I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Cuccioli - full transcript

Romano finds an abandoned baby in the containers next to the police station, then a young girl from the east appears dead, apparently she gave birth a few days ago, bastards will investigate the girl's environment to clarify the murder.

- Can I talk now? - Go, Pisanelli.
- Make way for the young!

- Pizzofalcone is back in operation!
- Good!

- Unlimited time and action!
- You're all rehabilitated.

- But what aboutour past?
-Absolution with full pardon. -Go!

- I have important news to tell you.
- What?

- Laura and I are getting married.
- No! - Kiss! Kiss!

- Well done! - You have to uncork it.
- It seems right.

- Give me time.
- Ten, nine, eight

seven, six, five four,

three, two, one...

- Is it 8 o'clock already?
- No, it's very early, sleep a little longer.

I woke you up.


A little baby.


I need help!

- What happened? - Where was he?
- Out here. Didn't you hear anything?

- Call the ambulance. - Where was he?
- Call the ambulance, hurry up!

- Ready? Pizzofalcone police station.
- Baby.

Send an ambulance.

- It's a girl. - Where was she?
- Near the dumpsters.

- Did they leave her there?
-In a fruit box. -Unfortunately.

- Here they are! - What happened?
- They abandoned her I think.

- She was in a fruit crate.
- OK Now we'll take care of her.

- Boss, can I go with them?
- Go.

Thank you.

I'm coming too.

- She's in good hands.
- How cute she was!

- Where's the box?
- Inside.

- How is she?
- Give me a moment. Give me the oxygen.

- Why the oxygen?
- She's got some respiratory distress.

- Holy God! - How long was she there?
- I do not know.

- I found her a quarter of an hour ago.
- It's very cold.

- What?
- It's very cold.

- Is there anything I can do?
- Don't worry, we'll do the impossible.

Yes, the impossible.
Well done, doctor, the impossible.

- Hello. - Hello, Octavia. Hello boss.
-In your opinion, how many days old was she?

-Very few, she was a new born.
- Take it to the crime lab. - Yup.

- Do not touch it with your hands.
- How do I touch it? - With gloves.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

How can you leave a
baby in the garbage?

It's not the first time
and it won't be the last.

But a mother can leave a child
in the hospital in total anonymity.

- Good!
- But they left her here to find it.

Maybe the mother
panicked and left her here

...because it's the closest place. She-she Must have been born in the neighborhood.
- What are we doing?

- Lojacono, will you take care of it?
- Okay.

Alex, let's take a tour of the neighborhood.

- Later.
- Inspector, are you going out? - Yup.

- I brought you coffee.
-Drink it, so you'll wake up. -Good day.

Look what I brought you, Pisanelli.
Then don't say I don't think about you.

Don't lean on it.

- Why all this kindness?
- Because I love you.

- Are you a relative?
- No, I'm OfficerFrancesco Romano.

I'm from the Pizzofalcone
police station, I found her.

- Will she make it?
- It's too early to tell.

- Our Suspicion is early sepsis.
- Is it an infection?

- Yes.
- Sure, she was next to a dumpster.

But she looks like a
clean, fed, well-dressed

baby and the umbilical
cord has been cut properly.

She doesn't look like an unwanted
child, but the infection would only be

imaginable if she were born in conditions
of extreme neglect or clandestinely.

- How long ago was she born?
- Three days at most.

She was born after a full term
pregnancy and has fair complexion.

So maybe one or
both parents are blond.

Doctor, can I stay here?

Yes, however the waiting room is there.

Thank you.
If I need to, who can I ask about her?

You can always ask me, Dr. Susy Penna.

Thank you.

- Why don't you give it to her?
- What? - Her name.

- it?
- Yes, a working name for the tag and bracelet.

Unnamed, the little
girl doesn't exist and if

anything happens, it's
as if she never existed.

The first woman's name that
comes to mind will be the right one.


Georgia, perfect!

- Thanks again.
- Thanks to you.

Here you are, it's been a long
time since you've heard from me.


You know I can't talk about
everything I hear in here.

Of course.

So even if you know that

someone has done who knows what

I couldn't come and tell you.



- Don Salvatore, you called me.
- Yup.

I heard that agent
Romano this morning

...found a baby in the dumpster.
- How did you know?

Titina, the concierge
at number 47

comes to the 8
o'clock mass every day.

- And who told Titina?
- Luisa Russolillo, you know her.

She had looked out to hang the
clothes on the balcony and she

saw your colleague Romano
running with the girl in his arms.

How did Russolillo
know she was a girl?

Nuccia Esposito!

The daughter has a boyfriend
who works at the hospital.

He is a nurse and told
her that it was a girl.

In the area, you are
faster than the Internet.

- We are in Naples.
- So?

Will you tell me what
you know or not?


A few days ago, there came a girl.

She was a foreigner,
but she spoke Italian well.

She had to be from an Eastern European
country, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Russian...

I can't be more precise.

I didn't see her, but from
her voice it sounded young.

She was very agitated.

She asked me if giving up her

child a mother would go to hell

even if someone
had forced her to.

If someone else had
forced her to do it!

She was very worried, poor thing.

When I tried to talk to
her, she ran away and...

Young woman!

Young woman!

I haven't seen her since that day.

Thank you, Father Salvatore.

Thank you.

Okay, thanks, Roman.

The child is in a slightly better condition.

Now let's recap.

If, as Father Salvatore
says, the girl is the

mother of the child and
was forced to abandon her

why did she leave
her in a dumpster?

- Mayber. she didn't abandon her.
-You'd have thought she would have alerted someone.

Maybe she was afraid, maybe
she's an illegal immigrant.

She had an Eastern accent.

At the cost of turning all of Naples
upside down, we have to find her.

All of Naples? But the child was here
and the mother frequents Pizzofalcone.

