Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 10, Episode 5 - Pink Cloud - full transcript

Upton's dogged pursuit of a missing teenage girl leads the team into a dark web of human trafficking. Chief O'Neil becomes involved with the unit's investigation hen it becomes evident his son, Sean, has a connection to the missin...

I thought that Caeli
was picking her up again.

I got to tell you,
the handwriting

that you put on the calendar
is very small.

- It's very hard to read.
- Caeli's got Tuesdays

and Wednesdays for violin.
It's fine.

I'll... I'll pick up Mak
on the way out.

I'll grab food.
Pizza or Thai?

- Thai.
- Thai.

- Pizza.
- Night, bud.

Nah, Jordan,
it's the same as it always is.

You just got to put
the pound sign after.

Right, it ain't gonna work
without the pound sign.

Where's your key, bro?

All right.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you.

All right, bye.

Hey, you want to come have
dinner with me and Jordan?

He's cooking.
It's gonna be a mess.

- No, I'm good.
- OK.

But you know
you're always welcome.

Thanks, Kev.
I appreciate it.

You guys got to stop
worrying about me.

- I'm all right.
- All right.

- Tell Jordan I said hi.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You got any overtime?

Anybody need a warm body,
warrant arrest, a raid?

Uh, you want
to put on your blues

and do overflow
at a Killer Crotch concert?

- Eh.
- No?

Then I guess Gangs
is serving a warrant tonight.

Yeah, that one.
That's perfect.

Okay, let's go.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What do you got?


So your family's
from Guatemala?

- Good night.
- Good night.


but you didn't say that.

And as I said before,
I will have him call you back.


- So when's the plumber coming?
- No, I'm gonna fix it myself.

You've been saying that
for, like, two weeks.

And I'm gonna get to it
this weekend.


Good night.

Good night.

Hey, you got any OT tonight?

It's been over a week
with this.


So I'm required to report
these hours up the chain.

Every officer is supposed
to have a required rest period.

I'm good to keep going.

The bean counters
are gonna get pissy.

It is not a good look.

One more night.

I know you need the bodies.

You know, you're not
the first unhappy little urchin

to come crawling to me
looking for extra hours.

It doesn't work forever.

That's not what this is.

I just want more hours.

- There you go.
- Thanks.

The stash house location.

We've got credible intel
there's fortification

and armed gang security
on site.

We've got a bird dog
bedded down the block

from this location,

but Patrol is still gonna
hold a pattern a block out.

And our team, A-6,

will approach on foot
from the south and crash.

Overtime bodies,
you're on the perimeter.

Stack each exit in teams.

Grab a partner.
Let's get moving.

We roll out in five.

- Hailey Upton, Intelligence?
- Yeah?

- You got a partner?
- I don't.

It's always been a dream
of mine ever since I signed up.

There they go.

I want to be up
in that bullpen

working elite,
long-term investigations,

not pushing a beat car.

I did hear you got an opening.

We don't have any openings.


I heard that some guy left.

Chicago PD! Search warrant!
CPD! Search warrant!

On the ground! On the ground!

10-1, 10-1.

Shots fired at police.
We've got a runner.

He's headed for the west exit.
Male, Black, 20s, armed.

Police! Don't move!

- CPD! Stop!
- Stop moving!

Go, go, go!
I got this one!

- Stop! Stop!
- 50-21 Henry.

In foot pursuit,
northbound down the alley.

Male, Black, 20s.
Black jacket, blue jeans.

- Armed.
- Copy, 50-21 Henry.

Lost eyes.
Back entry.

Building off of Western.
Going in quiet.


Chicago PD! Stop!

50-21 Henry, I need backup
and an ambo right now.

I'm two buildings down.

Copy, 50-21 Henry.

Hey, can you hear me?

Hey, wake up.
Wake up.

Hey, I'm a police officer.
I'm here to help.

My name's Hailey Upton, OK?

I'm gonna help you.
I'm gonna get you out of here.

All right?
It'll be OK.



Keep running.

