Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 3 - Tender Age - full transcript

Ruzek and Burgess discover a child walking alone in the middle of the street, and when they take her home, they discover that her entire family has been murdered; Upton is approached with a job offer from the FBI.


- Yes, I know
you've been calling.

I just--I haven't had time
to schedule a follow-up.

Understood, Dr. Eli,

but I have no plans
to get pregnant again, so...

I'm at work.
I have to call you back.

Is that all right? Thanks.
- Everything all right?

- Yeah, just a thing
I'm pushing.

- You just missed
our bud Barkey again.

He dropped the price 5K.

- Adam, what are you actually
gonna do with a boat?

- I don't know,
sail the seven seas,

become a new man.

Park it in my garage,
drink beer on it.

- Exactly, kind of boat
Barkey's gonna sell you,

garage is a lot more likely.

[both laugh]
- Anyway, I'm just saying...

- Yeah?
- The change is good, you know?

Like, for instance,
you and I, we don't date,

and yet somehow we've become
my Gammie and Pawpaw.

- You still call them that?

- Well, that is their name.
- [laughs]

- We go to the same diner
every morning.

We go to work.
We go to the same bar.

We do nothing new.
We go nowhere new.

We meet nobody, date nobody.

- We have no boat.
- See?

- Mm-hmm.

- This is what
I'm talking about.

See, you're even
finishing my thoughts here.

- Change is overrated, Adam.

The whole world's looking for
a little same old right now.

- Yeah, not guys
like me and Barkey.

- [laughs]

You and Barkey are a set of
real revolutionary thinkers--

- Yeah, exactly.
- Mm-hmm.

- Yeah, I'm an adventurer.
- Of course.

- I'm like a Renaissance man
over here.

- You are, mm-hmm.

[tires squealing]

[car horn blares]

[dramatic music]

Whoa, whoa.
Oh, my God.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
- Get out of the road, kid!

- Stay in your car.
Stay in your car.

- Is she alone?
- Close your door.

- Hey, hey, kiddo.
- Where's her family?

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- It's all right.

- It's okay.
It's okay.

Let's get you out
of the street, okay?

Where's your family?

What are you doing around here?
Do you live around here?

Did you run from someplace?
- All right, keep moving.

- Are you lost, honey?

Do you live right there?

Is that where you live?

Are you lost?

She's not talking.

- There's nobody out here.
I mean, there's nobody around.

- Where's your family?
Do you know?

Okay, let's start again.
I'm Kim.

This is Adam.
And we're police, see?

That's what that star means.

I'm a police officer.
I'm gonna help you.

I promise.

- Yeah, this is Officer
Adam Ruzek, Intelligence.

Recovered a tender age child...
- I like your outfit.

Could I check something
really quickly?

Just--I'm just gonna...
really fast.

- One sec.

- Makayla Ward.

- Yeah, I got a name.
- It's okay.

Everything is gonna be okay,
all right?

Public school system
has the mom listed

as Gabrielle Ward.

4818 should be--
- Over there?

- Yeah, there it is.

She's sleeping.

I'll have the parents come out.
- Yeah.

- Soft door.
Don't wake her up.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- All right.




[sinister music]

- 5021 Eddie, requesting backup
at 4818 South Wells.

- Copy that, 5021 Eddie.
Backup on the way.

- What's going on?

- There's blood splatter,
a lot of it.


- Ah, it's open.

- All right.

One, two, three.

Cover me.
- Yup.

- Cover, cover, cover.

- Body.
- Gotcha.

- Clear.

- I got another body.

[door bangs shut]

- You hear that?
- Yeah.

[door creaks]

[door bangs shut]

- The back door.

[door creaks]

Backyard's clear.

- [sighs]


Look at these
little footprints.

That little girl, Makayla,
she was here.

- All right.
Call it in.

I'm gonna go check on her.

[dramatic music]

- Burgess took the girl to Med.
They're checking her out.

- Witnesses?
- Not yet.

We're working the block.

- ID the victims?

- So they're all members
of the same family, the Wards.

They all live in the house.

And the little girl, Makayla?
- Uh-huh.

- She's the only family member
that survived.

- All right, let's keep a cap
on the media as long as we can.

Means no one
but the techs and us

step foot on this property.