I'd concentrate my search
here, in the neighborhood.

- All right.
- You're right. Well done, Octavia.

- Good evening. - Good evening.
- Good evening! - Hello, commissioner.

- I'm an inspector.
- Sorry. Do you want a crocchè? They are hot.

No thanks. Can you tell me
something about a girl from

the East who lives in the
neighborhood, pregnant...

It's full of pregnant
Eastern girls in here.

- But maybe I know who can help you. Mary!
- Yup?


- Do you need me?
- Yes, these gentlemen are my friends.

- Good evening.
- We'd like to ask you a few questions.

Maybe yes, a Ukrainian girl.

Her name is Lara.

-Or so she calls herself.
- Go on, go ahead.

- She came here every evening to get food.
- What was she getting?

She got a little some stuff, just for herself, but...

But she hasn't been here for
a couple of weeks, she's gone.

Do you know why she disappeared?

Maybe because the baby was
born, she had a very big belly.

- Could be.
- Yes, it can be. Do you happen to know where she lived?

Yes, she told me she was staying
in an apartment in the new buildings.

They are nearby, they are the
buildings where there are trees around...

- A closed park?
- Yes, a closed park.

- In Pizzofalcone there are just a few places like that.
- Tomorrow we know where to look.

- Thank's Maria. Goodbye, good evening.
- Thank you. - You're welcome bye.

Closed park.

- This is the last condo.
- Yup.

- Here we are. Where do we start?
- They're all numbers.

- Hello, who are you?
- Police.

Finally! That TV has been
on day and night for two days.

You know a girl with fair
hair, Eastern features...

Exactly, that young lady, she
has an apartment next to mine

and she has had the TV on
for two days, I rang, but nothing.

- Surely it's gone on too long.
-Do you know if her name is Lara and if she is pregnant?

I don't know her name, but
she's pregnant, I'm sure of that.

- Please make yourselves comfortable.
- Thank you. - Thank you.

- Do I ask for the warrant for the locksmith?
- Yup.

Is there anyone? Police!

-Does she live with someone?
- I don't know.

- But once a man came to see her.
- What was this man like?

I didn't see him because he was
from behind, but he was tall and big.

- Like him, with a similar face.
- Here, do you understand?

- Can I go shopping now? - You are welcome.
- Thank you. Turn off the TV.

We'll sort that out, don't worry.

Is there anyone here? Police!

Let's go in.


At 13, she already has
an extraordinary talent.

She manages to use
it in an incredible way

different from all of them, in fact...

Call forensics, the coroner, and
the magistrate... Everyone.

Agent Di Nardo,
Pizzofalcone police station.

We have a female body
in Via Monti di Dio 24.

Thank you.


I don't have gloves.

"Bernatska Larisa,
Ukrainian. " Born in 1992.

She was very young.

- I wonder if she is little Giorgia's mother!
- Georgia?

- Like your ex-wife. - Yup.

- Good day.
- Hi!

- Good morning.
- I'd like a pregnancy test. - Right away.

Hello? Yes I am.

Yes, I signed the warrant.

- All right, I'll be there soon. Agreed.
- Do you want a bag?

No thanks.

After the DNA test, I will be able to tell
you if she was the mother of that child.

I've made arrangements
for the baby to be picked up.

- You must have done finished with the body.
- Not yet. - Time is precious.

Tell me how she died and
if she had just given birth.

- Laura, from there...
- I was talking to Sartori.

The girl had recently given
birth and there is evidence to

suggest that she was
breastfeeding or had recently done so.

However, she was
killed in this armchair

by strangulation
with a ribbon or belt.

She attempted to avoid
strangulation with her right hand.

In fact, she has chipped
nails and marks on her neck.

Look at this dark sign.

- It seems clear to me that...
- No, Lojacono.

- Did we find a rope or a belt?
- Not yet.

But I am convinced that
the girl was taken by surprise

...because there's no sign of a struggle in the bedroom.
- I agree.

-Do we know when she died?
- Without an autopsy, I can only hazard a guess.

- Your guess. - About three days ago.
- Thank you.

The little girl was abandoned
several hours after the girl's death.

I mean, the killer killed
the mother, took the little girl

and left her near our police
station, but what's the point?

Let's get busy, I have an appointment,
tell Palma that we'll talk later.

- What did you do to her?
- They're magistrates.

Dottoressa Piras! Today Di Nardo
asked me if you were angry with me.

I'm always angry with you.

- Are you saying I exaggerated?
- Kinda, you looked really pissed off.

- But now we've made peace. - What do you think?
-That unfortunately I love you.

- This is a very secret thing, you shouldn't know.
- Cretin.

If you know it, what is the
need for others to know it?

- Indeed...
-It would be different if a son were to arrive.

But I think you wouldn't be ready.

- Ready for what?
- To tell your daughter that you're with me for example.

- Give me time, Dottoressa.
- All right, make yourself useful, open the wine.

- Yes, is it in the fridge?
- Yup.

So Marinella is
coming to live in Naples.

I need time to get
used to living with her.

When you come to sleep with me,
will you tell her you have the night shift?

No, you're right, it's just that I've
already given that girl so much trouble.

- So I would be an extra problem?
- I didn't say that, you know.

Let some time pass
and things will get easier.

- Give me a glass of wine.
- Yup.

In your opinion, is the
person who killed the

young woman the same person who
abandoned the baby girl?

Meanwhile we have to establish if they
were really mother and daughter with DNA.

-The idea that she was killed while she was breastfeeding is horrific.
- I agree.

I was sure you
were here again tonight.

-Why don't you go to rest? We are here.
- I wouldn't be able to.

-How is she?
- No improvement, but we have to be confident.

Go get something to
eat, I don't want to have to

help you too because we
already have so much to do.

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Agent Di Nardo. I will be right back.

- Any news?
- Not yet, I hope to get you something soon.