Season 10 Episode 05

Episode Title: " Pink Cloud"
Aired on: October 19, 2022.

Wake up.
Hey, wake up.

No, no, no, no, no, no.
Stay down, stay down.

Stay down, stay down.
What the hell happened?

- Oh.
- I heard your radio call.

What's going on?
We got an ambo on the way.

You're gonna be fine.
I got you.

- Where is she?
- Who?

Where's the girl?

There was a girl.
She was right here.

She was tied up.

And then someone
knocked me out from behind.

Was it the offender
you were chasing?

Patrol apprehended him
right outside.

No, it wasn't him.

It was somebody else.

I think this is something else.

We got to go.
We got to go clear this.

I'm fine.
I'm fine.






I'm good.

I'm good.
Thank you.

Hailey, you OK?

Yeah, it's superficial.

There's a female victim.

16, maybe younger.

She was just a kid.
She was tied up.

Offender knocked me out
from behind.

You cleared everyone
from the Narcotics bust?

Yeah, I was giving chase,

but a PO caught that offender
right outside.

The timing doesn't match up.

It wasn't him,
which means

somebody else was down here
with that girl.

I don't think
this had anything to do

with the Narcotics case at all.

Offender must have
moved quickly,

dragged her upstairs,
had a car parked there.

Took off before I woke up.

I checked for cameras.

There's none around
on the building,

so no eyes on the getaway car.

This is it here.

She was pretty bruised up.

The bruises were layered.

I think
she'd been here for days.

- Clothed?
- Yeah.

They kept them on her.


She had gashes
on the soles of her feet.

Yeah, he cut them open
so she couldn't run away.

Forensics is still processing
the evidence in the basement.

As far as the ropes and the
mattress, they're very aged.

Thinking that the offender

probably found those
down there.

Huh, all right.
Anything on the building?

The factory is run by an LLC.
Company is gonna demolish it.

I'll run the employees,
but the doors were unlocked.

Offender probably assumed
it was abandoned.

Chose it for accessibility.

There were no in-service
911 calls in that area.

And we got nothing
off the knock-and-talks.

Any sexual offenders
in the area?

I'm running them,
but none have popped so far.

OK, you want
state missing persons

- or national?
- National.

Did she have
any unique identifiers?

No, none that I saw.

She was 16.
Pretty young girl.

Yeah, well,
there'll be a lot of those.

Hey, I got a hit.

Canvass popped a security cam

with eyes
in front of the factory.

Something good.
Come on.

Now we have nothing of
interest after you found her,

but 36 hours before you did,
we got this.

- Does he ever look up?
- No.

Not enough for facial rec.

That's her.

That's the girl.

What about the minivan?

Yeah, no plates
or no registration,

but we were able
to track where it came from.

Tracked him on traffic cams
to this block.

- Nothing closer?
- No, it's the best we got.

We ran every residential
address on the block.

Ones of interest...
This one right here.

4159 West Birch.
It's abandoned.

Gang Unit's got it indexed
as a trap house,

used for shooting up, sex.

It's possible that
our offender found her here.

He put her in the minivan,
drove her to the factory.

And then 36 hours later,
that's when Hailey found her.

If it's abandoned,
we don't need a warrant.

- We can just walk right in.
- Do it.

Kev, Torres,
any sign of movement?

No gray minivan back here.

No, nothing in front.

- No sign of the van.
- Let's go in quiet.

He may have
brought her back here.

we're about to head in.


I got you.


Chicago PD!
Get your hands up!

- What?
- Hands up!

Turn around
and get on your knees!

Turn around!
And get on your knees!

What did I do?

Turn around!
And get on your knees!

- Where is she?
- Who?

Keep your hands up!

I don't know
what you're talking about, OK?

Put your hands
behind your head.

You guys,
I got one in custody.

Keep clearing the house.
The girl might still be here.

Is she still here?

I am looking
for somebody too, OK?

I'm looking for a kid of mine.
Her name's Abby.

Who's Abby?
Is she your daughter?

I run a safe place program.

She's a kid
that comes to my center, OK?

