

Well, I'd start by not
living over a bar.

You're serious?

I am.



The Indian Child Welfare Act
made it a big priority

to keep Native kids
with Native families.

So that'll work in your favor.

You know, once I get my computers up, uh,
I will start the application process.

We need to move quickly.
I have a particular boy in mind.

Well, I have Internet at home.
I can print out the materials tonight.

And we can start tomorrow.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

[zipper opens]

Did either man carry tranquilizer darts?

[Jenk] Not Dan.

- [urinating]
- He shoots to kill.

And the other guy?

[Jenk] Oh.

- I doubt Pinkie's held a gun in his life.
- [zipper closes]

Maybe it's another Dick Cheney situation
where one of them shot the other.

If Pinkie's so inexperienced,
why did Dan invite him along?

Dan needs an audience.

You know like they say, if a bear shits
in the woods and nobody saw you shoot it,

did it really die?

Hey, we're wasting time.
We should be out there looking.

Wait here, Sandy.
Radio if they come back.

- Let's go, Thor.
- [dog barks]

[Sandy] I hope you find him, Longmire.

Hate to find another developer dead
on your watch.

This thing is tiny
compared to the bear dart that got me.

Who hunts with these things?

Nobody hunts with those.

Conservationists use them
to catch and collar medium-size game.

Big cats, wolves, pronghorn.

So what's your take on
these missing guys?


Just another entitled asshole
and his lackey.

If my career weren't on the line,
I'd let them stay lost.

[Sawyer] Too much ground to cover.
We need to get a helicopter.

I told Omar I'd keep things quiet.
They've only been gone a few hours.

Sure hope you're not gonna
let your personal feelings

interfere with your duties here, Walt.

I don't have feelings.

Everybody knows you're anti-development,
but Absaroka needs jobs,

and this pharmaceutical company
can provide those.

[dog barking]

What kind of hunter
leaves his game behind?

Same kind that leaves his gun behind.


What's that around his neck?

Tracking collar.

- He still alive?
- Yep.

This thing's got to be choking him.
Won't come off.

Where the hell is Dan?

No idea.

What's that?

[Sawyer] It's a news clipping.

What's it say?

[Sawyer] "Serial Killer CEO:
Dan Keslow Must Die."

Let's get him out of here. Come on.


- [breathing heavily]
- Come on. Come on.

Come on.

[grunts] Get it off.

I can't... [coughing]

Okay. All right.
We're gonna get it off.

We're gonna get it off. Hold still.

Okay. Move your head out of the way.

- Hold him still.
- [gags]

All right.

- Okay?
- [coughs]



Thank God. [breathing heavily]

[Walt] Do you know who did this to you?


Dan's dog went after something
in the forest.

Dan followed him.

I heard a shot.

A minute later,
I felt something sharp in my shoulder.

You didn't see who taped
you to that tree?

I was taped to a tree?


Did Dan see anybody?


Where is Dan?

Dan's missing.

We found this nailed to the tree
above you.

Why did I let him bully me
into this trip? I hate guns!

I'm in marketing, for Christ's sake.

- Did you know about this?
- The mass execution of endangered wolves?

How could I not?

We had protestors out in front
of the office for months.

Hey, got here as fast as I could.

That's perfect timing.

I need you to take this gentleman
to the hospital,

then drive by the weekend house
of his boss, Dan Keslow, who's missing.

Vic will give you the address.

Okay. Anything else?

Contact Dan's wife,
see if she's heard from him.

And, uh, see if she's gotten a call
with a ransom demand.

Dan may have been kidnapped
by anti-hunting activists.


All right, got it. I think.

Come on. Let's get you to the hospital.

You might have to fill in some
gaps for me while I drive.

Let's call Game and Fish.

Maybe they can help
us track this collar.

- Mingan?
- [knock on door]



Mingan, I hope you do not mind
that I let myself in.

What for?

I wanted to check on you.

And I brought you a gift.

It is a medicine bag.

It gave me strength when I needed it
most, and now I want you to have it.

You can just leave it on my desk.

No, I cannot.

I need you to get out
of the bed, Mingan,

and come here to me
and take it for yourself.

The medicine will give you strength,
but you also need to find your own.


I want you to know that as bad as things
seem right now, you are going to be okay.

I think I may have found a way
to make sure of that.

But first, you need to get dressed
and eat something.

