Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 10 - Home Safe - full transcript

The team searches for a missing child in what turns out to be a very complicated case. Burgess and Ruzek are in for a shock when someone from Makayla's past comes forward.


- Oh, that sounds cool.
I tell you what,

recess was always
my favorite part of school.

- Yup.
- What else?

- Well, we learned that
Jupiter's the biggest planet

and Saturn has a bunch
of rings around it.

- Hmm.
- And my new friend, Teddy,

gave me this new sticker
today during recess.

A cute little strawberry.

- Oh, it is
a cute little strawberry.

My gosh, what
an action-packed day you had.

Is that everything?
- Mm-hmm.

- You ready to hit it?
- Yup.

Let's go.

I got a question for you, Mack.

Pluto, is it still a planet

or have they officially
left it behind?

- Well...
- Well, what?

- Well, we--
- Excuse me, excuse me?

I'm sorry, I have to stop you.
Who are you?

- I'm sorry?
- Who are you?

- Oh, my name's Adam Ruzek.
- And you're Makayla's...

- Oh, I'm--

- You're not her father,
I take it?

- No, ma'am.
- Sorry, her guardian, I mean.

- No, not officially.
I'm just here--

- He's my friend.
- You're darn right.

I'm her friend.
Kim Burgess is her guardian.

I'm just here
to pick Makayla up for--

- She didn't authorize you
for pick up.

- Oh, okay, gotcha.
I'm sorry.

I didn't know that was a thing.

- Makayla, honey, can you
step over here with me please?

- No, she's fine
with me, ma'am.

I just--I'm gonna call Kim.

We're gonna get this
straightened out.

- I'm still gonna need her
to step over here with me, sir.

Come on, honey.

- It's all right, Mack.
Go on.

- All right.
Come on. This way.

- I'm sure you understand.
We can't let an unauthorized--

- I understand.
- For all she could've known--

- Sir, you keep
explaining yourself.

I get it, it's just,
I showed you my badge

and yet, you still got Makayla
sitting in there by herself

watching all this go down.
- I'm here.

Adam is authorized
to pick up Makayla.

I just forgot to put his name
on the paperwork.

Just a mistake.
- These things happen.

- Yeah.

- We'll just need you
to resubmit the paperwork.

- Am I good to go get Mack now?
- Yes.

All right, let's go.
- Let's do it.

- Okay.

- I completely forgot
when I asked you

to pick her up this morning.
I'm so sorry.

- It's fine.

You did submit it
last month though, right?

- What, her authorization form?
- Yeah, it was last month.

I thought you put
me down automatically.

- Makayla, please slow down
and wait for us.

I think I just figured
you wouldn't be picking her up.

I mean, I can usually make it.


- Voight's got a potential
missing tender age.

You take it.

I'll drop Makayla off.
- Copy.

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

- I told them this already.

I do a Zoom meeting every day
at that time.

- Okay, so when was the last
time you saw your daughter?

- I--what are they doing?

- Just taking a look around
the neighborhood, Simone.

Can you tell me when the
last time you saw Brianna was?

- I don't know.
- Okay.

- Oh God.

I don't know.

She always likes to play
in the backyard after school.

I check on her
every ten minutes.

- I understand.

All right, do you have
a recent picture of Brianna?

- Yeah.

- Oh, that's a cute kid.
She about seven?

- Mm-hmm.
- That's a good age.

- Yeah, it sure is.

All right, listen, I just
want you to stay right here.

Keep your phone nearby

in case someone calls.
She's gonna sit with you.

We're just gonna take
another look around the yard.

All right?
- Okay.

- All right.

- So what are we
really looking at?

- Patrol responded.

Simone was running through
the neighborhood, panicked.

And Brianna disappeared
from the backyard.

They found evidence of blood.

Was open when they got here.

The blood they found.
- All right.

Well, I mean, it's possible
she got hurt, wandered off.

Makayla's always getting cuts,
scrapes, bleeding.


- All calls lodged?

- Yes, sir.
Missing tender age,

we already threw out
a BOLO and an Amber Alert.

