Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 11 - Lies - full transcript

Voight employs his new informant to help solve a tricky drug trafficking case. Atwater, who once again struggles to reconcile his personal and professional life, reaches a decision.


- It's a little undeveloped,
but look at that.

- You're gonna spend
all your money.

- Damn right.

- We got something.

Came back Chi-Teen Arts.

- Who runs it?
- Celeste Nichols.

- I know her.
Met her at a bar.

But she does not know
I'm a cop,

so I'll work her.

- You do that.

- Whoever this kid is,
I can help.

[dramatic music]


- Killed in police custody!

Lewis was riding
in a patrol car

with two Black officers.

They didn't protect him.

- I gotta tell you.
- No.

None of this is on you.

I think you are
a very good man, Kevin.

- Okay, that's it.

You're all set.

- That's it?
- Yeah.

It's all yours.

Your very own tenant property.

Or the start of one.

You're a brave man.

- You keep saying that.

- Burnside probably needs
more people like you.


Good luck.

- [exhales heavily]

[funky music]

- Oh, city workers got
all the moves.

- Heads up, left step.
- Uh-oh.

- Come here.

Bring it in.

Families at your new building,
they're gonna love you.

- Yeah? Why you say that?

- "If I could say it
in words,

there would be no reason
to paint."

Edward Hopper said that.

- I thought that was Eddie.

- I got you something.

- What?
- Come on.

You ready?
- Yeah.

- Present to celebrate
you officially signing

property in Burnside.

- Truly, I--
- You like?

- I love it.
- Yeah?

A happy Black family united.

- Who painted it?

- My student, Bobby.

He usually does
these giant murals,

but, um, I asked him
to do something

a little smaller,

and this is
what he came up with.

- I mean, he just might as well
make one out of this.

- Huh?

- Do a mural
on my building.

- On your bui--yeah?

- Yeah, paint
the whole damn wall.

Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

[phone buzzing]

Let me guess...
maintenance call.

- Jordan.
- Mm.

- Locked himself
out of his car in the burbs.

I got to pop his locks.

- Poppin' locks
in your job description?

- No, ma'am.
- Mm-mm.

- Thank God for city jobs.
- Amen.

Tell Jordan I said
hello, again.

- I will.

Tell Bobby I want to meet him.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.

I'll be back.

Yo, Burgess.

- Hey, where you been?

Your calls are going
straight to voicemail.

- I was with Jordan.

What we got?
- Two more bodies.

- Carfentanil again?
- Yeah.

- ME's prelim is linking it
to Tovar's bad batch.

Same cheap heroin mixed
with the same carfentanil.

Guy's not slowing down.

[sighs] Their three-year-old
was in the car.

Names were
John and Tessa Barkley.

They'd just spoken
to their in-laws.

They were about
to drop their daughter off

on their way to rehab.

Start a new life.

- Old one got in the way.

Guess they wanted
one more high.

Died for it.

- All right,
that's eight bodies now.

We got eight bodies
'cause of Tovar's bad dope.

All right, where are we at
with your unwitting?

- I'm in deep with Jimmy,

but I've been buying
pretty smart.

That guy's not a heavy, Sarge.

- So push him up
to be one.

Get him on the hook
for a big buy, tonight.

I want his boss, Tovar,
off the street right now.

So make it happen.

- I got it.

[suspenseful music]

- Well, all I'm saying is
I don't know why

it had to be tonight.
- Jimmy.

I've been pressing you
for weeks, dog.

Don't do that.
- And I've made it happen.

I've pulled through
for you, right?

It's gonna be
two and a half bricks.

Yo, Nando, you in there?

- Yeah.

Don't say a damn word
about it to my brother,

all right?

I told him
we going to play pool.

- Ese, come on.

- Yo, what the hell
you eating?

- Macro load.
Gotta be up.

- You working on
that left hook, champ?

- His left hook is fine.

But yo, don't be up too late,
all right?

You gotta train
early in the morning.

- Mm-hmm.

- And yeah, work
on that left hook.

- All right, champ--
- All right, Kev.

- And Nando was like wah!

And this man just dropped
like a ton of bricks.

- One of these days,
Nando will realize

that you cannot play pool.

- [scoffs]
My pool game's aces.

And my brother's
never gonna find out

about any of this.

