I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Tradimenti - full transcript


- Do you see those two policemen?
- Mhhh.

They are guarding the house of Carmine Sorbo...

And I'm his first problem.

Get a permit that authorizes
you to remove the guards and

you escort Sorbo to a
place that we will tell you.

It will not be easy. The're
monitor the house twenty-four hours a day.

We're talking about a clan
leader, not just any racketeer.

That's why we chose you, Inspector
Lojacono. You're not just any inspector.

What is it, Pisane?

- Nothing.
- Uh, nothing...

You have that funeral face!

Oh... tell the truth.
Are you afraid to die?

No, not even a little! At worst…
I'll get to hug my Carmen again .

Mamma mia, Pisanè, no...
Don't talk like that ok?

You are young Aragona, you
don't know what solitude is.

Oh, but what loneliness?
You have all of us.

And then sorry, so what
am I doing here with you?

Are you telling me
I can count on you?


Come here, come.

- What is it, do you want a kiss?
- What do you mean a kiss?

You have to keep an eye on Lojacono.

Before entering the hospital,
I heard strange things.

But strange in what way?

Half voices, grimaces, but spoken
by bad people. The wrong kind of people.

Pisanè! "Wrong people, bad people". I
don't understand you, what are you saying?

Aragò, I was a policeman when you
were still drinking your mother's milk...

Yes, all right, I understand…
you have your informants, your rounds.

- So what? At that time?
- And then I smell burning.

You have to keep an eye
on him, never let him go.

And then you let me know.
Did you understand?

I mean, sorry, Pisanè.

But do you really believe that an
honest policeman like Lojacono can…

I don't want to believe it.
But I want to be certain.

Colleagues fooled me once
before. And you know it.

Yes, all right, but they
were selling drugs, oh!

Aragò, can you
do this thing or not?

- Yes, yes.
- Well.

But only because you ask me,

and why are you... so, how are you.

But don't forget,
these are just rumors.

Maximum discretion, and
not a word to anyone.

Much less with our colleagues.
Do you swear to me?

- Yes.
- No "yes", do you swear to me?

I swear. I said yes.

All right.

- Hi good morning.
- The coffee is still hot.

Oh. Thank you.

Shall we make peace?


You came back late last night!

Yes! I came back late
because I was… busy at work.

Mh. And was Piras there too?

Here, indeed! The call of love!

- It's work stuff.
- "Work."

Doctor Piras?

Excuse me, I'm moving.

- Tell me.
- It was just to tell you...

that we should give
ourselves another chance.

But sorry, it was you who told me
that I turn everything into a problem...

that if we were together we
would only hurt each other!

You're right, I know…

is that I was angry with you,
but because I was with me…

I didn't feel loved and…
I became destructive… and nervous.

I was wrong.

And now what made you change your mind?

It's easy:

I feel bad without you.

Listen Laura, things are a
bit complicated at the moment…

There are some things I don't
want to involve you in and…

and that I have to solve by myself.

All right. Hurry up
Inspector, because I need you!


No coffee today?

No cafes, no clubs, no alcohol.

Your intentions are good.

I try.

For me it is already a victory
to have found you again.

I want to live with you.

And when did you decide?

From the first day I saw you.

Can I believe it?

I've been waiting for you for almost half an
hour, what the fuck do I tell my colleagues?

Eh, Inspector, don't get excited. I
had to wait for the right moment…


I need a permit
for Carmine Sorbo.

Let's move from here…

Maybe I'll talk to Pisanelli,
so he can explain to me what is going on.

Ottà, but what I to told you I promised not to tell anyone.

And do you really
think that Lojacono…

I don't think anything.
But I've already been there with Pisanelli.

You share a room… day after
day, rubbing elbows with the

same colleagues, you think
you know them and instead…

But here we are talking about Lojacono, Otta…

let's keep an eye on him for a while.

If we then see that everything is in order,
we'llk warn him and help him defend himself.

- Let's do it like that.
- How is Pisanelli?

- Eh, in short, he's doing better now.
- Mh.

But he is very concerned
about these rumours.

- It will be nothing, come on.
- Let's hope so.

The lady says she wants
to make a statement.

- Alex.
- Yes.

- Please have a seat. Good morning.
- Good morning. Thank you.

I'm Professor Emilia Macchiaroli.

I teach philosphy at Sergio
Corazzini, not far from here.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

- Can we talk here?
- Yes, we are all colleagues, please speak.

It is not easy, what I have to tell you…

The school principal and I
wanted to tell you about a case...

based on some homework written
by one of my students, we think...

experiencing sexual harassment.

- Good morning. Deputy Commissioner Palma.
- Good morning.

- Pleasure.
- Pleasure.

And how old is this student of yours?
And who would be harassing her?

Thirteen years. Martina Parise, 3B.
And the molester could be her father.

Professor, I have a duty to tell
you that if we were to ascertain

the crime, we will pass the case
to the juvenile prosecutor's office.

It is clear, Alex, that we
will then move with the

utmost caution to protect
the privacy of the family. Hm?

Yes indeed this visit of
yours, we can only consider

it as a request for advice
at the moment, right boss?


I'll show you the work , then.

Of course, they
cannot leave the school.

But if you come by
tomorrow, after 12,

you will find both me
and the headteacher.

Martina has the flu, but in the meantime
you could read the topics to get an idea.

- Thank you.
- Thanks to you.

Alex, you're on this case,

- Good morning.
- Ah, you've arrived, Loja.

Yes, sorry. I had to walk
my daughter to the subway.

However, just in time to
take care of this delicate case.

- Alex explains everything, come on.
- Yes, that's fine.

Which metro, is there a strike?
I came on foot.

She is the teacher of this little
girl, Martina Parise, 13 years old.

What's wrong Aragon?

Do you have to tell me something too?

- No.
- No.

I was saying, she is from the Sergio
Corazzini middle school, and it

seems that this 13-year-old
Martina Parise, a student in 3B,

she suffers sexual
harassment from her father.

She deduced it from...
essays that the girl writes.

- Hi, dad. And what are you doing here?
- I've been waiting for you for three hours.

