Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 10, Episode 4 - Dónde Vives - full transcript

A shocking murder pulls rookie officer Dante Torres into his own neighborhood. Voight and Atwater help him navigate the case and manage tricky personal dynamics with his wary neighbors. Torres realizes his life my change forever.

Cameras, COHs, bugs...

Basically, anything we do
long term to invade a life,

it's all gonna go right here,

which means that you have
to stamp it by the second.

You do not want
to sift through hours

of footage of people's lives.

Trust me on that one.

Is Jay really gone?

Yeah, I think...

I think so.


Here's the good part.

I'ma teach you how
to break into a house

and then bug the place
to kingdom come.

Here... so we use this right here,

infiltrate a whole block.

Hey, leave those there.

I got you, kid.

I was kid around here
for seven years.

You're taking it now.

The most important thing is,
you get to us a unit.

You know what I mean?

I'm sure everyone else is
going deep on the details.

Honestly, far as I'm concerned,

just don't be the dick
that drinks all the coffee

and doesn't brew another pot,
you know what I'm saying?

No one likes that guy.

Also, never eat my food...

Not ever.

That everything?

Yeah, I think so.

It's gonna be real strange
around here for a while

without Jay.

It's just...

Gonna be real strange.

Hey, Torres?

Platt wants you.

Do you remember signing in
these evidence bags

last week right after
the Begman bust?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Good.

Do you also remember
entering these evidence bags

into my log book last week?

No, ma'am.

I do not keep this book
for fun, Officer Torres.

I keep it so that
it'll cover your ass

in the off chance something
goes wrong down the line.

So if I were you...

I would fix
this little oversight

as soon as possible.

Yo, Dany.

Walk right by, no hello?

'Sup, Mia?


Come drink with us.

Nah, I... I can't.

Please, Officer?

Another night.

Rain check.

Provi, you home?







Yeah, yes?

I got a... I got a body,
female victim, 40s, GSW...

A... suspected robbery.

I need a crime lab.

I need a... I need...

I need backup to clear.


50-21 Ocean.

I'm with Intelligence.

She was calling me for help.

- All right, explain it to me.
- You caught this.

I've known the victim
all my life.

She... she's lived here
all my life.


- But her last call was to you?
- Yeah.

I take care of problems
around here.


I think she called me
for help, and...

I never answered.


If Intelligence takes this case,

it could get
complicated for you.

You need to know that.

And we follow it
wherever it goes.

It won't matter
that you live here.

You understand what I'm saying?

Yes, sir.

I get it.

All right.

Let's call in
the rest of the team.

I don't know, man.

Sure looks like
a robbery gone wrong.

Busted the door,
ransacked the place,

looking for something.

He was looking for jewels, cash?

No, Provi didn't have any money.

Maybe that's why they beat her.

Notice this.

Defensive wounds on her hands,

which means she probably
fought back.

We might get lucky with DNA.

Well, I hope so 'cause we've
got no cameras in the complex

and no witnesses so far...

At least none that are willing
to talk.

We should do a full
workup on that.

Got something.


Give me that.

- Are these Glock switches?
- Uh-huh.

Those things are going
for 3 grand apiece

on the streets right now.

Yeah, it's a small price
to turn a semi-auto

into a fully auto.

Ah, this doesn't make sense.

Provi's not in the game.

She's good people.

People are a lot of things.

You might not know her
as good as you think you do.

Providencia Marín,
48, single, no children.

ME puts the time of death
around early evening.

She was an elementary
school teacher for a decade

until health problems
kept her home last year.

She still volunteers a couple
days a week at St. Joseph's.


So why does she have
the switches?

Those things put out
a full mag in 0.5 seconds,

and gangs are the main ones
using them right now.

Got a hit.

Patrol turned up a security cam
down the block.

Now, the footage is too crappy
to make out the driver,

but the vehicle is registered
to Ramiro Diaz, 24.

He's an up-and-coming
street dealer

for the Vaqueros One-Eights.

Speeding right past Provi's
near time of death.

And this guy right here,
he's got priors

- for robbery and assault.
- Good, good.

Kev, you and Torres,
find Ramiro, shake him.

See if something falls out.


Ramiro Diaz?

That's me.

We have some questions for you.

Always do.

Yesterday, early evening,
where were you?


I'm a busy guy.


Is that why your car
was seen speeding away

from the Claremont Houses?

Nah, man, I ain't kill no lady.

Killed a lady?

I didn't say nothing
about killing a lady.

Did you say something
about killing a lady?

Didn't need to.

Whole damn block heard.

We got the news faster than you.

- Chuey.
- Okay.

