Longmire (2012–2017): Season 5, Episode 2 - One Good Memory - full transcript

Walt heads down to Cumberland County to ID a Jane Doe, which turns out to not be Donna. Henry's first assignment for Mathias goes awry leading Mathias to threaten to send in the blood samples to the FBI if Henry screws up again. Walt's investigation into Donna's disappearance leads to a confrontation with Walker Browning and Sheriff Wilkins.

[engine starts]

[tires squeal]

Oh, hey. Uh, Sheriff.

Your Jane Doe is right over...

She's not a Jane Doe.

Do you want me to...

I can pray with you if you'd like.


Would you like me to pray with you?

She must've meant a lot to you.

It's not Donna.

Oh, my Lord. But, uh...

But the description on the report.

Oh, I feel terrible I
put you through this.

It's just I-I couldn't get
Sheriff Wilkins to come down here

to I.D. our Jane Doe, and...

I'm so sorry.

There's no need.

You did the right thing.

So, should I try to get
Sheriff Wilkins again?


Hey there, Eamonn.

[Eamonn] God.

Hey, Walt.

This is a creepy sort of surprise.

I need to talk to you inside.

Look, I don't know what Vic told you...

- I don't care about you and Vic.
- Well, you say that,

but it's after 10:00
and you're lying in wait.

- I'm not lying in wait.
- You're sitting in the dark,

- your truck's nowhere to be seen.
- 'Cause I don't want to be seen.

- It's basically the definition...
- It's about your boss.

- It's a little hard to believe.
- Is it?

How much did Sheriff Wilkins
receive in, uh, campaign donations

from Newett Energy last election?

I don't know.

I do. I looked it up.

Every member of their board wrote
the maximum check allowable by law.

Just because he's accepting
political contributions

doesn't mean he's protecting a criminal.

- And yet that's what he's doing.
- According to you.

Why else would he check Walker
Browning out of the hospital

and ban me from his county unless
he's trying to hide something from me?

When you say "ban," you mean
in the legal sense of ban?

- Like a restraining order?
- I don't know.

But I do know that he ignored a Jane
Doe that matched my missing person.

That seems like a cover up to me.


All right.

Even if all of this were true,
what do you want me to do?

Help me.

Keep an eye out for Walker Browning.

Can you do that?

I don't know.

I'll think about it.

Fair enough.



Don't move, asshole.

- Take off that mask.
- No.

Take it off or you're dead.

- You can't kill me.
- Oh, really?

Why not?

Because Hector lives,
and because I know you.

You're a thief.

But you're not a murderer.


[knock on door]

Hey, Sheriff.

You didn't by chance stop
by the print shed last night

and pick up your Bronco?

- Yep.
- Ah.

Yeah, so normally when I'm
collecting evidence on a vehicle,

it helps to not have somebody take
the vehicle in the middle of the night.

- How's Larry doing?
- What?

Larry, the arson investigator
who's going over Donna's van.

He got pulled away.

Uh, suspicious brush
fire at Pronghorn Ridge.


- Can I have the keys to the Bronco back?
- Nope. I'm leaving.

What do you want me to do
with the kid in the cell?

Has anyone confirmed
that he's Donna's son?


Then nothing.

[door closes]


[Donna] Came out after my
group and... and it was on fire,

and the fire department said
that someone broke the window

and threw a Molotov
cocktail inside, so...


[Donna] Well, my
patient's suicide, um...

it was because of me.

Have you ever heard of transference?

This patient hasn't made
their last four sessions,

so I'm completely in the dark as
to their state of mind right now.

[Vic] Have you totally
lost your damn mind?

Where the hell did you go last night?

[Walt] Cumberland County morgue.

They called me in to I.D. a Jane Doe.

Uh, blonde, 5'6", 45, 50 years old.


I'm so sorry, Walt.

It wasn't her.

What does this look like?

Um... Red Stripe.

Same brand that Duncan Butler was
drinking when we visited him yesterday.

So, then I was right.

It was one of her patients.

You go to his house,
I'll head to his work.

No way.

I'm not letting you back
behind the wheel again.

