Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 13 - Still Water - full transcript

While out for a jog, Upton witnesses a horrible car crash and risks her own life to save the passengers. After learning more about the victims, the team must track down the man responsible for the brutal crash.


- Just makes zero sense to me.

Now, a morning jog,
I can get behind.

Six miles, late night,
Chicago in the winter?

- Well, I'm supposed to go
in the morning,

but I couldn't,
so I'm going now.

It's all part
of my new routine.

I'm building up tolerance.

- For what?

- I don't know, but I'm pretty
sure it's just more running.

- Nah, this sounds
like punishment.

And you know all these
new age workout plans

are really just
money-making cons.

- I'm running alone.
Who am I paying?

- Hey.

If you want
to get worked out right,

I could just take you
to my cousin Mickey J's

tire farm in Gary.
- No, thank you. I'm good.

- Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop.
Hold up, hold up.

Have you decided
what we're doing yet?

- No, 'cause we're not
doing anything.

- Doing anything for what?

- It's her ten-year anniversary
this week.

Ten years on the job,

and she refuses
to have a party.

You're having one.

Look, look, all you gotta do
is pick the night.

I'll plan it.

I am the reason you're here,
so it's only fitting.

you kinda owe me.

- I owe you a party?

- You heard the story, right?

She's a cop because of me--

because I saved her family,

- Ah, I have not
heard this story.

- I was ten, and, uh,

Platt was the
responding officer

to an armed robbery
at my dad's restaurant.

She did, in fact, save us.

And yes, she made me
wanna get on the job,

which she has so very humbly
pointed out.

- Yeah. See, that's sweet.
It's very heartwarming.

But you know
what's gonna happen if you

let this woman plan your party.

We're all gonna end up
at Turtles

eating sausage that Mouch made
in the basement.

- Okay.

Then I guess we're not
doing anything.


Come on.

This is Detective Hailey Upton,
badge number 55055.

I've got an on-view car crash

on the bridge of Wacker
and Columbus.

The car went into the river.

I need ambulance
and rescue now.

Come up, come up.

I gotta go back. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.


Help! Somebody help!

- He-he-he coughed up water.

I don't know how--

I--he--when they brought us up,
he coughed up water,

and I think I felt
that he had a pulse.

I-I-I don't know
how long we were--

- Okay. It's okay.

- He--

he wasn't talking.

And so I don't know how bad
he was hurt in-in the crash.

Did they bring her up?

- It's all right. Sit back.
You're all right.

I need you to get
your jacket off right now.

Come on.

Good, good.

gonna be all right.

Do you know his name?

- No, I-I-I don't know
who he is.

I wasn't in the crash.
I just saw-saw it happen.

But I think he hit his head--
- It's okay. I-I got him.

Sit back for me, please.
Put the blanket back on.

- No, I'm fine-fine.
I wasn't--I wasn't hurt.

I'm fine.

Do-do you know
if they got her out?

Did they get the woman out?
- I'm not sure.

- I tried to get her,
but I-I couldn't get to her.

So they need to get her.
They need to go right now.

I-I-I couldn't--I couldn't see
when they brought me up

if they brought her up too.
- They'll get her.

- And I-I-I don't know
how much time passed.

I-I couldn't tell,
but-but I didn't--I didn't see

her swim up.

She-she didn't come up.

- All right, what we got?
- Car crash victim.

Vehicle went
into the ice-cold water.

It was submerged
three minutes or more.

Heartbeat is steady,
but oxygen levels are low.

- Okay, let's get him
into Baghdad.

Cassie, we need some help
over here right now.

Move, move, let's go.

Okay, get ready to transfer
on three.

One, two, three.

There we go.

Okay, let me check his lungs.

Give me his oximetry,
see if he's hypoxic.

Gotta get
this board outta here.

- Gun.
- Whoa, whoa.

Get security
to come disarm that.

- No, I-I-I can disarm him.
I'm a police officer.

- Who are you?
- She was in the crash.

- I wasn't in the crash.
I just--I went in after.

But I can disarm him.
- You went in the water?

- Yeah,
but I-I-I can disarm him,

we can get his ID
off of the registration.

