I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Tango - full transcript


Is it already here?

Miss Roberta?

[scream of terror]

[mobile phone ringing]


What accident?

- Hi.
- Good morning dottoressa.

-Who is she?
- Roberta De Angelis, a tango teacher.

She was killed
with a silver hair clip.

A shot straight to her heart.

There appears to
have been a scuffle...

Yes, but her body
shows no signs of it...

We only have a bruise on
the back of our neck, but…

it's a little older
than a few hours.

-At what time did she die?
- Last night between eight and two in the morning.

We have alerted by the
husband, who is on his way.

I take care of the cleaning.
And I'm here from eight to eleven. AND...

Madonna, I still have that
scene in front of my eyes.

Slowly, slowly, Salimah.

"Calmly". It's a word!
I have my heart in my throat...

Miss, calmly, try to
tell us what you saw.

So: when I arrived this morning,

I already knew that
something was wrong.

The music was on, as
were all the lights but…

Mrs. Roberta always turned
everything off when she left...

And then?

So I thought that…

maybe Mrs. Roberta had
arrived early this morning,

so I looked in,
and I saw her there!

In the middle of the stage,
motionless... My goodness!

Okay, okay, okay, Salimah…
Salimah. And after that what did you do?

I called you.
What else was I supposed to do?

Is that the only door
you can enter the school by?

Yes. Everyone has to use that door.

Even if there's another
emergency door down there...

But... nobody uses it.

It was a safety, requirement of the firefighters.

And so it opens only from the inside.

Tell us a little about the lady.
Had he worked for you long?

Almost… almost two years.

Signora Roberta was
good, she was very good.

Her whole life was the tango.

And her husband?
Did she get along with him?

Let me pass! She is my wife!

Let me pass! She is my wife!

Let me in, fuck…
Let me in, fuck, she's my wife!

-If I tell you that she is my wife!
- [Aragon] Easy. Very quietly…

Let me fucking pass! Oh!


- Come here, and you can afterwords see your wife.
- My love!

- Mister Morales...
- Mi amor!

H can sees his wife afterwards.
You come here.

Calm down for a moment.
- What did they do to her?

She was killed. I am sorry.

They used her hair
clip like a dagger.

Look, Mr. Morales. She…

Do you know if there is anyone else who should be informed? Did
your wife have parents, relatives, anyone?

Yes, her sister in Milan.
And an aunt here in Naples.

Will you let them know?

No, I can't do it... Don't…
sorry, I can't do it... You do it...

I'll give you their numbers.

How can I do without you?

Yes... yes, I'm still here...

I'm in the clinic, excuse me.

I ask you to be patient, for today:

My son is in a very
serious condition.

Yes, I'm in Milan... all right.

I have to organize myself, but I
plan to join you in Naples tomorrow.

Thank you. Until we meet again.

- What is happening?
- Love!

Nothing. Nothing happened.

My love... Mommy loves you
so much. Do you understand?

How did she react?

And how was she supposed to react?
She was crying.

You have a sick son… and
your only sister has just died?

-When can she come?
- Tomorrow.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

How are you doing with Marinella?
Is everything quiet?

Everything is as calm as it can
be with Marinella. It's not easy.

- You?
- Me, what?

How is it going? How are you?

Ah I... I'm calm.
We are all very calm here.

Alright, I get it. You are irritated.

It's true, since Marinella has been in Naples,
everything has become more complicated for me.

-But she is my daughter, what can I do?
- There is always a "but".

And all these "buts" at a
certain point make a difference.

It's not easy, I told you.

I just want to understand
how much I mean to you.

But why, you still don't get it?

Giuseppe, I understand
perfectly, because I'm not stupid.

But Marinella is not a child.

And when she's there,
you cease to exist.

You cancel yourself. Your life doesn't matter
anymore. And that's what pisses me off.

- Today you are indecipherable.
- You always are.

Listen to me, we're having
our weekend on the coast

and everything will pass, huh?



- You have to go?
- Yeah I do.

You always have to go...

Thank you.

- Sorry if I'm late.
- Did you like the book?

Your friends from Agrigento
used Lo Monaco to ruin my life.

Now they would like to buy it for a few euros.

Thought I was in trouble
with the mortgage?

It is not so?

I didn't do anything
with your money.

Yes It's me.

I'm afraid Lojacono will
cost a little more.

After all, he is a man with values.

I have an idea…

Poor Robertina... I loved her so much.

When did you last see her?

Seven months ago.
Yes! She had come to…

to visit me on my birthday.

I remember it because she didn't come often.

And why, Madam?
She lived near here...

What do you want, young man?

I understand, but why
are you picking on me?

No, but the police station
can give us all the information…

She said she was too
busy, she didn't have time.

- And was it true?
- But she always,

She had to dance!
She danced from morning till night.

But does it look like work to dance?

Well, for your granddaughter, yes.
She was a tango teacher.

That dance ruined her.
That dance and Argentina.

-Daniel Morales?
Yes, her husband.

Before knowing him,
Roberta was a good

girl, she had her
head on her shoulders.

She was also engaged to a lawyer.
- Oh.

-Okay, maybe she... she fell in love with him.
- But what love are you talking about!

You fill your mouth with words
without knowing what they mean.

- You're right, sorry.
- And oh!

He corrupted her..
He took her away from the family.

-He's a parasite, that's what he is.
-He does not work?

But is singing those
funeral songs a job in your opinion.

Even Sofia, Roberta's
sister, couldn't stand him.


She has her own problems

What problems?

Heh! She had a baby
without a husband.

And the child also has a
rare disease, poor thing...

I am sorry.

Luckily my brother died young

and he saw none of this.

He had two daughters, and they both
ruined their lives with their own hands.

Thank you Madam.

- Aragon!
- Woah, boss!

Do you have money to spend here?

No, not really? Since it's…
my mum's birthday,

- Huh.
- Eh, so I wanted to buy her a present.

- Mh?
- But, okay. Who has this money?

You are right. Okay,
anyway I spoke to Lojacono…

He told me that De
Angelis' aunt was a washout.

No, boss. De Angelis' aunt
really hates the Argentinian...

- Then squeeze him tomorrow.
- Sure!

- You sure?
- I'll take care of it, boss.

- Bye, Aragon.
- Bye Boss.

- Ah, Aragòn...
- What?

However, the showcase
for mothers is over there.

- Thanks boss.
- Huh.

- Good evening, huh.
- Good evening.



[message notification]

- Hello? Hello, dad?
- Hello, love, where are you?

I'm in a cool place with Chanel.

There is an protest against
violence: I really like it!

Ah! You speak Neapolitan now.
Okay. What is this… protest?

