Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 10, Episode 6 - Sympathetic Reflex - full transcript

- Run.

- Chicago PD! Get
your hands up!

- I run a safe place program.
I'm looking for Abby.

- You go looking for every kid
that comes through your doors?

- What the hell is
he doing in here?

- Sean has been playing
me this entire time.

- I have more on Abby
than you're gonna get

in your DCFS file.
Just let me help.

- There are over two dozen girls

that have gone through Safe
Place that no longer exist.

- What are you actually saying?

- The chief's son is
trafficking underage girls.

- Ha.

Jordan, you funny, man.

For real.

Vinessa's comin' up
from Texas next week,

so you might as well just
stay with me until she leaves.

You know she gon' wanna
yap your head off anyway.

Right, we doin' family
dinner, she say.

Girl & the Goat,

Nah, I just gotta
see what I got,

'cause I got four
units already done,

but all that's Section 8.

Yeah, boy, I got tenants moving
in the building next month,

so you can crash with me until
we find something you like.

We don't gotta rush it.

Oh, Jordan, I gotta go.

Just got here. Love you, bro.

- You're late.

- Lower Wacker was
flooded, Sarge.

- Yeah, rain'll do that.

- No disrespect,
but aren't I the one

that's doing you the big
last-minute favor, Sarge?

- Yes, because your
colleague, Hailey Upton,

unceremoniously canceled on me,

and all of this
will be remembered.

- Mm, okay, so who
are we doin' today?

- We are doing a group
of patrol officers.

The lecture series is supposed
to assist those inside

who are very young and
also very wound up.

The majority look like
tiny, little chickens

who just discovered
what's on the menu,

so don't go in there all breezy.

- All right.

- But also, don't
go at 'em too hard.

And don't middle ground
it and waste their time.

- Thank you for that, Sarge.
You just left me with a lot.

- Yes, sir?

- Get your wimpy ass up.

Stand right there.

There you go.
Everybody, get up.

Get up.

Get up!

Get in a circle.
Fill in the gaps.

Wherever you not at,
fill in the gaps.

There you go. Come on.

Yeah, you feel that?



I felt it as soon as
I walked in the room,

but you feel it a lot more when
you stand like this, don't you?

That's what half this job
is about... readin' that.

Readin' the room
when you walk in.

Readin' the car when
you pull it over.

Feelin' violence
that just happened

and violence that's on the way.

Feeling tension and
anxiety in the air.

It's okay there's a little
tension around here right now,

but you acknowledge that here.

You feel it here,

and then you leave it.

Everybody, take a breath.

Leave it.

Don't take it out there
on the street with you,

because it gonna be hard as hell

for you to read the
air when you need to.

So instead,

when you walk out of this room,

take your empathy with you.


Empathy is what you take
out there on the streets.

Empathy is where it starts,

and empathy is what we gon'
be talkin' about today,

whatever the hell that is.

So let's get these
desks back in order.

And if y'all got any questions,
we can start with that.

Go ahead, Sanchez.

- Man, I can't believe
Platt roped you into that.

- Mm, sound like somebody

who doesn't know
Platt that well yet.

- It was a good speech, though.

- Aw, appreciate that,
dawg. Appreciate that.

I tried. I tried.

You know, I remember
being 21 years old,

being scared out of my mind.

I signed up for the
steady paychecks

so I could feed myself and
to protect my siblings,

and every old-ass FTO
said the same thing:

"Show no fear.

They ain't gon' respect
you unless you make 'em."

I never really
connected to that.

That wasn't really my style.

- Units in the citywide
and units in 21st district,

we're getting calls of an
armed carjacking in progress.

26th and Canal. Silver sedan.

- Mm-hmm, feel good about it?
- Yeah.

- Let's take it.

- 50-21 Ocean. 50-21 David.

officers responding.

Clear right. Nothing.

- Clear left.

- There, there! Pull up there!

- Help me! Help me!

- Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

No, please, my son!

- Hey...
- He tried to fight them off!

He's still in the car!
- Get her out the way!

Stay with her! I'm goin'!

- I got her, I got
her. Go, go, go!

- He's still in the
car. Oh, my God.

- 50-21 David. That
call was bona fide.

And my partner's
with the victim.

Vehicle was last seen
goin' northbound on Canal.

Second male victim
has been abducted.