And then I will take you to school.

Any word on Keslow, Ruby?

[Ruby] Omar's still out looking.
And the mayor called.

He's trying to get a helicopter up
to help with the search.

Okay, let us know if he finds anything.

[engine shuts off]

[Walt] Pyper Callans?

We understand you're the
expert on wolves in Wyoming.

I'm flattered.

What's with the flags?

[Pyper] Oh, they're called fladry.

Contrary to popular belief,
wolves are naturally shy.

Anything new scares them.

I'm trying to educate the ranchers
into putting these flags up

and their guns away.

Well, Pyper, we're hoping you...
you may be able to help us find a man

who might have been kidnapped
this morning.

Dan Keslow.

Dan Keslow was kidnapped?

Well, that's a nice piece of news.

- You know Dan?
- [Pyper] All conservationists know him.

He's the asshole who used a Judas wolf
to destroy the Lone Tree pack.

A Judas wolf?

A hunter puts a tracking collar
on a wolf and turns him loose.

When the wolf returns to his pack,
the hunter follows in a helicopter.

Picks off the whole pack from the air,
sparing only the Judas wolf.

So now, all alone and inadvertently
having destroyed his whole family,

the Judas seeks another pack
to take him in.

And the whole thing
starts all over again.


Is this the kind of collar
that Dan Keslow would've used?

Where'd you get that?

Found around the neck of another hunter.
Dan's colleague.

We found him tranquilized, collared,
and duct-taped to a tree.


How poetic.

Is this the kind of collar that you use?

Conservationists in the field
mostly use the VHF pulse tracker.

It lets us track in real time.

That is a GPS.

Has a chip in it so it allows you
to download the data remotely.

Thanks for your help.

You think of anyone may have used
this collar, let us know.

More likely I'll send them a present.


[Vic] You saw them, right?

[Walt] Every conservationist in Wyoming
uses those darts.

It's not enough to bring her in.

But it may be worth tracking our wolf
lady's whereabouts these past few days.


What did you find at Dan Keslow's?

[Ferg] Place was dark and locked.
Nothing was disturbed.

There was a FedEx package
on the front porch.

Arrived yesterday.

Who's it from?

Someone named Cara Fillmore.
Sent from Omaha.

You reach Dan's wife?

Valerie. Yeah.

She hasn't heard from him since he left,
but that's normal.

She said he rarely calls home
when he's hunting.

- Hey, Ruby.
- [Ruby] Hey.

Any ransom demands?


What's all this?

[Ruby] Omar broke down the camp.

Jenk's in your office
waiting for his son to pick him up.

I hope you don't mind,
but I found something.

After Dan shot those wolves,
somebody set up this web page.

Looks like a shaming site.
Who set it up?

[Ruby] I don't know, but the comments...
ugh... they're all pretty nasty.

Can you print the names
of the commenters, Ruby?

Already have. Three copies.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

Hey, uh, what do you want me to do
with this?

Open it.

[Walt] Jenk.

How's Pinkie doing?

Oh, he's at the hospital.

They're keeping him overnight
for observation, so...

Any word on Dan?


Dan recently drew a lot of heat for, uh,
hunting a pack of endangered wolves.

Do you recognize any of the names
on that list?

Somebody who may have gone beyond
idle threats?

You know,
I told him not to go posting that photo,

but he was so proud of the kill.

Wolves were de-listed for two years.
It was legal at that time.

- Yep.
- [Vic] Holy shit!

Walt, you need to see this.

What the hell is that?

That's a guinea pig.

Does that mean something to you?


Did, uh... Cara Fillmore send it?

She did.

Well, then, yeah,
it means something to me.

We're a drug company.

We, uh, conduct clinical tests
on the drugs before they go to market.

And drug-testing volunteers
call themselves guinea pigs.

And Cara Fillmore did clinical trials
for Keslow Pharmaceuticals?

Yeah. She claimed she had side effects.

Ten years later.

Eh, when things go wrong
in people's lives,

they need someone to blame,
so she sued us.

Was the company at fault?

Well, she signed a waiver.
She knew what she was doing.

The judge threw her case out.

Since then, she just keeps hounding Dan.

- [door opens]
- Hello?

Hi. I'm just here picking up my dad.

Oh, Sheriff Longmire,
this is my son, Jerrod.