Well, if that is the case,
then how about you, Chuey,

and rest of the boys meet us
over there at the district.

You can tell me what you heard.
I'll tell you what I heard.

We can figure this thing out.

I ain't going
anywhere with no one.

I already told you
I didn't kill no one.

I've seen you around,
around the neighborhood.

21st and Loomis.

So you're the one, the guy.

You know, we've
been told by the old timers

to avoid your building
out of respect.

But you roll up in here
accusing me,

treating me like a bitch.

Where's my respect, guy?

Yo, a woman's dead.

If you know anything...

If I know anything?

Come on, 21st and Loomis,
enough cop talk.

What you really wanna say?

It's in your best interest
to cooperate.

Well, I say
screw your interests.

Screw your murder.

And screw you...


Okay, look, if you don't
want to help, that's fine.

But respectfully, I'ma have
to pop you for the bag of weed

you got in your pocket...

Over 30 grams, I'm sure.

- All right, Ramiro, step back.
- We're not causing...

Nah, nah, nah, I got this.

This is how you
wanna handle this?

Hiding behind that badge
like some weak-ass coward?

Come on. I heard of you.

- You can do better.
- Whoa! Hey, hey, hey!

And that's battery
on a police officer, my guy.

How about that?

- What the hell?
- Oh, you know what the hell.

Don't say
what the hell like that.

He done pushed a police officer.

You gotta relax.

You had to be a man real early.

Just you, your little sister,
your grandma.

How old is she now?

She 68?

Not a lot of time left with her.

It's a shame you have
to spend it in prison.

You know, I know
things about you too.

Is that right?

Where you live,
where your mom lives.

You want to jam me up, fine.

But I'll let
everybody back home know

where you really stand.

No more free passes.


This woman was a lady
just like your sister,

your grandma.

She wasn't in the game.

And I didn't kill her.

Then who did?

You want to mad dog me,
go toe-to-toe with me,

that's fine.

But give me something real.

Tell me who killed her
because we both know

she didn't deserve that.

No, she didn't.

But it's being handled.

Yeah, why are you guys
handling it?

You don't got to worry
about that, 21st and Loomis.

One-Eights recruiting
school teachers now?

Was she holding
your Glock switches?

Why are you guys handling it?

I'm done.

I got an alibi.

I was picking up my girl...

Never got out my car.

We went to the movies.

You go ask her.

And get me a damn lawyer.

So Sarge, the girlfriend said

that he picked her
up two blocks away,

and they went straight
to the movies.

I'm still waiting on security
footage from the theater,

but this ain't got
nothing with Ramiro.

Povi's phone records
came through.

Okay, so day of the murder,

Provi made multiple calls
to you, Torres.

But she also got
five incoming calls

and a text from this guy.

- Quico?
- Yeah, I know his sister Mia.

His family lives on my block.

Yeah, that's the one,
Quico Ramos...

Scattered gang ties,
not truly plugged in.

But he's got multiple
armed robbery charges,

one, a suspected
stash house rep.

Rep of who?


So the day of the murder,

Quico calls Provi multiple
times and sends this text,

"You need to let me in."

An hour later,
GPS pings his phone

to Provi's block
at time of death.

Bring him in right now.

Well, I'm gonna
keep it real with you.

It ain't easy working a case
in your hood with your people.

I've been there.

It can shake you up.

You get calls a lot
from people on your block?

Yeah, for help.

Like off-the-record type help?

People don't trust the police.

And police don't trust
the people, so I just...

I take care of whatever
problems I can, you know?



Units on the citywide,

we're getting
multiple calls of shots fired,

automatic weapons
from inside 1831 West Racine.

That's where we headed, right?

Yeah, that's Quico's building.

Down, down, down, down!


Chicago PD!


- Hey, stay right there.
- Stay right there. Don't move.

Go, go!

Come here.

- You good?
- Come here.

- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.

10-1, 10-1, shots fired
at the police...

Torres, whoa!

Hold up!

All right, you stay
right there, you good.


Chicago PD, drop your weapon!

Drop it!

Drop your weapon now!

Don't do it.

Shooter's name is Javier Gomez,

born and raised in Pilsen.

Prints popped... he's indexed
as a hitter for the One-Eights.

Came for Quico?

He kicked in the back door
and opened fire

and chased him
through the building.

All right, well,
where's Quico now?

In the wind... by the time
we rolled on the scene,

he was already running.

All right, talk to me, Kev.

We recovered a 9-millimeter
off of Gomez

modified with the switch.

The One-Eights are trying
to police Miss Provi's murder.

They're gonna kill Quico for it.


A wonder they didn't kill
anyone else in the process.

