Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 12 - To Protect - full transcript

The team works together to identify the head of the brutal Los Temidos gang. Voight dives deeper into his informant Anna Avalos' past when her undercover role is threatened.


- Hank, thanks
for getting here so fast.

- Hey, man.
- Enjoy the stink.

- Yeah, you guys bring us
to the nicest places.

- Well, Mastro's was booked.

It's this way.

You ever heard of a bird called
a Nashville Warbler?

Beautiful yellow crest.
Rare in Chicago.

- You sucking in landfill
to go bird-watching?

- The supervisor here
is a birder.

This morning, he sees
a Warbler covered in blood,

follows the bird, stumbles
onto this poor bastard.

Took one to the belly.
Muzzle flash, powder burns.

I'd say he seen it coming.
But that's not what killed him.

Puncture wound.



- Ice pick.

- You got it.

- Los Temidos' signature kill.

- This will be the seventh vic

that crossed
with them this year.

All got tapped the same way.

- Yeah. Any ID?

- No, nothing off facial rec
or mobile prints.

I know Intelligence has
an active investigation,

knee-deep into Temidos.

- Yeah, we'll take it.

Why don't you go grab a shower?

- Amen.


Hey, loop in the others,
roll the crime lab,

and talk to the bird man.

See if you can ID
which truck dumped him.

Get that idiot
to shut that thing down.

It's a crime scene.

- 5021, George.
Roll the crime lab.

- Copy that, 5021 George.

Crime lab en route.

- Jesus, he looks 16.
No, I never seen him.

- Uh-huh.
- Ice pick again?

- Yeah. Clean through.

Earlobe to earlobe.

There's no street talk?

- No, but I will dig.

You know, I have been
working it, all right?

I don't know why you think
I'm suddenly gonna hand you

something magic
before we hit this--

- Listen, I gotta know
who we're hitting, kay?

Right now,
all I got is a nickname.

El León, okay?
He's the head of Los Temidos.

Tell me
how I'm supposed to hit that.

I need an angle.
- I know.

- This is gonna be a long haul.

- Affiliated gangs always are.

Yeah, you've enlightened me
on that.

Look, I'll jump on it
and see what magic I can find.

- Hey.

How's Rafa's knee?

- Um, okay.

Six stitches.

Hey, um, thank you.

For calling the hospital

and helping with all
the insurance red tape.

But I shouldn't
have called you.

- It's fine.
- No, it isn't.

You shouldn't be doing
things like that for me,

and I shouldn't have asked you.

And I won't again.

- We've been working
on Los Temidos for five weeks.

All we got is the name
"El León,"

and a blank mark on a board.

Tell me we got something
off this body.

- Our Doe from the landfill
popped with Missing Persons.

Name is Miguel Vicente.
He's 19 years old.

Been working two jobs
to support his folks.

His dad's on disability.

His mom's
a laid-off hotel worker.

Parents reported him
missing two days ago.

He's got zero
gang affiliations.

No sheet.

I mean,
the kid's been living right.

- Okay, so how does he
tie with Temidos?

- We're thinking
through his cousin, Pedro.

Pedro is a two-bit thief
with an extensive sheet,

lookin' like he roped
his cousin, Miguel,

into the family business.

Area 4 Robbery
is looking at Miguel and Pedro

as persons of interest in three
recent cash armed robberies.

- Maybe they upped their game,

they ripped
a Temidos' stash house.

- Yeah,
doubt they're that stupid.

- Sarge, OCD Tech Lab
just pinged Pedro's phone

to an address in Pilsen.

- Hit it.

- Jay, we got the back.

- Copy, Kev. Standby.

Chicago PD, open up!

- Got a body and blood. Breach.

- Clear.

- It's clear.

That's clear.

- 5021 Henry,
we conducted a forcible breach

at 351 Timber Lane.

We got a DOA,
GSW to the stomach.

Roll the crime lab.

- Copy that, 5021 Henry.
Crime lab en route.

- So the DOA
is Pedro Vicente.

- They beat him,

then they shot him
in the stomach.

I mean, this guy suffered.
Ice pick to seal the deal.

- Get anything linked
to Los Temidos inside?

Drugs? Boss money?

- No, nothin'.

- So once again,
we are dead in the water.


- Yeah, I got a neighbor that
said they heard loud pop,

glanced out the window,
and saw a black truck leaving.

- Okay, good.
You three work cams,

Soundex all black pickups
in the area.

- Copy that.
- Sarge!

We got something.

- I think this car's
our connect to Los Temidos.

