Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 9 - A Way Out - full transcript

With the FBI closing in on the Roy Walton investigation, Voight and Halstead strategize on a way out. After a city bus driver is shot by a passenger, the team investigates a possible abduction.


You gotta go home now.
I got this.

Agent North,
what can I do for you?

Roy Walton killed
three girls,

tried to kill a cop,
and then he just disappeared.

People don't just disappear.

I need to talk
with your guys.

I can recreate the movements
for the whole team that night,

but not you.

You need to tell me what
the feds actually have.


Do you think I should
turn myself in?

Roy Walton's dead.

That's what I think,
and you covered it up.

You don't have a case.

They're missing one thing,
a body.

I'm going to give you
a choice.

I arrest you and Hailey,

or you help me
take down Hank Voight.

This is where we're at.

I'm going to give you until
I pull forensics from the body.

Okay? I doubt I find anything.

I doubt I need anything,

but I'll give you
the 36 hours that it takes.

And then you're gonna tell me
what you want to do.

I arrest you and Hailey,

or you get me Voight.

Those are
your only two options.

5021 George, I'm responding
to that detective assist

at 4409 South Cicero.

I'm about a block out.
We have shots fired.

Hey! Police! Police!
Let me see your hands.

Where the shots coming from?
Police! Who's shooting?

Who's doing the shooting?
Hey, who's shooting?

Hey, hey, hey, stop, stop.

Front of the bus.
I think they shot her.

Who, who?
What were they wearing?

Two men.
Blue shirt, Hispanic.

Okay. Keep your head down.
Get outta here.

5021 George,
those shots are bona fide.

I got two male
Hispanic offenders.

A lot of people fleeing
the scene, send me some cars.

5021, I got one lady down.
Looks like multiple GSWs.

A lot of blood loss.
Roll me an ambo.

Copy that, 5021 George.

It's okay. It's okay.
Don't try to move. Be still.

Let me see your hands!
Show me some hands.

Where's your hands?
You, put your hands up now!

Where are they?

They left.

Chicago PD!

Yeah, police, police.
I'm a cop.

We got shooters?
Yeah, male Hispanic.

Two of them,
maybe wearing a blue jacket.

That's all I got.
I'm gonna stay with her.

Go, go.

I got you.

All right.
Just try to stay calm.

Stay calm, okay? It's okay.
It's okay. Don't be scared.

Just hang in there.
Stay with me.

Stay with me.

Morning, Sarge.
We got a female DOA.

She took one in the head,
one in the chest.

Offenders fled on foot,

We got a grid search
going up now.

We have lots of witnesses.

The bus was doing
its regular route, five stops.

The driver came over
the intercom to say

that there was
an engine malfunction,

so the driver went to the back
of the bus twice

to check on it.

Back of the bus?

That's what they said.
They stopped in this lot here.

Driver said everyone needed
to stay in their seats

due to the malfunction.

Three passengers weren't
willing to do so.

Two male, Hispanic, 20s.
One female, Asian.

Young, 18 or so.

They wanted off?

So they came to the front
of the bus, tried to get off,

the driver tried to stop them,
a struggle ensued,

and one of the guys
shot the driver twice.

The driver's name
is Joy Cleming.

She worked for the company
for six years,

and she was holding
that in her hand.

Hey, bus company's here.

This is Sergeant Voight.

Hi. Martin.
I'm head of security.

I understand you patched the
driver's call through to 911.

That's right.

Joy asked
for a detective assist.


She was dealing
with an unruly passenger.

Our intent was to have CPD
meet her here at the lot.

Okay, she was holding this
in her hand.

You got any idea
what that might mean?

Well, that explains it.

We teach that in training.

All our drivers are trained
to identify victims

of sex trafficking,
offer them help.

So she moved
to the back of the bus

to hand this to someone?

Two men and a young woman.
It tracks.

Martin, bus has footage?


Okay, this right here
is where I think

Joy passes
the young woman the note.

Right there.

Then Joy walks
back to her seat,

keeps driving,
then two minutes later

seems to pick
the note back up again.

And a little later,
we're in the parking lot.

All right.
The two run out of frame.

We've been tracking PODs
in the area,

but unfortunately,
at the end of the block,

we are blind,
and we will keep pulling.

Well, let's get their faces
to CPIC.

Get their names.