- I told you,
I ain't gonna say nothing.

- This place is
one of Tovar's drop houses.

We drop the cash,
take the dope.

- Let's go.

Ain't this house
a little obvious?

- I think that's
why Tovar likes it.

Buys up fancy-ass houses,

leaves them empty
except for the dope.

- Kind of feel bad
for this dude.

Honestly, if he wasn't
selling drugs

that were killing people,
I'd kind of like him.



- Yeah.
She hasn't called me,

so I called her again.

I know, I know.
She told me to stop too.

- Hey, she said it was
gonna take a while.


We don't even know
if this guy's got

a real custody case
for Makayla.

- Yeah.


- I got it all planned out.

My brother fighting
two more matches,

and be fighting

in the UFC after that.
- Uh-huh.

- I'll be out of the game
for good.

Come buy me
a big old house like this one,

be kicking it up
with three fine-ass Filipinas--

- "Big Love" Latin-style.
Look at that.

- That is exactly right.
- I hear you.

- And Nando will never know
how we got there.

- Hey, man.

- What the hell is this?

Nobody's supposed
to be there, right?

- Tell me
how a drop and go

turned into a meet and greet,

- I don't know.

What the hell
are y'all doing here?

- Tovar's orders
for your little deal.

- [scoffs]
My little deal.

Look, I don't need
Tovar's babysitters

for someone I did
four plays with already.

- You want to tell him that?

- Who's gonna tell him that?

Somebody gotta tell him that.

- Yeah, give them
the cash.

- Just give him the cash?
- Yeah.

Give it to 'em.

[tense music]

- What the hell
is really going on, Jim?

I just paid
for two and a half keys,

and y'all only gave me two.

- That's what we were told
is yours.

- No, no, no, no.
Why you gotta do all that?

No, we good.
- It is what it is.

- We good, we good.
No, no, no. Nah, we good.

Settled. Right?

Got your money. Keep it moving.

We got no problems.

We good.
- It's one of Tovar's things.

Act of trust, right?

- Well, Tovar's--
- No, no, no, no.

We're gonna get it right.

- That's all good, bro.

I'ma talk to you outside, man.
Let's get up out of here.

- Hold up.

Yo, hold up, please.
- Whoa, no, bro.

Don't touch me, bro.
- No, no, I'm sorry, bro.

- Because if I whooped
your ass,

I'd be wrong,
wouldn't I?

- I warned you, man.
- 'Cause I trusted you, man,

and you just got me
ripped off, dog.

- I told you that Tovar is
unpredictable as hell, right?

That guy's crap at business,

but I will get it equal.

You just gotta--
[tires screeching]

Who is this?

Yo, this is the cops.
Run, run, run.

Hey, no--hey, no, look,
we were just having some fun.

Couple of friends hanging out.
What in the world?

Run! What are you doing?



- All right, so this is
what we call a class-X felony.

900-plus grams.

15 to 60 years
for this buy alone.

- My cousin Frankie
knows you.

- What?

My cousin Frankie.
He vouched for you.

- Frankie don't know
I'm a cop.

60 years, Jimmy.

- I've been
in your apartment, dog.

- Sorry, Jimmy.

That was not my apartment.

- You copped from me,
what, four times?

- Mm-hmm.

- Why'd the hell you wait?

- I had to build
the credibility.

I mean, that adds pressure
to this moment.

That's the only way
that we do these cases,

so that we can make sure
that people don't keep dying.

- I let you in my life.

People don't lie
to me like that, dog.

- They do, Jimmy.

You just don't know
they're lying.

But this is the truth.
We don't want you.

I'm only working you
to get to your boss, Tovar.

That's who we really want.

- Well, I ain't giving him
to you.

- Well, you're gonna do
the 60-year bid.

[suspenseful music]

- My brother.

My brother, Nando.
You know my brother, Nando.

- I do know your brother,

And I know if you do this time,

you won't be able
to corner his fights anymore,

you won't be able
to fund his training,

you won't be able
to finally see him take

that UFC contract.

But if you help us--

you get an intro to Tovar
for me,

then we help you.

I'm gonna put you on paper.

You're gonna work off
all of this.

Every charge,
as a cooperating defendant,

you will do no jail time.

You continue helping Nando,

you get out of the game
the way I know you want to--

Jim, do you understand
that you work

for one of the worst types
of dealers that there is?