- Good.

- So we got drug traps
on both seats,

and the field test was positive
for heroin residue.

- Pedro's car?

- No,
that's where it gets good.

Car's registered
to a Blanca Consuela.

- Huh.
- So Blanca works

at a Mexican bakery chain
called Cárabo.

Two days ago,
it was robbed by two dudes.

Description matches
Miguel and Pedro to a T.

We're thinking Pedro and Miguel
didn't know there were drugs

in the vehicle,
they just happened to steal

multiple kilos
from the most dangerous gang

in all of Chicago.
- It tracks.

Temidos finds out they
lost drugs from a runner,

hunt all the robbers, kill
them, get their drugs back.

- So let's find her.
We'll start with her work.

- Hey!

There's a real PD walkin'
if I ever seen one.

What can I do for you?

- Sergeant Voight,
Detective Halstead.

- Javier Escano.
You can call me Javy.

- You manage the place, Javy?

- Yes, sir.

And I own it.
And five others in town.

No llegues tarde, Juan.

Yesterday's unsold goods
going to a homeless shelter.

- Oh. Good on you.

We're looking
for Blanca Consuela.

- So am I. Poor girl.

You're here
about the robbery, right?

Yeah, shook her up pretty bad.
She called in sick yesterday.

Anything else you need,
you say it.

- You got the security video
from the robbery?

- Sure do.

- All right, here we go.

There's Miguel and Pedro.

They're demanding cash.

The cops arrive,
they gotta slide out the back.

Here comes Blanca in her sedan.

- Hey, help yourself.
Have a concha.

- Thanks, we're good.
- No, I insist.

Even these days,
cop word of mouth is priceless.

- I'll try it.

- So find these guys?

- Yeah. Murdered.

- What?

- What can you
tell us about Blanca?

- Good kid.
- Mm-hmm.

- Worked hard.

She grew up rough.

Her dad's in deep
with one of them gangs,

but, uh, she seems
to be on the right path.

- Do you know
if Blanca's dating anyone?

Is she running
with any bangers?

- Um, not that I know of.

But, um, what does that
have to do with Blanca?

I mean, she's the victim here.

- You got her address?

- Chicago PD, open up.

Blanca Consuela!

- Hey!

Got a guy
moving towards the back.

Chicago Police! Stop running!

- I got the house.

- Police. You stop running!

- Ah!

- Stay down,
toss that knife away!

- Are you really a cop?

There's my badge right there.
Now toss that knife away.

I will not as you again!
- Okay.

- We just wanna talk to Blanca.

- I'm Blanca's boyfriend, okay?
She's not home.

- House is clear.

- Copy that.

All right,
I need to see some ID.

- Okay.

- Slow!
- Okay! Okay!

- Eric Salsbury.
Why you running, Eric Salsbury?

let me ask that question again.

Why you running with
a butcher knife in your hand?

- I thought you were
with the other guy.

- What other guy?
- The guy who shoved a gun

down my throat.

- Mr. Salsbury, just slow down.

You're fine, just take it
from the top for us, okay?

- Um, Blanca left
in a hurry this morning.

She was scared but wouldn't
talk with me about it at all.

- Kay, was this a sudden thing,
or has she been--

- No, no, it--look, it's just
been a rough year.

I'd lost my job.

Blanca's been
keeping us afloat.


She's been a rock.

Me? Not so much.

- Did she say
where she was going?

- Uh, Ohio,
to stay with her sister.

She wouldn't tell me
what was going on.

So I gave her my car.

An hour later,
this maniac shows up.

- Okay.

What happens
when he gets inside?

- He goes for Blanca.
Didn't find her, of course.

Next thing I know,
he shoves me against the wall

and makes me eat his gun.

- Because he wanted to know
where Blanca was hiding?

- Yeah, yeah.
So I lied to him.

I told him we got into a fight,
and she took off.

- You seen this guy before?
- No, thank God.

Can someone just please tell me
what the hell is going on?

Okay, is she okay?

I--I mean, I've been calling
her phone, but it's off or--

- Look,
we understand you're worried.

We're gonna find her.
But first,

we need to know
what kind of vehicle you drive.

- Okay, thanks. Good work.

Okay, so CPIC tracked
the GPS on Eric's car.

It's still in Chicago.
They put it at the 900 block

of 87th and Woodlawn.

And it's been sitting there
the last five hours.

- Long way from Ohio.

- Yeah.


- Blanca Consuela?

She's gone.


- Found a casing
in the vehicle.

