Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 5 - In Your Care - full transcript


- You know,
every time we have a day off,

we just end up at O'Malley's.

Even doing the outdoor thing,
that place has an aftertaste.

We gotta stop going there.

- No, O'Malley's was
a necessary evil.

I needed to play darts.
I needed to win.

- [chuckles]

- Even though I didn't do
any winning whatsoever.

You still got that beer
from last weekend?

- No.

I think I have the awful stout,

- That's it?
- Yeah.

- Yum.

Are you gonna want
one of these?

- Nope.

- All right.
[cap clinks]

We still watching that movie?
- Yes.

All right.
Gimme these legs here.


- [gasps]
- Whoa!

[both laughing]
Sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm really not that sorry,

I hate this rug so much.

This is a stupid rug.

My rug would've fit in here
much better.

- You are never gonna put your
ugly rug in my apartment.

- I was gonna put my rug
in here

and it was gonna be beautiful
with the décor.

- So what's happening
right now?

Are you gonna even pretend
to clean it up?

Or just--just gonna leave it?

- [laughing]

I wasn't even gonna pretend.
It's fine. It's just a splash.

- It's not a splash.
My rug is soaked.

- It's a splash.

I'm too comfortable.
Come on.

And you're very warm.
- [chuckles]

You smell like O'Malley's.

- So do you.
- [scoffs]

- Like, uh, whiskey and smoke.

I like it.
- You like it?

[both chuckle]

[soft dramatic music]

Don't we know better than this?

- Do we?

- If not, we might be insane.

- I've been trying to keep
the beard a little soft,

so I got this oil.

- Let me feel.

- It's beautiful.
- No, no.

- Thank you.

- So is this part
of our relationship now?

We're accepting
that every six months or so,

we sleep together?

- It'd be real
right with me.

- Yeah.

- Or we could try the version

where we sleep together
on the regular.

- What version is that?

- That would be called dating.
- [chuckles]

We already act like a couple.

Is it so crazy
that we try again?

- Yep.
- Why?

- Because, uh, I think I know
what I want now.

- Fine.

- I want all of it, Adam.

I want the proposal,

I want getting married
in some bad banquet hall,

I wanna have babies,
I want the job,

I want the mess,
I want the whole thing.

- Kay.

- Still wanna talk to me
about dating?

- Yes.

- [chuckling] No, you don't.
- CPD assist requested by CFD.

Traffic accident,
Astor and Scott.

[engine turns over]
- Go ahead and answer it.

Pull the ripcord.

- 5021 Eddie.

Two plainclothes officers

to CFD's request for backup.

Will advise once on scene.
- Copy that, 5021 Eddie.

[saw grinding loudly]

[dramatic music]

- Hurry, please.

- Hey, you need help with her?
- He ran the intersection!

- No, no, she's not why
we called for the assist.

It's him.
Something's not right.

- Is it a DUI?
- I don't know.

- Sir, please stay still.


- No.
- Those injuries

aren't consistent
with the crash.

- No, none of it's consistent
at all with the crash.

Whatever happened
happened real recent, though.

- Sir, can you look at me?
My name's Officer Adam Ruzek.

Can you tell me
who did this to you?

- No, no, no, no!

- I need you to stay still.

- I'm okay.

- Sir, you may feel fine,
but you're not.

I need you to stay
right where you are.

- There's blood on the outside
of the door.

- I am fine!
- Hey, hey, buddy--

oh, hey!

[somber music]

- You got him?
- Yeah.

- [groans]

[sirens wailing]

- You got this guy's name?
- Yeah.

BMW's registered
to a Jeff Trubin.

No priors, single,
lives downtown.

- Couldn't get anything.
Guy's still unconscious.

- Pretty brutal beating.

I mean,
happened inside the car,

then maybe somebody dragged
him out, beat him some more?

I don't know.
Maybe it was a domestic?

Maybe it was a passenger?

- This one doesn't really
add up.

- 2261,
can I get a direct mobile

to whoever is assigned paper
at Astor and Scott?

Think I got
a related incident.

- Yeah.
5021 Ida.

We're held down
at Astor and Scott.

- I'm two blocks south
from ya.

Got something strange.

Think you might wanna talk
to this witness.

- We'll take it.

- Copy that.
We're on the way.

[indistinct radio chatter]

- Seems way too coincidental

not to be related
to your accident.

He called 911
about 30 minutes ago.

- All right.
Hey, sir.

