Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 8 - Fractures - full transcript

The team investigates the stabbing of a father with two young daughters; they begin to suspect there is more to the story than meets the eye. The FBI investigation into Roy Walton's death intensifies.


Here to see Walker North.


Secure your service weapon.

Sergeant Voight, Special
Agent North will see you now.

Thank you.

Thank you.
Have a seat.

Oh. I'm sorry, man.

I told 'em to park you in here,
where you'd be more comfy,

but these people.

This place is run by cadavers.

"Bureaucrats" as they're known
in the wild.

Agent North.
What can I do for you?

Roy Walton.

One sick man.

Drug trafficking,
human trafficking,

killed three girls,
tried to kill a cop,

and then he just disappeared.

When it all went down,

your deputy supe, Sam Miller--
you know Sam?


Well, Sam wanted fresh eyes
on the case,

and our assumption was--
and yours too, I believe--

is that Roy Walton
left the city.

That's right.

Well, turns out he didn't.

Walton never left Chicago.

After it all went down,
Walton had his cousin buy him

a ticket up to Grand Rapids.

He never got on the train.

And we combed through every
camera on every traffic light,

toll booth, you know, planes,
trains, automobiles--bupkes.

People don't just disappear.

That's right.

No, Roy's here somewhere.

Look, I know this was
a tough case for your guys.

You almost lost one
of your own?

We did.

I got no interest in scraping
off fresh scabs here,

but I got to put together
a precise timeline for Walton.

You need our files,
no problem.

That's--and--and I need
to talk with your guys too.

Uh, you're with

the Intelligence Unit?

You--you work out of the 21st?

That's West Side?

Southeast, low end.

Listen, my unit's responding
to a scene right now.

Do your thing, please.
Uh, that's all, really.

Listen, we're an open book,
so anything you need.

Much appreciated.

Chicago PD!

You clear the house yet?

Riding solo, been with him.
Guy with a knife--

20s, Hispanic, gangbanger,
his words.


Just take care of my girls.

Hailey, I'm going upstairs.
Yeah, I got down here.

Hailey, I got blood upstairs.
It started here.

I'm clearing the rest
of the floor.

Chicago Police!
I know you're in there.

Come out with your hands up
or I will assume

that you're armed.


No! Please.

Okay, okay! It's okay.

You're okay, you're okay.

Dad! Where's my dad?

We're getting him help.
All right, it's okay.

Heard screaming.
It was bad.

I called 911.

He isn't okay, is he?

We're doing everything
we can for him, ma'am.

Harvey's a good father,
a good man.

All right.
Well, thank you.

How's the kid?

I don't know,
still trying to breathe.

What do we got?

Harvey Clarke, 44,
multiple stab wounds,

back, torso--on his way to Med.

Sounds like home invasion
gone wrong.

Clarke said a guy busted
in the side door,

went for his late wife's

Described him as a thin,
young Hispanic male.

Clarke lives here
with his two daughters.

The one I found, Candace,
she's 14 years old.

And there's an older one,

16, went to school early,

probably has no idea
this ever happened.

you got Social Services on her?

Yeah, they're taking 'em
to their grandmother's house.

It's the only local relative.
What about their mother?

She passed away.

Neighbor said it was some
sort of autoimmune thing.

What do you got?

All right, so we found
two cash counters

and a bag of rubber bands
in the garage,

which means that whatever
our victim does,

he does it in cash.

But Sarge, there's no sign
of forced entry at all,

which means
that whoever did this

possibly just walked right in.

Maybe they had a key
or the door was open,

but I think that's worth
asking some questions.

Yeah, like,
maybe the offender knew him.

Chase it.
Copy that.

All right,
I want to work this wide.

Have Forensics dust
the whole house for prints.

Adam, look for patterns
of break-ins,

known burglars in the area.

Jay, Hailey,

meet me two blocks east
in five.

The FBI has
an active investigation

into the disappearance
of Roy Walton?

You told us they weren't
gonna do anything more

than put his picture
up in the post office.

We're talking about the end
of our careers,

disbanding of the whole unit,


They have nothing.
It's a fishing expedition.

You believe that?

Well, if they have anything
more than nothing,

I'll find out.

Look, if we stick together...

We're fine.

All right, where are we?