Tovar is new,
he's independent,

he's very bad at it.

Y'all are cutting up the dope
with carfentanil,

and people are dying.

You've already killed eight.

You gonna help us,
or you gonna do the 60?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How'd it go?

- Got him.

He didn't really have
too much of a choice.

He's on screws.

- You know,
when we rolled up on you,

I think that's
maybe the first time

I have ever seen an unwitting
ready to take a beef

for a cop.
- Mm.

- Yeah, you worked
Jimmy real good.

[phone buzzes]

When we gonna meet
that mystery lady, Kev?

- Huh?
- Huh?

- Right.

Soon. Real soon.

- All right? You flip him?
Yeah. Yeah, I flipped him.

He agreed to a deal.
- Okay, take us through it.

- All right.

So our brand new CI, Jimmy,
will be at El Pueblo tomorrow.

That's his boss's bar.

Jimmy has
a brother named Nando.

He's a fighter
and he's got a match up there.

- So Tovar is expecting Jimmy?
- Right.

Jimmy's never missed
one of his brother's fights,

so we gonna be all good.

He's gonna bring me
with him this time,

introduce me to Tovar.

I'ma strike hot
when I set the deal,

'cause Tovar really likes cash,
so it should be a good play.

- So you set up the dry meet,

set up a buy for a later date,
wait for the sale.

- Right, then we bust
Tovar's ass,

we get all his dope
off the street.

- So we can't ghost
in El Pueblo?

- All you shiny white folks?
No ma'am.

You gotta kind of know somebody
who knows somebody

even to get in there.
- Okay, so we post up outside,

get eyes and ears?
- Yeah, that should work.

- Okay, good.
Get a COH on Jimmy, too.

We are not letting this dope
take another life.

Play it nice and smooth.
Let's go.

- Thanks.

[hip-hop music playing]

- Hey.

Gonna have to stop
looking like that, man.

Really. Cut that out.

You ain't gotta look like
you want to knock my face in.

- Then you asking
for a whole lot,

"K-Town Kev."
Can I get two?

- I ain't ask you
for nothing,

but to be here
for your brother.

He's gonna win.

Look happy.

- Where do you really live?

- Ain't no way in hell
I'm telling you that.

- It ain't K-town,
though, huh?

The burbs?

Your brother, you lie
about him too?

New woman in your life?

You make all that up?

Or is it easier to lie
if it's a little bit true?

[tense music]

- There he is.

- Yo, Tovar.

You place your bets yet?

Little brother gonna
make us rich tonight.

- He looks skinny.

- Nah, he's up
a pound of muscle.

This is my guy
I told you about.


- All right, we're up.
We've got Tovar here.

- "K-Town Kev."

- Yessir.

I'm also the cat
that wants to buy

five kilos
up off of you direct.

I'm getting real with you.
I got the kind of clientele.

Boy, they don't even
give a damn

that you cuttin' the dope.

Just let me buy in bulk.

None of that low-budget,
bad business stuff.

I'm trying to work with you.

Exclusively with you.

I done already did
four decent deals

with this man.

Matter what we can do, man.

- I ain't talking this
before a match.

- Okay.

- No, this ain't good,
this ain't right.

- No, no, no. We straight.

That's how you gotta
strike first with Tovar.

Somebody like him?

Deals ain't easy to break.

So you plant the seed now,
let it grow later.

We in the pocket, come on.

Come on.

[crowd cheering]

- Boy, you gotta let me
talk to Nando.

If I'm not over there
talking to him,

easing him up,

every person in this place
is gonna know something's up.

- I hear you. Go.

- Good?

This is what
we practiced for, right?

All right.
Get in there and make us proud.

- Nando! Let's go!

[crowd cheering]

- Fighters ready?

- Let's go, champ!
- Fight!

- [grunts]

[crowd groans]

[crowd yelling]

- Hey, you got it!

- [laughing]
Oh! Yeah!

- Come on!

- I think I just lost eyes.

I'm moving.

- Anyone have eyes
off Kev's cam?

- No, I don't see
Jimmy on this.

- Yeah, I mean, he's gotta be
in this crowd, though, right?

The hell?

- I got nothing on Jimmy's COH.

What the hell is going on here?

- No eyes out front.