- You need to go
get checked out right now.

- I'm fine.
- Go.

Get checked out, all right?
Cassie, you take her.

- Got it.

- Non-negotiable. Go.

- Can you just let me use
my phone while you do this?

- No, I can't, but the quicker
you sit still,

the quicker I'll be done.

That's what I tell
my child patients.

- Did they bring
the female victim in yet?

- I don't know.

But I can tell you,
deep breath,

that you're lucky.

Again. Okay.

You're hypothermic, but you got
out of the water just in time.

You'll be tired.

Have some mental confusion,
but otherwise--

- Trudy!

- Ma'am, can you just--
- Did you go to the site?

- Are you okay? Are you okay?
Is she okay?

- Did they get her
out of the water?

Did they get her
out of the water?

- Squad three dove in.

They extracted her
from the passenger seat

and they got her here.

But I'm really sorry, Hailey.
It was too late. She died.

- Take me to my wife.
I wanna see her.

- Sir, if that's
what you choose,

we will take you there,
but it might not be

how you or your children
want to remember her.

- I wanna see my wife.
Where is she?

- Sir, I will take you there.

Do you want me
to take your children too?

No, God. No, no.

- Frank? You're Lisa's husband?

I'm very sorry for your loss.

I'm Detective Hailey Upton. I--

- You're the woman who tried
to save my wife.

- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- I'm so sorry.

I tried to get to both of them,
but I-I-I couldn't, the water.

- Wait, wait, what?
What do you mean both?

- Your wife and the driver.
- Driver? No, Lisa was alone.

- No, she was
in the passenger seat.

There was a man
driving her car.

- No, there wasn't.
My wife was alone.

I talked to her on the phone.

She was dropping off cash
at a bank by her work,

and then she was coming
right home.

- Oh, okay.
I, uh, I don't know--

- No, who-who was in her car?

No one told me that.

Who would have been
driving her?

I-I don't understand.

What are--what are you
trying to say to me?

- I'm not sure.

- You're saying that my wife
was lying to me?

She was with another man?

My wife doesn't lie to me.
What the hell is going on?

- Uh, sir, I might be able
to help here.

We can take you
to see this driver.

He was brought here.

He's unconscious,
but you might recognize him.

- No, there wasn't another man.

I just spoke to her.

She was coming home to me.

She was coming home.
- I understand.

Let's-let's go
sit down for a minute.

It's okay.

- Hey.
- Hey, what'd the gun desk say?

- My phone was on silent.

Platt filled me in.
Are you okay?

- What'd the gun desk say?

- Hold on a second.
Did Med discharge you?

Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

I'm fine. I'm sorry.
I'm-I'm good.

I couldn't get to both of them.

- You got to one.

- What'd the gun desk say?

- The gun's not registered.

Serial number matches
a batch of firearms

that was stolen from Indiana
two months ago.

- Street guns?

- Yeah.
Two have been linked to crimes.

That doesn't necessarily mean
what you're thinking.

- What's going on?

- I caught a case.

- You know, Platt said
you were in an accident.

- I wasn't in the accident.

I saw it happen,
but something's wrong.

I know it.

- Hailey told me to pull POD
and security footage

from a bank downtown.
That's-that's all I know.

- All right.
Well, talk to Isaiah.

- There were two people
in that car.

An unidentified man
and a woman, Lisa.

It was her car,
but she wasn't driving.

Her husband said she was
supposed to go straight home.

She owns a restaurant,
she was doing a cash drop

at the bank, and then
she was supposed to go home.

But something's wrong.
I know it.

That's it. That's her car.

- That's the one that went
over the bridge?

- Yeah, this is 20 minutes
before it did.

- Who's that there?

- That's him.

- Oh, God.

- That's the man I saved.

Instead of saving her,
I saved him.


- What are you doing?
We told you to sit in the room.

- Just checked.

He hasn't been
moved or transferred.

He's not there.
- What?

- Just about to call it in.
- I'll call it in.

- Where is he?
The guy that was here.

The guy from the crash.
Where the hell is he?

- I don't know.
- Did you discharge him?

- No, he regained consciousness
about ten minutes ago,

but we didn't discharge him.
He still has tests to run.