Victim's not out
of the woods yet.

One of the stab wounds
lacerated his liver.

We did our due diligence
on the guy.

Found some chinks in the armor,

some, uh,
happenings with his business.

Everyone, this is
Agent Walker North, FBI.

He's leading the investigation
into Roy Walton.

He's gonna be hanging
around a bit.

Hey, come on in, Agent North.

Pulled all our files,

got you set up
right over there.

Ah. Yeah, careful.

I might never leave.

So look, Agent North
is gonna be speaking to each

of you over the next few days,

figuring out if Roy Walton
might have gotten away.

This is all routine.

Kim Burgess?

That's me.
Thank you for your sacrifice.

I'm not gonna stop
until I find Walton.

Please don't.

I want to pitch in,

so anything you need,
I'm here to help.

Hey, you guys--
you guys were up

to some real police work here.

Please, carry on.
All right, you heard the man.

Let's go.
All right, Harvey Clarke owns

two nightclubs
in Little Village.

Both are lowbrow dives.

And according to a civil case
a customer filed

against Clarke,
this is his head of security,

Lorenzo Santiago, 26 years old.

Right, and that's
the soft complication.

He's also a documented

in the local neighborhood gang,
Los Guerreros.

We've got
numerous phone calls

between Santiago and Clarke.

GPS puts Santiago
at the Clarke residence

two days before the stabbing,
multiple times before that.

Yeah, well, if Clarke knows
this guy Santiago,

why not just ID him himself?

No way of asking
for another 24 hours.

Clarke's in an induced coma.

Well, we still got plenty
of probable cause.

Bring him in.

Blue plaid shirt and jeans.

We got a positive ID
on Lorenzo Santiago.

We're moving too.

Lorenzo Santiago!
Chicago PD!


10-1, 10-1.
Shots fired at the police.

Get down, get down!

Get out of the way!
Get down!

He's headed for the roof.
I got the back.

Gunner's moving westbound
on the roof.


Drop it! Drop it!

Offender's hanging
from the roof,

northwest corner, roll an ambo.

Drop the gun,
I'll pull you up.

Or you are on your own.

Either you're gonna fall,
or we're gonna shoot you.

You're dead either way.

Listen to what I'm saying
to you!

His name is Harvey Clarke.

Never seen him.
Oh, really?

'Cause that is damn sure
you working the door

at his nightclub.

I got you on two counts

attempted murder
of a police officer.

You got one shot at ever
seeing daylight again.


Look, I didn't run from y'all
because of Harvey Clarke.

No, you ran because
you thought the bill was due

for running a gang.

Harvey Clarke.
Look, I know him.

I work with him, but I didn't
bust into his house

and stab him!

Well, I can put you
at his house two days ago,

right before somebody put
a knife in his liver.



I go to Harvey's once a week
to drop off cash.

We use the sales that we make
on the street

to wash money
from his nightclubs.

Clarke is involved
in narcotics?

No. Just skimping on taxes.

You can try and talk to them,
but they're barely speaking.

Has your office had contact
with the family before?

DCFS has never been called.

Seem like a good family.
That's them.

Thank you.

Darlene, you were already gone
for the day, right?

Marching band
just started up again.

is before first period.

And Candace, you were--
About to leave for school.

Heard Dad yelling upstairs
with a man.

Did you see this man come in?


Just heard them.

Then I heard Dad scream.

And that's when you hid
in the pantry?


I should have been more brave.

You were plenty brave.

I'm Emily Roberts,
one of the doctors

that's been caring
for your father.

Is he gonna be okay?

No, girls, he's not.

I'm sorry.
There was just too much damage.

I'm so sorry.



You gonna tell me why you
asked me to pull all this info?

You don't want me
to tell you.

What'd you find?

Nothing good.

Agent North's routine
about not knowing where we work

or what we do for a living.

That's a front.

He already pulled
everything weeks ago.

Personnel files, financials,
psych, every beef, every arrest

for everyone that works
in Intelligence.

This dude might as well
be crashing on your couch.

He texted me.

And he's starting to interview
our guys now, Trudy.

I got to know what he knows.

I should be dead.

So yeah,
that's a weird way to live.


How did it start?

We split up searching
for Walton.

Holding anchor
at one location.

Officer Burgess,
she wound up alone.

