Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 10, Episode 3 - A Good Man - full transcript

The team investigates a string of brutal pharmacy robberies and Halsted connects with one of the victims about their Army careers. Upton suspects there is more to the story and confides in Voight.

Units in the fourth,
we got a caller

who says his neighbor
won't return his lawnmower.

Caller is at 1266 Mohawk.

Lawnmower is apparently
at 1272...

Units in the vicinity.

Units in the third,
got reports

of the boys selling
on the corner again,

Kedzie and St. Louis.

Squad 11-47,
do you got a description?

Copy, 46-20.

Robbery in progress.
RXW Drugs.

1527 Pulaski.
Multiple tickets.

Shot fired
by the pharmacy.

GSW reported.

50-21 George.
Hold me down as responding.

Plain clothes.
I'm 10-99.

Copy, 50-21 George.

50-21 George, on scene.

The call is bona fide.

Keep the cars rolling.

Go, go, go, go!

Stay down, stay down.

Keep your head down.


It's OK.
It's OK. It's OK.

Keep your head down
and stay quiet.

Drop the weapon.

- No, I can't do that, sir.
- Drop it or I drop you.

No. Now look,
I am reaching...

- No.
- Slowly.

- Don't do that.
- Slowly.


Lenny Gibson,
master sergeant, 3rd Cav.

All right, Lenny,
Jay Halstead, Rangers.

Put it down now.
Slide it over.

Sir, I am
a good piece of gear.

Slide it over, Lenny.
Let's go.

Now, Lenny.


All right.

All right.


I engaged two men,
winged one.

They ran in there.

There might be civilians
in there.

It's been a fight.

OK, Lenny,
I'm gonna move forward.

You clear everybody out
of here behind me

and then you get out too.
Do you understand?

- Copy you.
- Let's move. Go.

Stay back!
Stay back!

¿Lucia? Lucia?

- My vida.
- Papi.

Stay there!

Jesus, man, what the hell
were you thinking?

They would have killed her.
Go get those pricks.

No, I'm staying here.
Stay put.

Go get them!

Keep pressure.
Stay put, all right?

I'm good.
Just go, go, go.

50-21, I got shots fired
behind the RXW.

Two offenders fleeing in a blue
sedan, older model, no plate.

They're going northbound
on Franklin now.

These men are wanted
on homicide.

They're armed
and extremely dangerous.

What did the paramedics say?

Baby's gonna be OK.

They're checking her for shock.

- You sure you're OK?
- Yeah.

This guy Lenny,

he just took two bullets
for her like it was nothing.

It was like a war zone.

These guys unloaded,
and then Lenny just... he moved.

I haven't seen anything like
that since I was overseas.

Voight's here.

- You good?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- BOLO's out.
- Good.


Went down just like
a good Samaritan said.

OK, so there's no audio,

but it looks like our offenders
make some sort of demand.

The pharmacist fights back.

All hell breaks loose.

All right, now,
keep your eye on the other guy.

- That shot came from Lenny?
- Yeah.

Caught him
completely off guard.

That's how they ended up
in the storage area.

If Lenny hadn't engaged...

More innocent people
would have died.


Yo, yo.

I got a witness who was
at the pharmacy the whole time

saying she saw the whole thing.

The offenders are looking
for pseudoephedrine.

They're cooking meth.

That's why the pharmacist
keeps it in the vault.

She wouldn't open it for them,

All right, so get on the horn
with Narcotics.

Check their radar.

Anyone with a meth sheet.

And one of the offenders
got shot,

so have the lab run any blood

that doesn't match
the pharmacist.

- Could pop.
- All right.

Lenny Gibson...
He gonna make it?

Med says touch and go.

Well, get down there,
see what he can offer.

Mr. Gibson is
on plenty of meds,

but he's alert right now.

Family here?

His wife's been here.

Went home to get some stuff
for him, check on the kids.

Some friends
from Mr. Gibson's army days

kind of keeping watch,
I guess.

Go on in.


- Jay, right?
- Mm-hmm.

