I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Souvenir - full transcript

- What a beautiful place!
- Mom, speak in English.

We are in Italy, I speak Italian.

- Shall we go back to the hotel?
- Yes.

- But I want to walk.
- Mom, then you get tired.

- Is Ethan back?
-No, he has the phone off the hook.

How handsome Ethan is!
His father washandsome too.

You will see that he will come back.

- Can I go out for a while?
- No.

- When are you leaving from Naples?
- This afternoon.

Just enough time to tell
you the good news in person.

How do you know about the new informant?

At first there were only rumors in
the prosecutor's office in Agrigento

but then I spoke to the judge
who was a university classmate of mine.

He could not be precise but the

testimony may contradict
the late Lo Monaco

and exhonorate you completely.

-Has he already testified?
- Not yet.

There is no telling when he
will, but rest assured that he will.

Did you find a way to save
the house for Marinella?

Why do you remind me of this?

If it were up to my
ex-wife, the house

wouldn't be safe
because she screwed up.

Luckily Marinella has
a father who is still alive

who is the holder and
is here in front of you.

- Laugh?
- You know how women are, but you're in luck. - Yes?

If they put you in jail,
you'll have a great lawyer.

- I really counting on it.
- Don't worry, count on it.

I'm sorry.


I'll be right there.

My friend, I'm going.
Don't pay, I already have.

- I wasn't going to.
- Let's kiss hands.

- Your Sicilian sucks.
- My Neapolitan is worse.


- Did you find the victim?
- Yes.

- Is there only the entrance over there?
- Yes, exactly that.

This morning I opened at 6
and the bolts were all closed.

Nobody forced anything.

- Are there cameras or a caretaker?
- Doctor, safety costs money.

-He must have come flying in.
-He made a bad landing.

- Did you find him over there?
- Yes. - Let's take a look.

Di Nardo, the emergeny crew
have polluted the

crime scene which is
full of footprints everywhere.

- I don't see any signs of a struggle.
- No. - There is little blood.

- What time did you close last night?
- Around 10pm.

It definitely happened last night

For me they attacked
him elsewhere, maybe

over there and then
they dragged him here.

Thank you.

- That's fine with me, take him upstairs.
- Okay. Quick! Let's go.

- Will he make it?
- It's hard to tell.

He has grazes, bruises and
several broken ribs but his

spleen is intact and there is
no serious internal bleeding.

- Why do you operate him?
- They factured his skull.

A bone fragment has
lacerated the brain parenchyma.

- What is that?
- The stuff the brain is made of.

- What are the chances of recovery?
- The operation is very difficult.

I don't know if he will
survive or if he will have

permanent damage but do
you have any idea who did it?

No, but we will get them!

- You'll catch them?
- Why do you say them?

The blows are from both
sides, kicks and punches.

I'm not a coroner
but I know that no

blunt objects or edged
weapons were used.

The blows are too many
to be the work of one person.

- In my opinion there were at least two people.
- You're stealing my job, bravo.

- I'm not...
- A coroner, but thank you.

- My pleasure... - Goodbye.
- Good work.

- Did you take a picture?
- Yes, even if reduced like this...

It will be useful to try and identify him.
Come on, I don't like hospitals.

A robbery gone wrong.

They wanted to rob him,
he reacted and they beat him.

A robber robs a man, beats
him to death then loads him

on his back and takes him to a construction
site where he leaves him?

Also there had to be at least two of them.

All right.

You will all follow this investigation.

The man found in the subway
construction site is still alive.

Luckily, otherwise the
assault becomes a homicide.

Go into the neighborhood to
see if anyone has seen anything.

- I'm going?
- Yes. People trust you, but you go alone.

Romano goes with Alex
and Lojacono with Aragona.

- Do they also make scarves for men?
-Yes He made a joke!

- Go.
- See you later, boss.

Octavia, check our system for reports
on recently missing people.

Maybe use the
photo Alex gave you.

- I've already started, boss.
- Boss!

Have you seen this man recently?

- No. - Are you sure? - Yes.

You have to imagine him without bruises...

- I'm sure I haven't seen him.
- Okay thanks.

- Until we meet again.
- Bye.

You too! You could have
taken a better picture of him.

Should I ask him to pose?
He was more dead than alive.

So not even his mother can recognizes him.

They messed him up.

No one here has seen
him, is he invisible?

Let's do something.

Now let's go down this
little road, what do you say?

You go to even
numbers and I to odds.

Excuse me.


No, wait. I'm coming now.

- Can I ask you a huge favor?
- What happened?

I can't tell you now, but can
you cover me for an hour?

Yes, but don't get me
in trouble with Palma.

Nothing stupid
As soon as I finish, I'll join you.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

- What's happening? - Calm down.
- You say that the child is sick...

She is there.

- I prepare baby food for the children. Will you eat with us?
- The porridge?

- The vegetable puree. - Luca!
- You do not know what you're missing.

Dad has arrived.

Luckily there's you. What's wronge?

She may have caught a cold, and I
prefer to keep her under observation.

- Right, good. Better to prevent.
- Better, yes.

- I think I'll take her to the hospital.
- Really! Is it serious? - No.

Is not serious. Can you give us a ride?
I only have my moped.


- The keys...
- Don't worry, otherwise I won't get in the car.

All right.


If you make me
late to set, I'll tell Bill.

Bill is dead, mom.

Hello, police?
I would like to make a complaint.

- We have a lead.
- What lead?

Two days ago the guy attacked
was in the Bar degli Artisti.

- What's going on...
- Yes, I get it. At what time?

We don't know who he
is, but he's not Italian.

Where is he from?