.380 caliber round,
rectangular firing pin.

Should be looking at a Glock.

- It's the same
as our last two murders.

- Hat trick.
- Not just three.

According to Homicide,

a Glock 25 was used
in four unsolved murders

linked to Los Temidos
last year.

We're looking for the same gun.

- Jesus.

Well, there was
no signs of a struggle.

The offender likely
got in the passenger seat,

made her feel safe,
and then one pop close range.

- She probably
knew the shooter.

- This is her phone.
No lock screen.

Last text was
from someone named "P."

- Okay.
- "We gotta meet.

You'll be safe. Ain't on you."

She texts back, "I'm scared."

P says, "The boss is good,
don't worry.

Where you at?"
She texts the address.

- We trace the phone?

- Yeah, to a shut-off burner.

Last ping is
right where we're standing.

- All right,
PODs, witnesses, cams.

Chase everything
we can in this neighborhood.

send me that door-cam video.

- You got it, boss.

- Yeah, no.

This can't be right.

- You know him?

- Yeah, that's Paco Gutierrez.

- Okay.
- I'm 100% that's Paco.

But dude's a mechanic,
party boy--he's not hooked in.

You sure he's a shooter?

- Definitely.

Yeah, he's a clean-up man
for El León.

How well do you know him?

- I partied at his house
a couple times.

He likes his coke and his ass
white and weird, in that order.

But I could work him.

Hell, I mean,
I could work him tonight.

- No, we're gonna take it slow.

- Why?

You're telling me we got
El León's trigger man.

That's our angle, isn't it?
- Yeah.

- Then send me in.

- When I have a plan,
and I know it's safe.

This guy's killed
half a dozen people,

We're not gonna just wander in

and hope we hit him
on coke and ass.

- Okay.

I'll be ready when you are.

- Pacuan Gutierrez, 31.

AKA "Paco."

Paco is a cipher.

No credit cards, no sheet,
no priors, no parking tickets.

- We do know that Paco
was born in Mexico City.

He came over here legally
with his parents.

They died in a car crash.

That's when
he entered the system.

Paco joined the army
when he was 18.

- Paco didn't take
to soldiering,

got a dishonorable discharge,
ended up shoving

a loaded M16
down his sergeant's throat,

which sounds familiar.

- Okay, what else?

- Uh, we know that Paco buys
and refurbishes old cars.

He's got a huge house that he
should not be able to afford,

and he drives
a souped-up black pickup truck.

Now when Blanca was murdered,
a POD camera caught

a truck
fitting that description

in a Dunkin' Donuts
parking lot.

The Dunkin' employee said
he saw a red-haired woman

driving the truck.

- Girlfriend?

- Could be, or it's just
someone else's truck.

The angle of the POD camera
didn't catch the tags.

- All right, so let's build.
Get eyes on Paco.

- Yeah?

- You and Adam take it.
- All right.

There he is.

- That's a sweet pad.

There's no way a mechanic's
salary pays for it.

All right, boss,
Paco's on the move.

Heading westbound
towards Cermak.

- Copy that.
Keep me in the loop.

- All right,
we're going mobile.

- Cárabo Bakery.
Could be a coincidence.

- You really believe that?
- Nope.

Screw it. I'm hungry anyway.

- Hola.

Welcome to Cárabo.
What can I get you started?

- Cómo está el chamuco hoy?

- Recién hecho y caliente.

- Dos, por favor.

- $6.75.

- Quédese con el cambio.

- Gracias.

- Gracias.

- Hey, boss, I'm
in a Cárabo Bakery parking lot.

Paco's inside.

The owner, Javier Escano,
just walked in.

- A meet with Paco?

- No idea. Standby.

Yeah, I think Escano just
dropped a bag at Paco's table.

- Did we just see a handoff
between Paco and Escano?

- Hell yes we did.

- Please tell me
it wasn't pastries.

- Five bundles of hundies.
I mean, 50K at least.

- Got a big payoff
for the Blanca hit, right?

- Yeah, I'd take that bet.

- You're welcome.
All right, bye bye.

- Keep smiling, man.

- Mm-hmm.


- Javier Escano, AKA "Javy."

This is the guy running
and supplying Los Temidos.

AKA "El León."

- So his parents
were born in Sonora, Mexico.

His mother came
into the U.S. undocumented.

Escano was born here,

but he's still tight
with his father, Iglesias.

Credit cards show him
flying to Mexico once a month.

Now, his father is suspected
for coordinating

multi-ton heroin shipments
to the U.S.

