Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 6 - End of Watch - full transcript

Ruzek reunites with an old colleague to take down a crime ring but when things don't add up, Voight and Burgess do some investigating of their own.


Welcome home.

How you doing, Bench?
Your bourbon neat?

Yeah, you know it.

Having a slow night in here,
huh, Bench?

Slow month.

Sorry to hear that.

The table's ready.

Guys already back there?

Thanks, brother.

Evening, fellas.

Hi, buddy.

How we doing tonight?
How we doing?

Where the hell is Falcone?

Same with Kato.


Come on.
I ain't worried.

Only means I get
to take your money.


Ay, uh, would you mind
sitting down already?

I just got here.
Take it easy, jeez.

Come on, let's play.

I got a 9:00 with my wife.

Oh, no, I don't even
wanna know what that means.

When you've been married
as long as I have,

you learn that this is the way
things are done.

You plan these things--
No way.

What's the buy-in?

Two bucks.

All right, let's go.
All right.

Three tags in one day.

Double up.

All three corner kings.

I'm driving around
with a big ass crown

across my hood.

See, how the hell
does that even happen?

I understand one, but three?

They did the jewels

in Sharpie.

You know how hard that is
to buff out?

Yeah, I wish I coulda seen
you driving that thing.

Still can, ain't come out.

Supervisor says
it's not worth the trouble

to find the guys.

Come on.
Guess they own my squad now.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me,
not tonight.

Oh, don't tell me
you got called in.

No, it's Kim.

Makayla's having a meltdown.

The neighbor dog ate
her platypus stuffed animal.

She can't sleep without it.

Burgess or Makayla?

Ha, you're a funny man,

No, they'll be all right.
Come on, you're not leaving.

What do you want me to do?
Kim's stuck at home.

I gotta go get a new one.
The kid needs it.

We've got 20 minutes still.

20 minutes till when?

Till your 9:00?

When you sleep with your wife?

I gotta go.
I'm sorry, boys.

I love you.
I'll see you later.

All right.

She's gonna love it.

How old's your daughter?

Uh, she's actually
not my, uh...

Uh, she's seven.

Thank you.

Shut up, shut up!

This is Officer Adam Ruzek.

Badge number 59054.

I'm at the Michigan
and Balboa mall.

Armed robbery in progress,

shots fired by the offender,

civilian down--
I need an ambo right now.

Ladies, come towards me.

Come towards me right now,
come on.

Shut up!

Keep moving, keep moving.

Guy's got a gun.
Shoot him!

Shoot him!

Chicago PD, you let her go!

Let her go right now!

Let her go!

Stop right there!

Drop the gun!

Ma'am, stay right there.
Stay down.

2320 squad,
this is Sergeant Hill.

I'm Ruzek, Intelligence.

2320 squad on the scene
of the armed robbery.

Got two masked offenders
fleeing eastbound on foot.

Hey, hold up!
Too many civilians.

That's an order!
Terminate the pursuit!

Orders coming through!

There's too many civilians
out here.

2320, I need an ambo

at State and Monroe.

I got a civilian struck
by a vehicle.

The offenders from the robbery
fled in a black sedan.

I got a partial plate--

861 Charlie.

Copy that, ambo en route.
Help is on the way.

Guys, back up
so she can breathe.

There will be no pursuit
of that vehicle.

We don't need anyone else
getting hurt tonight.

Help is on the way.

Hey, you go
shut that street down.


I'm right here.

Don't move, okay?

One of the skull masks
shoots at me three times.

They come out that exit
right there,

run down this way,
I gave chase.

That's when the woman
got hit by the car?

Yeah, she's on her way
to Med right now.

No major injuries,
but possible concussion.

Patrol sergeant said
he ordered you

to terminate the chase.

You disobeyed.

Boss, these guys had just...

shot an innocent man,
terrorized a store.

It was brazen as hell.

I wasn't gonna stop.

The man did nothing wrong.

It's his call.
No, I know.

So it's a good thing
you didn't hear him.

All right, you get a look
at the offenders?

Both white, tall.

I didn't get a look
at the driver.

Hey, man, you okay?
Yeah, yeah.

You guys get anything
on the car?

Stolen, no sign of it yet.

I talked to a few witnesses.