According to the bartender, he had
a foreign accent that she couldn't identify.

There's a missing persons report

with a photo that I
compared to Alex's.

He is American. Ethan
Wood, born February 18, 1963.

He resides in Los Angeles, is
1.81 meters tall and weighs 90 kilos.

These are the
photos, I think it's him.

It's really him.

Who made the
missing person report?

The sister whose name is Holly.

Her first name is Holly, herlast name
is Wood, and do she live in Los Angeles?

Holly Wood! It is as if a Roman
city were called Cine Città!

- Will you stop or will I give you the night shift for a week?
- I'm stopping

The Woods are staying at the
Hotel Tritone in Sorrento.

In Sorrento? Okay.

- Lojacono and Alex go there.
- Yes.

I'll call Piras.

- it?
-She told you to shut up.

Alex, I'm taking you to the beach. happy?

Roman is right.
Shut up, it's better.

Like Ascoli Piceno.
Do you like these jokes?

Porto Rotondo.

- Greetings. - Inspector Lojacono?
- Yes. - We were waiting for you.

- Mrs. Wood?
- Please. - Thank you.

Allow me.

Mrs Wood, good morning.
I'm Inspector Lojacono.

- Agent DiNardo.
- Do you speak Italian? - Yes.

Unfortunately your brother
is not in very good shape.

He was brutally beaten

and underwent surgery.

What kind of surgery?

To the head.
A delicate thing, but he's alive.

He's in good hands, don't worry.

-I have to go to Ethan, where is he?
- I'll take you.

- Come. - Thank you. - Please.

- Later.
- Later.

- Mrs. Charlotte is still very beautiful.
- Already.

She was a great actress.

- I'm the hotel manager, Dario Tarallo.
- Very pleased to meet you.

You know Mrs Wood well.

Her real name is
Carlotta Lusi Castiglione.

The parents were Italian.

-In fact, her daughter speaks Italian. Have they been here long?
- Five days.

The're halfway through their vacation.

- Has anyone come to see them?
- No.

Mr Wood said she was
here for family reasons.

-Thanks for your time. - Please.
- Good work. - Thank you.

"That prince who made himself..."

Good morning, Mrs Wood.
I'm Inspector Lojacono.

Are there any problems on set?

The production
has paid for security

guards but you can turn
to Bill, my husband.

if there is a problem.

No, I'm here about your son Ethan.

Children? I have no children.

- Excuse me.
- Please.

The lady has Alzheimer's, poor thing.

- My name is Elisabetta Marchese.
- Very pleased to meet you. - Pleasure.

I'm a nurse.

Mrs. Holly hired me to stay
with her mother in Sorrento.

- Can I ask you a few questions?
- Go ahead.

-When was you hired?
- When the Woods arrived.

Have you noticed anything
strange between them these days?

Nothing in particular.

Mrs. Charlotte has me helping her mum
going for walks.

Her daughter always came
with us, except for one morning.

She went out alone, but by
lunchtime she was back.

- Ethan?
- I haven't really seen him?

From day one he went out
early and came back late.

Three days Ethan went out alone and
the third day he didn't come back.

-You only saw him on the first day?
- Early in the morning.

I understood that he had to
go to the Pizzofalcone district

and I helped him to get there…

My husband has a taxi.

Ethan had your husband
take him to Naples.

- Yes, so I understand.

For three days they made the same
journey, Sorrento-Naples-Sorrento.

Where is your husband now?

- At Marina Grande. - Thank you.

My children!
Where are my children?

I'm worried.

Your children will be back soon.

I'm worried because
they don't fight often.

Sometimes he makes her angry

but they are things for siblings.
immediately afterwards they love each other.

It's like in the movies.

Are you Mr. Gigino?


I'm Inspector Lojacono
from the police station in Pizzofalcone.

The American got into my car and
gave me a Pizzofalcone address,

but it was in a pedestrian area and
the alley is dead-end, unreachable.

- Do you remember the address?
- Yes, Egyptian Alley.

- The house number?
- I don't know, the American got off at Piazza Carolina

to the climb that
leads to Pizzofalcone

and I told him I was expecting him at 6.
- Were you punctual? - Yes.

He was on time the
first and second night.

Did you notice anything strange?

No, but he was
lively in the morning,

but on his return
he was taciturn.

- Do you want to know what I think?
- What?

When someone goes happy and
comes back sad, it means there's a woman.

-But he didn't tell you anything.
-No, he was silent the whole way.

I heard him talking in English with
his sister, I didn't understand anything

but he was angry and that evening he
wasn't at the appointment to come back.

I waited a while,
then went home.

Certainly. I have to go back to
Naples, can you take me?

Sure, I'm available.

- Are you going to Pizzofalcone?
- Yes please.

My love, are you waiting for me?

I'm almost there, it's almost time.

But first we have to do one thing.

We have to find Brother Leonardo.

We have to stop him

And you have to help me.

I know you will,
you always have.

"I brought this box in for you, I'll
be back soon. Kisses, Marinella."

- Hello?
-Your new cell phone isn't modern, but it's less noticeable.

I have feedback on the informant

Well, trust me and don't worry,
we'll take care of the installments.

- How do you know that...
- I'll get back to you.

See you soon.

- Hello?
- Hello, Piras.

- What are you doing?
- I'm at home, I brought some things to finish off here.

I'm still at work,
I'm still at the office.

Let's go eat something?

No, I'm working.

Do you know how many women would
pay to have dinner with me?

I imagine millions, but not me.

- You seduced and abandoned me.
- Nobody seduced anyone.

- you and I didn't understand each other, goodnight, Diego.
- Good night.