I found her vehicle

We've all had our share
of rough days.

That was a real tough day.
It was a failure.

Knowing Roy Walton
is still out there...

We're not used to not getting
our man around here.

We would have run through
a wall to find her that day.

Situations like that,
it can feel so desperate,

sometimes it's tempting

for cops to take things
into their own hands.

But in the end,

it was good old-fashioned,
textbook cop work

that brought Kim Burgess home.

Then we had to find the son
of a bitch who shot her.

Here's where the thing
makes you crazy.

We had him.
Then we didn't.

I can recreate the movements
for the whole team that night,

but not you.

Do you remember Mark Irwin?

Your street notes say
that Mark Irwin was suspected

of helping Roy Walton disappear
that night.

And you were supposed

to make contact with Mark Irwin
that night.



I'm sorry to interrupt,
need to borrow Detective Upton.

We got a break in the case.

Of course.

We'll talk more
when you get a chance.


Doesn't look good,
pulling me out like that.

Trying to make a murder.

And it can't look bad if you're
keeping steady in there.

Are you?
Yeah, I am.

Where are we?

Santiago's alibi checks out,

but we got another hit.

I found a camera
on the block.

This right here is 21 minutes
before the 911 call.

Thin, young, Hispanic,
like Harvey Clarke said.

we found him on the sisters'

Snap and Instagram accounts.

It's a clear match.

Name is Rodrigo De Leîn, 16.

Goes to Drake High.
Looks like Candace's boyfriend.

Scoop him up.

So you know Candace
and Darlene Clarke?

Yeah. Known 'em forever.

Is that bad?

When was the last time
you were at their house?

Day before yesterday.
Picked 'em up for school.

Yeah, well, now it is bad.

That's yesterday morning,
outside their house.

21 minutes later,
somebody walked inside

and murdered their father.

And you think I--no.

Then why are you
lying to us, Rodrigo?

Because I wasn't supposed
to be there.

I don't know.

You don't know?

I pick 'em up every morning,
ever since I got my license,

but the night before,
they called.

They told me not to come,
but I went anyway.

I had to see Candace.
I just--

I like her, and...

I went
and I knocked on the door,

and they told me to go away.

They told me not to come in.

You keep saying they.

Who's "they"?

Yesterday morning,
who told you not

to come inside the house?



Darlene just ran upstairs
to get a sweater.

I'm here, Grandma.

The girls have been
through so much.

It's okay, Grandma.

We got to help 'em
find the man who did this.

Thank you.

Candace, um,

your father said that when
the man broke into the house,

he used the side door.

Would that door
have been locked?

Dad always taught us to lock
the doors, coming and going.

Okay, so Candace,
you were in the kitchen.

You must've heard
the man break in then, right?

I mean, it's a big, heavy door.

I heard it.
It was a big crash.

What about Rodrigo?

Rodrigo? What about him?

Well, we talked to him.

He says he came to the house
that morning,

but that, Darlene,
you told him to go away.

But you told us you had already
gone to school at that point.

People think
we sound the same.

Well, why would you tell him
to leave in the first place?


Darlene, would you show us
your arms, please?


Is that a problem?

Both arms, please.

She claims she's been cutting.

But I've known plenty
of cutters.

I know what "hesitation cuts"
look like.

They're shallow,
clustered together.

And this isn't that?

No, these are knife wounds.

And the warrant on the house
gave us nothing.

No murder weapon,
no diaries, no computer.

No motive of any kind,
so if these girls had something

to do with it,
we don't have it yet.

Or they're covering
for someone.

All right,
let's get two holding cells,

get child advocates down here
to monitor.

We'll put the girls on ice
for the night.

Then we'll separate 'em.
See who cracks.

I got another call
from my FBI contact.


Walker North is ambitious
as hell.

He wants to run

the Chicago office someday.

Yeah, but he needs
a scalp first, right?

A copper's scalp,
what they all want.

Hank, North wasn't
assigned this case.

He asked for it.

There we go.

Carmela Quintana.

Well, let's see
if your gut's right.

Carmela Quintana? FBI.

I had a couple of questions
for you.

she already talked to North.

And what'd she say?

That Mark Irwin,
when he took her hostage,

said the CPD murdered
Roy Walton.