- Thank you. - That's all?
- No, I took the place. - Come on!

- A small but nice cottage.
- When will you show me?

- Come by this afternoon.
- Done deal.

- Di Nardo, how much patience should I have with you?
- A lot.

- Octavia, what did you find?
- Lara had a residence permit

and also she made all right,
contributions, health care...

But which she never used
even though she was pregnant.

- What about the house?
- The lease was in her name

and the house belongs to a company
that rents premises at high prices.

We talked to the people in
charge and they said they don't

know anything except that the
girl was paying the rent in cash.

-But where did she get the money? Where did she work?
-She hadn't worked for 5 months

the time she moved into the
house where they killed her.

Before she did she? Where did she work?

She was the maid of the engineer
Senatore Sergio, Via Orazio 40.

Do we know how long
She worked for this engineer for?

Two months and then she quit.

When she found out she was pregnant,
she was working for the engineer.

But the accounts do not add up.
And before him?

Before him she worked at the
Nubila, Via Aniello Falcone 121.

Studio Nubila, a famous
law firm, one of the best in

Naples where the girl had a
regular employment contract.

The two employers
are from uptown.

- They're out of our area.
- A lawyer, an engineer...

Maybe one of these two is the
man the neighbor told us about.

He told us about a tall, big guy.

Searching the net, I
couldn't find anything.

- Ottavia, how long has it been since you took to the field?
- A long time.

- Octavia and Romano talk to the Senator. Lojacono and Alex check out Nubila.
-Thank you.

Chief... and me?

You'll work a nice night shift.

- You and Ammaturus.
- No, boss, not with Ammaturo.

- Immature!
- I want to know why you are laughing.

-Nothing, you and Ammaturo ..
.-And that makes you laugh.

- Good morning, police.
- Is the engineer at home?

-Yes, he'll finishes a phone call and talk to you.
- How long do we have to wait?

- I don't know, take a seat.
- Thank you.

- Would you like anything?
- No thanks.

- What if I shook my ass like that at the station?
- It wouldn't be bad.

But in a house like
this you can strut you stuff well.

Look here.

- Good morning. - Good morning.
- How can I help you?

- Salutations!
- Thank you.

- You are welcome.
- Here?

- Please make yourselves comfortable.
- Thank you. - Thank you.

Ma'am, the police are
here, they're asking for you!

I'm coming.

Life can be difficult. Think of these
poor people, they must live here!

Wealth doesn't bring happiness,
but if you tell the poor, they get pissed.

- With 1,600 euros a month, can I get pissed off?
- See you. - Here I am.

- Good morning.
- Good morning. Take these.

- Inspector Lojacono. - Agent DiNardo.
- Christina Nubila. - Nice to meet you.

- Please make yourselves comfortable.
- Thank you.

I know you asked about my husband,
but he had a work commitment.

- To what do I owe the visit?
- Lara Bernatska, do you know her? - Of course.

Because? What happened?

- Ma'am, unfortunately Lara is dead.
- Dead? She-she She was killed.

We are sorry to give you this sad news.

- Excuse me for a moment.
- You are fine.

- It's a fucking job.
- What did you expect with 1,600 euros a month?

Lara was not one of the
usual girls from the East who

come to Italy to settle
down, to look for a husband.

She-she She was honest, hardworking.
-Then why did she leave?

The trouble is that she was also
beautiful, much more than beautiful.

I don't know how to tell you,

she had a light
gentle ways, grace.

- Don't get me wrong though.
- Get you wrong, why?

I mean...
I'm a divorced man, I live alone.

One evening I was returning from a
business dinner, I had been drinking a bit.




Open up!

I knocked on her door
and she looked out.

I tried to kiss her, but...

No! Go away!

She pushed me away and
locked the door behind her.

She was really a decent girl.

But by now she had understood my…
My state of mind for her.

Since she could not reciprocate...

She preferred to leave,
she quit the next day.

I sent her her wages
and I haven't seen her since.

At that time the girl was already
four months pregnant.

- Pregnant? -You didn't know that?
- No, I didn't know anything about it.

- Was it you?
-I told you I didn't even know she was pregnant.

I've never touched her, I never
would have without her consent.

- I am ready for any tests.
- All right.

-Did she tell you anything about who she used to see?
- Lara spoke little.

In fact, she didn't speak at all.

But when she came to
collect the severance money

She was dropped off by a guy, a
guy she didn't introduce me to.

Obviously she was afraid of him.
What was this guy like?

He was very tall, lean physique.

Then he had a scar here,
on his jaw, like it was a cut.

An ugly face.

Like a mobster.

Lara had recently arrived in the city.

We were looking
for a girl for a long time.

-When you say "we", do you mean you and your husband?
- Yup.

We put it in order immediately,
residence permit, contributions...

- So Lara was happy?
- Very,and me too.

I've had many maids, but
she was special, she learned quickly.

I taught her to cook,
to serve at the table, to

do the shopping, to
welcome and receive guests

knitting and embroidering.

She ironed Fausto's
shirts impeccably.

She was good at everything and to
us, she had become a bit like a daughter.

Why did she stop working here?

One day while I was tending the
roses, I saw her on the street corner.

She was talking to a man, then she
gave him money and he walked away.

When she came back, I asked
who he was and she burst into tears.

-She told me that he was her husband.
- Her husband? - I didn't know either.

She told me they got married
very young, she was 17.

In her parts it is still like this.
Then they separated.

Lara had come to Italy, but
her husband had found her.

-Do you know what he wanted from Lara?
-No, I don't know anything, not even his name.

All I know is that he asked
her for money to stay here

until he found work. But
since that time Lara changed.

She withdrew into herself.

- Go on.
-After some time, she told us that she preferred to leave.

She was sorry, but she had
to do it. We tried to talk her out of it

offered to help if she needed money.