Let me tell you,
this is a real shame.


Did he smile at me?

- What do I have to do?
- What do you have to do? Marinella, do I have to explain everything to you?

First push up your breasts, then,
unbutton here and put on red

lipstick and then see how
Massimiliano jumps on you!

Tomorrow evening there's
a party in Pozzuoli and you

can't miss it because
Massimiliano will be there too.

So will you help me?

Of course, how do you do without me?

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- I made you breakfast.

Thanks, what time is it?

- It's 8.
- It's very late!

Do I have to breakfast alone?

Sorry, I'm late for work.

I can give you a
ride on my moped.

It's not a good idea.

Can you at least tell me your name?

That's not a good idea either.

- Bye!
- Bye!


Given your brother's condition,
we'll needto ask you some questions.

What do you want to know?

Ethan had been in Pizzofalcone
for three days and had an address.

- Do you know why?
- I do not know.

Who had proposed the trip?

When did you come
to Italy for the last time?

We have never been to
Italy my mother refused to

come, she prevented us
from doing it without her.

My grandparents were Italian,
my mother speaks your language

well and she wanted us to
learn it too since we were children.

I don't know why she didn't want to come back.

- Then why are you here?

My mother was an
actress in Sorrento she

filmed her most
famous film, "Souvenir" there.

She then she got sick, she
lives in a past all of her own.

Ethan wanted to give her
this past, so we came here.

Only He knows where he's gone...


Why on the third day,
when he never came back,

were you arguing with
him in front of the taxi?

He had insisted on
our mother coming

here but he would
leave us at the hotel!

Didn't he say anything
during the argument either?



You have nothing to do?
An archive to put in place?

- Nothing.
- You too, Octavia?

Pisanelli, you have been collecting photographs
and notes on the blackboard for years

what happened?
- It happened that I realized it was my fixation.

You were right, I had to

listen to you from the start.

Why did you suddenly
come to this conclusion?

Roman, this is who we need to find.

- Who is he?
- Someone that Dante would have placed in the Ninth Circle of Hell

in the Ptolemy area, sinners
stood with their heads in

the ice so that when they
cried in pain, the tears froze.

What had these bastards done?

They are the traitors of guests, of
friends, I like the Divine Comedy.

Octavia was good in school,
can we focus on something useful?

For example, knowing anything
about the movie "Souvenir".

You're right, it's better. Don't you
know anything about this Charlotte Wood?

Was there sound? Silent
films don't interest me.

There is nothing can be done about you, you are ignorant
and you take pleasure in your ignorance.

- Yes, yes!
- Carry on, don't let yourself be distracted.

Charlotte Wood was in Sorrento
in 1962 to shoot "Souvenir"

an American film
about a holiday Italy.

She was married to Bill Wood,
director of the film and I only

remember that the shooting
lasted much less time than expected.

They stayed in Sorrento for a month,
most of the film was shot in the USA.

Unfortunately this adds nothing.

We need to understand why Ethan
came to Pizzofalcone several times.

- What are you thinking about?
- What am I thinking about?

The woman Holly doesn't convince me.

- So you haven't seen anyone?
- Here we make our own.

- What do you say, colleague?
- What?

Illegal occupation of public
land, blockage of the pathway

handling food without
compling with hygiene standards.

This is just at first glance.

The American? The one with the fractured
skull at the subway construction site?

Your memory has returned!
Go ahead.

Saturday morning he came here
to look for Capasso at number 15.

.-Yes, but he didn't find that name on the intercom list.

Then I remembered that 15
years ago a Capasso lived there.

Now another person
lives in the house.

-What's their name?
- Esposito, the American buzzed him.

Good boy. Put on gloves.

Let's go. Nice display.

- Yes? - Police.
- Good morning, I've been waiting for you, take a seat.

- Do you want a coffee? -No thank you.
-Is the person upstairs still complaining?

Tell her that she should only call you
if she sees or hears something strange.

I'm not doing anything strange.

We are not interested in your private
life, we just want to ask you a few questions.

You have to excuse me, it seems
that people like me are treated like sluts.

Did you meet an American
gentleman on Saturday?

He was making me
late, I was going to the

station he asked me if
I knew Mimì Capasso.

Mimi Capasso. Why was he looking for him here?

I don't know, he thought this
house belonged to him,but I don't

know any Capasso, I've been living
here alone for ten years now.

- Who owns the house?
- It belongs to a friend of mine. - What is his name?

- Angela.
- "Angela" who?

Angela... Picariello.

- Where were you last night? \N

- Last night I was…

At a friend's house.

- Can this friend of yours confirm it?
- I do not believe so.

Congratulations for the...

sculpture, is it Spanish?
- No, it's Neapolitan.

- We need to verify, quickly.
- All right.

- Greetings.
- Good morning, doctor.

- At that time?
- The taxi driver was wrong.

Ethan Wood has been
to the trans, but he wasn't

looking for him but a
certain Mimì Capasso.

Miss Mary told us
Ethan was very insistent

and she kicked him out. - So?

I find it strange that Mary didn't tell him
that the house belongs to a friend of hers

Angela Picariello. In my opinion we
need to understand who this Capasso

is and above all why Ethan came
from the United States to look for him.

He went back and forth three times
between Sorrento and Pizzofalcone.

There is one important thing,
Capasso is Angela's maiden name.

-That's why he was looking for Capasso.
-She is Domenico Capasso's daughter.

- Bingo! In 2006 she married
the accountant Nicola Picariello.

Nicola Picariello? He is the
accountant of the Sorbo Clan.

The man managed the drug
money and investments for the

last ten years. He's been
on the run for six months.