I understand, but I'm on duty at night.
I'm a busy cop.

Busy and a dickhead.

But why do you have to offend me?

- I'm just did my duty, huh?
- I asked you to do one thing, and you didn't do it.

You had a colleague replace you.
You sawed off my friend's legs.

I'm no longer paying for your stay in this hotel.

If you want to be a
hero, you have to get by

with that misery they
give you in that shit hole!

If you think you offending me, you
don't understand anything about me.

You know what? I did
the right thing in doing what I did.

Marcolì, you are nobody
without my wire transfer.

I don't give a shit about your
money, dad, you understand?

And I'm proud to belong to
the shit hole of Pizzofalcone,

Sorry, earlier
I had a feeling that…

you didn't really want to take
care of that case, of that little girl.

I am the father of a
girl and imagining a

molested daughter
makes me shiver, but…

we are cops.

- Have you always liked being a policeman?
- It's the only thing I know how to do.

However, then I get to
the end of the month, I

look at my salary, and I
would like to change jobs.

Excuse me for a moment.

- Problems?
- No, I have to go get my daughter.

Ah, I'll give you a lift, it's been
a long time since I've seen her…

- Heh! Maybe another time…
- Then say hello to her.

- Gladly. How is your boy?
- Fine thanks.

Hello, Pisanelli...

listen, don't be angry but Aragona
told me everything about Lojacono…

And I think he just lied to me…

Let's see what it leads to, go.

I always thought, like...
as a kid, right? That…

being a policeman was
a bit like fixing things.

- Explain that to me?
- I'll help you understand...

For example, if a customer spills
coffee on a white tablecloth in a hotel,

Everything was beautiful and well prepared,
what are you going to do?

- I clean up the mess.
- And are you happy?

- Yes.
- It's the same thing for me.

If I see something
dirty, I have to clean it up.

It's a pleasure to work with you,
Inspector. I would not have believed it…

- Why?
- It seemed to me, so to speak, that you would be

weighed down by your conscience.

Well I was.

But then I figured it out.

I, frankly, believe that I am in
credit with the police, with the state,

even a little with life.

End of any moral qualms.

Morality is the weakness of
intelligence, Rimbaud said...

You don't read Rimbaud?


That friend who will get you
permission to see Carmine Sorbo…

He is a colleague.

This is his business.

I thinking, he work do it for free?

Everyone has a price.


I don't trust people who do something
without asking for anything in return.

"The atmosphere was bad, because
certain situations are difficult,

especially if every
time I go to bed,

I'm afraid he wants to
caress and kiss me."

After this essay by
Martina about her family,

Professor Macchiaroli
and I questioned each other.

- Of course.
- We wondered

what was best thing to do.

So we decided to assign
a more specific topic.

- Something that went deeper.
- And what happened?

Here it is.

The compromising
passage is underlined in red.

"He sees that it disgusts me, and
that I move every time he

comes near, but he does
it anyway. He can't stop.

I close my eyes...
and try to think of something else."

Well, it seems pretty obvious to me…

- We also talked to the little girl.
-And what did she tell you?

She said she
invented the character:

another persona who
suffered this type of violence.

And what does the mother say?
Have you already talked to her?

We tried, but the
lady cut it short,

she really didn't
want to listen to us.

- Does the little girl still have the flu?
- Yes.

-As soon as she returns we will notify you.
- All right.

But I wouldn't tell her right away who you are.

The girl might close
herself off and then

we'd never be able to
get a word out of her.

Why don't we say... let's
say you're school inspectors.

- School inspectors?
-Yes, you can go.

Still, it's terrifying that these things
almost always happen in families.

Victims are often ashamed, afraid
of blackmail and don't report it.

Or their fear comes
out in an anomalous

way, through an essay
or a text message.

I say, why do men act violently
against women and children?

What kind of world is this?

Look, these things have always
happened, only now they are

denounced more, they are talked
about. And that's a good thing.

That's better.
Luckily we are here.

- Me and you?
- No, we women.

- I'm interrupting you?
- Piras, it's not an interruption.

You brighten up my day immensely.

- I scowl at you instead.
- This is how I like you: always pissed off.

Look, I don't know what
you've got into your head, but…

you can't text me five times in a
row with a restaurant menu.

- No?
- No.

I just wanted to invite you to dinner.

Eh, but I already said
no to the first message.

Are you accusing me of harassment?

No. I'm telling you, if you want
us to stay friends, that's fine.

But you have to stop thinking that
we are lovers, because we are not.

We spent one night together.
It was nice. But it was a one off.

I've told you once and I'll repeat it now:

I'm not in love with you.

All right, Piras.
Message received.

- What else can I do for you?
- Nothing thanks.

Don't ask me any questions, Piras.

- Hi...
- It's too early to eat.

And then I don't know if I like you anymore.

You were a really bad ass last time.

In fact, I'm not here
to eat, but to apologize.

You were right.

With my daughter I'm doing everything wrong.

I just can't accept the fact that
she's becoming a woman, that's all.

And then I also wanted to tell you
that you are very important to me.

You always have been.

- Do you realise that you're still an asshole?
- But you love me.


Ottà, what is this secret
you have to tell us?

- Looks like Lojacono is cheating on us.
- Alright, "cheating"...

Guys these are just rumors
picked up by Pisanelli,

and maybe some stoned
old informant like him,

- or someone envious…
- Wait. What rumours?

Contacts with mafia circles.

Are you still stuck on this story, Otta?

Look, the one who
accused him is dead.

But I'm not talking about the past.
I'm talking to you about now.

Excuse me, Otta, what do you mean?

That Lojacono works with us, then
when is he working for the mafia?

I don't know this.
I only know that he is lying to me:

Yesterday he received a message
on a phone I've never seen.

He told me he had to go get
his daughter, but I followed him.

He got into a car
driven by a guy.

I understand. He got
into a car driven by a guy.

Maybe it's a friend of
his who gave him a lift.

But I had already
offered him a lift!

And maybe his friend
is nicer than you.

- Come on, Otta, this is bullshit, though.
- But what does Pisanelli say?