- Look, what time are you coming back?
- At one o'clock.

At one o'clock? No, not...

- No, no chance,
- No… Dad, listen…

The evening has just begun.
I'm not coming home at midnight.

All right, let's do the half hour…
No dad. Quarter to one.

Midnight forty-five.
Not a minute more!

Do you understand?

- I love you.
- Yes, I love you too.

I love you too!

- What time did you agree? Is he pissed off?
- No! I'm training him well.

Marine, have you seen the saxophonist?

- Yes. But why, do you know him?
- No. But I like him very much!

- But Chanel, do youreally like that?
- Oh Marine', shut up.

You don't understand
anything about men.

Your father can rest easy.


- Max!

- No I do not believe it!
- Hi!

But what are you doing here?
Weren't you in London?

Yes, then in Paris... In short, I've
been around a bit, but now I'm back.

- And you? How are you?
- Uh, good. I…

I've never moved from here.

- Ah, and this is Marinella.
- Hi Marinella.

- HI.
- So now are you setteling here? Won't you go away anymore?

And where do I go, Chanel?

I resumed Architecture, I'm in
the Faculty from morning to night.

Okay. So if you like one of
these evenings we can organize…

Come on, it's okay!
See you… I'm very pleased.

Oh, I have to run, it's my
turn now. Come and see me.

- But why, do you play too?
- No, I mime...

- Alright...
- Wait, let's take a selfie.

- Chanel let's move!
- Move, move! Come, Marine.

Mamma mia, how beautiful we are!

- Is your number always the same?
- Always the same.

- Send me the photo, I'll wait for it. Later.
- Yes, yes. I'll send it to you!

Wait... Marine?
Are you ok?

Everything is fine.
But where is he from?

- He's Calabrian.
- Mh.

Okay, shall we go see him? Huh?

Good morning. Leave it
alone, these is men's work...

Hey, cowboy...
watch how you talk.

No. Watch how you talk!

I'll remind you that I'm
a public official, huh?

Eh, all right... and can I offer
a coffee to the public official?

Never. Never coffee while I'm on duty.


Hi super sleuth, did you know that
last night your daughter came here to eat?

Oh yes?

She was with a bunch
of very nice guys.

There you've done it.
You've ruined my day.

But how? You should be happy!
She has settled in here.

But she's settled in perfectly, so
much so that she's still sleeping!

You two are quite a pair,
huh? Hello, good day.



-Daniel Morales?
- Who are you?

- Police.
- First floor.

Thank you have a nice day.

Mr. Morales?

Mr. Morales?


When did you last see your wife?

In the afternoon. Around…
around half past six.

- I came to see her.
- And what did you say?

Nothing, she was teaching and…
and I left.

Do you have any idea who might have
killed her? Do you have any suspicions?

If I had an idea I would have already told you.

Did you wife often
stay at

studio in the
evening, after lessons?

Certainly. She loved her work.

She stayed up late writing
on her site about it,

-she prepared the lessons ..

Roberta loved tango
more than anything…

It was the tango that made us fall in love.

I… was on a European tour.

In a few days I was due
to return to Argentina,

I was moderately successful.

But that night was fatal.

As soon as I saw her...

I realized that she was
the woman of my life.

That I would never leave Naples again.

[in Spanish] My love...
I can't be without you.

It was that same evening that
I gave her the... the hair clip.

It belonged to my grandmother.

My grandmother was an…
excellent tango dancer.

Roberta put it on right away…

and she hasn't taken it off since.
She only took it off to go to bed.

Since then I've been the only one
who has seen her with her hair down.

She used it as an amulet,

she said she would protect her from everything.

And instead she
was killed with it.

Was there among her pupils…
anyone who might be angry with her?

Hand on heart! Everyone loved her.

She's good to people the
neighborhood kids,

ladies who want to lose weight...
pupils who don't understand anything about the tango.

But these people are definitely not killers.

Morales, the only sure thing here
is that your wife didn't kill herself.

Mr. Morales, do you have an alibi?

Where were you that evening
between eight and two?

Why, do you think
I killed my wife?

It's a routine question.
We have to ask it.

- I was here at home.
- Alone?

No. With this one.

Don't you think you drink a little too much?

Why does you think that…

is there another way to face…
the pains of this life?

- [In my opinion it was the Argentinian...
- And what would be the motive?

Jealousy, betrayal...
You know what men are like, don't you?

It's easy for them to find a reason.

Maybe she wanted to leave him…

Heh! If you knew how many women
would like to leave their husbands!

Luckily, not all
of them kill them...

- That's why I'm single.
- Good you do well! Lucky you!

And how long
have you been married?

A long time.
Maybe too long of a time.

Eh, you laugh, laughing now.
You'll see when you get married too.

Me? When will I get married?

Eh, "when ever". you fall in
love, you get married, children, a house…

Gentlemen, please!


- Please, be quiet!
- Oh yes, but we, Gia, have been here for an hour!

I have to go shopping! Heh!

Heh! And what am I supposed to do about it?

We're investigating ahomicide here!
Show a little respect!

[protest phrases in Neapolitan]

What can I tell you, Roberta for me...

she was a kind of spiritual teacher,

through the tango she taught
us to bring out our true nature...

Our hidden "I".
All in all, she was a really nice person.

Madam, we asked you if you had any

ideas about Signora
De Angelis' death.

We have little interest in all
the spiritual aspects of the tango.

Do you have any ideas, yes or no?

No. I don't have any idea.

But what suspects?

I still can't believe that
Roberta was killed...

The tango school was fine too.

Robbery? No, what robbery?

That one was jumping through
hoops to make ends meet! Heh!

Roberta was my life teacher.
She was special…

She was about to throw a…

Hers… hers hers collection of…
shoes, bodysuits, in short, accessories.

Dress for the tango... No!
You have to get that stinker!

Absolutely, because it's not possible.
She was too much of a good girl.

But look, the students at the school are a family.
There is hardly any envy between us.

Look, I don't want to accuse
anyone, but… I have to say one thing,

-since no-one has mentioned this yet.
…-Tell me.

Here you are. There is a fact:

we had just started the
lesson on the afternoon of...

- the day of the murder?
- Exactly.

Here you are. That day
we had lessons at six...

Thanks Mauro.
So guys, did you see?

Didn't it seem that Mauro and I
were talking instead of dancing?


There you go. You have to
think of the tango as a conversation.

The movements are the sentences
and the technique is the grammar.

And what is it!

Daniel, I'm teaching.

Roberta, come outside I have to talk to you.

We'll talk later. Hm?

Robert, please. Come outside!

I told you we'll talk later.
Get out!

Let's start again…
Let me go! Leave me!

Leave me! Ah!