I have to notify the DA
and get the DDA involved.

Don't hand the investigation over to Buffadi.

You must obtain authorization for
us to interrogate Capasso, but not

as the wife of the fugitive, but as
the daughter of Domenico Capasso.

- I'll try. - Thank you.

- Ciao. - Until we meet again.

Guys, we're short
on time, let's go!

Angela Picariello has been working
with her husband for ten years

before that she was a secretary, but
then he fell in love with her...

and as you know, love on
the job is a pain in the ass.

She wasn't directly involved
but she probably knows many things.

When I closing in on him,
he disappeared, I went

to her and offered her
a protection program.

- Do you know who the financial mastermind of the Sorbos is?
- Picariello. Where is she?

Vanished, overnight,
before I could get to her.

Piras, I swear I thought
I had convinced her.

- Don't have an idea?
- There are three hypotheses.

She is with her husband.

They took her to keep her
from talking, or they killed her.

She ran away.

You hurt me, Piras.

you and I are...\N

two lonely souls.

However, this time
I don't know why I

waited for days for
you to open that door.

This has never happened to me and
it never should have happened to me.

Be aware that I don't
hold a grudge for this.

Let's make a pact, keep
looking for Angela Picariello but

if you find her, stop and
pass me all the information.

Let me understand something,
why should Picariello have fled?

Because she is pregnant.

Why did you lie to Mr Wood? You know
who Angela Picariello is, don't you?

I didn't lie. I rented
this apartment from

Angela Picariello and not
from Domenico Capasso.

Angela Picariello is the
daughter of Domenico Capasso

but she is above all the
wife of Nicola Picariello.

Didn't you mention
her name to protect her?

I don't have to protect anyone.

I met Angela years
ago. We took a

secretarial course
and became friends.

She got married, her father
died and the flat remained empty.

I needed a place to stay and
she gave it to me. Is that a crime?

- No.
- I bring her rent every month.

I leave with the concierge at the building
where Angela lives.

- Where is this building?
- In Via Monte di Dio at 112.

When Wood came to you, did
you give him that address as well?


-Did he give you any money?
- Yes, 2,000 dollars.

It was what he had in cash.

You knew Angela
wasn't at that address.

Her husband is on the
run and she is missing.

You took his money and tricked him.
Well done, congratulations.


I learned from life to
give men what men want.

He wanted the address
and I gave him the address.

You didn't know why he was looking for her?


- All right.
- Inspector.

Angela has nothing to do
with what her husband does.

She comes from a decent family.
Her father has always worked.

He has been a
waiter all his life.

She just made a mistake. \N

She fell in love with the wrong man.

When she went to work for the

Picariellos, they
met and got together

but she was afraid, she was
afraid to have a child with him.

You know Picariello well.

- Really?
- I know him.

I met him years ago.

I went to bring the rent.

He saw me \N and We had an attraction.

Some friend you are!

I loved Picariello as
much as Angela loved him.

Do you know what men like this do ?

They treat you like a queen.

Then they reveal themselves
for what they are. \N


I tried to leave him

but men like this don't let
you decide. They decide.

I felt guilty about Angela.

-When did you last see her?
- Seven months ago.

Since then she's been on the run.

Do you know what I think?

I think she still sees Picariello.
On the contrary!

Maybe she was with him
when Wood was nearly beaten to death.

- Good day.
- Until we meet again.


- Good morning. How are you?
- Well. Please.

- Good morning. - Good morning.
- The lady will be right there.

Excuse me, yesterday you
told me that Mrs Holly went out.

- When did it happen?
- The third day.

-Did she tell you where she went and what did she do?
- No.

-When she came back, she seemed upset.
- Good morning. - Good morning.

- Take a seat.
- Thank you.

"In our lives there
is only one color"

"which gives meaning to art and
to life itself. It is the color of love. "

I think you know where your brother
went for three consecutive days.

- That's why you followed him on the third day.
- No, I didn't follow him.

You followed him and
saw him with Mary, the trans.

That's why you fought.

Yes, I asked him what
he was doing with that one.

He told me he liked
her, but I knew he didn't.

- This made me angrier.
-Why did he lie to us?

I was afraid that it might
come out in the papers.

I was afraid people would say...

that Ethan, my Ethan...
- Why is she lying? She keeps lying.

She keeps lying.

You know much more
than you have told us.

The trans lives in an
apartment owned by Angela

Capasso who inherited it
from her father Domenico.

Your brother was looking for her.

Can you tell us who this Dominic is?

Ethan was convinced that
Domenico Capasso was his father.

I'll show you something.

Elisabetta, can you bring me my beauty bag?

- You're welcome ma'am.
- Thank you.

These are letters
from 1962 to 2004.

It is a correspondence between
my mother and Domenico Capasso.

They loved each other very much.

Do you think your brother
was looking for your father?

No, the discovery shocked him.

Then he never spoke of it again.

The correspondence
had abruptly ended and

we thought that Domenico
Capasso was dead.

- You got suspicious and followed him.
- Yes.

I saw that he always
went to Vico Egizio 15.

I remembered it was the
same address as the letters.

Back at the hotel, I
rummaged through

my brother's things
and found this.

"Capasso Angela,
Pizzofalcone poste restante. "

"I'm not giving you my actual address
becuase it's dangerous"

"If you don't answer, I'll understand.
We are two strangers"

"but if your blood has a voice,
you will hear it call. Angela."

It's dated a couple of months ago.

my brother and
I are really close.

We've had our
tough times but we've

always gotten
through them together.

-Instead this time ..
.- he was keeping all this to himself

What proof do we have that this
Angela is really our sister?