Pisanelli says to go ahead

and check if Lojacono is
actually cheating or not.

And only the four of us can do it.
Do you agree?

Agree to what?

Wow, boss...

- What is this air of conspiracy?
- No, what an air of conspiracy!

We were deciding
when to visit Pisanelli.

We just can't find the right sequence...

On purpose. When do they operate?

- When...?
- When does the operation take place?

Tomorrow tomorrow.

Look, it's not a sleeping pill, huh?

It's just to make you feel more relaxed.

To make me feel more serene, it
would take another world, not a pill.

Anyway, I'll leave it here…
Please, take it.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Rome: another elderly man
died by jumping into the Tiber.

It is the fourth suicide in just two months.

The victim left a
note from which

the drama of loneliness emerges.

It seems that, before taking
his own life, the pensioner

was seen in the company
of a friar, who has not yet been identified.

The police are investigating.
Now let's move on to foreign policy…

There you are!

That's where you hiding.

You're hiding in Rome.

Carmen, do you understand?
He is in Rome.

He's continuing to kill people.
I have to stop him.

- Peace and good to all.
- Pro... ready?

This is Brother Leonardo's
answering machine.

If you want to leave a
message, do so after the tone.

Leonà, it's me. I'ts Giorgio.

I already understood
everything, but now I know.

I know why... and I also know where you are.

If I weren't confined to this
bed, I'd find you right away.

And I would tell you that…

I would tell you that you are the
biggest disappointment of my life.

No, it's just that I wouldn't want anyone
to think about looking into Lojacono

to hit our police station.

The reputation of
"bastards" is a heavy legacy.

Because despite all the recent successes, there
are still many who go to war with you.

In Pizzofalcone everything is possible, right?

Commissioner, I would ask you
to keep my doubts to yourself.

Of course, Doctor.

- Thank you. Until we meet again.
- Until we meet again.

Martina, these gentlemen
are two school inspectors,

they are part of a jury that
are going to reward the best students.

They have read your homework, and
would like to ask you a few questions.

Congratulations, Martina.
Your essays are beautiful.

- Thank you.
- Yes. Indeed we were wondering

how did you come up with the idea of
​​telling the tale of such a strange girl...

so abnormal, right?

Were you inspired by someone?
Maybe by a friend of yours?

No, no. Nobody.

And do your parents
know about this character?

I don't talk to my
parents about what I do.

- Why?
- Uh...

We are in
contact with producers who

are looking for new web
series for young people.

- Really?
- Yes.

And we think that the story,
this girl tells, could…

Be very successful.
What do you think about it?

I think it's cool.

Sorry, I didn't mean...
I meant it's interesting anyway.

- Only if you agree?
- Certainly.

Of course we agree.

Only, I think the
inspectors will need

you to describe the
character even better.

Especially the family life,
which makes her so unhappy.


Because she's an
unhappy little girl, right?

Yes , very much so.

You see, Inspector. If
we turned to your police

station it is because
we heard about the way…

how do you say, the "very human", way with which
you usually conduct your investigations.

Otherwise we would have turned
to the juvenile prosecutor's office.

But I don't think it's that's necessary and we have to take care
of the good name of this school...

- Certainly.
- We would like to be discrete.

- And we would like to continue with you.

- All right.
- We'll try to talk to the mother.

The mother works in a shop downtown.
The father works in the bank.

We'd get you the addresses ASAP.

All right, fine. I have a daughter
who is just past her teens.

So I'm used to these
melancholies, these mood swings.

But I really saw something
different in Martina…

The resignation of the victim.

Professor, we don't know yet.

We called them on
purpose to investigate...

- Doctor, I greet you...
- Goodbye, Inspector. Listen to me...

Do not worry.
Thanks, huh! Be well!

We called them, didn't we? It's not that
you immediately have to draw conclusions...

- I am sorry.
- Heh! Lapidary.

Martina is over there, let's
go and have a look,.

She doesn't seem so unhappy to me now.
And certainly not a victim of abuse.

Maybe… she's pretending.
To make her important with her friends.

At that age, you're very good
at hiding feelings, aren't you?

Even you men don't joke, though.

Excuse me.

- I have to... I have to go.
- Where are you going?

A family thing. Bye.

It will all be fine.
We are very good here.

Let's hope so.

- Hi, Pisanè!
- Hi.

- Do you see, I'm here!
- Uh...

Did you hear what the nurse said? The're very
good. As soon as you wake up it's all over.

- Eh... news?
- News? Eh... I'm working on it.

Don't think about it for
now, it's not the time.

- I have to go to Rome.
- To Rome?

And what is the problem?
I'll take you to Rome, Pisanè.

I have to stop him, otherwise…
he will kill more innocents…

What is your
father talking about?

Huh? Ah, that's a case he's working on…
He's a good cop.

We figured out that
your father is smart.

- Bye Dad.
- "Dad"?

But what have you given me?

And he's not my father anyway.

How are you?

We need to speed
things up a bit, Inspector.

Has you already got
permission for Carmine Sorbo?


Almost... hurry up.

There's one more thing I wanted to tell you:

Some friends of ours would
like to meet you personally.

We thought we'd arrange a
meeting here at the museum.

And do I have to be there too?

You don't love art inspector?

Well, let's say I'm
not an expert like you.

I guess. But it's a crime!
Now I'll show you some things.

- Hi.
- Hi, Irina.

- Hi. And what are you doing here?
- Nothing, I had a few hours free...

I know you care about your
colleague and so… Did I do the wrong thing?

Ho. You did...
you did a very good thing. Thank you.

- He's been in there for an hour.
- Come on, it's normal I think. Relax.

- Look.
- What is it?

- Baba!
- The baba! Thank you.

No, it's just that my stomach is upset
I can't take it right now, do you understand?

My grandmother says
that eating a sweet

while waiting for
news brings good luck…

- If grandma says so... let's do it halfway.
- Here you are.


It will take some time, but everything is
going well. Your father is a strong man.

Thank you.

But why do they say that... I don't understand,
they all think that he is my father.

- Maybe you look like him.
- Let's not talk nonsense please!

Now let's not exaggerate.