Sit down.

I am who I say I am.

And I take it
my dad's your boss.

So this is Abby?
Abby Jacobs?

That's Abby.

Who is she to you?

I told you, she's a kid
that comes to my center.

She has meals with us
most days.

She does NA with us.

How long
has she been missing?

Well, we don't house kids,
but she hasn't come by

in, like, 48 hours,
and that's not really like her.

Does she have a cell phone?

No, no,
she doesn't have a cell phone.

She doesn't have
a bank account.

She's a street kid.

What about a boyfriend
or a pimp?

- Excuse me?
- I'm asking

if you know of anyone
that would want to abduct her,

abuse her.

Is that happening to her?

Answer the question.

No, she doesn't have
a boyfriend that I know of.

And she doesn't have a pimp.

She's a good kid.

She's a little bit headstrong,
but so am I. So are you.

Then why'd you go looking
for her at that trap house?

'Cause I was worried
she might have relapsed.

I went everywhere I can think
of you can get high for cheap.

You go looking for every kid
that comes through your doors?

If I think they're
gonna OD at 16, I do, yeah.

Hey, you OK?

Dad, I'm good.
I'm sober, all right?

One of my kids is missing.
I'm trying to help find her.

Then what the hell
is he doing in here?

I was just asking him
some questions.


Come on.
Let's go.

- It's OK.
- All right.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So Sean checks out.

He runs a center
called Safe Place Oasis.

- For teens?
- 13 to 21-year-olds.

Open door policy.
Any kid can show up.

No questions asked.

They provide meals, therapy,

AA, NA meetings...

Basically anything
a struggling youth could need.

Call and let me know that
you're gonna pick up my son

and bring him in?

Is that right?

- Is that hard?
- Blood's a match.

Blood at the trap house matches
the blood at the factory.

DNA is a hit
on Abby's juvie samples.

- She was there.
- OK, so what do you think?

You think he probably abducted
her from the trap house?

I mean,
there was broken glass, blood.

It's possible.

Somebody got her up there,
got her high,

attacked her, and then
took her to the factory.

Are you thinking
stranger abduction?

Not necessarily.
It could be somebody she knows,

somebody who lured her there.


I mean, we know
Abby didn't know her father.

Her mother passed away.

There's no other family.

She was handed off to DCFS
when she was six,

habitually a runaway.

She started running away
when she was ten.

Multiple priors for possession,
a few juvie stints.

She's been AWOL
for the past two years.

That's a long time
to survive on the streets.

That means that she has

no registered phone number,
no social media,

no LKAs,
and no known associates.


She's gonna be hard
to track her down.

Out of thin air.

Girl's a ghost.

I know her partner...
Her husband... is gone.

And I know why.

I know full well she's
pulling any OT she can get.

I know what that means, so
if she's mentally exhausted...


I get it.

Not now.

You want to talk about that?

I'm happy to talk about that.

We need more on Abby.

We can't build a time line
or find a person of interest

unless we have more
on our victim.

Look, I want to help
any way I can.

I have more on Abby than you're
gonna get in her DCFS file.

Just let me help.

All right, go with him.
Get everything you can get.

Are all the kids here

Not all, no. Some.

Get a lot of unhoused kids,

kids who get kicked out
of their houses,

a lot of kids who just fall
through the big, big cracks

at DCFS and CPD.

And of course, Abby.

What camp does she fall into?

Well, not just one,

but she's an addict.

She's been using
and living on the streets

for a couple of years, but she
just got sober with our help.

Do you have anything
more recent?

Who are her friends?

Who does she date?
Where does she sleep?

Would she have gone willingly
to that trap house?

That's a lot of questions.


You ever heard
of the pink cloud?

- No.
- It's a term in sobriety.

There's this feeling you get
right after you get sober,

once you detox...

This feeling that maybe
everything's gonna be OK.

You can handle it, right?
You're invincible.

But it's just a cloud.

It's just a trick.

It doesn't last long.

The pain always finds you.

That's how Abby was feeling?

