I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Buio - full transcript

So if you're good, I'll explain
everything about trains.

Be aware that there are steps.

So come on over here and
we'll begin to see some trains.

This is the first train we see.
Look how beautiful it is.

Very big.

- What comes out there?
- The smoke.

Well done.

Watch. I'll show you something.
Instead, look at the wheels.

Beautiful! They are huge.

What is this for?

- Hi Peppi!
- George I was just thinking of you.

You haven't been seen for
a few weeks. How are you?

Eh, I've had some
work commitments.

But these drugs…

Yes, that's what you think.

But the urologist told
me that with a little

radiotherapy we can
keep this stuff at bay.

I'll get them for you right away.

The clinical picture is much
better than it seems. Calm.

Did you hear about
Musella's suicide?

Yes, I knew.

To think that a few days
before he committed suicide

he stopped by to
get some cough syrup.

And do you know what he told me?

"Dr. Lovati, I no
longer have the will to

live, but I can't find
the courage to end it."

And it shows that he finally
found that courage, poor thing.

Give me this stuff ok,
I have to go to work.

Happy Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you, George.

Listen to me!

Soon it's the end of the year
and we're closing our doors here.

Who knows where they'll send us.

But I will miss you, Otta.

I will miss you too Roman.

And I will miss
everyone in here.

I will also miss
these old walls.

I've spent an important
part of my life in here.

Good morning everyone.

Guys, what are these faces?

We'll close in a bit. We're
saying we're all sorry.

Oh I know, I know. I don't
even want to think about it.

Ready, where are the others?

Lojacono and Di Nardo are
out for a theft in an apartment.

Otta can you come to
the office for a moment?

Of course.

There is a litter in
my friend's kennel

and I thought that a puppy
for Riccardo would be perfect.

How wonderful! If it were
up to me, I'd take it right away.

But I haven't given up yet.


Of course, the end of the year is
near, huh? What does HQ say?

No. I haven't received
any directives yet.

But it is clear that before
closing Pizzofalcone they

will have to communicate
the destinations of all of you.

We hope so.

- Good morning, Inspector.
- Good morning.

We forwarded the call.

The suitcases belong to the owners.

They returned today from
Ischia and found the mess.

- Now where are they?
- Over there, in the living room.

- Oh, come on.
- Thank you very much.

The armored door was not forced.

It cannot be said that they
give little importance to safety.

I'd say it didn't help
much, apparently.

- Permission - You're welcome.

Inspector Lojacono and agent Di
Nardo of the Pizzofalcone district.

- Good morning.
- Take a seat.

- Then tell us.
- I'm the landlord.

Or rather, what's left of it.

- She is the missus?
- Susy Parascandolo. What a tragedy.

Don't worry,
we're here to fix it.

What time did you
return from Ischia?

At eight.

One takes a quiet
weekend by the sea,

gets back to his house, which is supposed to be
the safest place in the world, and finds this.

Has the video surveillance
system been deactivated?

The missus
forgot to activate it.

She doesn't care
about the things that are

here, it's stuff bought
with my hard work.

I can't remember everything myself.

We just put it up.

It was late, the evening, he
waiting for me at the door.

I didn't think about it, that's all.

Have you got an idea of ​​what
they took, what is missing?

- Come with me.
- Yup.

Here it is damaged in several places,

they opened it with a blowtorch.
Let's go!

What was inside the safe?

Few things, a watch, unimportant

personal documents
and some cash.

About two thousand euros.
Nothing special.

Call forensics, we need them.

Did they take anything else?

No, luckily not, not
even the silverware.

What do you know about it!

With the time you spend
in the house they could

have taken anything,
you wouldn't even notice.

How caring are you.

Forensics is coming.

Are you insured against theft?

I had assumed, with a system like
this and the maid always in the house,

that there was no need
to pay for insurance.

We are done here.

Don't touch anything, the officier at the
door will stay until the forensics team arrive.

We'll see what their analyses shows...

Thank you. What does you do?

I have a gym with
bar, restaurant and spa.

I also have a small swimming
pool, a stone's throw away.

On Via Masteani. If I'm not
here, you can find me there.

- All right. Thank you, see you soon.
- Again.

Strange theft.

Strange also that they didn't steal anything,
and there were a lot of things there.

The strange order
in the mess of objects

placed on the ground,
as if to show them.

The door is not
forced, alarm disarmed.

I almost thought they
had staged the theft,

but I'm not sure. I
don't know what to think.

The thieves went directly to the safe.

Parascandolo was too tense,
he wasn't telling the truth.

- Bad couple.
- Because?

It's sad to see two people
hate each other like that.

It happens!

- It's sad though!
- What do you know, you're young.

Give me one go!

I have so many thoughts.

How are you doing with your
wife, have you talked to her?

It's over.

I was a jerk to her.

Let her come back.

Come back, now Christmas is coming too.

She won't come back.

She wont come back at all.

- Commissariat.
- Hold Octavia.

Is a child missing?

Yes, give me the address.

Don't worry, we'll
be right there.

Come on Beatrice, stop crying!

That only makes things worse.

- Sisters.
- Good Day.

We are from the police. Assistant Chief
Romano, and he's Aragon's chosen agent.

I am Sister Maria, and
she is Sister Beatrice.

Come on, tell us how it went.

I do not know. Dodo was with me.

By Dodo, do you mean Edoardo?

Yes, Edoardo Cerchia.

He was with me, there were
also the other companions.

How old is he?

Eight years.

He's in third grade and has
been with me since first grade.

He is a sweet boy,
quiet and good at school.

Very attached to his toys,

I happened to scold him
because he takes them to school.

He is sociable, polite.

How long have you
been organizing this trip?

-A couple of months-was he
alone when he disappeared?

Did he wander away on his own?

No, he was with a partner.

They had stopped
to see a locomotive,

Who is this partner?

