Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 6 - Equal Justice - full transcript

- [grunts]

- [laughs]

Oh, I can't believe
you eat that crap.

- I'm hungry.

It's not like there's a lot
of options around.

- You know you got a little...

- Do not.

- Jay,

it's legit been six hours now.

How reliable is this
CI of yours?

- Very.

If he said this
is gonna happen,

it's gonna happen.

- All right.
If you say so.

- Look--I know this sucks,

but we've had 34 heroin ODs

in the past week
on the South Side.

I'm guessing 30 of those
can be tied to Dante's crew.

- There.

[suspenseful music]

- Got a dark Impala.

And we got Texas plates.

- All right.
We got eyes.

- All right.
This must be it.

My CI said one of Dante's guys
is gonna park a car

on Calumet and 87th.

He's gonna walk away.

Then another associate
is gonna pick up the car.

He's gonna drive off.

- Uh...

- Are you seeing
what I'm seeing?

- Yeah, we got a guy out here
videotaping the driver.

[tense music]

[engine turns over]

- Is this our guy?

- It's gotta be.

Let's go.

All right.
Move out.

[dramatic music]

[dog barking distantly]

- All right.
Let's take him.

Burgess, you hold down
the front.

The rest of us
will go around back.

- It's open.

- Go.

[tense music]

Chicago PD.
Do not move.

Turn back around.
Turn back around.

- Hey, hey, hey.

- Put your hands where
I can see 'em.

- Relax--look--
I know what it looks like.

- Anybody else inside?
- No, it's only me.

But I'm trying to tell you
it's not what you think.

- I'd say it's exactly
what we think.

It's heroin.

- You're not getting it.
I'm working a case.

It's a murder case.

Victim's name is Sean Wade.

Check with Area Four Homicide.

- Are you saying you're a cop?

- No.

I'm saying I'm Sean's father.

I'm just trying to find out
who killed my son.

[dramatic music]

My son was shot and killed

at the corner of 85th
and Wabash on July 5th.

He was 17.

And nothing's been done
about it.

- That's a rough neighborhood.
Do you live over there?

- No.

We live in Calumet Heights.

And I know what
you're thinking.

My son wasn't in any gang.
He was a good kid.

- Okay.

Is that what
the police think too?

- The police?

The police
don't think anything.

They never did a damn thing
about it.

- Okay, I doubt that.
Come on.

- No, no, no.
Don't tell me.

Black kid lying dead
in the street.

Step over him.
Move on.

All the same to them.

- I understand that's
how you feel.

But right now,
I'm having a hard time

connecting your son
being killed

to you running dope
for Dante Rashard

who's the biggest heroin dealer
on the South Side.

- Man, that's what
I'm trying to tell you.

I'm just playing along
with these gangbangers

so I can find out
who murdered Sean.

- How do you even know

that someone in that gang
killed your son?

- Because I did
what the police didn't.

I investigated.

I looked
into the murder myself.

And everyone I talked to
in that neighborhood

said the Prophets
were responsible.

- You need more than that.
That's not a lot to go on.

- Two people saw a silver car
racing down Wabash

right after Sean got shot.

So that's what I'm looking for.

A silver car.

Now if I get in deep enough
with these Prophets,

I'ma find out
who drives that car,

and when I do,

I'ma know that's the son
of a bitch who killed Sean.

- How did you even start
working with these guys?

- I heard about this
young brother named K-Mac.

Found out he rolls
with the Prophets,

moves a lot of dope.

So I found out how to meet him.

Told him I knew how to drive
gas tanks, build traps...

a week later,
he calls, asks for my help.

- So you're really
doing all this

just to find your son's killer?

- He was my son,

my flesh and blood.

And some punk shot him

and left him to die
in the street like an animal.

So yeah.

I'ma do whatever I have to do
to find the killer.

[somber music]

My son still talks to me

every night.

Shows up at my bedside.