But you get along better
with him than with your own father.

And I believe that's true.
Because my father really disgusts me.

Instead Pisanelli I think he respects me.

You are the best cop in Naples.

But how beautiful are you?
You are a baba.

A baba.

Guys, I'm sure. Lojacono
received a message on

a different phone than
his. And then he left suddenly.

Wait, wait.
Let's not jump to conclusions.

It's not that if you change your cell phone now,
it means you're colluding with the mafia.

No, Roman. I didn't say
he switched phones, I said

he received a message on
another phone. He has two!

And if someone has financial problems like
Lojacono, do they have two cell phones?

Guys, the math doesn't add up here.

Maybeit's for another reason...
that none of us knows...

He's waking up!


- Pisane?
- Woah?

- Everything went great.
- Oh.

- A real miracle…
- What a miracle?

I'm in terrible pain.

Okay, that's normal, because
you've been under the knife.

The important thing is that they got everthing.

And then there is
nothing left to compromise you.

Doctor, do you want to
see the needle on my hand?

No, no. I'm not your doctor.

-And who is she? That's Irina...

- Irina?
- Uh...

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- But who is she?
- She's my girlfriend.

Oh. Your girlfriend?
And is it serious?

- Yes.
- So this is a miracle, Aragò.

Oh nice, Pisanè.

Don't make me laugh, it hurts me.

laugh, don't laugh.

So guys!
Thay called me about Pisanelli from the hospital…

Oh. How is he?

And how is he, is he fine!
He can't wait to get back to work.

Leave it to him!

is on the night shift.

- Who?
- Aragon.

Aragon? That's because
they were like cat and dog!

- The miracles of Pizzofalcone.
- But where's Lojacono?

He said he had a family commitment.


But does he seem
different to you these past few days, nervous?

- Why?
- Because.

I had that impression…

- See you tomorrow, guys.
]'ll See you tomorrow. Bye.

I think he knows
something he's not telling us.

But we also know something
that we aren't telling him.

Here the only one who knows
what is going on is Lojacono.

Only Lojacono...

- Hi, Otta! I'm leaving.
- Bye, Ammaturo.

I'm putting away some papers.


You scared me.

- Everything OK?
- Yes, yes.

Do you want me to stay with you?

Excuse me, but tonight I
have too many thoughts...

- Okay.
- Louis?

I 'm not angry with you.

See you tomorrow, Otta.

This is the shop,
let's take a look inside.

Let's move to the other window, huh?

So, now you go in and check her out. I'll
wait for you at the bar over there, okay?

- Okay. What did you say she's called?
- Antonella. Antonella Parise.

- Antonella Parise?
- No. Look, she's over there.

Hello, it's me…

- Greetings. Antonella Parise?
- Yes.

Good morning. Alex di Nardo,
Pizzofalcone police station.

- What's this about.
- It's about Martina.

- Oh my God, what happened?
- Is fine.

But it is a very delicate thing.

- Can you follow me?
- Yes.

They are just fantasies! Otherwise
I would have come running to you!

Or I would have killed
him with my own hands.

It's not true… I'm sure of it.
I know my husband.

So why would Martina
have invented all this?

- I do not know.
- Wait a moment! Wait a moment…

I have a daughter who
is slightly older than yours.

Yes and so?

And I assure you that I would not be able
to live if I had even the slightest doubt…

that there may be someone
inside my house who lays their hands on her!

I don't know if you understand me.

- My daughter is never alone at home.
- Mh.

In the afternoon I always have her at the
boutique with me, because she has to study.

Then she goes out or goes to the
gym with some friends. That's all!

Now excuse me, I have to go.

- Please. Have a good day.
- Bye.

So… a shy, sad, awkward little
girl when she's with adults, who

turns into the exact opposite
when she sees her friends. Right?

That's what we saw, boss.

Sorry, huh?

- If you have to answer, answer.
- No, I only use this for my daughter.

Nothing... nothing important.

There's something I don't like
about Martina's mother either.

Because she seems
confident but… but she's anxious.

I'd like to officially question her.

And we can't. Because if
we think the father is molesting

his daughter, then we are obliged
to notify the juvenile attorney.

Octavia is researching to
see if the father is on social media.

- Ok.
- Thank you.

Can you wait a moment.

Well, now I can talk, but
we have to be more careful,

because my colleagues
aren't stupid at all, eh? Tell me.

So guys. Martina's father is on social
media, but he has only twenty-one friends…

So he's antisocial.
No, okay... it was a joke.

So come here.
This is a selfie, a selfie of him.

And then he only publishes pictures, of others?
Of the wife, of the daughter...

The wife is really photogenic, huh?
Instead he...

So, in this long poem,
which I will spare you the details of,

Signor Parise proclaims
his love for his wife.

He got together with her very
young, and she got pregnant with him...

Then he is a pedophile.

Did you find anything else besides this,
Otta? Ambiguous photos, romantic phrases…

No. Nothing.
Nothing. You see?

Oh! Romano... and Lojacono?

-He met with an well dressed guy ..

But then I lost them.

Guys, I told you: in my
opinion we are wasting time.

Lojacono is ok.

For once I'd like to
agree with you, Aragò.

Mi amor... I am always right.

- Palma. Good evening.
- Good evening.

These photos were
taken by two plainclothes

agents following
Lojacono at my behest.

Why was agent
Romano trailling the inspector?

- I do not know.
- "I don't know" is not an answer.

Doctor, I really don't know
what we're talking about.

So in my opinion Romano has
heard some rumors about Lojacono.

And that goes for the
rest of your bastards, too.

- But what rumours?
- Rumors are not the problem.

The problem is that we have
been investigating Lojacono

for some time now. And
we are about to move.

But does it concern the Agrigento period?

You don't need to know about that.

The only thing you need to know is that you now
in Pizzofalcone don't create any problems.

I'll hold you accountable for
whatever bullshit your men do.


- I just don't want to think...
- In fact, you don't have to think,

you have to do your job.

Until we meet again.

Until we meet again.

Have you seen how beautiful she is?
Look at those eyes.

Yes. She is beautiful.

- I think she likes you.
- Ah thank goodness.