Christian Datola.

- He was with Dodo.
- Sister can you call him?

Yes sure.

Christian, come.

- Here he is.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- You're?

- Dandola Cristian.
- Let's take a walk?

So, were you with
Dodo when he left?

Tell me what happened?

We were looking at a train.

It was big, black and shiny.

Don't digress, just answer
what is asked of you.

Sister Maria, let him answer
as he pleases. Thank you.

- Go ahead.
- Then?

were you saying?
How was this train.

It was beautiful, Dodo
and I wanted to climb it.

Sister Beatrice and our
schoolmates went further.

And Dodo stayed with you ? What have you done?

We were following them,
but Dodo turned around and waved to someone.

And do you remember who he said hello to?

A boy in a sweatshirt
and a hood on his head.

Do you happen to remember
what this boy was like?

Was he tall, short,
skinny or chubby?

Thin, normal tall, but his
face couldn't be seen clearly.

He was wearing a hood and sunglasses.
Can I go now?

Of course, thanks.

There will be cameras
in this museum.

- Two out of six of them are broken.
- Where are the others?

One is where the young boy disappeared.

The others at the entrance.

Hopefully we can
get something out of it.

I'll sign the search warrent order.

We all jope the child
just walked away,

but if not, we are
looking at a kidnapping.

Okay thanks.

The child is the son of a businessman
from the north, separated from his wife.

The important thing is
the surname of the wife.


Only daughter of
Edoardo Borrelli.

One of the richest, most talked about
and powerful entrepreneurs in Naples.

Dodo is his only nephew.

We must hurry. You go to the
museum with your colleagues,

- Keep me informed.
- Agreed.

- You are welcome.
- Thank you.

- Goodbye goodbye.

So what are you going to do?
What happens now?

There is no script.

Tell us rather if someone may
have come to take his child.

Her husband, an uncle.

If so, wouldn't I
have called already?

So you plan to find my son?

- Look Mrs. Cerchia...
- Don't call me that!

I Haven't been for years.

My name is Eva
Borrelli, is that clear?

Good morning, I'm
Inspector Lojacono.

I understand your concerned but
here we are all focused on the same goal.

Then find my son, please.

- Calm down Eva, it will be fine.
- Who is she?

My partner. Don't get involved.

Did you have any idea about ​​the person your son left with?

I do not know.

I would suggest that now
you should go home,

your son may try to contact you.

Will you think about
warning your ex-husband?

I'll call him, he lives in Bergamo.
Do I need to do anything else?

Keep your phones, at home and
your cell phone, switched on and free.

Inform the people who
could be contacted by Dodo.

In addition to your
ex, also your father.

Why my father?

Because he is very attached to
the child and is a very important man.

Are you thinking about a ransom?

We have to consider
every eventuality.

Let us be prepared.

Exactly. We will keep in close contact.
Please do the same.

I can't tell you to stay
calm, it would be absurd.

But I assure you that we will do everything
possible to bring your child home.

- C'mon.
- Please do what you can.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

And now what do we do?

Let's sift through
the whole museum.

We get the videotapes,
the clearance.

- Then?
- And then good luck.

- You are welcome.
- Thank you.

Enjoy your meal.

- You don't like my pasta and beans?
- It's very good.

- Shall I get you anything else?
- No, I'm not feeling like it tonight

What happened?

- Is it about Marinella?
- No.

Sentimental problems?

If you're referring
to Laura, we're done.


If you don't want to talk about it.

I'm so concerned about the
case I'm on,

It's been too many
hours since a child

went missing, and
that doesn't bode well.

I tried to imagine what a parent

can feel if they
take away a child,

and I got a stomach cramp.

It's crazy I think.

Why didn't you have children?

I did not find the right person.

There was a time when I was
married when I thought I'd found him.

But I was wrong.

Did they tell you where you will go
when they close the police station?

No they still haven't
given us the assignemts.

- But still here in Naples?
- I have no idea.

I have no saints in heaven.

- I'll have to accept every decision.
- But I can hope for it, can't I?

This child is Cristian Datola,

the little friend who was
with Dodo watching the train.

Octavia, can we go
to the lobby camera

so we try to see who
Dodo walked off with?

Here you are.

Can you magnify
the guy in the hoodie?

He looks very young.

His glasses don't
let us see his face.

It seems that the child
is familiar with him.

Can you try to zoom in on the backpack.

Unfortunately the images
are very low resolution.

There's something sticking out of my
backpack, and I don't know what it is.

It would look like a toy.

A plastic puppet.

A masked superhero.

Excuse me, I'll be away for a moment.

- What's up, don't you feel well?
- I'm fine, sorry.

Hello Octavia.

Gaetano, how is Riccardo?

He's fine, he's here in the
kitchen with me drawing.

why do you ask me that?

I just needed to hear from
you that he's fine. That's all.

It's fine, calm down.

See you this evening.

All right.

Give him a kiss for me.

Of course.

- Bye.
- Bye.

You don't recognize who took Dodo?
Do you recognise him?

No, I don't recognize him.

His face is covered,

it's a nightmare.

Can the image be enlarged?

Of course?

I don't want to be
wrong, it's just a guess,

the guy in the hood
reminds me of someone.

He looks like our gardener.

It is true!

From his profile it would look like him.

The gardener? What's his name?

Mauro Carullo.

He is a young boy,
he comes once a week.

- Have you known him long?
- One year.

Yes, about a year or so.

He often plays with Dodo,
they have a good relationship.

With us he speaks the
minimum necessary.

Yes, Palma,

I'm with Signora Borrelli,

All right, I'm coming. Roman?

I'm looking for his address.

- Go get it.
- All right.

Goodbye Madam.

- Soon.
- Goodbye.

I am sorry. I don't
know who that guy is.