How are you feeling?

Oh, man.

Like five bucks.

This is my partner,
Detective Upton.

Hey, Lenny.
I heard a lot about you.

You did a real good thing.

We just have a couple questions
for you

to help us catch these guys.

Fire away.

All right,
before it all went down,

did you hear them say anything?

Did they have an accent,
anything like that?

No, no.

I was on the other side
of the store.

I was...

I was just grabbing a pop.

And then I...

I heard the shots,
and it was,

well, you know,
game on.

Did you see their faces
without the masks?


Any descriptors at all?


I'm sorry.

It was too fast.

Hey, don't be sorry,
all right?

Just hang tough.
Rest up.


Let's do it again sometime.

You bet.

Excuse me.

I'm Nolan,
Lenny's buddy.

Did you find
these sons of bitches?

We're working on it.

You serve together?

All did a three-year hitch
together in the sandbox.

Me too, 75th Rangers.
Korengal mostly.


You all still active duty?


Hooked in with Joint Forces,
Narcotics ops.

Multinational cartel targets.

- Lenny too?
- Nah.

But he's the most decorated
of all of us.

Defused IEDs for our unit.

But he did his time.

He did it well.

Thanks for looking
after his family.

This is two months ago
in Brighton Park.

This is two weeks later
down in Chatham.

worked both of them.

Same height,
weight, build.

Same freaky mask,
same weapons.

Same target...

They boosted
30,000 cold medicine pills

in these two robberies alone.

Oh, so this latest robbery
was an escalation?

Yeah, so they started out

by hitting
pharmaceutical transport trucks

on the way
to the big box stores.

But last month,
the stores hired off-duty cops

to escort those trucks.

So this time, they waited
for the stuff to be delivered.

Escorts left, heat died down.
Then they hit it.

But we can't move yet on
any of the previous robberies

on our BOLO, witnesses.

Just got a call.

Guy at a junkyard in Fuller
Park saw the RXW job on TV.

Claims somebody just
ditched our getaway car.

- Thanks, Trudy.
- Yeah.


Every day is one big blur
of crap on tires.

But a 12-year-old Corolla
with a jangly bumper?

That rang a bell
from what I'd seen on the news.

Do you know the guy
who dropped it?

Just some guy.

- Get a name?
- No, we don't take names.

Want to get rid
of your clunker?

We take your clunker.
That's the deal.

No, I tried to stall him for
a bit, but he got all cagey.

Must have left
about 10 minutes ago.

You got cameras around here?

Don't believe
in that big-brother stuff.

Car should be right up here
around the corner.


Oh, no!

That's the car.

That's the car!
That's the car!

- Back up.
- Jesus.

- The whole place could go up.
- Back up.

Back up!

50-21 Henry, emergency.

We need CFD to 1314 Vienna,
southeast corner of the yard.

- We got a vehicle on fire.
- Copy.

Jay, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey!

- Jay?
- Hailey, we got to try.

There's probably evidence
in there.

Come on.
Leave it.

Hey, leave it.
Leave it.

Get out!
Let's go!

So he just walked off
after he got cagey with you?

Did he catch a ride
with someone?

- Was someone waiting for him?
- I don't know.

He was there,
and then he wasn't.

Anything's gonna help us.
Was he fat?

Was he skinny?
Did he have a tattoo?

He was just
a basic white dude, I guess.

- Tall, I guess, thin.
- All right, thanks.

We're gonna give you a call.

Well, if there's no cameras
on the street out front,

there's no telling
if anybody ever saw this dude.

He could be far as hell by now.

Hey, techs think
they found a good print

on the engine block.

Print survived the fire.

It looks like
our crew left it there

when they were carving VINs
off the getaway car.

They're running it now.

The print on the getaway car
is a dead match

to Calvin Morrell, 27.

He's got a long sheet,
minor stuff.

But the kicker?
He's hooked to meth.

A beanpole.

Strong match for the offender
Lenny Gibson winged.

Active bench warrant
for his arrest.

