I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Misericordia - full transcript

All together!

Alleluia! Alleluia!

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!


Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!


Well done you guys! Well done!

- Mariolina, did you like it?
- Yup.

I'm happy because it
was dedicated to you.

- Good boy.
- There is another surprise.


-Where is she? She is supposed to bring in the cake.
- I go to see.

Your other surprise will arrive shortly.

- Shall we do another song?
- What are you doing here?

- Leave me alone!
- Angela!

- Don Michele wants the birthdy cake.
- I'm coming.

- Go away, Jamal!
- Remember what I told you.

Long live the Lord!

Oh, yeah!

- Who was that?
- Nobody.

Someone who wanted a
coat and a pair of shoes.

I told him to come back tomorrow.

We are all full of your love!

The cake has arrived.

The cake!

Best Wishes!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy birthday, Mariolina!

- Happy Birthday to You!
- Here's the cake. Make a wish!

Who is it?

Hello love, are you
calling me at this time?

Dad, finally!
I've been looking for you all day!

I had to work. I do work sometimes.

Where have you been?

I usually ask you
these questions.

All right, I get it.

- I've got a surprise for you.
- I'm happy.

- Actually, two.
- Two surprises? Better!

The first is that I got an
eight on my math test.

Well done, love!

I'm happy.

- And the second is this.
- Hello, doc!

Chanel! Hi!

What are you doing there?

I know you miss me, I
wanted you to hear this.

Come on.

How much time has passed

It's a story now over
Just almost a year ago!

You were the first love
Maybe it's the fault of age

Excuse me for a moment.

- Hello?
- You do not call me anymore!

You wanted it!

You were the only one
who made me fall in love

I'm coming.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Inspector Lojacono.

- Show me the victim.
- Right away, Inspector.

Thanks, cover her.

- Good evening.
- Inspector Lojacono.

- Good evening, Father Michele.
- Agent DiNardo.

Do you know her?

Angela worked as a
volunteer in the parish.

-Did you find her body?
- No.

He found it sir.


- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Can you tell us how it went?

I went down to empty
the bins and saw the girl.

- I thought she was feeling sick.
-Which direction did you come from?

I came from there.

- Did you come from there?
- Yup.

About what time?

Half past one, more or less.

Didn't you see anyone leave?

No, there were just these
guys who came from over there.

Have you seen anything?

No, the dog started
barking and pulling.

I thought there were some
cats but didn't see anything.

- I immediately called the police.
-You did well.

And then I knocked
on the church door.

Thanks for your help.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Hello, Lojacono.
- Hello, doctor.


The victim was a
church volunteer.

Father Michele is the parish
priest who arrived shortly after she was found.

- Hi, I'm Laura Piras.
- Don Michael.

I'm the DA who will be handling the case.

- Did you know the victim?
- Angela was with us for a long time.

- What can you tell me? She was died recently.

Between one and half past one.

She has multiple stab
wounds to her back.

Did the murder take place
shortly before her discovery?

-It could have.
- Thank you.

Father Michele, do you have any ideas about who might want to harm her?


Everyone loved Angela.

Why was the girl in
the parish late at night?

Last night we celebrated
the birthday of one of our parishioners.

The party lasted until 10pm.

Angela and three other
volunteers stayed to clean the hall.

- I'll talk to them in the morning.
- Of course.

- Father Michele, good morning.
- Good morning, Inspector.

- Forensics is almost done.
- Good morning.

These are Vito,
Caterina and Marzio.

My Three Musketeers.
Four with Angela.

- Good morning lads.
- Good morning.

Inspector, all right.
We're done.

- Thank you have a nice day.
- You are welcome.

- Shall we sit inside?
- Sure, this way.


Don Michele told
us that after the party

you stayed here to
tidy up with Angela.

Until what time more or less?

We left at midnight,
half past midnight.

What was Angela doing here?

She was obsessed with cleaning.

She had said she wanted to
finish putting everything away.

We told her to finish
tomorrow but she didn't.

-She wanted to stay.
- We should have insisted she come with us.

We should have .

Fatrher Michele, did
you go to bed at this time?

Yes, just after midnight.
I was very tired.

Around half past midnight you

left while Angela stayed here.

Did you get the feeling that
she was waiting for someone?

No, no..

Who would wait for her at this time?

What did you do after the party?
Where have you gone?


We live in a boarding
house nearby.

We are students
and we met there.

I supposed you want to know if
we have alibis?

- Yes.
- But you...

The inspector is doing his job.

Excuse me, Father Michele.

We were in the common
room to watch television.

Then we said goodbye to each other
and went to sleep.

- At what time?
- It must have been one o'clock.

Do you have any ideas about
who may have killed Angela?

We've been asking ourselves this since
this morning but we don't know what to say.

Father Michele, you didn't
hear any noises, voices...

My accommodation is on the
second floor, you can't hear a thing.

And then I fell
asleep right away.

The garbage man woke me
up when he called on the intercom.

Thank you all.

She had a regular
residence permit.

The document is
made out to Samirah

Quambe, born in Nigeria
on August 12, 1988.

The permit was issued
in Naples a year ago, but

it is probable that the
girl had entered earlier

without registering.

-Does she have family members in Naples?
- No, there are none listed here.

She would appear to be alone.

Good morning.

Did you find anything
at Angela's house?


She kept it on the bedside table.

We need to figure out
who the guy next to her is.

He can be the
boyfriend, a relative...

Come on, let's get to work.

This is a room
the size of a house.

Commissioner, we
already have a lead.

We're looking for a black guy

who could be the
victim's boyfriend.