Your ex-wife saw a resemblance

between this boy
and their gardener.

Called Mauro Carullo.
Does that mean anything to you?

No, I do not know him.

I live in Bergamo,
also my company.

And since I separated from
my wife in Naples, I come here

every now and then, every
fortnight but only to be with my son.

At Eva's house, my ex,
I have never set foot again.

You see, in this
country the law is blind,

and arranged that the
child should be with its

mother when Dodo would
have preferred to be with me.

And I wanted it more
than anything in the world,

because you sees, my son is
the most important thing in my life.

Look, I have a daughter
and I'm separated.

And my daughter has been
entrusted to her mother, so

no one better than me can
understand what you're saying.

my ex,

doesn't give a damn about Dodo,

she is besotted with
her ridiculous lover

she has found, by
her friends, by the club,

and from all the rest
of her useless life.

I wouldn't be so aggressive, she's
at least as concerned as you are.

My ex-wife and my
bastard father-in-law

they have been able
to create more hatered about

me than you can
even remotely imagine.

I'll leave you my business card,

here's my phone number,
address and everything.

So I'm
available at any time.

Now I'll go to her and try to
understand what happened.

I'll find my son. I'll find him.

Wait a moment!

I can give you some advice,

not as a policeman but as a father,

right now you're
all in the same boat,

you, your ex-wife,
your ex-father-in-law

and all those people
who love the child.

If you don't want to make
our job even more difficult,

try not to put Mrs.
Borrelli on the defensive.

Will you trust me?

The inspector is right. Try to
be social with the child's mother.

Also because if the child has been
kidnapped, and we still don't know for sure,

the first contact with the
kidnappers are critical.

So please help us help you.

You are right.

Now the most important thing is that
Dodo returns home, safe and sound.

We'll think about the rest later.

Promise to stay calm
and notify us of any news.

We asked the
lady the same thing.

- See you soon.
- Goodbye.

Good morning.

Was that the child's father?

- Yes.
- What's new?

The porter told us that
he left two days ago.

For where is it known?

For Piano di Sorrento. Apparently
he had a week-long gardening course.

However, his absence could be connected
to the disappearance of the child.

Octavia, let's see if we
can find anything about

this gardening course
in Piano di Sorrento.

Marilena darling what a
pleasure to hear from you.

I'm tired as usual.

I really want to
see you, I miss you.

I didn't ask you!

I'd like to see you.

Why? What's happened?


But where are you going at this hour?

All right,

Bye love, bye.

Do you know how we classified
the theft at the Parascandolo home?


Strange theft.

No sign of forced entry
on the front door.

Sorry, a case of theft with
the house keys rarely happens,

and then the thieves
didn't take anything away.

They took nothing except
the contents of the safe.

We suspect that
there weren't the

things listed by
the Parascandolos.

And in any case, it takes time
to open a safe with a blowtorch.

Well, the thieves knew
they had plenty of time.

And so are there
fingerprints on the safe?

Only Parascandolos.

That's all.

Then let's move on to us because
I have good news to tell you.

I warn you that I'm not ready to
receive a marriage proposal, huh.

- No. That still takes time.
- Here you are!

I found the house I wanted.

Ah well.

It's small but nice, and
especially in your neighborhood.

- Shall we become neighbors?
- More or less.

Not bad.

- Paul!
- Hey Hello!


Thank you.

- Very well. You?
- Good. Nice to see you again.

I wanted to surprise you.

Then finally I
decided to warn you.

- What kind of surprise?
- There's news. big.

- I couldn't tell you on the phone.
- What?

The Agrigento police station has caught the
mole who works in the prosecutor's office.

- Are you certain?
- Absolutely.

But that's the only thing I've been able
to find out. Come on, can't you be happy?

You will only see me
cheering when we can prove

that he passed the
information to the boss.

- We can do it.
- Let's hope.

And tell me your story with the
beautiful magistrate? How are you?

Here you are. Let's change the
subject because it's over before it begins.

- And when ever!


Dr. Piras, the
listening room has an

interesting phone call
on the Borrelli line.

Okay. Have an electronic copy made immediately
and send it by email to Pizzofalcone.

- I'll go there, I'll listen to it with them.
- All right.

- Ready. Borrelli House.
- Do you mind Mrs. Borrelli?

Yes I am. Who's talking?

Your son is with us.
Do not be afraid,

if everything goes as it should,

nothing will happen to him.
He's fine now.

He wears light blue shirt
under school uniform.

He waits for another phone call.

[he speaks in a foreign language]

Who are you?

Where's Dodo? What have you done to him?
Ready! Ready?!

32 seconds in all.

Too short to locate.

Someone from the east,

I imagined it!

Mamma mia, Arago.
How predictable you are.

I am not joking. You heard it
too, right? The accent was strong.

Yes, but apart from the
accent you can also imitate it,

it could be a recording.
Who can tell?

I don't think it's a recording.

Too precise in the response
times to the maid and the lady.

It wasn't a recording.

I think so too. Didn't you rather get
the impression that he was reading?

Yes, the noise of the
sheet was clearly heard and

then the slow, cadenced,
classic tone of the reader.

Now begins the real
ordeal for the family.

Now they know that
the child is in sn sbductors hands

and that they could
harm him at any moment.

The freeze on family assets is active.
First of all the grandfather.

The countdown has started.

Now it's a full-fledged

We don't have to worry

'cause my daddy's
gonna come get us out,

he is like you. He has courage.
He will find us. You will see.

dodo how are you?


Do you like crisps?

The fries are good. Except
my mom never lets me eat them

but I'm hungry.

Come in.

Ah, Rome', come, come.

- You are welcome.
- Greetings.

I don't understand what I'm doing here.
Did I do something?

No, please, have a seat.

Mr. Carullo, Dodo
Borrelli has disappeared.

You're here to answer a few
questions, given the gravity of the case.