She might just be someone
who wants to exploit the

relationship between their father
and my mother to make money.

Do you know that these
words could represent a motive?

So? I would never hurt
my brother, Inspector.

Excuse me.

You're friends with Ethan, aren't you?

- Yes Madam.
- Tell him this game has gone on long enough

and it's not funny.

If he doesn't get back on set right
away, to me he's done with the film.

- All right.
- Thank you. - Please.

- You are here!
- Lojacono.

We found these in
Angela's mailbox.

They are Ethan's answers, but
Angela never collected them.

- Perhaps her fugitive husband had already kidnapped her and kept her hidden.
- Yes.

-Perhaps she had already managed to escape.
- Buffardi's hypotheses are back.

- Kidnapping, escape or...
- We follow Ethan's path.

Mary told him that Angela
lives in Via Monte di Dio 112.

He went there in a taxi,
but he didn't find her.

I think Mary knew
there was no one there.

Yes, but Picariello is on the run
and we don't know where Angela is.

Ethan will have met
someone or been noticed.

We can only go there and investigate

because for now we don't have...
- Nothing. - Exact.

Capasso, Capasso, Capasso...


- Nobody with this name lives here.
- I'll ask you another question.

Angela Capasso married Picariello.
Does this name mean anything to you?

Angela Picariello...

Yes, Mrs. Angela.
She is Doctor Picariello's wife.

Your memory is back in a big way.

- Has anyone come looking for her?
- No, I don't think so.

- You don't think so.
- No, but I'm not always at the guardhouse.

- It moves.
-Yes.-he moves around, he's not always at the guardhouse.

- Is that a Passenger?
- Yes, it's beautiful. - Beautiful.

-Thank you for yourkindness.
- Please. - Good day.

- Until we meet again.
- Until we meet again.

< That watch is worth at
least 3,000 euros. At least!

Hello. Two cops from the
Pizzofalcone police station came here.

They asked me about the Americano.

You are dickheads!
You screwed up.

You said they wouldn't
link the American to me!

What do we know? We took
everything from him. Wallet, watch.

He didn't see anyone.

You better hope they don't find me. You know
what happens to you if they catch me

especially because of you.
- We answer to those responsible, not to you.

You asked us to understand
that he wanted the

American and why he
was looking for your wife.

We exaggerated, but
there's no need to get angry.

If those in charge knew what kind of "women" you
like, you wouldn't make a good impression on them.

The porter said they were two cops
from the Pizzofalcone police station.

You know where he is.

They haven't caught Angela yet.
If you're after him...

They cannot leave the territory.

Let's move on to
the internal news.

He has been identified, The
60-year-old man found dying

in the Pizzofalcone
subway construction site.

s an American
tourist, Ethan Wood.

The reasons for the brutal beating
to which he fell victim are unknown.

He is now in a coma.

He is the son of the famous
actress Charlotte Wood.

An important thing.
Always use olive oil.

It is less caloric and is
suitable for various preparations

such as frying or condiments
for vegetables, meat or fish.

Please, avoid
"do-it-yourself" diets.

Octavia \N have all gone away.

- You're not going away?
- So I'm going.

If you want to go, go\N

but if you stay, I'm glad.

What are you doing here?

You left the door open.

You're sick?

The baby is fine.


Is there any news?

Did you find out anything?

How long do I have to
stay locked up in here?

I don't know if you understand
the situation you are.

Some people will stop at nothing and

fear nothing. You
should know that.

You know who your husband is.

He wasn't like that before.

When I understood
it, what could I do?

I only had him.

I am afraid.

It's not fair to raise a
child in such an ugly world

and so violent.

After you.

After you!

- Boss, can I?
- Yes, I'm saying "come on".

- You wanted to see me?
- Yes, I need to talk to you.

If it's about the American, I
think Picariello knows something.

That's not why I called you.

- No?
- No.

In our neighbourhood, in our
area of ​​responsibility, there is

a warehouse where there is a
strange traffic of goods every week.

- Weapons? - No.
- Drugs? - No, let me talk.

They are suitcases and bags.

They arrive at the port without
brands, then they are regularly invoiced.

- At that time?
- At that time? Does anyone think...

that in this warehouse... come.

I'm talking.

Someone thinks that bags are
counterfeited in this warehouse.

- What kind of bags? - Bags.
- Travel? - What do you care?

- To understand...
- Let me talk. - Yes. Bags.

We need to check this warehouse.

From the HQ they asked
me about you. They want you to do it.

You will work shifts alongside
others including Finance.

- Why did they ask about me?
- I wondered that too

but I got an answer. - What?


When you arrived in Pizzofalcone
you, Romano, Di Nardo, Lojacono

you were sent here because you were made redundant at your old job.
- Yes.

- You weren't needed.
- Chief... - All right.

Over time you have behaved well

and now they
view us differently.

It seems to me that the
one who has made the

best progression in
all this time is Aragon.

I know. You trusted me, boss.
Also my colleagues, but to me more.

You were very good and
that surprised me.

I've been talking about you
all this time to the right ones.

- Boss, you know what? - No.
- I won't let you down. - Well.

I will make the entire
police station respect you.

- Only nice words will come from the police headquarters.
- Go.

They will talk about me...
Do you know something else?

Don't touch the stuff,
otherwise I'll give the case to

someone else and who
cares about the HQ!

- Impossible! Now the case is mine.
- Go away and close the door!

It's a shocking thing!

You say Ethan went
to Via Monte di Dio.

He asked the concierge for
information. The doorman alerted

Picariello and Picariello sent
someone to butcher Ethan.

They must have
asked him questions he

was unable to answer
and they beat him.