- Give me the keys.
- I'm fine, Vic.

What the hell have you gotten me into?

I would be happy to file a police
report for you, Standing Bear.

I almost got killed.

That is on you.

It was a good plan.


You told me I was retrieving a
single antique piece of pottery

from a residence where nobody was home,
but not a single part of that description

- turned out to be true.
- What do you mean?

- You couldn't find the pot?
- I found hundreds of pots!

It might've looked like
a residence from outside,

but inside it was some kind of warehouse
filled with counterfeit Indian artifacts,

and somebody was home.

Can you describe him?

I only remember the shotgun
he pointed at my head.

What else?

So, no apology.

[telephone ringing]

I got to take this.

[sighs] Yeah.

Anybody get hurt?


Well, we finally got
an excuse to get inside.

All right. Yeah, I'm on my way.

Well, Standing Bear, I got to go.

Apparently, there was a
home invasion last night.

Some broken pottery,
a couple shots fired.

Someone said they even saw Hector.

You knew somebody would be
in that house last night.

You sent me there to cause a disturbance
so you could enter the house legally.

I told you it was a good plan.

[cell phone ringing]


[cell phone beeps]

Hello, Jacob.


- Can I help you?
- [Vic] Uh, yeah.

We're looking for Duncan Butler.

Uh, maybe you should talk to Brent.

- This way?
- Yeah.

[Brent] Can I see some I.D.?

Duncan has the day off. Call him
at home. I'm sure he'll see you.

We already went to his
house. He wasn't there,

- so we figured he'd be here.
- [Brent] Well, he's not.

Look, I don't know what you guys
want to talk to Duncan about,

but he served his
country for four years.

I think the least the rest of
us can do is cut him some slack.

Really? 'Cause what we want to talk to
him about is a van that got firebombed.

[scoffs] I see.

So, just because he served in Iraq
means he's the one who bombed a car.

- Yeah, sort of.
- And the rest of us have no responsibility

to help people like Duncan
after all they've done for us?

[Walt] Brent.

I appreciate what
you're doing for Duncan,

but this is not just
about a firebombed van.

There's a woman missing. Now, she
was also trying to help Duncan.

I don't know if he's done
anything wrong or if he's hurt her,

but I do need to speak to him.

Now, he doesn't have the
day off today, does he?

- He just didn't show up.
- Duncan is a good guy.


When we spoke to you the other day,
you provided an alibi for Duncan

for the bombing and the abduction.

Would you swear to that
in front of a judge?

Sometimes Duncan has bad days.

He doesn't make it in, I...
I clock in and out for him.

This happen on the dates we asked about?


[Walt] You got any idea where he is?


His wife wasn't home either.

- Do you know where she works?
- His wife?

His wife hasn't been
home since last November.

She left him.

[Walt] Okay, thanks, Ferg.

Duncan's wife filed
divorce papers in January.

Her most recent address is in Tensleep.

I'm no psychiatrist, but
Duncan seems delusional.

His wife leaves him and he keeps
her stuff laying around for months?

[static crackles]

[Ruby] I have Eamonn
O'Neill for you, Walt.

Put him through, Ruby.

- [Eamonn] I got to make this quick.
- Shoot.

[Eamonn] I think you
should come out here.

What'd you find?

I'd rather not say over the phone.

Where should I meet you?

I'll text you the address.

I don't have a cell phone.

[Walt] Text it through to Vic's.

Oh, you, uh, you with Vic?

Hey, Eamonn.


Okay, send me that address.

[clears throat]

- [sighs]
- I'm not going out there.


No, you're going to Tensleep
to look for Duncan's ex-wife.

You didn't hire Eamonn, did you?

[Walt] Nope.

What was that call about?

If we're wrong about Duncan, we
need to reconsider Walker Browning.

We still haven't ruled
him out as a suspect.

Eamonn may know where he's hiding.

I thought you said that I was right
about it being one of Donna's patients.

No, you said that.

I'm gonna need my keys back.

Recite the alphabet.


[rock music plays on radio]

[drawer closes, opens]

[camera shutter clicks]

- [camera shutter clicks]
- [door opens]

You better not be messing with me.