Offenders are armed. We
needs cars over here!


Hang on. I got you.

I got you, I got
you. I'm police.

50-21 David, on scene.

Male victim has
sustained injuries

to the leg, arms, and head.

I need ambos at 25th
Place and Canal.

Please advise all units
that the stolen vehicle

is still in the wind.

- My mom?

My mom, is she...
- She's safe.

She's safe. She safe.

Let's worry about
you right now, okay?

- Is she...
- Don't worry about her.

She's okay.

Did you see the
carjackers' faces?

- I had... I had to stop them.

- Listen, you did very good.


She's not hurt.

You saved your mama.
You did good, man.

You did good.

She's gonna be fine.

It's okay.

It's okay. Right this way.

- All right. What do we got?

- Another violent
armed carjacking.

- Yeah?
- Victims are a mother and son.

Robin and Miles Reeves.

Miles didn't make it.
Robin is still in shock.

- Was she able to tell
you what happened?

- Yeah, she said her son
was pumping gas in his BMW.

She was walking towards
the passenger side

after leaving the bathroom.

The jackers ran up,
hit hard and fast.

- Well, she get a look at 'em?
- Yeah.

She said it was two of
'em, both of 'em masked.

One of 'em was armed.

The one with the gun dragged
her out the passenger side.

The other one hit
the driver side.

- Hmm.
- How'd he end up here?

- Yeah, so many blocks away?

- The jacker yanked
him inside the car.

Started drivin', dragged
him eight blocks.

Had to be goin' at least 90
miles an hour by his injuries.

Then they just tossed him out.

- All right, so let's get a
BOLO out on the stolen vehicle.

Start chattin' up witnesses.

Pull the surveillance
video from the gas station.

Let's go.

Anything about Sean?
- No.

Well, nothing actionable.

But he's been with
a young boy or girl

every time I've seen him.

- That is his job.

- We should push him.

- No, listen. We gotta
be patient, okay?

If there's something...
- There is.

There's something there.

We should loop in
the rest of the team,

that way there's always
someone tracking him.

We always have eyes.
- Hailey.

If... or when... we have
actionable evidence,

we will.

Till then, I wanna keep
this between you and me.

All right, a
30-year-old dad of two

just died tryin'
to save his mom.

That's the case
we've got right now.

Let's work it.

- Excuse me.

I'm Officer Burgess.
This is Officer Ruzek.

The carjacking that just
happened at pump four,

did you see anything?
- Nope.

Can't see pump four from here.

- All right. Um,
there was a woman.

Her name was Robin. She
was one of the victims.

She came in to use the restroom.

What do you remember?

- A lot of customers
come in here.

- Your name's Clarita?


Well, Clarita, while your help

has been overwhelming,

it's probably best you just
show us the lot footage

and we can check
for ourselves, okay?

- None of these cameras
work. They're decoys.

Owner's a cheap-ass.

- Huh.
- This is Chicago.

Cars get jacked around here
two, three times a day.

I'm surprised you
guys showed up.

You don't always.

- Yeah. Well, we're here now.

- Look, I didn't see anything,

but the guy across the street...
Owns the liquor store...

He's obsessed with
security cameras.

- All right. Where are we?

- Still going through
old security footage

from the past two months.

Carjackings have tripled
in the Near South Side.

- That south loop area, where
the jackings took place,

has been hit the hardest.

- Same M.O.? Same men?
- Uh-huh.

For that stretch, that's
what it looks like.

Always two masked guys, armed,

one of them always in
a black track jacket.

Between the height,
weight, and masks,

it's a pretty good match, Sarge.

- Clarita, the
gas station clerk,

she may not be big
on customer service,

but the girl can count.

This pair has been doing two,

three jackings a week.

- All right, all right.

I got the latest footage.

- Okay, okay.

- Jesus, they hit
it hard and fast.

- They move like they know
what they're doing too.

Never lookin' near a camera.


- All right, the stolen cars fit

any recent shootings?
- No, sir.

None of them pops on any crime.

They're not just doin'
this for joyrides.

- They're flipping 'em for cash.

- Got something a block
from the carjacking.

New traffic cam.

This was minutes
before the carjacking.

Jackers get out of this car.

Car's registered to
an Andrew Chaffey.

49 years old. No
priors, no backgrounds.