Scoop him up.

There it is.

- Ready?
- Yep.

Whoa, whoa.

Calvin Morrell!

Chicago PD!

In here.


Hands out.
Hands out.

Drop the pipe.
Drop it!

Is this about that warrant?

You're under arrest
for armed robbery, murder,

and the attempted murder
of a Chicago police officer.


What the hell
are you talking about?

I'm not saying I'm a saint.

I'm just saying
I've got nothing to do

with a robbery
at a drugstore.

Your prints are
all over the car

that was used in the robbery.

A woman was killed.
Another man's in the ICU.

Do you understand the stakes
that we're talking about?

You're looking
at murder, Calvin.

I stole that car, OK?

And then I sold it,
like, two weeks ago

just to make rent.

OK, sure.
Who'd you sell it to?

- Come on.
- Who'd you sell it to?

I answer that,
it's a death sentence.

This guy...

He'd beat me to death.

Preliminary arson report
on the getaway car.

It's real thin,
nothing to go on.

- Thanks.
- How's it going in there?

The problem is
the car theft alone.

That's your third strike.

You're a habitual offender.

And now,
you're downstate for life.


I didn't have anything to do
with the robbery.

It was just the car.

You're right, man.
It's a bad way to get life.

So I'm gonna give you
a way out, OK?

I'm gonna trash
the warrant we used for today.

I'm gonna drop the charges
for the car.

I'll expunge your record.

All you got to do
is give me that name.

Jay, you can't make the
promise you just made in there.

We can't keep it.
You know that.

I have zero intention
keeping that promise.

- It worked, though.
- Yeah.

- Until it gets thrown out.
- It won't.

You don't know that.

Morrell sold the car
to this man, Benjamin Watt.

Pride of Rogers Park.
No sheet.

He's a person of interest
in our narcotics investigation,

targeting meth
linked to dozens of ODs.

The problem is they were
never able to charge him.

But he's a great physical match

for offender number one,
the guy who shot Lenny.

Morrell ID Watt by name?

And in a six pack.
This is our guy.

He looks good for it,
but we have

zero actionable evidence
tying Watt to that RXW.

- None.
- All right.

Then let's find some.

Dig in to Watt.
Sit on his ass.

Shadow him.

This just in:
According to Torres,

Benjamin Watt has just
arrived at the gym.

DEA's a dry well.

All right, thanks.

Well, my CI says
we're on the right path.

West Garfield,
Logan Square.

Benjamin Watt is the Candyman,

but he's got nothing
for us to jump into.

Hey, what's going on?
What are we doing down here?

I looked through
Ben Watt's cell transactions.

Found something?

you're not gonna like.


Two hours
before the RXW job,

Watt sent $400...

to Lenny Gibson.

I don't think
he's just a good Samaritan.

I think he's in on the robbery.

You said
you were picking up a pop?

Yeah, that's right.

Had you paid for it yet
when everything happened?

Had you opened it?


Why are we talking about pop?

Because they keep the pop
in a display case

next to the pharmacy.

And that's a completely
different part of the store

than you were in
when you engaged the robbers.

Maybe I did pay.
I don't know.


Come on, man.

No more lies, please.

I'm dying.

Don't say that.

No, I am.

I can feel it.


Please don't tell my family,

my kids,
what I did.


Just tell us what happened.

I was just lookout...

To tell him when
the cold medicine was unloaded.

They swore
no one would get hurt.

When I saw him
shoot that pharmacist...

That, I couldn't take.

I did the right thing
when it counted.

Didn't I do that?

Who hired you?
Who are the other robbers?

Was it him?

Lenny? Lenny?

- Help! Help!
- We need some help in here.

Just hang on.

Hang on, man.
Hang on.

Give us space
to keep him alive.

- Lenny! Lenny! Lenny! Lenny!
- No, come on. Come on.

- We got to let them work.
- Out, out, out. We got him.

- What's happening? Lenny!
- We got to let them work.

I'll call Voight.

What? About what?

About Lenny.