- And a dedicated
tip-line at 21.

- Mobile crime lab's
on its way,

Forensics is moving in,

and CPIC is pulling all
the POD footage in the area.

- And we need all door cams,
NEST cameras,

anything we can get
and all in-service calls.

Hailey, talk to the mom.
We need more info.

- Okay.

- You guys got married.
- Yeah, we did.

- What the hell?

- Guys, we have work to do.

- Sarge.

I got a neighbor
who heard something.

Second house there,
a woman heard what she thought

was screaming from the alley.
A car racing away.

She went to look out
her back window,

didn't see a thing.

It's the real deal.

Feels like
a stranger abduction.

- Why are you in here?
I told you Brianna was outside.

- Mrs. Hall,
I know this is difficult,

but I need you to stay with me.

Do you know of anyone that
would want to take Brianna?

- Take her?

Of course not.
- Okay.

Where's your husband?

- He's on his way home.

He was away at Springfield.
He's driving back now.

- What's in Springfield?
- A client.

I don't know which.

- Ma'am, does Brianna use
a tablet or a laptop?

- Yes, it's in her room,

but she's only allowed
to use it when I'm around.

- Her room is...
- Upstairs, last door.

- May I?
- Yeah, sure.

- Mrs. Hall,
we're gonna do everything

we can to find her, okay?
I promise.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Makayla with the sitter?
- Yeah, she's all set.

- I haven't checked
those drawers yet.

Parents worst nightmare
here, huh?

- Yeah.

Girl's really
into martial arts.

- You get the paperwork
for Makayla all settled?

- Yeah, it's all sorted.
I sent it right in.

- And soccer, dance,

I'm good to pick her up
from those, right?

- Um, I can call them, sure.

I just need to add you on.

Door cam footage is up.

- Okay,
this is 2:17 p.m. today.

Door cam position
is the mom's backyard.

You see that obstructed view
of the alley right there.

- Hey, wait. Go back.
- Okay.

- There.

What she looking at?
We got any other cameras?

- No, I got nothing yet.

I mean, if you ask me,
she's looking at somebody.

Somebody was stopped
right there in that alley.

- Hey, we got
a track and trace set up

on both the Hall's phones,

so if a kidnapper contacts them
we're gonna know.

Also, there's five registered
sex offenders

within a two-mile radius.

- Okay.

We keep our minds wide.

And every one
of those sex offenders

has a cleared alibi
or we bring them in.

And we do a full rundown
on this family.

And we
knock and talk ourselves,

you understand?
- Copy that.

- Jay and Kev, you hit
the sex offender list.

The rest of you
start talking to neighbors.

All right, let's go.

- Hey there, Chicago PD.

I'm Detective Halstead.
This is Officer Atwater.

- You all just come over
whenever you want.

- Well, you lose certain
freedoms when you prey on kids.

What were you doing between
1:00 and 3:00 p.m. today?

- I got a root canal.

- We need that dentist's info.

- Have you seen
that little girl?

- Oh, I've seen her
around the block, yes.

But I was at the studio.

I taught three classes

and picked up my grandkids.

- Do you have
any security cameras?

- Oh, no. I'm so sorry.

I guess I should.
- But I don't.

And I'm sorry,

I can't say
that I recognize her.

There's a lot of kids
in this neighborhood,

it's supposed to be safe.

I wish I could help you more.

- Were you here today?

- Earlier, yes, but then
I went to the park to paint.

- Look, I know exactly
why you're here

because my stepfather--
- Is Richard Brodsky.

- Yeah, freaking pervert,
I know.

I wouldn't let
my own kids near him,

but he died of a stroke
a week ago.

I'm just packing up.

I'm sorry,
I don't know who that girl is.

- She looks like
the Halls girl.

Is that right?
- Yes, sir.

- Yeah, no,
she rides her bike around here.

My God, that poor family.

They care about
that girl so much.

I mean, most of the time
they're just--

- Most of the time what?

I shouldn't.

It's fully out of line.

- It's certainly not
out of line, sir.