- It's possible.
- So you among Buffardi's hypotheses

about Angela's fate

lean towards voluntary removal.
- Yes.

I think we haven't found her.
We can find her.

- We?
- Yes.

What are you going to do
since the DDA couldn't do find her?

Let's start with Capasso, the
father of Angela and Ethan.

- What do we know about him?
- I only found two photos.

Come see. Then I discovered
why the film was abruptly stopped.

You talk about "Souvenirs"

where did Charlotte and Domenico meet?
- Yes.

Charlotte and Capasso were
found by a paparazzi making love.

-He photographed them and posted the photos.
- You can not see anything.

You don't understand, you're
too young, but it was a scandal at

the time because Charlotte
was married to Billy, the director.

- What a beautiful woman!
- Here Capasso can be seen better.

He had told the doctors that
his father had been a waiter.

Dad, why did you bring
me here? I was working.

Sit down.

Marcolino, you have a guardian angel.

He is a friend who we can
almost consider a partner.

We have a lot of financial
business together.

-Who is he?
- You don't need to know.

You should only be interested in the fact
that you are in Pizzofalcone thanks to him.

Now is the time
to return the favor.

- Have you recently had an assignment?
- How do you know?

- I've been selected because I'm good.
- Bullshit!

You have been expressly
requested and immediately obtained!

- Need to check a warehouse? \N

- Yes.

At some point you'll have
to turn a blind eye, that's all.

That's all? Do you understand
what you are asking me?

- It doesn't exist at all.
- You did not understand!

If you don't do this, I can no

longer support you
in this hotel.

- Do you want anything?
- No thank you.

- I don't work alone, there are colleagues too.
- I know.

That's why it will happen
when you're alone

Your shift on surveillance
will be in a couple of days.

Marcolino, if you don't accept,
I don't know how it will end!

I am not joking!

How hungry are you?
A lot, medium or little.

After a day like this if you don't
bring me something, I'll pass out.

- Rigatoni with meat sauce with parmesan?
- Yes, a light thing.

- Marinella?
- She's been in the bathroom for half an hour. It's normal.

Bring her the usual stuff.

- Damn! How beautiful you are!
- Thank you.

- Where do you have to go?
- At a party in Pozzuoli.

You're not going
anywhere dressed like this.

- How am I dressed?
- Now go back to the bathroom, change

you take off your make-up and sit down.
I do not want to discuss it!

- You don't want to discuss because...

- You don't go out dressed like this!

- You're just a...
- An asshole?


- Marinella!
- Marinella?

- Why are you treating her like this?

- Don't you get involved too!

It's only right that
she lives her life.

Did you see how she
was made up and dressed?

Does it seem normal to you that a
girl goes around dressed like this?

It didn't seem that excessive to me.

- No?
- You should know that men ogle us

even if we are dressed as nuns.

- It's not the looks that worry me.
- Joseph...

- You have to learn to trust her.

- No more sermons, please!

- I'm not lecturing.
- So can you bring me the rigatoni?

Your daughter is right.
When you want, you can be really...

Asshole. We are agreed!

The DDA in looking for Angela
Picariello will have reached out

to moles, repentants and informers.
- They didn't find anything.

I think we need to keep
digging into the past.

- Meaning what?
- Since Angela realized

that she could no longer
live with Picariello she ran away.

To escape she must have
asked someone for help, but who?

Someone she knew
before marrying Picariello.

- So?
- Let's go back to Sorrento.

Here we always say the same things.
Alex, Aragon, let's go. Bye.

Hello lads.

- These guys are strong.
- The group has grown together.

- I remember a team many years ago in Cremona...
- In Cremona!

Here you are. Is it closed.

- Now what do we do?
- Wait, I'll ask somebody.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Do you know where the
owner of the restaurant is?

- Cyrus? - Yes.
- He lives upstairs. - Thank you.

- That should be it, right?
- Yes.

Cyrus! \N


Immerse yourself totally
in what you are watching…


What do you want?

- Can we have a few words? \N

- Please.

Thank you.

- Greetings. - Good morning.
- Good morning.

- You're cops, aren't you?
- Yes. - How did you know?

She's the only one I wasn't sure about.

I recognized you right away.

Inspector Lojacono,
Aragona, Di Nardo of the

Pizzofalcone police station.
Can we ask you some questions?

- Please come in.
- Thank you.

- It is allowed? \N

- Please.

- Did you know Domenico Capasso?
- Mimi? Certainly!

He was a womanizer.

He was as beautiful as the
sun. The girls watched him

from outside and entered
the restaurant just for him.

So you are aware of the history
between Mimì and Charlotte Wood?

Not just me.
The story was on everyone's lips.

Slaps and punches flew
because her husband was jealous.

She beat him. It happened down here.

After a few years
Mimì returned to

Naples and found
a job with a lawyer.

In this way he made
his daughter study with

the help of her
deceased wife, Carmelina.

About their daughter Angela.
What can you tell us about her?

-Have you seen her lately?
- No.

When did you last see her?

When she made her First
Communion, more than 20 years ago.

Mimì and I didn't see each other.

Strange, you were such friends!

- Thank you. See you soon.
- "Be well."

- Greetings.
- Aragon, let's go.

- "Souvenirs"?
- Yes.

- Nice film.
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- Please. Good day.

- We have to go back upstairs.
- Why? - Right away.

- What's up?
- I have to verify something. I'll wait for you above.


Lojacono, there were two guys
on the bike earlier that I didn't like.

Now there is only the bike.

Can you tell us what's going on?

- That's the living room window, right?
- Yes.

That is the one in the kitchen.