Well, the One-Eights are gonna
keep coming for Quico,

so we find him first.

Let's move.

We having our rain check now?

You're gonna buy me my drink?

I ain't supposed
to drink on the job,

but you know, I'ma take it.

I'm not supposed to drink
on the job, either.


No, I'm not talking
to you about my brother.

He's in trouble.

I'm guessing you already
know that by now.

Yeah, he's always in trouble.

The One-Eights want him dead
for murder.

He didn't kill Provi.

Okay, then tell me
where he's at.

Not talking to a cop
about my brother.

I'm not.

Yeah, since when
am I just a cop?

You wearing a badge right now?

You always talk to me, Mia.

Everybody always talks to me.

Yeah, and you never
worked the block before.

He's in trouble, okay?

They want him dead.

He's not safe.

He's safer with me.

Okay, okay, all right, I'm...

I'm sorry.

Look, you can't expect me
to get it right

the first time I work the block.

Okay, I'm trying
to look out for us.

Well, that's not looking out.




When do you get off?

Okay, I'll... I'll throw
some food in with our drinks.

You're an idiot.

You can't go from pissing
me off to hitting on me.

Right, so, um,
we have to do it here, though,

'cause um, I want the discount.

Come on, we...

We like food.

I'm off in a couple hours.

You were obsessed with him.

So what?

Mr. Callahan was...

Yeah. He was 45.

Yeah, but remember
those turtlenecks he wore?

Wait, why are you
saying it like that?

Because he filled them out.

- Like what?
- Like... like, in his neck?

You should start wearing them.

Your damn white tee thing
is insane.

I'm not wearing a turtleneck.


'Cause I'm... I'd be done for.

Oh, yeah?


- Hey, Gail.
- Yeah?

You mind grabbing us two more?


We are having
another round, yeah?



Yeah. Great.

Uh, I'm gonna hit the bathroom.


All right.

- Kid's pretty good, right?
- Mm-hm.

Let's see if Mia's heard
from big brother.

Come on.

Yo, Torres, what's wrong, man?

- I gotta get home.
- Something's going on.

- What? What is going on?
- Just talk to me.

No, I'm not gonna miss it again.

I'll call Mia.
I'll be right back.

What the hell was that?

I have no idea.

Try to get him on the horn
one more time.

I'm gonna go inside
and get some eyes.

Ma! Está bien? Ma?


Ma, está bien?

Yo, Ruze, I got a Latino,
6 feet, running out the back.

Grab him up.


Hey, hey, miss, are you okay?

All right? I'm police.
He's gone.

Nobody here's gonna hurt you.

23-21 David, I need
an ambulance at 3879 Bel.

I don't need your ambulance.

Okay. You're okay.


Mia, can you look at me?

Try to breathe.

There you go.

There you go.

You're police?


Why... why do you know my name?

- Yo, Torres...
- Torres, slow down.

- Slow down. Slow down.
- I messed up. I messed up.

- Stop.
- I messed up.

If I'd have been there...

The same thing
would've happened.

- No.
- No, I saw that guy at the bar.

I saw him,
and I would have stopped it.

Stop. Stop.

Breathe, okay?

Especially before
you go over there

and talk to her, breathe.


She's gonna be okay.

He went in there
looking for her brother,

not trying to kill her.

All he wanted was info.

She's gonna be okay.


What the hell happened?

It all happened
pretty fast, Sarge.

She got jammed up
in the bathroom,

didn't get a ID on him.

He's in the wind right now,

but Ruze is conducting
a search as we speak.


She said he went
in there looking

for her brother Quico,
asking where he was.

She didn't tell him,
didn't tell us.

Okay, Kev, I'm done with this.


No more hand-holding.

You get Mia to talk now.

Or we're gonna find a reason

to bring her in
and make her talk,

you understand me?

Hey, you know what?

You don't have to cover for me.

You don't do that, okay?
You don't cover for me.

If I mess up, I own it.

Everything okay at the house?


Why you took off...

Is everything okay?
Everybody all right?

- Yeah, no.
- It's... it was my ma.

I thought it was gonna be
like Provi.

- Okay.
- You know?


Look, was I wrong?

Did I lie?

Working in your hood
is gonna shake you up.

But I got your back on that.

I'm here for you, whether
you want me to be or not.

I got you.

Thank you.

No need to thank me.

Just make it right, and make
sure nobody else gets hurt.

You got it.

Is... is... is she all right
for you to give us a minute?


You had police watching me?

What was the plan, exactly?

You get me drunk,

make me start talking
about my brother?

Get out.

I'm not ever gonna talk to you.

Quico killed Provi.

He didn't.