No, no, no… It's nothing.
It's nothing. It's all right.

Excuse me…

Mario, come.

Let's start again…

We were all shocked.
But she got up as if…

as if nothing had happened...
and she resumed the lesson.

But we could see that she was…
that she was very shaken.

Madam, you told us
about a very serious incident.

A husband who slaps his wife

a few hours before she is killed...

it's almost a confession to murder.

But no, but I didn't want to.
How can I say this...

I think Daniel is a good person.

In my opinion, a man who slaps a

woman is not a
good person, anyway.

Yes, yes. I know... let alone if...
if I don't agree with you. However...

Then help us understand.

You see, Daniel had a name in

Argentina, he had a good career.

But then he came
to Naples and... he

gave up everything
for her... For love.

Why did he stop singing?

From what I know he
tried, it's not like he didn't try.

He did some…
some evenings in the province...

But then he ended up doing weddings and...

in short, now it was three years that
he didn't… that he didn't do anything. I…

I've always seen him... drunk.

And was this a reason for
resentment against Roberta?

- But I… I didn't mean that.
-But you said it.

Ma'am, we're trying to figure out...
who could have killed Roberta, in short.

Something you want to do as well, right?

Was he jealous of Roberta?

- Hi.
- Hi!

Woah !.

No, that is… a compliment,
you are beautiful!

- Oh, do you like it?
- Very much.

I bought it... at the stall.

"A stall"? Beautiful!

So where are we going?

We go where you want to go. Tonight
I am at your complete disposal.

- Really?
- Oh right!

- I decide?
- Do I have to say it again?

I told you "you decide".
I'm at your disposal.

- Well. Then go straight.
- Straight?

Did you see what happened?
Even the gearbox is excited… It jammed!

[words in Ukrainian]

[sentences in ukrainian]

[shouts of exultation]

[the music fades and distorts]

The time of
death is more or less

what I anticipated last
time: between 9 and 12.

[Lojacono] Cause
of death, the clasp?

It punctured the muscle of her heart,

a blow delivered with great force, however.
Death was immediate.

However, there are no drag
marks, and the hypostatic

spots confirm that the
body was not moved.


In addition to the fairly recent
bruise on the back of the neck,

there are much older hematomas.

- From falling, or beatings?
-No, I think she was beaten.

However there is more:

the victim had sexual
intercourse before she died.

- Shortly before?
- Right before.

- A forced intercourse, a rape?
- No, consensual.

There are no signs of violence.

- Are there any traces?
- No. They used condoms.

- So we don't have any DNA.
- No DNA.

We have nothing.

- Thanks, huh. have, good day.
- Good job.


It seems to me that
everything comes back to Morales

is a jealous man, an alcoholic,
he sacrificed his career for her,

- she started to be successful...
- Well, he killed her.

- That's also Argentinian.
- What's that got to do with it?

Eh, "what does that have to do with it"...
those people are hot blooded.

- But always with these prejudices you have?
- I don't know about prejudices, Lojà.

- It's just that every race has its flaws.
- "Race"? What race would you be?

- I don't know.
- Eh, do you see it? Come on, go.

- Where?
- Into the "wild", are you happy?

- Can you see that I was right?
- Go to hell...

- In Italy?
- Fuck you.

- Morales?
- He's wrecked..

- Speak Italian!
-He's drunk.

- Drunk?
- Huh.

- Morales!
- Ae...

Come on, we're going.

Ready on three 1… 2… 3…

You call an ambulance,

- Hello?
- There's a pulse.

Send an ambulance to
via Monte di Dio 14... it's a code red.

And how do I know?
Because it's a suicide attempt.

Hurry up.

- Lojà, what does "triage" mean?
- Triage... I don't know.


- Are you related to Morales?
- Absolutely not.

Police, we called you.
How is he?

- The bullet grazed him.
- Oh.

You just made it in time.
Now he is in an ethyl coma.

Probably being drunk saved his life,

-Is he still in danger?
-He has a blood alcohol level higher than 4,

he is in hypothermia and hypoglycemia.

But… you see that he's
someone who is familiar

with alcohol, in
these cases it's a good thing.

Listen, can you do us a favor? Will you
let us know when he will be able to speak?

If there's no problem tonight,
he'll be better tomorrow.

Thank you.

- Goodbye thanks.
- Good work.

- Okay. So we are free.
- I don't understand.

- Nothing...
- Here. Come on, go.

The day is still long, Aragon.
Resign yourself to more work.

- Lojà, I'm a hard worker.
- Yes, yes. Sure you are..

Eh, I know.

I definitely have somethng to tell
Lojacono as soon as possible.

- Hello Dr. Martone.
- Oh. Hi Lojacono.

I would have called you.

Hello, dottoressa.

We have the first results of the tests.
And unfortunately I have no good news.

See the handle?

It is very worn, the
surfaces are too small...

It was just not possible
to take fingerprints.

I see. And do we have any
news on the other tests?

No. The were a lot of footprints
near the body, on the

desk and on the other

- It will take at least a couple of days.
- We'll wait, thank you.

- Until next time, Inspector.
- Dottoressa...

I respect you,
I don't know if I told you this before.


The hospital called Lojacono, Morales
is out of danger, but in an induced coma.

He should be ok.
For now he is the only suspect.

Yes, but the attempted
suicide is not proof...

Then let's see, Pisanè.

In the meantime, we wait for him to recover,
and then we try to get him to confess.

And the case is closed.

Boss? I asked you for that leave
for today. Do you remember?

- Ah yes, yes. Go, Roma.
- Thank you.

- Bye, Octa.
- Bye, Roman.

Bye, Romano.

- Hi, I'm Luke.
- Hello, Georgia.

Francesco is over there, I'll
accompany you. You come.

There he is, he is there...

Look at her.

HI. I'm glad you came...

Thank you.

It was nice to see you too.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

I'm getting some job
satisfaction, luckily.

You deserve it.

It seemed for a long time that
Pizzofalcone was going to close

and yet we are still here.

Things, when the're
working, they let go on...

Well, we're still here too, right?

Francé... we are separated.

If you knew how many
nights I spent wondering why.

- It's not difficult...
- Well, yes, I know, about the slap...

No, Francis. I told you I didn't
want to talk about it anymore.

Why did you bring me here?
What did you want to tell me?

That we had to do
more to have a baby.

Excuse me, but I have an appointment.
I have to go…

I just wanted to tell you that
since I found this little girl...

my life has changed… totally.

She has taught me a lot of things.

This little girl has
neither father nor mother.

I don't understand what you mean...

That we should try
again, at being a family.

Not just for her, but for us as well.

We…we are still married…

and adoption is possible for us.