Iglesias Escano indexed
as a high-priority target.

Lights up
the federal switchboards.

DEA, ICE, Customs.

I mean, this guy is in deep
with the Sinaloa cartel.

- Javier went to business
school five years ago.

He bought
his first Cárabo Bakery.

It's a perfect spot to launder
money and move product.

- And business is booming.

- Escano has contracts
with multiple businesses

in Madison,
Detroit, and Minneapolis.

- How does he ship the food?

- Cárabo Bakery vans.

We think he moves products
with the muffins.

- And he had a pretty sharp
pipeline until yesterday.

Closed down
two of his bakeries.

Soon as we showed up,
dude went dark.

He cleared out all his product,
cleaned up.

But Sarge, it's El León.
We got him.

- All right, well,
if he cleared out,

getting a warrant on the bakery
is gonna be a waste of time.

- Yeah, if we bring him in,
he's gonna get rattled.

We won't get anything.
- So we need a weak spot.

How does he cross with Escano?

- Hmm. Okay.

Uh, we know that Escano
cosigned the mortgage

on Paco's fancy house.

- Okay.
So Paco is our key to him.

We bust Paco for the murders,

we get him to flip on Escano
for ordering them.

- Okay. How do we get to Paco?

- This is a Glock 25.
It's a rare make.

It's Paco's weapon of choice.

Okay, it's gonna be
somewhere on his person.

His car is housed somewhere.

Problem is
we don't have a warrant.

- Yeah, you find that gun,
we're gonna get our warrant.

- Easy, I can do that.

Paco's got a soft spot
for lost, desperate women.

He likes rescue projects.

- Think you can pull that off?

- Think I can find it.

- Voight.

- You did good work
on that Tovar bust.

- I didn't think
you were in my fan club.

- Oh, I wasn't.

But that one worked out.
It might even hold up in court.

All right,
you remember how to use this?

- Good. Top button.

Safe word's "umbrella."

You got any questions?
- Uh, yeah. We done?

- Let me see. Don't be shy.

Ah, is that Quetzalcoatl?

- Yeah, how you know that?

- My little cousin, Joey,
had one just like that.

- Your little cousin's cool.

- We lost him a year ago.

Cops shot him on the way home

from the grocery store
in cold blood.

Sorry, I'm--

- It's all right.
- No, it's a stupid thing

to bring up at a party.

- It's gotta hurt.

- I think about him every day.

- Anna really have
a cousin Joey?

- What do you think?

- You wanna go
somewhere quiet and talk?

- Sure thing.
I got you, babe.

Yo, Rayhan,
take a hit of that.

You're gonna like it.

- Hey, we got a late arrival.
- Yep.

Bright yellow 'Vette.
It's got Ohio plates.

- Throw it to me.

- King, William,
eight, zero, three, seven, Sam.

- Okay.

Oscar Meza.

Uh, outstanding warrant
for armed robbery.

No gang ties.

- Okay, good.

We got an invite in
in case we gotta crash.

- Huh, this place
is off the hook.

How do you stay safe?


- Yeah.
- Okay.

- I'd be strapping a lot
of firepower if I lived here.

Gangsters could target
a crib like this.

- Hey Paco, where are you?

- I'll be right back.

- 'Sup.

- Y'all look like
y'all could use a bump.

Go ahead.

Don't be shy.
That's quality dope.

- Hmm,
I like the sound of that.

- Yeah, come on over.

- What's wrong?

- Uh, nothing. I, um--

- Why you trippin'?
- I, um--

- Something's wrong.

- We got an ID on this prick?

- Uh, yeah.

Julio Oliva.

One pinch for distro,
multiple agg-assaults.

He's a mid-level player
in Los Temidos.

- I gotta go.

- Whoa,
what the hell are you doing?

Yo, Paco, who is this bitch?

- Chill. She's--

Who'd you come here with?

- With Ray Ray.
I'm cool, come on.

- She's a freak, man.

- Leave! Now.
- Yo.

- We got a gun.

- I mean no disrespect.

- You open that cabinet?

- No, cool it. Let go of me.

- I don't like it.

- She hasn't said
the safe word yet.

She's okay.
- Let me go, please.

- No, let's crash.
Come on, move.


Let's go!

- Chicago PD!
Everyone stay where they are.

Keep your hands
where we can see them.

- Put your hands up!

- Oscar Meza!
- That's for all of you.

Hands up.
- The hell are you doing here?

- Come on. Back up.

- Ah, what's going on?