I bet.

I bet she was feeling good.

I bet she was feeling capable,

but ...she wasn't ready to deal
with the pain underneath that.

The only way out of that
is through.


You're talking
a lot of clichés.

It's 'cause
they're usually true.

- So Abby was pulling back?
- Yeah.

Yeah, and she stopped
showing up to her meeting.

She stopped checking in
with her friends

like she usually does.

Her friends?

Are they here?

I don't like
bringing cops here.

It's supposed to be
a safe place for them.

I'm just gonna ask
a couple of questions.

It tells us to accept
what we cannot change

and to change what we can.

- But what...
- Sorry to interrupt.

This is Hailey Upton.

She's with
the Chicago Police Department.

- Hi, Hailey.
- Hi.

Nobody's in any trouble.

She just wants to ask you
a couple of questions.

About Abby Jacobs.

Some of you might have noticed

that Abby hasn't been
around here in a little while.

She's actually
been reported missing.

Who reported her missing?

I did.

We suspect that Abby
is with someone right now

who means her harm.

Has anybody heard
Abby mention somebody

that she's afraid of, somebody
who might want to hurt her?

Like who?

Like a boyfriend,
an old foster parent, a friend.

Somebody older, 30s, white.

Always the white dudes.

Whoever has Abby right now,

he's hurting her badly.

I saw her.

He beat her.

And if we don't find her soon,
he might kill her.

We don't need
to tell them that.

Yeah, you're right.
My bad.

I got to take this.

Sorry, guys.

Abs, what's going on?
I'm freaking, OK?

You said everything was OK,

but there's some police bitch
here at Safe Place,

and she...

Give me the phone.

No, no, no, no, no.
Come here.

Hey, he's a kid!
Get your hands off him!

- Hey, come on. He's a kid.
- Sit down. Sit down.

- You don't have...
- Hey, back the hell up!

Unless you want to be arrested

for assaulting
a police officer.

I don't care
who your father is.

There's a girl missing,
so back up.

Get up.

Let's go.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Can you get him?
He's in the back.

- Yeah, yeah.
- No, you can't tail me.

And you can't be on the
premises without permission.

- I know the guy at the gate.
- Of course you do.

Blake, you good?

Mr. O,
what am I supposed to do?

- What do I say?
- You don't say anything.

You don't say anything until
you see me or a lawyer, OK?

I'm gonna be right up.

I thought
you were gonna help.

This is me helping
the kids in my care.

This is not helping.

I know this system.
My dad runs this system.

And I've seen it myself
more than once.

You're not gonna apprehend
and question a kid of mine

without a lawyer
and a child advocate present.

Of course
I'm not gonna do that.

I don't know what
your dad's told you about me,

but I'm not the kind of cop
that chews up a kid.

My dad says you're
falling off the deep end.

Blake has a phone number
for Abby,

a child that's missing

and probably being abused
right now.

I'm gonna go question him.

Feel free to come on up.

You're not in any trouble.

You didn't do anything wrong,

and you don't have to talk
to me if you don't want to.

That's what all these people
are gonna tell you too.

I was allowed to take this

under life or death

But I can't open it
without a warrant.

That takes time.

I don't even think
the judge is gonna give us one.

We don't have enough.

So I'm really hoping
that you can open it for me.

Why would I do that?

Because I heard you
leaving that message.

That was to Abby,
wasn't it?

She has a cell phone.

Abby's not gonna be
in trouble either, not with us.

We want to find her
so we can help her.

And if she has a cell phone,

that means
we can find her faster

because we can
track her movements.


For her, please.

Look, Blake, I'm not gonna
judge you either way, man.

It's your decision.

But I... I do know
that you love Abby.

And I know how many times
she's helped you,

how many times she's dragged
you back to better sides.

And I guess
you got to ask yourself,

what is help for Abby
right now?

What's really gonna help her?

I wasn't lying
when I said I saw her.

I did.

She was hurt.
She was in pain.

She was scared.

Do you know what she said
when she saw me,

when she saw somebody
that could help her?