Hello, Mathias.

So, I went and checked on that
house you broke into last night.

It's hardly a warehouse.

What do you mean?

Only artifacts I saw were
two bowls and a cooking pot.

And they were broken.

One was thrown, the other two
were blown up by a shotgun.

I know what I saw.

They're filing an insurance claim.

- How much?
- $120,000.

For counterfeit clay pots?

Not counterfeit.
Authentic, but black market.

We believe that someone's
systematically been stealing

and selling our people's history.

Like that pot I sent you for,

that was stolen from Adele
Chapman's house last week.

Instead, you drove their
operation underground.

- Hector has that effect on people.
- Uh-huh.

I'm actually a little concerned
that Hector doesn't fully appreciate

the nature of our arrangement.

He's supposed to be an
asset in fighting crime,

and he's supposed to be stealthy.

He's not supposed to shoot up the
joint, scare the bad guys into hiding.

Next time, maybe you should arm Hector

with a little more information
about what you expect from him.

Okay. Here's what I expect from him.

He's gonna watch that house, see
who comes and goes, and follow them.

I need to find where
that merchandise went.

Now, last night was strike one.

You get one more chance or I
send my blood samples to the FBI.

That is not how strikes work.

I never had much patience for baseball.

You have the code?

Nope. We got to climb.

You sure it's worth it?


But this morning, a shutoff
engineer from the Newett oil field

came in to report that some cranky cowboy
came sniffing around his work site.

Same work site where you and
I questioned Walker Browning.

I wasn't that cranky.

Yeah, well, shortly after that,

Sheriff Wilkins announced
he'd be working from home.

Sheriff Wilkins lives here?


You think Walker Browning's here?

It's just a hunch, but Sheriff
Wilkins doesn't ever work from home.

Nobody there to laugh at his jokes.


[Walker] Hey there, Sheriff.

Sound travels in the mountains.

Heard that old Bronco of
yours all the way up here.

Why don't you come on up for a chat?

Tell your little, uh,
deputy friend to join you.

Hey, Eamonn, you're not fooling
anybody. I can see you right there.


Curious that you recognize
the sound of my truck.

You been driving it recently?

Man, you are so literal.

[sighs] You got me there.
That's great detective work.

I didn't actually hear it.

This, uh, place has these
closed-circuit TV channels

[grunts] that show the
comings and goings at the gate.

Where is she?

Did you lose her?
After all that trouble?

Answer me, Walker.

I don't know where Gab
is. I didn't take her.

Took off after you
ambushed me, killed Trot.

That's not what happened,
and you know that.

You the sniper, huh?

You know, hiding in the woods
just like you were doing here?

For your sake, I sure as hell hope
you got a warrant this time, Walt.

I do not.

Walker invited us in, so
this is all perfectly legal.


You and Eamonn?

Are you two a couple now? [laughs]

Sheriff, I think this is
just a big miscommunication.

Well, we can straighten that
right out, can't we, Eamonn?

Escort this son of a bitch
back to Absaroka County.

I'm not leaving.

You know what, scratch that.

- Arrest the sheriff.
- He hasn't done anything.

- Arrest him!
- There's no need.

Get up. Get off me!

You attacked me in my home,

and then you took Donna 'cause
you saw what she meant to me!

[sighs] I really like the
idea of hurting you, Walt.

I really don't give a shit
about hurting your feelings.

It was you! Say it! Get off!

All right, Longmire, that's it.

- You're under arrest!
- Say it!

- Say it!
- If I shot you, I would've shot you dead.

- I think you thought you did.
- Oh, I would've made sure.


You may as well go, too,
Eamonn, you piece of shit.

I expect your resignation
on my desk inside the hour.

[Eamonn] He thought
that the she was Gab.


So, he's a pretty good liar.

He is.

But this time... this time,
he's telling the truth.

He would've killed me
if he had the chance.

Why don't you come work for me?

Yeah, that sounds great.

Leap from one unstable, hostile
work environment to another.

But thanks for the offer.

[sighs] I'm sorry I got you fired.

Yeah, just a matter
of time before I left.