The bishop calls all the
time, it's a delicate situation.

- What does the bishop say?
- What does he say...

He wants to know what we're doing,
he wants information.

Perhaps he fears someone
from the parish is involved.

- Can you tell me about this priest...
- Father Michele.

Father Michele seems
to be a good priest.

Active, maybe even too active.

That parish is a seaport.

They do a lot of volunteer
work and various social activities.

Father Michele, as a boy, was
in and out of the reformatory.

- For what kind of crimes?
- Muggings, thefts, nothing big.

Before he was a difficult boy
and now he is a difficult priest.

- Did Angela have a boyfriend?
-Angela? No.

She didn't have anyone.

We called her
Saint Maria Goretti.

-She was a beautiful girl.
- Beautiful, everyone liked her.

She said she didn't want anyone.

We found this photo
at Angela's house.

Do you know who he is?
A friend? A relative?

Someone who attends the parish?

I don't know who he is.

Angela had no relatives here.

- Nor a boyfriend.
-How can you be sure?

Because she was here with
us from morning to night.

And anyway she would have
talked about it with them or with me.

- Of course.
- I saw him at the party.

He was talking to Angela.

She told me he wanted
a coat and shoes.

I heard she called him
Jamal, so she knew him.

- And you?
- Surprise.


- I put a lasagna in the oven.
- Good!

I didn't make it, though?
It's frozen.

- You are here and that's what matters.
- Come in .

- Sit here.
- OK.

- You really are an actress.
- Because?

-Did anyone see you?
-No, no one saw me.

- Not even...
- Not even the busybody neighbor.

What's your name?
Woodpeckers? Pigeons?

Look, if they find
us, it's a mess.

Then I want to see what
happens if they replace

me with a judge who
wants to close Pizzofalcone.

They won't find us.

Then we can kiss.


I don't kiss you
until you tell me why

you're so nasty
when we're in public!


- Am I that nasty?
- No.

Now you are very nice.

Much nicer... you're the nicest!

- Here it is.
- I'm so hungry!

Pasta and potatoes?

You want to make me fat, huh?

Give me your plate.

Now taste it and tell
me what you think.

A little bit'?

- That's enough?
- Thank you.

- Tasty, huh?
- Delicious!

Very good.

Then? Are you going to move in?

Don't worry, come on.

Just think of this
pasta and potatoes.

And then think of the broths
your mother makes for you.

Then decide.

It's not just pasta and
potatoes here though.


I will not answer.

That's not a solution.

You have to decide
to grow up, Di Nardo.

Don't let it ruin your evening.
Right away, a toast.

To the two of us.

You have to give me a smile though.

Today I went to see Camilla.

What did Camilla say?

She has found a job.

She got an interview for
an American company.

-She was lucky.
-No, she was stubborn.

She made up her
mind to go back to work

-and she got a job.
- Why are you telling me?

I want to find a job too.

We made a deal when I came back.

Things have to
change between us.

Giorgia, I didn't say a word.

- So... okay?
- You know me.

I am a person who
respects agreements.

It's OK with me.

Do we have any news on the boy?

We have sent
the photo to all the

police stations, but
to date no response.

We have a list of places
frequented by Nigerians.

- We'll go check them out.
- Good.

- Yup?
- Who's the Boss?

CaptainPalma, tell me what's up.

I have to tell you about
Father Michele Autieri.

- My name is Carmela Borriello.
- Lojacono, Alex, come.

Lady, calm down and sit down.

I am a miss.

I prefer to stay standing.

The young lady is a
parishioner of Father Michele.

No you're say the wrong things.

I am a parishioner of the church
of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

And not that sinner!

In these photos Father
Michele and Angela

- are in affectionate embraces.
- How affectionate!

They were doing crap
in front of everyone.

- What do you mean by crap?
- I'm a serious woman.

Some things I don't know, but

they did what one shouldn't do.

Are you implying that they
were having an affair.

I'm not implying anything.
ItThe photos speak for themselves.

That priest has to go
because he is not worthy.

- Tell that to the bishop and not to us.
- I've already done so.

- I'm waiting for an answer.
I'll take these back
- No we need these.

- Then you'll get them back.
- You have to give them back to me.

Don't worry, go.

- Good day.
- Good day.


What a character!

Has Father Michele ever
had an affair with Angela?

No, not an affair.

Angela was very
fond of Father Michele.

But I don't think
they had a relationship.

- No?
- Father Michele is a handsome man.

You see it too.

Many women come to
church just to look at him.

Angela liked him, but they
didn't have a relationship.

Father Michele is an honest man.

Vito is right.

Father Michele would
never do such a thing.

Mrs. Borriello has
given us photos in which

they are portrayed
together very often.

We too saw them embracing

each other, it's not forbidden.

They weren't in a
relationship anyway.

Signora Carmela is obsessed,
she always thinks poorly of people.

She would do anything
to kick Father Michele out.

Omnia munda mundis, as
Father Michele always says.

Omnia munda mundis.

Stop these people.

- Stop!
- What's up?

- You know him?
- No.

- You do not know him?
- No.

- Are you sure?
- Yup.


For Christ our Lord.

He lives and reigns
forever and ever.

You who live and
reign forever and ever.


- The Lord be with you.
- And with your spirit.

Almighty God bless you.

In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.

- Amen.
- Mass is over.

- Go in peace.
- We give thanks to God.

- Father Michele, good morning.
- Good morning.

I need to ask you
some questions.

- Yes. This way.
- Thank you.

So, Father Michele.

What was the relationship
between you and the girl?