Just stands there,

all soaking wet
like the day he died.

Says, "Don't let me
die in vain, Pop.

Don't let me die in vain."

And I won't.

- You buy this?

- Sounds credible to me.

- Okay.

So let's dig into his story.

If it's legit, we use him
to take down Dante.


- Look who's slumming.
- [laughs]

- How you doing, buddy?

Hailey Upton--Gil Durham.

Soon-to-be Sergeant Durham,
if my intel serves me.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.

- Look, we'd love to stay
and stroke your ego,

but we have actual jobs.

- Ouch.
Here you go.

Sean Wade.

- What can you tell us
about the case?

- Not much.

Kid's been in the gang database
since he was 14.

Took three to the chest
from a 9-millimeter.

Most likely gang dispute
that escalated.

- Is this all you got?

You got one witness statement
in here?

- We were lucky to get that.

You know how it is.

We were barely on the scene,
another call came in.

Had seven murders that weekend.

- Yeah.
Totally get it.

- Well, I'm not sure
if the victim's father gets it.

- So he's pulled Intelligence
into this now.

How'd he manage that?

- We crossed paths
on a drug case.

He told us that
he's dropping gas tanks

for the Gangster Prophets

as a way to find the guy
that killed his kid.

- We're just trying
to vet his story,

see if he's credible.

He says he come to you
with some evidence.

- I wouldn't exactly
call it evidence.

He called me 30 times
about some car.

That's what he does.

He walks the streets all night
looking for a silver car.

- Yeah, man.
He seems really determined.

I can't say that I blame him.

- I feel bad for the man.

But we did what we could--

exhausted all credible leads.

- All right.
Thanks, Gil.

[phones ringing]

- How you doing, Latrell?
I'm Sergeant Voight.

I want you to know we looked
into your son's case

over at Homicide.

- So you believe me?

You're gonna help?

- Well, I believe your son
was killed,

and you're trying to figure out
who did the murder.

I believe that.

Latrell, the fact is...

you committed a crime,
a felony.

- Wait.
I ain't no drug dealer.

- Yeah, but we caught you
unloading ten kilos of heroin.

That's class X weight.
That's 10 to 15 years.

- Good news is you
don't have to do a day.

- What's he talking about?

- We want you to work with us
as a cooperating defendant.

- A defendant?
- Yeah.

You help us take down Dante
Rashard's heroin operation,

we'll wipe your record clean.

- No.

I don't care about any of that.

I'm just trying to find
the bastard who killed my son.

- You don't care?

That's somebody's son.

Take a look at that.

Take a look.

That's what heroin laced
with fentanyl does.


And like it or not,
you are part of the process

because you're helping
Dante flood the streets

with this poison.

- I was just trying
to get information.

- Latrell, you are not a cop.

You don't get to go undercover.

- Latrell,

if this gang really is
responsible for Sean's death,

then you should wanna
cooperate with us.

Help us put them in prison.

- You do that--you help us
with this drug case--

I'm telling you
there's a good chance

we're gonna find out
who killed Sean too.

[dramatic music]

Look--it's your call.

But you gotta make
a decision now.

- Fine.

I'll help.
I'm in.

- This is K-Mac.

- We got eyes.

- You guys seeing
this silver Lexus?

- Yeah, we see it.
Just sit tight.

Jay, you got a silver Lexus
on your six.

[suspenseful music]

- What's up?

- What up, Latrell?
This here your boy?

- Yeah, his name's Jay.
He's cool.

- What's up, man?

How much you looking to score?

- One ki to start,

and if it's as good as I hear,
I'll do more.

- Okay.
All right.

We might be able
to work something out.

- Okay.

- Who this?

- Dante.
Told him we were meeting up.

He wanted to talk
with you first.

- Since when do garage men
start making deals?

- I don't mean
to be overstepping.

I just knew my man here was
looking to up his supplies,

so I figured I'd make
the introduction.