I'm not asking you to answer me now.

But just think about it.

Take all the time you want.

But think about it.

[message from Max]

[verses of emotion]

Hello… are you ready, Chanel?
I have bombshell news!

No, no, not by phone...

Yes, yes, I'll come to you, right away!
Right away. Yes, yes, I'm coming!

What is all this fuss about?

- Dad, I have to go to Chanel.
- Bye.

Excuse me, huh! Bye!

But at this hour? They're having dinner...
you're annoying, aren't you?

See you later, sorry.
Bye. I love you.

I had bought tortellini!

You loved them as a child.

I thought I'd never
be like this again...

Neither did I...

I feel like I'm living another life...

Instead it's ours, Otta.

And we are living it.

- Otta?
- Shhh...

Don't say anything else...


Because there aren't enough
words to describe all of this...

Then we won't look for them, Otta.

Let's live this moment of serenity.

But why does it exist?

Yes, that exists.

- Otta...
- Shut up!

- Why?
- Because you are a chatterbox!

- What are you doing, your ordering me about?
- You are so handsome!

Hold me…
hold me tight.

Ma'am, this is the
printed form for you to fill out.

- Do you have the forms?
- Eh, they're here.

- The photos?
- Here they are.

- Madam, these are all different.
- Eh, it's always me.

Maybe it's not clear: in this
one you're really laughing.

And what's wrong with that? Can't you laugh anymore?

You can see if they will accept them.
Room 4.

Until we meet again.

Good morning.

Residence permits, first floor.

You told me to come if
I remembered anything.

- What are you talking about?
- About the De Angelis murder.

Is Inspector Lojacono there?

Wait a minute.

In short, do you want
to tell us why you came in?

Well, I already wanted to come
yesterday, but I had a lot of doubts.

I've never gossiped,

Mrs. Roberta was very good to me
and I don't want to offend her memory.

But there is one thing
you may need to know.

Eh, miss, take your time,
tell us what you have to tell us.

I am convinced that Mrs.
Roberta will not be offended.

- Okay. So... I'll start at the beginning.
- Please.

About two weeks ago, I was
walking home in the evening, and

I realized that I had left the
book I was reading at the studio.

You know, it was a whodunit,
I was almost at the end...

And then I went
back to get it...

- So, it wasn't Daniel?
- No.

- But are you sure about this?
- Of course!

Mr. Daniel is a little fatter.
This person had a nice physique.

And then… then he also had a pigtail.

-And you don't know him?
- No.

And I only saw him from behind.

And then what happened?
Has you told anyone else about it?

No, and who was I supposed to tell?

I saw that scene
before my eyes every

time I saw Mr. Daniel,
or Mrs. Roberta.

But I didn't say anything.

And then, I don't know
why, but I was ashamed.

Salimah, you're a good girl.

And you've helped us. Thank you.

I lifted a weight of my shoulders. But…
now I have to go.

The lady's funeral is coming soon.
Won't you come to it?

Salimah? Do you think you
recognise anyone that could be him?

Maybe he cut off his ponytail.

- No?

He isn't here.
I'm sure I'd recognize

him, even if I
haven't seen his face.

Thank you.

- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning, Inspector.

- Listen, can I ask you a question?
- Please.

Have you by any chance recently seen a
thin man with a ponytail next to Roberta?

Maybe at the studio,
or somewhere else...

No, I don't think so. No.
Is he the killer?

Look, we don't know anything yet.

But why didn't Daniel come to
the funeral? Did you arrest him?

Look, if you come up with
anything about this man with the

ponytail, let us know. Is that
okay let me or my colleagues know?

- All right.
- Good day, thank you.

Are you Mrs. De Angelis?

Hello, I'm Inspector
Lojacono of the Pizzofalcone

Commissariat, with Agent
Aragona we wanted...

to offer our condolences on the
death of your sister.

Look, we would like to ask you some
questions. Are you feeling up to it now?

My son has
type 2 glycogenesis.

Ma'am, I understand perfectly.
I have a daughter too.

Eros is seven years old,

we've been battling this
disease since he was two.

And was your sister close to him?

In her own way, yes.

As girls we were very close,

then I moved to Milan,
she got married to Daniel.

In short, the tango has divided us.
Roberta was always busy.

What can you tell us about your brother-in-law?

- It's not possible to say only good things about him.
- Why?

Because I've always
considered him as a parasite.

He did nothing, he lived
of my sister's work.

And Daniel knows perfectly
well my opinion of him.

Was he the one who killed her?

Do you think he would be capable of it?

Roberta once told me… that he
used to hit her every now and then.

Hits, slaps...

A man who lays his hands on a
woman is a despicable being, Inspector.

And then Daniel drinks.
And a lot too, I think.

Do you know that he attempted suicide?
Luckily, however, he's out of danger now...

The usual clown.

Look, about your
sister having a lover,

Did you know about it or not?


Well, I hope she was
a little better with him.

Didn't she tell you?

No, she would never
tell me such a thing...

Roberta was…
she was very, very proud.

What are you thinking about?

If Daniel had
discovered such a thing,

he would have killed her
without even thinking about it.

-How are you?
- It sucks.

-Why did you do it?
- That's my business.

Morales! It's ours too.

Where did you get the gun?

It was… from Roberta's parents.

You told us many times
that you loved your wife. No?

Do you want me to tell you one more time?

No. I want you to
tell me why you hit her.

Are you doing everything right?
Are you never wrong?

I personally am always wrong,
but I've never hit a woman.

What message does a wife take when her husband hits her?

Okay, I screwed up.

But I apologized to her
later, then I sent her tulips too.

Her favorite flowers.

Morales, we don't give a damn
about tulips. Reply to the inspector.

What did you want to talk about with Roberta?

I was pissed because…

because she was spending too
much money on school, and I…

we couldn't afford it.

Or maybe instead you were pissed when
you found out that she was cheating on you?

But what are you talking about?


Had you been drinking too that night?
Is that right? Huh?

You went back to the studio found Roberta,
with her lover and then killed her.

-Did It go like this, huh?
- I didn't kill my wife!

- Heh!
- Roberta didn't have a lover!

And now leave me alone!
Go away!

If you're innocent,
help us find whoever killed her.

And be good.

We'll be back soon, huh?

Aragò, let's go.

- Hello, Octa.
- Hello, Pisanè!


Ottà, I've had a pen in my pocket for a few
days, and I've always forget to give it to you.

Father Leonardo, my
friend, gave it back to me.

- Eh, what pen?
- Richardo's.

Ah, this!
No, but Riccardo doesn't want it anymore.

Because you see, he only used
the red cartridge, and it's run out.

Thank you.

