Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 17 - Adrift - full transcript

Burgess and Ruzek deal with the aftermath of Makayla's abduction. Ruzek helps his former teacher find his daughter.


- Hey.

Mack all right?
- Yeah.

- I thought
we were doing family dinner.

- Yeah, at 6:00.

It's a new schedule.
I told you.

- No, no, you didn't.
I would've clocked out earlier.

I would've looped in Platt.
I thought we were going back

to 7:00.
- No, I wanted to try

the new bedtime
to help with the sleep,

like the therapist said.

I did tell you.
- Okay.

All right, I guess
I missed family dinner again.

- I'm just trying to
get her on a schedule, Adam.

- I get it. I'm not saying
anything about that.

It's just you could've
texted me is all.

It would've been nice.

- Can we not do this tonight?


- Kim, you know, we have
to communicate with each other.

The therapist said
we're supposed to talk about

what happened to us
when Makayla was taken.

- I know that.
I know.

Come on, I'm just tired.

Let me fix you
something to eat, okay?

Eat up what's left.

- You know what?
I'll go out and grab a bite.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

- Late for dinner
without an excuse.

Come on,
you're better than that.

The 90 was shut down
from Cermak to Roosevelt.

It was right in front of you.

- I wasn't late though.
That's the point.

I wasn't late.
I'm the victim here.

- Kids these days, yeah.

- Bet's on you, Ruz.

- The kid's all in.

- You know, next time,
stay home.

- I'd still beat home
if supper happened

at the right time.

- Yo, big whale.
Someone here to see you.

- Really?

I'll be right back.

Mr. P!

- Officer Ruzek,
good to see you.

You're lookin', uh...

- Like I aged 20 years
in the last month?

- Yeah.
- My shoulder had a little

run-in with a door.
- Yeah, it looks like

the door won.
- I'd say.

- Ha, you okay?
- Yeah, no,

it should be coming off soon.

Hey, Bench!
This right here, this is Mr. P.

He was my English teacher
over at Tilden.

- I didn't know you could read.
- I'm full of surprises.

Do you want a drink?
- No, no, I'm good, I'm good.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
Thanks, Bench.

Have a seat.
- Sure.

- So, Jesus,
how long has it been?

- Oh...oh, geez.
Two years?

Cullen Boyd's wedding.

- That was one for the ages.
- Yeah.

- How's the Mrs.?
And Olivia.

She got the hockey
scholarship to U of I, right?

- Olivia's had
a rough couple years, um...

got injured, then, uh...

pain pills.

- Is she okay?

- No.

- What do you need, Mr. P?

What can I do to help you?
- Find her.

We haven't seen her
for two months.

We had her here at Lakeside U
after another rehab.

But...started missing classes,

didn't go back
to her apartment.

S-she's gone.

- Have you contacted
Missing Persons?

- Yeah, but with her age
and history...

- She's not a high priority.

Mr. P, have you
checked with the morgue?

- Yeah. she's not there.

- Good.

- Here, um...

I thought this could help you.

Those are the friends
I know about...

And, uh, picture
in case you need it.

It's from before, but...

It's still her.
- This will help.

So I'm gonna do everything
I can for you.

I gotta just--
I gotta tell you--

- I know, I know.
I just, um...

I just need our daughter back.

Our girl.


You understand.

- That's okay.

Yeah, I'm sorry
for calling so late.

Thank you for trying.
Okay, bye.

- Huh.
- Hi.

- I knew I heard someone
scurrying around up here.

I thought it was Hank.

- Does that mean
I don't get that?

- 6 bucks a cup.
Don't chug it like a 40.

What are you doing?

- Checking a missing person
for a friend.

- At midnight?

- I owe this guy a lot.

- You check open-air markets?
- Yeah, nothing.

All her LKAs are dead.

She hasn't been to school
in like two months.

She just kind of--poof--

- Her car got ticketed?

