Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 10, Episode 1 - Let It Bleed - full transcript

[tense music]


My name is Anna Avalos.

Well, good I'm here.

I'm standing
right next to you.

One step back in
the shadows till the end.

You and me.


Anna was raped
in a Tamitos initiation.

Escano probably
ordered that too.

Anna deserves to know that.

I'm her handler.

I'm not putting her
through this.

We don't tell her.

Anna, we need to talk
about what comes next.

I die...

For nothing.


Anna stabbed me.

We bring Anna in on her own,
we claim self-defense...

She tried to castrate him

and now she's running
and not well.


Please just let me go.

Anna, I can't.
You gotta trust me.

You stood in front of me

and you told me you and me.

And then you lied to me.

- No!
- Ah!


I'm sorry.



It's everything, right?

- No!
- Ah!

You and me. You and me.


You told me you have a son.

He's dead.

They're all gone, Anna.


This job is what I have.

It's all I got left.


You talk to him?

Last night, but he wasn't
loving the idea of this thing.

Who is?

This is the Chief's idea
of buttering us up.

Is he coming though?

I don't know.
I didn't press him on it.

Look at this.
I'm not the last one.

You just walked up.

- Voight?
- I went to pick him up.

He wasn't there.

I thought maybe
he was with you guys.

One guess as to where he is.

This private patrol of his
is getting out of hand.

[tense music]


it's my first one of these.

Thank heavens
you forced me to attend, sir.

Anything to get you to wear
wool in 104 degree heat.

Hey, where's Sergeant Voight?

Oh, family emergency, sir.
Couldn't make it.


We are gathered here
to acknowledge

that towards the end of 2021,

the members here
in front of us,

members of the CPD's
Intelligence Unit,

initiated an investigation
into the activities

of a violent
poly-criminal street gang

known as Los Tamitos.

Los Tamitos was responsible

for a myriad
of extreme violence

and criminal offenses,

including criminal
sexual assault,

the manufacturing, delivery,
and possession

of controlled substances,

and multiple counts
of first-degree murder.

Due to their hard work
and hundreds of man hours,

intelligence culminated their
investigation two weeks ago.

That culmination resulted
in the recovery of 400 kilos

of narcotics,
50 weapons,

including several
high powered assault rifles,

and the arrest
of 40 gang members

all with charges approved

for calculated criminal
drug conspiracy.

And we can safely say

that Los Tamitos is gone
from Chicago.


No, no.


You're gonna talk
to me right now.

What? What do you want?

What do I want?
Was I not clear last time?

Was I not clear?

You were clear, OK?
You were clear.

Yeah. About what?

Los Tamitos is gone

and nobody's taken over
the neighborhood,

all right?
I understood.

OK, I understood the last eight
times you came up in here.

So what the hell is this,

What's this?

- What the hell is this?
- I don't know.

- What is it?
- It's not mine.

- I'm not dealing.
- It's not yours? Whose is it?

- I don't know.
- Look at me.

Whose is it?

- Whose is it?
- I don't know.

Now, though your families and
friends couldn't be here today

due to your
undercover capacity,

it is my great pleasure
as your new chief to be here

in their place to honor you.

And due to your unit's
great tenacity,

exemplary performance,

and courage
beyond the call of duty,

it is also my great pleasure
to award each of you today

the Superintendent's
Award of Valor.

Thank you for making
our city of Chicago

a safer place to be.

I'm not lying to you,
all right?

Nobody's dumb enough to deal in
this neighborhood, all right?

It's clean. It's safe.

[car horn honking]

Look, I'm telling you
the truth.

Nobody wants to deal
with a lunatic cop.

[car horn honking]

Help! Somebody!

Help me, please!


What happened?

I don't know.
I don't know him.

OK, you on with 911?

Yes, he was just
on the ground. I pulled over.

How long
has he been like this?

We're in front of...
I don't know.

I've been screaming
for his parents.

They're not here.

Yes, he's still breathing.

- I think that this kid's OD'd.
- What?

How long till
an ambo gets here?

Ask him, how long?

How long until
an ambulance arrives?

- No, there's a man here.
- I'm police.

- He's a cop.
- Ask him.

- They say six minutes.
- OK, we're gonna go.

We're gonna take your car.
Let's go right now.

Open the... I got him.

You... ah, God.

Open the back door.

Get in, get in.

- Is the key in the car?
- Yes.

Take the boy.

- Okay. You got him?
- Yeah, I got him.

- I got him.
- OK. OK. Let's go.


Yes, tender aged OD victim.