No good description
of the offenders.

All right,
check PODs and cameras.

Maybe get lucky on facial rec.
All right, yeah.

Evening, boys.

Oh, Detective Ortiz.

Something tells me
you're not down here shopping.

Not tonight, Hank, no.


It's good to see you, buddy.

What, you're not eating?
Why you so thin?

Sorry, gotta watch
my girlish figure, you know?

How's Mary doing?

Chemo and prayers seem
to be helping.

I'm not sure in which order,

You give her my best.

You working this crew?

Yeah, it's their fourth
smash-and-grab in a month.

All Gold Coast.

I heard the word "skulls"

on the radio.

Two inside, one with a hammer,

one with a bag?

That's exactly right.

So you got any suspects?

Yeah, we think at least one
of them is a meth head.

Techs found residue
on a cash register

in a jewelry store on State.

In other words,
you've got nothing.

Ouch, man.

Why don't we work
this one together, Sal?

I'd like that.

So we got three offenders.

The shells
from the jewelry store hit

matched the weapon
in all three prior robberies.

Was anyone killed in those?

No, no, no, security guard's
our first victim.

These guys like high-end,
especially watches.

Think expensive Rolexes
and Pateks.

Copy high-end.
You got a line on the fences?

No, no, but they're
definitely dumping them.

We found one of the Pateks
on eBay.

They always wear
the rubber skull masks.

Lead skull carries a semiauto.

Skull number two does

the smash-and-grab
with a mini sledgehammer.

Skull number three,
that's the driver.

They always stolen vehicles?
Every one of 'em, Hank.

They must be getting them
through a chop shop quick.

Getting lucky on PODs,
I don't know.

Well, their luck just ran
out--must've felt the heat.

Patrol found
their getaway vehicle

abandoned in Pilsen.
Okay, good.

Kim, you and Adam check it out.


Why do I know
that guy's name?

Sal Ortiz, I feel like
it's very familiar.

He's a legend.

Once he got
a life-saving award

for performing CPR on a baby
while he was being fired at

by two G-Parks.

Wow, I mean, that's amazing.

I know, right?

I know you've heard me
talk about him before.

I've known him since I'm a kid.

He's the complete opposite
of my dad.

I mean,
this guy is like the real deal.

Hey, Burgess?

Can you give me a second

with Officer Ruzek?

Good luck.

You make me nervous
you talking all formal.

What's going on?
A fresh CR

with your name on it.

Sergeant on the scene
filed a beef.

You disobeyed his order

on the new foot-chase

What new foot-chase

The one you signed last week.

I did?
And well, there you go.

My point exactly.

Adam, this is serious.
IAD wants to meet.

You got 24 hours to respond.

Call your FOP guy,
and get your ducks in a row.

I will.

Thank you, Sergeant.

Did you actually read
this new chase directive?

I feel like we get
a new directive every week now.

Yeah, it was two paragraphs.

I managed to make it through.

All right, what'd it say?

I gotta ask permission
to chase bad guys?

No, the point's
just de-escalation.

I know, I just...

I don't know what else
I would've done

in that situation.


You guys with Intelligence?

Yeah, you got something?

I'm not a trained
narcotic canine,

but my nose never fails me.

I thought the vehicle
smelled like cat pee

at first,
but there's no cat hair.

You know what has

the same odor as cat pee?

Enlighten me.

Raw crystal meth.

Found this plastic meth packet
under the driver's seat.


You guys know
who owns the car?

Yeah, a retired librarian.

That's good
because I pulled a print.

And it's definitely not
from a librarian.

All right, meet Paul Lambert.

Looks like he's the driver
for the skull crew.

He's got three assaults
on his sheet--

all of which took place
in the White Sox parking lot,

which has to be some sort
of record.

The second one
he actually pulled a knife.

You got a LKA
for this genius?

Rehab center in Gary,

but that's from a year ago.

Looks like he's been off
the radar since.

All right,
family here in Chicago,

known associates,
corner he buys his dope?

We tried, but we got nothing.

We did get a cell number
from the rehab center.

Sal's been doing some digging.

Yeah, records show
that, after every robbery,

ol' Lambert calls
the same number,

and that number belongs
to a Timothy Skiles.

Owns a pawn shop in Lawndale.