- Yeah,
she left it at the dorm.

It's about to get booted.
- Mm, no, she's not.

- Hm?

- Different parking spaces.
Same address on West Palmer,

but one's on the north side
of the street.

The other is west.

- So she hasn't been
leaving it there.

She's been coming and going.
- Mm-hmm.

- Good eye, Sarge.

- Thanks.

- Hi, sir.
- Yeah?

- I'm Officer Ruzek,
Chicago PD.

I'm following up
on a missing persons case.

You mind
if I take a look inside?

- Right this way.
- Thank you.

You all right there, bud?


Hey, man.

Yo, kid,
why don't you have a seat?



Hey, hey.

Hey, look at me.
What'd you take?

What'd you take, kid?

- 911, what's your emergency?

- Yeah, this is Officer
Adam Ruzek, badge 59054.

You keep pressure right there,
you understand?

I got multiple ODs.
Lakeside University,

Robbins Dorm.

I got you. I got you.

Send me two ambulances,
right now.

Come on, kid.
Hey, you got more of this?

Come on, kid.

Hey, hey!
Do you have any more Narcan?

- No, I gave him mine.

- Did you take this dope?
- I can handle it.

- You're Olivia, right?

Olivia Pasquazi?

I know your dad.
He sent me to find you.

Come on, kid.

Keep your eyes open, Olivia.

Son of a bitch!

- Yo.

You the detective
who caught it?

- Officer.
Officer Ruzek.

- Nate Thurlow, Narcotics.

Kid's gonna make it?

- Uh, I don't know.

One of the boys,
he was unconscious for a while.

- Girl's good?
Olivia Pasquazi?

- Wait, hold on.
You know her?

- Yeah.
Don't have any proof yet,

but we think she's
the delivery girl for Wade.

Dudes always love using
the pretty little white girls

to drive their products.

- I'm sorry, I'm just
playing catch-up here.

Who's Wade?
- The reason I'm here.

Patrol hooked me in.
Isn't that why you were here?

- Nah.
- Donald Wade. Guy deals

counterfeit oxy on campus.
He's a straight-up psycho.

Been chasing his ass
six months.

Thanks for finding the girl.

We'll slap her with 20 years,
get her singing.

- All right, yeah.

- Adam.
- Sorry if I pulled you in

on something here.
- Nah, Trudy updated me.

How's your
friend's daughter doing?

- She's on her way to Med
to get checked out.

Seems fine. She's got crazy,
high tolerance.

Told her not to say a word.
It's just there's a problem.

- Hm?
- She's on Narcotics' radar.

She's been delivering product
for some dealer named Wade.

I can't feed her to Narcotics.

With them,
she'll never get out.

- You hit the streets alone,
don't notify me,

so we now we got ODs
and a narco case.

I miss anything?

- No.

- All right, we'll take it.
I'll handle Narcotics.

- Thanks, boss.

Thank you.

- Hey.

where'd you go last night?

- A'ight, where are we?

- Olivia spent the night at
Med, she got the all clear.

She's on her way back
as we speak.

- Okay, so what else do we know
about this dealer, Donald Wade?

- All right, he's got one
felony for agg batt.

He's a person of interest

in two narcotics-induced

He sells opioids
that are manufactured

south of the border,

and he's got a little empire
built for himself

dealing to college kids.

But he's not
your average dealer.

He's also a user.
- Wade's house was hit

three times by Narcotics.
All raids came back negative.

No ledgers, no cut,
not even a baggie.

The guy's smart
and extremely paranoid.

- Yo, yeah, he's paranoid,
'cause his number two

got pinched last year.

Got caught
on his third delivery charge.

This ass-clown right here,
Tony Hoban.

Decided to start singing
to cut a deal.

Before Tony Hoban even get
locked in with the Grand Jury,

they found his body
bobbin' in the lake.

- All right,
so we got a violent,

paranoid dealer
with trust issues.