Hard to work for a
boss you don't respect.

You really should get that checked out.

You really don't want to bleed to
death in Sheriff Wilkins' county.

How was everything?

Eh, it was a little rare.

I am sorry to hear that.

I will let the kitchen know.


Hey, buddy, break it up!

Get down! Hey, back off! Back off!

- I'm making a citizen's arrest. Huh?
- Who the hell are you?

- Get off me!
- Shut up! Shut up, man!

Sir, please, just... just calm
down. I can call the sheriff.

No, no. No need. I got this.

Hey, you, come here.
Sweetheart, come here.

Come on! Get over here!


Zip his wrists up real tight, okay?

Don't move.

Jesus, come on, come on!

Come on, come on.

Okay, come on. Get up! Get up!

Stay back. Everybody,
stay where they are.

This'll be over real soon.

[Ferg] The abductor is a
male Caucasian in his 30s.

He is driving a red
pickup truck, Ram 2500.

You got any plate numbers?

County one-six,
license number four-two.

County one-six, license four-two.

Got it. Will you run
those plates for me?

That's what I'm doing. Hold on.

Ferg, this guy seems unhinged.
He might hurt someone.

I do not think it is wise
to wait for the cavalry.

I can run him off the road.

Don't, Henry.

Not until we know who we're
dealing with, which is...

Duncan Butler.

Holy shit. Are you sure, Ferg?

Truck was registered
to him just last year.

[siren wails]

- I don't know who you think I am...
- Look, I know who you are.

- I know what you did.
- I didn't do anything!

- Bullshit!
- Oh!

[tires screech]

- [grunts]
- Jesus, officer, watch where you're going.

I almost hit you.

Get on the ground!

Get out.

I got him! He can
tell us where Donna is.

Duncan, get on the ground!

Hey. Help me!

Hey! Stay back. This is police business.

- Get out.
- Let go of the hostage

and put your weapon down.

What? Oh, no, no, no.
You don't understand.

I arrested him, all
right? Citizens arrest.


- Duncan, what the hell is going on?
- He's the guy who took Donna.

- Which one of these guys is the bad guy?
- I don't know.

Oh, shit. I got him.

[grunts] Get down!

[Vic panting] Get down!


[door closes]

Look, I don't know why you're
talking to me, all right?

Randal's the one who took Donna.

What makes you think that?

I've seen him hanging
around the parking lot,

waiting for Donna
after his group session.

Looking for a little, uh, one on
one time, if you know what I mean.

What were you waiting for?

Come again?

Were you waiting for
some one on one time, too?


I was just looking after her is all.

Donna and me, we have a connection.

She has this ability...
see right through you.

Next thing you know, you're
just pouring your heart out,

feeling things you never felt before.

She's that good, why'd
you stop going to therapy?

You missed your last few appointments.

We had an awkward session.

[Vic] What exactly
happened at your session?

I brought her a stew.

I made it myself from
scratch from a rabbit I shot.

- Wow, you shot a rabbit?
- Right?

You know, I never cooked
that stew for nobody but Jean.

It was homemade, but she
just... turned it down.

How rude.


And instead of saying thank you,

she... she asked me

what I thought the nature
of our relationship was.

She went all robotic on me,

i-insisting that our relationship
was just doctor-patient.

- Like she was just toying with you.
- And that's not the worst part.

I missed a few sessions, and this
bitch sent me a... a bill, right?

Can you believe that shit?

- I'd have gone ballistic.
- I did.

I know.

[Walt] You recognize that beer bottle?

Red Stripe.

Only beer I know comes
in a bottle that shape.

I'm a Rainier man myself,

but they don't sell that in
bottles around here, so...

Not very useful for Molotov cocktails.

[Vic] And Duncan, before
you say another word,

you need to know that your boss
isn't backing up your story anymore.

We know that you don't have an alibi

for the time that that
van went up in flames.

Okay, okay. Okay, you got me, all right?

It's... [sighs]

I got anger issues.

Donna and I were working on that.

And I know it wasn't appropriate
to firebomb her truck.

I was upset.

I needed Donna to know that you
can't treat people like that.

You can't just... just brush me off.