- But it was all in vain.
- Did you ever see her again?

Only once, after a few months,
she come by to say hello.

She had put on a little
weight, she looked fine.

She had always been thin
as a nail, she was looking better.

Maybe she was already pregnant.


- Was Lara pregnant?
- Yup.

Why didn't she tell me?
But did she die pregnant?

We found a little
girl in a dumpster.

- It's probably her daughter.
- Is the little girl also dead?

No, she's fine, they are taking care
of her at the children's hospital.

Can you describe that man to us?
It would be very important.

Of course.

He was tall, thick, and

had a thick dark beard.

Maybe he was wearing
jeans with a dark jacket.

He was scared.

Thank you.

A thousand thanks.

When the doctor asked me
to give the baby a name, the

first that came to mind
was that of my wife, Giorgia.

- And then we are also separated.
- Stories begin, end...

- I have no regrets.
- It's different for me.

- Are you still in love?
- Yes, but I'm also angry.

- Because?
- I'm pissed at myself, it's my fault.

It's the fault of these hands
that I haven't been able to control.

I raised them to her.

Maybe I've lost her forever.

With your wife, you acted like
an asshole. Look me in the face.

But we, in here, are a team

and your hands are ours too.

So you try to control them.


We need them.

Boss meeting!

Team meeting.

- Where are we?
- The Engineer described a man to us.

Nubila and Bernatska's
neighbor, another man.

The first tall and thick, the
second with a scar on his face.

- I don't know who to choose.
- Lara lived in an expensive apartment.

She He hadn't worked in months, but she didn't need money.
- Already.

Otherwise she would have asked for money
from the Nubila family given their offer.

- So who kept her?
-Not her husband, he asked her for money.

Who is the father of the little girl?
Do you think the Engineer is?

A creep with money. He started
sweating, shaking…he was nervous.

He said he hit on her
by providing us with a

passionate motive in an
attempt to get cleared I think.

- A bit of a stupid calculation. - Yes.
- I found it! - Tell me, Octavia.

Nazar Petrovic, 33
years old, born in…

It's a city in Ukraine, I can't
pronounce it, but I've written
it down.

- The same as the victim?
-He still lives there. -He's untraceable, right?

- So says the embassy.
- Perfect.

We find this Nazar.

- Can we come in?
- Come on, I'm outside.

Hey! Is this the
house, Di Nardo?

Be careful not to get dirty.

I'll take a look around. What light!

You are fairly getting on with the work.

The kitchen!
We can have nice dinners here.


You made the walls red, good job.

Di Nardo, this is not
a house, it is a palace.

It must be worthy
of a woman like you.

- Was my house not up to par?
- I already told you.

For now, I'm glad I
left my parents' house.

I regret not doing it sooner.

- For everything else, I need time.
- OK.

You need time and
time I will give you.

- I have some news for you Bastards.
- What news?

The victim's DNA and the
child's DNA are compatible.

- They were mother and daughter.
- We expected this, that's all? - No.

I have fingerprints from a
convict at the crime scene.

- And who is that?
- Donato Cuocolo.

He is 32 years old, married,
three children residing

in Vicolungo Platini 12,
in Pizzofalcone, your area.

Drug dealing, detention and
three convictions for armed robbery.

- It is enough for you?
- What a beautiful resume! I am looking forward to meeting him.

Judging from the archive
photo, he has an interesting face

with the presence of a good stab
wound which he probably got in prison.

Scarface! He's the right man for me.

And you?

Are you the right woman for me?

- Greetings.
- Bring the bread to the ladies. Bye!

- Hello. -You have a troubled face today.
- I only have one face.

- What can I do to enlighten you a little?
- What are you having today?

Pasta and chickpeas,
mezzanello allo Scarpariello, that

is rigatoncello or mezzanello
made with Piennolo tomatoes

"incaciato" with pecorino
cheese, basil and chilli pepper.

Alternatively, there are spaghetti
with rock mussels otherwise

there are meatballs with
meat sauce, black pig fillet

pan-fried ruscatella sausage and
pork rind chops with meat sauce.

Fried Gulf anchovies, warm
octopus and salad with potatoes,

poached octopus in casserole
and the local catch of the day.

A yellowtail to be eaten raw
and fillet of sea bream a sea

bream weighing four kilos that
I serve you in any way you like

with cherry tomatoes, white wine, with
lemon... And there are the vegetables.

Pan-fried peppers,
baked potatoes or escarole

with raisins, pine nuts,
black olives and capers.

If you're really hungry, in the
meantime I can bring you a fried

meatball, eggplant parmigiana or
various treats that you know well.

- So?
- Repeat everything.

- Listening to you is a pleasure.
- At least I made you smile again.

- So what do you want?
- You decide. - Agreed. - I'm going!

- Ready? Who's talking?
- Good evening, inspector, how are you?

-Who is this? -A friend from Agrigento.
- If it's a joke, it's not funny.

140,000 euros of unpaid
loan is no joke.

-You have all this money?
- But what loan? Who's talking? - A friend.

- I have no friends in Agrigento.
- Instead he has them. I'll talk to you soon.

As soon as I left you
alone, you "darkened" again.

- Nothing important.
- Everything OK?

- Everything OK.
- Then bon appétit. - Thank you.

I know, it seems strange to
be in Naples and eat like this.

- But this place is our salvation.
- That's worse!

Human beings get used to everything.

- Understand?
- I get it.

- Francis, eat.
- I'm not hungry.

Your fasting doesn't
help Giorgia get better.

She is guarded 24 hours a day
and is in the best hands in town.

We are doing our best.

OK, listen. I've seen so many

situations here but I
have a feeling, okay?

This little girl has a strong
little heart and I get the

impression that she is attached
to life and she is fighting.

Maybe because she's seen
death too closely, I don't know...

She wants to live, I'm sure of it.