Do we risk putting Olivia in
play so we can cut her a deal?

- Yeah, that's good.
I'll keep her safe.

Thanks, Murrey.
- Mm-hmm.

How you feelin' today?

- Like an ass.

How are they?

- Well,
the kid who hit his head,

Toby, he's gonna be all right.

Miles didn't make it.

Where'd they get the oxy?

- Am I going to prison?

- Well,
that's kind of up to you.

You're looking at 20 years
for possession

with intent to deliver.

If they push for
a narcotic-induced homicide,

you will get life.

- Or what?

Oh, I flip.

Yeah, and you give me
a dozen roses and a hug.

- No, your freedom.

- Your life back.

Give you another chance.
- You know that they usually--

they usually ease in
more with that.

The whole
"give you a chance" schtick.

You see, it works better when
you pretend like you know me.

- Well, I do know you.

- I do.

This is not some police game.

I really am trying to help you.
- Yeah, I know.

And I know...

the disappointment
that I'm just gonna bring you.

So I'm just gonna say it now.

I am not gonna work with you.

- Okay, all right.

Well, then...Narcotics
is gonna come book you.

It's gonna be a little while,
something like 24 hours.

With me,
you get out of here in three.

Get a little alone time
before you know it.

You understand?

- I don't think
you're supposed to say that.

- Why not? Does this look like
rehab to you?

I just want to keep you
out of prison

so I can bring you home
to your parents.

I do not care if you're high
when you get there.

All right.
All right.

I'll have Narcotics come
transfer you when they can.

Hey, Murrey. I'm ready.
- Yep.

- Okay, fine!

But don't bring up
my family again.

You do, and I'm out.

- So she said Wade gives her

about a week's worth
of pills each time.

She delivered 40 pills
to the students in the dorm

three days ago.
- Does Wade know

that more
of his customers OD'd?

- Yeah, but it doesn't seem
like he knew Olivia was there.

- So no red flags on her bust?

- No.
We put her back on the street.

Wade is none the wiser.

Now, she did say that it took
about two months

to gain his trust.

He had people following her
home, checking where she lives,

setting up cameras--
I mean, again, he's paranoid,

and on top of that,
he's real controllin'.

- Okay, we make
an airtight new cover for you.

You gotta prepare
for a long play.

You gonna be good with that?
It might take a while.

If not,
I can send someone else in.

- No, no.
We're good.

- Okay, set up a UC apartment.

Get yourself a new car,
a new ID, new life.

- Thank you, boss.

Hey, Olivia.
Man, that was quick.

All right, looks like Donald
Wade's having people over

to watch
the Bulls game tonight.

- Good time for a meet?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

She seems to think so.

All right, game on, baby.

- I'ma get everybody ready.

- All right, man.


- You all good?

- Yeah. Fine, why?

- You're a half hour late,
that's why.

You live on this street?

- This week.
I'm a couch drifter.

God, and I'm not.
- What?

- High.
So stop inspecting me.

- Are you nervous?
- No.

- You should be.

I don't understand.
Is there someone on that phone

that's keeping you
out of prison?

The Bulls game just started,

and I just put
$100 on it, okay?

I mean, the spread...
- Olivia, listen to me.

Do you understand
what we're doing here?

Wade's extremely dangerous.
He's got bodies on him.

So you need to focus.
- All right.

Look at me.

I'm focused.

I'm not an idiot.

- I'm not calling you an idiot.

I'm trying to keep you safe.
I'm trying to keep mesafe.

- Kay.
- All right.

So remember,
we're gonna wire you up.

The whole team's
gonna hear everything.

So why don't you go ahead
and run through it, okay?

Come on.

- All right,
you're Adam Rogers.

Bartender from Canaryville
I've known for five years.

You like to party
your life away.

Grew up down state.

Got a cousin over at U of I,
your cousin Ronnie.

You visit him once a month.