Hey, what happened
last night?

I thought you were coming
straight home.

Yeah, I was--I got hung up
at Central Detention.

Oh, was there a problem?

No, just routine stuff.
It's all good. I'm all right.

Transportation team got
her ID off the flight manifest.

Her name is Willa Tan,
20 years old.

She flew into Midway
from Sedona late last night.

Looks like she was there
for the holiday weekend,

checked into one of those

massage, bath, hotel,
eat, and treat places.

A spa resort.

Right. That's the name.

I spoke to
the front desk manager.

Willa checked in on Thursday.

She did some massages,
some studying in the lobby,

and then caught the red-eye
back to Chicago.

Is she from Chicago?

She is a student
at Northwestern

originally from Michigan.

I'm trying to get in touch
with the family.

Okay, what about the men?
We had less luck there.

CPIC said there was no pop
on facial rec.

They weren't on the flight
manifest into Chicago.

Looks like they hopped
onto the bus

from right outside
the terminal.

She's not a typical
for sex trafficking.

college has her in classes

as recently as last Thursday.

A lot of eyes on this girl.

We've got nothing
in her financials.

I mean,
if it's an escort service,

it's not popping.

It's a possibility
she didn't even know those men

when she sat down on the bus.

I mean, we might not even be
looking at sex trafficking.

Could be an abduction,
hate crime.

Yeah, I mean, all we got is
Joy's account, and she's gone.

Okay, agreed.
We keep an open mind.

Meantime, these people are
on that bus headed somewhere,

and now they're all on foot,

so they couldn't have
gotten far.

Let's find them.

Okay, what's going on?
The FBI found Roy's body.

North drove me
out there last night,

and he made me an offer.

He said either he's gonna
arrest Hailey and me,

or I give him you

in about 24 hours.

I'm not wearing a wire.
Look, here.

You want to see?


I'll take care of it.

No, you won't.

I'll handle it, Jay.


Yeah, I'm done with that.

I'm here right now
because of you handling things.

I'm done with it.

I'm done with being in the dark

and with you taking care
of things solo.

Do you understand?

Anything that's done
from here on out,

we're doing it together.

I don't think
you actually want that.

No, I do want that.

And I'm gonna trust that
since I brought you into this,

you're going to give me that.

And we're not
bringing Hailey in.

She doesn't need
another thing to eat.

So in the next 24 hours,
you and me,

we're going to find another way
out of this.



Hey, Trudy.

Gonna need to touch base
with you.

You got time for a ride?

Yeah, sure.

Just let me get someone
to cover the front desk--

Sarge, we got him.

POD footage a mile
from Midway has Willa

and our two offenders going
towards a motel off Cicero.

You check the motel?
Hell yeah.

We got tac guys
holding anchor right now.

The clerk said that the trio
matches our description,

and they checked in the room
2:12 last night.

we'll cover the stairs.

Copy that.




What the hell is all this?

I got magnesium
in the bathroom.

This girl wasn't
being sex trafficked.

They're trying to get something
out of her.

Boss, we got something
out here.

Let's see if he can
find something.

We found a little bit
of blood on the back staircase,

and then there's this.

That's fresh blood
inside and out.

they tried the jack a car?

They couldn't hot-wire it.
Or got distracted.

Or we showed up.

Yeah, get
the mobile crime lab out here.

Let's fan out,
get a grid search going.

These offenders
may still be on foot.

Let's move.

Please, please stop
breathing like that.

I don't know
what you want me to do.

Gotta be quiet, please.

Let me get us out of this.
Both of us, okay?

Chicago PD. Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.

Just tell me,
what did she ingest?

Stop moving
or I'll shoot you.

Kid, put the gun down
so I can help her.

What's in her stomach?
What kind of dope?

Come on.
You don't want her to die.

Make the right choice
right now.

Tell me.

Tell me!

5021, roll an ambo,

and I need Narcan now,
53rd and Cicero.

It's an abandoned lot.

Got a female OD'ing,
significant blood loss,

armed male offender
fleeing westbound,

brown jacket, blue jeans.

Get me that Narcan now.
Copy that.

Okay, hey. Hang in there.
Hang in there. Look at me.

Look at me. Stay with me.

I just want to check.

Okay. Look at me.

Are you good?
Just leave him. Help me.

You got Narcan?