He just confessed
to being the lookout.

We need to get a warrant.

We need to search
his house, his phone.

He must have alerted
the rest of the crew

when the pills arrived;
So we get something like that,

we get Watt,
and then we can make the case.

No, no.

What do you mean no?

Hailey, he's dying.

We can't take his name too.

That's not your call.

One bad act doesn't
make you a bad person.

You and I both know that.


Jay, can I talk to you
for a second, please?

What's going on with you? This
isn't you.

What isn't?

Everything lately.

Skirting evidence,

lying to me,

making bad deals in the box,

you and Voight,
you pulling away from me...

All of it.

I don't know what's changed
or what's going on with you.

I don't know what to do,

but I'm here,
and I want to help.





Lenny's dead.

That's it.

Hailey, he gave his life
for that woman at the scene.

We got nothing more
that we can take from him.

And we can make the case
another way.

So let's do that.

Come on.

All right, what did we get
from Ballistics?

No match
for the drugstore slugs.

And no shots fired
during the earlier robberies.

All right, what about
the ping order on Watt's cell?

Sorry, we got nothing on GPS.

They must have used
burners for this job.

All right,
Watt bought that getaway car.

That is receipt
of stolen property.

Pick them up on that.

Then we'll make him
for the charges that matter.

I tried that, boss.

ASA said
that we have zero evidence

that Watt knew
that the car was stolen.

I got two dead civilians

and 30,000 pills out there

just killing people
all over Chicago.

So drill down.

Find the thing
that makes this case.

We might have another one.


Elixir Pharmacy,
Archer Heights.

Shots fired.
Civilians down.

What do you got?

Two offenders, armed,
demanded pills.

Pharmacist balked.

They shot some poor old lady
right in front of them.

Lady was buying batteries
for her hearing aids.



The pills they were after?

Yeah, that's it.

Doesn't exactly
roll off the tongue.

Pharmacist turned over the
pills so no one else got hurt.

Bad guys took off that way.

Sounds like this guy got in the
way, so they took him out too.

- They were wearing masks?
- Yeah, that's right.

White plastic mask
with hoodies.

How do you know that?

I don't get it.

You know, we worked
the hell out of this thing,

and it's the same deal
we had before.

Nobody saw their faces.

We don't even have enough
for a BOLO on the getaway car.

They're either
the best in the business

or the luckiest pricks
on the planet.

For all we know,
we could have

cracked this thing
and saved two lives.

- You don't know that's true.
- You don't know it's not.

You need to secure the warrant
on Lenny, or I will.

It's the right thing to do.

The right thing?

OK, these guys aren't
gonna hit again today.

Just give me a few hours.

I'm gonna find a way
to work it.



Jay Halstead.

You still standing watch, huh?

Something like that.

After Lenny went,
I figured I'd stick around

for a few more days
and see what Lorenza needs.


This is
Lenny's accounting system.

Their whole life in this box.

Trying to make sense of it

so I can get
Lenny's life insurance moving.

I'm sorry Lenny's gone, man.

Imagine I know
why you're here.

You knew he was involved
in the robbery?


I knew he was in pain.

I know when people are in pain,

sometimes they do things
they may not otherwise do.

Lenny came home rough
from there.

He couldn't hold down a job,
couldn't pay the bills.

I couldn't get him cleared
to work with us.

The electric got cut,
daycare bills unpaid.

I think he got desperate.

Look, if you do this,

the army will say Lenny's death
was due to misconduct.

Lenny's death was due
to misconduct.

And once the army
makes that official,

this family,

they'll lose everything...

His pension,
his life insurance.

You know
what'll happen to them.

Lenny was a good man,
an honorable man.

He just got chewed up.

Lenny was involved
with the robbery?


Listen, I need you
to unlock Lenny's phone,

his account to his computer,
his entire life for me...

But just for me.

What does that mean?

It means I'm gonna
keep Lenny's name out of this.

You're allowed to do that?

Damn it.

It's Benjamin Watt.