He owns three homes,

but this Nissan is registered
to his mansion in Lakeview.

Never was reported stolen.

- All right, Kev, Adam,
you guys hit Lakeview.

Rest of you, split
up the other two.

Let's move.
- Good work.

- No, you swore to me!

- You know how this works!

- No, you promised him.

- You don't get to
tell me how things are.

Go, go, go!

- Hey!
- Hey!

Hey! Chicago PD!

I'm breaking left!
I'm breaking left!

- Copy.

- 50-21 David, in foot pursuit.

Headed west toward Halstead

in between Roscoe and Cornelia.

White male, slim build.

Black male, black track jacket

in connection with
the carjacking

and the homicide.

- Hey!

Son of a bitch.

50-21 Ida.

I got an Asian male, about 5'4".

Just hopped into a stolen
silver BMW, no plates,

heading north towards Cornelia.

- Uh-huh.

You see that? There's
nowhere else to go.


I need y'all to put your
hands up where I can see 'em.

I'm puttin' my weapon away.

Everybody's gonna be okay.

- Why the hell you
chasin' us, Cop?

- Because you're persons of
interest, and you're runnin'.

Hey, Ruz, I got two in the back.

- Yeah, copy.
I'm heading back.

- Hey, hey, what the
hell are you doin'?

Don't go reachin'
for nothin', man!

- Why, so you can shoot us

and say you was
fearin' for your life?

- Yeah, a'ight,
just keep your hands

where I can see 'em, okay?

- I didn't do anything, please.
- Okay.

- That don't matter now, Johnny.

You see that gun? You see it?

- Listen.
- No, you don't understand.

- Okay, well, cooperate
and put your hands up.

If you didn't do anything,
everything's gonna be okay.

I'm gonna get a chance
to listen to both of you.

- Nah, man. You put
the gun down first.

Put it down.
- I really didn't do anything.

- Okay, all right.

Put your hands up then,
Johnny. It's gonna be okay.

If you didn't do anything,
we gon' get a chance

to work it all out.
- Nah, man!

No, we ain't goin' to
jail! Right, Johnny?

- What? Jail? I can't...

I'm not going to jail!

- Johnny, don't listen
to him. Look at me.

- Matter of fact, you ain't
even supposed to chase us

no more, Cop. You
made the mistake.

- Look at me.


Hey! Hey!

- Oh. Oh, God.

Ruz. Ruz, where you at?

I need you! I need an ambo!

- Copy you. Almost there.

- Listen to me.

It's okay. You're okay.

I was just...

- Shh.

You're okay. You're okay.

I was just...

- 50-21 Ida.

Young male, white.
GSW to the stomach.

I need an ambo right
now. Kev, you good?

- Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.
I just need that ambo!

- Where's the other
offender? Ambo's on its way.

- Don't worry
about it. Come on!

You're okay.

- What happened?

- He lunged. He lunged at me.

- I...

I was just...

- Dispatch, I need an ETA
on that ambo right now.

- Hey, man.



Wait, wait. Stay here.

- Second one today, Sarge.

- Yeah, it's one of them days.

All right. Talk to me.

- We were approaching
three young males

outside Andrew Chaffey's LKA.
- Okay.

- One of them had on
a black track jacket

from the carjacking footage.

The other one split
to the stolen vehicle.

It's obviously the crew.
- Mm-hmm.

- I chased the
third one in there.

Ruzek gets his ID out of
his pocket in the ambo,

and it's Andrew
Chaffey's son, Johnny.

- Listen, kid's still
hangin' on, okay?

Just got to Med.
Adam's with him.

Look, now I need you
to take a few breaths.

- I'm fine.
- All right, Kev.

I get that.

Still, I need you to
take a few breaths

before you talk to IRT, okay?

Yeah, and then I was in
foot pursuit of both of 'em.

- At this point, you
were the only officer?

- At this point, yes, sir.

I drew my weapon
to clear this area.

Once I corned both of
'em, I seized my weapon,

I gave 'em both verbal
commands to raise their hands

at least three or four times.

They both refused.

And one of 'em, the
unidentified Black male,


I drew my weapon again.

It was just his cell phone,
and the kid panicked.

- The offender?
- Right.

Right. Yeah, I'm sorry.

Panicked offender.

- That's okay. It's
just the facts.

Keep going.