What is that?

It could be a bricked-up chamber.

A walled-in room with a
drying rack and curtains?

It is not possible. \N

That's a secret room.

- A secret room?
- Yes.

There is a cupboard in the
kitchen which could cover a door.

When he understood that we were
there for Angela he changed his attitude.

Let's go check.

Stop! \N

Hands up, Police!

- If you don't let us out, we'll kill him.
- Do you have them?- Yes!

- Di Nardo is the best shooter at the police station.
- Me too!

Leave him!

Come here.

- Help! \N

- It's Angela.

- Don't let them go.
- No.

The scarf cost me 200 euros.

< Help!
- Don't worry, it's the police. Everything is fine.

Everything is fine.

- They are the Spasiano brothers.
- Do they work for your husband? - Yes.

They followed us
to get to you like they

did Ethan but he
didn't know anything.

- Will he be ok?
- It's a bit early to tell.

Hear Inspector, there is no
arrest warrant against me.

I am a free woman. So I
can also ask youto let me go.

I know. \N

I know you are in danger too.

-I know Dr. Buffardi ..
.-He offered to relocate me.

But to live in constant
fear of being found.

If I was alone, I would have
accepted, but I'm not alone.

I have my son with me.

I don't want a life in
the shadows for my son.

That's why I wanted
to leave and leave.

I was hoping my brother
could take care of us.

I found these the year
after my father died in 2005.

When I ran away to hide
here I took away a few

things, but these I couldn't
leave with my husband.

It was by reading
these letters that

he realized where
I might be hiding.

In the letters, in
addition to his love story

with Charlotte, dad always
spoke of a certain Ciro

and that they were best friends.

I hadn't seen him in years,
but I remembered the room

because I used to play it all the time as a kid.
- You decided to hide out here

Did you realize that Ethan wasn't going to be able to save you?
- Yes.

Then he came, but I didn'tknow.

He couldn't ask about me
because he knew I was in danger.

He tried and tried pretending to

look for dad but
that got attention.

My husband is a very astute

man but the technical side

he left that mostly to me.


Inspector, I know everything.

Here is everything.

Could you have
given me a call, or not?

We did a lot to recover a
minimum of credibility and instead...

Chief, if we were a minute
late, Ciro would end up like Ethan

and Angela would be returned to her husband's hands.
- What are we doing?

No one must know that we
found Angela and arrested the

Spasiano brothers. The
Sorbos can't find out.

The absence of the Spasianos will be noted.

We must hurry. I'll explain
to Piras what I want to do.

Do you want to explain it to me too?

I want to help Angela
fulfill her dream of

raising her child as
an American citizen.

- We need to have our hands free.
- As usual.

There's nothing legal about
what you guys did, you know that?

It was the only way, you know that very well.

It remains to be seen
whether Mrs. Wood agrees.

If I know Buffardi, he
won't accept your offer.

He let you investigate
Angela Picariello

and now he won't
let her get away.

- Where are you going?
- Home.

If you didn't have to talk about work,
wouldn't you have been looking for me?

- You can't even imagine the problems...
- Only you have them?

- I can say a thing?
- No, listen.

I think of Domenico Capasso
and Charlotte Wood's love story that

lasted 50 years, even though
they didn't live in the same city

because he was here and she was
in Los Angeles, but they were united.

We, on the other hand, are
neighbors and do not share anything.

We have separate lives.
It's not fair or healthy.

- It's been a tough time.
- No, it's been like this since I've known you.

You don't actually know how to enjoy life,
because you have to analyze

them until you find something
that doesn't make everything work.

- You are like me.
- Exactly, and if I'm with you, it will end badly.

So are we finishing it here?

Maybe it's better this way.

Gaetano, we solved the case!
I contributed too.

Riccardo is waiting
for us for the candles.

- I forgot the gift.
- Don't worry, I got it.

Come see, I gave it
to him half an hour ago.


Honey, let's talk.

- Shall we go to Letizia's for dinner?
- No.

I can't go
to Letizia's anymore.

- Why?
- I'm ashamed, after the scene the other night.

The serious thing is that you don't
realize how you ruin people's lives.

- I'm just trying to protect you.
- No.

You want to protect
yourself from feelings of guilt.

Everyone makes mistakes, even you.

What the fuck are you doing?

- Are not you ashamed?
- Who are you? What do you want?

Was I just this for you?

A piece of meat?

Like this one and all the ones before?

Do you understand that
we are together? Get out!

Such a pity.

Where are you going?

I'm jealous. What's the problem?

- The problem is my freedom.
- What does that have to do with anything?

I won't confine you as I love you.

I want a normal married life.

Yes, I want to live together.

- So you scare me. You understand?
- It's you who doesn't understand, Alex!

At the first difficulty in the
relationship, you shut me out.

- You humiliated me.
- I did not want to. - What?

How can something
beautiful scare you?

Can you tell me?

If I'm really important to you,
you have to make an effort.

You must know how to
hold me, as I do with you.

You can be wrong,
everyone does nonsense

but that doesn't
mean it has to end.

We can build something together.

Something beautiful,
but it takes a little work.

Even a little courage.

Excuse me.

Can someone explain to
me what's going on here?

We had her come
to find out if you're

willing to finish what
your brother started.

I know I shouldn't have
written to your brother.

We'll wait here.

I wanted to give my son
another life and another family.

I hated you.

It's for me and this baby.

If I had imagined that things
would turn out like this...

You know you have

the same hands.

They will be beautiful hands.

We always wondered
who he got them from.

Dad had them.

I didn't fall asleep if
he didn't caress me.

Your child is important to us.