Pisane, what are you up to?
Are not you feeling good?

Peace and good to all.
I am Brother Leonardo.

If you want to leave a
message, do so after the tone.

Hello, who is this?

Ah... Yes, yes...
I remember her.

Gargiulo. Yes tell me.

And how not!

And of course it can help us.

Wait a minute... I'll give you the email, huh?

So… "Comm", which
would be "commissariat"…

Yes, two m's. "Point...

snail, state police"

all attached,
all small, "dot it".

Thank you, Mr. Gargiulo. Thank you.

Pisane, what are you up to?

No, no… All right, nothing.
Is Palma in?

Yes, yes. You have a strange look on your face!

Come in.

Chief, something important.

- Tell me.
-He called me, Mr Gargiulo.

-And who is he?
- He's the person that a couple of years ago

over a two month period suffered four thefts.

I helped arrest the thieves, and
he was always grateful to me.

- All right, Pisanè...
- Aragon! Let him talk.

Aragon, it's not the day for that.

- Gargiulo.
- Well done.

Gargiulo lives right in
front of the tango school…

- Huh.
- And at the time of the thefts

he had a camera put up on
the balcony, aimed at the street.

Now are you starting to
understand what it's about?

Does that mean there's a
recording from that night?

- Exactly.
- Heh!

He has never reported the camera,
and keeps it hidden among the vases.

So nobody knows anything about it.

And only now do he remember to tell us?

It's not that he forgot.
This morning he returned from abroad.

As soon as he heard about the
murder, he called me immediately.

And when will he give us this recording?

He's already sent it to us.

- Octavia?
- Yes?

In a minute, there should be
a file sent by a certain Gargiulo.

- All right.
- Pisanè...

And three words weren't enough?

Aragò... I haven't much-patience.

I'm sorry, Pisané. Thank you.

Eighteen forty
five, Morales leaves school...

- And he never comes back.
- Mh.

Go ahead a little. Go Go go...

That's it, nineteen fifty is the end
of class, and the pupils are leaving.

- Now...
- Wait, wait.

Those are Morales' tulips over there...

Yes, but the florist leaves immediately afterwards.

Now go to nine zero six, there according to
Gargiulo, someone appears.

Here is the man with the
pigtail described by Salimah.


- And now, go to twenty-two forty-five.
- Why?

- Because there's someone coming out.
- Oh.

Which is him.

And now no-one goes
in or out until the next morning at 8:05,

when the cleaning girl
arrives. Therefore she is...

And then go back to the sequence with the guy with the pigtail.


Here he is. Now at least we know
what he looks like. And that's not much.

It was him then, and
not the Argentine, Lojà.

Arago! Come on.

But sorry... if de Angelis was
killed between nine and midnight,

and this guy with the pigtail

he was with her from nine
o'clock until twenty-two forty-five…

- And after that no one came in...
- Most likely he's the killer.

Yes, probably.

So let's gather all the
pupils of the school and see if

anyone recognizes him.
Arago, what are you waiting for?

- Yes Boss.
- Wait wait. There's no need.

I'll tell you his
name: Tony Russo.

And how do you know?

Because I had already
looked for it once before

when I was looking for
things about "Tango Napoli".

- So, here you go.
- Well done, Octavia.

"Tango Napoli, the best
studio in Naples, where

the tango enters your
heart and never leaves you."

- Like the clip.
- Wait, there's more.

Tonight there is a event
organized by maestro Tony Russo...

- Pisane.
- Huh?

Will you allow me a pas
de deux in this event?

- Oh mama! I can not stand him anymore.
- All right, do you want to make a "micorta"?

Aragò, leave him alone.
You torment him.

You can't go mad with you, look!

Hard to believe huh?
If I knew...

I had a friend, and
I have to find out

that he's a stinker,
a liar, a bastard!

Sorry, I didn't mean to steam you...

But it makes me angry, do you understand?

Okay... Carmen... the cuffs...

what do you say, do I iron them...
button side up or... inside out?

Inside out, huh?

Thank you my love.

- Here it is. It's him, do you see him?
- Ah!

-What do we do now?
- Stand still. Take it easy, take it easy.


Excuse me for a moment.

Are you Antonio Russo, known as Tony?

- Yes, who are you?
- Police.

Inspector Lojacono, of the
Pizzofalcone police station.

What's up?

Well, I guess you know
why we're here, don't you?

No I do not know...

This is very strange.
Because three days ago a

woman with whom you were
having an affair was killed.

Oh Roberta...

But why din't you come to us, do you have so many
murdered friends lately?

- Aragon.
- Heh!

I read it in the newspapers, she
made a great impression on me.

She was a friend...

So friendly that you didn't even
come to her funeral , I don't know, to...

give her a last goodbye?

- I didn't think it was appropriate...
- And you didn't even come to us.

I hadn't seen her for a long time...
I didn't think

- you'd be interested in talking to me.
- No. We are interested in you.

Her husband told you about us, huh, Daniel?

Eh, but here we ask
the questions, Tony.

So… how long was this
relationship of yours going on?

What relationship? Recently

It was just support between colleagues.

I mean… I understand from what you said
that her husband was

aware of this relationship
of yours, right?

If it was just a friendship
between colleagues, as you said,

why was he so interested?

Because he was so jealous,
he controlled her… every step.

You, when was the last
time you saw Roberta?

It's been a long time. Not…

- I don't remember exactly...
- You don't when well...

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

So what is this?

I repeat the question. When did
you last see Roberta?

I swear by whoever you want, by my
mother, by the Madonna, I didn't kill her!

That evening I went to
her to talk about our studios.

Hers wasn't doing very good, and she...

Roberta had an idea:

she wanted to make a kind of tango
school franchise with our brands.

That's why we met again, after a
long time without seeing each other...

Signor Russo...

that evening you had sexual
intercourse with Roberta de Angelis,

just before she was killed.

- Mh?
- Yes, ok, we made love.

But before that we talked
about the studio, I swear.

And did you fight?

No, please. The idea of ​​the
franchise was a positive for both of us.

And let's say that the rest just happened.

So it wasn't the first
time you'd met recently...

We saw each other occasionally, I went to her
in the evening, when she stayed at the studio.

Roberta was killed
between nine and midnight.

Signor Russo...
You were there at that hour.

My client left at a quarter to

eleven, as the video shows.

Anyone could've gone to
Signora De Angelis after he left.

Lawyer, from the video it is clear
that no one has entered after him!

- But whay reason did I have to kill her?
- Oh! Lower your voice!

But what reson did I have?
We had a sexual relationship, huh?

It suited both of us like that.

She didn't want to leave her husband,
and I wanted my freedom. It was perfect!