- Jerrod, Sheriff Longmire.
- How are you?

Dad, we better get going.
It's a long ride back.

Oh. Uh, listen, could I borrow
your little boys' room?

Right this way.

Yeah, right here.

Just on the left.

Uh, you know...

Dan can rub people the wrong way,
but he's not a heartless monster.

His father was my best friend.

Dan's like a son.

So anything you need, Sheriff,
we'll get it for you.

I know Dan would do the same for me.


No! No! No! No!

Mathias! Mathias, help me!

Help me!

[crying] No!

The children look at their lives
and see no future.

No one stepping up.

Nothing ever changing!

How am I supposed to protect them?!

- [screaming]
- [gunshots]

Cut him down.

[men singing in Cheyenne]


[singing continues]

[Ferg] Wow.

150 posts congratulating
Dan Keslow's kidnappers

and 39 who wish they'd done it.

How'd they even know he was kidnapped?

I don't know.

So, what are you working on?

[Vic] I'm running the GPS
data from the collar.

Maybe it'll help us narrow down the list
of suspects by giving us a location.

Are you wearing cologne?


Hey, Ruby.

[Ruby] Good morning.

Has the mayor called?

No. But your lawyer's here.

I didn't call a lawyer.

My girlfriend fly-fishes.

I moved all the way from Brooklyn
to stand in ice water up to my hips.

She's great,
but she's gonna give me pneumonia.

Dave Milgrom.

Mr. Milgrom, there must be some mistake.

I didn't call you.

Your daughter asked me to come.

If the mountain won't go to Muhammad,
Muhammad must go to the mountain.

So, Mountain,
tell me about this civil suit.

Well, there's not much to tell.

Barlow Connally estate
is claiming wrongful death.

I'm innocent.

Barlow was a big macher,
as we say in New York.

Killing him might not
have been so smart.

I would have preferred not to.

[Dave] I see here he was stabbed?

I thought he was shot.

He was.

I shot him.

He stabbed himself.

But your fingerprints are on the knife.


- Okay.
- [knock on door]

Hey. I'm sorry to interrupt.

So I've been running the GPS data
on that wolf collar.

In the last 48 hours,
our wolf has covered 700 miles.

He took the I-90 here from Omaha,
the home of Keslow Pharmaceuticals.

And Cara Fillmore, our guinea pig.



- So I-I guess we're done?
- Right now, I got to go to Omaha.

That's ten hours away.

By car.

Thanks for doing this, Omar.

Well, if we don't find Dan, I'm ruined.

I'm only one bad trip away
from losing everything.

Well, if it helps,
I've got the name of a good lawyer.


[cellphone rings]



It's me. I got those
foster applications that you wanted,

so if you want to stop by,
I could walk you through the process.

That is no longer necessary.
Sorry I bothered you.

What happened?

Mingan, uh...

The issue resolved itself.

Thank you, though.

[dial tone]

[Mathias] Joey Takoda is
selling heroin on the Res.

Jim Pine O.D.'d.

Mingan found him.

[engine starts]

I want Hector to go after him.

[knock on door]

I didn't kill that guinea pig.

It was my neighbor's, and it died,
and I asked if I could have it.

I don't sleep a lot.
Sometimes I make bad decisions.

Well, I'm Sheriff Longmire, Ms.

Can we come in?

[sighs] Okay. But please be quiet.

My son's napping.

[Walt] Dan Keslow is missing.

You know anything about that?

I don't know where Dan Keslow is,
and I don't care.

Well, it seems like you cared enough

to mail a dead animal
to his house in Absaroka.

Well, he's got a lot of houses.

- I rotate.
- [teakettle whistling]

Omar, why don't you wait in here?

[clears throat]

I understand you were part of a clinical
drug trial for Keslow Pharmaceuticals.

I was working my way through college,

and Keslow was paying $500
to test a new drug.

I thought it was safe.
It was just a statin for cholesterol.

You know, an old-people drug.

But you had side effects?

[Cara] I didn't know anything was wrong
until two years ago

when I was about 20 weeks pregnant.

My O.B. found too much protein
in my urine

and she told me I had kidney disease.

My doctor put me on bed rest,

but I developed preeclampsia
and went into labor at 21 weeks.

And... Max was born a micro premie
with severe cerebral palsy.

He'll never talk or walk, and...

I feed him through a
hole in his stomach.