This is a homicide
inquiry, if you remember.

I cared a lot for Angela.

We loved each other very
much but we didn't have an affair.

The Lord is my witness
and this alone interests me.

We have seen
some photos, in which

your attitudes seem
to be affectionate.

Because they were.

We had nothing to hide.

Signora Borriello, on
the other hand, thinks you do.


Carmela is a very lonely woman.

She has closed
herself up in her solitude

and she no longer
understands people.

- She sees enemies everywhere.
- So, Father Michele...

You, also for the work you do,

you tends to understand people.

You have had a difficult life.

We know you've
been to reform school.


Am I under suspicion
because I was in juvie?


Don't look in my
past for Angela's killer.

I have no hang ups with anyone.

I'm looking for anything
that might explain the murder.

Your looking for reasons
in the wrong place.

You are just wasting your time.
Excuse me.

I have to get back to my job.

Wait a moment.

Excuse me.

- I'm shocked.
- Of course.

I'm the first one who wants
to know who killed Angela.

That's what we want too.

Let's try to work
together, okay?

Good day.

- Did you see the autopsy results?
- Yup.

They add nothing new
to what we already knew.

Angela was attacked from behind.

One of the stab
wounds punctured a lung.

There are also bruises
on her wrist and leg.

She must have defended
herself before she died.

She tried to escape,
a scuffle ensued

and the killer hit
her from behind.

the knife has not been found.

We searched the area around the murder scene.

Dumpsters, manholes... the
places you could dispose of the knife.

We found nothing.

The only information
we have on the murder

weapon is from the
first coroner's report.

- Exactly.
- The flaps of the wounds

suggest that they were inflicted

with a narrow and short blade,

like that of a
switchblade knife.

And that's it.

We're leaving.

- Good day and good work.
- Thanks likewise.

- Goodbye, doctor.
- Alex.

- Is there a problem?
- No, it's okay.

- Bye.
- See you soon.

- Do you know this person?
- No.

- You haven't seen him, are you sure?
- Sure.

- Do you have a residence permit?
- Yup.

You know this person?

Hi, do you know this person?


- Jamal? Yes, he's in the bar.
- In the bar?


Get him! Come on!


Come on, Aragon!

Holy shit!


- I lost him!
- It's OK?

I'll get this piece of shit!

You let a suspect escape.

My bad, boss.
I tried to chase him.

It would have taken a sprinter to catch him.

The fact that he got away
confirms our suspicions.

- We have to get him.
- I'll get him.

We must not leave out any leads.

There are still many
things to discover.

We need to understand what
Father Michele's parishioners think of him.

- Right.
- Octavia, you do it.


How's it going, Pisanelli?
It's late.

- The day is over for you.
- What do you have to do?

My plan goes on
and I'm not giving up.

Do you keep watching the
house of... what's his name?

Muselle. Tony Musella.

For me he will be the next
victim of the serial killer.

And I'm keeping watch on him.
I have to do it, Aragon.

Are bets accepted?

You'll lose them.

I told you I will get him.
And I will get him.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

Alex, something is
happening to you.

I know you better than anyone.

- You've changed.
- No, dad.

It's just the case I'm
working on, it's complicated.

We're not moving from
here until you tell me the truth.

- Do you want to know the truth?
- Of course.

Ernesto and I broke up.

Better that way, Alex.
It's much better.

- You give me good news.
- So are you happy?

Of course. I never
liked that boy.

He never wanted to know
me, he didn't want to commit.

You'll see, you'll find someone else.
You are graceful, honest.

You need a serious
person who will

marry you and give
you children.

Your mother and I can't
wait to become grandparents.

- Hello.
- Joseph, finally!

- Why? What's happened?
- You don't come here anymore.

You had me worried.

I wanted to come find
you at the police station.

You are right.

- Will you sit down with me for five minutes?
- You don't have to ask me.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

We're following up on a
somewhat difficult case.

That poor girl who
worked with Father Michele?


Poor creature!

- In short, I'm flat out.
- You work a lot and eat little.

You are a little thinner.

I'll call them back later.

- The would-be boyfriend from Padua.
- What an aspiring boyfriend!

-He is a friend.
- Are you going to Capri?

What do I know? In
life anything can happen.

Good morning.

The most beautiful DA in the world!

But what if I told you that
I'm falling in love with you?

- Shsh!
- Because?

- These things are not said.
- Why?

Because it won't
work, if we say

anything to each
other, we will suffer less.

Then we'll say nothing.

Come here.

Good morning, Dr. Martone.

I brought you warm
puff pastries and coffee.

I've already eaten two of
them, they are very good.

Come here right now. Come here!

What a beautiful alarm clock.

Is it not possible that you can spend one night with me.

If I slept here, I couldn't
bring you puff pastry.

I prefer you to them. Tonight?

Can't you say you have to
find your phantom boyfriend?

- What's his name? Arthur?
- Ernest.

You tell them he called you, that

he's sick and you
have to run to him.

I swear I will, but
not right away.

I have to prepare them.

If you don't decide to
leave your father and

mother, I will leave you?
Did you understand this?

Before the blessing,

I would like to tell you something.

A few days ago a person

some of you knew well,

one of our volunteers,

Angela, she was killed

here, outside the church.

The police still haven't
found out who did it.

I ask you to tell them
if you know anything.

I ask you to make an effort,

to remember even one detail

which can be useful
to the police investigations.

We must find out who
committed this crime!

Stand now for the blessing.

- The Lord be with you.
- And with your spirit.