That stew was homemade.

So, where is she, Duncan?


I told you, Randal has her.

You just admitted to torching her van.


I torched her van, but I
wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

[Ferg] Hey.

I finally confirmed the
I.D. of Andrew Price.

He really is Donna's
son. I talked to her ex.


Um, and his dad,
Donna's ex, is a lawyer.

He's pretty pissed that we're
holding his son without charging him.

You want me to charge him?

No. Uh, no.

Duncan just confessed to,
uh, firebombing Donna's van.

We'll see if that's all he's
done, but you can let Andrew go.

All right, make sure this is everything.

Sign here, okay?

- No, no, no, no.
- Hey, who's this?

My mom's old boyfriend?

You can show yourself out, Andrew.

- You locking me up?
- Yep.

This is insane. What about this guy?

This guy's pressing charges!
I might even sue your ass!

[Ferg] Sit down.

Hey, Sheriff.

You probably should hear this.

[cell phone beeps]

[Donna] Hey, Andy.

It's Mom.

Uh, no big dealio. Just checking in.

Look, she never just checks in,

and I've never heard her
say "dealio" in my life.

Okay, I think something is,
like, actually, seriously wrong.

Call log says she called two hours ago.

I'll have the phone company trace it.

Here. Write down your number.

So, that call came in
while Duncan was in custody.

[keypad clicking]

Yeah, I'm with the Absaroka County
Sheriff's Department. I need a trace.

Yeah, I'll hold.

Hey, maybe Donna got access to a phone
after Duncan went to the Red Pony.

But if she was alone, why would
she feel the need to speak in code?

He only admitted to the
bombing, not the abduction.

So, maybe Duncan was telling the truth,

and the bomber and the abductor
are not the same person.

So, what, you think there's
a third person out there?


Okay. You call me as soon
as that trace comes through.

[door closes]

[Vic] Tamar Smith was in the
hospital, Walt. She's got an alibi.

[Walt] For the bombing.
What about the abduction?

According to Donna, Tamar's
suicide attempt is related

to transference issues with Donna.

Think how she reacted when
she heard Donna was missing.


Yeah, and Duncan freaked out.


Tamar was more concerned that I
looked like her commanding officer.

[cell phone rings]

Hey, Ferg.



Phone company confirms that
Donna's call came from here.



- I'm so sorry, Walt.
- It's not your fault.

She was here. I didn't see this.

- I didn't look here.
- At least we know she's alive.

We just got to figure
out where Tamar took her.

[man] Excuse me, ma'am.

- Looks like you could use a little air.
- Back up, asshole.

Whoa, take it easy, sweetheart.

I said back up.

God damn it! What the
hell's wrong with you?!

- I'm trying to tell you your tire's low!
- Do I stutter?! Back off!

[water running]

[horn honking]

Let's go!

- [pounding on door]
- Yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming.

Come on!

Hang on.

[Tamar] Let's go!

- Yes, okay, okay, okay.
- Now!

- Okay.
- Come on.


Yeah, we heard it on the evening news,

but you got to keep putting that
information out there until we find her.

Yeah, I appreciate it.

[man on radio] The Absaroka
Sheriff's Department

is looking for information
on the whereabouts

of local woman Tamar Smith,

a Caucasian in her early 30s.

Ms. Smith is wanted in conjunction
with the possible abduction

of Dr. Donna Monaghan
of Sheridan, Wyoming.

The Sheriff's Department
is asking for any...

[rock music plays on radio]

[tires screech]

[radio shuts off]

You know you're not really a ghost.

You can't just run into traffic.

What are you doing out here?

I will not be needing this anymore.

- Why not?
- Because I will be in jail.

Are you backing out on our deal?

I am.

Take me to the feds.

Are you serious?

I will not be manipulated
or exploited anymore.

I would rather be back in prison.

All right.

If that's how you feel.

[Henry] It is.

And I am sorry.

I realize this puts you
in a difficult position.

Me? Why do you figure that?

You told me you were having a tough time
getting people on the Res to trust you.

I imagine that will
become even more difficult

when they learn that you are
the one that arrested Hector.