How is disappeared?!
I saw him the other day.

But what do I have to do with it, sorry?

Where were you yesterday
morning around 8?

I was at a gardening
course in Piano di Sorrento.

And are you able to
prove what you're saying?

Yes, I was with two of my
colleagues and Professor Vestasi.

They can testify that
I was with them in

class from eight in the
morning until sunset.

Okay. Then leave their phone numbers and
names with inspector Romano.

I can go?

No, until we verify
your alibi, you need

to remain available
and not leave town.

Anyway I'm sorry for
Dodo, I'm very fond of him.

But do you suspect a kidnapping?

Mr. Carullo, the
life of a child is at

stake, so we want
maximum confidentiality.

So when you're asked why
we summoned you, you make

something like
that we found your moped,

whatever you want. But don't
say anything about the child.

Thank you.


Ready. Borrelli House.

Can I talk to Mrs. Borrelli?

Yes I am. Who's talking?

Do not be afraid,

if everything goes as it should,
nothing will happen to him.

He's fine now.

He wears a light blue
shirt under his school uniform.

You will wait for another phone call.

I do not remember anything.

I don't remember anything.

It's as if he was talking
to another person..

But that's normal, ma'am. He is tired
and experiencing strong emotional tension.

It's normal. But I have
to ask you if she can,

and I ask all of you if you
can recognize this voice.

- No.

Does he have to be here too?
These are not things that concern him.

This is my home and I decide.

And I remind you that Manuel spends
much more time with Dodo than you do.

So his presence
is necessary.

I don't want to create tension,
so if you want, I'll go out.

You stay here.


My colleague informs me that Mauro Carullo
had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

His alibi checked out.

It looked like him.

Cheer up darling. Dodo will be
home soon. I promise you.

Ma'am, did you inform
father about the situation?

I don't talk to my father.
Manuel took care of it.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

And you would be in charge
of the investigation?

Oh. A little water. Thank you.

Mr. Borrelli, do you
often see your nephew?

Dodo is the most beautiful
and important thing in my life.

And if I haven't been stuck
in this cursed chair for years,

now he would already be with me.

In my day I knew all
people who mattered.

A phone call would
have been enough for me

and they would bring him
back to me safe and sound.

Along with a tray of the ears
from the asshole who took him.

But let's get to today.

Have you noticed
something strange

lately in your nephew,
something different?

No. Dodo is a quiet child.

He doesn't talk much.

When we meet,

he sits here reading or playing
with his superhero puppets.

Sometimes he asks me to tell
him stories from when I was young.

He likes to picture me standing,

since he has never seen me upright.

Eh, that you are so calm with your nephew
kidnapped in the hands of who knows who.

But how dare you?

Carmel! You're an
employee and I pay you to

do what I say, not get
into my family business.

See Inspector, I'm sure they'll

treat Dodo with
kid gloves

also because they know that I will
pay only when I'm sure he's fine.

That's why I'm calm.

Well, I guess you'll also
know that when there's

a kidnapping, the
magistrate freezes the assets.

MaybeI have a little something
if I want to find it.

Let's pretend I haven't heard you say that.

Dad Mom. I have
to tell you something.

I found a house
to go to and live on my own..

Alone? But you're kidding, right?

No, dad. I am not joking.

What are you saying darling? Why
do you want to give hurt us this way?

You will go to live somewhere else only
when you get married, am I clear?

You can't talk to me like this,

I am no longer a child. I have
a job and I can afford a rent.

Please try to understand.

You finally left that
useless boyfriend of yours

and your mother and
I were happy for you.

Now is the time
to look around you.

Look for a serious man

a man who
understands the value of

marriage and hurry
to bring him home.

Adolfo don't get upset please,

you know that then
your blood pressure rises.

And you, instead of saying nonsense,
immediately apologize to dad.

No. I won't apologize to anyone.
I have decided.

Medicines alone are not enough.

You need to start radiotherapy,
the doctor was crystal clear.

He leonà, please, don't worry.

I start radiotherapy with the
new year, and I'm feeling better...

My fear is rather the serial
killer of the depressed.

He smells those subjects.

He finds them and then strikes.

Enough of this obsession.
George, you scare me like that.

Musella's death is proof
that mine are not obsessions.

The killer used the two days I
was hospitalized to fake the suicide.

We've already talked about it, George.
Musella was not assassinated.

Then I'm crazy.

You are not crazy. But
you've got a fixation.

And who is it that takes the fixations?

But what does it have to do with it!

The weird thing is, I don't give
a damn that I let my dad down.

It's a good sign.
You are on the mend.

But at this stage you have to
pay close attention to the relapses.

Meanwhile, you're acting
as my antibiotic, right?

Yes. I'm a natural antibiotic.

Who is it?

It is my mother. They
took my father to the hospital.

Do you want me to come with you?

No. My father is something
I have to deal with alone.

I love you.

I love you too. Alex. Don't
get the leash put back on.

Good evening. My father
was brought here. Of Nardo.

Yes, he's in the first
room here on my right.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

Good evening, I'm the daughter.

How are you dad?

He has a slight heart murmur,
but nothing to worry about.

He had a spike in his
blood pressure tonight.

But now we are back to
acceptable values ​​again.

Do you suffer from high
blood pressure generally?

No, except when
you make him angry.

Here you are. He must be
very careful, because the sudden

changes in pressure are
very insidious and above all

at a certain age. You should
have a complete check up.

I would suggest you do it here.

Yes, I think that's a good idea.

Yes, because this sudden
faintness that I had at home

it worries me a little.

Lads. I spoke to Piras.

Unfortunately no news.

And it's already been 24
hours since the first phone call.

You'll see that they will call.

Let's hope Octavia!

And you Alex? At what stage are you with
the burglary at the Parascandolos' house?

I spoke to Martone.