- I'll sit on the room
and wait for Forensics.

- Okay.
- I need you to step out.

- Hey, the John Doe
from the car crash,

did you see him leave?
Tall, white, brown hair?

- No, no, I didn't see anyone.

- Search floor for him now.


- What the hell?
- Sorry. I'm sorry.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Med's footage shows Doe exiting
the hospital 40 minutes ago.

- Did he get into a vehicle?
- No, he was on foot.

Didn't get into a car.
Didn't stop for a bus.

He walked out the door
and disappeared.

- What about PODs?
- We already checked.

We lose Doe on foot
two blocks away from Med.

It's all we got.

- Anything?
- Absolutely nothing.

Doe ran from Med.
He could be anywhere.

Someone could have
picked him up,

he could've stolen a car,
hopped on a bus.

He's probably
miles away right now

and we have no ID from him.

- All right, so we'll ID him
and find them ourselves.

Have we tried facial rec?

- Burg, you get anything
off of what we sent you?

- Yes and no.

I got a clean image
off the hospital footage

but nothing popped
on any system.

- Okay, what about the husband?

- Couldn't ID him.

Said he'd never
seen him before.

- I did a full preliminary scan
through Lisa's social media.

No pops on John Doe yet.

- I ran him up
against her employees too.

There's nothing there either.

- Okay, so we'll work

Doe got to that
parking lot somehow, right?

He drive? Take CTA?
Was he dropped off?

We get a plate, a CTA card,
we got him.

Hailey, take a minute.
Just go change out.

- I'm fine.

- Hailey.

Take a minute, go change out
so you can work the case.


- Hey.

So much for that
new routine, huh?

- Yeah.

She tried
to pull me back, Lisa.

Could have let him sink down,
saved her instead.

- Hey.

- Are we all
checking on me now?

- Yes.

- I'm fine.

Once we catch the son
of a bitch, I'll be just fine.

Let's go.

- Okay, I got Doe walking
near the bank's lot.

He's coming from Kinzie.

- Got them there,
but he's not coming

from the River/North stop.

Nothing on the CTA cams.

I don't know
where he's coming from.

- What about
the Clark and Lake stop?

- No, ma'am.

We got nothing
in that time frame at all.

- All right,
then he got there by car.

Uber, maybe?

He parked somewhere
and walked to the bank.

- Here he is.
Got him walking down

Wacker four minutes
prior to that bank stop.

No sign of a vehicle.

- Okay, I got him
on foot again.

Three minutes before Wacker.
He's coming from Rush.


Where's Lisa's restaurant?

- It's Tap on Rush.

- That's where he was.

Here, I'll rewind.

- Look.

Outside of her restaurant
for hours.

This wasn't a rape
of opportunity.

This is calculated.

- He knows her.

She wasn't a victim
chosen at random.

Our offender's been
stalking her.

We pulled footage
of every place Lisa frequents,

and we've got our offender
over 15 times.

- Leaving work,

dropping off
her kids at school,

picking up groceries,

church, doctor's appointments,
the library.

Wherever she is, this guy
is watching her and waiting.

- And he's always on foot.

We can't find a single piece
of footage of this man

ever getting into a car,
getting off a bus.

He's smart. It's intentional.

This is over six months'
worth of footage.

For six months,
this man has been stalking her.

Hunting her.


- Stalking her?

He was--he was
following my wife?

- Yeah.
Did Lisa ever mention anything?

Being scared? Nervous?

Feeling like someone
was watching her?

- No, no, never.

- I'll show you some pictures.

Maybe the images
will spark something.

- No, no, I-I have no idea
who that man is.

- Frank, what is that?

- What?
- By your leg there?

- That's just-just my
daughter's things, I'm sorry.

- Is it a bracelet?
- Yeah.

Addy, uh, she makes them--

she just leaves them
all around the house.

- Was Lisa wearing one
the night of the crash?

- I-I don't think so. No.

- He had one on just like it
right after the crash.

- Would your wife keep one
in the car?

- Maybe, but you know,
the kids,

they know that
she hates a messy car.

They keep it clean, you know?

- Why?

- What's going on?

I just--maybe I got it wrong.