You told us that Daniel,
Roberta's husband,

had discovered your affair. Hm?

- Yes. That's why Roberta wanted to finish it.
- And now?

Did he know that she had started seeing you again?

She said no. But, from
what she told me, he

didn't want to see anything,
he didn't want to know.

He was afraid of losing her.

So is it possible
that Mr. Morales

found out you were
still dating his wife?

Yes, it is possible.

-And did you know that her husband beat her?
-He is an alcoholic.

He is jealous.

So in your opinion...
could he have killed her?

I do not know...

but that's the first thing I thought of.

You are under arrest.

- Aragon. What is it?
- I have an idea about what happened

Then lets go.

Do you have an idea?
No, not yet.

At the moment
we don't have a motive.

But it seems to
be a crime of passion.

Jealousy, competition,
betrayed love...

- The pains of those who love too much.
- Of course...

Are you tired?

- I can't afford to be. You?
- Yes.

Yeah, huh?

But when I think about our weekend...

Have you already forgotten?

Ah, look I forget
everything, but not this one.

I booked a small
but delightful hotel.

It is facing the sea. And then
we can avoid prying eyes...

I can't wait...
I love the sea in winter.

Since I've been working
here, I only see it from afar...

It's true, huh!

Swear to me that we'll
never leave the room, room

room service only, barricaded in
our room, you and I...

Eh, not a bad itinerary.
Also, all phones switched off.


Do you realize I
had to convince you?

- I'm a pain in the ass, eh.
- Oh mama!

That's why you
fell in love with me.

Yes, but don't push it
too far, Inspector.

- Otherwise you'll have to win me back.
- Always ready.

- Good day, Inspector.
- Good day, DA.

- Hi Dad.
- Hi love. You are already awake?

You too, as I see. Did you have a good night?

What good night are you talking about? We
had interrogations the whole night. Let it be.

- Is he guilty, dad?
- Honey... I don't know.

They all look innocent, then
in the end they are guilty.

Look, anyway, I've been
waiting to tell you something.

Tell me.

They've choosen me to appear
in a dance show!

- And how dare they?
- Come on, dad! I'm serious...

It's a beautiful sight!

So I'm the lead,

and there were plenty of girls who
would have given their souls to do it,

- and they chose me.
- Good, my love.

- Does this mean I will get to come to see you.
- Sure.

This is exactly what I wanted to ask you.
I want you in the front row.

- And I'll be there. When it's?
- Saturday.

- Saturday?
- Well yes.

- Which Saturday? This Saturday?
- Yes dad, at half past nine.

And don't make other
commitments, please.

Sure sure...

- Look, I'll make myself a coffee, do you want one?
- Yes please.


- If you don't come, I'll tell mom, eh?
- You are so caring!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Excuse me, I'm looking for Deputy
Pisanelli. Is he here?

- I'll check right away, just a moment.
- Thank you.

Brother Crescentius!
And what are you doing here?

I'm sorry… to disturb but
this is a very urgent matter.

I was looking for you.

- No trouble, but what is it?
- We're just a little worried...

- I understand. Brother Leonard.
- Yes, that's it.

He disappeared from the monastery
and his cell phone is always off.

I'm calling him all the time and
it's off for me too.

-But where could he have gone?
- We have no idea.

It's been several days now...

I don't even want to think that
something bad could have happened.

You hear so many bad things these days...

You've been friends with him
forever, and you're also from the police.

- You have to help us find him.
- Of course I'll help you.

- I'm the first one who wants to find him.
- Thanks a lot.

Let's go up.
We file a missing persons report

- so the investigation can start.
- All right,

- Alex!
- Luisa!

- Luisa.
- What a strange girl your friend.

- Which friend?
- The one from the crime lab, Martone!

She's been getting information about me.
Jealous chick, huh?

What is she, your girlfriend?

But what information?
I don't know anything about it.

Then get informed!
Maybe we can avoid trouble.

- Do you think I want any messes.
- Look, I'm getting married in a month,

Luca is in the anti-drug
department, and if he finds out

that I'm being stalked by
someone I don't even know

he might get weird ideas, ok?

You are right, I'm sorry.

- I'll tell her to stop. All right.
- Good. Good.

Anyway, I think it's better that
we don't see each other again.

You've created enough problems already.

Remember the problems you
created for me when I stood up for you.

fuck you!

It's you again.

Your wife...

she had been in a relationship
with a tango dancer, Tony Russo.

- You knew about it. Why didn't you tell us?
- The relationship was over for a long time.

- It wasn't important to tell you.
- The relationship was by no means over.

- Who told you that?
-Tony Russo.

They still saw each other. He went to see
her in the evening when she stayed at studio.

And you didn't know anything about it?

Roberta had sworn to me
that the relationship was over.

And I had believed her.

Russo also went to see her
the night Roberta was killed.

It was him? Did he kill her?

If he killed her, I'll kill
him with these hands!

Let's think of another possible hypothesis.

Let's say you found out that Roberta
and Russo were still seeing each other.

Maybe you started
stalking your wife,

maybe you saw
Russo entering the studio,

you slipped in
through the back door,

you let Russo leave through the
main door, and then you killed her.

That door, the back door, can
only be opened from the inside.

Roberta would never have opened the
door if she had been with her lover just before.

And then I loved, my wife!
I used to love her! How could I kill her?

There are tons of men who kill
the women they say they love.

Morales, you have a motive the
size of a house, and you have no alibi.

Today I'm not arresting you.

You keep yourself available,
and we'll get back to you soon.

You look at me.

Don't do anything stupid.

And so we have no
evidence against either of them.

We have no prints
on the murder weapon,

and even if there were Daniel's fingerprints
on the handle of the security door

it wouldn't prove anything because
he could have opened it at any time,

before, after… anytime.

And so what?

Which means either we
find something to nail the killer

or we have to wait for him to confess.

Ah, Loja. But have you seen him, Morales?
He's an animal, he'll never confess.

No! Tony Russo too.

And me? What do I tell the commissioner?

We have two possible killers, and we
still haven't found out which one is guilty, huh?

[in Neapolitan] Aragòn, you
have to quit with this stuff!

You broke it, see?
Who says that I broke it!

You had a difficult
childhood, Aragò.

I could interrogate Morales...
Maybe he'll give in...

Yes. Sounds like a good idea to me.
Can you… do you want to tell Palma?

Everything OK?

Any problems?

- Yes, one.
- What?

Laura, I know you're going to be angry, but
I've done everything I can to prevent...

If that's what you think,
I'm sure am pissed.

I can't go to the
Amalfi Coast this weekend.

Marinella asked me
to go and see her…

they've selected her for a dance

show, it's her
first time and...

she made me swear that Saturday…

I would go to see her.