Do you think people will thank
you for sending their folk hero

to the white man's prison?

I am not so sure.

What do you want, Henry?

I would like to renegotiate
the terms of our arrangement.

[man on radio] The Sheriff's
Department is still asking residents

to be on the lookout
for Dr. Donna Monaghan.

The Sheridan resident has
been missing for three days.

The sheriff is also looking
for a silver Subaru Forester...

I'm so stupid.

The media's gonna twist this
into some kind of sex scandal.

They're going to say
I'm a crazy lesbian lover

who just fell off the deep end.

No, they won't because I won't let them.

I should never have let you
make that call to your son.

You let me make that call
because you care about me.

I know that.

And I care about you.


But now they're gonna come find me.

Look, Tamar, I'm gonna say something
as a friend, not a therapist, okay?


Don't you think that on some level,
you want this whole thing to end?

I mean, you have no escape
plan, there's nowhere to go,

- there's nothing that you can do.
- I just need to think.

Look, let's just try to figure
a way out of this together, okay?

I think that we should go to the police,
and you should just turn yourself in.

I-I don't think it's gonna be that bad.

Look, I will tell them that
you were only trying to help me.

You will?


So... [sighs]

Basically, I just have to trust you?


Well, a few weeks ago in session,

you said that I was placing
too much trust in you.

Well, this is different.

It sure is.

How am I supposed to trust
you when you do shit like this?

I think this ends tonight's session.

- Where'd she go?
- Around the side of the building.

To use the bathroom, I guess.

Can we see that video?

I only got one camera,
and it's to keep people

from helping themselves to free gas.

I never thought I'd
need one on the restroom.

Do you know if this woman was alone?

I don't know anything about her.

She just went a little psycho on the guy,
and he came in here to tell me about it.

Before I could go out and talk
to her, she peeled off in the car.

Which direction?

Uh, right on up the hill.

She went way faster
than the speed limit.

I suppose that's the
least of her crimes.

Man, those things are a pain
in the ass to fold back up.

- What are you looking for?
- Lake.

Pretty sure there's one nearby.

Foley Lake's right up that way.

Show me where.

Uh, right there.

What's so special about Foley Lake?

It's named for one of Custer's soldiers.

- Story is he had some relative...
- Tamar had a picture of a lake.

[Vic] Where?

At her house when we talked to her.

I didn't see it.

It came from the drawer.

Somebody's getting his memory back.

You think that's where Tamar's headed?

It's worth a look.

You really think there
are any houses out here?

[Walt] I see two docks.

One there.

One back there.

Chances are each one belongs to a house.

There's no boats at either of them.

We should probably
check them out anyway.

Let's just do a quick recon pass,
meet back up on the other side.

[Ferg] How do you
think he's really doing?

- Walt?
- He seems a little off.

Yeah, well, he got shot.

And hit in the head.


Just give him time.

[Ferg] Do you think
he'd even be able to deal

with having another
woman he cares about die?

Let's hope we don't have to find out.



You need to come out of there right now.

Come out slowly with
your hands over your head.

[Donna] Walt, it's me.

I'm okay, just drop your weapon.


[Donna] Just please put the gun down.

You have to trust me.

Put down the weapon.


I put it down.

[door creaks]

- Drop the gun!
- Drop it!

[Donna] Easy!

Everybody easy.

- I told you we couldn't trust him.
- I don't want to shoot,

but I will if I have to, now drop it!

Don't yell, Walt, okay?
Please just lower your voice.

You were supposed to
leave the gun outside.

- You lied to me.
- You shot me.

Was I supposed to trust
you? Now let Donna go.

- I can't let you hurt Dr. Monaghan.
- I won't.

- I'm trying to protect her.
- Bullshit!


I do not want to hurt
Dr. Monaghan or you.

But I also don't want you to hurt her.


I'm protecting her!

You shot her, and you kidnapped her.

T-To keep me from being raped, Walt.

You see, the other day when...
when... when you took me

back to my house to get some
things, Tamar saw us there

and she saw you, and she thought you
were big a-and threatening and macho,

and she just got very worried for me.