Bless you Almighty
God, Father and Son

- and Holy Spirit.
- Amen.

Mass is over, go in peace.

We give thanks to God.

Find some time
to pray for Angela.

I really liked his
sermon today.

- Me too.
- Father Michele was good.

He's brave, he
does a lot of things.

He really helps the poor.

They say a lot about
him, but for me he is good.

He always has an excuse
ready to be around girls.

Have you ever seen a priest who
sings, dances and rides a motorbike?

He is a nonconformist,
he is not a good priest.

A friend of mine from

Caserta says that when he left

the parishoners wrote to the
bishop to get him back.

-Why was he in Caserta?
- Yup.

- Ok, goodbye.
- Thank you have a nice day.

Did you know that Father
Michele was in Caserta

- before he moved here?
- No.

A parishioner told me.

I did a little research,
called some colleagues,

and found out that he
was assistant pastor

to the parish of Santa
Liberata in Caserta.

- Colleagues knew him?
- Of course!

They speak very well of him.

They say he was
a smart priest who

worked in the area
with immigrants.

- I called the pastor.
- Good!

Even the parish priest speaks well of him.

He said they
transferred him because

together he was
transforming the parish

into a party house.
He clearly was joking.

And then he said: "Father
Michele is a priest with balls"

-That's exactly what he said?
- That's right.

Priests speak like us
and they are also right.

And they have the sites too.
Look here.

So this is his site.

Click on the photos.

This is Caserta.

Photos of ceremonies,
baptisms, parish activities...

Go ahead.


It's Angela!
He already knew her in Caserta.

I didn't tell you that I've
known her since Caserta.

But that's not the only
thing I haven't told you.

Does you realize
what suspicions this raises?

Yes, but I have a reason.

- What have you been up to?
- In Caserta, me and Angela

we were doing something that
no one was supposed to know.

- We kept doing it here.
- What is that?

We helped some prostitutes get out of the life.

Mostly very young
girls who arrived

in Italy hoping
to be waitresses.

Instead they found
themselves on the street, on

a sidewalk, slaves
for life to their patrons.

Father Michele, what
are you telling me?

-You didn't tell the police?
- I was going to.

- Well?
-Then I discovered

that your colleagues from
Pizzofalcone took bribes

from the same family that
ran the prostitution trade.

Yes, but now we
are in Pizzofalcone.

The bastards, as they call
them, are in jail. Tell us.

How many girls have you helped escape?

Here in Naples
three, all Nigerian.

Angela spoke their language and
convinced them to change their lives.

The last was Fanya.

We helped her escape
just before the tragedy.

Angela may have been
killed for this reason.

- If the pimp found out...
- No one found anything!

The pimp must be
wondering what happened to them.

-How can you be so sure?
- We had an escape route.

- Which?
- In a building in via Egiziaca,

lives a group of Nigerian
girls with their maman.

One of my parishioners
lives in the same building.

Her house has a peculiarity.

A secret passage that
leads to the Bourbon Gallery.

The Gallery ends up in a garage.

I was waiting for them there.

I was filled
with tremendous anxiety.

But then when I saw them
come out, I was so happy.

The worst was over.

I just had to take the ring road

and get to the
closest women's shelter.

All this thanks to Angela.

She had a big heart.


Here you are.

What an incredible city!

Above all that life and
below all this silence.

I've always been told about
it but I've never been here before.

It was a bomb
shelter during the war.

They used to do
this route at night

when this place is
closed to the public.

This is the place where Don
Michele was waiting for the girls.

What a crazy story!

Let's go to the maman.

In my opinion we can't
find this Jamal anymore.

- We'll find him, we'll find him.
- Let's hope.

- Pull over for a second.
- What did you see?

Pull over! Pull over!

I have to say they
make really nice coffee.


Who is this gentleman?
- Calm down, Francis.

What are you hiding from me?

You couldn't wait to leave
me for someone like this?

-You're wrong ..
.-I'm not talking to you.

- I am sorry.
- Then?

- What are you doing back home?
- We'll talk about it later.

Tell me!

What are you doing back home?

I'm sorry, doctor. I apologize.

- He is my husband.
- What is happening?


Dr. Masullo has an
accountant's office.

He would have hired me to work

with him if you
hadn't screwed it up!

Wait, I'll come with you.

Come on, Roman.
Then you'll put everything right.

Nothing happened.

Let's go.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

We would like to ask you a few
questions. Can you let us in?

- You are welcome.
- Do you know this girl?

No, I do not know her.

Have you heard of the murder?


Naples is like a small town,
you know everything.

- Mommy.
-You don't live here alone?

They are friends.

Could we talk to them?
Maybe we knew the girl.

They don't speak Italian.
They have just arrived.

They don't know anyone here.

But I know what your thinking.

Undocumented girls.
Instead, everything is fine.

We are done here.

Thank you.

What did you do to your arm?

I tripped on the stairs.
I had a bad fall.

If anything comes
to mind, call me.

- No one will know.
- Thank you.

Did one of her
friends, a certain

Fanya, leave a few days ago?

- How do you know this?
-And where did she go?

I don't know, I'm very worried.

Fanya left and she
never came back.

I'm very scared.

There is bad
magic in this house.

- See you soon. Thanks.
- Goodbye.

Those passports are too
new, we have to check them.

The girls are minors.
Why didn't we do anything?

We have to find
who killed Angela but

we have to trace the
pimp and to do it

- girls have to be... ?
- Free.


Good evening, Victor.

Has the blonde
waitress already left?

- Which blonde waitress?
- That one from Montenegro.


Yes, she is working.