[crowd shouting]

[bell dings]


[crowd shouting]

[suspenseful music]

- Damn.

I'm in a back office.

Potentially Tovar's.

And Jimmy's not here.
I don't have him yet.

Whoa, what's up, bro?
What's up?

- What the hell are you doing?

Oh man, I was actually
just looking for a bathroom.

Man, you know
where the bathroom is?

- That so?

Yeah, well,
that ain't the bathroom.

That's my office.
You not read the sign?

- Heads up,
Atwater's got company.

- That's my fault.

- I don't know about that.

- Come on, man, come on.

- Boss, we got a gun.

- All right, nobody moves.

- I don't think I like you.
- The feeling is mutual.

I didn't even really know
that was your office.

I just stepped in
and I stepped out, bro.

- Get the hell
out of my bar.

- I got a possible
exiting the side entrance.

Male, black jacket, hoodie.

- Got eyes on your possible,

Different jacket,
but it looks like Jimmy.

- What the hell is he doing?

- I don't know,
but he's moving quickly.

Do you want me to take him?

- Yes, pick him up.

- Jimmy.

Hey! Stop!

[tense music]

Jimmy, stop!

Sarge, Jimmy's trying
to jack a car.

- [yells]
- Hailey!

- 50-21 Henry, get me
an ambo now,

and I need some cars.

On-view carjacking in the alley
of Cullerton and Laflin.

Gray Kia Optima,
Young, David, Henry, 842.

He just turned westbound
down Laflin.

I'm on foot, can't pursue.


Jimmy just took off.
Our CI's running.

- What happened?

- Patrol lost eyes.
Jimmy disappeared off 18th.

- His phone?
- Turned it off, boss.

I mean, how did this happen?

What the hell is he doing?
How did we miss this?

Look, I'm--I knew
he didn't want to work with us,

but that's no different
from any other CI.

We had him squeezed.

- You think he's gonna
tip off Tovar?

- No, he's not even loyal
to Tovar like that.

I just think
he didn't believe me.

I lied to him
for a whole month.

I don't think he thought
the deal was legit,

so he's running.

- Carjacking victim
will be all right.

Got a broken wrist, broken rib.

- Last text message
Jimmy sent

was to his brother,
Fernando, saying,

"Good fight. Be in touch."

So we could bring Fernando in
or we can be up on his phone,

hoping that
Jimmy reaches out to him.

- Do that one.
- All right.

- Look, we cut Jimmy
on 60 years.

He does not get to jack a car
in front of us.

- We got another OD.

Same heroin
cut with carfentanil.

Morgue's tracking it
to Tovar's batch.

- You gotta be kidding me.

- I'll hold off the brass,
but they're calling in droves.

But we're busy, right?

- Thanks, Trudy.

We dead in the water on Tovar?

- Yeah, not without Jimmy.

- Okay, then we find him.

Check PODs, associates--
any place he'd go.

And hit up your CIs.

Guy didn't just vanish.

- You called me out
of Rafa's birthday party.

It's for you.

What do you need?

- I need you
to find someone.

Jimmy Chavez.

Sells bad dope
out of El Pueblo.

- Oh, the fight bar?
- Mm-hmm.

He's missing. Need to find him.

- Wait, that's why
you called me out here?

Thought you had an angle
on Los Temidos,

not some low-end dealer.

- Anna, we work
the cases we get.

- I signed on to be your CI
for Los Temidos.

- No, you signed on
to work for me.

If you're around long enough,
we'll get to Los Temidos

when it's right.

I need this first.

Did you want
your milkshake back?

- No, I got you strawberry.
It's disgusting.

- Jimmy Chavez.

- I heard you. I'll find him.

- And that's
the last we got him.

Residential street
in Bronzeville.

- Dude's nowhere
near a highway.

- Yeah, I would have
hopped on 55 or 290.

He had access to both.

Instead he circles back
and drives into Bronzeville.

- I don't know.

Looks like he's not going
out of town.

- Do you have traffic cams
in the area?

- Yeah, but it's spotty.

- Doesn't have anywhere to go,

wouldn't want to leave
his brother,

I don't know
what the hell he's doing.

[phone buzzing]

Are you all cool?
I forgot I gotta check

on something in my building.

- Yeah, you good?

- Yeah, I'm good.
I just forgot.


- You forgot. Didn't you?