Do you still feel a pulse?
[horn honks]

I don't... maybe it's light.

OK, crossing 18th now.

Advise me when you're
two minutes out.

Is it supposed to be strong?

Oh, gosh.

God, please, God.

Find this child, please.


Got a tender age OD.

I need some help here.

- I got him.
- Sir? We're here.

I got him. I got him.

We're going to Baghdad.
This way.

Talk to me.

Kid was eating strawberries.

I think it's heroin.

He sprinkled it on them.

Must have thought it was sugar.

- Need Narcan.
- I'm on it!

Got the narcotic?

- Yeah, dime bag.
- Is it pure?

I doubt it.

It's new product, new dealer.

We don't know the cut yet.

- Parents?
- They weren't on scene.

- I need two doses of naloxone.
- Right away.

Hey, you're bleeding.

Looks like you popped a stitch.

Go get your shoulder
checked out.

He didn't even mention Anna.

OK, we got another
carjacking from Area Central.

Chief O'Neal
wants us to take it?


We were just with the man.

How did he find us
another case already?

Three man crew again?

Yeah, near Water Tower Place.

- Who wants coffee?
- I do.


I have two hands.

Voight in
Little Village again?


He says he caught something.

He wants us to go
meet him out there.

We can't take another
drug case from there.

You saw the new chief.

He knows Voight's AWOL,
knew you were lying.

He just wants to
keep the neighborhood

clean of drugs so Anna's
death means something.

- I get that.
- So do I.

I'm the one who shot her.

I get it.

It's been two weeks.

Voight won't even look at me.

I don't think he's OK.

He just needs time.

Why don't you and
the team get started

on whatever the chief sent.

I'll go take care of this
on my own.


New chief's got us
working another jacking.

What'd you get?

Five-year-old overdosed.

Same dime bag,
same new product.

Someone new is
trying to take over.


I take it you didn't
call Narcotics in?

Car belongs to Daniela
and Emilio Munoz,

got two priors for possession,
court appointed rehab,

got their son back
from care a year ago.

It's Luca Munoz.

He's... he's five years old.

Where are his parents?

- No idea.
- Hey, Sarge.

You find what I asked?

There's an off-book
injection site near Pulaski.

Show me.

Convenience store owner
let's hypes get high

in the basement for $1.50.

Hank, we can let Narcotics
take this one.

Let them find his parents.

You came all
the way down here.

Do what you want.


Can I help you officers?


- Can I help you?
- Bingo.

Not down there, officers,


It's better for them here
than on the streets.

Please, it's safer.

Sir, I need you to calm down.

- Please?
- No, no, no, sit down.

Sit down. Take it easy.

I'm not getting poked.

Everybody cool off.

All right, are Emilio
and Daniela Munoz here?

Emilio and Daniela?


OK, what's this? Hmm?

All right, what's this?

Where did we buy the drugs?


- Where?
- Sit, sit.

Come on, you all want
to go to lockup with me?

- Please, we're just...
- No.

Tell me now.

Tell me where.

- Cermak.
- What?

Cermak and Kedzie.

OK, who sold them to you?


Come on, what did
the dealer look like?

I don't know.

Hey, Hank?

[cell phone vibrating]



What do we got?

That's got to be them.

Hey, Emilio?


Emilio? Hey.

Wake up.

You're Luca's parents?
You have a son?


Wake up!

Hey? Look at me.

Wake up!

All right, call an ambo.

We got to get them sober.

We got to let them know
their son just died.


No PODs caught the carjacking
near the water tower.

They were all vandalized again.

Are we taking a different
case again?

Chief's OK with that?

This boy just died
from the heroin

bleeding into Little Village.

Anyone here prefer to work
a Magnificent Mile carjacking?

Right, the product that killed
him is brand new.

Hit the streets two nights ago.

Lab's getting it analyzed
now but it looks poorly cut.

Whoever's cutting it, they
don't know what they're doing.

Luca's parents aren't saying

where they got the product.

Neither are any of the hypes.

All we got is the corner,
Cermak and Kedzie,

so start there
'cause I want whose ever

dealing this dope in cuffs
and charged

with drug induced homicide
by the end of the day.

Let's go.

You got it.

There's not even
any corner boys out.

There's not a single lookout.

I don't know, man.

Street's pretty quiet.

Maybe it's a one man dealer
cutting and selling solo.

[cell phone vibrating]


It's Platt.

Chief O'Neal came by
looking for Voight again.

How long do you think
we can keep this up for?

It's West Side Chicago.

Drug vacuum's never
gonna stay empty long.