We are carrying out
checks on hotel staff.

They reported infiltrators.

- Infiltrators of what?
- It's none of your business.

- You just answer my question.
- Irina did not go out.

-Today she is on duty at the bar.
-She So she is she at the bar?

- Yes.
- I'm going to question her now.

- Marco!
- Pope!

- What are you doing here?
- We had an appointment.

- You forgot?
- Yup.

Come here you.

- Hi Dad.
- Let's do something.

- Shall we have an drink somewhere outside the hotel?
- Let's have it here.

- Yup?
- Yup.

Let's go.

Would this be the good aperitif?

- An aperitif is an aperitif.
- Two pizzas and two olives?

- So you don't get fat.
- All right.

What did you need to see me? I
work a lot, in the evening I'm tired.

I have come to
give you good news.

- Then don't say I don't think about you!
- Think less of me.

- In any case?
- In less than a month

your police station will close
and I've found you another job.

- And where?
- In Avellino.

Our country.

Do you think I'm leaving
Naples to go back to Avellino?

Of course I think so.

I'm getting you a deputy captain position too.

I'm not interested!

When Pizzofalcone closes I
will clean the toilets elsewhere.

- I'm not going back to Avellino!
- Are you not leaving Naples?

But you'll have to give up this
lifestyle, do you understand?

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Is that your father, doctor?
- Yup.

- I'm the lawyer Aragona.
- Pleasure.

- You're not a lawyer.
- Be quiet.

- You two are the same.
- Yup.

- You look a lot alike.
- Yup.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.


You have your eyes on that girl.

-She is an immigrant but she is intelligent.
- Immigrants are not idiots.

- Did you change your mind?
- I changed my mind.

Only morons never
change their minds.


Sooner or later they will come out.

Here they are.

Let's go.

They are young girls, they
are my daughter's age.

This is just a piece of shit.

- How long have we been here?
- More than two hours.

- There he is.
- Here we go.

There he is, with his
big expensive car.

Oh come on!



You too!

How much did you make tonight?
Let me see.

Only one hundred euros?
And what am I supposed to do with that?

Come on, Roman!

Piece of shit, stay still!
Do you hang out with girls?

- Handcuff him.
- I did nothing.

Police, it's okay.
We take care of it.

Pack your things and go home.
We'll think about it.

Walk, asshole!

Keep your head down and shut up.

Are you comfortable?

Come on.

What were you doing
with those girls?

- They were in the car with you, right?
- What girls?

If he still won't co-operate,
his situation will get worse.

If you ask me, I only knew one.

I've seen her a few
times in the neighborhood.

She asked me for a ride.
For her and her friends.

- Is it a crime to give a lift?
- When you give someone a lift you don't normally,

empty their
purses and slap thme.

And what does that have to do with it?

That was a joke.

Does he know that the crime of

pimping and
enslavement is no joke?

Do you know Angela?

She was a volunteer at the
church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

- I don't hang out with nuns.
-She wasn't a nun.

She was stabbed Sunday night.

- What the fuck do I have to do with it?
- You have to tell me.

- Sunday night where were you?
-He has to answer our question.

Your client is going to
jail anyway and if

he killed Angela he
goes there for life.

Sunday night I played
cards with my friends.

- Is this also a crime?
- Three girls are missing

according to Zarah Ghedo, the
brothel madam who works for you.

I do not know anything.

She's the one who made them run away.

She had to control them and
now she says it's the magic's

fault, that there are
spirits. But which spirits?

- And you hit her for that?
- Inspector,

how can you accuse him
without a shred of evidence?

Romano, take him away
and inform the central police station

that Signor Laudiero is
going to have a nice vacation in prison.

For now for pimping.

Then we'll see.

Hurry up or you'll piss me off.

In my opinion he knew
nothing of Father Michele's work.

Unfortunately in my opinion too.

How is the search for
the black boy going?

The're looking for him... we will find him.

Aragona has an
open account with him.


Let's try here.

Whar a pain in the ass!

Under this fucking arch
there's always a bum, a black...

Hopefully we'll be lucky this time.

- And then it could also be that...
- Shut up for a bit.


- What happened to you?
- Mind your own business.

- Let's think about work.
- It's nice to be paired with you.

Is that him?

I told you we could have some luck here

Calm down, calm down!

Let's not let him
get away this time.


Go that way!



End of the line.
I told you I'd get him.


He got him?

Jamal Kwambe, born
in Kaduna, Nigeria.

So, Mr. Kwambe, Samirah

has the same last name as you.

Samirah is my sister.

Do you know your
sister was killed?

- Samirah killed?
- Do you know anything about it?



- It was you?
- No.

You were seen arguing
the night she was killed?

- Why were you arguing?
- It wasn't me!

It's all the priest's
fault my sister died.

Samirah in Caserta
had a good job.

Lots of customers and lots of money.

Then the priest came
and she left the street.

What are you saying?

My sister left her job to
follow the priest in Naples.

And our family hadno more money.

Just misery!

Was Samirah a
prostitute in Caserta?


You went to Naples to get her

back on the
streets, she said no

- and you killed her.
- No!

I just talked to her. I
told her we are poor,

that she had to come home
and get back to work.

- Then I left.
- And where did you go?

Where did you spend the night?

I drank a lot of beer
and went to the station.

I slept there, next
to other people.

Good, so now you
don't even have an alibi.

In the meantime, I'm ordering
a precautionary detention.

I didn't kill Samirah!

Let's go.

- I didn't kill Samirah!
- Let's go...

Father Michele has known
Samirah since his days in Caserta.