[indistinct chatter]

[camera shutter snapping]

- Hey.
- Hey.

- It is absolute overkill
in here.

Had to be personal.

This is Claudia Ward.

She's the matriarch
of the family.

House is in her name.

One GSW to the back
of the head.

Looks like she was running
to the front door.

Her kill is the cleanest
out of all of them.

This is her son
Benny Ward, 22.

He's got bruising,
defense wounds.

Looks like
he was pistol-whipped.

His sister's here
in the kitchen.

Gabrielle Ward,
Makayla's mother.

One GSW to the stomach,
two to the back.

She...bled out slow.

- No sign of robbery yet.

Cash was left on the table
in the front.

- Huh.

- Purses and wallets
in plain view.

- No forced entry?

- No, doesn't look like it.

Front and the back door
were unlocked.

- It's the little girl?
- Yeah.

Prints match Makayla's shoes.
We think she was inside.

She was probably hiding,
maybe here in the pantry.

Shooter makes his way
to the front.

She finds her mom bleeding,

takes off out the back.

- Mom told her to run.

- Yeah.

[solemn music]

- Med cleared the girl.
No injuries.

- Yeah, Burgess is with her.
We're waiting on DCFS.

- All right, talk to me.
What do we got?

- Ward family,
no priors except for Benny,

who has a year-old
possession charge.

- Thinking the shooter
might've used a suppressor.

No one heard or saw anything,
and zero cams.

- I connected with Forensics.
It's gonna take them some time.

Three bodies,
that's a lot of DNA.

- Four people living
in one house,

that's a lot of foot traffic.

- Well, we work the why first.

Home invasion gone wrong?
A hit?

Family disagreement?
Murder turned triple homicide?

There can be plenty
of possibilities,

but it's gonna be the why
that gets us to who.

- I got a possible why.

Benny Ward's yearlong
possession charge

is not the full story.

Kid's got a couple
gang dispersal cards,

quite the social media

According to the Gang Unit
and CPIC,

he's been the enforcer
for the Gangster Prophets

for the past two years.

- Okay, so he had enemies.

- He's got a lot of enemies.

CPIC sent over a whole list.

Over a dozen death threats

- Hmm.
- So wait.

We think this is
gang retribution?

They'd do a whole family
like that?

- Listen, no reason is ever
gonna feel like enough, Adam.

- DCFS is downstairs.
- All right, so run it down.

Talk to your CIs.

If this was a gang hit,
the streets will know.

- Sarge.
They're here.

- Lieutenant, good to see you.

- Hey, wanted
to work this one myself.

- 30 years.
Juvenile cases.

Happy to have you on this one.

- This is Alanah Mercer
with DCFS.

- Is someone from
Makayla's family on the way?

- Unfortunately, most of the
girl's family was in that home.

She doesn't have any father
on the birth certificate.

Only immediate kin
is a cousin of Gabrielle's.

We're trying to track her down.

- I understand you believe
Makayla is a potential witness.

- We have evidence
that she was in the home.

As of now, she might be
our only witness.

- She still hasn't said
a word, though.

- At her age,
that's pretty expected.

Trauma like that,
fear, it floods the system.

Doesn't go away quick.

Might be days, weeks, months
before she talks about it.

- Well, we would like
to question her if possible.

- You can try as long
as it's not harming her,

but Alanah and the hospital
need to be kept apprised.

- No problem.

Kim, you run point.

- Sarge, I don't have
any experience

working with children.

A youth detective would be--
- You were her first contact?

- Yeah, I was
her first contact.

- Priority
is to make her feel safe.

She certainly won't talk
or move forward until then.

Right now,
you're the best option

to make her feel that way.

- Okay.


- She hasn't talked yet.

- How am I supposed
to make this kid feel safe

after what happened?

- Honestly, I don't know.

But I don't think
there's just one right way.

- All right.
- Mm-hmm.

[soft music]

- I brought you
something to eat.

So I--

I was hoping and thinking

we could maybe talk a little
about what happened

before I found you
on the street.

What do you think?


Did you run there
from your house?

Do you remember being at home?

Makayla, do you remember
anything about what happened?

Anything at all?


- Hey.
- [groans]

Nah, nah.
You told me we were done.

You told me you was going
to New York.