A child's missing.

What do you mean
"most of the time?"

- Most of the time,
they're arguing about her.

What's best for her.

They live a few houses down.
I--I've heard them.

The dad gets pretty fired up.

- Okay.
- Too much love, right?

- All right, well,
thank you for your time, sir.

Thank you.
- Thank you, officer.

- I need to see my wife.

My girl is gone and I--
- Sir, sir, sir.

I understand, but you gotta
answer our questions first.

Okay? So where were you today?

- I was at a client's.
My wife told you.

I'm in software development.

- Can anyone corroborate that?
- Yes.

Of course, the whole team.
- Okay.

So how's your marriage?
- What?

- Do you fight, have arguments,

disagreements about Brianna?
- What the hell is this?

- This is me trying
to find your daughter.

- And my marriage
has to do with that?

- Mr. Hall, we understand
that this is uncomfortable.

- No, you don't.

Do I fight with my wife?
Yes, we fight.

We argue. You want to know why?

She thinks I'm overprotective--

because I don't like
their afternoon routine.

You think she's still
gonna see it that way

after she left
my daughter alone

in the goddamn backyard
so someone could...

I didn't hurt my kid.

- Sarge.

Simone and Niles' alibis
are airtight,

but we found one
that didn't check out.

There's a Charles Kalzenski
who lives two blocks down.

We talked to him.
- Right.

- And he volunteered
he was at the park painting

when Brianna disappeared.
- He wasn't?

- No, we caught him
on a neighbor's door cam

going the opposite direction
of the park

towards the alley Brianna
disappeared from at 2:15,

which is minutes
before she disappeared.

And it gets a lot worse.

There's a Charles Kalzenski
in the sex offender database.

It's the same guy, Sarge.

He just didn't update
his address when he moved.

And he's a tender age

- Judge gave the green light
on the exigent.

- Go.

- Chicago PD!

- Burge, doors.
- I got it.


- Stairs, anything?


- Moving.

Going down.

- Upstairs, clear.

- Downstairs, clear.

- All clear, house is empty.


- Okay, tell me
we got something.

- We got CPIC
running traffic cams.

- Forensics scrubbed the house.

There's nothing linking
Brianna to the residence.

We got a BOLO out
on Charlie and his vehicle.

No hits yet.
It looks like he's on the lam.

- He cleaned out some clothes.
Emptied out his fridge.

We have to assume
that he still has Brianna

and is headed somewhere.

- Okay, so what do we
know about him?

- He was arrested eight years
ago for inappropriate touching

while he was working
as a school photographer.

- All reported victims are
seven- to eight-year-old girls,

which is an exact age match
to Brianna.

- Yeah, he got a plea deal
and he did zero jail time.

- All right, what do we
have on timing?

- All right, well,
Charlie's car moves

towards the alley
where Brianna disappeared.

2:15, we lose eyes.

It's plenty of time for him
to turn to that alley,

lure Brianna,
she's gone by 2:17.

- Any luck tracking him on GPS?

- We can't,
he doesn't own a phone.

He's not allowed
to use the internet.

Part of his plea deal.

- We can't track a criminal
because of a court order.

Ain't that some irony?

- Brianna's parents are
headed in now with patrol.

They'll confirm if Charlie
had previous contact.

- Hey, got a hit on the BOLO.

All right, tech found
Charlie's car.

They're sitting on it
right now in Humboldt.

- Go, you and Kev.

- Sedan's been sitting there
20 minutes now.

It matches your BOLO.
- Okay.

You didn't approach, did you?
- No, we didn't.

We thought we shouldn't.
- Okay.

Hold it down, all right?

All right, here's the fun part.

- Good DI.

No body.


- Call it in.

- Yeah, send over
whatever you got.

- Got another camera
coming now,

facing the north east corner
of 48th and State.

- Okay, copy.
- All right, where are we?

- All right,
so we've got Charlie here

parking his car on 48th Street
where we found it.

There's an obstructed view
of him exiting the vehicle

carrying a bag.
- But no Brianna.

- No, he's alone.