If it's true that he was a
prostitute, he ought to know it.

Why didn't he tell us that
Angela was a prostitute?

- How did you find out?
- We found the boy.

-Who are you talking about?
- The brother.

He told us.

Guys, come in for a moment.
I have to ask you a question.

Angela before coming
here she was a prostitute.

Father Michele knew about it.

- Did you know?
- No.

We knew nothing.

Angela made me swear
I wouldn't tell anyone.

I could not betray her.

I convinced her to
leave the streets.

When they transferred me,
she wanted to come with me.

Your omissions aren't helping

us find who killed Angela.

Angela's past has nothing
to do with her murder.

You leave that to us to decide.

We had become family to her.

That past no longer exists.

It was her idea to help the
girls who were on the street.

That shitty life she
had stayed with her.

Father Michele, we have
always shared everything.

Why didn't Angela tell us this?

I could imagine everything
about Angela, but not this.

Marzio, don't judge.

She hadn't chosen
to become a prostitute.

It was hell.

She managed to get out of that life.
Do you know what she always said?

"Samirah is dead, she's gone."

Now, in addition to Samirah,
Angela is no longer there either.

From now on we
always try to tell the truth.

Especially you, Father Michele.
All right?

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye, Aragon.
- Bye.

So, Palma, the new house?
You didn't tell me anything anymore.

But who has the time to
think about the new house?

I still have to assemble
the wardrobe, the clothes are

in the suitcases, plastic
plates and cups in the kitchen.

You're doing fine, huh?
And what does Nennella say?

Nennella likes it.

She paces back and forth in the
corridor, then she crouches in my bed.

Why don't you come and
have a coffee sometime?

- Give me some advice.
- All right, I'll come sometime.

But now I'm leaving
because it's cold...

There has never been a
winter like this in Naples.

In fact, I'll give you a ride.

Today I came in my own car.

- All right.
- Hello.


-She's back.
-Who is back?

- A friend of my daughter.
- It's seven o 'clock!

I have a meeting in an
hour, I fell asleep again!

Take a shower, I'll
make you some coffee.

- Are you always so thoughtful?
- Only with you.


- Hi Gennaro.
- Good morning.

- What are you having?
- How are the bream?

They are truly outstanding.

- What do you say?
- Then give me seven.

- Then?
- Four kilos of baby octopus.

- Anything else?
- A couple of rockfish.

I'm making soup tonight.

Was Laudiero's alibi
confirmed or not?

Witnesses say he was
playing poker with them.

They also said they
were there all night.

Yes, but they are his friends
and maybe they want to help him.

I'm convinced he had nothing
to do with Angela's murder.

- Good morning.
- Alex, have you been to the station?

Yes, but it's impossible
to trace any bums

who might have slept
near Jamal that night.

In front of the
station canopy is a

fast food restaurant
with a camera.

Let's get the details.

Surely Jamal told
us some bullshit.

- I'll call Piras right away.
- Palma

This arrived without postage.

The officier on duty gave it to me, he
said it was under the door.

It was the priest who
killed the girl, I saw it.

If they saw it, why don't
they come in to give a statement?

It must have been Mrs Borriello
who sent it. Let's call her in.

Right away.

Did you send this?

- And what is it?
- An anonymous letter.

We think you sent it.

And why would I start writing
anonymous letters?

When I report something, I do so in person.

Your'e certain that you didn't send it.

God is my witness.

I could be electrocuted,
I didn't write it.

You don't need to make
all these invocations.

Thanks for your
cooperation, you can go.

Before accusing someone
I have to see it for myself.

- Good day.
- Good day.

- What do you think?
- She didn't send it.

Not in my opinion.

Open up! Open up!

- What happened?
- Take me Home.

No, I'll take you to the hospital.

- What happened?
- I ate Mussels

and I felt bad.

Why are you here?

- Better than a guardian angel.
- That's the explanation.

He sent me to you.

- Hello Joseph.
- Hi Laura.

I'll pick up two pizzas and come to
your place. What do you say?

I'm sorry, but I'm wrecked.

I'll eat a ready meal and go to bed.

- As you wish, good night.
- Good night.

Sorry, but I needed
the table tonight.

- Robert.
- Yup?

- You take care of him?
- Inspector, come.

- Good evening.
- Salutations.

- I'll put you there.
- Thank you.

Did something happen?
Is the lady angry?

No, and what was supposed to happen?
I'll get you a drink right away.

Thank you.

There's pasta and potatoes,
penne allo scarariello...

and parmesan.

- What's wrong with you?
- Because?

You act like I'm not
there, you neglect me...

There is someone else who
takes care of you, isn't there?

Is parmesan okay with you?

But what happened?

Why didn't you tell
me you're having an affair?

You always said we're friends.

Important things are
told to friends, right?

If not, what should we talk about?

Think about it, in the meantime
I'll send you the parmigiana.

I won't tell anyone
anyway, don't worry.

And with the parmesan, I'm sending
you a taste of pasta and potatoes.

So you can no longer
say that I'm neglecting you.

- Brother Leonardo, come along.
- Thank you.

- It's acute prostatitis.
- So he'll get worse?

It has nothing to do with my cancer.

It is true?

Prostatitis is a bacterial
infection that can come to anyone.

It would be advisable to keep
him for two days for observation.

- No, I'll sign something and leave now.
- No, you'll stay here.

I have loads of things to do.

Listen to Brother Leonardo:
two days pass quickly.

My friend, the world
goes on even without you.

- Maybe even better.
- Much better.

Only two days though, huh?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Thank you.