You think Wade could make
a fortune dealing over there,

and you said that
you'll cut him in for 20%.

I go slow,
let the night play out...

not in a rush.

Got all the time in the world.

'Sup, D?
This is my boy, Adam.

- How you doin', man?

- Come on in.

- This is a sweet pad, man.
Thanks for the invite.

Got beers in the fridge.

Good stuff's in the bar--
thank you, baby.

Help yourself.

- Sounds good.

- Whiskey?
- Yes, please.

- Son of a bitch.

- Bro, this campus
is on the sticks.

These rich kids are just
starving for product.

- How long you known him?
What's his name?

- Adam?
- Mm-hmm.

- Like five years.

He likes his dope.

And keeps his hands off,
you know?

He's cool.

- She's not bad.
- Yeah.

- Here's a taste.
- Thanks.

- Did you see that?
- Sure did.

- This game
just might be over...

- Roof.
Ten minutes.

- Yeah.

- O! O, you good?

- Hey.

- What the hell?

- The Bulls just lost.

- Oh, my God.

- So you punched
the man's mirror out?

- What else
am I supposed to punch?

- O, look at your hand.
We gotta rinse that off.

Wrap it up now.

- Feed just went down.
- Nah, he covered it up.

- What'd you just take?
- A narcy sample.

You know, Wade's testing a new
supplier, and I'm the taster.

- Is it cut with fentanyl?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm about to find out how much.

- Olivia, are you trying
to kill yourself?

Is that what's happening here?

Hey, look at me.

Listen to me.
- Hm?

- Do I need to take you
to a hospital right now?

I'll call this.
- No, I'm good.

No, I know
when I take too much.

I'm good. We can do this.

- How's your hand?
- It's--

It's great.
- Okay, wrap it up.

- All right, all right.
I'm sorry.

- We're good.
You just stay here.

You get straight
and stay here.

- There we go.
We got it back, okay?

- Keep that hand wrapped up.

I'ma go try
and make a deal with this man

before he finds out
you broke his mirror.

- Sorry, D!

- Let me see your phone.

- Good?
I got people in Champaign.

- Yeah? They make you money?

- Some.
- Some?

My cousin's hooked in
with every frat on campus.

I could clear 20K a week.

- Oh, my...this stuff!

Oh, my, it's so...


It is strong.

- And the fent?
- Mmm, muah.

Perfectly cut.
I just love dancing, my God.

- O tells me
you're from Bridgeport.

- Canaryville.
Went to high school there.

I grew up in Urbana.

Bunch of barns
and bitchy co-eds.

I hated it down there.
- Hey, Adam, is that water?

'Cause I just--
I think I just need some...

water, and just--
just to sit down.

- You all right, O?

- Are you still with me?

- Hey, D...

can I get some water, please?


- You do not puke out here.

- She's having
a hard-ass time breathing.

Should we loop in Sarge?
- No.

Adam's got her.
It's his call.

- Are you all right?
- I'm--yeah.

- I'm gonna call this
right now.

- No, I'm good, I'm good.
- Now, listen--

- I'm dizzy. It's a good dizzy.

You were the one

that robbed my dad's cafeteria
at his school.

- Yeah.
- You know, my dad said

you did it to help a poor,
bullied kid

who wore the same dirty
Nickelback shirt every day,

and he always liked those
messed up, hopeless ones.

He's just too sweet.

I don't wanna think about him.
- I know.

- I don't want to think
about him, but you came,

and you made me
think about them--

about what I did
and what I don't have.

- Listen to me.

You'll have it again.
It's gonna be okay.

But right now,
you have to shut the hell up.

Ah, this girl, man.

- Here you go, lightweight.

- My hero.

Kay, would you guys chill?
I'm not gonna OD.

- We can do business later.
O, this ain't cool.

Let's get the hell outta here.
- I'm not going anywhere.

The night is young.

- Come on.
We'll take a walk.

Grab a bite to eat.
- No!