Next time we catch him is here
on 48th Street on the corner.

Then a convenience store camera

picks him up
three minutes after that.

And then a minute after that,
we assume he keeps walking

in that direction,
but we have a blind spot.

- Parents confirmed
they know Charlie.

Simone said he likes
to walk the neighborhood

and say "hi" to Brianna.

They also think
the sweatshirt might be hers,

but they can't confirm.
They're in shock, unreliable.

- I think we got him.

Last camera picked up
the blind spot.

- Can we get that address?
- Yup.

That's 4280 Miller.

It's Legacy Offsite
Document Storage

and--hold on a sec--

Charlie worked there
between 2015 and 2019.

- Go.

- East side, lots of boxes.
That's it.

- I got eyes on his bag
and some bedding.

It looks like
he was camping here.

- Copy.

- All right,
I'm right here with you.

Let's go.

- All right, I got right.

- There's a break room
up here.

No sign of anyone.

- Yeah, copy.

Moving toward the back
of the building.

- I'm right behind you.

- Chicago PD, stop!

- I got him.

Come on, get up.

Hands up.
- Second floor is clear.

No sign of Brianna.
- East side clear.

- Copy that.
Offender's in custody.

Hello, Charlie.

So where is she?



- Where is she?

- I told you.
I told you everything--

- No, we're not going
to keep doing this.

We're not gonna keep going
around in circles, Charlie.

- I didn't take her.

- Again,
we have a child's sweatshirt

in the trunk of your car.

We have you on video driving

towards the alley
where Brianna disappeared.

- I only drove that way because
I can't drive by a school.

The plea deal--

- Right and the fact
that you ran.

- I knew what you would think.

Seriously, I knew what
this would look like.

- That's what
you're sticking with, huh?

- I--I knew that
I would be a suspect.

- Charlie, you have a painting
of her in your house.

- No.

No, no, that is only because
I can't take photos anymore.

- Right, because
you molested children.

- I--

I would never knowingly
hurt a child.

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

- I love children.

Do you have a child?

- We are not talking about me.

- I didn't take her.

Someone else must've taken her.

I saw other people out
when I was driving.

I saw a woman jogging.
Someone was walking their dog.

A woman driving--
- Stop.

- I saw a white car.
- Stop, stop.

Where is she?

- I don't know.

- You get anything yet?
- No, he's still denying it.

Now he's trying
to offer new suspects.

- All right, tell me
we got something else.

- No, not yet.

No DNA from Brianna
in that building.

No DNA on his clothes.

- Forensics are
still working his vehicle.

- Look, he takes Brianna
at 2:17,

two hours later we're
talking to him at his house.

So where the hell
was he in those two hours?

- We're still pulling
POD footage.

We got nothing yet.

- Well, he didn't
just disappear.

Neither did Brianna.

All right, just keep pulling
everything we can.

- Boss, this guy seems
real aware

of the freedoms
he no longer enjoys.

- Okay.

- I'd like to take
a few more away from him.

- Yeah, do it.

Kev, meantime,
keep an eye on him.

- You want all of these?

- Yeah, the more the better.
- Okay.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

It's just those poor parents,
I can't imagine.

This case just feels
so different since Makayla.

- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah, what's up?

- Why wasn't I
on any of the paperwork?

If it's nothing
and I'm overthinking things,

you just tell me
to shut the hell up.

It just felt
a little intentional.

- I think we should
talk about this later, okay?

- Please tell me now.

- I think it would be better
if we had...

More boundaries with Makayla.

Less official, you know?
Make it easier if...

- If what?

- I don't know.

- Yes, you do, Kim. What?

- Okay, if you ever
weren't around.

I think it would be easier
if you ever weren't around.

I'm only being realistic.

We're not dating.
You could meet someone.

You could fall in love
and want your own family.

You're gonna want to move out.
- And I'm just gonna leave her?

- That's not what I'm saying.
- Are you guys gonna leave me?

- Adam, listen to me.
- Because, Kim,

everything that you just
said to me is true for you too.