All right, Timothy?


Yeah, here we go.
This guy's got a sheet.

He got pinched twice
for selling stolen property.

Lost his pawn license,

then he got it reinstated
a year ago.

Lambert called him
an hour ago.

Well, that's good.

Why don't we ping
Lambert's cell?

Can't, shuts it off
after calls.

All right, so we find him
another way.

We sit on Skiles' pawn shop.

Wait for Lambert
to either reach out or show up.

Loop in Burgess and Atwater.

You got it, boss.

Here comes Skiles.

Sarge, Skiles is on the move.

He's carrying a duffel bag.

Headed to a black SUV set up

to go southbound on Cicero.

We'll wait for a buffer
and then fellow.

Copy that.
Let's go.


All right, Kim,
we just got onto Latrobe.

Keep calling it out
so we can stay parallel, yeah?

Copy you, we got eyes,
number two lane rolling south.

I heard IAD's got
a beef on you.


You need anything,
just say the word.

Thank you.

Appreciate that, man.

Strange times, man.

I can't believe I'm saying it,

but as much as it's gonna
break my sorry-ass heart

to leave all this...

I got that itch now
for retirement.


Oh, man, I'm surprised
to hear that.

Promise me
you're not gonna laugh.

Okay, I won't laugh.

We are going
to take up tap dancing.

That's cool.
Cool, cool, cool, cool.

Everybody's gotta have hobbies,

Put on a show.
I'll sell tickets.

We could do
a little fundraiser.


We got Skiles pulling
into an abandoned factory.

4012 West 18th Street.
We're going on foot.

Copy that,
we're gonna cover the west end.

I got a silver sedan.

Illinois tags,
14 Eddie Paul Sam 96,

coming your way, Kim.

Copy, Sarge, we got him
in the pocket.

He just hopped out the car

with a black bag, walking
right into the building.

All right, we wait for them
to make the exchange.

Kim, Kev, the three of us
will move inside.

Copy that.

Sal, you and Adam
cover the back.

Copy you, boss.

Sure you weren't followed?

No way, relax.

Chicago PD!

Get him!
I got Skiles.

Get those hands up.

Where they are!

I'm going low.
Cover me, cover me, cover me.

Adam, he's coming your way!

Stop moving--we will shoot!

Go around.

Go that way.

Go, go, go.

Sal, you good?
I don't have eyes!

Sal, where are you, man?
I'm pinned down here.



Chicago PD, don't you move!

You drop your weapon--


He's gone.
You okay?


Are you?

I'm good, yeah.


I thought Lambert ran
into the assembly room.

I got all spun around in there.

I think you just wanted me
to have

all the glory for myself.

Hey, I'm serious.
I let you down.

I should've gotten there
a hell of a lot quicker--

It's all good, Sal.

I got no holes in me.

I know you'd never hold back.

Could happen to any one of us.

All's forgiven, Sally.

Oh, yeah, yeah,
all's forgiven?

Yeah, let's fire
that nickname up again.

It'd be a pleasure.
Why not?

Skiles had 75 in boss money.

Yeah, yeah, let's see what
Lambert brought to the table.

May I?


Franck Muller, gold trim.

That was definitely lifted
from the mall.

Skiles talking?
Hell nah.

But he hasn't lawyered up yet.

Okay, good.
Get him in the box.

Press the hell out of him.

Told you, I got a call.

Man wanted to meet,
sell me some watches.

You never
met this man before?


So you went on a ride
with 75K

to an abandoned factory
to meet a guy you don't know?

That's a hell of a first date.

Okay, Timmy.

These are records
of phone calls between you

and Paul Lambert.
Now not only did you know him,

but he almost always seemed
to call you

right after a robbery.

We could go get you
an actual shovel

if you want to keep digging.

I got nothing more to say.

Well, I got something
to say.

Four armed robberies,

a dead security guard,
a dead Paul Lambert...

Now we tie you to fencing
their stolen goods, ooh...

State's attorney?

They're gonna push
for felony murder, Timmy.

All we need is names.

People give names
in Chicago...

they end up in the lake.

I want my lawyer--
Don't do that.

Timmy, we're
your best shot here.


All right.


Thank you, sir.

What's up?