- Oh, this white boy
your friend?

- Yeah.
We've been friends for years.

He's a good dude.
- How you two meet?

- At his garage.
- Ain't nobody talking to you.

I was talking to him.


- At my garage
about five years ago.

He got into an accident.
I fixed his car.

We became friends.

Then he asked if I could
install traps--trap tanks.

- How much you shopping for?

- One brick.

But things go well,
I could do, like,

three--maybe even four a month.

- What you staring at, old man?

- I'm just checking out
your ride.

You don't see many
silver Lexus.

How long you been pushing that?

- Excuse me?

- Just curious.
- Why?

- No reason.

- I'm starting to get nervous
about Latrell.

He keeps talking
about a silver car.

- Let it play.

- Latrell, why are you talking
about the man's car?

We're here to do a deal.
Come on.

- I know why we're here, bro.

I'm just admiring
the man's whip.

So we gon' do a deal or what?

- I'm not liking your tone
right here, old man.

- Don't call me old man.

First time I let it slide.

That's it.
No more.

- Who the hell
you talking to, bruh?

- You.

- Whoa.
All right.

I'm just here to buy some H.

- Ain't nobody got no H.
Understand me?

- Yeah.
You know what?

You're right.
I misspoke.

So I think we're gonna
get out of here.

Come on, Latrell.

- Nah, we came here
to do a deal.

- Nah, we're good, man.
This is a misunderstanding.

So let's go.

- I see you again...

you a dead man.

[dramatic music]

- What are you doing?
What are you doing?

You trying to get us killed?

Let's go.
Come on.

Let's go.
You need to calm down.

You're gonna get us killed.

- That man killed my son.
I know it.

- No, we don't know that.

There's nothing we can do
about it right now.

- He killed my son.
He killed my--

- Stop!
Keep walking, Latrell.

Stop, stop, stop.
- He killed my son, man!

- Hey--let it go.
- Get off me.

- Let it go!
Let it go.

Let it go.


- Sarge?
- Yeah.

- I ran the plate and the VIN
on the Lexus.

The car definitely belonged
to Dante

at the time of Sean's murder.

He paid for it in cash
back in April.

- What are you doing, Jay?

- Look, just hear me out.
- Mm-hmm.

- Gang intel says that Dante

is a major player
with the Prophets.

Before he started focusing
on heroin,

he was an enforcer down
in Englewood.

He's a person of interest
in three unsolved shootings.

- Yeah, well, last I checked,

solving old murders
is Homicide's job.

- Okay.

But this guy is flooding
the market with poison,

and he's killing people
every day.

So if we can't get him
on the heroin,

let's go after him
for Sean's murder.

We'll get him and the heroin
off the street that way.

- Why are you doing this, Jay?

- Because that guy is hurting,

and he just needs answers

so he can move on
with his life.

And we can all relate to that.

[somber music]

- Okay.
Let's build a case.

See if we can tie Dante
to Sean's murder.

- Always loved that picture.

You know--

Sean was more thinker
than tinker,

but he'd help me out
in the shop anyway.

He wasn't very good,
but I loved having him around.

- Look, Latrell, if we're gonna
find out what happened,

then we need to know
the truth about Sean.

- I've been telling you
the truth about Sean.

- CPD thinks that Sean
got mixed up with Dante,

and that probably led
to his death.

- It's not possible.

Look--Sean was a good boy.

And I made damn sure of it.

I pushed him hard.
I wanted him to be successful.

And he was on his way.

Sean was gonna do great things.

- I hear all of that.

But he was
a registered gang member.

He'd been in the database
since he was in junior high.

- And who do you think
painted him with that?


Your people did.

'Cause he was out hanging
with his friends,

got thrown on the damn hood?

Your people tattooed him
with that.

- All right.

Let's say he was targeted
my mistake like you're saying.

Then something put a target
on his back.

So was he friends
with someone in that gang?