And from where I'm sitting,

I got no right
to be in her life right now.

I'm some backup plan
that sleeps on your couch.

- Hey.

Oh, I'm sorry, are y'all...

- No, man, we're fine.

We're fine.

You ready to go?
- Yeah, media's got it.

- Let's do it.

So let me make something
real clear to you.

I'm not leaving
until I get what I need.

So I want you
to think real hard

because what you say to me
in this room

is gonna play a big part
in what happens to you next.

Do you understand?

- I already told you
so many times--

- No, no, no.

No, no, no.

You have lied to me
so many times.

We're gonna stop
lying to ourselves now.

Tara Martinez.

- Meredith Melnyk.
- Oh, God, I--

- Libby Cole.

These are the kids
that you hurt.

- I never meant--
- You know that Libby Cole?

She committed suicide
when she was 15 years old

because of what you did.
- No.

- You killed her, Charlie.

What you did to her,
killed her.

- I didn't...

- Why don't you
give these a read.

Read it.

- Beware Charlie Kalzenski,


Person of interest
in the disappearance

of seven-year-old...

both: Brianna Hall.

- I didn't...
- Yeah.

And that's you.

- I didn't...
- These are up all over

your neighborhood
because someone

leaked your arrest
to the press.

- The whole neighborhood knows
exactly who you are now.

- Oh, God.
- I know who you are.

You know who you are.
It's over, Charlie.

- So come on.

Just tell me the truth.
What happened to her?

- I never wanted
to hurt anyone.

- But you did.

You grabbed her from her yard
'cause you wanted to touch her.

And then what happened?
- No.

- She pushed you away,
you got angry,

then you hurt her?
- No.

- No?
- I can't tell you...

- Charlie, you got to remember,
this is where we are now.


This is where we are now.


- It's out.
- Oh, God.

- It's out.

Do you know how fast this
kind of news gets to prison?


They already know
you're coming.

Do you know what
they're gonna do to you?

- Please, I...

- Everything that you ever
thought of doing to a child

and a whole lot worse.
- Please don't...

- They're gonna use
your sick mind against you

unless you tell me right now
where she is.

- Oh, God.
- You understand?

They're gonna tear you apart.

I'm the only thing
that can help you.

I'm the only thing standing
between you and gen pop.

So think real hard right now
and tell me, where is she?

- I, um...

I, uh, I--

- Come on, Charlie.

Come on, just tell me, man.

It's okay, tell me.

- I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't know.

- Sit tight.

What the hell? What's going on?

I almost had him in there.
What are you doing?

- We got footage off
the tip-line.

Something you need to see.

- Wait, Kev, is it Charlie?
- No, it's not.

- What the hell's going on?

- A woman said she saw a girl
matching Brianna's description

with a white male at
a gas station at 2:37 p.m.

He was grabbing the key
to the bathroom.

- It wasn't Charlie?

- No, height and weight
are all wrong.

- Okay, Adam, this is 2:46.

This is well after
the witness saw them inside.

That's it.

And it's not enough
for a facial rec.

- Hold on.
- What?

- That's a white Honda.
- Okay.

- He said white car, Charlie.
He mentioned a white car

when he was trying
to give me other suspects.

Son of a bitch.

You said you saw a white car?


White car.

Did you see the plates?

Did you see the driver?


Come on, man.

- I will never tell you
a thing.


- Okay, so it's a white
2003, 2005 Honda sedan.

That's the only specs we were
able to get from the video.

And the witness is talking
with a sketch artist now.

- Okay, so we pull
every white Honda

in Chicago that matches
those stats.

- All right, I got

eight registered sex offenders
in that area.

- All right, track them.
Get alibis.

We got body details?

- 5'10" to 6 feet,
180 to 200 pounds.

- Put them in front
of the parents.

- Yup.

- Charlie is not talking.

He ain't ever going
to talk to me now.

- Well, he's a witness,
one of our only.

- Boss, I messed up.
I pushed him too hard.

It's not gonna work.

- You got
to make it work, Adam.

- All right.

- Oh, my God.