- I'm back now.

- Nope.

[inhales deeply, sighs]

Look, I ain't stepping foot
near no massacre.

- That's very perceptive
of you, Marv.

I never told you
why we're here.

- It's bad karma.

You can't go pirouetting
around a whole family murdered.

- Pirouetting?
- It's not good for the soul.

- Hey.
- Nah.

You can't bribe me on this one.
- No?

'Cause your sister
called me last week

saying you broke into her place
looking for cash.

Scared the hell
out of your niece.

- I didn't mean to do that.
- All we need is a name.

Benny was a Gangster Prophet,
and we know the streets

are talking, so who are they
saying killed his family?

- Marv, when have I ever

asked you a question
not worth answering for me?

- The streets are saying

a Southside Hustler
took them out.

- Okay, you got a name?

- Tru!

Goes by Tru.
He killed them.

- Why?

- Benny and Tru got into it
a couple of weeks ago.

Guys broke it up

but not before Benny jacked
a beer bottle into Tru's eye.

The killings were payback,


- This him?

- Yeah, that's him.

He usually hangs
at the Y courts.

Plays ball there.

- Call your sister
and apologize.

Truman Powell, 27.
Got two priors for assault.

CPIC has him on for multiple
threats against Benny online,

and he's got an open warrant
for aggravated battery.

- Works for me.

I got the front door covered.
Let's take him outside.

You got an anchor?
- Yeah.

Got my eye on you.
Got your six.

- He's coming out.

[tense music]

Truman Powell, Chicago PD!

- Truman, Chicago PD!

[both grunting]

Hey, hey, hey!
Arm up! Arm up!

- Okay, we're done!
Stop fighting!

Turn over.

Don't move.

- [grunts]

- All right, let's go.
Get up!

Get up!
- [groans]


- You got
an outstanding warrant,

history of violence,

multiple threats
against a dead man,

and we ran your car, Tru;
you're four blocks

from the Wards' house
two hours before the killings.

- What, you just wanna
sit there and smile at me?

- Hey, if I were you,

I'd at least give us
the bare minimum.

You got an alibi
you wanna give us?

- I got a lawyer.
I'll call him now.

- You catch that?
- Yeah, he knows something.

He's good at pretending
he's not scared, though.

- Hey, Upton.

Not just calling me anymore.

Now the feds are
sending me packages for you.

- Thank you.
- You're gonna have

to rein this in at some point,

not that I don't like
being your mail lady.

- I know. Thank you.
- Uh-huh.

- The feds?

- Look, I don't care
if Tru's not talking.

He's still looking good for it.

- And ballistics came back.

The bullets match an unsolved
Southside Hustler shoot.

- Huh.
- Would make sense

if it was a gang
pass-down piece.

- All right,
so we hold Tru for 48,

see if we can place him
at the scene.

Hey, Kim make any progress
with the kid?

- Not yet.

Family Services are gonna have
to relocate her tonight.

Kim's out trying something
right now.

- All right, let's hit it.

- What did the feds want?

- It's a job offer.

- Well, that's good.
Where at?

- New York?

- Cool.

[tense music]

- Stayed in the same place?
- Yeah.

- Okay, great.


I went and I grabbed

what I hoped
were favorites.

Got this guy.
Seemed nice.

How about--oh.

Penguin, huh?



and I brought
your mom's sweater.

Thought maybe you
might wanna wear it.

[somber music]

Let's put it on you.

'Cause I have some friends
I want you to meet.

This is my friend Alanah,

the lady you met before.

This is Trudy.
You know her.

And that's Claire.

Claire has
this really nice house

she's gonna take you to.

You're gonna go, you're gonna
get a good nice rest,

and then you're gonna
come here,

and then you and I are gonna
talk in the morning, all right?

- Ready to go, kiddo?

- Do you want me
to come with you?


All right,
we'll grab your things.

- Bedroom's just down the hall
to your right.

- Okay.
You're going the right way.

It's this door right here,
all right?

Wow, look at the stars.
Those are cool.

I brought you something,

your pajamas.

You know what I used to do
when I was younger?

I would line all my stuffies
at the end of my bed

so it was like this little army
keeping me safe.

Oh, yeah.

Kind of dumb.


It's okay if you're scared,

I've been scared before.