I know.

We can't be a unit
dedicated to one neighborhood,

no matter how guilty we feel.

You have nothing
to feel guilty about.

Voight will be all right.

You know,
it's not your job to help him

through that though, right?

I know.

There's gonna come a point
when you can't

manage him without changing.

I said I know.

All right,
hey, we got movement.

Looks like we got our dealer.

I'll let the buy play
so we can confirm.

Hey, look,
if you're working...

- Just walk away.
- Look, I have cash.

Did you not hear me?
Walk away.

What the hell is he doing?

Hey, hey, bro,
just hold on a second.

I don't play with these
little white boys.

Man, keep stepping.

Yo, you guys seeing this?

What the hell's
with this guy?

That's one way
to treat a customer.

Please, I know you got some
on you, please...

- No, I got nothing.
- Please.

What, you see a dude like me
and you think I'm a dealer.

What, you a racist too?

- No.
- I got no product.

Take a walk.

Bitch, move!

What, you want to search me?

You want to search me?


Hey, hey.

Yo. Enzo.

Hey, what's going on?

Hey, boy, this boy's
trying to trick me, man.

- Hey, hey, nah.
- Whoa, whoa.

We know this guy.

- What?
- Voight knows him.

We got to tell
Ruze to pull back.

Let's move.
We'll bring him in quiet.

Came up on me.

Hey, hey, come on.
Come on.

White boy pissed me off.
Hey, hey.

Relax, relax.

You lied to me.

I didn't lie.

Oh, no?

So you didn't know
exactly who was dealing?

I didn't know jack...
not until I saw

Madman Enzo on the corner.

Is that right?

So you're not working together?

Because my officers said
it looked a hell of a lot

like you two were
working together.

- What?
- You heard me.

Yeah, well,
did your minions also tell you

how insane Enzo is?

I'd never work with him.

Oh, you got high standards
now, huh?

Yeah. He's a lunatic.

Dude thinks that every white
hype he sees is a cop.

I was just trying
to break up a fight.

- Oh, now I see.
- Yeah.

See, uh, Enzo just lost
his whole family.

- Mm-hmm.
- And then he lost his mind.

I stay far away.

Dude's off in the deep end.

Come to think of it,
kind of like you, man.

Y'all should be
little psycho buddies.

- Hey!
- A child is dead.

I'm done playing.

Can you hand me Enzo?

He's fine.

- I'm not working with...
- You got proof he's dealing?

No, I don't.
I can't give you anything.

Then you're gonna
work with us until you can.

- Nah, I won't.
- Yes, you will.

If you even try
and threaten me

with some trumped up charge,
I swear to God, I'll own you.

- Hmm.
- Yeah.

There's cameras up in here,



Know how many times
I seen you come up

in Little Village
threatening dealers,

paying them off,
roughing them up?

I can make your life hell.

I don't care
what you do to me.

Yeah, well,
I'm not helping you.

Yeah, you will,
and I'll tell you why.

Because I will pay you, Davy.

I'll give you 20 grand

just to be an informant.

He can't promise him that.

We both know that
you're not noble, right?

You'll take the money,
won't you?


[dramatic music]

There's no way this Enzo guy
is gonna have a million

in dope... you can't promise Davy
20 grand.

Then I lied.

Listen to me.

I want this son of a bitch Enzo
for as long as we can get him,

you understand?
Not on a dime bag.

He'd be out in a day.

I want him for decades.

So find me a cop,

who can go under with Davy,

someone who can make
a big buy,

someone who this Enzo
isn't gonna eat alive.

[metal clanging]



Hey, what the hell you doing?

You're gonna gouge
his eye out.

Let him up.


[blows landing]


It's anything goes Tuesday.


What's up, Jay?


Stop what?

You look like
you're wearing a wire.

I am wearing a wire.

This is stupid.

All you need to do
is intro me to Enzo.


Got any weed on you?

What? No.

Put your hands in your pockets.

Why? It's not the same thing.

Where's Enzo?

I like how you all think

that I'm best friends
with this fool

like I've been tracking
his ass on GPS for years.

Usually gets breakfast
at the trucks.

You don't do that
to George, you know.

Oh, good God.

He's talking to the trees.

Let's go.

Ah, act natural.

Oh, you all look
so pretty today.

Hey, Enz.

Yo, Enzo.

[squirrels chattering]

You see this?

The squirrels are eating
each other up there.


I would not want to be
in this man's head.

I can't tell if they're
fighting or screwing.

They're ripping
each other apart.

Oh, come back, babies.