I'm Detective Halstead,
this is Detective Upton.

- Sir, you mind
going through it again?

- Yeah, sure.

So, I was working
right over there

and I heard some screaming,
so I looked over

and I saw three guys go past
wearing masks.

- Masks?
- Yeah, ski masks.

They were runnin' like hell.

One of 'em had a crowbar.

Another was tucking something
into their waistband.

A gun, I guess.

Then all of a sudden,
a gray SUV came up.

They hopped in and sped away.

Then about a minute later,
a blue BMW came speeding by.

- A blue BMW?

- I could see the driver.
His face was really bloody.

- What about the gray SUV?

Did you get a look
at that driver?

Get the plates?
- No, I'm sorry.

All I saw were the kids
in the masks

and the side of the SUV.
- Kids?

- I mean,
I didn't see their faces,

but by the way they're running,
the way they were dressed,

the way they were screaming
at each other,

I could tell they were kids.

Seemed like teenagers.

- Caught a strange one.

- The only witness was the guy
that called it in.

- And the victim?

- Blood tox came back negative
for drugs and alcohol.

The guy's still unconscious

but Med's gonna contact as soon
as we can question him.

- Okay, so what do we think

- Well, right now, we're
betting on a failed carjacking.

Been a 40% increase
in carjackings

in that neighborhood
this month alone.

Perfect territory.

There's a through line
from downtown,

usually pretty void
of pedestrians,

meaning there's a hell of
a lot of high-end vehicles

on a quiet street.

- The victim was driving
a $90,000 BMW,

and there was evidence
of a beating

inside and outside the car,
so they pulled him out.

- So a new, young crew
tries to jack Jeff's car,

things go wrong--
maybe Jeff fights back

or the kids get spooked.

Crew takes off,
hop in their buddy's car

and Jeff tries to drive away.

- We got a hit on
the offender's car.

Gray SUV was clocked on PODs
two blocks away.

- Nice. You get an angle
on the windows?

- Can't see inside
or see plates,

but I ran the car through
our HOT file.

Gray SUV was reported stolen
two months ago

by a Jessica Ramirez.
Now, the kicker?

Jessica works at a DCFS center

with kids aging out
of the system.


- Okay, that's good.

Why don't you guys
check it out?

- So your SUV was stolen
from here?

- Uh, no.

Well, I mean yes, it was,

but I had parked it around back
in the lot.

- And the kids here
have access to it?

- Sure.
But really, anyone has access.

The lot's open to the street.

- What, you really think
just anyone took your car?

- [chuckles softly]
I don't know.

At this point,

I kind of just assumed
my car was gone for good.

- Right.

Well, Jessica, look.

We're looking for a crew
of teenagers

that were involved
in what we believe to be

a pretty brutal
attempted carjacking,

and they're using your SUV.

So I understand you want
to protect these kids, but--

- I noticed my spare keys
were missing, uh,

after I called the police.

These kids, they have it rough.

I was just trying to give them
a moment of peace, but...

my spare keys
were in the drawer.

- You know
who might've taken 'em?

- No, but I know the kids
who had access.

- Huh.

- A lot of names.
13 teenagers.

- Be hard to find, too.

Kids that age out
notoriously disappear.

- Makayla?

Hi, you!

What are you doing here?
What's going on?

What's happening?
- They took me here.

- What's she doing here?
What's happening?

- I'm sorry.
Are you...

- Officer Kim Burgess.

- We worked
the Ward homicide case.

- What's she doing here?
Where's her guardian?

where's Kathy?

- I'm sorry, I can't lawfully
give you any details

of a minor's case without
the correct authorization.

- Understood, but clearly,
I know Makayla,

and--and I know
her social worker, Alanah.

- You'll have to speak
to Alanah, then.

Makayla, honey?
Come on.

- Hey, can we--

can I--can I--

Real quick.
Real quick, Makayla.

Why don't you go talk
to this nice lady?

I'll call Alanah,

and then I'm gonna make sure
everything is okay, all right?

I promise.
- Okay.

- Lot of reasons
she could be here.

- Yeah, I know.

Alanah's not answering.

- Kim and Ruz,
you got ears in?

- Yeah.
Go ahead.

- Call came in over the zone.

On-view carjacking,
three masked offenders.

Sounds a whole lot like
our crew.

Jay and I are around
the corner.

Call came from the intersection
of Kostner and Wilcox--

[engine revs]

[dramatic music]

God damn it!