- A dance show?
- Yes.

Maybe we can go to the coast…
can we go next weekend?

Saturday I'm in Perugia for a conference.

And then we go to the next.
Whenever you want! Whenever you want.

- Hello Sofia.
- Hi.


Come in.
Why did you ask me to come here?

I wanted to give you Roberta's things.

The family jewels, her clothes...

And you? Aren't you keeping anything?

I don't need anything.

What are you thinking of doing now?

If they don't lock me
up, I'm going back to Argentina.

Do they suspect you?

According to them it was me who killed her.

I have no alibi.

And I have a strong motive,
since I loved my wife...

and she was cheating on me.

- And it wasn't you?
- No, Sophia. I lived for her.

Who could have killed her, do you think?

Her lover.

-And did you know that she had a lover?
- Certainly.

I accepted this too,
so as not to lose her.

But I thought it was over.

Who is it?

A tango teacher.

Tony Russo.

He's worth nothing, she
was much better than him.

I know you could never accept me.

I am sorry.

The jewels.

The clothes are over there...

I've always thought

that it was you who pushed
Roberta away from me.

No, Roberta didn't have time for anything.
And lately not even for me.

There was only tango for her.

Roberta had changed.

She wanted to make money with the tango.

Maybe Roberta has always been like this.

Maybe she was.

I always thought
she didn't love me.

How is your son?

The doctors…

they say he is getting
worse, despite the therapy.

I am desperate.

I'm doing everything I can, but...
everyone tells me that..

That there is no hope,

- and I have to do something for him!
- He's your son, Sofia.

- Only you know what's best for him.
- Yes.

You are the first person to tell me that.
Thank you.

Excuse me.

Yes? Inspector, good morning.

Mhhh! Yes.

Pizzofalcone police station.

At eleven. Okay.
I'll be there.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow they'll
convince me it was me who killed her.

Bye Roberta.

- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.

Thanks for coming all the way here.

It's just that I have a train to Milan
soon... and I wanted to talk to you.

Certainly. Tell us what you wanted to say.

You'll be surprised but I… I wanted…
I wanted to tell you about Daniel.

-You discovered something?
- Yes.

I discovered that it wasn't what I
thought it was, that I was wrong about him.

- I wanted to tell you.
-What is it that made you change your mind?

He did. He called me because he wanted to
give me some of Roberta's things, so I...

I went to him and we talked.

I think he suffered a lot, my
sister was not an easy woman.

In short, I don't think it
was him who killed Roberta.

He is a good person. That's all.

Even a good person can commit
murder in a moment of madness.

And who do you think
could be your sister's killer?

I do not know.

But Daniel told me that
Roberta would never

leave him, despite
her cheating on him.

Maybe that Tony Russo?

Maybe he wanted…
her to leave her husband… I don't know.

All right ma'am, we'll take
your views into account.

Can I ask one last question?

You brought your sister
some yellow tulips.

The same ones her
husband had given her.


- Is this a coincidence?
- No.

Roberta loved those flowers. They were
the only flowers she wanted around her.

And luckily she had
them close to the end...

Now I have to go.
Otherwise I'll miss the train.

- Have a good trip.
- Until we meet again.

All the best.

- Lojà, what shall we do? Are we leaving?
- Wait a moment.

- No, Lojà, don't sit down... Come on, let's go.
- Wait a moment.

- There's something that doesn't add up to me.
- What are you thinking.

Why did she say "at the end"?

How did she know
that there were yellow

tulips that night too,
at the crime scene?

Sorry, you told her that
her husband brought them.

But I didn't tell her that he had given
them to her the night of the murder.

- And then, there's one more thing.
- What?

The first time we met her, the
day of the funeral here, talking

about… Daniel's violence, the
fact that he was aggressive…


She made a gesture like this…


as if she knew about the bruise
on the back of her sister's neck.

I had noticed this thing, but
I had not paid attention to it.

I mean, are you telling
me, her sister killed her?

So now I'll ask you a question:

For what reason did she have
to kill the only sister she has?

In fact, we don't have a motive.

- So?
- So?

- So we have to find one...?
- Do we have to find...?

- Tro?
- What are you doing, the pitfalls?

Are you breaking your vow, Loja?
We have to find it...?

...go! We have to find it?

Oh, can you see that? You see that
if you commit yourself, you can be useful.

My brother had left
a small inheritance

to his daughters, Roberta and Sofia,

who squandered it.

The first by buying that
space for the dance studio.

The second by going around
the world, to all possible Consultants who could help.

Now she wants to go to
Brazil, to a new doctor,

She needs twenty thousand euros.

Twenty thousand euros...
A quack! A charlatan...

But could Sofia
asked her sister for the money?

Of course she could. I was about to tell
you. I'm Certain! And it wasn't the first time.

She had asked Roberta
for help many times.

But Roberta no longer
had a single euro,

And then Sofia told her that she
would have to sell the dance school.

But can you ever imagine it?
Selling the dance school...

She would never have done that!
Not over her dead body.

Passenger list of Skyline,
Tuesday 10th December...

So, here you go: "De Angelis Sofia".

She left Milan at
20.05, and arrived in

Naples at Capodichino
at 21.30, right on time.

Eh, but anyway the taxi takes
less than an hour from Capodichino.

So she will have arrived around
half past ten, twenty to eleven...

in fact, just before
Tony Russo left.

So Sofia was in Naples that evening.
I have the printouts.

Ammaturo printed them, it took
him an hour but he printed them!

She was in Naples at…

Yes, at twenty-one-thirty.
She arrived in Capodichino

Here you are. But maybe you don't
know that at a quarter to ten she called

her sister and that she left at dawn the next day,
at 5.10, on the first available train.

She booked by telephone, leaving yoherur
name, surname and credit card number.

Let's make her confess, shall we?

because we have tons of circumstantial evidence,
but we don't have a shred of proof.

As for the other two, on the other hand.

And so Sofia De Angelis
could be the third possible killer?

Not yet. We still need to check

the fingerprints on
the emergency door.

If she did it, she must have
had to open it to get out, right?

- Sofia De Angelis?
- Yes.

- Please follow us.
- I… I have a train for Milan.

You will have to take the next one.
We have a warrent.

How can you
think she did such a thing?

I hope my lawyer
arrives soon, because

I have to go back
to my son in Milan.

We all hope so, ma'am.

Come in!

- Good evening everyone.
- Good evening.

- Dottoressa.
- Counsel, welcome.

- Take a seat.
- Thank you.

First of all, I'll show
you the evidence

that prompted us to
question Mrs. De Angelis:

On the evening of 10
December, Mrs. De Angelis

arrived in Naples from
Milan, landing at 21.30.