And that when Upton came
into the room,

she promised Irwin
that she would

"tell the world what happened."

Seconds later--

Intelligence killed
Mark Irwin.

I assume those are FBI bugs.

They have a tracker
on the car too.

We are gonna leave them
exactly where I found them.

We just wait for this
to blow over.

What, so that's the plan?
We're gonna wait for the FBI

to stop caring that you put
a guy in the ground?

Listen, we are in this now.

Yeah, exactly.
We're in this.

So you need to tell me
what the feds actually have.

All the loose ends.

But Jay, everything they have
is circumstantial,

and they're missing one thing--
a body.

They can't even say
Roy Walton is dead.

Oh, they're sure as hell
gonna try.

You're damn right.

And they are coming
after Hailey.

So we need to hold the line,

'cause one of us cracks...

This whole thing comes down.


Hey. I've been calling you.

Voight found a tracker
on your car.

And bugs too.

I don't know
if the house is bugged.

You're the FBI's target.

They have way more than they
are telling us that they do.

You're gonna be interviewed
again under oath.

This is all gonna be on you.

Do you think I should
turn myself in?


I want to start my marriage
with the woman that I love

out of prison.

We're supposed
to be together forever.

But if you feel
what I've done is so terrible

there's no coming back,

forever feels like
a real long time.

Hey, Candace.

Hi, Darlene.

So how did you get
to school the morning

that your father died?

I walked.

It was two miles, Darlene.

When Rodrigo came over,
that wasn't you

talking to him
through the door.

Darlene was there.
She hadn't left for school yet.

We talked
to the marching band director.

He says you didn't show up
for practice that day.

Darlene already told us
she didn't make it to school

in time for band practice.

Why would you lie about that?

I--I don't know.

You don't know?
I don't know.

I think you do know.

You didn't hear
someone crash

into the house that day,
did you?

No one else came at all.

This was you.

You and your sister.

You did this.

Darlene, she was j--

she was just trying
to protect me

from him.

Your father, he hurt her?

So bad.

Candace, I'm so sorry.

The wounds on your arm,
they're from a knife.

So you did this?

You killed your father
to end your sister's pain?

Darlene, come on.
The truth.


You're right.

About what?

I did it, okay?

I took a knife
from the kitchen,

and I waited
until his back was turned,

and I did it.

I killed him.

Full confession.
I don't know.

Doesn't feel right.

North is ready for you.

You're aware
this'll be recorded?


This is Special Agent
Walker North.

Time is 10:12 a.m.

State your full name.
Hailey Anne Upton.

Detective, you're aware
of the penalty associated

with making a false statement

to an agent
of the federal government?


Day after
Roy Walton disappeared,

you entered the authorized
uniform shop

and bought yourself new BDUs.


What happened to the old ones?

Paid in cash. Why?

Mark Irwin told
Carmela Quintana

that CPD murdered Roy Walton.

Quintana also swears
that when you got there,

you promised Mark Irwin to
"tell the world what happened."

So what happened?

Men have hurt you.
Excuse me?

with your own father.

You know what men do.

You've seen it your whole life.

You saw what Roy Walton did.

You're the one who found those
girls slaughtered like cattle.

You got one other woman
on your team,

you saw what he did to her.

He left her to die
on a concrete floor.

You fight for people
who can't fight for themselves.

And that's what you did here.

Roy Walton's dead,
that's what I think.

You covered it up.

In some ways, I get it.

I admire it.


it's still a crime.

You talk now, I will protect
you the best that I can.

You keep stonewalling me--

There's a lot of truth
in there, Agent North.

But you don't have a case.

I bought new BDUs
because real cops get dirty.

I made that promise
to Mark Irwin

because he had a gun pointed
to a civilian's head,

and that's what he wanted
to hear in that moment.

That's textbook police work.

I hope Roy Walton is dead.

If you're right about that,

Walton's turning
into dirt somewhere

and everyone's where they're
supposed to be.

So since I'm very obviously
not under arrest,

I'm going back to work now.

I'm a great cop.

I'm in the middle
of working a murder,

and you're wasting
my goddamn time.


Voight was right.
Feds don't have it.

But something's wrong.
What do you mean?

No, our case.

Well, we're charging Darlene.

We're getting ready
to send Candace home.