Come back down here.

Oh, I love those little freaks.

Those little tails.

Who the hell are you?

Who's this, Davy?

Why are you stepping to me
with someone I don't know?

Who are you?

Hey, this is my...
this is my homie Marcos.

He lives on my block.

I don't care.

Well, uh, he just wanted
to meet you real quick.

I don't meet people.

He just wanted to talk
to you about that candy

you've been moving, bro.

You're the only
dude brave enough

to sell right now, so kind
of got no other options,

you know?

He wanted a piece.

That's right.

Police think they got
our block on lock, hm?

You heard they shut
down Los Tamitos?

Raided the whole neighborhood.

Got this little tight ass
girl to snitch on El León.

Police shot her too.

So what did that give us?

Nothing but a new Candy land
and it's all mine.

Come on.

Come on.

Sarge, they're on the
move walking quickly.

You want us to pull Torres?

No. Let them move.

Kev, you grab the eye.

I'm happy to give
you a little taste.

I want more than that.

Ah, ah, ah.

What does that mean?

What do you mean?

No one wants to give
me that powder, bro.

They're all too scared.

I mean, I need half a key.

Half a key?

That's right.

You half key man?

OK, let's go.

Come on, boys, let's go.


Hey, hey, we could
talk here, man.

I don't want to.

Get in the car.

No, we don't want
to go for a ride.

Why not?

We are not prepared
to go mobile.

We should walk it back now.


At water, tell Torres to go.

Sarge, we're not
prepared to engage.

We'd be naked out there.

At water, you got the eye?

I got him.

Tell him to go.

What is he doing?

It's his call.

Uh-huh. Let's go, let's go.

It's all good.

I got time.

They're getting in a brown
sedan, old Nissan model.

God damn it.


Plate number
Henry David 39564.

Burg, Ruze, we're on the
move on Surmac eastbound.

So where are we trying
to go right now, bro?

You want a half key.

You got money on
your right now?

I got some.

He's going to rip them.

This is a rip.

If it feels wrong,
Torrez will call it.

He can handle it.

Jay, he's a PPO
on loan to us.

He's not going to call it.

And he shouldn't have to.

Talk inside.

Inside there, huh?

Enzo is going to jack him
as soon as he goes inside.

Let it play.

Either Enzo makes a sale or we
spot a firearm, we can move.

This was supposed
to be a dry meet.

Only the nicest
places, huh, Enz?

Nobody's home.

That's what they say.

Nobody's home so you walk
right on by, just like me.

Nobody's home.

Nobody's home.

There aren't any
drugs in there.

It's possible.



He's a punk pedaling
diamond nickel bags.

There are a thousand
ways this goes wrong,

so I'm going to get closer.

That way if we have to
bust in, I have eyes.

Haley, what are you doing?

Get back.

Candy's right downstairs.

Go on.

Come on, come on.
Right down there.

You go first.

I'm not getting ripped.


[laughs] No, I would never.

Here, I'll go first.

Come on.

I'll go first.

Me first, I'll go first.

Just go stand over there.


What's wrong?

You're not alone?

What do you mean?

Someone come with you here?

What are you talking about?

You brought us here.

Yo, we doing this?

Get down, get down.

Move, move.


10-1, 10-1.

Shots fired.

Police 4246 West Gilborn.

I'm taking the back.

Offender's heading
for the alley.

Moving northbound.

We'll cut him off.

Hey, hey, sir.

Hey, are you good?

I'm good.

I'm good.

Upstairs is clear.

Lost eyes.

Lost him on 31st.

- Ruzek.
- Hey, Sarge.

We don't have eyes.

Guys, nothing.

Advise responding.
Offender's in the wind.

Find me Enzo.

Not you.



Torrez was going
in blind and unarmed,

and it looked like he
was going to be jacked.

And that's your call to make?

No, it's not.

But you haven't been
making many calls

in the last two weeks.

You're on a one man mission to
patrol one block of the city.

I get it.

I do.

But, Voight, you can
barely even look at me.

I know you blame me
for Anna's death,

and I know that you're not OK.

You're dragging this unit
and you're dragging Jay

through the mud
with you, and you're

going to lose them both.

So, yeah, I made a call.

You done?

You feel better?

Hey, a footman
in Little Village

said he spotted a man that
matches Enzo's description

speeding on Surmac.

He lost eyes but that's
enough for us to go on.

Yo, Sarge, it looks like
Enzo hot wired the vehicle six

blocks away from the house.

The vehicle belonged
to a Garcia Villa, 873.

Traffic cams?