- Not that I know of.

- Well, what was he doing
in Englewood that night?

- He said he was going
to the library.

- Okay.
What about money?

Did he owe somebody money?
Did he piss anyone off?

Look--we're not here to judge.

We're trying to help.

So if you know something...

[tense music]

- There was some money.

I was cleaning up
around his bed one night,

and I found some stuffed
in an envelope.

- How much is some?

- About $2,000.

- Smaller bills?

- Any idea where he got
that kind of cash?

- I thought maybe
he was just gambling

with his friends or something.

You know, fantasy.
All that.

- Latrell, is it possible

your son was dealing drugs,

and you didn't know?

- No.

- We pinged Dante's cell
the night of Sean's murder.

And the phone went dark
from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

- That's something
a pro would do.

- Okay.
So what about Sean?

Do we know anything
about his movements?

- Whatever he was doing there,
he wasn't just passing through.

His phone puts him in Englewood

for five hours
before he was killed.

- And it wasn't the first time
he camped out there.

Dumped his cell records,

and the three months
before his death,

he was at that corner
at least twice a week.

- That would explain
the 2 grand in his bedroom.

- Mm-hmm.

- So with the extra cash
Sean was bringing in

and the cell phone evidence,

it looks like he was working
with Dante's crew.

- And it's either that

or he's working that corner
without affiliation.

- Which is a guarantee
to catch three in the chest.

- Yeah, well,
it's all still speculation.

We gotta know for sure.

We got any idea who's running
that area for Dante now?

- Actually, you know what?
We do.

It's this cat right here.
- Okay.

- Travis Laroc, 18,
in and out of the system.

Documented and self-admitted
member of the Prophets.

He's been in Dante's crew
for about three years now.

- All right.

Go talk to him.
See what he knows.

- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.

[indistinct chatter]

- Did you lose something?

- Stop.
Turn around.

- Come on, man.

Y'all love harassing
somebody, bro.

Come on, man.
- Just chill out.

Chill out.
We just wanna talk to you.

- [sighs]
- Put your arms out.

What's that?
- Ooh.

That's a lot of cash
to be carrying around.

Don't you know this
is a dangerous neighborhood?

- All right, put your arms
down; tell you what.

We're gonna ignore the dope
you got over there.

We're even gonna give you
that money back.

You just gotta answer
a few questions.

Did Sean Wade work this corner
before you?

- I don't work no corner.

And I don't know no Sean Wade.

- Okay.
In two seconds,

I'm going under the stairs,

and I'm getting the dope you've
been working, you hear me?

- And your prints are gonna
be all over it.

- I'm telling y'all.

I don't know nobody
named Sean Wade.

- All right, look.
That's Sean.

You're telling me you've
never seen this kid before?

- This is Sean?

I've seen him around.

But he don't work with us.

He ain't no banger.

That's the market boy.

- He worked here
for a few months.

Part-time, you know,
because he was in school.

Nice boy.

Wanted to go to DePaul.

- Do you guys get paid in cash
sometimes under the table?

- Yeah.
We get cash.

Every two weeks.

Sean told me he was saving up

to surprise his daddy
with an air conditioner.

Said he worked
in the hot garage all day,

wanted him to have a cool house
to come home to after work.

- Is there anything else
you remember

from that night
that could help us?

- All I remember
is Sean running after Erika

so she didn't get rained on.

- Who's Erika?
- Erika Moore.

She works here sometimes.

- Do you have her contact info?

- I can get it for you.

- So Sean went outside to make
sure Erika didn't get wet?

- Yeah.

It was coming down
real heavy that night.

I told the kids
I'd lock up.

Sean hurried to catch Erika

so he could cover her
with an umbrella.

I think he had a crush on her.

But she was dating somebody
else from the neighborhood.

- You know his name?

- No.


he was in a gang,
that's for sure.

Always had lots of cash,
lots of jewelry.