- [screaming]

Help me!

- Hey!

- Chicago PD!

- Chicago PD!
Get your hands up!

- Come on!
- Come on, come on!

- [indistinct] Three masked
offenders fleeing on foot.

- Copy that.
- It's okay.

It's okay, we got you.

Two of them are armed!
They went that way!

Okay, it's okay, it's okay.

[ominous music]

- Two offenders
heading westbound.

One broke off of gangway

- Copy.
Headed back your way.

- [grunts]

- Hey, police!

[ominous music]


- Medics took the victim
to Chicago Med.

Had signs
of a massive heart attack.

His name's Troy Wrightman,
62 years old.

This is his car.

Married, no children,
no priors.

The kids that we saw fleeing--

looks like they were
three males and a female.

- Ruzek's talking to a witness.

Says he saw two kids
rush the car.

- Two?
What happened to the third?

- Don't know.
Says he saw two.

Here's what's weird.

The kids ran off,
they opened the doors,

they ripped the victim out,
they beat him,

and then they took off running.
- So, what,

you guys got here and scared
'em before they can

actually take the car?
- I don't think so.

We got here right as the SUV
was about to hit the alley.

Seemed like a getaway car.

- You don't need a getaway car
for a carjacking.

- No.

- Guy's pockets were rabbited.
No wallet.

Maybe we're looking
at a robbery crew.

- Hell of a lot of trouble
for a wallet.

- Yeah.
I don't know.

- All right.
Keep working the scene.

I mean, we got one witness.
Maybe there're more.

Dig into this Troy.

Search that SUV top to bottom.
Whole thing's evidence.

- Yeah.

- Thank you, thank you.

- Was that Alanah?
- Yeah.

- Everything good?
- Yeah, I think so.

I guess Kathy
missed some school pickups

so the teacher
had to call DCFS,

but now Makayla and Kathy
are back together,

and they're offering Kathy
extra support, so...

- That's good.
- That's good.

- Okay, where we at?

- I connected with Med.

Our two victims, Jeff and Troy,
are conscious,

but they're refusing
police help.

They don't wanna talk.
- Huh.

- We searched the SUV
top to bottom.

We found 2 grand in cash

and six wallets
with the IDs in 'em.

Upton and Atwater
are chasing that right now.

Car's loaded with stuff.

It's like these
are street kids.

They're living in there.

Maybe they use the car
when it gets cold out.

- Right.
So we ran those profiles

of those other robbery victims
from the six wallets.

Definitely a pattern.

- They're all men?
- Yeah.

Three of the IDs have
prior pops for solicitation,

so we ran the crime scenes
with that information in mind.

First one is five blocks
from a male stroll,

second one is two blocks from
a corner Vice recently ID'd.

- The kids are prostitutes
robbing their johns.

- Yeah.

Which makes sense why

our witness only saw two kids
rush the car.

The third one
was already inside.

They take the job, get into
a car, go into a quiet place--

the other kids are there
waiting to rush the car.

- Explains our 2 grand in cash.

- So the kids get tired
of touching their johns,

find a new way to make money.

I mean, they're doing this
to survive, right?

- Well, let's run that DCFS
list again with this in mind,

loop in Vice,
hit every stroll and corner

young prostitutes frequent,
any place street kids crash.

We just took their car
and all their cash,

so they gotta know
the heat's on 'em.

Let's find these kids before
they get more desperate.

- This case, the kids,
the prostitution...

it's starting to remind me

of the case
where we lost the baby.

- Yeah.

- Do you ever wonder if maybe

that's the reason
we're even closer now?

Like, why we want to be
together all the time,

why we act like a couple...

because of this terrible thing
that happened to us?

- Of course it is.


- That's not a good thing,

- Why not?
- Because it's not real.

It's not closeness,
it's just trauma.

- It's not real?
- No.

- Kim, hold on.
- Yeah.

- You and I, we've always
been us, all right?

Then we were gonna have a baby.
- Yeah.

- So we fell in love
with something together,

then we lost something

I mean, sometimes trauma
just brings people closer.

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Excuse me.
We're with Chicago PD.

Looking for a few teenagers
that might work this spot.

Can you tell me if you
recognize any of these folks?

- Wouldn't I be in trouble

if I knew there was
hooking going on here?

- Bro, I'd be impressed
if you didn't know

there was hooking
going on here.

- We can make it harder on you
if you don't talk, buddy.

- Him.
- Miguel Reyes?