- Yeah, well, he was just a kid.

I tried to de-escalate,
talk to both of 'em.

I told them that I
would listen to 'em.

The kid... the
offender... Charged me.

He got his hand on
my arm, the grip.

He pushed the trigger.

- The offender
pushed the trigger?

- Yes, sir.

I did my best to point
my weapon away from him,

keep my finger off
of the trigger.

He fired it.

- The only witness?

- Was the other
individual that fled...

The other person of
interest in our carjacking.

- Okay.

Now, we're gonna
need your clothes.

We're gonna need
your service weapon

to check for GSR as well.

- All right.

- All right.

- Kev...
- Mm-hmm.

A'ight, we got anything
on the two that got away?

- Not yet. We don't
have their IDs.

We didn't catch 'em on cams.

They were already scrappin'
when we got there.

- Yeah.
- Right?

The oldest of the three... The
one with the track jacket...

He was roughing
Johnny up already.

Johnny was screamin'
somethin' about,

"You promised. You promised."

I feel like they knew
each other pretty well.

- I'll run his last
known associates,

- A'ight, we got
anything on his logs

from the phone carrier?

- Been runnin' 'em.

Last calls and texts
were to his mom.

Nothing pops yet.

- Officer Atwater,
do you have a minute?

Johnny Chaffey just died at Med.

Chaffey was an honor student
at Latin Prep High School.

He had no criminal record.

The Chaffeys are a
very wealthy family.

They are also
politically active.

- What are you saying?

- They've already
retained legal counsel

and have called a
press conference.

They're claiming the
shooting was unprompted.

They're claiming that
their son's death

was CPD incompetence.

They're claiming
that it was murder.

- He was a friend to many.

Our son.

But yesterday,

Johnny was beaten and
gunned down by CPD

like something he's
not... A criminal.

The cop claims our son
tried to take his gun,

shot himself,

but not gunshot residue
was found on Johnny.

The only GSR was
found on the officer.

Johnny's prints
weren't on the gun.

There's no footage.
There no body cam.

There's no evidence.

We asked you here,

hoping you'll extend
us the same humanity

and accountability you show

for our friends in the NAACP
and Black Lives Matter,

so that this cop, who
happens to be Black,

can be treated the same

as white cops guilty...
- Kev.

- Of illegally shooting
down Black children.

- You don't need to
be watching that.

- He's a bad cop.
He's a bad cop.

- We got work to do. Come on.

- They know I tested
positive for GSR

and they know that I'm Black?

How do they even know that?

- Because someone on
our end is talkin'.

Believe me, I'm lookin' into it.

- Nah, Johnny got that black
eye from the other carjacker.

The street was wet, so the
GSR would've never stuck.

And I'm plainclothes, Sarge,

so I don't wear a body cam.
- Kev,

Kev, you did nothin' wrong.

I know that.

We all know that.
- Sarge.

It doesn't matter what you know.

You and I both know that.

It does not matter.
We have no witnesses.

- Yeah, but we got footage.

The carjacker was
filming, right?

So all we gotta do is find
him and find his phone.

Okay, we got two
carjackers out there

who just brutally dragged
a man to his death.

They also got video footage
of a police-involved shooting.

So let's do our
jobs and find 'em.

All right, tell me
we got somethin'.

- No IDs on them yet.

We're running
Johnny's social media.

He's got lots of
friends, lots of posts,

but no gun flashing,
no gang disses,

no joyride videos... nothing.

- The Latin High School has
been really cooperative.

They sent a list of
Johnny's friends,

teachers, club members, mentors.

We've been going through
it, but so far, nothin'.

- But...

the carjacker
filming wasn't a kid.

He was older. Maybe
he's leadin' 'em.

- Okay, so let's
expand our search.

Run every offender with
a vehicular arrest.

Then work backwards. Let's go.

- I got the guy I chased...
The kid that fled in that BMW.

Ran kids no longer in school.

This is Cam Wong.
Expelled a year ago.

He was in every grade
school class with Johnny.

I'm thinkin' they're friends.

Cam lives with his
grandmother in Irving Park.

- So bring him in. Let's move.

- Can I help you?

- Ma'am, is there
anyone inside the house?

Ma'am, is there anyone
inside the house?

- No, you can't go back there!
- Ma'am.

I need you to step back! Hey!