I got more to do.
- Olivia.

- What?

- A'ight, you suit yourself.

Wanna make some money, man?
You have my number.

You give me a call.

Sarge, you got a sec?

- Yeah, what's up?

- I got a parent who backed out

of taking Makayla home
from school today.

It's a half day, so I...
- Okay, do what you gotta do.

- Okay, I promise
this is not a trend.

- We hear from Adam today?

- Yeah, he's sticking by
the UC apartment.

He thinks Wade had someone
follow him last night.

- Okay, good.
So Wade might've bit.

- Yeah.

- Go.
- Kay.

Thank you.

- Hey, Wade just texted me.

He wants me to meet him at
a house in Belmont Heights.

- Another dry run?
- No, no.

I think this is the real deal.

He just did a major bulk buy.

He's trying to dump it quick.

I'm bringing cash,
so take this down.

5437 North Plainfield Avenue.

I'm gonna be there
in 20 minutes.

- Adam, we can't get there
and set up that fast.

- Well, if I push it,
I'm gonna lose this guy.

He's real squirrelly,
so I guess

I'm just gonna have to stall
him when I'm in play.

- Adam, I--
- What?

- Nothing, nothing.

I'll tell Voight.
We'll be there, okay?

- Okay. I'll have my COH on,

so you'll be able to hear me
when you're in range, okay?

- Sarge?
- Yeah?

- Change of plans.

Give me your phone
and follow me.

- Come on, man.
I got people

I gotta stay connected with.
I'm not giving you my phone.

- Then we're done.
- Come on, man.

- What's it gonna be,
Urbana boy?

The longer I stand out here,

the more nervous I get,
you know?

Tick, tick, tick, come on.

- Thanks so much, Ann.

I promise
it won't happen again.

The sitter's gonna be there
in like ten minutes.

Okay, thanks.

- Everything okay?
- No, not really.

No Raptor.

- No damn Raptor, no Ruzek.

Still nothin' but static
on the COH.

- Calling him
on his undercover phone.

Straight to voicemail, damn it.
Damn it.

Damn it.
- Okay.

- Adam, where are you?


- Still no sign of Adam,

COH is still out of range,

and the Raptor's
not equipped with GPS.

- Drop an anchor just in case.

His COH battery
could've failed.

He could still be there.
Jay, Hailey, what's your 20?

- We're two blocks away
from the house with a long eye.

- Cruise the neighborhood.
Maybe they moved

the deal nearby.
- Got it.

- Kim, loop in CPIC.
Have them start a POD search.

- On it.

- How 'bout giving me
my phone back now?

- Yeah, when we're done.

- The hell's she doin' here?

- Thought you'd be glad
to see her.

- Yeah, sure,
when I'm pourin' her drinks,

not for a serious play.

- This is serious.
Don't you worry.

Let's go.

That way.

Stop. Make one move,

you're dead, man.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Wade, what the hell
are you doing?

- Yo, man, take it easy.
- Cuff him to the pipe.

- What?
- Do it!

Drop the bag.
- Wade.

Bro, I'm just here
to do a deal.

I don't know what you're
thinkin'--put the gun down.

- Hey, Adam.

- Hey.
- So, um...

tell me again.
Where do you live?

- Bro, you should know.
You had one of your guys

follow me home.
7678 West Adams.

You know this.
- Well, it looked like

you just moved in.

I thought you said you been
in the city for years.

- It's called moving
to a new place, all right?

Look, I lived in Wicker Park.

It's a bunch
of fancy coffee shops

with avocado toast there now.
What is this?

Avocad--avocado toast.

That's a struggle,
avocado toast.

See, but what I think is...

I think you're a goddamn cop.

What do ya say, Officer?

- Left or right?
Your call.

- Straight?

There's the industrial area
off Armitage.

Why not?

- Hailey, you got ears?

- Yeah, Trudy, go.

- I've been runnin' bus cams.