- People here don't tell me
their names.

- When was the last time
he was here?

- Now.
- Now?

- 'Less he got a job.

Usually smokes on the corner
by himself.

- Thanks. I'm gonna circle
around the block.

- Yeah, sounds good.

[tense music]

Adam, I think I got eyes.
Northwest corner.

And I think he's alone.

- All right, copy that.
I'm on the way.

- He's running!

Chicago PD!

[tires squealing]

[suspenseful music]

Adam, southbound
on Normal Avenue!

- Copy you.
I'm headed back for you.

[engine revving]

- Miguel Reyes,
put your hands up right now!

That's barbed wire.

Look around you.
You got nowhere to go.

Let's go.


- Okay, his name
is Miguel Reyes, 18.

Just aged out of care
two months ago.

Was removed from his home
at age seven due to abuse.

History of complex trauma.

He spent the last decade
shuffling through groups homes.

- Had any priors?
- Yeah.

He's got one vandalism charge,
but that's it.

Social worker said
he's a sweet kid.

Just reactive.
He's learned to fight back.

No current address,

and besides an aunt in Georgia,
he's got no family.

The kid's on his own.

- Yeah. Let's do this.

All right, Miguel.

I'm gonna explain to you

exactly what
you're looking at here.

We know you were involved in
a string of armed robberies

three other teenagers.

Your last victim, Troy,
he had a heart attack.

It almost killed him.

- No one killed anybody.

- But you're saying
you were there?

- No, I-I definitely
didn't say that.

- Hmm.

- Miguel,
you and your friends--

and they're your friends,

Started robbing people

so you wouldn't have
to turn tricks anymore.

I can understand that.

But the problem is
you robbed these men.

You beat them, you had a gun,
you had a crowbar.

That's aggravated robbery
with a deadly weapon.

That's decades in jail, okay?

So the best thing
that you can do for yourself

and for your friends would be
to cooperate with us.

[soft dramatic music]

- No.

- Right.


if you talk to us,

we can explain your story
to the state's attorney,

you understand?

We'll tell 'em who you are,
who your victims are.

You talk to us, we can help.

- I've been helped by people
like you my whole life.

- I'm sure that's true.

- I don't need any more help.

- That I don't believe.

- I'm not saying
I did anything,

but they're not my friends.

They're my family.

So even
if I did know something,

I promise I wouldn't ever
tell either of you.

- You think he knows
we got nothing concrete on him?

- [sighs]
It is all circumstantial.

We gonna need this boy to talk.

- I say we release him.

He said it himself.
Those kids are his family.

He's not gonna talk
'cause of them,

but he will go right back
to them if he can.

He's got nowhere else.

- Okay, so let's release him.
Just keep eyes on him.

We'll bring 'em all in.

- Kev.
- What's up?

- Just--quick question.

What did you need

when you were first raising
Jordan and Vinessa?

Like, what kind of support
did you need?

- Everything.

Whole time I was...21.
Drowning in it.

Yeah, I needed everything.

- Okay, thanks.

I'm sorry to bombard you
like this.

- It's okay.
- Oh, good.

Okay, great, 'cause I just--
I don't know.

I wanted to let you know
that I am here to help

however you need--babysitting,
getting help with services,

whatever you need.
- I see my social worker.

- I know that, I just--

there can never be
too many people, right?

Okay if I say hi to Makayla
real quick?

- Uh, maybe not the best time.
[phone buzzes]

- Sure, of course.

Maybe another time.

I just wanted to know
that you're both doing okay.

That's all I--

Kathy, are you okay?

- I can't do this anymore.

- What can't you do?
- This.

I-I can't be a mom to her.

- No, you can.

You're doing great,
and I'll help you.

- I can't do it.

- Makayla's with DCFS already.

Kathy, listen to me.
You can be her mom.

You're capable, you're so much
more than you know--

- Just don't.
Don't--don't do that.

She is unhappy.
I'm not good for her, okay?

I've tried everything.

I take my pills, I go to work,

I see the social worker,
everything, and I can't do it.

- I understand.

- My cousin would've never
wanted this for her kid.

Makayla was the love
of her life.

She's the love of mine.
- Okay, so what if I help you?

- What?
Who even are you?

I mean, what right have you
to be in my home

telling me anything?

- Kathy, please--
- Go.

- Kathy--
- Get out of my house.

- I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

[dramatic music]


- We lost Miguel.
- What?