At 21.45 she called her sister.

She left Naples for
Milan on the 5.10 train.

In those hours her sister was killed.

It is true.

I came because I wanted to talk to
her, but she didn't want to see me.

But how can you accuse my
client based on these clues alone?

But she…didn't warn her
sister that she was coming,

before taking the plane?

- No, I didn't warn her.
- Why?

- Because it was a surprise, Inspector.
- Oh.

An unwanted surprise?

Please don't make inferences.

Counselor, I understand
that you have to do

your job, but we have
to ask the questions.

We're talking about a
murder here, is that clear?

Please do not answer the
questions until I tell you.

Can I?

- Please.
- Thank you.

Did you come to Naples to
see her sister to ask for a loan?

No, I came because I wanted
to ask her advice about my son.

Advice worth twenty thousand euros?

How did you know that your sister

had a bruise on the
back of her neck?

Eh, but this
is really a supposition!

And how did she
know that her sister died

next to her favorite
flowers, yellow tulips?

- Is this also an inference?
- Certain. They are all speculations.

My client admitted that
she came to Naples, and

that she had heard from
her sister on the phone.

But she didn't see her,
so she couldn't kill her.

Counselor, we have no proof.

But we have several
clues, and some inferences.

I think it would be best
if your client confessed.

But what am I supposed to confess?

How could I kill her?
She is the only sister I have...

You have your son.

And your son is the most
important thing you have, right?

And is there something wrong about that?

- Would you do anything for him?
- Certainly!

So? You also told me that
you have a daughter, right?

At that time! I think you had an
appointment with your sister, and

that the appointment was at that
time because Roberta had to do something first,

and I think your sister let
you in by the back door

- in order not to let her meet her lover.
- What are you saying? It's all fake!

This is an absurd
reconstruction, based on nothing.

Can I proceed?

- Can... can I go on?
- Lojacono!

I think you asked your
sister for the twenty thousand

euros to take her son
to Brazil to a healer,

and I also think you suggested
that she sell the studio.

I think your sister refused
to give you that amount,

and then you...

you got angry.

You are accusing me of a terrible
thing, which I have never done.

You're keeping me away from my son,
you have no right to keep me here!

Signora De
Angelis, take a drop of water.

All right, all right.
For now we'll let you go.

But I'd ask you to provide
your fingerprints first,

so we can compare
them to the forensics ones.

The ones they found on the
inside handle of the fire door.

Also because forensics,

in addition to those of Roberta,
they've identified all the other prints,

except... these ones.

Of a stranger...


From now on, don't talk anymore.

I understand, Mrs. De Angelis.

We sometimes feel free,
as people, as women,

But we are not free,
we are not free at all.

We have a kind of veil
around us that keeps us captive

and does not let us act freely...

Then we move within this veil,

and every now and then
we try to tear it off but,

but another one always
reappears, and yet another.

We are prisoners
of a child's suffering.

So yes, we can
also lose our minds...

it can happen, Sofia.

Because we will never be free as
long as there is a child who suffers…

Isn't that right, Sophia?

I didn't ask her to sell the school,

but only to take out a
mortgage, to borrow the money.

It was about my son's life, but
she didn't want to understand…

- You're crazy.
-Maybe I'm crazy.

But I spoke to a
person who recovered

from a very serious
autoimmune disease.


I want to try. Because if you
were in my place, you'd understand.

Luckily I'm not.

It's about my son's life.
Robert, please...

- Please, I'll give you everything back.
- Oh yes? And how?

You don't work, you have nothing left.

I will find a way, I swear.

But do you know how much money
Aunt Rosetta and I have already given you?

If you want money? Get a job! But
maybe that's too much for you, isn't it?

Who was I supposed to ask, huh?

For example you could ask that
loser you had the child with!

- You hate me.
- You realize you came here

asking me to put a
mortgage on my school to give

you money that surely
won't save your child? Huh?

I would have done it, for you.

This studio to me is what
your child is to you. Everything.

You cannot compare
your studio to my child!

In fact, you shouldn't have
had that child, I told you so at the time.

"Abort, don't do it", and
you did nothing, you're stubborn!

And now another whim
came out, the healer in Brazil!

You have to accept the reality:
your son has no more hope.

Who has no hope? Who?

And now?

What will become of my son?

What will become of my son?

Come on, Sofia.


I've been looking for you all day.
Why don't you answer my calls?

I won't answer you because I
don't want to hear from you anymore.

But tell me one thing… why
the fuck did you think of looking

for information about Pratelli?
What did you think you'd find out?

I screwed up.

I was wrong, Alex.

I was jealous, I apologize.

Won't you let me touch you mo'?
I'm apologizing. What do I have to do?

But can't you see how I am?

Do you know what I'm most sorry about,
Rosa? You don't understand shit about me.

If only you had asked me
how much I cared about

Pratelli I would have
answered "zero". Zero.

But why do you say I don't
understand shit about you?

- I know you better than anyone.
- Oh yes?

And then you should
know that for me the

most important thing
is not to be controlled!

I've been subjected to
checkups all my life and now

that I've freed myself, I
can't stand them anymore!

- I go crazy if someone tries to control me!
- I know you are right.

- Ah!
- I was wrong.

Do you think I can switch from
my father's control to yours?

It felt like I went
back years...

I don't want to hate you,
Rosaria. Do you understand that?

What are you doing, are you leaving it like this?


Eros, hello. It's Uncle Daniel.

How are you?

Fine OK. I am coming.

Okay, see you soon. Bye.

To the airport.

You were a little offensive
last time we met, Inspector.

But I understand it.

Lomonaco's false accusations
have ruined your reputation.

More than anything they ruined
the lives of the people I love.

Would you like to cancel everything,
go back to before Lomonaco, be

able to go out in Agrigento without
the shadow of a suspicion, clean?

This would mean
that there is justice.


"Justice is bought
and sold," said Verga.

Like the soul of Judas.

But… if a new informant discredited
what was said by a previous informer,

and told the truth about you

- I'd like some assurances.
- You will have them.

In addition, of course, to the economic
benefits that we have already discussed.

- What do I have to do in return?
- I still can't tell you.

But it's simple, no bloodshed.

There is not even going to be a victim on your conscience.

I'll have to think about it.

Luck passes only
once, Inspector.

Take it or leave it.

Ah... look what it is.

A monk

And you... do you deserve to
be near the grotto of the Nativity?

I'll put you here for now.

And then let's see.


- Love.
- Mom.

How nice it is to do nothing.

- Piras?
- Mhhh?

- Let's go eat something?
- Where?

The coast is all ours.