I stay away from all that.

Mind my own damn business.

I told the police all this
months ago.

- You did?
When was this?

- Night of the murder.

Patrol officer
wrote down my name

and said a detective
from Homicide would call me.

- Did someone ever call?

- No.

[dramatic music]


- Twice in one week.

- Can I show you something?

You see that?
- Yeah.

It's an umbrella.

- Yeah, it's 20 feet
from Sean's dead body.

He gave it to a girl
named Erika Moore

the night that he was killed

which means she was with him
when it happened.

Which means that
she's a witness to it,

and you never chased it.

- Hey, hey.
Slow down.

Just tell me what the hell
you're talking about.

- Sean worked at a market
a block from the scene.

Woman there says
that Sean was worried

about Erika getting wet.

And so he ran outside
to bring her an umbrella.

- Mm-hmm, the woman's name
is right here in the file, Gil.

It's Florence Clay.

Patrol passed it on.
You sat on it.

- Oh, come on, Jay.
- You never followed up.

- Hey.
Back off.

I'm busting my ass out there
every day.

I've got a file cabinet full
of cases just like that one.

Every one of them
a gang shooting.

And every one of them has
a grieving mother or father

hounding me for answers.

- Talking about one phone call,

That's it.
- I should have called!

I get it.

But these gang cases
get low priority.

After a week or so,
we move on.

We don't chase rainbows.

We chase cases
we can actually solve.

What the bosses want.
Just the way it is.

- He was a good kid.

No priors, no affiliations.

It's not just
another gang shooting.

[dramatic music]

[indistinct chatter]

Here we go.
Quad A.

- Can I help you?

- Chicago PD.
We're looking for Erika Moore.

- About what?

- Are you her mother?
- Yeah.

- Okay, we just wanna ask her
a few questions.

- She's not here.
- Do you know where she is?

- Did that just happen?
Did someone hurt you?

- No.
I'm okay.

- Ma'am, can we come in?

- Please.
I don't want any trouble.

No--guys, no one's here.

- Going up.
- No one is here.

Why aren't you listening to me?

- Clear.

- Yeah.
It's clear down here too.

- Ma'am, tell us
what's going on.

- Someone came over here
looking for Erika.

I said she was gone, and he...

he got upset.

- Do you know
this person's name?

- No.

Never seen him before.

- Ma'am, please just
give us his name.

- I said I've never
seen him before.

- Okay.

What about Erika?

When was the last time
you saw her?

- Last night.

She said she was
gonna be staying

with a friend for a few days.

- Okay.
Who's this friend?

Where is she staying?

- Don't know.

- Last question.

Is this the guy
who was just here?

- I told you
I don't want any trouble.


[somber music]

[indistinct chatter]

[car door thuds]

- [whispers indistinctly]

- Get your hands out
of your pockets.

- All right.

We're just here to talk...

to Dante.

- All right.
- Psh.

- What's this about?

- Young lady named Erika Moore.

- I don't know nobody
by that name.

- Really?
- Hm.

- What the hell
this all about, bro?

- Kid named Sean Wade.
- Never heard of him.

- You know, you kill someone,

you should have the courtesy
to know their name.

- Kill somebody?

I ain't killed nobody.
- Kay.

Let me refresh your memory.

Seven months ago,

July 5th, rainy night,

on your corner,
85th and Wabash,

you walked out of your Lexus

and put three bullets
in his chest.

- July 5th, huh?

- Mm-hmm.

- I was in Milwaukee
that week.

With my cousin.
- Mm-hmm.

- Celebrating our independence.

How's that?
Good enough?

[phone vibrates]

- Guess we'll have to wait
and see, huh?

Now there's some good news.

Our people just found
Erika Moore.

They're bringing her in
right now.

Why don't you start checking
into his Milwaukee story?

[indistinct chatter]

[door thuds]

- Hi, Erika.