- Kid's a flippin' jackrabbit.

He came straight here
after the 21st.

He ducked in and out of,

I don't know, eight alleys,

I think he squats in one of
these buildings on this block.

- Yeah.

- What's going on?
You all right?

- Not really.

I think I made a big mistake--
- Whoa, there he is.

Hey, Miguel!

Stop moving.

Are you injured?

- Help me.
Please, this way.

- You gotta tell us
what's going on!

Hey, hey, listen! Hey!
Slow down! Stop!

Slow down--
we can't help you

if you don't talk to us.

- Run, run!
Police! Run!

- Stop, stop!
- I'll meet you there!

- Get up against the wall!
- I'll meet you there!

- Where'd they go?
Where'd they go?

- Help her!

- [gasping]
- Kim, Kim!

The girl.
- Oh, my God.

- 5021 Ida, emergency.
Roll an ambo to 1800 Kedzie.

I'm in a vacant
on the west side.

Female down.
Head trauma.

Got two male offenders
fleeing on foot.

- Copy that.
- We didn't do this!

We brought her home!

- What the hell happened
to her?

- Ambo en route.

- I don't--
- Miguel!

- We needed the money, okay?

We were too nervous
to do another robbery,

so she was gonna work
a normal job.

- Who was the john?
- I don't know.

- Who, Miguel?
- He freaked out! He beat her!

- Who, Miguel? Who?
- I don't know!

- I need a name! Tell me!
- I don't know!

- House is clear.
Where's my ambo?

- What's her name?
Give me her name.

- Lily.
- Okay.

Lily, stay with us, all right?

- I'm not leaving you.
I won't leave.

- Come on, Lily.
- You're gonna be okay.

You're not alone.

[sirens wailing]


- Hey.

- Both kids are in the wind,
but they won't get far.

All of their belongings,
last of their cash,

it's all here.

The girl, Lily,
is being rushed to surgery.

Doesn't look good.

- We still don't know
who beat her?

- A john.

Ruzek's running the car

It's probably his.

It sounds like
the two kids drove Lily here

and then Miguel
stopped talking,

so that's all I got.

- All right,
let's find something.

- Yeah.

[suspenseful music]

- I found
the other two kids' IDs.

Samuel Wilton
and Michael Jeffries.

16, 17 years old.

- Gun.

- Car outside is a rental.

Links back
to a Robert McKinney.

62, two priors
for solicitation,

one for a domestic.

I gotta think he's our john.

- You got an address?
- Yeah.

- We got this.
- All right.

[dramatic music]

- Talked to Platt--she's gonna
send two patrol cars

to the house now--
- He broke both her cheekbones,

her skull.
Take it myself.

[phone buzzes]
- Hey.

Wait, what?

Send me the address.

Kim and I are on the way
right now.

- One GSW,
and guessing we're gonna

get some good prints
lifted from that bar.

He's also got substantial
scratching and bruising

on his face and arms.

Signs of a struggle.

We're not sure.
Looks like multiple offenders.

We're real close to a stroll.
Might've picked someone up.

- Lily.
He picked Lily up.

Beat her, tried to rape her,
and then a friend stepped in.

- She's a victim
on a case you're working?

- No, she's an offender.

- I'm gonna go call Voight.

[door latch clicks]

- I-is Lily okay?

- She's still in surgery.

you need to talk to us now.

Tell me what happened.
- No.

- Where are your friends?
- I'm not an idiot.

You think I'm gonna
tell you that now?

- You told me that Lily
was gonna do a normal job.

You and your friends
were looking out for her,

but she didn't want to do it,
so the john got mad,

beat her, tried to rape her...
- Stop.

- You heard screaming...
- Stop!

- And saved her!
Miguel, that is self-defense!

- And that is the kind of thing
that we can prove!

- Not after what we did!
We robbed those men!

We beat them.
- I know.

That's what I'm telling you.

But without your friends
confirming your story,

without you talking to us,

all I got standing
in front of me

is a kid who brutally robs

who isn't cooperating,

who told his buddy offenders
to run

after you killed a man

That's what the state's
attorney's gonna see.

Come on, sit down.
It's okay, sit.



You're already going away
for the robberies.

I can't help you there.

But the timing matters.

You're a good kid
who was dealt a bad hand...

And you played it wrong.

Miguel, you're still young.

This is still your life.

And you're gonna spend
the next four decades

staring at concrete
if you don't talk to me now.

Come on.