Step back, ma'am.
- Hey.

- You're all right.

Okay, ma'am, I need you to
take a deep breath, okay?

- Yeah.
- Whoa.

We got the BMW! Let's go!

He's going westbound
on Waveland!

He's going westbound! Go, go!

50-21 David, in pursuit of
a stolen silver BMW sedan

that's going
westbound on Waveland.

50-21 David, goin'
north on Kimball.

Whoa, this kid's
driving way too erratic.

- Son of a bitch.



Nah, we blew it. We're
done. We're done.

We gotta call this.
- Kev...

- That kid's been driving
way too dangerous.

- We need him in custody.
- We gotta stop right now.

- Bro, you need him in custody.
- No!

Stop the car, Ruz.

We're callin' it.

50-21 David, we're terminatin'
the chase immediately.

No cars needed. We're
terminatin' the chase.

Kid, why you not slow...

- No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.

- Uh, I don't know. Kev
made the right call.

He called off the chase,
but this kid, he just...

He just kept goin'.

- He's not responsive,
but he still has a pulse.

- All right. And the grandma?

- Said she knew Cam
was up to something.

Kept seeing different
cars in the driveway,

but claims that's all she knows.

- She says she swears
she doesn't know

who he was working with.

- Nah, not with. For.

They're kids.

Somebody else has
them working for them,

and whoever that is is
responsible for this.

- Lead carjacker
has to be someone

who has access to
these kids, right?

Through their neighborhood,
through school.

- Right, or maybe
somebody they met online.

- Officer Atwater.

It was you.

You killed our son.

Our boy.

You murdered him, yet
here you are at work.

Just another day,
suffering nothing.

- Kev, let's go upstairs.
- No, I'm good.

- How ya feel?

You feel proud?

You coward.

You crooked coward.

- Sir, I know you
don't believe me,

but I did my job.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

- Doing your job?

You're sorry?

- I am.

I'm sorry for your loss.

- Turn in your badge today,
or we'll destroy you.

- Hey!
- I'll spend

the rest of my life
destroying you!

You! This department!
This whole damn city!

- What were my son's last words?

- You won't be able
to walk in Chicago

without fear when
we're done with you!

- Okay, that's enough.
Kevin, go upstairs.

- Please, please. What
were my son's last words?

- Kevin, go upstairs.

- Please.
- Ma'am.

- Please?
- Ma'am.


- They shouldn't know who he is.

That goes against every protocol

that we have.
- Yeah?

Well, there was a leak.
- Okay, IRT?

- No, PPO Sanchez.

He was doing mandatory
rotation hours

with Detective Nowak,

and he teased the screenshot
of the report to the Chaffeys.

They sent him money,
and he leaked it.

- Have you fired him yet?
Because I'd be happy to.

- He's gone.

Officer Atwater, I
need to speak with you.

If you would rather we
talk, just you and I...

- No, I'm happy to
talk right here.

- The Chaffeys, they're
not gonna stop coming,

so the superintendent
and the mayor

would like to avoid
the media firestorm

the Chaffeys' money will
bring in courtroom drama.

And given the lack of evidence
tying their son to this crime...

- Sir, just come out with
it if you're telling me

that the CPD is goin'
leave me out here to dry.

- I offered them a solution,

and a case for
sympathetic reflex

is corroborated by the evidence.

It would also be
corroborated by COPA.

- Okay, sympathetic reflex.

So you want me to say that
I accidentally shot the kid?

That my body betrayed me?

- Sympathetic reflex can be
proven by science, right?

It would allow CPD to back you.
You wouldn't lose your job.

It's the best way that
I can protect you.

- No.

I don't need protection.

- Kevin, the Chaffeys...
- Trudy.

I'm listenin' to everything
that you all are sayin',

and I hear you.

But what they're claiming
this shooting was...

A bad cop killing
an unarmed kid...

Is not it, and it is
not sympathetic reflex.

It's sad.

And I don't want
that to be the truth

just as much as anybody else,
but that is what happened.

- I...

- You got your answer.

- Am I benched yet?

- No.


- Well, I gotta
get back to work.

How is it that we
don't have any leads

off of Johnny's contacts?

It's like he didn't even
know the carjackers.

- I know. It's
very strange, Kev.

But there is nothin'.

- I hear you, but
there has to be.