Do you know that this lady
has the same name as you?

Have you seen how beautiful she is?

But you more so.

France, sorry!
Giorgina has to go to bed.

Wait, the pacifier.

- This is Dr. Penna.

Georgia, pleasure.

She has been taking care
of the baby since I found her.

Okay, but you're not kidding either!

He was… like a dad.

Maybe… a little anxious!
But he knows how to deal with children.

Did you take care of the child
here too, in the foster home?

No, but we recently discharged her,
so I stopped by to see how she was.

She's great!
Except when he picks her up!

And it's mostly thanks to you.

Marine, this looks really good on you…

- Yes, but how much does it cost?
- Don't worry, baby!

The stylist is Giada, a friend of mine. She's
the one who is organizing the Why Not party.

And is Maximilian going to be there too?

Not only is there oging to be there , but if he sees
you like this he'll make a move for sure.


- What are you up to here?
- Do you like it, dad?

Look... huh?

- But are you going out like this?
- Yes!

- So, are you going out?
- No.


- Mamma mia, what a bummer!
- He's been unbearable lately.

I don't know what he's got into it.
He is anxious, he does not sleep...

Thanks for coming.

I'm glad you named
the baby after me.

Giorgia, you and I…
we could be a family.

It would be nice.

But I...

I am afraid.

I promise you I won't make any more mistakes.

Or at least not the same anymore.

Give me another chance.

Good morning officer.

It's the usual drip, don't be afraid.

Are you hungry?
Breakfast is coming.

If we are all
still in this police station it

is because you are doing
what I decide, is that clear?

I don't like being
bullied by Buffardi!

Nor to be dropped in the shit by you!

Now you explain to me how it
is possible that you are investigating

Lojacono without even warning
me, without telling me anything.

What the fuck were you waiting to tell me?

- I was wrong, boss.
- Oh.

- We were wrong.
- Heh!

- We just heard some rumors.
- Eh, "we heard some rumors"...

- Boss, I think it's just bullshit.
- Heh!

Meanwhile, Buffardi has now said that there
is an investigation into Lojacono by the DDA

and we have to keep quiet and be good.

Not a word, not a inkling.

- Clear?
- Heh! Clear.

Then you understand

and I explained myself.


Now we just need to understand
if Buffardi is right about Lojacono.

- But how do we figure it out?
- So I didn't explain myself?

I don't care and I don't want to know.

- Boss?
- Huh?

I did not understand.
Should we act or should we not act?

I don't want to know.

It's clear?


- Boss?
- Woah?

He doesn't want to know.

- Good night, Pasquale.
- Doctor, good night.

- Please?
- Good evening. Police.

Excuse me, could you please tell me the
name of that gentleman who just entered?

Yes. It is Dr. Giacomo Caruso.

Please, huh?
The utmost confidentiality.

But may I know what he has...

No. Normal routine check.

- Good night.
- And to you too.

I'll bring you up to date.

Giacomo Caruso is an
accountant from Agrigento, a

friend of entrepreneurs,
politicians, all connected.

The classic white collar of the mafia.

In fact, his name is on the
boards of directors of some

companies that act as "washing
machines" for dirty money.

Guys, I'm starting
to have some doubts.

Lojacono is bullshitting us.
These people.

And instead of these doubts I have others.
Listen to me.

What if he was under cover here.

After all, think about it, it has
already happened in Sicily.

- You watch too many American movies!
- What are you saying, Roma?

Let me understand, so you've
already condemned him like this?

So you know what? You should act like a man and say it to his face.

Or don't you have the balls to
say these things to Lojacono's face?

- What the fuck are you saying?
- Oh! Oh! Enough, guys!

We're too on edge, huh?
Let's all calm down!

He hasn't changed, He's still
the same: a cop.

I hope it's like Aragona
says, but I think like Romano.

Boys. Lojacono says he has a fever…
Aragò, you'll replace him.

- OK boss.

Any news on the little girl?

Of course, if we could check
Martina's cellphone it would be better…

Maybe talk to a few of her friends.

Let's hope all's ok.

But it's not our responsibility, so…

No, "so" nothing.
Boss! I have an idea.

I saw a movie last
night…there's fucking directional

microphones in a car door,
boss. Depending on where…

Guagliò, too much television is bad for you.

Do you know that the guy in the film looked like you.

Listen to the radio, listen to me.
Listen to the radio.

- They took him to jail
- Radio!

Now I know who kills the old men.
It's not suicide!

I didn't see it before
because I was too close.

And who is it?

- The person I love the most in the world.
- But, do you have proof?

- Unfortunately not.
- So what are we talking about, Giorgio?

On the other hand! Did you play a trick om me?

You know very well that the
boys are close to Lojacono.

- Uh...
- Eh.

Then you didn't come to see me, you
came to find out what your boys are up to.

Both things.

But the fact remains that you
haven't told me anything and that

my men are respecting the order noto tangle with Lojacono.

Very good.

Then I won't tell you...

that by not involving themselves with Lojacono…

they've discovered that
he is meeting a white-collar

mobster and another
possibly corrupt co-worker.

And so it's all true.

Dear Luigi... I'm afraid
that the mud is returning.

But maybe that's why the
DDA is waiting to intervene.

Who told you that? Buffardi?

No. I can't sayanything, according to orders.

But luckily my boys disobey me.

This time Pizzofalcone
won't make the same mistake.

I promise you, Giorgio.

Look how happy Martina is even though.
She is doing her homework.

- Did you do your homework?
- Well, sometimes.

- Didn't you? Didn't you study?
- Why are you, Aragò?

- I was attentive in class.
- Shut up.

[Aragona] Here is the mother.

It seems they are fighting.

No, they're just arguing.

Look at the character Martina has.
See how she gets pissed off.

Where is she going?

Who knows what they are saying.

uh! He gave her money!

The money
is for Martina, though.

Look how happy Martina is
embracing her mother, she looks.

-Do you understand it..
.-she's leaving.

Follow her. I'll stay
here to see what happens

- I'll tail her.
- Go go.

Piras, I'm moved:
you looked for me!

Here I am, all yours.