We haven't caught that bastard
yet that she hurt her so much.

You'll get him, I've heard so
much about you Bastards...

- No, you can say that. - Sorry.
- All of Naples calls us that, say it.

- No.
- The Bastards of Pizzofalcone.

But we like it.


Excuse me.

- Thank you. - Georgia!
- Hi Francesco.

How are you?

So so.

- What are you doing here?
- They admitted my mother.

- What happened?
- Nothing serious, they'll discharge her tomorrow.

You? I see you're not wasting your time.

No, she's the doctor who took
care of the baby... Didn't you hear?

Yes, I've read about it.
You have been very good.

I called her Georgia.

That was a nice thought, thank you.

Sorry I have to go now.

- Take care of yourself.
- You too.

- What are you doing, are you spying on me?
- Yup.


Because you are too beautiful.

Give me two minutes and I'm all yours.

Yes I understand.

But do we have confirmation of this?

It's definitely a track, Alex,
great job. See you later.

Good, bye.

- Cuocolo Donato tell you anything?
- No. - Me neither.

But there were his prints found by Lara.
We're talking about three armed robberies.

- Finally a lead.
- And the DNA test confirmed it

...that Lara was the baby's mother.
- We were right. I'll come with you?

-Yes, but this puts your career at risk, doctor.
- What a fool!

I'll put on a fake nose.

We have learned that Cuocolo
is a secondary character.

He's from the ruling Pistillo
clan, little more than a courier.

He loses his temper easily,
especially with women.

-In fact, he left his fingerprints at Lara's house.
-It's not enough to stop him.

- But that's enough for us to question him. Lojacono, go with Alex.
- Yup.

- I'm going too.
- No, you go home, get some sleep and take a shower.

- I can.
- Romano, I still need you, it's an order.

How's the little girl?

If she doesn't breathe
again without the help

of the machines, she
risks not making it.

Di Nardo!


Get the license plate!

Stop! Police!

- Stop!
- Let us through, police!

Leave me!


Cuocolo, that's enough, you
won't get out of here anyway.



Lay the brick down or the next
one hits your forehead.

Well done, DiNardo! Donato Cuocolo...

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Fuck you.

Inspector Lojacono
says he tripped

...as he ushered you out of your building.
-Yes, the hall was dark.

- I tripped.
- He tripped.

If instead I asked agent
Di Nardo, she would tell

me the truth and you,
in addition to the drug dealing...

Attempted escape,
resisted arrest, injured

and attempted murder
of a police inspector.

- Then you would call the lawyer and we the magistrate. Quite right?
- Yup.

We smile at each other and then you
take all the charges against yourself.

With the witnesses
I have and the

background you
have, I believe that...

- you'll get at least 10 years inside. Am I right?
- He speaks very well.

Otherwise we have an alternative.

We ask you questions,
you answer us and as a

charge, you will only have
the 500 grams of cocaine.

- 400.
- 400? Then it's better.


What do you say?

- What if everything else comes out afterwards?
- You can't dictate conditions!

And thank Lojacono
thatI didn't lock you up.

If you weren't pissed, it all seemed a
bit fake, now we understand each other.

Then let's proceed.

Yes, I knew her.

I met her one evening in
Mergellina, about a year ago.

She was at a stall,
I gave her a shell.

We started talking
and became friends.

Lara was wearing a light dress
and so I gave her my jacket.

We walked around a bit and
then stopped at the waterfront.

From that day,
we started dating.

She wasn't just beautiful. She had
a light inside, she was a special girl.

Yes, that's fine.
What kind of relationship did you have?

In your opinion, what kind of relationship
can there be between a man and a woman?

I've slept with her a few
times, we haven't hooked up since.

- You're married, aren't you?
- What's that got to do with it?

The wife is different and then there
are the children. It's another thing.

- Women are disorientated.
- And the bastards take advantage of it.

No, with Lara it was
different, she was a friend

... and if she asked me for help, I helped her.
- Money? -No, she never asked for it.

I helped her find an
apartment while waiting for

the baby but she never
told me whose it was.

- If the girl is yours, you better tell us.
- Mine?

She's not mine, Inspector.
We hooked up a long time ago.

- You can do all the tests you want.
-Where were you when she died?

You were at home with
your wife and kids, right?

No, I was in Milan to watch
the Milan-Naples match that was postponed.

I have tickets, hotel receipts,
friends who were staying with me...

There were also two carabinieri.

The shit that killed her
waited until I wasn't there.

And do you have an idea who he is?

You kill someone like this if you fall in love,
if you lose your head and she doesn't want you.

Are you referring to the
engineer she worked for?

You said this yourself.

I saw it once. Lara had to go
back to get her final pay but she

was afraid because he had tried it on
and she didn't want to go back alone.

- You knew that Lara was married.
- Yes, with Nazar.

He was big and
strong, a good boy.

Lara told me he was looking
for work and I helped him.

- Do you know where Nazar is?
-No, but he works at the Blue Moon.

Commissioner, have I answered everything?

We keep our promises. Aragona,
Di Nardo, take him to his hotel.

- Congratulations, young lady, you shoot really well.
- Yup.

Inspector, no hard feelings.

- You understand, I had to try to escape.
-We understand, go.

Get this creep
who killed Lara.

-She was a wonderful girl, she didn't deserve this end.
- Are you done?

Let's go!

Here, sir. Ristretto
double coffee in large cup.

Thank you, Nina, but enough of
this "sir". The Lord is in heaven.

- My name is Marco.
- You're welcome, Marco. - Thank you, Nina.

- Did you catch him?
- Who? - This girl's killer.

No, unfortunately we
haven't got him yet.

But I assure you we will get him.
I swear I'll get him.

- This weekend we could go out together.
- No.

- No because?
- Get the killer first.

I'll catch the killer first...