And you blame the drug
they tested on you?

You're damn right I do.

But Keslow, he claimed the pre-eclampsia
caused the kidney damage,

not the other way around.

And the judge ended up
throwing the whole case out.

That's when you started threatening Dan.

Yeah, that coward
needs to take responsibility.

I don't care about myself, but my son...


My son is paying for what he
and his company did to me.

I'm sorry. Uh...

This must be so hard for you
and your husband.

Is he around? May I speak with him?

Jonathan's on vacation.

Without you?

[Cara] Max needs full-time care.
One of us has to always be home.

So we vacation in shifts. [chuckles]

Can you tell me where he went?

Uh, hunting with some friends, I think,
up north.

Your husband's a hunter?

Isn't everybody?

[Walt] Um...

If your, um, husband checks in,
could you have him call me?

Jonathan would never risk jail
doing something stupid.

He loves me.

He'd never leave me alone with this.

I don't care what she says.

Jonathan Fillmore is your guy.

[Walt] I know this case
is important to you, Omar,

but that doesn't give you permission
to steal.

He's a hunter. And I know hunters.

And I'd shoot that CEO asshole, too,
if he'd done that to my kid.

Come on, man, let's go.

Walt wants me to talk to Pinkie again.

Maybe he'll recognize this, uh,
Jonathan Fillmore.

I don't know. We'll see.

Where are you?

I found someone on the Dan Must Die
website worth talking to.

I'll catch up with you later.

Pyper, you got a minute?

Deputy Moretti.

You have come
at a supremely suspenseful moment.

Come here.

This is a female wolf I'm tracking.

She's a special favorite of mine.

She challenged the alpha female
in her pack and lost.

She's been on her own for about a year,

but today, she's approached another
pack, hoping they'll take her in.

[clears throat]

So, uh...

I was wondering how all the trolls
on the Dan Must Die website...

knew that he'd been kidnapped.

Good news travels.


We didn't release that information.

I might have said something.

Said something or... posted something?

'Cause I just found out
that you set up that whole website

right after the slaughter
of the Lone Tree pack,

and you've been whipping up hate
ever since.

Those sites are just words.

People talk tough when it's anonymous,

but on their own, in reality,
they're just cowards.

They don't follow through
on those threats.

[Vic] They don't.

But you do.

I checked.

You were removed as the head
of the Utah conservancy chapter

for violent and criminal behavior.

That was politics.

I read the complaint.

It said assault.

The state legislature took the gray wolf
off the endangered list

as part of a backroom deal.

Their decision was not based on science
or the wolves' best interest,

but purely on money.

And that gives you the right to break
a chair over the congressman's head?

I don't regret what I did.

I took a plea.
I came back to the field.

It's probably all for the best.

Since you're all alone
out here in the field now,

I suppose that means no one can verify
that you were here

the morning that Dan
Keslow was kidnapped.

And no one can verify I wasn't.

If you had any evidence on me,
I would be under arrest.

My girl's been run off again.

The world is cruel to females
on their own, no matter the species.

- Hey, hey.
- Officer.

How you feeling, Pinkie?

My name is Ted.

I hate that stupid nickname.

I'm sorry. Ted.

Have you found Dan?

No. But we got a few leads.

Angry animal activists,
disgruntled drug-test guinea pigs.

Hey, you got... any theories?

Dan kidnapped himself.

I don't follow.

Dan set me up. Think about it.

He invited me, someone who's never
hunted, along on this trip,

then takes me out
before everybody else is up

so he can shoot me with a tranquilizer gun
and choke me with one of his wolf collars,

then duct-tape me to a tree,
just to humiliate me?

He's probably at his house right now
just laughing his ass off.

Why would Dan want to humiliate you?

To get back at me for humiliating him.

[Ferg] We have a new suspect.

- Who?
- Dan himself.

Seems his wife, Valerie Keslow, and Pinkie
have been having an affair for a year.

- Dan found out?
- Pinkie thinks so.

He thinks Dan staged the whole thing
to embarrass him

and is sitting home right now
having a good laugh.

- Omar!
- Yeah.

Are the keys to Dan's house
still in his luggage?



Okay, Ferg.

Let's go pay another visit
to Dan Keslow's house.

[vehicle approaching]


Yeah, I can get that.

But it'll cost extra.

YOLO, asshole.