What's up?

Wait, don't tell me.

Have you changed your mind, and
want to make me a declaration of love?

I know your not supposed to tell em, but I'd
like to know about Lojacono.


Look, why don't you ask him.
You are in a relationship, aren't you?

Alright... goodbye and thank you.


If I tell you, you must swear to
me that he will not leave this room.

You can't tell anyone about
it, starting with the inspector.


How was it with your mother?
What did you tell her this time?

Alright, this time I went heavy.

I said to her: "What a fucking mother
are you if you don't give a damn what I want?

You've already married a loser, and now
you're neglecting your own daughter too?"

And what did she says?

She made the usual hangdog face.

She didn't want to, but then she went
to her boyfriend to ask him for money.

- And what did he do?
- He gave it to her right away. Did you think he'd do anything else.

But that's not enough
for the sixty-four gig tablet.

What about those things you said about
your father… is there any news?

Do not worry. Wait and you'll
see… Soon I'll also become famous.

- Are you crazy? What are you saying?
- No really. I'm telling you the truth!


The mother is having an affair with the shop owner.

- Ah! And the daughter is scary.
- Why?

Because in my opinion,
the real victim is the father.

-Did she make it all up?
- I don't know, I'm not sure.

I don't understand what are we going to do?

- Are you sure that's he's a cop?
- Yes. Only now I can't remember his name.

But we did a course together.
This I know for certain.

And then… Lojacono first meets a
white collar from the Agrigento mafia,

then, secretly, he gives money to a
colleague and he gives him an envelope in return.

What do you think it means?

It means he took the piss out of us.

Lojacono is collaborating with the
Mafia with the help of corrupt policemen.

- Exactly.
- No, I think we're getting ahead of ourselves.

What do we really know?
No one here has spoken to Lojacono.

If you allow me, I'll talk to him. I want
to see what bullshit he comes up with.

But you can't do that. Didn't you hear listen
to the boss? There are also those of the DDA.

Fuck them too, Otta.
I'm not going to be taken for a fool.

I even saved that guy's life...

Romano is right,
we have to face him!

Good. So he is saved and
we are sent to to serve as traffic wardens.

We have to wait.

You have to follow him and wait to catch
him in the act, it's the only solution.

visiting hours are over.

I marvel at you so attentive to this
father of yours.

Clearly we didn't understand
each other, I'll tell you one more time...

Go. Go my son, don't worry. Go!

- Good night, dad.
- Good night.

are all my children…

Guys, what do we do?

I had my say.

- You mean we're leaving.
- Let's go come on. I have to go home.

You know what, Otta?
- Huh?

I feel like when I was a boy.

And me too.

I feel it's like when I
told lies to my dad.

Yes, but these are not lies.

We are free to choose,

we can rebuild our lives.

This house is empty,
but we can fill it.

And will we travel?


I'll take you wherever you want, Otta.

We will make up for all the lost time.

- What beautiful lies you tell me.
- It's not lies, it's possible.

What is it, Otta? Huh?

I can't lie anymore.

You are right.

We have to make a decision.

Luigi, if you knew how
much I wanted you…

You have been the
greatest love of my life.

- But I'm here, I'm here.
- Yes...

But Riccardo and Gaetano
can't live without me.

And I don't exist without them.

When Riccardo was
born, with his illness,

Gaetano and I understood that
our life would change forever.

And we made a deal, Luigi.

That we would never leave.

Yes, but love can dissolve pacts.

How beautiful you are.

It's the last time, my love...
the last time.

Ma'am, there's no need to persuade us.
We know that Martina has made it all up.

So why don't you leave us alone?

Especially my husband,
he's a good person,

he doesn't deserve this
accusation, this infamy you are...

He doesn't deserve a lot of things.
He does not believe?

Madam, we are not concerned with the
relationship between you and your husband.

We are concerned with the grudge
that your daughter has against her father.

Why did she do it?

If you don't tell us,
we'll have to ask your husband.

Do you want the truth?

Martina hates her father.

She never forgiven him, she blames him …

because of what she thinks he is
not capable of giving her.

She considers him a loser.

What about you , what does she think about you?

She says that I'm beautiful.

and that, according to her,

I should be with a rich person

and make her rich too.

Does Martina know about your
relationship with the shop owner?

Yes. She found out by accident.

And your husband?

Martina told my husband a few
months ago. Hoping he would leave.

And instead?

Instead my husband said he
wouldn't believe it even if he saw it.

So Martina made up the
story of the harassment.

Thinking it was the only
way to get rid of her father.

"If you don't leave, I'll
have you arrested..."

How did she come up
with such a vicious idea?

You know what kids are like today.

Everything goes on social media…

What's new about Lojacono?

We have seen him enter the prosecutor's
office a couple of times, Pisanè.

But who he went to see, we don't know.

Come on, go.


Oh! Oh!

- Which is?
- Go!

- Where?
- The friar!

- Which friar?
Grab him, stay there!

Pisanè, but the friar of suicides?

- E jà, Pisanè...
- Go! get him!

Pisanè, you'll tear your stitches.
. Ja!


- Hello, Piras.
- HI.

- Are you in a hurry?
- No more than usual.

Forget the Chinese…

You're not funny, you know that?

I can't invite you to lunch,
to put you in a good mood.

All right. But you have three
quarters of an hour at most.

Three quarters of an hour with you is an eternity!

No, no, but I agree.


- So see you tomorrow.
- All right. Until tomorrow. Bye.

Marine, look, he's there all alone.

- And what should I do?
- Go! And talk to him!

- Hi, Max.
- Oh! Hello Marinella!

- Everything OK?
- Yes, everything is fine. Why?

I do not know.
I saw you here all alone.

- Shall we take a walk?
- Okay.

- What do you say? How's the dancing going?
- Everything going OK.

Indeed … I was thinking
of doing a new show.

- No. No. I don't believe you!
- Why not?

Why not!

Aragona called me.

He and Romano are
following Lojacono.

I can't close my
eyes to this story.

If Buffardi knows,
this time we're done.

I feel responsible for our boys.

You couldn't stop them from seeing
for themselves who their inspector is.