Stay with me.
Keep looking at me.

Stay with me.
We're going to help you.

We're getting you help now.

That's it.

It's gonna help.
It's gonna help.

Just stay with me. Look at me.

5021, where the hell
is my ambo?


How do you feel?

Uh, okay.

You almost died.

You had 70 balloons filled
with heroin in your stomach.

And they used actual balloons.

Wasn't party balloons,
so it's no wonder they burst.

Who are they?
Did they force you?

Did you arrest them?
No, they ran.

Who are these men, Willa?
How do we find them?

We have you
on drug trafficking.

You were trafficking a mass
amount of heroin into Chicago.

That's heavy jail time.

These men also shot
and killed the bus driver

who was trying to help you.

That's felony murder.

So you don't have the luxury
to not cooperate

with us right now.

Who are they?

Uh, I don't know the one
who shot that driver.

His name is Mateo, but I hadn't
seen him before yesterday.

Okay. And the other one?

Him, you know?
He recruited you?

It's not hard
to piece together.

This is what traffickers do.
They use you like cattle.

Whatever he promised you,
he is not a good man.

Yeah, he is.

Willa, you were going to die.

And he saved me.
In the motel room.

Is that what you're saying?
He helped you?

Yeah. I--

I knew something
was wrong on the plane.

He--I didn't feel right,

so I--I called him,

and they met me last minute.

But then that driver
offered to help,

and I just--

I shouldn't have said yes,
but I--

then Mateo wanted
to cut the drugs out.

He tried, and the other man,
he--he helped me.

When it mattered, he helped me.
He--he did the right thing.

That is not the right thing.

No, I know who he is.
He's a good person.

I don't want to tell you
anything else.

We are gonna charge you.
Do you understand that?

Then I want a lawyer.
I'm done talking.

I'm sorry, but I'm done.

Okay, what else we got?

Well, we got zero on cams.

Don't have eyes on Mateo

or the recruiter's run
from the motel.

Willa said
that they split up.

Right. We can keep hitting.

It was possible
that one of them

hopped on public transport,

and we still got
the fingerprints

from the motel room
and the car.

They're not on record.

What about
the drug trafficking angle?

Yeah, these guys,

they're inexperienced,
let's just say.

The party balloons
found in her stomach,

they were wrapped one time.

I mean, there's no evidence
that Willa's even done

anything like this before.

There's no other trip log

to a source city
in her flight history.

Thing feels small scale
to the extreme.

Okay, so Willa takes
a flight to Sedona.

Someone meets her there
or she drives herself

to Tucson or Phoenix.

She ingests the drugs
and then flies back

to avoid state
interdiction teams on 80

so she's not caught
driving in drugs.

And these dudes make bank.

There was nearly 50k found
in Willa's belly.

So one of these guys
has to have

a pretty good connection
in Arizona.

Chase it.

Let's get their faces
over to DEA.

Maybe we get lucky
and they've seen this guy.

let's dig into Willa.

She's going to be our key
to ID'ing these two guys.

You don't protect someone
like that unless you love 'em.

Let's find out how she knows
this recruiter.

Okay, so what is this?

A way out.

You want to use this
as dirt on North?

Platt dug into him.

This can't possibly be
the best move.

It's the only move.
North has a body now.

If he's good,
which I think he is,

he's going to build
a case around it.

Our best way out
from under this--

To get him to drop the case.
Yeah, I get it, but...

But what?

Well, this is unethical,

and there's no guarantee
it's actually going to work.

Did you think we were
gonna find a clean,

ethical way out of this?


No, I guess not.

If this is all we got,
then we'll move on it.

Jay you don't--
Let's move on it.

Hey, can I bum a smoke?

Who are you?

Does it matter?
Can I just get one?

Hey, can I get in?

Nah, I don't have much.

Come on. I--I can pay you.
I got a couple bucks.

A couple bucks? No.

What the hell do you want?

I don't want anything from you.

Come on.

You came,
and you sat next to me

like a little boy
begging for something.

I'm not an idiot.

I know exactly what you want.

You get me well,
I'll get you well.

I'll make it a real good trade
for you, I promise.

Where are we going?
You didn't get yours.

Come on, I know
someplace quiet over here.

Looking to score?

What you got?
Come on, man.

Trust me.

What you need?