FOP lawyer, I get to go
to IRT tomorrow.

About the chase directive?

No, about the Lambert shoot.

Well, that'll be routine.

Will it?

I shot and killed Lambert

because he was trying
to kill me.

Now I gotta spend four hours
defending myself?

We were all there.
We saw what happened.

It will be fine.

I hope Sal will back me up.

Of course he will.

He's been on the job
a long time.

He was Vice before
Robbery-Homicide, right?

Yeah, I think for a bit.

No, I'm just curious.

Sarge, we got
something on Lambert.

Turns out he has
a CTA Ventra card.

CTA just sent this over.

So this is from five weeks ago.

Lambert's seen exiting
the Clark Street station

in the Gold Coast, and he walks
up to these two guys.

They have a "What's up"
together, and then they leave.

This is the day before

the skulls hit
their first jewelry store.

That's a good image.
Facial rec?

Hot off the printer.

Meet Nicholas Quinn

and his little brother, James.

These two both have a sheet
for armed robbery.

Nicholas and Paul Lambert

did a stretch
in Stateville together.

So these guys get together
the day before the robbery,

case the joint, go back,
get their stupid little masks,

and then hit it the next day.

Well, that's a good theory,
but it's just that--a theory.

Get an LKA on them.

Hey, 911 is getting calls

about a suspicious blue Hyundai

that's circling
the vintage jewelry store

on West Elm in the Gold Coast.

The owner says
that it's two males in the car

eyeballing the store,

and they already assigned
a blue and white.

Okay, you three, hit it.

That's gotta be our Hyundai.

Ma'am, can you move
a little faster?


5021 Ida,
shots fired at 34 West Elm.

Plain clothes responding.

Chicago PD, don't you move!

I got it!
Go, go, go!

Ma'am, you all right?


Go clear the store now.

Can you take this?

Is there anyone else
in the store?

No, there--
there were just two.

Advise responding,

victim says
there's only two offenders.

Roll an ambo.
Copy that.

Watch it.
Move, move, move!

Back off, back off,

Adam, stop the chase!

Shots fired, man down.

Offenders fleeing westbound

in a tan sedan.

Illinois plates,

79 Victor Paul 805.
Sir, sir, I'm Officer Ruzek.

Help's on the way, okay?
Help's on the way.

I'm gonna stay right with you.
Just hold on.

Keep your eyes open
if you can, okay?


Talk to me.
We got lucky.

No one was killed.

Owner was pistol-whipped,
scared half to death, but...

Okay, what'd they pull?

Four vintage Rolexes.

Submariners, 50K a pop.

These guys are crazy,
but they know what's valuable.

Security video?

Yeah, they were all masked,

but one of the skulls forgot
to wear his gloves.

So video captured him grabbing
the watches bare-handed.

There's gonna be DNA
and prints all over this.

Yeah, that's good.

Where's Adam?

You all right?

Oh, I just got off the phone
with Med.

Driver didn't make it,
did he?

A bullet hit
his brachial artery.

Couldn't stop the bleeding,
so he died on the table.

First time in Chicago.
Came to visit his daughter.

You did everything
you could to save--

No, I didn't.

We had to stop that chase,

I know there was
too many civilians around, Sal.

I get that.

But Jesus, man...
we're kinda damned if we do,

damned if we don't out here,
aren't we?

'Cause I could have been
right on top of them.

Instead, they watched me
stop the chase,

and now
some girl's dad is dead.

I don't know what the hell
we're doing out here

half the time.
I know.

I know you're getting jammed up
right now--

It's not about that.
I don't care about that.

Well, maybe you should
care about that.

The more work you do,
the more heat you catch.

It's not what real police want
to accept, but they should.

It's the truth.

And you should know that
by now.

Sal, what are you saying
to me here?

I'm just supposed to be okay
with not policing, sit back?



Well, then what?


you got a choice.

Okay, what's my choice?

I come at you
with an uppercut,

snap you out of it.

But then you're gonna
lay me out

with a big old shot
to my solar plexus,

and I'm gonna be
all embarrassed and sore and...

Mary, she's--she's
not gonna like you anymore.


you keep moving forward.

We go catch the bad guys.

Drink ourselves silly.

You buying,
you cheap bastard?