I know the feeling pretty well.

Oh, yeah.
Adults get scared for sure.

There was a time
a few months ago.

I was doing my job,
and somebody tried to hurt me.

And I was so scared, but...

that's the good thing
about being scared.

Sometimes it's like
this reminder

that you have to be brave,
you have to fight.

So I fought.

- But I ran.

- That's okay.

Running is a kind of fighting.

- I ran outside.

But she came looking.

- She?
You saw a woman in your house?

What was her name?
You know her?


- But she was looking for me.

She was calling my name.

But I hid outside.

- Okay.

- Can I go to sleep now?

- Yeah, Makayla.
You can go to bed.

I will be right back,
and I will...

tuck you in, okay?

Give me two minutes.

What's wrong?

- I just--I thought
I saw someone.

It's probably a shadow.
- What exactly did you see?

- Someone along
the side of the house,

like they were trying
not to be seen.

[glass shatters]

- Get down!
[Makayla screams]

- What's going on?
- Just get down!


[tense music]


- I'm here.

- Get behind me.
Get behind me!

Grab my hand, okay?
You're okay.

You're okay.
You're all right.

Stay behind me no matter what.
No matter what.

Claire, get down low.

Get low and come to me.
Come to me!

Come to me quick.
Take my phone.

Call 911.
Get in the bathtub.

Leave the line open.
Take Makayla.

- Come here, sweetie.
- You're okay, Makayla!

You're okay.
You're okay.

- Two intruders in the house.

I'm with Officer Kim Burgess...

[door clatters]
[Makayla screams]



- So patrol arrived
after three minutes,

spotted an SUV
fleeing the scene:

black Nissan Pathfinder,
no plates.

- They lost the vehicle?
- Yeah.

They followed it all the way
to Wacker for a mile,

and then they lost it.
- You okay?

- Yeah, I saw
two different offenders,

both masked and gloved up.

I wasn't able
to discern race, height.

Things happened very fast,
but they were here for Makayla.

- What makes you think that?

- They crashed this location
ten minutes after we arrived.

They hit her window first.
They must've followed us here.

- Opens more questions
than answers.

- You think it was a hit?
- I don't know what it was.

But Makayla had finally
started talking.

She said she saw a woman
in her house

at the time of the murders

and the woman was
calling out her name.

- Okay, either way, we do need
to protect the child

until we have answers.
- Yeah.

- I'll call WITSEC
and get her into protection.

- Mm.
- She's staying with me.

- No, she can't.
That's not protocol.

- Well, let's go
against protocol.

- Right now, your job is--
- My job is to protect the kid.

- Is she always like this?
- Yeah, she always is.

- Well, she's not wrong,
and if it was about Makayla,

it's probably best
we keep it in-house.

Someone ID'd her location.

- Lieutenant,
with all due respect,

you can play it
by protocol or not.

You can take me off the case.
You can detail me to WITSEC.

I don't care how it happens,

but that kid stays with me.

- Okay, we'll get
a safe house approved.

- Thank you.

- You gotta have
the teddy bear.

That's a classic, right?

And one more.
Which guy here?

You point.

This guy?
This is your favorite?


What am I looking at here?

What is this?
- Platypus?

- A platypus.

How could I forget
the shiny-tailed platypus?

Right here.
Is he your favorite?

Yeah, he stays with you, then.

- Okay, it's bedtime.
Let's go.

[soft music]

You want us to stay with you?


Okay. Go on.

All right.

Scooch down.

There you go.

- Good night, Makayla.


- As we've repeatedly said,

my client won't be answering
any more questions.

- And as I have said,
I'm not asking any questions.

I'm just giving him the info.

We learned that there was
a woman inside that house,

so clearly,
we're missing something.

- He's got nothing to say.
- Look, Truman,

you're gonna get booked on your
warrant at the end of the day,

so we don't have to release you
in 48.

We can keep pressing
till we make this fit.

- All right, this is enough.

- You got motive, no alibi.

You're in the area.

You see how easy I can make it
that you and your girl,

you go for a little joyride,

you're looking
to settle some scores,

you entered the house and
slaughtered everyone inside?

- I'd never stepped foot
in that house.

- You would never step foot
in that house?

[tense music]

Why'd you say it like that,

you would never?