And that is, who is he?

Crooked cop.

Like our old colleagues
who trafficked drugs.

Unfortunately, in our profession there is
no shortage of opportunities to make money.

- So we'd be the fools.
- No, Lui.

Love? Honey, wake up.

I'm here... Hey.

What were you dreaming about?

My father…

We were at the shooting range…
and he told me that...

he couldn't trust me, he insulted me…

and I didn't react… I stood here helpless.

- That was awful.
- It was just a bad dream.

Can't you sleep, dad?

Hi love. No not much. You?

I can't fall asleep either.

Why? Problems?


I think I'm happy.

Come here.

Come here.

My baby.

Martina, the other
day we told you a lie.

These people are
not school inspectors.

Martina, these people
are from the police.

We've convinced ourselves that what
you write in your essays might be true.

Even if you say you…
made it all up.

Is what
you wrote true?


At this point we just
have to involve the

juvenile court and
proceed to arrest your father.

But all of this will involve
your moving to a family

home, at least for the
duration of the investigation.

What is a family home?

A family home is where...

They help maladjusted children
and victims of family violence.

What does my mother say about this?
What do she think?

Your mother denied any abuse completely.

But where is she going to go?
The family home where I am?

The judge will decide.

Here in Naples?

Martina, we don't know.
It's not up to us.

It's all fake.
I made everything up. I lied.

Martina, your father is outside.

But what have I done to him?

- What did you tell him?
- Your mother spoke to him.


I think we'll have to
talk a lot, you and I.

So you're not angry?

No. I'm just hurt.

Dad, I'm so sorry.

I know...

Forgive me.


If you want to talk to me, you
have to come home first and apologize.

No, but now you stop and listen
to who your daughter really is.

Let go of my arm,
you're hurting me.

Never as much as you did to me.

I just tried to give you an
education, a rule, morals.

I tried to please you.
I made up another

Alex because I knew
you wouldn't like me.

I sought your love, your
consent, your esteem, but...

But I realized that
it's not my fault if you

don't love me, because
you've never loved anyone.

But who put these things
into your head, Alex?

- This is not you.
- But it's really me.

The obedient toy soldier has
become a female who likes females.

I'm in love with a
wonderful woman: Rosaria.

And I would have introduced
her to you, if only you weren't so…

This is me, dad.

Take care.

- Hi Pisanelli. Is the cancer gone?
- Woah! Hello Lojacono.

- How are you?
- Well.

I freed myself from a
weight that was oppressing me.

- You can understand me, right?
- Yes, more or less.

But I'm not just talking about a physical burden,
I'm also talking about a burden of conscience.

That not taking care of had slowly
led me to have a sense of guilt.

And you can free yourself from
the sense of guilt either surgically,

like in my case, or…

with a confession.
After that it feels better.

How many delinquents
have we known who

felt better after the
confession, eh Loja'?

Yes many.

I'm glad the operation
went well. I'm leaving.

Thanks for visiting.

You've some balls.

- In what sense?
- I was joking.

Bye, Pisanè.


Tonight, yes.

Yes I understand. I understand.

All right.

To leave my parmigiana half eaten,
it must be something serious.

- Just a little salty.
- But what do you mean a little "salty"?

What's up?

Whatever happens to me,

promise me you'll stay
close to Marinella, huh?

So your scaring me, Giusè.

No, it's just superstition.
Nothing will happen.

- What do you have to do? Tell me...
- I can't.

However, your daughter also
has a mother who loves her.

And Marinella loves her.

But it feels good to me to think
that she can count on you too.

She's counting on me.

So it was all a fantasy
of the daughter. A lie?

Yes Boss.
The girl looks like a bitch to me.

And she takes after her mother, actually.

All right! The important thing is that
then the consequences were not so serious.

Of course if one
thinks of those girls,

those women who
really suffer violence….

If one thinks of all that she
has managed to invent...

Listen, boss, I would be
on duty tonight, I wanted to

ask you if it was possible
to replace me, because …

I mean, I should be with my daughter.

I made her a promise.


- But you'll have to square it with your team mates.
- Sure.

No it's ok.
I'll stand in for him, boss.

Thanks, well done.

Thank you. Good evening!

- Hi Dad!
- Hi love!

I know you are a woman i'm
sorry it took so long to recognise it.

Dad! This the best gift
I've ever received...

And you are the most
beautiful thing I've ever had.

You too, dad.

- How good it's that I am here with you.
- Me too my love.

Promise me we'll stay like this forever.


So Roma, it's late and
you're tired too. Let's leave.

But did you understand that
we ended up following Lojacono?

What the fuck does he have to do with the mafia?

I don't know, he looks.
I do not know. I hope that...

Wait, who is this?

And who is it? It must be someone
who lives here, Roma. Who else could it be?

Someone who lives here
and leaves his car running?

- He'll be a moron.
- No. Look over there.

He's not stoned at all.

Look who's there...

Wait, Roma. Wait wait.
Wait before we leave.

Wait, to start the car. Wait!

Get this hand out of here!
Shut up!

Wait a moment…
Leave now, leave now! Go now!

Stay still, with these hands!

- And what time will we be home?
- We'll be late, very late.

Marine, are you having second thoughts?

No, it's just... it's just that
dad was so nice today.

Okay. It means I'll go to the party alone
and you stay home with daddy's roses.

- And I'll say hello to Massimiliano for you…
- Forget it!

Then hurry up!

Pull over
here, he's stopped!

I see that ihet has stopped.
Pull over, pull over.

Well done. Well done.

-But why did he come here?
- This is where Sorbo is under house arrest.

- But are you sure?
- I'm sure, yes.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Inspector Lojacono. I
came to pick up Carmine

Sorbo to take him to
his mother who fainted.

This is the authorization.

Wait. He gave him a note.

- Did you see or not?
- Of course I saw!

- All right.
- Thanks good evening.

Now he is going up to the house.

- Yes?
- Inspector Lojacono.

- Come up.
- Thank you.

And those two just walk away...

- Call Pisanelli.
- Yes.

- Good evening, Inspector.
- Good evening, ma'am.