- But my friends
will have a chance.

- No.
- No.

I mean, they won't.

He's telling you the truth

because the chances are
we will find them,

and it's a lot harder to claim
self-defense once you've run.

And let me tell you:

if they cross state lines,
that's it, we can't help them.

- You can't guarantee me
that you can help now.

I'm all they have.
They're all that I've ever had.

I need to help them.

- No, you need
to help yourself right now.

- No, no.
I'm not gonna hurt them.

There's a chance
you guys don't find them,

that they'll have a shot
at something.


I'm done talking to you.

- Miguel.

All right, Miguel is not gonna
roll on his friends.

So what do we have?

- Ballistics did come back

on the 9 millimeter from
the shooting at the house,

and it's match for the killing.

- Forensics also came back
as a match for the SUV.

We got three separate prints
on the crowbar.

One of 'em is Miguel's.

- All right, what do we have
on Michael and Sammie?

- Nothing yet.

We're up on buses
and train stations.

We've got investigative reports

- Yeah, I mean,
we've been digging,

but they were in foster care
for over a decade.

They got no family,
no connections to anybody

other than each other.
I mean, it's gonna be

tough to pinpoint
where they're gonna run to.

- We have enough evidence
to charge Miguel on all counts.

- Okay, so we start processing
charges on Miguel.

Maybe once they feel real,
it'll scare him into talking.

- So that's it?

They're kids.

They were doing this
to put a roof over their heads.

They've got these dream houses
scribbled in their notebooks.

They're kids
with no place to go,

a system that failed them.

they're robbing their johns,

and the answer is,
"They can go to jail"?

That's the best
we can do for them?

- Look, I get it, but...

they did rob these men.

One of 'em's dead, and
Miguel's not talking, so...

unless you got a better play
I'm not thinking of...

- I don't have another play.

- Okay, so keep searching.

[phone buzzes]

Miguel's only chance
is we find his friends

so they can corroborate
his self-defense story.

Let's go.
- Hello?


- You confronted Kathy?
- I went to offer help.

- But it turned into

- Well,
I didn't mean for it to.

- She filed a complaint.

- Okay, is this--[huffs]

is this really what
we're gonna talk about?

You're Makayla's social worker,

and we're not gonna talk
about Makayla?

- You want this
to have a clean solution.

- Yes, I want this
to have a solution.

- Well, it's way
more complicated than that.

It's also way more complicated
than you falsely believing

that everyone here
isn't doing their very best.

- Yeah, well--I'm--
I know, sorry.

- Kathy is dealing
with mental issues.

Anxiety, depression.

If we keep Makayla in her care,

there's a thousand possible
bad outcomes.

Kathy is telling us it's
not best for either of them,

so we find
an alternate placement.

- A group home?
- For right now, yes.

- What if Makayla
came home with me?

- I know you feel for her,

but there are so many ways
to be there for a child

without fostering them.

She's a child who's just
experienced trauma,

she's a Black child,

you're a cop
with a very demanding job

who's white, who's single.

None of this is
to be discouraging.

That's all fine,

but these are very real issues
you need to think about.

Makayla deserves someone...

It's just--you can't make
a decision like this

in a moment
when life seems unfair.

[dramatic music]


- Hey. Anything?
- Nothing.

The kids moved last night,

and I don't think
we clocked 'em.

- Hey, uh, might have them.

Patrol car report of a stolen
Chevy downtown around 5 a.m.

POD caught it.
Two teenage offenders.

Physicals match
Michael and Sammie.

- There we go.
We got a BOLO on that?

- Patrol's actually got it
in a truck lot on Ashland--


- That's gotta be them.
We'll take it.

There's our Chevy.

- Keys are still in the car.

- Hey.
- Hey, how you doin'?

- Morning.
We're with Chicago PD.

We're looking for the two kids
that were driving the Chevy

that's parked out front.

You recognize
either of these guys?

- No.
Haven't seem either of them.

- Got anybody else working here
this morning?

- Just me.
- Security cameras?

- No. City might have some
down the way.

- You got none on the lot

- No, sorry. Kids do come here
to hitch a lot, though.

A lot of trucks
move in and out.

- Thanks very much.

I'm gonna go around back.

- Yeah.

[soft dramatic music]

- I'm gonna keep checking,
but back looks clear.

- Front, too.

[engine turns]

- We could pull the PODs

maybe grab whatever semi
they hopped into.