I only just understood it.

He has the blood of my
mother's and brother's great love.

Hope is not only for
you, who are the mother

but it's also for Ethan and for me.

All right.

All right, Angela can come
with us to the United States.

Thank you.

I just made coffee.
Do you want some?

Let's get it.

Please come up.

Thank you.

- Where the fuck is she?
- Safe.

That's not an answer.
She ran away because she was pregnant.

Yes, but Angela is more
important than you think.

Picariello was in charge of
the financial movements of

the clan but actually to operate
and deal with the numbers

there was Angela, who wrote everything down.

If what you say is true

we must have that woman.

-The information ..
.-No, she's going to America with the Woods.

You will do what it takes to
make it happen in complete safety.

- Are you joking?
- I'm very serious.

Lojacono will send you a
notebook with a black cover.

All the international
accounts through which the

funds entrusted to
Picariello to wash are recorded.

If you wants to take get him, have a Mary
Esposito follow her, she lives...

I know, it's Angela's house.

A trans lived there. I beg you.

Esposito and
Picariello have had a long

relationship and I'm
convinced they still do.

All right, give me a couple of
hours and I'll get you everything.

Documents and airline tickets.

The investigation ended
with the arrest of Nicola

Picariello, a white collar
member of the Sorbo camorra clan.

For six months he had been
hiding in an elegant seaside villa.

My friend said that to find the
fugitives you need to look for the woman.

I hear from the hospital
that Ethan is doing better too.

He's recovering, but
he's not fully awake.

Holly will be back soon
and as soon as Ethan

gets better, she'll take
him home to America.

Let's not forget that the
matter ended well also

thanks to the brilliant
intuition of our Aragona.

I know.
Even at the police station they understood

that in Pizzofalcone we have our little Serpico.
- Already.

Aragona, by the
way, didn't you have

to go to Vico Satriano
for your mission?

- I wanted to tell you something.
- No, go to work.

- Let me talk.
- No, go.

- Now you have to try even harder.
- Yes, go.


I remember what
my mom used to say

her world closed in.

She said that Ethan was
the best gift life could give her.

A beautiful child.


This is Angela, your sister.

There's this too,
growing in the belly.

It's Domenico, your little nephew.

We'll all call him
Mimì, after your father.

He will come away with us.

He will grow with us.

Well, now you have to go
or you will miss the plane.

Thanks for everything.
I'll be back in a few days.

- I can't leave my brother alone.
- Certain. Have a good trip.

- Angela, are you ready?
- This doesn't seem real to me.

Why are you hugging Mimì's daughter?

How do you know that?

She has the same eyes as her father.

- What do you want?
- Excuse me, I have to see a little girl.

Visiting hours are in two hours.

- I have to go, the baby is sick.
- Everyone's baby here is.

- Come back later.
- Let me through.

- Did I not explain myself?
- You do not understand!

- Francis, calm down.
- He is crazy!

He entered without permission
and he wanted to attack me.

Leave, it's not your department,
or I'll call the director!

- Fuck face.
- Silence.

He called the family home
because Giorgia is sick.

Yes, calm down.

She had a high fever
but she took antibiotics.

Can I see her?

Not now. How can I do that?

You'll have to wait.

Save her.

- Aragon?
- Pisanelli.

What are you doing here all of a sudden?
You gave me a heart attack.

What have you been doing pacing
here for an hour back and forth?

You know I have my informants.

I learned some things
that didn't please me.

One of them is about you.

What do we want to do?
Do I say it, or do you say it?

Pisanelli, I don't have to tell you anything.

You are getting the wrong idea.

I had bastard
ex-colleagues who are now

in jail and didn't
want to be policemen.

They wanted to get rich and
have a good and comfortable life.

- Did you see how it turned out?
- Yes, but they were selling drugs.

No one dies for counterfit

It's not about that

but who you want to be.

If you get into the
mechanism, let's both do us

a favor you can become
anything but a good cop.

My father asked me.

He asked me for a favor,
but I don't even know them.

You often say I'm an old fool.

Maybe you're right

but I've learned in life

that many regrets and remorse
accumulate over the years.

Experience tells me
it's better to have regrets

what remorse.

Everything is fine?

With regrets you
can still live peacefully

guilt free.

I have only one regret in life.





Call an ambulance!

Call an ambulance!

Pisanelli, everything is fine.

Now the ambulance will arrive immediately.

"There is a time to be
born and a time to die."

"A time to cry and
a time to smile."

"A Time to Plant"

"and another to reap"

- Is that the Bible?
- Good boy.

I would like to know what my job is.

In due time, he will know.

- Pisanelli?
- Here I am. - Come.

- Good morning.
- Greetings.

- At that time?
- The patient has prostate cancer

in a very advanced state.
- Is it serious? - Yes.

It absolutely needs to be operated on.

- All right, operate on him now.
- And that's the problem.

He doesn't want to have the surgery.

Doctor, what happens
if you don't operate?

We'll have to discharge
him but in his condition he

will be lucky to survive a year.

- Where is he now?
- There.

- I can? - Certainly. Please.
- Thank you.


- How are you? - Well. - Yes.

Sure, fuck you're fine!

That's not true, you already knew that.

I know what you think about me

that I'm not very
intelligent and

that I don't take
our work seriously.

My grandfather said a good thing

that is, that a person, in order
to change, must be frightened.

Today, because of you,
I shit my pants with fear.

I've never seen anyone
die and I don't want you to.

Do this fucking operation
and don't fuck with me.

Did you understand?

What are you going to do?

I'm a policeman. Serious.


I honestly can't believe it.

Serious maybe.

What a hard head you have.