- Get your hands
behind your back.

Oscar Meza.
- Be out of here in a second.

- The hell you guys doing here?
- You're under arrest.

- I wanna see a warrant.

- A lot of people
looking for you, pal.

- Come on.
We got who we came for.


- You okay?

- Yeah, I'm good.

- What happened?

- You guys jumped way too damn
quick, that's what happened.

You find the Glock?

- No.

- Let me guess,
your boy Halstead's the one

who called to crash.

- I made the call.

- Okay, well,
that was the wrong-ass call.

You've seen me
in worse jams before.

- Yeah, exactly, I have.

Anna, tell me what happened.
Who was that man?

- Nobody. I don't--

I don't even know him.

Look, I just had
a few too many drinks.

- I don't think
that's what happened.

- Okay,
then what the hell did happen?

- I don't know!

I'll work Paco again.
I'll make it right.

But the longer we wait,
the longer Escano has

to get his operation back up.
That I know.

- We're gonna give
it a few days.

Make sure that bust
didn't raise any flags.

Hey, Jay, got a second?

- What's up?

- What do you think
happened last night?

- With Anna?
- Yeah.

- She looked spooked.
It happens.

- Eh, not with her.
Not like that.

That girl's a vault.
I mean, she covers everything.

She does it well.

- You wanna pull her?

- We got nothing without her.

Let me ask you something.

What would you do?

I wanna know.
What would you do?

- We've both seen
CIs crash and burn.

But she is so pissed off
at the world,

I think it'll keep her alive.
I'd leave her in.

- Talk to me, Adam.

- Boss, we're sittin'
over here on Paco's house.

- All right,
any sign of Escano?

- No,
but your CI just showed up.

Did you put Anna in play?

- No, I didn't.

All right,
just keep it off the books.

- Copy.

- Looks vaguely familiar.

- Where's Rafa?

- At a sleepover.

- Hmm.
And where were you today?

- Why ask
when you already know?

- Because I told you
to lay low.

- I left my purse
at Paco's house.

Went back to get it.

I smoothed things out.
- Mm.

And how did you do that?

- I let him show me
some more of his tattoos.

- Anna.

You're on our paper
with my responsibility.

I'm losing patience
telling you this--

- I know where the Glock is.

He just told me
where he keeps it.

- Uh-huh.
- Paco's got a garage

where he keeps
his cars and his guns,

and he was bragging to me
that he has a shooting range

down in the basement.

I told him I'm gun shopping.
He bought it.

I'm gonna go
over there tomorrow.

I screwed up.

And I wanna make things right.

What do you think?

- All right, point it down.
Do not point it at me.

- Okay.
- You do not want me

on your bad side.

- All right.
All right, walk over here.

Now go slow.

- Is this good?
- All right, let me see it.

Let the shot surprise you.

Pull the trigger smooth.

- I got it.

- How's it feel?

- Oh, like I'm a Lake Forest
housewife named Courtney.

Come on.
Don't you got something real?

Like a Glock, maybe?

- Glock?
Ah, that's how you play.

Hey, you got a bathroom?

- Past the blue Chevy,
on your right.

Dónde patrón?

Volveré mañana.


- There we go.
That's the Glock 25.

- We got the son of a bitch.

Now get away from it, Anna.

We're gonna come back
with a warrant tomorrow.

- What the hell are you doin'?

- Oh, hey.

You're hiding
all the good stuff.

- Let's go. Move.

- Wanna see how it works?

- Paco, please.

- Did they send you after me?

- Talk, bitch!

- Chicago PD!

- Take Anna! We got Paco.
- Copy.

Come here, come with me.
I got you.

- Freeze! Don't move!

- Go around.
Try to cut him off.


It's over, Paco.

- You're the one
who put that bitch on me.

- Drop the gun.

- She's a CI.

That's why
you were at my house.

- I will light you up.

Put the gun down. Now!

- Nah,
you take me in right now,

I call my people,
and she is dead and gone.

Both stay calm, everyone wins.

- This is your last chance.

- Stop fighting! Stay down!

Don't move!

- We've been looking
all over for this gun.

Paco Gutierrez,
you're under arrest.

- You better fix this,

or your bitch is dead.

- Get up. Get up!


- Have 'em get right on it.
- Copy that.

- The Glock
is on the way to the lab.

I put a rush order on it.
- Good.

- How's Anna?

- Sent Kev and Upton
to take her home.

- Paco?

- He's cuffed inside my truck.
He's not going anywhere.