[vehicle backfires]
- [gasps] Oh, no.

- No.
Hey, hey, hey.

It was just, um--
it was just a truck, okay?

- But what if they come back

- What if who
comes back tonight?

- This little girl...

watched her mother
get killed in front of her.

Her whole family...

was murdered in front of her.

This tiny kid

has to deal with those moments
of violence

for the rest of her life.

Look at me.

You said you would never
step foot in that house,

and I'm guessing
that's because of retribution,

because of Benny.

- It's not because of Benny.

- Truman, I am advising you--

- I would never step foot
in that house

because of her.

She's the reason why.
She's protected.

I go near her, I end up dead.

- When you say "they,"
who are you talking about, huh?

- Mm, my daddy and her.

- Your daddy?

At your house?

- The woman said he was there.

She told me to come out,

that my daddy was there
to take me home.

- All right.
This is Tariq Morris.

He is a notorious
Southside Hustler.

He's extremely violent.
He's got 12 priors.

He's feared by his faction.

According to Truman,

Tariq is Makayla's father.

- So Tariq and Gabrielle

dated briefly years ago.

Gabrielle got pregnant.

Tariq ended up in Stateville
on a six-year prison sentence.

Before the baby was born,

Gabrielle broke it off
with him.

- And Tariq just got released?
- Three days ago.

- Makayla said there was
a woman in the house

calling out her name,

saying her father was there
to pick her up.

- They were looking
for the girl.

- So it's been about Makayla
this whole time.

They were there to kidnap her.


- Okay.
- Hey.

Stateville sent over
visitor logs for Tariq,

so we firmed up a theory.

Gabrielle went
to visit him once

at the beginning
of his sentence.

Didn't bring Makayla,
and she never went back.

- I talked to a few guards,

Apparently, that was
the exact visit

that Gabrielle
broke up with him.

Took the chance to get her
and her daughter

the hell away from him.

Stopped answering his messages
and his letters,

just completely shut him out.

- And he spent six years
in prison ruminating on it.

- Right, so he goes
to that house.

The entire family tries
to protect Makayla,

and they get killed for it.

- Think we've ID'd
our female accomplice:

Nia Benson.

Girl from the neighborhood,
half a dozen arrest priors,

not a single charge on her.

Started visiting Tariq
in prison about a year ago.

- There's phone calls.
There's emails.

There's hundreds of visits
between the two of them.

This is a full-on
prison romance.

- She also has
a black Nissan Pathfinder,

which is the same SUV that
we found at the foster home.

Ruzek's running her LKAs
right now.

- Yo, I think I got her.

Patrol just responded
to our BOLO

at Nia's sister's house.

There's a black
Nissan Pathfinder

parked in the back alley.

- Go grab her.


- Hey. Please!

Can somebody tell me
what's going on?

This guy won't
tell me anything.

I don't even get
why I'm in here!


- All right,
let me clue you in.

We found your SUV at the scene

of an attempted kidnapping.

You match our descriptors
for a triple homicide.

Your sister admitted to us

that you asked her
for cash and a car.

Said you wanted to skip town.

Should I keep going?

'Cause we searched
your sister's complex,

found no trace of Tariq.

So why don't we start there,

only this time

without the cute?

Where is he?

- I don't know.

- Mm-hmm.

- I-I-I-I don't know, okay?

Look, it's not what you think.
- Okay.

- Tariq was going crazy.
He put a gun to my head!

He told me he would kill me
if I didn't drive him.

I never left the car.

- That sounds terrible,

but see,
the only problem is,

I read your record.

Nia, I know you've been
in rooms like this before,

and yet you never
been charged.

So this routine,
it usually works for you, huh?

- Four times
a person of interest,

three arrests, zero charges.

You know, the saying goes,

you only get lucky
so many times

before cops start thinking
you're smart.

- Where's Tariq?
- I have no idea.

- You were supposed
to pick him up.

- No, I got away from him.

- See, we got your phone.
You understand that?

I read your texts.
I know your plan.

- No, no.
I was lying to him.

I never even knew
what he was up to, I swear--

- I think you two wanted
a whole new life

on the outside,
a perfect family.

Only thing missing:

a baby.

So you two walked
into his ex-girlfriend's house

to steal a child.