Wade's vehicle's been
poppin' up along the 1500 block

of West Grand
the last few weeks.

It's a long shot, but there's

a lot of burnt-out buildings
around there.

- Thanks, Trudy.
We'll check it out.

- Not a cop...a'ight?

I get you gotta be careful
and everything,

but enough is enough here.

- You're right.
He's right.

You're right.

- Wade, what are you doing?
- Ending this conversation.

You're not a cop?

Prove it. Take a sniff.

- No.
- Take a sniff.

- He can't handle that.

- What'd you say?

I thought you said he partied.
I thought this man was a user.

That's what you told me.
- Look, look, look, look.

I quit cold turkey
like a month ago, okay?

I gotta stay clean for work.
They test me now.

- You got an answer
for everything don't you,

- That's the truth, man.

- Officer.

- There's no sign
of Wade's car.

COH is static.

- I got movement
inside a building.

- Power company worker.
Son of a bitch.

- Did you know that kid
who OD'd on campus?

Weren't you with him
at the dorm?

- No.
No, I would've told you.

- So what were you doing
that night?

Answer me!
- Hey, man!

Yo, man! Calm your ass--
- Shut up!

- What were you doing?

- I slept over
at my friend Annie's

and I came back
the next morning.

- More like noon.

Mm? See, I had somebody
following you.

What I think is
you were at that dorm.

I think the cops got to you,
took you in,

squeezed your little ass
to flip.

Now I'm about to step in and--

- That's crazy.
- Is it?

Is it--
I'm crazy?

I mean how hard can it be?
- Come on, man.

- Hm?

Do it,
or I'ma blow her face off!

- I'm not dyin' for this, man.

- I've never seen a dope fiend

that's so afraid
of dope before.

Fine. Fine.

- Yo, let's do this deal.

- Not with this.
Open your mouth.

- Wade...
- Open your damn mouth!

- Hey, hey, hey, yo, hey!

- What...

- Hey, hey, hey, hey!

- Yeah.
All right, all right.

You happy?

- Now we're talkin'!

How's it feel?
- Like we're gonna be rich.

Get me off this goddamn pipe.

Let's make some money.
- All right, all right.

Hey, I wasn't gonna
shoot you, honey.

Come on now.
I gotta be careful, right?

No hard feelings?

You good, Urbana?

- Yeah, let's do this.

- Let's do this.


- Anything at the house
where they had the first meet?

- No, sir, still quiet.

- Good work, thanks.
CPIC got a hit

on Ruzek's undercover truck.

So this is from a traffic cam
on the 1500 block of Damon,

about 5 miles from here.

- Yeah,
that's the Raptor right there.

Looks like
he's followin' Wade's car.

- All right, when was this?
- A half hour ago.

- All right,
loop in the others.

Dig into Wade's family,
his knowns, see if any of them

own property or live on Damon.

- Copy.

- All right,
we done with the games?

Can we do this now?

- How much can you carry?

- Ah...

20 bottles, 100 tabs.
Let's start there.

- 40 jars, you got that?

Is the product here?

- Give me ten minutes.

- Adam, Adam are you okay?
- I'm okay.

- Adam, why did you do that--

- You don't look good.
- I'm fine.

- No, Adam, that batch
was way too high.

It had me on the ground.

- Oh my God, oh my God, okay--

- Yo.

- Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Adam, just take deep breaths.
Deep breaths, okay?

Deep breaths.
- This--

- No, I know.
I know, I know.

I had no idea--

Okay, okay, it's okay.
It's okay.

It's okay, it's okay.
You're okay.

You're okay.
- Go get Wade.

Call 911.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.

Wade won't do that.
No, it'll draw

way too much heat.

- Told ya...
- Adam--

- I got something.
Wade had a cousin who worked

at a fertilizer warehouse
on Damon about two years ago,

and it closed two months ago.

- Okay, that might be it.
- Yeah.