I think we're done.

This whole narrative with
the father hurting Candace,

it doesn't fit
with what we know to be true.

Abuse cases,
we know where to look.

But DCFS, CPD, the school
system, we got nothing.

This whole thing feels wrong.
These girls feel wrong.

What do you got?

They knew we were
watching them.

They put on a show.

Candace conducted
the whole thing.

Here, watch.

Right, okay, so this
is when we first put 'em

in the box, right, this is
before they're separated.

The girls haven't
eaten all day,

and they're saying they're
too sick over what happened.


But here, Darlene's hungry.
So she reaches for a sandwich.

Candace stops her.
We enhanced the sound.

No. Not yet.


Now look, right there.

Candace took a barrette
out of her hair,

and she passed it to Darlene.

Darlene uses it
to scratch her own arm.

They had to fuel this myth
that Darlene's a cutter.

It's the only way
to explain the cuts on her arm.

Darlene's not crying anymore.

Candace won't stand for it.
So Candace pinches her.

This whole thing,
it's a script.

I'm gonna take
another crack at Darlene,

see if I can get her
to tell me the truth.

Glad you got a little
more time together,

but it's time.

Darlene, while we understand
why this happened,

it did happen,
so we got to get you booked up

and let the justice system
do its work.

And it will do its work.
We'll make sure of that.

Let's go.

Be strong.

I love you.

Candace, someone will
be coming to take you

to your grandmother's house.

We're gonna make one
more stop before we go, okay?

I know.

I'm sorry.

Can we go then?

Not until you
tell me the truth.

I did.

Most of the blood here
is your dad's.

But the rest of it is
from somebody closely

related to him.

Yeah. It was mine, okay?

This is where I killed him.

No, I think this is where
you tried to save him.


This is where
you fought off Candace.

You tried to stop her
from hurting your father.

That's how you got those cuts
on your hand.

It wasn't you, Darlene.

It was.

I did it.
I told you that I did it.

I think you've been trying
to keep things together

in this house for a long time.

I'm tired. I'm so tired.

I confessed, please.

It's okay.
Can you tell me what happened?


She said she was gonna
kill him for a long time.

He was terrified of her.

We both were.

But he loved her too much
to do anything about it,

to ask for help, to get meds,
to put her someplace.

That's why you even covered
for her afterwards.

Candace fought me off.

And when she saw I had cuts
on my arms, she threw a fit.

She planned the whole thing.

And I messed it up.

She had me take the knife,
our clothes, everything,

and dump it all,

and go to school.

And if I didn't--

if our story didn't add up,

then she--she was gonna--

She was gonna hurt you too.

Darlene, would your dad
ever hurt you or Candace?

God, no.

He'd never lay a hand on us.
He loved us so much.


Please don't let her hurt me.

Please, please.
It's okay, it's okay.

It's gonna be okay. It's okay.


Candace, tell them that--
that isn't true!

I know that you would

never do anything like this!

if your father never hurt you?

I don't know what you're
talking about.

You just wanted to know
what it felt like.

Grandma, Grandma, please!

Grandma, I--
I really didn't do anything!

Please, please!
I didn't do anything!

Please, Grandma! Grandma!

Grandma, please.

I didn't do anything.


Candace is booked.

She's not going anywhere
for a long time.

Can you come home to me now,

That's all I want.

Look, we're gonna be okay.

I love you.

I love you too.

You got to be kidding.

Hey, pal.

Follow me.
I want to show you something.

Know who that is?

Of course you do.

You're the one who led me here.

You're the one
who ran Voight's GPS

the night Roy Walton

Damn good police work,

which is either tragic
or ironic.

I'm not sure which.

I've been searching
for the fault lines

in this whole thing,
trying to find my way in.

And it's you.

It was always you.

Is that right?
I'm your weakest link?


No, it's not weakness.

It's decency.

It's possible, Jay,
that you're too good

for this world we operate in.

You truly love Hailey Upton,
don't you?

You had to protect her.
You had to fall in line.

And in the process,
you became a full partner

in the cover-up of a crime.

So here's what's gonna happen.

I'm gonna give you a choice.

Option one,
I arrest you and Hailey.

I promise you,
I will make the case.

Or option two,

you help me take down
the man I really want...

Hank Voight.