[Walt] Dan?

Are you in here?


Wake up, Dan. Come on.

- Wake up, Dan. Wake up.
- Wake up.


- Wake up, Dan.
- Oh!

- Dan.
- [groaning]

- Come on, come on. Come on.
- Aah!

What is this?!

What is this?! Get this off of me!

Calm down, Mr. Keslow.

Aah! I've been stabbed!

Holy shit, I've been stabbed!

- Calm down, Mr. Keslow!
- I've been stabbed.

[distorted] Ferg, call an ambulance.

Hell, now that you saved Keslow's life,
maybe he won't hate you so much.

Might even consider
moving his company here.

Why would he hate me?
He doesn't even know me.

[Weston] Sheriff?

What's with the audience?
Are you trying to get me fired?

I'm not supposed to be running
expensive MRIs without approval.

Was I right?
Those weren't stab wounds, were they?

No. No, they weren't.

But I didn't find a feather inside him
this time.

I didn't find a kidney, either.

Dan's missing a kidney?

The wounds are incisions
from a laparoscopic surgery

done by a professional.

You're telling that me Dan Keslow's
kidney was surgically removed?

Yeah, and believe it or not,

an organ's harvested somewhere
in the world every minute.

But it's usually the poor
giving away their organs.

Guys like Dan
are usually on the receiving end.

- Can I see him?
- No, he's sedated.

Just come back in the morning, okay?

And try not to broadcast that
I'm doing these secret favors for you.

The last thing I need
is to get mixed up in your civil suit.

Hurting Joey Takoda is useless.

How can you say that
after what happened to Mingan?

I mean, it is not enough.

We need to think bigger.
I have an idea, but I need your help.

The whole reason I need Hector
is because I can't help.

I uphold the law. I can't break it.


But you can send me into danger
with no backup?

You signed up for this, Henry, with the
first letter you took from that wall.

I can feed you information,
but that's all I can do.

Hector's on his own.

Out of curiosity, what
was it you needed?

If there is nothing you can do,
the less you know, the better.

It's wabbit season.


- [knock on door]
- Oh, boy, wabbit tracks!

Thought you'd like a visitor.

Hey! Oh, good boy!

Good boy, yeah. Come on.

Don't usually allow animals here, but...

Well, the nurses seem to like me, so...

[Dan chuckling] Hey.

How you feeling this morning?

Like I want to get back to work.
But the doctor won't let me go.

Mr. Keslow,
they just took your kidney out of you.

- Okay, wabbit...
- [turns off TV]

Doc Weston said you have no recollection
of the operation.

I remember shooting a turkey.

Then something hit me
in the back of the leg.

Next thing I know,
I'm waking up in my own bed.

You received some death threats from
activists because of your wolf hunting.

Those people are babies.

They shout
because they're too scared to shoot.

Anyway, they should be grateful.

After I took out that pack, Wyoming put
gray wolves back on the endangered list.

Does this man seem familiar?

Should he?

That's Jonathan Fillmore,
the husband of Cara Fillmore.

Oh, the whiner.

Listen, she was an adult
when she signed up for that drug trial.

No one held a gun to her head.

She's just one more person
looking for a check.

You don't seem too concerned
about finding out who stole your kidney.

It's done.
It's not like I'm gonna get it back.

At least I've got Thor.

You'd never betray me, would you, buddy?

Is your wife getting here soon?

I told her not to bother.

Oh, good boy.


That's a good boy.

[Walt] The wolf collar was a ruse.

The kidnapper just used the GPS collar and
the newspaper clipping to throw us off,

buying time for the surgery.

Cara Fillmore suffered permanent
kidney damage from the drug she tested.

Maybe her husband kidnapped Dan
to get a replacement for her.

What's Dan think?

Well, he seems
surprisingly uninterested.

- [knock on door]
- Yep.

Walter, Ted Sarton's here.


Right. Show him in.

Right this way, sir.

You wanted to see me, Sheriff?

Yeah, take a seat.

I wanted to thank you
for sending us to Dan's house.

He was there,
just where you guessed he'd be.

He was? How was he?

How do you think he was?


Well, surprisingly not.


- Do you mind if I make a phone call?
- To Dan's wife?

I told them about the affair.


I'm gonna call his wife.

After what he did to me,
I have to warn Valerie.