We have calls and texts to her.

We have his GPS.

Why do you think the
One-Eights are policing him?

I don't gotta talk to you.

Look at your face.

They beat your face in.

Why do you think
they're doing that?

My brother is not a killer.

If that's true,
then I'll help him.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Which one of you is gonna help?

The kid I grew up with,

the one who
beat up pricks for me,

ran junkies off
my ma's doorstep,

kid who made a deal
with the One-Eights?

Or is it the cop

who just tried to work me?

'Cause you can't be both.

Yes, I can.

- No.
- Yes.

Yes, I can.

Otherwise, I wouldn't
be doing this job.

Let me help.

If you're convinced
he didn't kill anybody,

then I'll protect him.

I will.

'Cause we protect our own.

Haven't I always done that?

Protected everyone
the best I can?

I am better for him

than any One-Eight
or any other cop.

You promise you'll protect him?


I don't know where he is, um,

but he texted me
from a new number.

All right, should be
right around here somewhere.

Sarge, Quico's burner phone
is pinging around the yard.

Yeah, copy you.

Just keep your eyes open.

We move in slow.

We're going left.

I'm going up. You go around.

Quico! Stop!

Quico's running toward the
water north side of the yard.

Copy you.




Stop! No! Hey, hey, stop! Stop!

Drop it! Drop it right now!

Drop it right now!

Hey, I got it, I got it.
Don't shoot.

Don't shoot. I got it.

Look at me.
Look at me right now, homey.

Look at me. Look at me.

My name is Dante Torres, okay?

I live in the Claremont Houses
right down the block from you.

21st and Loomis.

Me and Mia... always me
and Mia running around.

You know me.

Your sister, she sent me here
to help you.

Drop the weapon,
and let me help you.


You don't die like this.

50-21 David,
offender in custody.

We're bringing him in.

Can't you at least
take these cuffs off me?

Just don't move, or you're
gonna rub your wrists raw.

- Then the photos, at least?
- I don't want to see that.

It seems your gun doesn't match

the one that killed Provi.

She was murdered with a .45.



I'm innocent.

No, it's not that easy.

I have made charges stick with
a whole lot less than that.

This is the part
where you start talking.

- I didn't kill Provi.
- Mm-hm.

- The One-Eights did.
- All right, who?

Look, if we're gonna go
with "somebody else did it,"

I am gonna need an actual name.

I can't give you a name, man.

Quico, the One-Eights are
already trying to kill you.

And I ain't gonna
give them another reason.

Are you kidding me,
even after what

they did to your sister?

What kind of man are you?

What the hell's
he talking about?

What'd they do to Mia?

He doesn't know, huh?

See, they were looking for you,

but they found her.


It wasn't supposed
to happen like this.

Nobody was supposed to get hurt.

I swear.

Yeah, well,
they sure did, though.

They did.


I stole the switches, okay?

I stole them
from the One-Eights.

You know, I figured
it'd be easy money.

No one would know.

I don't know, I guess
word got out, so I hid them.

At Provi's.


I was helping her
bring groceries in.

I stashed them
when she wasn't looking.

I thought I'd wait it out.

But the One-Eights got wise,
said they were gonna hurt me,

so I promised
to get it all back.

And I called her to explain
a bunch of times.

But Provi didn't understand.

And she wouldn't let us in.

She was scared and crying.

So I kicked the door down.

Okay, you said
the One-Eights killed her.

They did.

All right, but you were there?

You were there in the
apartment when it happened.

You said you broke
the door down, right?


I don't wanna talk anymore.

All right.

I promised Mia I'd protect you.

And I will.

I'll help you.

You know me.

I just wanted to fix things.

But she wouldn't
open the door for us,

so I broke the door open.

Chuey pushed inside.


Provi, she just...

- Chuey Santiago.
- She fought back.

Me and Torres met him
at the course with Ramiro.

He's with the One-Eights.

All right.

He started hitting her.

And he shot her. Chuey.

I ran.

I ran away.

I knew he was gonna kill me

as soon as he got
the switches back.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Chicago PD!

Chicago PD! Chuey, stop!

Cover left! Cover left!

I got you, I got you, I got you.



You promised.

You promised to help him.

I know.

20 years?

My brother gets 20 years
for felony murder?

20 years for not even
pulling the trigger?

That's your help?

Nothing to say?

You're not even gonna tell me
I'm wrong?

You're just gonna stay silent?

I'm sorry.

You know this courtyard's
off limits.

For a deal you was
forced to make

when you were a little boy?

Nah, no more.

You don't get to police
this place no more.

The other cops own you now,

so it's time for you and mami
to move on.