You got ice?

Uh, you got a 20?

I'm not gonna give you cash

to buy from someone
I don't know.

He's going to sell you
stepped-on crack.

Come on.

This'll make it more fun
for the both of us.

You don't gotta use.

You want fun, right?

Come on.
All right.

A dub work?

All right, cool. Sounds good.

You're gonna love this stuff.


No, no, no, no, no, no.

Up against the fence.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Police. Take it easy.

Please, please, please,
please, please.

You got 20 minutes, Hank.

Appreciate it, man.

What do you want?

I just wanna talk.


Well, I'm not really
in the mood to talk--

You're in a lot
of trouble, Joe.


Not so nervous about that?

Just get me to the station.

Listen to me.

I'm the only one
who can help you here.

Totally. You're gonna help me.

Just get me to the station.

My phone call.

Your brother's
not coming this time.


Joe, he's not coming.
You're on your own.

I--I don't know
where you're talking about--

Yeah, you do.
Joey, I already talked to him.

He told me he's not
bailing you out this time.

You know my brother?

FBI Special Agent North.

Did he talk?

I told him his brother
had given up on him,

and he broke,
gave me everything.

North has gotten him out three
times in the past two years.

Obstruction of justice.

And official misconduct.


we have him.

Where's Joey now?

Sitting in a cell
in Narcotics going cold turkey

just waiting to be charged.

I'm good.

What's going on?
Look, we got a case to work.

Yeah, we'll be right up.

Where were you?

And you didn't think
to bring me into it?

To tell me what the hell's
going on?

I could've--

what could you
have done right now, Hailey?

Would you go talk
to North for me?

You're going to tell them
I'm not involved?

No, Jay,
I'm gonna turn myself in.

That's exactly
why I didn't tell you.

That is not
the answer right now.

I don't wanna see you
go to jail.

I love you.

And there is no way,
in all of this,

that Roy Walton is the one
person that gets justice.

He doesn't deserve it.
It's not right.

That much I know.

It's you and me,
or it's Voight.

Or it's this.

And I don't want any of it,

but here we are.

And none of it
feels right to me at all.

Okay, so how
do they know each other?

Well, we got zero
strange contacts

in Willa's
social media history.

No matches on recruiters,
no signs of Mateo.

I checked
college transcripts.

There's no one matching their
description in her classes.

Nothing on her phone,
nothing on WhatsApp.

It doesn't seem like she made
any new friends at college.

She seems pretty lonely.

What about family?
I got ahold of them.

Doesn't sound like they have
a very strong relationship.

Her parents haven't heard
from her in months.

They are not close.

No siblings, no cousins?

Well, this recruiter's
in her life somewhere.

I mean, it has to be.

So maybe
he's not a new contact.

Maybe he's an old one.

Lonely girl, broken home.
Probably made her own family.

Look, I--I already told you,

I--I don't have anything
else to say, I'm sorry.

That's him, isn't it?

That's the person you're
protecting, Nicky Sanchez.

We got in touch
with your elementary school,

and you and Nicky,
you were always together.

Nicky moved to Chicago
six months ago.

We traced his cell phone.

It was beside yours
on the Midway bus

and in the motel.

It was Nicky
that recruited you.

No, no, you--you must have
made a mistake.

No, we didn't.
I get that he's your friend.

Maybe he even feels
like family.

Doesn't mean you protect him.

What he did to you is wrong.
No, it wasn't.

I--I let it happen, okay?

I did. I let it happen.

And--and he did
the right thing by me.

He did the right thing
by you,

but not by her.

Her name was Rachel Colman,

and she died
from being sliced open.

They cut her from her stomach
to her throat.

She had evidence of heroin
and party balloons in her too.

I don't believe that you have
it in you to make that okay.

You can't protect them.

Not from this,
and you shouldn't.

I know where he'd go.

God, please,
just don't hurt him.


You guys set?

We're in position.

Sir, can you exit
the building, please?

Right there. Good.
Crossover, crossover.

Where the hell's Willa?

Where's the dope
from her stomach?

Where? Hey!

Put your weapon down
right now.

You back up
or I'll blow his head off.

Drop your gun.
Back up!

Calm, calm.
We're all calm here.

Back up!

We're all staying real calm,
but listen to me.

You got to let them get
both his hands on his stomach.