She told me to run.

She wanted me to save myself.

Blake talked.
He doesn't know where Abby is

or who might have taken her,
but he gave us a phone number.

Phone's brand-new,
bought two weeks ago.

- It's a pay-as-you-go burner.
- Hey.

Phone company
just sent over everything.

All right.

Phone's off right now,
but I got tower history.

Can you put them
in the time line all in a row?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

That's the trap house.

All of these are
right near Safe Place.

The streets nearby...

That's probably
where she's laying her head.

OK, what about that outlier?

That's Ravenswood.
She wasn't there long.

Her cell pinged that tower
for only an hour

before pinging the tower
near the trap house.

That's a two-block radius.

We need to get closer
than that.

I mean, but we got
to think about Internet.

She's a kid
paying for her own data,

which means she's trying
to connect everywhere she goes.

All right, well,
time within that ping,

she connected
to two IP addresses at cafés.

And her phone synced up with a
personal hotspot in Ravenswood

registered to Malcolm Kenning.

Malcolm Kenning.

That's him.
This is our guy.

No priors.
Clean record.

College educated,
works in finance.

I don't care.
This is him.

It's the same guy
from the security footage.

Same weight,
same height.


Maybe and Abby
go to his house on a date,

maybe to talk.

They go to the trap house
to get high.

He probably comes on to her.

She wants to get the hell out
of there, tries to run.

He knocks her out, abducts her,
takes her to the factory.

That's him.
This is our guy.

It's not a lot to go on.

Kenning's also got
a 2004 gray Sienna minivan

registered to his name.

But I'll try
to get a judge on board.

Let's see
how far exigent will go.

Chicago PD!

Malcolm Kenning!




He's posing her.

He's selling her for sex.

Preliminary search
already shows evidence

of child pornography.

Tons of pictures of Abby.

It looks like they were
all taken in the factory.

This guy might not be indexed

on sex trafficking charges,

- He's a guerilla pimp.
- Right.

He meets Abby, gets her high,
beats her into submission,

but where the hell
is he taking her?

Kenning's also got

a 2018 Lexus,
2016 Land Rover.

Got BOLOs on both.

Got his CTA cards
and credit cards all flagged.

Platt's looking into all the
locations linked to Kenning.

He's got two brothers that
have properties downtown.

And he's got a cousin that has
a foreclosed vacant property

- in Humboldt Park.
- This man knows police

found him at that factory.
He's in a panic.

He is gonna go
some place he knows.

So cover all those properties.
Hit them fast.

I'll bed down right here.

OK, Ruzek,
we're on the move.

Be right there.

His cousin's
foreclosed property

has five floors
of abandoned interiors,

and it's a quiet stretch
of Humboldt Park.

It'd be a good place to hide.

Hailey Upton.

Wait, hold on.
Sean, slow down.

Sean, slow down.
What are you talking about?

She called me.
Abby... she just called.

Has her cell pinged?

No, it's still off.

Sean, from what number?

It was a number
I didn't recognize.

She said she needed help.

She sounded like
she was drugged or out of it.

- Look, I...
- Sean, we need the number

that she called you from.

OK, fine,
but I'm driving right now.

- Where are you driving to?
- She told me where she is.

That's what I'm telling you.
She called me.

- Where is she?
- 12000 Hadley.

I'm going there right now.
I'm in the car.

Sean, don't go into
that property without us, OK?

Wait till we get there.
Just wait in your car.



Come on.

Two rooms.
I'll go right.


Sean's in the backyard.


Hey, hey.

Sean, stay back.

Stay back and let us find her.

Wait, is that hers?

Don't touch it!

She just called me,
all right?

- She has to be here.
- Call her.

Call her back from the number
she called you from.

No, she has to be here.

She has to be here.
She has to be here.

50-21 Eddie.

Roll a crime lab
to 12000 Hadley.

I need enough officers
to conduct a grid search.

And bring me the cadaver dogs.


Did Abby say anything else
on the phone?


Did you hear anything else?

Something in the background?