- Well, I was at work,
doing a repair job,

and then I forgot.
- Yeah.

- Bobby.
You must be the mural artist.

Well, this is my building, bro.

To be honest with you,

whatever you want to do,
any wall, any space,

I'm pretty much down for it.

- Okay. Cool.

[tense music]

- Hey.

You know someone in that car?

Kev? You good?

- We good.

I thought I knew him.

- All right.
- Right.

- Should we head in, then?
- Yeah, we should.

- All right, come on.

- Good morning, Sergeant Trudy.

- You forget something?

- Huh?

- You forgot to switch
a new battery yesterday.

- You're absolutely right,

And I left it in my car.

I can bring it right back
to you on my way back.

- I'm gonna loan you this
for a future favor,

because your team is
skittering around downstairs.

They got a lead
on the person you mislocated.

- Copy that.

Yo, we got Jimmy?
- We're close.

Sarge is up to speed
and he's coming down.

We got the same Kia Optima
on two PODs last night.

- Okay, where was he?

- Guess.


Guy was, like, two blocks
from your new building.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- We're sure it was him?

- It was definitely him, Kev.

One of the PODs got
a clear shot of his face.

Check that out.

[suspenseful music]

- And he was there
right when you were, too.

- Right, well, you know,
I was inside the whole time.

- I know.
Kev, I wasn't suggesting

you were hanging out
with Jimmy.

- All right,
flooding Burnside.

Jay and Hailey are
hitting the West Side,

you two hit the east,
Kev, you ride with me.

I just gotta make
one stop first.

- Copy that.

- Hey.

We got word
Jimmy's in Burnside.

- Yeah, I don't know
about that.

- What do you know?

- That your Jimmy's
an idiot.

He stole 75K from Tovar.

- What?

- Yeah, Jimmy's got
a bounty on his head.

- Who told you that?

- Can't I be
like them bitchy journalists

and not reveal my sources?

- Who?

- [sighs] Some girlfriends
who dance at Garters,

right next to El Pueblo.

He stole 75K during some fight.

Your idiot didn't know
that Tovar keeps

hidden cameras in his office,

and he saw Jimmy open the safe
and take the cash.

- Mm-hmm.
Jimmy's definitely gonna try

to hand that cash
off to his brother.

He didn't believe me,
so he's making sure

that Nando's taken care of.

- Get a ping on Nando now.

- Hmm, cash pass in a church.
We classy now.

Hey, Voight?

This guy Jimmy,
he's your CI, isn't he?

- I can't tell you that.

- Why is he running from you?

[suspenseful music]

- Because most people
would give almost anything

to not be doing
what you're doing.

Most people see it
as a death sentence.

- [sighs]

- This where the phone pinged?

- Yeah, this is the gym
where Nando works out.

- Drove by, no gray Kia.

- And we know it's closed.

So Jimmy made a deal
with the owner

for Nando to train
on his off days for cash.

It's a good place
for a hand-off.

- All right,
you two take the back,

we got the front.
Let's go.

- We got blood.
- We got blood, crashing now.

- Copy that.

- Chicago PD! Body.

- I see it.

Cover me.
- I got you.

- Moving.

- Well, these are Tovar's guys.

[phone ringing]

- Heading upstairs.

- I got blood.

[phone ringing]

- [grunts]
- Nando.


Hey--hey, I got Nando
over here!

I need an ambo!
- Kev?

Kev? Kev?
- Yeah, it's me.

We're gonna get you
out of here, Nando.

Gonna get you out of here,

- 50-21 Ida, need an ambo
at 86th and Harvard,

GSW to the stomach.

- I took--I took
two of them out.

But Tovar--
- Tovar was here?

- [grunts]

He--he couldn't tie me up.

He shot me.
- Shh, hey, hey.

- It's not fair.

They wanted Jimmy, but--
- I know, I know.

- I got two of them.

- You fought good.
You fought real good, Nando.

Okay, I just need you
to keep fighting.

Okay? Look at me, look at me.

There you go.
You're gonna be good,

just stay in this fight.
- [moaning]

- It's not over.

- Come on, man,
ambo's on the way.

- Okay? It's not over.

Stay right there. There you go.

There you go.
You're doing good.


- He's still got
a strong pulse.

We staunched the bleeding.
He could pull through.