Yeah, I'm buying.

For the record,
I'd have gone for your throat.

I think you taught me that,


The bare-handed offender
got lucky.

Techs came up empty on prints
and DNA at the store.

No hits on those watches.

Okay, what about LKAs
on the Quinns?

So their mother passed away
five years ago.

Their father owns a two-flat
in Pilsen.

Techs been sitting on it--
so far it's all quiet.

Patrol found
the carjacked vehicle

20 minutes ago.

Torched to the rims
in Little Village.

Luckily, techs were able to get
into the GPS.

So skulls carjacked it
at 4:16 p.m.

GPS puts it across town

on the 4200 block
of Laporte Avenue at 4:37.

It waits there
exactly five minutes

before driving to that field
in Little Village.

Do we have an exact address?

Uh, no, just a range.
4200 to 4800 on Laporte.

Okay, hold on.

Uh, there's about 50 houses
around there.

Why stop for five minutes?

Stash house.

Smart, yeah.

It's a dump-and-run.

Well, it's something.

Let's work this block.

Find out where they stopped.

Let's go.

My son set this up.

I think it erases itself
every 24 hours.

But you can see all of Laporte.

You want some pie or anything,

No, thank you.

We appreciate the help,
thank you.

I've been robbed
four times this year.

Hope you catch the bastards.
So do we, sir.

Sarge, I got something.

Go ahead.

A sedan pulls up
to a brown two-story house,

green iron railings,
big flag out front.

Yeah, I see it.

Got one of our offenders
rushing in

with what appears
to be a brown knapsack.

Dude rushes out five minutes
later, no brown knapsack.

Kev, it's 4223 Laporte.

Yeah, I'm running that
right now.

Okay, so the house
was last bought in 2017

by an Ariana Pappas,
you got that?

That name sounds familiar,

Hold on just a second.

Yeah, Ariana Pappas,
that's Paul Lambert's sister.

That's it.
This is the stash house.

Okay, we'll call
in a warrant.

Then we move in.

Jay, you all set in back?

Backyard's clear.
We're set.

Chicago PD, open up!

You do left, I got right.
I got you, I got you.

Kitchen's clear.

Bedroom's clear.

Bedroom's clear.

Bathroom's clear.
Upstairs clear.

Kitchen and pantry all clear.

Well, Sarge, nobody's here.

And there's no immediate sign
of Lambert's bag.

Rip that place apart.

We copy.

Where to begin?

Got something?

Yeah, I think so.

Yeah, come here.
Get something for me?


The watches up there?

Nah, nothing.

What, is it empty?

Yeah, how's that possible?

They dumped it
like an hour ago.

So we're sitting
on the house, right?

Nobody was in or out?

We have the house covered
front and back.

I mean, I don't think
we missed anyone.

I'm gonna tell Voight.

Son of a bitch.


Quinns doubled back
before we got here?

I just rechecked
the security footage

at the pizza joint.
They didn't come back.

At least not through
the front door.

Maybe someone was inside
before we showed up.

He grabbed the watches,

he took off before we got
the back covered?

Why leave the bag?

Guy's in a hurry,
has the watches out,

pockets them, and runs.

Who cleared the basement?

I was upstairs.

Kim and I cleared
the front of the house.

I cleared the pantry
and the kitchen.

Okay, look for witnesses,

anyone who might have picked
off someone coming or going.

Get Tact on this house.

I mean, there's a chance
they don't know

we hit this place.

Meanwhile, keeping digging
into the Quinns.



Got your text.
You all right?

Yeah, I just...

we've got a problem, okay?

This is a security video
from the pizza joint.

And now we know the Quinns

didn't circle back
for the watches.

We arrive at 5:22.

We move in.
We clear the place.

And then...


Sal grabbed a flashlight.

What am I missing?

The watches.

He took the watches.

What the hell
are you talking about?

He lied to Voight.

I saw him go
into the stash house basement.

And the only reason
you would lie about that is

if you stole half a million...

Dollars worth of evidence.

Are you kidding me, Kim?

That's a hell of an accusation

to toss around.
I know.

But why else would he lie?

Because, I don't know.

Maybe he said his words wrong.

Kim, he's good police.
This is a good man.

Yeah, but think about it.
It doesn't add up.