A man talking?
A car?

It was 20 seconds.


She was begging me for help.

She was in pain.

She's scared.

Look, just tell me who has her.

I can't tell you that.

Is it as bad
as I think it is?

You're gonna hate
that I can see it, huh?

See what?

The pain.

Hailey, Patrol just
got a hit on our BOLO.

Gray Sienna minivan,
darkened windows, no plates.

Just got clocked
in Humboldt Park.

Humboldt Park?

- The cousin's place?
- That's my guess.

So he figures out she tries
to make a call, panics,

but if he's trying
to move her...

She's still alive.

No, no, no.
You can't come.

Crime Lab is coming here.

You need to stay
and answer their questions.

I can help.

You helping is staying here.

I got it.

I got her.


We know that the gray minivan
is inside and is unoccupied.

No signs of Abby yet.


We got the bottom floors.

Lower level secure.



Clear, east.
Moving up to two.


Clear, west first floor.


We're clearing
through the fourth floor.

- I got right.
- Yep.

Nothing on two.

50-21 Henry, I got shots
fired at Hamlin and vision,

possibly on the roof.


Abby, you got to drop the gun.

It's OK.

It's OK.

Put the gun down.

Just put it down, Abby.
Put it down.

It's OK.
I'm not here to hurt you, OK?

I'm gonna let everybody else
know to stand down, OK?

It's OK.
Abby, it's OK.

Hey, you guys,
I got a 10-56.

I'm on the roof with Abby.

She's not feeling so good
right now,

so we're gonna chat
until she feels better

if everybody can
just stand down.

OK, Abby,
it's just me and you.

Just me and you.

I've been looking for you.

My name is Hailey.

I'm here to help you, OK?

He wanted to kill me.

He chased me up here.

He wanted me to jump, to die.

I... I couldn't take it anymore.

I can't.
Oh, God, I can't.

- He's gone now. It's OK.
- I can't.

Hey, he's gone.
It's OK.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

I know you can.
Abby, don't look at him.

Look at me.
Abby, look at me.

Abby, I know what he did.

This is self-defense.
This is not your fault.

You are not in trouble, OK?

Abby, it's OK.

Do you remember me?

I just want it to stop.

I just want it to stop, OK?

I can't...
I can't take it anymore.

I can't handle it.
Oh, my God, I can't.

I can't... I can't
feel this way anymore.

You're gonna feel better
at some point, Abby.

Abby, it's not gonna
be like this forever, OK?

You're gonna get through this.
You're gonna pull through this.

And I'm gonna help you.

I'm gonna do everything I can
to help you.

I'll be right here for you.

So you got me.

And you got Sean.

Sean has been doing
everything he can to find you.

He cares about you.

He cares about you.
He wants to help you.

I'm gonna do everything I can.

I promise you.

You will not be alone.

No, no, no!


We didn't recover anything
on Kenning?

You sure?

We worked the interior.
There's nothing in there.

No wallet, burner, nothing.

- What about GPS?
- Too cheap a model.


I just...

I'll notify him.
I got it.

It was a false address.

Yeah, we linked it
loosely to Kenning,

but I don't think
Abby was ever even there.

I think Sean gave me
a fake lead to buy time

so he could
call Kenning himself

to kill Abby
and then flee town.

Have you got proof of a call?

No, I don't.

There was no burner found
on Kenning.

And it's not
in any of his records.

But that doesn't mean
it didn't happen.

Sean has been playing me
this entire time.

I found him at the trap house.

I let him sit in
on the interview with Blake.

He was looking for information,
but not because he cares.

Because he wanted to...

what are you actually saying?

Abby jumped off that roof
when I said Sean's name.

I saw it.

That's why she jumped.

There are over
two dozen young girls

that have gone
through his doors at Safe Place

that no longer exist.

What if they didn't just
fall through the cracks?

What if the wolf has been in
the hen house this entire time,

hiding in plain sight,

helping them,
protecting them?

What if we need
to wake the hell up?

I'm saying the chief's son
is trafficking underage girls.