I will get him, I assure you!

I will get him, I swear!

- Mom.
- You like this?

Turtles are beautiful because
they are unique in their diversity.

They have the armor that
defends them from everything.

They are not afraid of
anything and are very sensitive.

They go slowly, but they go far.

They are very smart.
Even as a child I really liked them.

- Mom.
- You are my pet turtle.

Let's go?

Let's go, Riccardo, or
we'll be late for school.

Richard! Love.

Richard, darling!

If she had told us she was
pregnant, we would have helped her.

And maybe she'd still be alive.


- We can't stop thinking about it.
- Good morning everyone.

- This is the lawyer Nubila, the lady's husband.
- Inspector Lojacono.

The lawyer offers his
help to the child if needed.

We don't have financial problems
and if there were any expenses...

If the child needs surgery,
we can take care of it.

- He's very generous, but...
- The little girl is looked after very well.

She-She's in the best department in Naples.
- Good.

- Sorry.
- You are welcome.

Yes, honey, I'm at the police station.

All right. Okay, see you later.

That was my wife.
She begged me to ask you

...if you had heard from Lara's
husband. We are on his trail.

Once he came to look
for her, at our house.

Do you think he
might have killed her?

I can't tell you that, but...

From my wife's description,
he has a thugs face.

Palma, please, be careful.

If Nazar realises we're looking for
him, he 'll disappear from the city.

Of course.

Of course yes. We also
heard from the Engineer

even if at the moment, the
husband is the most suspicious.

All right, keep me informed.
Thank you.

- Shall I walk you on board?
- I'll go myself, you have to work. - I have time.

- I'm just going up for a moment.
- All right, please. - Thank you.

Thank you.

Why didn't you tell me
about this trip to Ischia?

- My boyfriend hadn't invited me to go yet.
- Which guy?

Dad, I'm joking, I'm going to a friend
whose parents are in Sant'Angelo.

However, sooner or later, it will happen.

- Latter, is better sooner.
- I am anxious to come live here to Naples with you.

- not me.
- Why not?

- One all.
- Papa!

- I'm very happy and I've already prepared your room.
- For real?

- Of course. - Papa!
- Gently... It hurts.

Excuse me for a moment. A second.

Doctor, I'm not at
the police station.

I am with my daughter, she is passing
through Naples. Can I call you later?

OK Bye.

- Here we are. - Is it still that dottoressa?
- Which dottoressa?

Dad, this too, sooner
or later, will happen.

Be careful not to run into
the door again. Listen to me.

- Do not make me worry.
- And you be good.

- Bye. - Bye Dad.
- Call me when you arrive.

- Did you go to the disco?
- No, I can't stand loud music.

- You? - No, me neither.
- It's obvious.

In your time, there was no disco.

- You hang out with Aragon too much.
- But didn't you dance at home?

See that girl? If my daughter
dressed like that, I'd arrest her.

- You're old fashioned.
- And I'm proud of it.

- Here we go. It's the big, bald one.
- And him? - Yes, it's him.

Nazar Petrovic? Police.

If you stay calm, we can avoid any trouble.

Not here please, I'm
working, I risk losing my job.

- We'll just ask you a few questions and go away.
- What did I do?

- It's okay, come on.
- I have no problems with anyone.

Let's go to the car, so we'll be more
relaxed. Watch out or you'll get run over!

- Two questions and you can go.
- Take a seat in the back.

I found the little
girl by the dumpster.

I also saw the dark red
mark near your wife's neck.

- You remember that sign, right?
- NO killed, NO bad.

I grew a beard to
look bad, I didn't kill her.

When did you last
see each other?

When I GOED to thank Lara a
month ago for the money she loaned me.

I returned it all with the
first pay I got from work. I swear!

- What kind of relationship did you have?
- We married when we were very young.

Then we split up.
We were more like brother and sister.

When I saw her belly, I
asked about the father.

I thought about the
engineer who employed her.

Why did you think about him?
Did Lara say anything to you?

No, but he is a single man,
with lots of money.

Lara had more money
lately than she was making.

So, I don't know...
But she wasn't happy.

Where were you the
night she was killed?

- The disco is closed on Monday. He asked you where you were.
- I get it.

Yes, the disco was closed, I
came here to learn how to be a barman

and stayed late. Then I went
home, I live with my girlfriend.

- I'm in Piazza Garibaldi, check.
- Sure, I'll check.

- Your alibi is weak.
- I did nothing!

Don't make me lose my
job, Lara found it for me.

Please! I can go?

You can go, but
don't leave Naples.


Thank you! Thank you.

Be quiet, now is not the time.

- May I?
- Hey, George!

- What a pleasure! How are you?
- How are you, Leonard?

- I'm interrupting you? - No, I was writing.
- What are you writing?

- Notes on good and evil.
- And who wins? - For now, the bad.

The pen I was using to write
with has run out.

Then I'll give you one. Hold on.

But let good win,
there's a need.

Even the superhero above!
You put too much hope in me.

It's beautiful, it looks like
those pens we used as kids.

- It is true.
- It's perfect for me. For each sin, I'll use a different color.

Mortal sin, venial sin...

- This is from Ottavia's son, my colleague.
- Richard! How is he?

-Is he the boy who always and only says "mom"?
- Yup.

- How are you as well? Are you being treated?
- I have other things to do.

Giorgio, that guest, as
you call him, is not a cold.

If you don't take care...
And then what are you going to do?

- You're still fighting...
- Leonardo, sooner or later, I'll lose.

The real serial killer of
old men is desperation.

So you hurt yourself and disturb
the peace of those poor souls.

Everyone has his obsession, you
the preaching and I the serial killer.

The only killer you need
to arrest is inside you.

Get operated on, otherwise
what will I do without you?

Whoever extinguished
Lara's young life why did they do it?