- I ran all previous
aggravated carjackings.

No one with priors was a match.

- Okay, okay, so this
guy's good at this.

He uses kids.

Kids are easy to
manipulate, easy to control.

He uses people who
won't roll on him.

But what's in it for
them? Where's the money?

- I mean, kids would
wanna get paid,

or else why the hell
would they be doing this?

- There's nothing in Johnny's
bank account, nothing in Cam's.

Both their Venmos are clean.

- When Jordan was a teenager,

the only thing he wanted
in the world were sneakers.

- Gifts.

- Hell yeah.

The lead carjacker's
paying them in gifts.

Oscar Boyd. Same guy I chased.

Same guy that filmed
us in the alley.

This man sent over $3,000
worth of luxury goods

to Cam Wong's address.

Never been arrested for
aggravated vehicular hijacking,

but his two cousins have.

That's his M.O.

- The chop shop?
- Oscar runs it.

- Huh.

Go. I got him.

Hey, let me see your

Turn around!
- Clear!

Turn around!

Down on your knees!

- Chicago PD!

- Put your hands up!

- Chicago PD! Let
me see those hands!

Let me see 'em!

- Chicago PD!

Get your hands up!

Turn around!
- Yo.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Fight me so I can
fold yo' ass up.

- It ain't here.

That little movie you
want, it ain't here.

- Hey, you get the phone?

- No, Sarge. He's clear.

- All right, let's find
it. Tear this place apart.

Contributing to the
delinquency of minors,

multiple aggravated
vehicular hijackings

with a deadly weapon,

assault with a deadly weapon.

What am I missing, Kev?

- Felony murder.
- That's right, felony murder.

You've been real busy, Oscar.

- Are you done
listing my charges?

Does that mean it's my turn now?

- For what?
- Oh.

For me to say that I waive
my right to a lawyer.

- Mm.

- Don't need one.

See, us three, we just
gon' talk like real men.

- Mm.

- 'Cause I got leverage.



You shot that white boy

like he killed a
unarmed Black man.

Whoo, finally one for us!

My man.

Or maybe it was something else.

You probably want
some proof of that.

You probably need it.

What I need is for you
two to lessen the charges.

No more than two years.

That sounds about right.

And I need protective custody.

And I need money each
week on my books,

and a mattress pad,

and two ergonomic pillows.

That'll do it.

- We tossed Oscar's place...

Every closet, cabinet,
drawer, pulled up the floors.

There's still no burner phone.

- The video's not in any of
his tech, not in the cloud.

- I pulled all the data from
his registered cell phone.

It's clean, of course.

- All right, what
about his vehicles?

His last knowns?
- They're all clean.

Wherever the phone
is, we don't have it.

All right, let's get ASA
Chapman on the phone,

see what kind of deal
we can get in writing.

- No.

We're not makin' a deal.
- Kev.

I mean, you gotta know.

I mean, the Chaffeys,

they got cash, lawyers.

I mean, they will get
this to a courtroom

in front of a jury.

- Let 'em.

I won't lie.

We'll find another way.

- I don't know that
this is gonna work.

- It'll definitely
gonna work. Trust me.

- It's not gonna work
if Oscar saw Torres.

- Torres was coverin' the
back when we breached.

- I'm sure Oscar
didn't see Torres.

- Look, I'm just worried
that if it doesn't work

and it pisses Oscar off more,

he's gonna be harder to
make a deal with, Kev.

- It doesn't matter, because
we're not making a deal

with him anyway, Ruz.

I appreciate you, but
I meant what I said.

You ready?

- I'm ready.

But I can't go in clean.

- Yo.

Son of a bitch.

You can't be roughing people up.

You know that, right? Huh?

- Sleep it off.
- Okay.


You know this
ain't legal, right?

I'm sober. I'm sober now.

- Uh-huh.
- Yeah!

Uh-huh, yeah!

You're gonna have to answer

for not giving me my phone call!

Son of a bitch!


- They gone.

- All right,
y'all. Here we go.

- They're screwing with me.
That's what they're doing.

Yeah, you're not giving
me my phone call!

Ain't doin' what the law says!

- Stop screaming.

They ain't gon'
be back for hours.

Come on, man.

What you in for, man?

- Okay, we're movin'.