- Son of a bitch.

All right, wait here.

You cleared the house?
- Yeah.

No one but him.

We'll book him.
Loop you all in.

- All right.

- You son of a bitch.
I'm gonna kill you!

- Don't make it worse.
- Where's my daughter?

- Don't make it worse.

- Get out of my house.
- I can't.

Not until you talk to me.

- Get the hell out of my house.
- What did you see?

Just tell me what you saw.
Did you see the driver?

Did you see a plate?

- You keep telling me
you'd never hurt a child.

This one might be dying.
- Because of you.

- You asked me if I have a kid.

I do.

She's a girl.
She's seven just like Brianna.

So you can imagine
what I thought when I saw you.

It's a little overwhelming
being a dad sometimes,

being scared, being protective.

You know, loving your kid
so much that it hurts.

Charlie, it made me
get it wrong.

I didn't believe you when you
said you'd never hurt a child.

- I love children.
- I know.

I understand that now.

This little girl
could be dying.

She could be dead.

She's a real kid
out there, Charlie.

I can't lose her because I was
too scared to see you right.

I didn't see the driver.

- Okay.

And the car?

- It was a Honda.

I didn't see the plate.

- Okay.

- Um, there was a decal,

like a--like a sticker.

Indiana Hoosiers.

On the top left.

And that's all.

That's it? No thank you?

- I pity you, Charlie.

On some level, I do.

But I meant everything
I said to you in that box.

You are a predator,

and if you ever
touch a child again,

I'm gonna find ya,

and I will rain down every bit
of hell that I promised.

White Honda has

an Indiana University decal
in the back window.

- Okay, so we go wide.

Run against anyone that pops
with a white Honda in Chicago.

- Well, the Honda doesn't match
any of our eight sex offenders,

and none of them
tie back to the college.

- No matches in POD footage.

- I got a 2003 white Honda

registered to
a Priscilla DeFranco.

She graduated from
Indiana University

30 years ago.
She lives in Ravenswood.

- DeFranco?
Don't we have a DeFranco?

- Joseph DeFranco.

Adam, you and I,
we interviewed him.

He lives three doors down
from the Halls.

He's the one who said that

Niles gets so upset
when Brianna's in the yard.

- Okay, what do we have on him?
- Uh, one sec.

He's 39,

single, works in tech,
got laid off two months ago.

- He had a kid who died.

Six years ago, his daughter
died in a car crash.

He got divorced a year later.

Height and weight,
it seems like a match.

- Sarge, it's him.
- Okay.

Drop an anchor
at Joseph DeFranco's.

We're heading to you.
- Copy.

- Chicago PD!

- Going down.

- Clear.

- Clear. Going upstairs.

- Hailey, he's coming to you.

- Yeah, I got eyes.

- I got the car.

- I got you.

- Don't move.

Stay down!
Hands behind your back.

- Anything?

- She's not here.


- Hey, you understand that?

Joseph, we have you.


We found Brianna's DNA

in your mother's car,
on your jacket.

So where is she?


This can be
a lot harder for you

if you don't talk to us.

A lot harder.

Come on, look at me.

- A man....

A man who has a daughter.

- Go ahead,
a man who has a daughter.

A man who has a daughter, what?

You took her
'cause you lost your daughter

and you wanted
to be a father again?

- Joseph, do you know that we
have your mother in here too?

You used her car,

so she could be
on the hook for this

if you don't talk to us.

You don't want that for her.

Where did you take her?

- He is near catatonic.

All right, where else are we?

- His cell phone's been off

since 7 a.m. the day
that Brianna disappeared.

- CPIC has his car,

and they're running
traffic cams,

taking out his GPS,

and his mama claimed
she doesn't know anything.

- Huh.
- All right, what about tech?

- Nothing on his laptop.

Hasn't used his credit card
in two days, but get this.

He's been pulling out
500 in cash every week.

- Got something from his house.

Search recovered a receipt

dated a month ago
to a children's store.

He bought a kid's bed,
a kid's comforter,

stuffed animals.
- He built her a room.