We know that Lara is on her way
to the Lord, leaving us a warning.

- There is only Nazar.
- We have to reflect on what we have become.

Too many times

we realize it too late.

Surely the killer isn't here.

What did you call me?

I can't do it, you have to believe me.

Especially her, she looks like
she does her. Let's make a toast.

Who is it? Were you expecting someone?

- No, really? - Yup.

- Who is it?
- Police!

One moment!

Cover that up.

- Engineer, open up!
- Wait a minute, I'm coming!


- What's happened?
- Inspector Lojacono, can we come inside?

- You are welcome.
- Thank you.

- A little party?
- Two friends. Is it illegal?

- No, can we sit down?
- You are welcome. - Good evening.

Good evening.

So, then… Did you know
that Lara had been married?

-Yes.-Why didn't you tell us?
- You didn't ask me. - Of course.

Lara told me this
on the first day at the

interview when I asked
her if she had children.

She had said that she had been
married, but that she had no children.

Nazar, her husband, told
us that Lara enjoyed a more lavish lifestyle

than the salary
of a maid would allow. Do you know why?

- What are you implying?
- Maybe Lara asked you for some extra money.

And perhaps you are also
very generous with your maids.

I don't give a damn
what Lara's husband said.

- Did you meet Nazar? - No No?

- I mean yes.
- Yes or no?

- Yes, no...
- I didn't know him, but maybe I saw him once.

- Where was it?
- It was here, at my house. I had the flu.

I heard Lara speaking on the
intercom, she spoke her language.

Then Lara asked me if I
could advance her her salary.

I gave her the money and after a
while someone knocked on the door.

I looked out of the room and in
the doorway I saw a huge guy.

Then she slipped a couple
of bills out of the pay packet,

put them in her pocket, and
gave the man the rest.

-You saw them arguing, discussing..
.-Was she nervous?

- Did he threaten her?
- No, I don't think so.

Is that him?

Yes, it's him.

- Where were you the night Lara was killed?
- I already told you.

Tell me again.
- I was away for the weekend.

A weekend, Monday.

- A long weekend. - Only?
- Are you asking me for an alibi? - Yup.

- Girls! - Yup?
- Where and with whom were you last Monday?

With you, in Capri.

- Hello, Sonia, what's going on? Did something happen to Marinella?
- No.

- Marinella is fine.
- So?

- There's a problem with the mortgage.
- What problem?

Actually, I haven't made ant of the repayments.

Have you had financial problems?
What happened?

Nothing, I had other expenses.

- I was hoping to get back on track, but I didn't.
- How much do you owe on the mortgage?

- Well, the problem is...
- What's the problem?

- 140,000 euros missing.
- What?

You must be wrong,
how many months did you miss?

- No, I thought...
- What did you think?

I thought you could help me since
the house is going to our daughter

...and if I don't pay, they take it away. Tell me something.
- What can I tell you?

Where can I find 140,000 euros?

- Giuseppe...
- Shit!

Of course, I realize,
Mr. Commissioner.

But so far we have only a
few clues, a few hypotheses.

Of course.

Sure, don't worry.
I will keep you constantly updated.


All right, have a nice day.

So, gentlemen...

This is not just any regular crime.

Here's someone who killed
a girl who had just given

birth and then threw
the baby in a dumpster.

And what do we know about this monster?

- Cuocolo has a cast iron alibi.
- But The Engineer and Nazar don't.

- Their alibis are weak.
- I suspect the Engineer.

- What's his motive?
- He's a sucker, a shit.

Here, these are just guesses and I can
already see the headlines in the paper

"The Bastards are groping in the dark".
We deserve this!

- What did you do?
- It's a long story.

- Why did you come to Naples?
- To work.

I'm following a case for a scam.

They haven't kicked you out of
Agrigento yet because you're my lawyer.

I'm in Agrigento, since Lo Monaco died,
we haven't talked about you anymore.

Sooner or later someone will say
that Lojacono sold himself to the mafia.

- You have a mafia face.
- And I haven't paid your bills yet

...for the libel suit against Lo Monaco.
- It's all right. - No!

Then when you have the money, you will pay me . I know you have a lot of expenses.

- The rent, Marinella, your ex-wife...
- You shouldn't have mentioned her.

-What did she do this time?
-She hasn't paid the mortgage payment for months.

- "Shit"! - Now I have to pay 140,000 euros.
- "Stupid"!

- What do you have to do with it?
- Sonia's house is intended for our daughter.

140,000 euros, damn it!
Where do I find it?

Sometimes I think that if I had
sold myself to those who wanted

to buy me now I would have a
lot of money and fewer regrets.


Don't even say it as a
joke, don't say it again.

Now I going. Take care of yourself.

- Have a good trip.
- Bye.

See you soon!

Giuseppe, where are you? I need to see
you right now at the Records office.

I know it's late, but it's urgent.

Hurry, then I'll explain.

I like it when you're
on a war footing.

- You too when you damage your own face.
- Don't tease.

- I still don't understand why we are here.
- Wait, give me time.



- Hi, here it is.
- Thank you.

We found this at Lara's house.

- This was what the little girl was wearing.
- I still do not understand.

This is a cross stitch, this is a
satin stitch and a steam stitch.

- I didn't think you were an expert in sewing.
- Of embroidery. I studied with nuns.

- What a beautiful thing!
- Cross stitch is the first one to learn.

Lara was just starting out, you told
me she had started embroidering.

- Yes, so Nubila told us.
- It is impossible that this embroidery

...was done by a beginner.
- Because?

You need an expert embroiderer
and then the theme is always flowers.

The flowers! Nice observation, Piras.

- Ok.
- Be careful, they could see us, catch us red-handed.

We have the search warrant.

You said that Lara left here
shortly after her meeting with her

husband who had come here to
look for her. Can you confirm it?

Yes, she was shocked, scared.