Driver's gotta be
the second offender.

All right.
Go get him out of there.

I'll handle the driver.

Oh, hey.


Excuse me.
I'm sorry to bother you.

Hey, get the hell out
of here.

Hey, I'm lost.

Look, I'm just looking
for this diner.

It's Pat's or Matt's
or something.

- Supposed to be around here.
- What?

You move, you die.

You understand?

Just nod.


OK, put your hand
on the wheel real slow.


Call it in.

Hailey, we got to move fast.

Call it in right now.

50-21 Henry.

Go with your traffic.

My partner,
50-21 George,

asked me to roll the crime lab
to 216 Highway 49.

Apparent homicide victim.
Multiple puncture wounds.


Where is the other guy,
the driver?

He's cuffed to the car.

Squad, we got one in custody.
We're gonna need transport.

Be advised this is an ongoing
confidential investigation.

50-21 is on the scene
and has command.

Copy that.
Making notifications.



OK, in the course
of our investigation,

we obtained
credible information

that the robbery crew was using
this location as a stash house

and a cooking lab.

Upon arrival,

we observed
suspicious activity.

- Uh-huh.
- A suspected rip.

Detective Halstead
tailed a suspect inside.

Heard a struggle.

Discovered the man
on the ground bleeding out.


And Detective Halstead
was unable to give chase

because he had to stop
and render aid.

The victim died.

Suspicious suspect
made good his escape.

Identity unknown.

We recovered stolen meds,
cooking lab.

Got one in custody.

That's good.

That's good.
No holes, no fat.



Jay, are you getting this?


Jay, we got to be
in agreement here.

We're doing it again.


- We're doing it again.
- Listen to me.

We do not have a lot of time.

Now give me the knife.
Let's go.

What the hell am I doing?

Jay, give him your knife.

Listen, you got
to dust yourself off,

get yourself in check.

We got to go.

Jay, it's gonna to be OK.

You're gonna be OK.

Give me the goddamn knife!


Jay, just give me the knife.

Oh, hey.

Come on in.

So, Detective,
what can I do for you?


I'm here to tell the truth.

Sit down.
Come on.

Your sergeant told me
about this civilian,

how he joined forces with you
at the robbery scene,

sacrificed himself
for this pregnant woman.

It's remarkable.

I'm gonna put Mr. Gibson up
for commendation

through the Good Samaritan Act.

Get a nice ribbon
for his family.

But we're gonna make sure
the army hears about this to,

make sure
his family's taken care of.

From what I understand,

the meth this crew was making

cost a minimum
of 35 deaths from overdose.

We just got an assessment
from Narcotics

that the pills you recovered

would have put another
200 pounds of this stuff

on the street,

so you saved a lot of lives.

Thank you, sir.

Now what's this?

My resignation.


I spoke
to Lenny's friend, Nolan.

They need people.

They need soldiers
to run these units,

doing drug interdiction.

What are you talking about?

You were right about me.

I changed.

No, Jay.

I didn't mean this.

I didn't mean resign.

I had to.

It was the right thing to do.

Nolan put in a call, and...

the army offered me a spot.

I'll run a full squad of guys,

tracking down
the worst cartel targets.

No, no, no.
Listen to me.

We're gonna get through this,
you and me, together.

OK? We're gonna be fine.

I took the job.

I'll be posted in Bolivia.

It's black and white.

It's good and bad.

It's right and wrong,
and it's no more of this.

I need that.

I need that back.

But you can't just leave.

I fly out today.


It's not forever, OK?

It's eight months,
maybe a little longer.

But I swear to you

that we're gonna
get through this because...

you're the love of my life.

And if I'm yours...

Of course you are.

Then you'll know
that you have to let me go.


I thought
you hated long goodbyes.

You can have any job you want
in our department.

I'd tell you
I'd make sure of it, but...

you don't need me.

You're past that.

- If you don't want to be me...
- No.

It's worse than that.

I do.

I do want to be you.

But it's like
you've always told me,

I'm not.

And I shouldn't try.