She told me that the
fingerprints they found on

the safe belong only to
Mr and Mrs Parascandolo.

You asked me for information
about Parascandolo, huh?

Salvatore Parascandolo
known as Tore 'o Bulldog.

Big loan shark.

The spa is just a cover.

Our finance and tax colleagues
have been on to him for a

long time but have never
been able to get him.

Maybe we'll frame him.

Alex, shall we go back to
talking to these gentlemen?

Lojà, do you have
to go right now?

I'm not waiting..
I have to do something.

- What's wrong?
- No Loja. I'm pissed off.


Because I spent
the best years of

my life trying to
please my father.

I made a commitment
not to make him regret

the son he would have
wanted in my place.

I've never felt like myself.

And I've always
put aside who I am.

Considering you're
not even thirty, you

have a whole life to
be yourself, trust me.

If you say so.

- And this?
- Yup.

Here we are. Please.

So, we would like to
try to understand a little

more about what
the thieves took away.

Have you been
able to check better?

Eh, what should I tell you, Inspector?

From what we have seen,

they only took away
what was in the safe.

Only my husband has access
, only him.

Your husband isn't here now, is he?

No. He's not here today, he's out.

What does your husband
do besides this place?

My husband is retired. Yes.
He takes care of the family assets.

In short, he does business.

And what kind of business?

He does business. In the
sense that he meets people.

It's not like I feel like saying it to me.

Mo 'what does this
have to do with the theft?

Looks like you're
investigating my husband.

Absolutely no. We trying to
understand the reason for the theft.

It is very strange that
the thieves did not steal

anything other than
the contents of the safe.

Yet there were quite a few
valuables around the house, right?

- Susan?
- What's up Marvin?

Sorry ma'am. I didn't
know you were busy.

We have a problem with
gym shifts, I'll come back later.

That's good.

- That's all?
- We're done. Goodbye.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.


yes we coming.

Any news on the child abduction?

They called, the kidnappers. Let's hurry.


This last call. You shut up.

If you interrupt me, I'll
hang up. Understood?

Just tell me how is my nephew?

He fine. Now you listen to me.

If you want to see your
nephew alive again,

you have to get five
million euros in cash.

In a day, you will receive a
message telling you where to bring it.

If something goes wrong,

if we see even a
policeman passing by,

you never see your nephew again.

Five million is a good
amount to demand

in cash and in one day.

If he asked for that amount he knew
the old man could get it.

In fact, they asked him,
not the child's parents.

Yes. They know very well that
the old man has huge assets.

But unfortunately this
does not narrow the field.

On the contrary. All of Naples
knows that Borrelli is very rich.

The kidnappers
don't have much time.

They have to act
quickly, otherwise in a while it

will be difficult for them to
keep the child hidden.

How do you feel?

My throat hurts and I'm hot.

The kid has a high fever.

Let's hope this fucking story
ends as soon as possible.

Why did you want
to see us all together?

To establish with
you the next moves.

So, as you know

a ransom demand has arrived,

and now the kidnappers
will want to contact you

to establish the time and
place of the exchange.

And they won't necessarily
do it over the phone.

They may also try to send you
a written message. In some way.

It's been three days, I
can't take it anymore.

I know it. I know it.

I do not understand.
What are you asking us?

Notify us immediately,

do not try to solve
the matter on your own.

- Is that clear?
- Exactly.

You see, it is
very risky to pay.

The kidnappers may
no longer need the child.

The cooperation between
you and us is very important.

As you know, the magistrate
blocked your accounts

and he tapped all the
lines. Including yours.

What do you mean he
blocked our accounts?

As if we were the criminals.

Or, I have a business to run.
You can't block my accounts like this!

That bastard asked me for the
money, so shut your mouth.

I know what I have to do.

I'll give it all back as soon as my
accounts get released, don't worry.

What matters right
now is freeing Dodo.

That poor child is in
danger who knows where.

It's my son they
kidnapped, asshole!

No, no..

He is not yours.

It's my son who is in the hands of
two shitty gypsies who knows where.


But I won't let them hurt
him, you understand?

I won't let him.

That's enough! You must strictly
adhere to our instructions, is that clear?

And inform us
instantly of any news.

What a bad atmosphere. Let's
hope they don't do anything stupid.

It is not possible that there is this hatred
between people who have loved each other.

I don't like anyone
in this family.

- Am I disturbing you?
- What are you saying!

How are you? How was the night?

Good. He's a little better.

Good I am pleased.

You . Do you have
any news about Parascandolo?

Yes. We made a good
discovery about the theft.


There were them everywhere, all
over the apartment and from one person.

Except of course Mr and Mrs
Parascandolo and the waitress.

Even on the
headboard of the bed,

guess who frequents
Signora Parascandolo's bed?

I do not know. Who?

Mario Vincenzo Esposito
aged 28, known as Marvin.

He currently works in the
Blu Star wellness center,

owned by Tore Parascandolo
and managed by his wife Susy.

He was sentenced in 2009 to
two years for theft in an apartment.

I had noticed a certain intimacy
between the gymnast and Parascandolo.

However, the fingerprints
found on the headboard

of this Mario known
as Marvin are old

his fingerprints
weren't on the safe.

But Parascandolo
does not know all this.

- Good evening ma'am.
- Good evening.

Good evening.

There's some news about
the burglary at your house.

Tell me.

Then. Forensics analyzed
the fingerprints inside the house

and there are fingerprints all over the place.

Even on the
headboard of the bed...


The prints belong to
Mario Vincenzo Esposito, known

as Marvin, who I understand
is a pilates instructor of yours.

That asshole
didn't put on gloves,

I've told him a thousand times. One
thousand times. But how can it be done.

You have to be really unlucky to
go from a maniac to an asshole.

I have never known
how to choose men.

What is your husband's job?