That man was probably threatening
her. He wanted money from her.

- Could he describe him to us?
- I thought I already did.

However he was enormous,

tall, bald, with a
thick dark beard.

- Have you, lawyer, ever seen him?
- No.

- Why are you still asking us about Nazar?
- The beard. He didn't have one.

He's only grown it recently,
since starting work at the disco.

Neither of you has been to the
house where Lara moved to, right?

Since Lara left, we
haven't had any contact with

her except when she
came to say goodbye, right?

Ma'am, you stated that you
taught Lara to embroider, right?

Yes, she was good.
- Also at complex decorations such as figures

...flowers, shades of color...
- That's enough, Inspector.

To come and bother us at home to
talk about embroidery is too much.

You should spend your
time arresting criminals.

We do, but you have to cooperate.

Offering money to help the child is not
enough to give you a clear conscience.

Do you know who you're talking
to? We have important connections

and we can get you thrown out of
the police for a lot less.

- If you continue in this tone, we will no longer answer.
- Lojacono.

Ma'am, Lara couldn't have done
the embroidery on the onesie.

- You need an expert hand.
- For the embroideries involving flowers.

We have nothing to do with
the embroidery in Lara's house.

You stated that you have not been
to the house where Lara was killed.

But we have prints
that prove otherwise.

And on the onesie there are
also traces of the person's DNA

... who dressed the little girl and then abandoned her.
- You've gone crazy!

How dare you?


Look, fuck!

- You can't prove it, to take anything away you need our permision.
-Found this.

Fausto, I'm tired.

Maybe you should tell the truth.

I'm asking you, Doctor.

What is the meaning of the
existence of a woman without a child?

Since we met, we have never
stopped loving each other.

But I am sterile, there is no cure,
there is no remedy, it's irreversible.

- There is adoption.
-Raising a stranger as if it was your child!

Maybe with the genes of a
prostitute, a drug addict, a thief...

No thanks, it's not for me, I
wanted a child with my husband

and I wanted to choose who
he would have done it with.

And then Lara arrived.

She was the ideal girl, I
knew as soon as I saw her.


Educated, good.

Smart, hardworking
always with a smile on

her face and I've never
heard her complain.

She was perfect.

In addition, she had a sick
mother in Ukraine in need of care.

Lara wanted to help her at
all costs, but she was poor.

And you were rich and ready
to do anything to have a child.

I convinced both
her and my husband.

It was more difficult with Fausto,
He didn't want to betray me.

But then I convinced him.

I let him know
she was my choice.

Those evenings never
ended and after two

interminable months
finally the blessed day.

Lara was pregnant.

We told Lara to leave the
house, we couldn't have any suspicions raised

At the beginning, with
our references she went

to work at the house
of the Engineer

and then she moved to where
you found her, a quiet place

...where our daughter was to be born.
- Who delivered the baby?

I, I was a volunteer
for the Health corps.

- I have helped give birth to many children.
- But something went wrong.

No, the birth went very well,
I turned up the volume on the

TV and nobody noticed
anything, Lara was good even then.

It was a little girl,
beautiful, like her.

And then?

I was in the living room
and I was dressing the baby.

Lara must have made an
incredible effort because when

I turned around, she was
behind me, she was crying.

She wanted the baby, she
wanted to breastfeed her.

I made her sit in the armchair
and put the baby in her arms.

Lara, that's enough, give me the baby.


It's not nice what we're doing.

It's a sin, we'll go
to hell, this is my baby.

Lara, what are you saying? This child
is mine, she is my husband's daughter.

- Give it to me.
- No, ma'am, please.

Lara, we made a
deal, you got paid for it.

Ma'am, please, I'll give
you all your money back.

I will work for you for free.

I used the plastic tape, the
one for measuring fabrics.

I killed Lara, I
abandoned the child.

Are you saying you did it all by yourself?
- No.

I was there too next
to her, as always.

Why abandon her?
I can not understand.

When we brought the baby home,
she was breathing badly, crying.

She was sick, we
kept her with us for a

day and a night hoping
she would recover.

But then we figured it out and…

- Maybe we should have...
- No, we couldn't take her to the hospital.

It would have been
risky, humiliating and we

couldn't leave our little
girl to the stray dogs.

We needed someone to
find her and we thought of you.

You are the police station of
the neighborhood where Lara lived and

where she hung out that Cuocolo, that
delinquent that Lara used to hang out with.

Offenders go to
jail, that's their place.

Honey, love.

Your face is tired.

I'm scared, Fausto.

Take them away.

- Are you ready?
- To do what?

- She's gorgeous.
- Hello.

I am proud of the results
achieved by my team

led by Inspector Giuseppe
Lojacono, of the work of agents Marco Aragona

Alex Di Nardo, Francesco Romano,
Ottavia Calabrese and Pisanelli.

There were challenges

but we solved a
complicated case

painful and in
some ways, chilling.

The important news is that
little Giorgia is out of danger.

It's the news we all
wanted to hear. Thank you.

That was deputy commissioner Luigi
Palma of the Pizzofalcone police station...

What a fucking team we are!
Here I am!

I'm coming!

- Hi, Nina.
-Was it you who found that girl's killers?

- Have you seen the news? -No.
- It was me with the help of my team.

They are those complicated
missions where a small team

is very important. When
are you and me going out?

She is in love.

-Does it hurt you here?
- A little'. - Here? - Also.

- Here? -Yes, but the treatment seems to have some positive effects.
-For real?

Yes, I'm getting better.
This is an amazing cure.

Are you sure it was
a door that caused this?

- Looks like a punch to me.
- "It seems to me" is not proof, dottoressa.

- I must tell you one thing.
- Do I need to worry?


Well, now I'm a little worried.

Usually, I'm regular.

But this month I'm late.

In what sense late?

Meaning I might be pregnant.