Have you seen the latest "007"?

- Yes, I've seen all 24 of them.
- Too bad!

- They showing it at the cinema near here.
- Oh, really...

Excuse us?

- Good evening, Father Michele.
- Good evening.


We need to search the
rectory, after we got that letter...

- It's a reuirement.
-Do you think I killed Angela?

My opinions don't matter.

This is the search warrant.

- Go ahead.
- Thank you.

This search doesn't
appear to concern you.

- What should I be doing?
- Nothing, your right.

- Look what I found.
-What is it?

Continue on there.

It's a dedication.

Thank you.

Angela gave it to me.

It was the last time she
signed with her old name.

When did she give it to you?

After running away
from her madam..

She had taken refuge in the parish.

She spent the little money
she had to buy me that missal.

- She gave me another gift.
- What?

I can't show it to you because

I assume you've taken it away

when you searched the parish earlier.

-What was it?
- A knife.

A knife?

For Angela it
represented her old life.

She always carried it
with her to defend herself.

She said: "With
customers you never know."

We didn't find any knives.

Strange, it was in
the dresser drawer.

In the room where
we had the party.

- And what was it like?
- Switchblade.

- Ivory handle.
- Switchblade...

What time were
these shots taken?

The fast food outlet camera
runs all night.

We examined the hard
drives from 11pm onwards.

Jamal arrived at
midnight and slept until six,

- always caught on camera.
-He has an cast iron alibi.

- Yes.
- Get Jamal off the list.

Via Jamal, via Laudiero...

I imagine that the
searches at Father

Michele's house have
yielded no results.

There were no traces of
blood on the seized knives.

I'm thinking about the missing knife.

Father Michele said it was
a switchblade, therefore

compatible with the
wounds on Angela's body.

Curious coincidence!

The knife that had protected
her for years finally killed her.

-Who is it?
- Good evening.

I am Brother Leonardo,
a friend of Pisanelli.

He told me you needed
to talk to someone.

I also brought you
orange marmalade.

Please come up.
Left staircase, top floor.

Thank you.

I like it very much.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

How do you feel about your mental health?
You look fine?

I am losing my sight.

But that's not the worst thing.

- And what is?
- My life ended

when my wife Angelina died.

You have to rely on the Lord.

Only in this way will you find peace,
you will see that everything will pass.

Only death will end my torments.

Please don't say that.

- What are you doing here at this hour?
- I could not sleep.

- I took a walk.
- And my wanderings brought me here.

You didn't kill her, Angela.


And why did you defend yourself so little?

Because when you know
you haven't done anything

- you don't think you have to defend yourself.
-That happened to me too.

Let's talk to each other, Lojacono.

I think we have
something in common.

I agree with you.

- Joseph.
- Michele.

- What happened to you?
- What happened to me...

They accused me
of the worst thing:

of passing information
to the mafia.

Sometimes things seem to go the

other way around
and we lose faith in life.

Faith is just that:
putting faith in life.

But I have a lot of faith.

In my work.

I know you loved
Angela very much.

- More than my life.
- But you're gaving up.

The first time I
saw her was on an

avenue on the
outskirts of Caserta.

She had sat by
a fire to warm up.

She was beautiful.

I no longer understood anything.

I didn't think you could feel
that way about a woman.


It was the biggest
challenge of my life.

If she had conquered
the Lord, I would

have been sure of never
being a good priest.

And he won, the Lord?

Yes, he won.

I have to ask you
something very important.

Go ahead.

The church is open tonight
because you are here.

- Sure, I opened it.
- Otherwise it would be closed.

Exactly. Usually the church
closes at nine in the evening.

Are you the only one who has the keys?


Vito, Caterina and
Marzio also have them.

Angela left the parish
to come to this point.

The killer was waiting
for her in this corner.

Angela had bruises on her wrist.

Maybe she had the
knife to defend herself

and the attacker
snatched it from her hand

and he struck her from behind.

The killer fled this way but

then the garbage truck came.

So he changed direction
and went this way

where the couple with
the dog was arriving.

The dog barked and the killer

had no more escape routes

he entered the church.

The church is closed at 1 am.

Yes, but the killer had the keys.

Only Father Michele
havsthe keys, right?

Don Michele has the keys
but he is not the murderer.

- Who else had the keys?
- Vito, Caterina and Marzio.

Parish volunteers.

Father Michele gave
the keys to all three of us,

so the last one to
leave closes the church.

Angela had a set too.

The last time I used
them was a week ago.

It was always Angela who closed.

She was almost always
the person who left last.

Every now and
then I felt bad seeing

how Father Michele
behaved with Angela.

He made her do everything,

it seemed there was only her.

I too was in the parish
from morning to evening.

I was a little jealous, it's true.

Angela for me was
the symbol of purity.

She was like me.

She wasn't interested
in having a boyfriend.

She said that Jesus was enough for her.

She had a different
relationship with Father Michele.

She was...

It was a privileged relationship,
there was a bit of disparity.

We talked about it among ourselves.

A little jealousy was normal.

It wasn't so much
what bothered me.

Angela was really
good, but every now and

then she stood with
her little finger raised.

Don't do this, don't do that...

It was one, a quarter to one.

Maybe it was earlier.

Time is very important.

I didn't have a watch
in front on me.

Excuse me a moment.

Guys, come back for a moment.

Take a seat, so we can finish up.

I was trying to figure
out the time you left.

- Maximum at one o'clock.
- Maybe it was later.

A quarter to one, half past one.

Catherine says it was before.

- I don't remember the exact time.
- Me neither.