What are you really doing?
Huh? I know what you are up to..

You have to tell us, ma'am.
It is necessary.

My husband is a loan shark.

He has half the city by the balls.

Yes, but no one has
ever been able to prove it.

Let's assume, then,
that Marvin and I

staged the fake
burglary at my house

in connection with
a big cash break

that asshole
Bulldog had to make.

Go on.

Let's say I convince
'o Bulldog to take me to

Ischia for the weekend
and Marvin does the job.

Even if he doesn't wear gloves.

And what happens then?

We arrange,

that that shit
instead of getting

cash gets a wad of checks

upon expiry of a double amount
to be collected a little at a time.

Susy and Marvin
steal ten million euros in

checks with his signature
on the back? ok.

I mean, does your husband sign
checks before cashing them?

He's paranoid, he's afraid
they'll screw them over.

But you said you didn't
set him up, didn't you?

Then I'll offer you a deal.

I tell you where the
checks are and the cash

but only if you frame him and the
Bulldog goes to the kennel

and he stays
there for life, right?

So, it's simple, I'll tell
you where the checks are

and you leave
me and Marvin alone.

The thieves didn't
steal anything anyway.

They are unknown, and unknown they remain.

What do you say? Are
you interested in the deal?

I'm done, can I go?

- Go Go.
- Thank you.

- Yup?
- Hi Laura.

Hey. What are you doing here at this hour?

- I'm disturbing you?
- No.

Then nothing. I'd like us to review
the kidnapping footage together.

- Where can I put this?
- Here.

- Okay. Working.
- Yup.

Here we are. So, in a while

there will be a shot, where
they shot him in profile.

Wait, huh? Here you are. pause here.

Well, we've always been looking
for a male, haven't we?

But what if he was a girl?

From the build it could be.

Look, you can't even see the
Adam's apple clearly. Look.

You are right perhaps.

Here we are.


Meanwhile what's here.

- Richard.
- Mom!

Richard! Look here.
This is Natalina.

She is beautiful?

Look, we put her here.
Now she is yours. She is yours.

Gaetano, thank Dr. Palma.

- Ah! Thank you Doctor!
- But for what!

Can I offer you something?

No thanks. I already have
an invitation to a friends house.

Then I have to go get Nennella,
who is left at home alone.

Then I'll show you out. I bring
him to the door for a moment.

All the best! Bye Riccardo.


Honey, you have a high fever.

Here, take this. It'll
bring your fever down.

When is dad coming to free us?

Soon! He'll come soon and free
us from that bad bearded man, okay?

Now sleep, okay?

-How is he?
- I gave him antibiotics.

- The fever should go down.
- Good.

This is not the problem.

That asshole isn't
calling anymore,

and we're wasting
precious hours.

Lena, stay calm. If we give
up now, we won't see anything

anymore, neither money
nor South America. Anything.

It's no longer a
question of money here,

here what matters is that they throw us in
jail and we won't get out..

Then let's go and
leave the child behind.

You are an idiot.
He saw your face.

About me he even knows my name. It'll
takes them five minutes to track us down.

How can we change this?
We can't change Lena.

Yes but.

There is a solution.
Know you too.

I'm not a killer Lena.

If it comes to that, you do
what I say. Dan? Good boy.

Lady, look closely
because we now think we

should be looking for
a woman, not a boy.

- A woman?
- Yup.

What women have been
in contact with Dodo lately?

Someone he could trust.

His teachers are all nuns,

maybe even
babysitters, I've had two.

An Austrian, but
she was a bit stouter.

And another one a little higher.
So it can't be.


my father had hired a babysitter for
when I dropped Dodo at his house.

Does it look like her?

But how the fuck did
I not recognize her!

It was you who
called that bastard,

and now you don't even recognize her!

What the fuck is her name?


Lena who?

I kept all the records on her.

I also have references.

We need to find this Madlena
Miroslava born in Krivi Vir, Serbia.

We need to hurry because
too much time has passed

since the last phone
call with the kidnappers.

And that's not a good sign.

So, Miroslava arrived in Italy ten
years ago and lived in via Novara 13.

She has been there for five
years, but she no longer lives there.

Her accomplice, the one who
made the phone calls, is a compatriot.

Now from the latest
telephone recordings it

has been discovered
that her accent is Serbian.

Yes, but there might be someone else
behind it, someone writing the tickets.

Someone who speaks
Italian and is probably Italian.

And she's the person
we need to find.

Then we are back
on the high seas.

Yes, but we're doing whatever
needs to be done, I think.

We are doing what we can
and will continue to do so.

But we have to find something,
because otherwise the case goes cold.

In any case, I spoke to
the commissioner about

Parascandolo's proposal
and he gave carte blanche.

And so what do we do. Shall
we take the checks and let her go?

Putting inside a loan shark
like her husband who has been

poisoning the lives of so many
people for more than thirty years

it's a top priority Alex.

- Here it is. It's ready.
- Thank you.


- Happy Christmas!
- Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

Well? What's wrong with you? Aren't you eating?

I signed the lease.

I'm leaving on Saturday.

Get out of this house now.

I don't want to see you anymore.

You can't treat her like that.

Alex, Alex, where are you going?
Come back here.

We'll drink this,
you and I, together.

I kept it aside for
important occasions.

And this is an
important occasion?

What better occasion?

- Happy Christmas.
- Best Wishes.

Really good.

It makes your head spin a little.

I told you, it's a wine
for great occasions.

Like this.

How beautiful you are!

Sorry. I don't know
what happened to me.

Why do you apologize,

it is Christmas!

You know, this is a secret,
and you mustn't tell anyone.

When I get home, I want
to be a little boy again.

And I want to be
close to my mom.

Leonardo! What a nice surprise!

I stopped by for a moment to say
hello and to wish you a Merry Christmas.

How come you
always wear this scarf?