Do you understand what I'm saying, Walt?

Are you in love with Dr. Monaghan?

- See?
- No.

- Tamar.
- I told you.

- This is what everybody will think!
- No, no, they won't.

Walt, this is not about jealousy.

It is about trauma.

Tamar is a rape victim,
and you are triggering...

Shut up! No more!

Shut up!

There's a reason that
soldiers don't go to shrinks.

'Cause it just makes it worse.

I should've kept this to myself.


But you opened me up, right?

And all the shit started
coming out of my head,

and it should've just stayed there.

Was it your C.O.?


The man in the picture that
you showed me who looks like me?

Did he rape you?

[breathing shakily]

He was supposed to protect us.

Off base, you know, where the enemy is.

[voice breaking] You
know, where the danger is.

Back on the F.O.B., it
was supposed to be safe!

But Captain... Frederick...

I never knew when he was gonna show up.

I'm not like him.

You don't know him!

You don't know what he's like!

[breathing shakily]

Dr. Monaghan, you say
that you trust this guy.

How well do you really know him?

Because I thought that I
knew my commanding officer,

but he had all the power,
and he used it against me.

And because of his rank,
nobody listened to me.

Why should I trust this guy?

You're right, Tamar.

You don't know me.

So, let's give Dr. Monaghan the power.

If you and me are both
trying to protect her,

let's... let's let
her decide what to do.

Now, I want everybody to be safe.

So, I'm gonna give Dr. Monaghan my gun.

It's okay, Tamar.

You and I just wanted
Dr. Monaghan to be safe.

Now she is.

You've done your job.

Now you can go.

Nothing bad's gonna happen now, Tamar.


Oh, yeah.


[sniffs] If it makes
you feel any better,

I've never really used one
of these things anyway, so...

It, uh...

It does not make me feel any better now.

[gun clicks]

[Donna] I'm okay. I'm gonna be fine.

[Walt] You're okay.

[Donna] I'm okay. I'm okay.

- Thank you.
- You sure?



You stay in here, and
you stay low, okay?

Yeah, okay.


If you catch her, don't hurt her, okay?

She's... she's not a criminal.

She's just deeply traumatized.


[Walt] Tamar.

This was my grandpa's place.

It's the last place I felt
safe before I deployed.

Now I'm afraid to go out.

To sleep, even.

You've been through a lot.

So have you.

I'm used to it.

Where am I supposed to go, sir?

I can't function out there anymore.

Look at what I did to
you and Dr. Monaghan.

I'm hurting people.

That's not who I am.

Or who I was.

Cuff me.

I don't think that'll be necessary.

I don't trust myself anymore, sir.


When you tell your side of the
story, people will understand.

Can I just have a minute?

I just want to take one
last look at this place.

Try to keep one good memory in my head.

I'm so sorry.

What for?

I just... I seem to have a knack

for stirring up trouble in
other people's lives, and...

That's not how I see it.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Tamar!

[somber piano music plays]

[Donna] I don't see
her! I don't see her!

- Is that Walt?!
- Yes!

- What the hell is he doing?!
- He went in to save my patient!

She jumped in!


Where is she?!

- No! Don't.
- She's there!

Wait, wait, Ferg.

Hold on to me. Hold on to me.


- Grab me. You got me?
- I got you.

[Ferg] She's gonna drown him!

- I got you.
- Okay.

Walt, reach for it.

Hold on to me. Get me. You got me?

- I got you.
- Grab it.

- [grunts]
- Oh, shit!

[Walt] Take her.

[oar clatters]

Come on. Take her.


[Vic] Ready? [grunting]

Ready? [grunts]

[music continues]

[Vic] Okay. Let me see if she's...

- Is she okay?
- No.


Nothing. Okay, put her on her side.

- Go on the side.
- Ready?

- Okay.
- Come on.

- Breathe, breathe.
- Walt. Walt.

- Come on!
- She's breathing, she's breathing.

Tip her up. It's all right.

Deep breaths.

Okay. Okay.

Okay. You're okay.

- [coughing]
- You're okay.

[Ferg] You're all right.

All right, okay. Just
take some deep breaths.