Maybe Lisa was wearing one
and he took it.

- It's okay, we don't
have to solve it all right now.

- Please, please, let me hear
what's happening at least.

- Sure.

It looks like one of your
back windows was manipulated.

A hatch on the lock
is broken from the outside.

Looks like there's oil on it.
- Oh, God.

- But we do have plenty of DNA.

So we'll run a comparison
against the DNA work

from your wife's car
and her body,

and we'll confirm.

- This man, he was in my house,
wasn't he?

He was coming into my home?

- We believe so. Yes, sir.

- Lisa jokes
about "The Borrowers."

Do you know that kid's book?
- Mm-hmm.

- She says we must
have a family of them

living in our walls

because our things
keep going missing.

And weird things, you know?
Clothes and tchotchkes.

I mean, he was taking them.
All this time.

- It's Addy, right?
- Mm-hmm.

- Do you know that man?

- Am I not supposed to?

- It wouldn't be a bad thing
if you did.

It would actually
be very helpful.

Do you know him?

- I don't know his name.
He waves at me.

- What?
- He waves at you? From where?

- The car.

- You've seen him in his car?

- At school.
He drives next to us a lot.

He likes to wave at me.

- What kind of car
does he drive? What color?

- Did he hurt Mom?

- Thank you
for helping us, Addy.

- Wait.
You're a police officer, right?

Are you going to find him?

- Yes. Yes, I am.

- Hey, we may have him.

I pulled every POD and camera
from Addy's school.

There's a pattern.

Three times in four months,

Lisa picks up her daughter
from school.

She pulls out
onto the main road.

A silver sedan pulls in
from a side street.

Pulls in parallel
and drives by its side.

- He's looking at Addy
in the back seat.

- Exactly.

We got a photo
of a partial plate.

I'm running
through options now.


- No.

- We got any visibles
of his face?

- Kevin's on with CPIC
trying to enhance...

- No.
- What little we've got.

- Stop.

- Illinois plate.

Henry, one, young,
nine, eight, zero.

Registered to a Blake Mullen.
- That's him.

- 37 years of age, no priors,
address in Lakeview.

No one else attached
to the residence.

- Kevin just sent the enhanced.

- That's him.

- All right, I'm getting
on the phone

with the state's attorney.

Gonna get a judge in pocket,
and then we'll move.

- We got the back
covered and secure.

Good to go.

- Chicago PD! Search warrant!

- Let's move.

- Go.
- Good.


- Downstairs, clear.

- Bedroom's clear.

- Clear.

- Upstairs clear.
House is clear.


- His cell phone's off.
There's no car in the garage.

He's not parked on
the street either.

He's got no other properties
in his name.

- All right, so he's running.

- Yeah, but he didn't clean up
after himself.

I think he left
without taking a thing.

- Huh.
- It's 12 boxes.

We're not gonna be able to ID
them just from looking at 'em,

but it's 12 women.

Past victims, future victims,
victims of assault, rape.

We need Forensics.

- Blake hasn't used his
credit card since the crash.

Whereas financials do show
he takes money out every month.

- Cash?

- Yeah, more than four grand
this month alone.

So he doesn't need his cards.

- Got a getaway plan.
- I'd say so.

- All right, so let's move
faster than him.

Dig in.

- Hailey, Hailey, uh--

Hailey, wait up a second.

They're here for an update.

I tried. They won't go.

- Have you found him?
- We've ID'd him.

We know his name
and where he lives.

- You've arrested him?

- No, but we're doing
everything we can.

We will find him.
I promise you, we will.

- All right, thank you.

Sarge, we've got nothing
on the BOLO.

Nothing on the I-PASS.

- Yeah, and I've been talking
to his neighbors,

his colleagues, they all say
he's a kind, sweet man

who wouldn't harm a soul

and they have no idea
where he'd run to.

- I got Blake's face out
to the media.

Someone spots him,
we're gonna know about it.

- Okay. What about family?

- Ah, not much. No siblings.
Parents are dead.

We're tracking down
a cousin in Ohio.

- Guys, got something
from his cell records.

One number popped.

CODIS has it indexed
with ICE and Customs.