I see you're in a good mood, and
you're even more serene, aren't you?

I can't hide anything
from you, huh?

And that caused me a doubt.

A doubt that kept
me awake at night.

What doubt?

Don't be offended but
I can't tell you about it,

something that concerns
my mission as a friar.

But now I have got rid of the
doubt and I can live peacefully.

Where are you going?

To the convent of Father Samuele,
my superior. It is at the gates of Rome.

I'm leaving in a few days.

A week of reading, silence
and meditation awaits me.

You should come
with me sometime.

You will come back refreshed.

Thank you for the thought, Leonà.
But the spiritual exercises are not for me,

at least for now.

I'll return at the start
of the year.

Remember you promised
to start radiotherapy.

If you don't keep your promise,
I'll take you there by force.

Leonà, let me start
the new year first, okay?

All right?

- I'm going.
- Are you leaving already?

Oh yeah. Merry Christmas George.

Merry Christmas Leona.

Now I'll open my eyes and
there you'll be there, Irina the beautiful

huh. Doctor, it's me. Irina
is on vacation in her village.

- Oh, She isn't here?
- Shall I bring you an aperitif?

No, thank you Santana. Bring
me my usual sandwich, please.

And what does you want to drink?

A bottle of Aglianico, please.

- All right. Merry Christmas, huh.
- All right. Merry Christmas, huh.

Are you thinking about your father?

I'm thinking it's the first
time I feel truly free in my life.

It's like seeing the light after so many
years of darkness. And the light is you.

Happiness is at our
disposal, officer Di Nardo.

So Merry Christmas, Dr. Martone!

I just went to the lady
who asked Borrelli's

secretary for references
regarding this Lena Miraslova

about six months ago.

He still worked for her but he's been
missing for a week without hearing from him.

Did she give you his address?

Via Turin 15.

Ah! Then she added
that he lives with a fellow

countryman of hers, a
certain Dragan Petrovic ',

now I don't know if he's his
boyfriend, or just a roommate.

All right. Go check, come on.

What do you want? There is no one home.

Can we ask you some questions?

Sure you can.

Do Mirolslava Madlena and
Dragan Petrovitch live here?

In the basement. But now
there is no one. They left.

And how long?

It will be a week. But why?
What did they do?

We are doing investigations.

Dragan Pretrovic 'where does he work?

He worked at Intrasit.
Then I don't know.

Thank you.

- So Intrasit went bankrupt a year ago.
- Where is the Intrasit headquarters?

Via Ferraris 10.

In the meantime, I alert Piras and
ask her for a search warrant from Intrasit.

Although I don't think
it'll amount to much.

Where the fuck could those
bloody fucking gypsies take him.

Sorry, what did you call them?

I said shitty gypsies
but I'm not racist.

Fucking gypsies. Exactly what
you called them. Do you remember?

- You're right, Loja.
- What if it was them?

Yes. It could be that
they organised everything.

No, I can't believe it!

He was the one who arranged the kidnapping
and he was the one who wrote the notes.

But who is he? Can you
explain it to us too please?

Boss. I recovered the
checks from Parascandolo.

Give them to me. Sorry, huh?

There is one thing that
everyone must see, Lojà.

Alberto Cerchia.

So these are all
checks signed by you.

That's three million eight
hundred thousand euros.

I am responsible
for dozens of people.

And I haven't been able to
sleep at night for three years,

looking for a solution
but it never arrives.

Then the situation gets away from you

and you put yourself in the hands of
loan sharks like Salvatore Parascandolo,

Tore o' Bulldog and those
other people who don't joke,

those are people who, if you don't pay
them, will make you disappear overnight.

And to pay off his debts
you had your son kidnapped.

Yes, I suck. I suck, I know.

But then it occurred to me, I
thought it was a way to get justice,

to get revenge on my bastard
father-in-law who ruined my life.

I love my son believe me.

He's the most important
thing in the world to me.

And my father in law loves him
too. I knew that was his weakness,

I knew he would pay
without any problem.

And you organized the kidnapping.

Yes. I tracked down Lena, the former babysitter
who worked at my father-in-law's house.

I told her I'd give her a lot
of cash and two plane tickets,

one for her and one for her man.
And then I got organized.

I knew that the blocking
of current accounts,

does not check the amount in the account,

and therefore no one would have noticed
that in reality there was nothing to block.

Did you write the notes
for Lena's man to read?

Yes, I also told Lena

to make Dodo believe
that she too was kidnapped,

to make him less afraid.

I love my son believe me.

I'm his father,
only I screwed up.

The phone I gave her, the one I
needed to get in touch with her,

I didn't think it was
registered to my company.

And so when you
told me you were going

to wiretap all the
phones, I panicked.

And I didn't call them again
for two days. But then ?

But then ?

Go on. Go on.

Then I didn't care
about your checks,

and I called them, but those
bastards never answered me again.

Tell us right away where your son is.
Maybe we still have time.

I do not know. Believe me, I don't know.

For fear of betraying myself,
I preferred not to know.

I beg you. Help me find my son.

I beg you. I beg you.

Now you're crying piece of shit.

- Hey, hey.
- Roman, oh.

We don't have a moment
to lose, just give us

the telephone number
on which you called Lena.

Come on, write it here.

I'll prioritise finding
the location for the mobile phone.

The cell phone is on. The
tracker is following the signal.


Help! I'm here, help!


The Intrasit warehouse. This
is where the asshole worked.

Enter the gate on the right.

But this is Pisanelli's car.

Officer, let's escort the gentleman,
please. We're going in. Eyes open, huh?

Palma. They've entered the Intrasit warehouse.
The cell phone is inside.

Okay. Let's go up here. Let's go, huh?

Do you hear it? It comes from there.

Over there? Go Go go.


Here. Here. Here.