Let him.
He's gonna bleed out right now.

Back up!
I'm not moving.

Let him.

You drop him, I drop you.
Look at me.

I'm giving you three seconds.

No, look right at me

so you know
I'm telling you the truth.

One, two.

I got him.
Turn around.

5021 Henry,
roll an ambo to our location.

GSW to the stomach.

Hold on, hold on.
Move your hands.

Put pressure.
Keep pressure, keep pressure.

Ambo's on the way.
You hold tight.

Stay with us.

You got him?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just hang in there, all right?
Just hold tight.

Hold tight.
You're gonna be all right.

You're going to be all right.

They're going to
get you to med.

Officer, you stay with him.

Will do.
Thank you.

Time to go?

Just give me five minutes.

I gotta go.
Come on.

Just give me five minutes, Jay.

I don't need a pep talk.
I wasn't gonna give you one.

Jay, just because we have dirt,

it doesn't mean
we have to use it.

Let's do the easier option,

Just give me up.
I have made my decision.

We're not doing it.
Yes, we are.

Jay, we have done this
your way the whole time.

My way?

And we both know
you're gonna regret it.

You don't wanna do this.

And I don't want you
to do this,

so just listen to me.

Jesus, can--

Look, you give me up?

Your conscience is clean.

Jay, Jay.

I know how I police.

And I've always known some case
is gonna get me in the end.

If this is that case--

What? You'll be all good?
I'll be fine.

Believe me,
I will be just fine.

It is not that easy.

It can be.
No, it can't be.

You are no good to anybody
sitting in a jail cell.

You don't think I know
that you're good for the city?

I wouldn't be here working
with you for ten years

if I didn't think
it was all worth it.

That you're worth it.

And I don't want
to give you up.

But you shouldn't have
to pay for this.

I will.

One way or the other, Hank,
I will.

Because we always pay
the cost for you.

I'm already paying it.

I know.

I know that.

So give me up.

I'm telling you, Jay,
this is the best option.

Give me up.


Guessing you're going
to have good news for me, yeah?

What's it going to be, Jay?

You got a brother named Joe.

Goes by Joey. He's 20.

Don't do it like this.
A heroin addict.

No, you don't want
to do it like this.

I know. I really don't.

Joey's sitting in a box right
now in the Narcotics unit.

He was swept up late last night
in an ongoing investigation...

Come on.
Buy/bust possession.

While under arrest,
he admitted on tape

that you've bribed multiple
law enforcement officials

so that he could avoid charges
in the past.

I got the arrest documents,
your phone records,

and his word to prove it.

That's official misconduct,
obstruction of justice.

Is that right?

You come at me
or Upton or Voight,

and I will bury you
with that tape.

No way for me
to trace it back to you?

I have evidence against you,

actual hardened evidence.

GPS of you Voight in this lot.

I know.

That's official documentation

of the case Intelligence
was working that led us here.

It's got nothing to do
with Roy Walton.




You're also going
to find five names

of known sex traffickers

who may have been
working with Roy.

They're all thought to still
be trafficking children.

Any one of them
could have wanted him dead.

This really how
you want to do it?

You sure...

This is who you wanna be?

I don't know.

You want to protect
your family, the city.

So do I.

So what's it gonna be, North?


I'll look into
these five traffickers.


You know, I looked
into your unit for months,

looked at every member,
looked at you.

I was so sure
that you were the one.

Kid from a rough home,

mother you had to care for

who died a brutal death
from cancer,

half a decade in the army,

multiple commendations
for this job.

I thought you would be
the one person.

The one who knew
exactly who he was.

The one Voight wouldn't
be able to corrupt.

I honestly didn't think
he could change you.

Everyone changes everyone.


Not if you don't let him.

So your brother
didn't change you?


It's over.

But it's going to be
different now, you and me.

You always say,
"Tell me the truth

so I can lie for you."

From here on out,

you tell me the truth.

You bring me in...

So we don't have
to lie anymore.

So I can protect you
from yourself.

You understand me?


It worked.

I love you.

I love you too.

Marry me.


I, Jay Holstead take you,
Hailey Upton, as my wife.

I promise
to faithfully love you

in sickness and in health.

In sorrow and in joy.

From this day forward,

I choose
to join my life with yours.

From this day forward,

I choose to join my life
with yours.