Maybe he was embarrassed
that he missed something.

The guy's going through
a tough time right now.

His wife's sick.
Yeah, I know.

I ran his credit.

His insurance doesn't
cover the treatment.

You ran his credit?

He's bankrupt, Adam.

You know about
that civil suit he lost?


My patrol buddies, they used
to talk about this guy,

Detective "Sally" Ortiz.

CPD tried to bury it,
but he got jammed up

for a bad arrest
of a two-time murderer.

He got a 700K judgment
against him.

He lost all his deferred comp
and the kicker?

Half his paycheck is garnished.

It goes directly
to a convicted felon.

So it makes sense.

The guy is drowning.

He's desperate.

He grabbed his flashlight
to do his job.

Because he knew
a security camera was on him.

The flashlight was his cover.

I didn't want
to believe it either.

Come on.

What about you?
What makes you so sure

that he's clean?
Because I know him.

So I don't care how desperate
or how broke he is.

He's not a thief.

It's not who he is.

He's a cop.

You planning on going to Voight
with this?

I don't know.

Look, Kim, I...think we
should do what Sarge suggested.

We find the bad guys.

The bad guys are the Quinns.

Not Detective Sally Ortiz.

Yeah, I just got back
to the district.

I'm gonna fill in my sergeant.

Thank you, man.
That's good news.

Hey, Sarge?

I think we found where

the Quinns are laying
their heads.


Jimmy Quinn's got
a girlfriend.

She's posted bond
for him twice.

She lives in South Austin.

Tact's been sitting
on her place.

Two men matching
the Quinns' descriptions

just showed up.

Okay, alert the team.

Get over there, set up,
and tail them.

We can't keep our eyes
on 'em forever.

I think we should move in.

All we have
is circumstantial.

I know that.
I know.

But we move in.
Give me the 48.

I'll sweat 'em.
I'll get those watches back.

We end this thing.

Boss, I...

I need this one.

We all need it, Adam.

We don't have 'em.

We'll sit on the house.

Hey, he's right.

What, what's going on?

They bumped up my meet
with IRT.

To when?

No, reschedule.
You can't go in there hot.

I just want this done.

So then, uh, Detective Ortiz
and I split up.

The offender engaged,
got off a few rounds,

so I took cover
behind some machinery.

Radioed Detective Ortiz.

He was locked down
in the old assembly room.

He was where?

Sir, you guys have a map
right here.

I'm right in the middle
of a case.

I feel like I'm kinda
just repeating everything

I've said to you before.

I mean, it's impossible
he was in that room.

It's bolted shut.

Sealed off
any potential hazardous areas.

So where was Detective Ortiz?

Oh, yeah.

Okay, well, I-I must have
misunderstood him.

I mean, I was under fire.

So, uh, the offender got off
a few more rounds,

took off running.

Did you see where
the shots came from?

Only that the rounds were
coming in my direction.

Was it at that time
you felt imminent danger?


When was the next time
you had a clear view

of the armed offender?

When I got
to the elevated position.

What happened?
IRT didn't sign off?

No, they did.
It was a good shoot.

Okay, good.


You were right.


Sal lied to me.

Told me he was
in this assembly room,

that he got jammed up.

Turns out that room
is bolted shut.

I think he just held back.

'Cause I walkied him.

I was screaming for help.
I was scared.

And he was 50 feet away
and he...

he slow-rolled me.

Did you mention that to IRT?


How's he gonna do that?

Is that what policing is now?

Too much risk to be proactive
and save another cop's life?

I mean, oh, my God.

I'm sorry.


I should be sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't listen
to you.


Gotta tell Voight, right?


Move on Ortiz.



Bye, Mary.

Mary said Sal was
up all night drinking.

Sounds like he was a mess.

Rambling and railing
against the system.

Left this morning
carrying a bag.

She hasn't heard
from him since.

I don't know, boss.

Sounds like he's either selling
the watches

or we need
to start checking morgues.

Nah, we're not there yet.

Hey, hold on a sec, Kev.

Atwater got a hit
on Ortiz's private car.

Toll cams caught it
exiting 94 in Roseland

about 30 minutes ago.
Which makes sense.

Sal's got a CI listed
in Roseland--

a guy named Alan Delano who's
a thief and a former fence.