Doing okay?
Can we get you anything?

- I'm fine.

- Okay.

So tell us
what's been going on.

Why are you hiding out
at your cousin's house?

- Just needed to get away
for a few days.

- Does it have anything
to do with Sean Wade?

- Come on, Erika.

We know you guys
worked together

and that you were friends,

maybe even a little more
than that.

- No.
We never--

we just worked
at the same grocery store.

That's all.

- But you liked him, right?

- Yeah.
He was cool.

- Okay, good.

So tell us what you saw
the night that Sean got shot.

Help us find the person
that killed him.

Come on.
It was raining.

Sean ran out.
He gave you an umbrella.

- I heard gunshots,

but I didn't see anything.

- You didn't see
a silver Lexus pull up?

- You didn't see
Dante Rashard hop out,

walk up to Sean,
and shoot him?

- No, I didn't.

- Erika, we can protect you.

- It's not just about that.

I'm on probation.

And if the judge hears
that I was running around

with gangbangers, then he'll
throw me back in jail.

And my mom will get kicked out
of Mercy public housing.

- We're aware of that,
and we can help with that too.

We'll make sure
the judge knows.

- No.
I ain't talking.

I'm done.
- You're done, really?

Erika, Sean Wade died
right in front of you.

You gotta help us.

You owe it to Sean's father,

and you owe it to Sean.

- He was a good person.

But he's gone.

So I'm not
about to ruin my life

or my mom's life
just to make the police happy.

So like I said before,

I'm done.

- She's scared.
She's on probation.

She doesn't wanna
get jammed up.

- Or get her mom evicted.

- I got that.
So now what?

- Hey.
We ran Dante's alibi.

Turns out he really was
in Milwaukee all week.

- Okay.
Well that doesn't mean--

- It does.

We found video of him
at a restaurant

the time of the murder,

ten minutes after the time
of the shooting.

- He didn't kill Sean Wade.

- Hm.

[dramatic music]


- Okay, so Dante was out
of town in Milwaukee.

Means he didn't pull
the trigger.

So who did and why?
- All right.

OCD Tech Lab just finished
dumping Erika's phone.

I think we got something.

Found three interesting
texts received

the night that Sean was killed.

Starting at 6:41,

"I love you, baby.
More than ever."

At 7:55,

"Why you playing me, bitch?"

At 8:13,
"Your boy is a dead man."

- It's like a five-year
relationship played out

in three short texts.
- Yeah.

All of these were sent
from a phone

registered to one
Kayvon MacLaine.

- K-Mac.
- Yeah.

One of Dante's runners.

- So K-Mac's dating Erika,
not Dante.

- And he's jealous of Sean.

- So Dante goes to Milwaukee
for the weekend.

K-Mac borrows his Lexus,
rolls up on Sean,

and shoots him.

- Yeah, well, now all
we gotta do is prove it.

- Think about it like this.

We know a casing was
two feet away from the body

which means at least one of
the shots was fired up close.

It's a long shot, but maybe
blood got on K-Mac's shoes.

He gets in the car.

I don't care how many times
you wash it.

You're gonna find traces.

- Ah, it's worth a shot.

Seize and impound the vehicle.

- Hey, Jay.

Your new best friend
is downstairs,

wants to talk to you.

- Latrell?

- Yeah, I can tell him
you're on vacation.

- No, it's okay.

- Look--I know you're trying
to help and all, but, uh...

- But what?

- We're not paid
to be psychologists.

- Latrell?
What are you doing?

I told you you can't come
over here, all right?

We'd let you know.
- I went by his house.

- What?

- Dante.

He was just hanging out
with his boys,

laughing with his friends,
not a care in the world.

- It's not Dante.

- He doesn't deserve
to be laughing.

You guys need to arrest him.
- It's not Dante.

He didn't kill Sean.

- You saw the silver car.
You saw the Lexus.

- He didn't kill him.