- Yeah, he was gonna hold her.

Guy's still grieving,
wants a kid,

takes Brianna,
but panics when she resists.

- So if he bought furniture,

he had to transport it

There's gotta be
footprints, right?

- Mm-hmm, but the guy
wouldn't rent a truck.

- No, he'd move it himself.

What are the chances he didn't
turn his cell phone off

when he did?
- I'm on it.

- We're two minutes out.
- Copy, we're going in now.

- Brianna, we're the police.

- Brianna, we're Chicago police
here to help.

Come on, kid. Come on.

- Brianna?

Brianna, honey,
it's the police.

You're okay. Can you call out?

- Son of a bitch.

Come on.

- You got her?

Tell me you have her.
- Yeah, I got her.

She got a pulse.

- Come on, baby.

- Come on.
Let's get you out of here.

- 5021 Eddie, we're coming out
with her now,

north east corner.
Get me those paramedics.

- Hey.
- Oh, there you are.

Um, did you hear back from Med?

- Mm.

Yeah, she's out of surgery.
She did real well.

She had a brain bleed,
but they stopped it.

- That's good.
We brought her home safe.

- Yeah.

- I killed you, didn't I,
with what I said about Makayla?

Let me be clear, okay?

I know that you love her
and she loves you, Adam.

- Okay then why--

- I'm not going
to take it away from you.

- Then why you got me
in a standby position?

- I'm not.
I'm trying to protect her,

that's all.
- But I'm not leaving.

I know she's not mine.

But she is.

She feels like my kid.
I love her like she's my kid.

And I just...

Do not want to feel like
I'm gonna lose her.

I can't do that all the time,
you know?

- You won't.

- I understand things
are complicated

between you and me, I do.

I just need to know that
I have a place with her too.

I got a right to be
in her life going forward.

- Okay, we can do that.

- Really? Yeah?

- Yeah.

Yeah, we were going
to do it before, right,

with our baby.
This modern family.

Let's do that now with Makayla.

- Well, I would
like that very much.

- Okay.

- Come here.

- And that's what they said.

It's like they're all
moving so fast

you can't see them.
- Hmm.

- Just kind of
moving around up there.

- Yeah, just moving?

Just dancing around
up there like this?

- I think we might have
to revisit that one in class.

You can't sleep with those.

What are you, crazy?

Get marker all over
your sheets.

Hey, can I talk to you
about something?

- Okay.

- So Kim and I were thinking,
if it's okay with you,

of course,
that maybe the three of us,

we could live together
kind of permanent like.

- You're gonna live
on the couch?


There's a three bedroom
apartment just upstairs,

so we would move in there,
then I could have my own room.

And you and I, we could hang
out together all of the time.

I could pick you up from
school, that sort of thing.

What do you think?
That sound okay?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Do you think
my new friend, Teddy,

can come over to the new place?

- Your new friend from school?

He's pretty generous
with his stickers,

so I guess we could
probably work something out.

All right, lights out, kid.

- He gave me another one today.
- Yeah?

- He keeps a bunch of them
in his car.

- Oh, his car.
You mean his parent's car?

- No, it's his car.

He has one all himself.

- Mack, is Teddy a teacher
from school?

- No, he's the man who
waits by the fence for me.

Only ever wants to talk to me.

- I assure you
if anyone saw anything--

- I want to see the footage.

- We always have
at least three TAs--

- Scroll to yesterday.

- Oh, my God.

- This is officer Adam Ruzek,
badge number 59054.

- Can you fast forward?
- Mm-hmm.

- Do it now.

- I need patrol backup
to 1240 Walnut.

Yeah, I need
to do a grid search.


- Okay, okay.
I know you're panicked.

I need you to have a seat.
- We're not having a seat.

What the hell
is going on, Alanah?

I ran his plates.

- I know this--
- They're related.

- Yes.

His name's Theo Morris.

He's Makayla's uncle
on her paternal side.

- Oh, Jesus.

- It hasn't reached
my desk yet,

but he's filed a petition
for full custody.

- Adam.