- Tell me what to do.
- My truck.

- What?
- Gotta get to my truck.

- Come here. Come here.
Come here. Come here.

- There's Narcan in my truck.
- Come here, come here.

- In the toolbox--
in the bed of the truck.

You gotta go get it.

Listen to me.
I know you're scared, okay?

But you gotta fight,
'cause we are going home.

We're not dying here.

- Right.
- Goin' home.

- Right. Right.

- Okay.
- Okay, okay.

- Careful.

- That's Ruz.

Kim, I hope you're close.

Wade made me take dope.

It's mixed powder.
It's too much.

I'm fading.

- Jesus.
- We're in a...

a factory off of South Damon,
off of 35th.

I know this is being recorded.

- Yeah, it's getting clearer.
We're getting close.

- You could tell Makayla
that...I love her.

She's lucky to have you
as a mom.

- Oh, my God.
Hold on, Adam, hold on.

- Please hold on.

Come on, come on, come on.

- The hell are you doing?

- He's ODing!
He's got Narcan in here!

I'm not gonna
just watch him die!

- You lyin' bitch.


- There's Wade.

- 5021 Eddie,
shots fired at the police!

One male offender,
Donald Wade, on scene, move!

- Hailey and I are coming
in from behind--hold your fire.

- Wade, come out
with your hands up!

It's over right now!
There's nowhere else to go!

- Drop the gun, or
I'm gonna drop your ass, Wade!

- Do it, now!

- You got me?
- Yup.

Offender's in custody.

- All right, I gotta find Adam!

- All right, go, go!

- Come on, Adam.
Come on.

Oh, my God.
Adam. Adam.

Oh, my God.
Come on, stay with me.

Stay with me.

- Hey, hey, hey.

- Where--
- Hey, hey, hey, it's me.

You're with me.

It's okay.

It's me.

You're okay. It's me.

You're okay. Hey, it's okay.

I'm here. I'm here.

You're okay.
- Ooh.

- You're okay.

- Vitals look good.

The last of the dope

should be out of your system
in a few hours,

and you should feel all right.
- Okay.

- Okay? But maybe
no hot pursuits today.

- Copy that.

Hey Doc, can I ask you a favor?

Could you point me
towards Olivia Pasquazi?

Placin' a bet?
- Hm?

No, my dad. He's downstairs.

He got lost in the garage.

- That tracks.
Did you know he was coming?

- I told him to.

- Oh, good for you.

How you feelin'?
Doc said it was

it was through and through.

- Uh, well,
it still hurts like hell.

So... and they're very stingy

with the painkillers
for some reason.

- Huh, I wonder why
that might be.

- I don't know.

Are you okay?
- I'm gonna be fine.

- Kay.

You know that they were good
parents, my mom and dad?

- Sure, I know that, yeah.

- It's just people
always think...

But it was me.

I don't know when I broke it,
you know?

It was a lot easier
not to keep breaking it...

and just go away.

So thank you for finding me.

- You're welcome.

- Hey, what are you doing?
We were gonna pick you up.

- Yeah,
I got discharged early.

- Okay. You all right?

- Yeah.
Makayla sleeping?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Okay.
I need to talk to you.


- I don't really know
where to start.

I just...

Look, I'm sorry, Kim.

I know things have been hard.
I know that we're--you know.

- We're not us right now.

- I'm lying there dying,
and I'm thinking to myself,

"My God,
this is how I'm gonna go out--

with everything broken."

No, mm-mm. Never again.

I wanna fix it.

I want our family back
to the way that it was.

- Me too.

- I know I disappointed you
when she was taken.

All right, maybe we start
with just a schedule

that works better for us.

We keep talking, you know?

- The thing is
it's been working...

This week, Makayla,
she seemed better with me.

I don't know
what to do here, Adam.

- Me neither.
- I don't know how to fix it.

- Me neither.

So we do what's best for her.

Do what's best for her for now.