Why are you asking
us all these questions?

- Sorry, Giuseppe...
- We're done.

Tomorrow we will search
the church, the DA asked us to.

I couldn't help it, sorry.

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Thanks for your attention.
Have a good evening.

Serious road accident
on the outskirts of Naples.

A truck overturned
and hit the guardrail.

The truck driver died instantly.

A piece of news that has
just arrived in the newsroom.

An elderly pensioner,
Antonio Musella, 82,

threw himself from
his apartment window.

A farewell note was
found in the house.

The umpteenth
tragedy of loneliness that

affects many elderly
people in our city.

Now let's change the subject.

The doctor will let you out tomorrow.
You're happy?

I'll send you home tomorrow.

His infection has cleared
but the cancer hasn't.

You have to take care of yourself, understand?

Don't worry, I'll force
him to take care of himself.

I commend you, father.

- Have a good evening.
- Thank you Doctor.

Pisanelli, that's enough.
You have to take care of yourself.

Musella died.

It took two days without

checking him and
they killed him.

It's my fault.

But when ever!
You are not to blame.

I shouldn't have left him alone.

It's my fault, Leonard.

Put the knife down, Darien.

Put the knife down, Darien.

Why did you kill her?

I do not know. I do not know anymore.

Let's take him away.

Angela was so beautiful!

Tell us what happened.

One day a friend from
Caserta came to see me.

He recognized Angela.

And so he told me.

He told me that her
name was Samirah

and that in Caserta
she was a prostitute.

Hi Samirah.

Who told you my name is Samirah?

I fell in love with you from
the first moment I saw you.

- Do you want to give me a kiss?
- Go away, Marzio.

You don't want to kiss me just
because I'm not Father Michele.

- What are you talking about?
- Just a kiss.

- I told you I don't want to.
- I can pay you.

- How dare you?
- How much do you want?

- I told you... I'm paying you.
- Leave me!

You get out now.

Get out or I'll tell Father Michele.

Something bad
was rising inside me.

Something I couldn't control.

Am I worth nothing to you?

I'm less than those
strangers you said yes to.

Go away or I'll kill you.

Are you crazy?
What do you want to do?

Defend myself like I've
always done in my entire life!

To me she seemed pure.

A Madonna.

A black Madonna.

Knowing that wasn't
the case drove me crazy.

Did you send the
anonymous letter?

- Did you hate Father Michele that much?
- I loved him

but Angela only
had eyes for him.

I began to hate him.

You were about to send
an innocent man to jail.

they're taking him to jail.

Father Michele's innocence
is a relief for us too.

Thank you.

Of course, I will report.


Congratulations from
the superintendent.

We have to celebrate,
tomorrow is also Sunday.

I'm taking you to eat at the
restaurant I told you about.

I'd love that. But
is it a quiet place?

- I'll send you a message.
- All right.

- Hi irina.
- Good evening doctor.

Heh, doctor...

I was wrong, I didn't
see the last 007.

I'm sorry, doctor.

I could have gone with you,
but I've already told Gianni I'd go with him.

- And who is Gianni?
- My colleague from the hotel.

- Good evening.
- There he is.

- Let's go?
- Let's go.

Good evening.

Good evening, Gianni.

- Hello, Father Michele.
- Hello, Inspector.

How are you?

I asked the Lord for the
strength to forgive Marzio.

I can't do it alone.

Does he usually respond
to these requests of yours?

To those like this yes.

But it will take some time.

I wouldn't feel guilty,
Marzio acted on impulse.

Everyone is responsible
for their actions.

It's hard to accept.

Everything we know,
everything we believe, is

swept away... like this,
in a moment of madness.

If it didn't, there would

be no people like me.

That would be bad.

- Come by once in a while.
- Yes, that's fine.

Even if I don't see
myself in church much.

But you know where to find me.

We can see each
other out of here,

- in front of a good coffee.
- Agree.

As they said in that old
and very famous film:

"This could be the beginning
of a really good friendship."

- Goodbye, father.
- Goodbye, Inspector.

Are you all right, good.

- Really?
- Thank you.

Thanks, Paul.

Bye, see you soon.

Good news?

Excellent, I'd say.

There is a confidential
investigation by the Palermo

police into a leak from the
Agrigento prosecutor's office.

Someone inside the prosecutor's
office is passing information.

But if there is someone who
is passing information today,

there could also have been
when you were in Agrigento.


Given that the Prosecutor's
Office knew of the investigation

that would have led to
the arrest of the boss Parisi,

it could be the right time to
free myself from suspicions.

- To the good news.
- To the good news and to us.

- What's up?
- It is a colleague of mine.

- I don't understood.
- There is a colleague of mine.

He is with a lady
who is not his wife.

If she's not his wife,
he'll shut up. Calm down.

- Let's go.
- Wait a moment.

- Let's think...
- I want to leave.

- It does not make sense.
- Let's get out of here.

We can't go on like this.

We knew from the start
that it wasn't going to be easy.

The problem is not that
we have to meet secretly,

we could have stayed
in that restaurant.

Nothing would have happened.

Only you took the
opportunity to leave.

Do you think I'm looking for
a reason to not be with you?

- That's not what I said.
- What did you say then?

- Want to know what I think?
- Yup.

You don't love me or
you don't love me enough.

You're not ready
to love anyone yet.

You think our relationship
could damageyour career.

I did something with you that I

swore I'd never do
with anyone again.

I trusted you and I was wrong.

You don't understand anything about me.
Will you leave now, please?

- What do you mean by that?
- Let's end it here.