Oh. Breathe again.
He just passed out

Pisanè, It's Lojacono.

- Where's the boy? The child?
- The boy is there.

- No!
- Stay with him. Stay with him.

The police operation,
kept secret until the

last minute, to free
little Dodo Cerchia

unfortunately it did not
bring positive results.

The kidnappers managed to
escape, taking the child with them.

Hi Dad.

My love! What a surprise. Love.

- I wanted to do it and I succeeded!
- I would say yes.

Mom Why did you leave her?
You told me she was down.

- Now with her boyfriend she has solved everything.
- That is?

She didn't want him to spend the
holidays in Turin, come on, without him.

And in the end mom won.

They left together and he
introduces her to his parents.

If she meets his parents,
it means that it is serious.

And she thinks they even
wanted me to go with them.

But I made a point of staying
here with you for a few days.

You did well my love.

I was looking forward
to seeing you, dad.

Mom and her boyfriend
together are unbearable.

He's kind of a nothing.

Can I tell you the truth?

I don't give a damn about my ex-wife and her new boyfirend , at all!

I'm glad you're
here and I want to know how you are?

Now that I'm here, great dad!

- Who will he be?

- Don't yell at the window. Hello.

Hi! See you tomorrow!

What beautiful flowers!
How much do you charge for them?

I'll make you a deal at seven euros.

If you take two, and because Christmas,
I'll give them to you for five each

Which one do you like?
Look here, do you like this?

- Can I?
- This one is better.

Beautiful flowers
never disappoint.


- Thanks, Merry Christmas.
- Thank you and family.

We arrested the
father of the child.

But the kidnappers
escaped with little kid.

All of us would have
done anything to close

our work in Pizzofalcone
in any other way.

I know, you did what you could.

Now I have to face a very
difficult press conference.

But that's not what scares me.

It is knowing that the perpetrator of
the kidnapping is the father of the child.

That's what won't let me
sleep for several nights.

Yes, Laura tell me? What's new?


- Hello.
- Hello.

- Well? What's going on?
- Nothing.

Well then?

I needed to see you.

For fear of changing my mind.

Change your mind about what?

About us.

You were right.

My fears were stronger
than what I feel for you.

But now, if I'm still in time,

I'm ready.

I'm ready to take any risk,

if you want me.

Of course I want you.

Love, see if these are good.

Yes, they're fine.

It's not Christmas without a tree, dad.

Even if Christmas has already passed.

But who cares. We still have
New Years and Epiphany, don't we?

Are you with me on New Year's Eve?

- Dad, what are you saying?
- because?

- I'm going with Chanel to a party!
- And where is this party?

On a terrace at a
friend of Chanel's house.

Come on dad, it's my first
New Year's Eve in Naples.

You can't deprive me of
something so beautiful.

But it's not about that,
sorry for a moment.

Excuse me for a moment.
Paul! How are you?

I wanted to call you to
wish you a happy birthday.

No do not worry. Sooner or later
someone would have told me, right?

See you soon. Happy New Year, huh?

You are OK. Bye Paul. Bye.

Dad is everything okay?

- But who was it? Paolo Alaimo?
- Yes, it was Paul.

And what did he say?

The Agrigento prosecutor's mole had
only been working there for six months.

And what does this mean?

It means that it could not
have been him who passed

on the information that
favored the Parisi boss

because he at the time he worked
at the Milan prosecutor's office.

So that doesn't
exonerate you anymore?

No, we're back to square one.

Come on dad, we won't give up.
Come here.

- And smile.
- Eh Smile.

Good evening. Good evening everyone.

- Hi Guido.
- Good evening.

- You brought some wine. You noticed?
- Good boy.

- You're very beautiful!
- Thank you.

Here we go guys.

So, Roma', are you all right?
Dear how are you?

- Hi Cajetan.

Oh, here we go!
Natalina has also arrived.

Then later I'll introduce you to Nenella.
How beautiful she is.

Doctor Palma, thanks again.

Not just for Natalina, but for
everything you've done for my wife.

- I don't understand.
- Octavia is reborn.

And this is thanks to you.

- Thank you.
- Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Do you know Guido?
-Guido, a pleasure.

- Greetings.
- Hi.

- Good evening.
- Hello everybody. Best wishes!

- I'm mad about you.
- Stop that.

- Salutations.
- Good evening.

Dear Palma, how are you?

Thanks for coming
for the midnight toast.

I didn't come just
to wish you well,

but I have an important
announcement to make to all of you.

- We finally know where we end up.
- Be quiet.

Although little Dodo
Cerchia has not been found,

and I know how hard you worked

For this,

but not only for this,

I am proud to tell you that
the Pizzofalcone police station,

won't close today!

It will continue to operate
for at least another six months.

This is our New Year's
Eve, not the one at midnight.

- Thank you for the trust.
- Well done.

Are you happy, huh?!

So let's start eating, come on.

- Yes. Great idea.
- Good.

It's four minutes to midnight.

Let's go out and
celebrate, come on.

I have to get my jacket.

Let's do it quickly,
it's almost time, huh?

Five, four, three, two, one.

Best wishes to all!

- All the best!
- Best wishes to you too.

To the two of us.

Marinella! Love!
Happy New Year my love.

Love You so much. I said
happy new year my love.

There's a lot of noise
where you are too, huh?

Bye my love. I love you. Hello.
Hello. Hello. To the two of us.

To us.

Look look!

Look at that!

We also will take a look at
how it New Year is celebrated abroad.

These are the pictures of
the festivities from Sofia,

a city ​​that has already
entered the new year

an hour ago, by
virtue of the time zone.

We see a fireworks display,

of indescribable wonder,

which enchants
adults and above all

children struck by
this cascade of light.

But Pisanelli is not here?

George. Oh come. There
are some beautiful fires.

- Look!
- What's up? Huh?

He is alive!