Number's linked
to falsified records--

fake IDs, fake passports,
social security.

Blake's called it
three times in the last year.

- Are you kidding me?

He's got access
to fake identification?

- This man's gonna hop
on a plane.

- We got his photo ID

out to transport
and interdiction teams.

He tries to get out on a plane,
chances are he'll be stopped.

- And we can be on
the other side waiting for him.

- All right, so let's find out
where he's going.

Look, the more we know
about this man,

the better chance we'll find
where he'd go to hide.


- Hey.


Thought I could find something
about him in here, but...

- And the team?

- No, nothing. No leads.

He's one step ahead,

and he's gonna get away
because I saved him.

- Well, what were you
supposed to do?

Let him die?

- Yeah.

I should have
saved her instead.

- And how would you
have known that?

The offender who, um,
robbed your dad's diner...

We were pretty sure
it was his third robbery.

That there were two before.

- Really?

- Yeah, I responded
to the second one,

a place near UIC.

I got there
just on the heels of it.

The owner had been beaten,
but he was talking to me.

He was lucid, and he, uh,

told me to chase
the offender, so I did.

And I lost him
after about four blocks,

and I got back to the diner,
and, uh,

the owner
wasn't breathing anymore,

and he died at Med an hour
later--internal injuries.

- You didn't tell me that.
I didn't know that.

- Well, that's not the fun part
of the story, is it?

Look, you can be
the best cop in the world,

but you can't control
the laws of nature.

They will fail you
whenever they want to.

- Each piece
is from a different box.

All separate,

all representative
of a different woman.

- All right.

- But they all link up
to one place.

- An athletic club.

- Newport Athletics.
Lisa was a member there.

She went every Monday

until they moved houses
eight months ago.

- The same athletic club

that Blake's been paying
a membership for 15 years.

- It's walking distance
from his house.

And 12 years ago,
there was a rape reported

in the locker room
of that club.

One of the members
was changing late at night,

and she was attacked.

She said that the offender
was masked

but that he smelled like her.

He was wearing her perfume,

the same perfume that she had
at home in her bathroom.

It was him. Sarge, this is it.

For 15 years, Blake has been
finding his victims here,

falling in love with them,
following them.

What if he couldn't
leave them now?

What if he wanted
to stay close to them?

- I mean, that's a long shot.
- I know, but it's something.

I mean, this guy has kept parts
of these women, pieces of them

so that he can feel
close to them.

We're assuming that he ran
and left town,

but what if you couldn't
leave them?


- All right.

- Nah, clerk says
there's zero vacancies

and nobody matches
Blake's description at all.

What about Burgess?

- Nothing.
Embassy Suites is clear.

- He's gotta be around here.

He wouldn't want to be further
than a mile from the club,

and it's two blocks from here.
He'd want to be walkable.

- Yeah, you're right.
What about Platt?

- She's working
on three motels south,

and Voight already
checked the four motels

west of the athletic club.

Why don't you check in
with Ruzek,

we're gonna get with Platt,
we'll go from there.

- Guys, guys.

Chicago PD! Stop!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Get the car!

- Hailey,
I'll try to cut him off.

- Okay!

- 5021 Henry in foot pursuit
westbound towards Henderson.

Get me some cars.
- Copy that, 50-21 Henry.

Back en route.

- He just went into
Newport Athletics.

I'm still in pursuit.

- Copy.

- Hey, did you see somebody
in a brown coat?

I need bodies on the exits.
I've lost eyes.

I repeat, I've lost eyes.

- Copy. I'll call it in.

- I saved your life!

- Hailey?

- Yeah, here!

- Jesus.

- Here, take him.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm good.

- Hailey.

- You got this?

- Yeah.

- Frank.

We got him.

He's in custody.

We'll continue to investigate.

Hopefully, we can ID
more of the women,

but this man
will die in prison.

- I'm-I'm sorry.
Thank you.

I just, uh...

- It doesn't bring her back.
- No.

But, um, I'm sorry.
It-it is something.

Thank you.

Hey, come on, bud.

We can go home now.
Grab your jacket.

Come here, angel.
Yes, come here.

Thank you.

I really am grateful.