- All right, we got him.
We got him.

- All right,
Tovar's in the wind.

His phone's off.

We got a Tact team
sitting on his house right now.

- Got a BOLO
and investigative alert out,

but if he knows
where Jimmy is--

- Jimmy's a dead man.

- All right,
is Nando talking?

- No.

All the kid wanted to do
was scrap for some cash,

and he just took
two in the gut.

And I know for a fact
that he wouldn't give us

Jimmy's location
even if he knew it.

- All right, well,
let's search the inside.

I want PODs and cams.

Let's find out
where the hell Tovar went.

And where the hell Jimmy's at.

[phone buzzing]

- No cameras next door.

Zero on this building
or the interior.

Whole block's dark.
- Yep, bet it is.

- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.

- Kev, I know you know
these guys,

but this isn't on you, okay?

You did your job.
You worked the CI.

- Burgess, I saw the gray Kia
with the plates ripped off

right in front
of my building yesterday.

- Okay?

- I didn't call it in 'cause
I didn't have my radio on.

- Yeah, but Kev,
that happens to ev--

- And I didn't have
my radio on me

because I was with Celeste.

[apprehensive music]

- Is Celeste the girl
from the case?

- Yeah, that's the girl
I've been seeing.

The girl from the case.

I didn't call it in.

Didn't want
to do it on my cell phone,

'cause I didn't want
to make it a big thing,

and I can't make it a thing,
because this girl

still doesn't know
that I'm a cop.

- How is that possible?

- 'Cause my dumb ass
never told her.

I lied.

- Why would you do that?

Why didn't you tell her
the truth?

- Hey.
- Kev?

- Fernando's phone.

It's got four missed calls
from an unregistered number.

I'm thinking it's Jimmy.

- I've never seen
that number before.

He must have a new burner.

- Well, Voight pulled
an emergency warrant.

We can ping the phone.

- Yeah, and then we'll find

[phone buzzing]
- Whoa, wait.

Jimmy's calling me now.

[exhales heavily]

Jimmy. Jimmy, is this you?

- What happened
to my brother, Kev?

- Where are you at, Jimmy?

- What happened to him?
Tell me right now.

- Nando's on his way to Med.

He's gonna be fine.
He's going into surgery.

- Man, what happened to him?

- He's gonna be fine.

But I need you to come in,
right now.

- Is my brother dead?

- No! He's not dead.

But I need you
to come in, okay?

Tovar has got a bounty
out on your ass,

and I can protect you.

You're gonna be
a lot safer with me.

Trust me, okay? Believe that.

But, Jim--
[line clicks]



- Let's go get this phone ping.

- All right, this is
the location

that Jimmy called Atwater from.

It's a vacant lot in Humboldt.

We got two Tact teams
sitting on it right now,

but there's no sign of Jimmy,
there's no sign of a gray Kia.

- Phone's off, but we did
manage to track

this much down.

Jimmy bought his phone
from a 24-hour store

in Burnside.

- Since then, it's pinged
in two different locations.

One on the far South Side
and one in Pilsen.

- Hideout,
place to stash cash?

- Yeah, that's
what we're thinking.

- Start getting
warrants typed up.

What about cameras?

- Working them right now,

[suspenseful music]

- Just got off the phone
with Med.

Nando just made it
out of surgery.

Kid's gonna pull through.

- We think Jimmy's
gonna visit his brother?

- Yeah, there's
a big chance he will.

- So get some Tact guys
sitting over at Med.

- Uh, listen up.
CPIC's got your man Jimmy

on one camera.

He sped through a red light

at the intersection
of Hamlin and Chicago

just ten minutes ago.

- That's northwest
Humboldt Park.

Thanks, Sarge.
- Let's move on it.

- Pulaski's clear,
headed to Springfield.

- I'm empty on Monticello.

- We got nothing
on Avers.

- I got a Kia
with the plates torn off

on Springfield and Thomas,
but no Jimmy.

- Copy you, Kev.
We'll head your way.

- Hey.

I got Tovar's car
at an abandoned property

right to the east
of Jimmy's stolen vehicle.

I'm going dark.

[tense music]

- [grunts]

- Man, come on.


- Jimmy.
- [groans]

- Jimmy, put it down.

- He killed my brother.

- Mm-mm.

- You lied to me, Kev.