- Tried to boost a Jeep
TrackHawk on Mag Mile.

The woman in it had a Glock.

Almost capped my ass.

The police came, arrested me,

and let the lady with
the Glock 19 walk.


- Yeah, she had a
CCL, no records.

I had warrants.

- Come on.

He ain't gonna be
able to resist this.

Come on.

- Come on, man.

- Mag Mile is way too hot.

- Yeah. Okay, bro.

- It's got them fancy rides,

but it's got them
fancy cameras too.

It's a green move.

- Yo, what... what the hell
do you know about it, bro?

- So when you get out of here?

- My girl's gonna bail me out
as soon as I get my phone call.

- Mm-hmm.

- Come on.

- Bro, what you in for?

- What you think?

Except I actually get the car.

- You ever wanna
learn the real thing,

find me when you get out.

- Yo.

You jacked a car,

and you think you're
getting out before me?

I wasn't violent.
The lady was violent.

- I already got my call, kid.

I got all the calls I need.

- But you...

- I can get that bitch
to come unlock the door,

give me anything I want.

My insurance.

Matter of fact, that's
a free gain for you.

Always get yourself
some insurance.

- Bro, what are
you talking about?

- You watch the news?
- Yeah.

- You see the white
boy that got shot?

- Yeah, so what?

- I got a video of it,

and the police are gonna
give me whatever I want

for my movie.

- Yo, police are
gonna find that.

- I ain't stupid.

I ain't keep it on me.

My girl's got it.

- Who the hell is
his girlfriend?

We got anything on the girl?

- Nothing on social.

- Okay. What about
phone records?

- Bunch of texts. None
of them stand out.

None of them sound
like a girlfriend.

- A'ight, get PODs outside
his home and his chop shop.

You run any vehicle
comin' or goin'.

- I'm already on it.
- Uh-huh.

Frequent callers? Anything?

- They're all a
bunch of burners.

It's gonna take time.

- We also got WhatsApp, Venmo.

He could've met her
on a dating site.

- Or on his block.
I think I got her.

All right, plates
are Charlie, George,

one, four, three, six, seven.

- Charlie, George, one,
four, three, six, seven.

Yep, Clarita Bolvine.

- Clarita?

- Yeah, lives in
Humboldt Park. No priors.

- I knew she was acting funny.

This is the woman
from the gas station.

- Grab Torres.

I'll get the warrant
while you're on your way.

- Copy that.

- Clarita Bolvine, put your
hands where I can see 'em.

Put 'em up.

- You under arrest. It's over.

Don't act like you don't know
what the hell is goin' on.

- It's not what you think.
I was just his lookout.

And I really...

I didn't... I didn't want...

- You didn't what?
Clarita, look at me.

Oscar doesn't give a
damn if you go to jail.

Did he give you his phone?

Come on, man. Everybody
just needs to relax.

We're gon' be fine.

- I mean, that's cut and dry.

CPD will release it.

I'm sure we can
isolate the footage.

- We'll be
transparent, I'm sure.

- Is that all? Are we done?

- Yeah.

- No, no, no. I don't
need to see you.

- I know that.
- Look, I saw the video.

If you're here looking for an
apology, you'll never get one.

- That's not why I came.

- That video didn't
change a thing.

You killed my son.

Get the hell off my property.

- Why are you here?

- I'm not leavin' until I can
help fill in some gaps for you.

May I do that, please?

- What do you mean?

- The man responsible

for your son being
involved in all of this

is Oscar Boyd.

Oscar Boyd is goin' to prison
for the rest of his life.

This man recruited a child
to help him steal cars.

The child's name was Cam Wong.

Your son's friend.

And I think a lot of people
turned their backs on Cam

after he got expelled...
Everybody but your son.

Oscar knew that Cam
was easily manipulated,

knew that he needed cash,

knew that he needed
to feel accepted,

so he used that,
and he exploited it.

- Did he do that to Johnny too?

- Mm-mm.

There is no evidence that
your son took any deals, no.

But we do know that
Cam wanted out.

Cam wanted to stop, and
Oscar wouldn't let him.

So Cam told your son, Johnny.

- Oh, God.

- And Johnny just wanted
to help his friend.

- Ma'am.

You raised a good man.

Your son's last words were,

"I was just."

And I think what he
was tryin' to say was

he was just...

tryin' to help.