- Come in. My husband will be with you right away.
- Thank you.

No. he went up the stairs, he was standing next to…

- Where Sorbo lives.
- Where Sorbo lives.

Keep an eye on him, but don't get caught.

- All right.
- Well?

Lojacono is at Carmine Sorbo's.

But if he's under strict
house arrest, how did Lojacono get access?

That's the creepy thing.

A network of corruption that
goes beyond the Camorra

and involves men from
the police and the judiciary.

And Lojacono, through Caruso,

could be the link between
the mafia and this network.

That's why it's so
important to Buffardi…

-Good evening, he inspected.
- Good evening. Where do I take you?

- To get some fresh air…
- You're welcome.

Ah! Oh mama.
I couldn't stick it anymore.

- How many months has it been since you've been outside?
- Seven months!

And this looks like a
nice night to go out, huh?

- It's a good feeling, huh?
- Well yes!

He's coming down… He's coming down
with a… Wait. He is coming down with someone.

It's him, it's Sorbo.

It's open.

Start up. Start up. Start up.

Guagliò, you have to stay still With these
hands, otherwise I'll lay my hands on you!

Don't lose him, because if we
lose him we have lost everything.

- Go Go!
- You watch too much television.

- Hey!
- Hi beautiful. How are you?


- What are we doing?
- What are we doing? Let's give up.

But I don't really mean it!

- Let's see there is another entrance.
- Go Go!

- Give me the strongest thing you have.
- Right away.

Stopp. Come with me, you.


- It's a beautiful evening, isn't it?
- True.

I like that all of this takes
place here, by the sea.

Do you know that no one believed
you would agree to work with us?

Despite the slanders of Lomonaco,

you remained incorruptible.

Did you organize everything?

When I learned that you had a
140,000 euro mortgage to pay

on your house in Agrigento, I
thought you needed the money.

But then I realized that
money with you is not enough.

So I thought I'd
give you your honor back.

Now you are clean.

- Max!
- What are you doing?

- Marinella, are you drunk?
- No!

- Stay down, huh!
- Oh! You have to shut up, though.

- Keep you head down...
- I'll break it for you...

Wait! Wait!

We have to get off. Go!

- What are you doing? Get off here, right?
- Eh I know, it seemed to me... Oh!

One word and you're dead.

[in Neapolitan]
How beautiful she is!

[in Neapolitan]
Look at those legs!

- Dude, move over, let me dance.
- You don't like my friend?

Don't touch me, I don't want to dance.

- What are you doing?
- Oh, take off!

- What the fuck are you doing?
- What do you want?

[screams and screams of struggle]

Now I'll kill you!

[frightened cries of the crowd]

Marine, we have to go!

Max? Max?

Call a doctor! Call a doctor!

Call a doctor!

Nicee to see you, Don Rosario.

Let's go, Carmine Sorbo is waiting for us.

Stop everyone!
Police. Police!

Below! Get down!

Below! Below!

Drop your weapons!

Hands behind your head!

Get down on the ground! To the ground!

You are under arrest.

Lojacono, it doesn't end here.

Do not move! Hands up!

Stop! Stay down!

Take it yourself.

Inspector Lojacono.

Pull yourself up.


- this is a great job.
- Thank you.

- I'm afraid this is yours.
- Is already.

Look what they did to you.

- Hello.
- We'reagents from the DDA.

We proceeded to stop.
There was a fight.

The boy was wounded
by a stab wound.

Thank you.

- Marinella?
- Laura! Laura!

- Are you OK? Huh? Are you OK?
- Help me! I beg you.

Certain. Let's get away from here, come on.

Slowly... slowly... slowly...

- I know the girl. She comes with me.
- All right, Doctor.

Let's go.

It's all over.
You come with me.

Despite the slanders of Lomonaco,

- you remained incorruptible.
- Did you have any doubts?

About you, I never had any.

When you came to tell me that you
had been contacted by the Agrigento mafia…

I took the ball.

-You did a great job, Inspector.
- Thank you.

You are wasted in Pizzofalcone, why
doesn't you come to work with me?

We could do some good things together.

What the fuck happened?
- Ah, here they are.

Yet I was clear with your boss.
You were not to intervene in this matter.

We had to figure out if he was cheating on us or not.

Lojacono is a "bastard".
He is one of ours.

Do you understand why I
can't come work with you?

It doesn't end here, Inspector.

I can't leave you
alone for a minute, huh?

You and me must never leave me alone
together with this idiot. Never again.

- Nothing for me? Do you only hug him?
- Come on, come!


Lojà, anyway if it wasn't for me...
I'll tell you, huh?

- Never again. With him, never again!
- Come on, walk, come on.

- That's enough?
- Yes, yes.

So... they told me the knife
didn't damage any vital organs.

Your boyfriend was very lucky.

In a couple of days, if you
want, you can go and see him.

He's not my boyfriend...

and I don't think I'll go to see him.

As you like.


I'd rather my father didn't know.
Not now, at least.

I have to think about how to tell him.

It's not necessary for him to know.

If you want, you can sleep here.

You know...
I always thought you were a bitch.

I always thought you
were a spoiled little girl.

Maybe it's your father's fault?


maybe I'm jealous of him.

Maybe I am too.

I'm so tired…

I have to go.

See you tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Buffardi had warned me.

- So you knew everything?
- Yes. I was so afraid for you.

And now?

You laugh but you had some
doubts, huh? One, two and three.

- No, no, look...
- Especially you!

Who? But look, it was him...

-He is right!
Never mind!

I want to understand one thing:

Was it Buffardi's idea
to pretend to play along?

Yes. The idea was
Buffardi's, but the skin is mine.

- So if something went wrong…
- But everything went well!

Yes. Everything went well… luckily.

Because Aragona and
Romano couldn't deal with it.

No. Actually, we intervened!

Let's make a toast!

Let's celebrate the Bastards!

We have to celebrate here.
Glasses, guys!

Let's celebrate the
Bastards, but let's also

celebrate Aragona and
Romano, who have been gagged.

The figure you made me do!

- Ten... nine... eight... seven...
- Wait! A moment!