He's got an alibi for the night
and the time of the murder.

- Then who did it?
Tell me.

- No, I can't do that.

- But you know who did it.

- Yeah.
We do.

- Can you at least tell me
why they killed him?

- Sit down.


We think that Sean
was killed because of a girl,

someone he was working with.

- Working with?

What the hell
are you talking about?

Sean didn't have no job.

I told him to focus
on his studies.

- He was working part-time
at a market in Englewood.

He was getting paid in cash.

That's why you found 2 grand
in his desk.

The store manager
said he was saving up

to buy you
an air conditioning unit.

I know how difficult this is.

But we're close to solving it.

So you just gotta be patient.

Let us do our job.

- If you know who did it,

why the hell can't you just
arrest this son of a bitch now?

- Because we need
more evidence.

But we are going to get there.

Promise you.


[melancholy music]

- Hey.


Throughout this whole process,
you've been the only cop

that treated me with any kind
of respect and dignity.

And I appreciate that.

- Hell no.

Y'all can't just
take my car, G.

- Tell it to the judge.

- No, I know my rights.
You need cause.

- It says right there.
- Ready to go.

- We believe your car was used
in the commission of a murder.

- Nah, this is harassment.

I told y'all
I was in Milwaukee, bro.

- Copy, Milwaukee.

But your car was here
in Chicago, sir.

- Come on, G.

[door thuds]

- I just talked to Forensics.

They found traces of blood
on the driver's side carpet.

They're checking it now.

- Okay, good.
Anything else?

- Yeah, about 20 texts
between K-Mac and Erika.

Exactly what you'd expect.

Lots of love, lots of anger,
lots of threats

mostly directed
toward Sean Wade.

- Sounds like motive to me.

Find his address.
Let's arrest his ass.

[dramatic music]


- 5021 emergency.

We got shots fired
at 7630 South Princeton.

- Yeah, you're good.
You're good.


- 5021.
Squad, be advised.

We got a man down.
Roll an ambo.

- Copy that.

- Clear.

- It's K-Mac.

- I got a runner!
- Move.

- Stop!

[dramatic music]


[tires squealing]

- He's gone.
- 5021 squad.

Cancel the ambo.
Roll the crime lab.

- Copy, 5021.


[indistinct radio chatter]

- You get anything?

- I gave patrol
a description of the car,

told 'em to put out a flash.

- You get a partial?
- No, it was too far away.

He was average height,
medium build.

I mean, that's all
I could make out.

- What are we thinking?

- Well, here we are.

Our suspect is now a DOA.

- All right, three gunshots,
close range.

He's got powder burns
on the back of his shirt.

Probably didn't see it coming.

You're thinking revolver.

- There's no
shell casings around

so it's that or he policed
his own brass.

- Okay.

For now, we're gonna assume
Dante is behind it.

He got nervous K-Mac might
flip, and he took him out.

We just gotta tie him to it.

So check traffic cams,
surveillance video,

anything you can find.

And start tracking
Dante's inner circle too.

Good chance one of them
could've done the hit as well.

[indistinct radio chatter]

- Mm-hmm.

Jay, come here.
Check this out.

So this is the hot dog spot
on 77th.

Street side cam is messed up,

but here's what we pulled
from the parking lot.

It's definitely the main target
talking to the victim.

- Can you see
the dark blue car anywhere?

- No, but that look like
a friendly conversation to you?

- Yeah.
I see someone.

- That's you
and your boy, K-Mac,

20 minutes
before he got gunned down

point blank range.

- Like you said, he was my boy.
Why would I kill him?

- Well, I don't know.

Maybe 'cause you heard
we were onto him

for the murder of Sean Wade.

- Sean who?
Why would I care about that?

- We figured once
K-Mac got pinched

for the murder of Sean Wade,
he'll roll on you

for the heroin.

- You had to know
we were getting close

when we swabbed that Lexus.