Two so far.

31st and California,
31st and Pulaski.

I'm still pulling.

Got investigative alerts out.

Troopers got eyes
on the highways.

We'll find him.



Come here, bro.

Come here.

You cops told me that Enzo
only had three bricks on him.

That ain't enough for 20 grand.

You sent me in there
to get shot on a lie.

Shot at.

You didn't get shot.

I've got a gun
pointed at me, bro.

And now I got Madman
Enzo out here knowing

that I work with
the cops for cash,

and I ain't even getting any.

Where the hell that come from?


Take it.

That means you never deal
in Little Village again.

You leave.

Got him.

Hey, Sarge, we got something.

Traffic cams
caught Enzo parking

three minutes ago on Surmac.

Last knowns?

I'll pull right now.

OK, let's get
them on the move.

Let's go.

Who do we got?

Last known associate
is an ex-girlfriend,

lives in the building
at the end of the alley.

Haley, Halstead,
and Torrez are hitting

the ex-cellmate a block down.

Jay, we hit it
together on my count.

You cover the front.

I got the back.


Down, down.

10-1, 10-1, shots
fired at the police.

Were in the alleyway
between Surmac and Hamlin.

It's Enzo, third floor.

Get a shot.

Jay up to Torrez, we lost
eyes and we're taking fire.

Cover you. We're coming.

Police, stop!

- Torrez, take the gang way.
- Got it!


Stay here.

Stay here.

I got her.
I got her, go.

You OK?


Chicago PD, stop!

Hey, I got eyes.

I got eyes.


[dramatic music]

Chicago PD, stop!

He's running towards the alley.

Towards the alley.

[dramatic music]


Chicago PD, Enzo, stop.

Get down.

Down, down, down.

Chicago Police,
get out of the way!


Get out of here.

Get off the street.

Enzo, stop!

Just ran into 1728.

We got the front.


10-1, 10-1, shots fired.

Stop chasing me or I'll
kill everyone in here.

You hear me?

I'm going to kill them.

Leave right now or
I kill everybody.

If you got a shot, take it.

Can't see inside.

Can you hear people inside?

We don't have eyes.

We can't tell if
he has hostages.

Tell me someone's
got something for us.

We're in the back alley.

Gate's locked.

All right, the apartment's
owned by the Ramos family.

There's three people registered
living at this address.

Well, are they home?

I can't tell.

Give me one minute, then
get me a diversion out here.


Voight, we need
more than a minute.

Burgess and Ruzek
are trying to find

another way through the back.


Jay, he's going to
get himself killed.

He can't crash in there alone.

Sarge, I'm heading to
you to make a crash plan.



- Clear.
- Clear.


You can give a slow
down on that 10-1.

Offender down.


We're going to
talk, and we're

only going to do this once.

Then we're never
talking about it again.

Look, I'm OK.

I'm fine.


I am OK.

I'm always going to be OK.

Haley, I can look
you in the eye.

Anna's death was my
fault. Mine alone.

You don't believe that.

You are not my keeper,
and you're not each other's.

Look, I'm making choices you
don't like, that is on me.

He's making choices you
don't like, that is on him.

Him alone.

Now we got to be done
with all of this now.

If it ever shows up
on the job again...

The three of us,

we're not working together
anymore, understood?

It's that simple.


You're good, right?

Yeah, of course.


Yeah, of course.

You're a hard
man to track down.

Trudy let me up.

I wanted to drop that
off for you myself.

We missed you yesterday.

Yeah, I got swallowed
up in something.


This really why you came
all the way down here, Pat?

You know how many of those
things I've thrown out?

Yeah, I do.

Used to be your thing.

I never thought I'd see
Patty O'Neal in chief stars.

No, me neither.

I wanted to die in Narcotics.

I could have spent my whole
life busting entrap rooms,

stash houses, going after
men with three bricks.

But there's a lot
more crime in Chicago

right now than
bastards and bricks.

The city's gone to hell.

Tide's turning back to police.

This is the part where
you tell me you're

different from all the rest?


I'll give you a long
leash, more cash.

You get that kid
Torres that you

like sign up here permanent.

You can handpick your cases.


But you've got to
give up the block now.

Los Tamitos, that
case and Avalos,

you got to let that go now.

I gave you two weeks.

I can't give you more.

I didn't realize you
were being so generous.

I got Anna Avalos's payment
pushed through the red tape.

Over a half million is going
to her son Rafe in Iowa.

I know you were
trying to do that.

It's done now.

This whole city's
going to hell.

Let's get back to saving it.


Theme music...