- We're hours behind them,

If they're smart,
they'll keep switching trucks,

keep hitching.

Already gone.

Nothing on any PODs.

- Yeah,
nothing on traffic cams,

no security footage.

- There's just every reason
to believe

they already crossed
state lines.

- Process Miguel,

get out leads, messages
on Michael and Sammie.

Look, chances are

some state policeman
will pick 'em up soon.

- Okay, Miguel.

Patrol will be here in a few,
transport you to County.

- What about Lily?
- She's still unconscious.

It's too early
to know the damage,

but they think
there will be some.

I can let you know.
- Okay.

- Miguel, when we were
in that abandoned house,

when you told Michael
and Sammie to run,

you said,
"I'll meet you there."

Is "there" where you were
gonna build a home together?

Where is "there"?

Your friends ran.
They crossed state lines.

I told you before
what that would mean,

what their chances would be.

They will be picked up
by state police

who are looking for them.

I know you wanna protect them.

That's why
you're doing all this.

I do, too.

So tell me, Miguel,
where is "there"?

- They're in Iowa.

- Yeah,
I've got credible information

that our offenders
are fleeing to Iowa,

so I've limited
the investigative alerts

to your jurisdiction alone.

No, nothing down south.

No, no other BOLOs or alerts

Yeah, Iowa.
Thank you.

- You're still here?
- Yeah.

I'm just finishing up.

- Sorry we can't solve every
case and save every kid.

- You know,
I never told anybody this,

didn't even tell Adam...

but a couple of months
after I lost the baby,

I looked up that girl
that I saved in the motel room.

- Really?

- Think I thought it would
make me feel something.

Called her mom.

Said she hadn't seen her
daughter in months.

She'd run away,
and she was gone.

What would you think
if I took Makayla in?

- [chuckles]

I think
that would change her life.

- I know I'm not her family,
I know I'm a cop, I'm white.

I know these are real things.

- You're right.

You are not her family
and you and white,

so you're gonna be
up against a lot.

- I think I can
do right by her.

- Kim, you asked me
what I needed before.

It wasn't about me,
it was about what they needed.

I had to keep my family

Had to make sure
that Vinessa and Jordan

didn't get stuck in a system

that I knew
they couldn't get out of.

So, yeah, it was impossible.
We did need everything.

I just--

I was theirs...

you know what I'm saying?

I loved them, and that
took care of the rest.

And if you got that,
you'll be good.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I was coming to find you.
- Yeah?

Hey, do you wanna
get some dinner?

Before you say yes,
I want to tell you

that I'm gonna turn off our
radios as a preemptive strike.

That way,
you'll have to talk to me.

- Kathy gave up
her parental rights.

- No.

- Because she loves Makayla
and wants what's best for her.

- But where's Makayla gonna go?
- With me.

- Really?

Like, on a temporary basis?

- Well, for now,
but Alanah's working on it.

There's a lot of red tape,
logistics, but it's possible

it could become
a more permanent situation.

- Like you fostering her?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
Have you thought that through?

I mean, what would that
even look like?

- I don't know.
- Kim?

- Adam, you can say whatever
you want to say.

- It's not about what I want
to say, it's just, I mean--

that's a lot, you know?

You know you can't replace
what we lost.

- I'm not trying to.

I feel something for this kid.
I do.

I feel close to her.
- I understand.

But just yesterday,
we're talking about trauma

and you told me
how that's not real, right?

- Right.
Well, what if you're right?

What if it doesn't matter?

- [sighs]
- [sighs]

I know that this might change
what we have,

you know, what we can have.

- Kim, that's not why
I'm saying any of this.

It's just not.

I'm always gonna be
in your life.

That's not gonna change.

It's just this is, like...

I'm a little worried
that this is a reaction,

that you just can't stand
the idea

of seeing another kid lost.

- Hey, you.

So I know all this has been
pretty weird, probably, right?

Look, this might be another
big, weird change,

but I was thinking,
if you're okay with it,

that maybe you could
come home with me.

You know,
we could be like a family

and take care of each other--
if you're okay with it.

- Okay.

- [softly]

- Okay.

- Okay, all right, okay.

Just hop on in.

[soft music]

Hmm, this thing.

- You want me to...
- Is there--yeah.

Why don't you do it
and I'll just--I'll watch.

- All right, you're all set.

I'll be seeing you both
very soon.

You guys have fun.
- Bye, Alanah.

Just you and me.



[engine turns over]


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]