If we bring Paco in,

Anna's gonna end up
at the bottom of the lake.

Paco made that
pretty damn clear.

I got about 20 ways out of this
in my head right now.

I just don't think
you're gonna like any of them.


You got a clean way out of
this, I'm all ears, Jay.

I am gonna get creative.

- Okay.

Give me an hour.

Something wrong, Paco?

You know, it amazes me.

Everyone has a soft spot.
Even men like you.

You kept her
and your little boy a secret.

Yeah, we know that's your
ex-girlfriend, Isabella,

and that you support her
and your kid.

- She ain't in the game.
You touch her--

- Nobody's touching her.

Arrest? Yeah.

That's another story.

- What the hell
are you talking about?

- Accessory to murder.

That's your truck.

Parked at a Dunkin' Donuts
a block away

from where Blanca Consuela
was murdered.

A witness said a red-haired
woman was driving it.

We thought
it's gotta be the wrong truck.

Thought it was a mistake.

But then I went back to your
sheet, and I found out

that she bailed
you out two years ago.

Once I saw her picture, I knew.

- Isabella dropped you off
and picked you up.

It's accessory
to felony murder.

It's not gonna be
hard to prove.

- Don't know what
you're talking about.

- She's going away
for 20 years.

And your son?

The son
of a convicted murderer.

He's getting tossed
into the system.

That'll be ugly.

- I can't...

talk to you.

- You can't?

Paco, I'm here to tell you

that the only way
we don't arrest Isabella

is on two conditions.

You never mention
Anna to a soul...

And you flip on Escano.

- Your little CI
is already dead.

You get that, right?
That's how it works.

She sold her life away already.

- Let me worry about Anna.

- No, that can't be all of it.

- It is.

Look, you can
keep asking me questions.

It ain't
gonna change my answers,

because that's
everything I know.


Escano hands me
the cash in a bag--

- But the job,
the job--who orders it?

- I get through a burner phone.

Like I said, burner phone.

No idea
who's at the other end of it.

I get a name--

- What about all that money

that Escano gave you
for that house?

- Was a loan.

He has never told me
a damn thing in person.

Escano's never handed me a gun.

I've never seen drugs on him.
Ain't never seen a weapon.

All I know is that
he's the one that pays me.

But I can't hand him
over to you.

Because he designed it
that way.

With everyone
that works for him,

no one is fully close to him.

No one.

No one

can handle him.

He's smarter than you.

- Come in.


- He's in protective custody,

Made a deal with him
not to say your name.

- Okay,
that's not enough protection.

- It will be.

But he can't give us Escano.

We took everything he gave us.
Brought it to the SA.

Wasn't even enough
for a warrant.

- What the--
how is that even possible?

- Because Escano is smart.

I imagine a man like that
is gonna find a way

to get to Paco,
no matter where we put him.

- Okay.

He's--he's on your paper.

He's your responsibility.

You--there's gotta be a way
to protect him.

You can't just
let him get killed.

- We're doing everything
we can.

Absolutely everything we can.

- Okay. Um...


So what's the next play?

- I'm gonna need you
to talk to me.

Anna, what happened the other
night at Paco's house?

Who was that man?
- I told you.

I got too drunk.

- And it wasn't true then,
and it isn't true now.

- Well, what the hell
does it matter?

What does that have anything
to do with any of this?

- Anna, I understand.
I get it.

You don't want me in your
actual life--no CI does.

Makes it seem easier
to keep your lives separate.

Makes you feel safe.

- Okay, all right, look.
We don't have to do all of--

- Anna, you're not safe.


You're not.

I gotta be in your life.

I gotta know you
so we can keep you upright.

You gotta get that.

It's just
this thing that happens.

When I see somebody--

My brain thinks
it's someone that I know.

It never is.

Los Temidos does initiations.

And when I was hooked in,
they--they drugged me,

they beat me...

And they raped me.

And I don't even know
who they were, okay?

But sometimes when I see a man,

and I--I hear a voice,

it just--it takes me
back there.

You know, and I, um...

That's why
I leave that part out.

'Cause of that look.

Right there.

I could tell you
about all the violence

that Temidos
has done to my family,

to my brother,
my father, you can see that.

Everybody that
Temidos chews up.

But as soon as I tell you this,

That's the face that I get.

Like I'm just
some goddamn broken woman

who you're about to pull
off of this thing.

- No.

Look, Anna...

if you want in, you're in.


I just need to know.

- Then what's next?

- Hey, you must be Anna.

- Hi.
- Welcome. Call me Javy.