Well, I got to say,

he didn't seem very interested in her,
either, when I brought her up.

That's because he's faking it.

He came after me.

He's gonna go after her.

Take a seat.

I don't think he did this.

Why not?


I think Dan would shoot you.

I'm not sure he'd shoot his dog.

I think it more likely that, uh,
you and Valerie staged the whole thing.

That collar around your neck, that was
traced to Omaha, where you both live.

And you and Valerie certainly knew
about the hunting controversy.

One thing I don't get.

Why not kill Dan?

Why just take his kidney?


Someone took Dan's kidney?

That's crazy.

And ironic.

What's ironic about it?

A year ago, Dan sent a company-wide e-mail
asking everybody to get a blood test.

He was looking for a match for someone
who needed a kidney transplant.

Do you know who the blood drive was for?

The e-mail said someone
in the Keslow family.

That's what he called us.

Knowing Dan, I figured it was for him.

Well, Dan's kidney is
gone, not replaced.

Valerie and I didn't do this.

We're totally healthy.

And if it wasn't Dan, then who the
hell duct-taped me to a tree?

[Walt] Uh...

Get the names and contact information
of all of Dan's employees in Omaha.

And his close relatives.
Maybe "family" really meant family.





Call Omar!

[knock on door]

Jerrod, is your father in?

Uh, he's upstairs resting right now.
Can you come back later?


[Jenk breathing heavily]


What brings you to Omaha?

Dan Keslow's kidney.

That's what you have inside your body,

What, you want to cut it out and check?

Well, I'm hoping it
doesn't come to that.

Sheriff, I think you should go.
My dad needs to rest.

You were in quite a hurry
to get your father home.

Was that because you had a surgeon
and an unwilling kidney donor waiting?

There's no way for you to prove that...

Enough, enough, Jerrod. Enough.

I'd give you the kidney back if I could.

Scout's honor.

I honestly didn't know where it
came from until about an hour ago.

Jenk, a guy with your money and your
means, there are legal ways to do this.

Yeah, well, I was rejected
by all the transplant registries.

Who wants to waste a prime organ
on an old booze-hound like me?

And I'd accepted it.

I guess my son hadn't.

I lost my mother when I was young.
I wasn't about to lose my dad, too.

You know, Jerrod says that
Pinkie and Dan never saw him.

Nobody but Dan even knew Dad was sick.

How'd you figure that out?

I noticed your dad had to, uh...
take care of business pretty often.

That's a classic sign of kidney disease.

So you're the Keslow family member
that needed a kidney.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

But after the blood drive,
Dan told me that there were no matches.

[Jerrod] But there was one.

I found out that Dan Keslow was a match,
that lying coward.


He had a chance to save my Dad's life,
and he refused.

So you convinced him with
a tranquilizer gun and illegal surgery?

We were just playing by Dan's rules.

He always says,
"Real men don't take no for an answer."

All right, so what... so what now?
You gonna take me to jail?

- No.
- I'm afraid that's not up to you.

But it is up to Dan Keslow.

He says we're good.

This is a release form.

When did Dan send that?

Faxed it over about an hour ago.

Donating his kidney after the fact
and indemnifying Jerrod and me.

You know, men will go to great lengths
to prove that they're not cowards.

Especially if they really are.

This is quite a spread.


Is this where he, uh...


So what brings you out here, Mr.

I brought you your file...

and my, uh, legal opinion.

You should settle this case.

Settle? Why?

Mm, $1,500, for a start.

That's all I'd owe Barlow?

No, that's what you'd owe me
and my billable hours

if I was on the clock today.

Lawsuits are expensive,
and Barlow's estate has deep pockets.

Even if you win, it's gonna cost you,
so I say settle.

Get back to enjoying this view.

How about this?

I hire you, I don't settle.

It's time Barlow took no for an answer.

Okay, then.

More money for me.

[car alarm chirps]

Yo, tell Ozzie 15 minutes.
I'm on my way.

[fire crackling]

[gun clicks]

[Henry] Looking for this?

Please don't, man!
That's my whole stash!

You're a traitor to your people!

You don't just push heroin.
You push death and despair.


Please. Please, don't.

That's not mine.

Beat the shit out of me! Take my teeth!

But if you torch that,
they will kill me!

[Henry] Then burn in hell!

No! No! No!


[men singing in Cheyenne]

[wolf howling]