- I hooked up with K-Mac
for some food.

Ain't no law against that.
- Mm-hmm.

So where'd you go
between the time you two ate

and the time K-Mac got killed?

- I was at my girl,
Lena's house.

- Hm.

- We got a son together.

We was reading books.
- Mm.

- Playing games.

- That's very convenient.

- I didn't kill K-Mac.

- [scoffs]

Check his clothes for GSR.

Dante, you should probably
make yourself comfortable.

You're gonna be here a while.

Talk to me.
- Okay.

So Jay saw the car head down
Princeton then turn on 76th.

Now there's nothing
right there.

But we were able to get
something off a POD

on Shields near the park.

- Jay?
- Yeah.

That's definitely the car.

- I tried pulling up the plate,
but it's all grain.

- Ran the model
through our system.

It's a 2001 to 2004 Camaro.

There's at least 200
in the city, maybe more.

- We got any other angles?

We know what direction
he's headed?

- Okay, so I was able
to pull one off a stadium,

but look--it's almost
directly overhead.

And while it's a clear shot,
it's even less of a chance

of seeing the driver
or the plates.

And after this,
we lose him completely.

- All right.

So we do it
the old-fashioned way.

Track down every single one
of those models

one by one until you get a hit.

We gotta connect Dante
to that car.

[tense music]

[dog barking]

[dramatic music]

- Find the car?

What's going on?

- Latrell killed K-Mac.

- What makes you say that?

- Saw something
in the surveillance video.

The dark blue car had
an estimate on it,

like the way mechanics
put it in the dash,

and that got me thinking.

- Well, you got
any actual proof?

- It's sitting
in his parking lot.

Sarge, the Camaro.
I saw it.

- Hm.

How did Latrell know
we were onto K-Mac?

That wasn't
public information, Jay.

- I'm not sure.

- You're not sure.

- I told Latrell that Sean
was killed over a girl,

someone that he
was working with

at a grocery store
in Englewood.

So Latrell
must have gone down there

and found out about Erika,

and then connected her
back to K-Mac.

- Okay.

Tell me this.

Why are you really here?

- Latrell shouldn't even be
in this position.

If Homicide did their job--
if they found the killer--

- It's not
a perfect system, Jay.

- I know it's not.

But Latrell is a good guy.
- Mm-hmm.

- He loved his kid.

More than anything.

He just couldn't let it go.

He couldn't find closure.

So he just went and he did
what he thought he had to do.

Which is something
that I might do.

Something that I'm thinking
you might do too.

[suspenseful music]

- Jay, you're the only one

who saw that estimate
on the dash, so...

It's gotta be your call.

- What would you do?

- Doesn't matter what I'd do.

We're different people, Jay.

You gotta do what
makes sense for you.

But whatever that choice is,

just make sure it's something
that you can live with

for the rest of your life.

[dramatic music]

- Hey, man.

- Hey.
Look who it is.

- You got a '69 Coupé de Ville
out there.

That is some car.

- 18 1/2 feet from tip to tail.

You know your cars?
- Little bit.

My dad, he would do some
tinkering in the garage.

When I was a kid, you know,
I'd help out,

but I didn't know
what the hell I was doing.

And he'd say,
"You're a mechanical genius."

- Well, he sounds
like a good man.

- It's more complicated
than that.

But you remind me of him.

- Is that a fact?
- Yeah.

He wasn't much for praise
or compliments

but man, he loved his sons.

And he wanted us to succeed

more than anything.

- Well,

fathers and sons--

it's a tricky dance.

[tense music]

- What'd you do
with the gun, Latrell?

- Gun?

I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

- I know what happened,
and I know what you did.

- I tossed it in the river.

- Okay.


All we got is the Camaro
fleeing the scene.

So you keep your mouth shut,

and you ask for a lawyer.

[dramatic music]

[rain pattering]

[thunder cracking]

[solemn music]

[wolf howls]