All right,
so he's dumping the watches.

LKA's 850 South Perry Ave.

All right, then let's go.

Chicago PD.

No, Sal, Sal.

I'd back off if I was you.

Easy, easy.

Sal, you gotta give me
your weapon.


We can fix this.

I've given my life
to this job.

I worked for the city
for 21 years.

I'm not asking for a parade.

So you just let me walk away.

Come on,
you know I can't do that.

You know that half my check
goes to a convicted murderer?

I'm a good cop.

I deserve this.
Mary--Mary deserves it.

Sal, we're not here
to take you in.

There's another way
out of this.

Think it's too late for that.

We've been sitting
on that stash house.

We own it.

We put those watches back.

We do another search
of the premises.

This time we come out
with a bag of stolen goods.

I need this money, man.

I'm losing a home!

You understand that?

I mean, I got
nowhere else to turn!

I'm telling you,
turn to us, Sal.

We can find a way out of this.

Lemme ask you something.

Have you cleaned up
the watches?


Okay, okay.

I mean, chances are
the Quinns' DNA or hair

is still on 'em.
We'll bust the Quinns.

You take a few weeks off.
Take care of Mary.

The good guys win.

We're all good.

Come on, look, Adam's right.

You need to take
a couple weeks off, Sal, okay?


we got this.

We got you.


I'm gonna take your weapon.

All right.

We got you.

Go ahead, go with Adam.

All right.

Let's get out of here, man.

You know, I got about a month
of furlough built up.

I guess it's about time
I used it, right?

Whoa, whoa, what's going on?

We're gonna run the evidence
at the lab.

We need to tell them
how we found it.

No, no.
Officers, hold up.

But--but you said--
We lied to you, Sal.

We lied to you
like you've been lying to us.

Tell me what happened
in the factory.

What happened when a methhead
was trying to kill me?

Tell me where you were.

Tell me.

You were willing
to let me die, Sal.


So what happens
to the next cop?

The next civilian
that you slow-roll?

No, I...

I couldn't catch
another beef, Ruz.

I couldn't.

I mean, I am real police,

and they won't let me
do my job, man.

No, no, no, no.

No, the job
just got harder to do.

Jesus, Sal, people died
on this case.

Innocent people died.

We needed to stop it
from happening.

And you steal the only evidence
that allows us to do so?

Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?

You're under arrest.

Your FOP lawyer will meet you
at the district.

Ok, Adam, Adam, Adam.

You--you gotta let me
go back inside.

I'm begging you.

And the watch.

Mary gets everything.

I can't do that.

Sal, I'm not doing that.

I'm sorry.

Turn around.

Sal, please turn around.

Mmm, gracias, barkeep.


Just keep 'em coming.

Bench, you know who
that cop is?

That's your great-uncle,


On my mom's side.

Thomas Rierdan.
He's on the wall.

1957, gets into a shoot-out

with an Outfit bagman named
"Detroit Phil" Catalano.

He lost, but...

they gave him a parade,
the city.

'Cause that's how police used
to be treated.

Hey, Bench.

Ah, what'll you have, Kim?

I will have nothing.

I just need a moment
with this guy.

You can have him.

Oh, Bench.



Well, I have to warn you,
I'm pretty drunk over here.

You wanna join me?

You wanna catch up?


I got an update.

We got a DNA hit
on those watches Ortiz stole.


So we got enough
for a warrant.

And the Quinn brothers,

they're in custody, so..


Do you think he saw it coming?


Think he felt it happening?

I'm like...

thinking, you know,
I love this job...

so much.

You know,
and I'm gonna continue

to try and do it the right way,
no matter how many beefs

I get in, no matter how much
time I spend defending myself.

But it's like...

like, I know
that's how Sal felt too.

And I just don't think
he saw it coming.

Yeah, well,
you're not him, Adam.

That is not you.

That is not you.

And you have me
and you have Makayla.

And we won't let that be you.

Why don't you try?

Why don't you go ahead and try?

Let's go home.

I gotta pay Bench.

Why don't you give me
the money and I'll handle it?

Thank you.

One foot, two foot.

All right.

Good night, Benchy.


Bye, Benchy-boy.

Later, Ruzey.