- Jimmy, I need you
to put that down.

- I spoke to my brother's girl.

This son of a bitch
shot him, right?

- Yes, he did, Jimmy,
but he didn't kill him.

All right?
I told you the truth.

Nando's at Chicago Med
right now.

We found him in time.

- Shoot him!

- Hey, listen, eyes on me.

Listen, Jimmy, I just want
everybody to walk out of here.

Just put the gun down,
and let's go.

- He told me what he did.

And he came looking for me.

But I found him, didn't I?

I'm not stupid.
I heard about the bounty.

Yeah, then he came for
my little brother instead, huh?

- I felt
your little brother's pulse.

Myself. He's okay.
- No.

No, you don't get
to lie to me again.

- Put the gun down,
'cause you don't want

to do this.

You're gonna ruin
your life, man.

- Ruin my life?

You ruined my life.
- Mm-mm.

No, Jimmy, just put it down.

Then everything
is gonna be fine.

Trust me. Okay?

I'm gonna make sure of that.

- Why should I trust you now?

- Look, okay?
Look. You see that?

I'm done.
I'm doing it.

I'm done.

I ain't gonna lie
to you no more.

I'm gonna tell you
the truth right now,

you're going to jail, Jimmy.

But it don't gotta be for this!

Not for murder.

I'm not lying to you
when I tell you

that I can make this straight.

I can make all of this go away.
All of it.

- Ahh!

- All right.
- Turn around.

Why, Jimmy?
What'd I tell you, man?

You didn't have to do
none of this, man.

You didn't have to!

You didn't have to run.

You didn't have to do
any of it.

I was gonna help you.

- So help me then.

It was self-defense, right?

- What?
- He moved on me,

and so I shot him.


- Kev, anybody else in here?

- Nah, we good.

- One more lie.
One more, please.

- Come on.


- You good?

- Yeah.

- Listen, about Celeste--

You gotta be honest
with her, man.

I know I don't have
to say it, but--

- No, you don't.

And I know.
I know what I gotta do.

- Good.

- Hey.

So Jimmy's saying
it's self-defense.

Said he came here
to pay Tovar his cash back,

and Tovar tried to kill him.

When you showed up,
he was about to shoot.

Jimmy had no choice
but to shoot him first.

- The stolen cash
is in the Kia.

Jimmy came down here
to kill Tovar.

Shot him point-blank range
right in front of me.

It was murder.
That's the truth.

- Mm.

[apprehensive music]

- Okay, so I tried
a new recipe,

and I hope that
you are feeling real open

'cause I'm not
gonna tell you what it is,

but I saw it on TikTok.

So, you know,

obviously it's gonna be

Do you want a beer?

- No, I'm okay.

- Are you?

What's that face for?

- We gotta talk.

- Okay. What?

Wait, are you freaked
'cause I made you dinner?

- I love
that you made me dinner.

- You want to pull back?
Take things slower?

- No, not even a little bit.

- Okay.

I mean, I'm not gonna
pull it out of you.

Whatever you've gotta say...

you can say.

What is this?

- I'm a cop.

- Is this some kind of--

Some kind of joke? Or what?

- No.

I should have told you.
A long time ago.

- I don't understand.

- Celeste, I'm so sorry.
- All your--

your house calls,
and your repair jobs,

you always--
you always had work.

So what, you lied to me
about your job?


Why the hell would you do that?

- Because I know
how you feel about cops.

- What?

- Celeste, you hate cops.

- I hate the police system.

That doesn't mean that I hate
every single cop in it.

- It--it does.

- Why the hell
do you get to say that?


How the hell
would you even know that?

What, you don't think
that I'm capable

of seeing two things at once?

- Celeste.
- What do you think of me?

- It's not that simple.
- It is.

- Celeste, no it's not.

Because you never would
have been with me.

Soon as I tell you I'm a cop,
that's all you'll see.

That's all I will be.

You would have left me.

And that would have been it.

I would have never
got to know you.

Be with you.

You would've been done
with me.

That's the truth.
- No.

- No, Kev.

I would have seen you.

'Cause I care so much
about you.

I would have been with you.

But you gotta go now, Kev.

- [whispering]
Come on.

I was wrong.

But you know
I care about you too.

- No.
- Celeste, come on.

- You have to go. Now.


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]