And when her family tried
to defend her,

you murdered every one of them.

- I'm sorry.

I don't know anything, okay?
- Hmm.

- Tariq thought
his ex-girlfriend was a bitch,

but the rest is news to me.

I never left the car.

I don't know where he is.

[tense music]

- Any progress on Tariq?
- Zero.

Transit teams, state police
have been alerted,

but so far, nothing.

- Guy's hiding out,
waiting for his gal.

- What about a lure?
We got her cell.

We could do a bait and switch.
- I don't know.

I mean, the texts on her phone
made it sound like

she already knew where she
was picking Tariq up.

If we change locations now,

chances are,
he's gonna know it's us.

- Look, it's simple.
We need Nia to talk.

We're gonna have to use Makayla
as leverage.

I mean, she was at the house.

She can ID her
as an active participant.

But I want no legal loopholes.

We jump straight to a lineup,

put Makayla in front of it.

All right, let Burgess know.
- Mm.

[dramatic music]

- Okay, you're gonna look
at a line of people,

and then you're just
gonna point to the lady

that you saw at your house.

They cannot see you,

and it is gonna go really fast.

Is that okay?



- If we're waiting all day,

can I at least get a water
or something?

- [whimpers]
- No, no, no, no, no.

Hey, hey, look at me.
You're okay.

You're okay.
Shut the door.

Hey, take a deep breath.
Come here.

I'm right here.
I'm not going anywhere.

I'm not going anywhere!
Come here, come here.

We're not going in there.


- She was doing okay.

We'll just go check on her
in a little bit.

Kid's all right.

She's with Platt
and a paramedic now.

- Okay, give her a few hours.
Try again.

- Or we resort
to a photo lineup.

- No, I'm not putting her
through that.

I'm not putting her
through any of that.

If there's a chance
it's not good for her,

we don't do it.

- Okay, so what's the play?

'Cause we got zero leads
on Tariq.

Barely got a murder case
on Nia, and she knows it.

- Nia doesn't know if Makayla's
behind the glass or not.

- So you wanna do
a lineup anyway.

- Yeah, I'll lie my ass off.

- Okay.


make it as airtight as you can.

- The witness ID'd you
from the lineup.

They saw you enter
the Ward home,

exit the Ward home,
and proceed into the backyard,

where you were heard
calling a young girl's name:


From the DNA
they swabbed from you,

they matched half a dozen
samples inside the Ward home,

including on the body
of one of the victims.

They are still
running your SUV,

but they were able to confirm
two traces of blood

not visible to the naked eye:

one on the driver's mat

and the other
on the passenger seat.

This is quite a lot
of evidence, Nia,

more than we hoped for,

so it won't matter
if you shot anyone yourself.

You were there.
You participated.

You will be charged
one count of home invasion,

two counts attempted
aggravated kidnapping,

and three counts of murder.

So this right here, you and me,

it's gonna be your only chance
to help yourself.

I need you to tell me
where Tariq is.

- [chuckles]

- Six counts, Nia.

These are charges
you do not walk back.

Where is he?

- Bitch, I don't believe you.

- You don't believe what?

- She's gonna keep going.

- That this
is your last chance?

You understand, right?

I walk out that door,
the ball rolls on from here.

You understand that?

- Guess I should call
my lawyer, then, huh?

- Yeah, sure.

Call your lawyer.

See, the truth is, Nia,

I don't need your cooperation.

I came in here
'cause I was obligated to.

And I sure as hell was hoping

I wouldn't have to give you
a damn thing...


Hey, Fernandez?

Patrol officer
will be here soon.

He'll take you to booking.
You can call your lawyer there.

I'm guessing you'll be
transferred out of state

in the morning.
- Out of state?

- Mm, Indiana.

Claudia Ward, the grandmother,
she was a postal worker.

- Is that true?
- No.

- What the hell
does that matter?

- She's a federal employee.

You kill a federal employee,

the government
picks up the case.

Federal charges.

You'll be transferred
to Terre Haute.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

I know Terre Haute.

Don't they have death row
at Terre Haute?

- They do.

I told you the charges, Nia.

Where'd you think
you were going?

- No, no.

- Nice play.

- Fine!

I'll tell you,

but you gotta say I helped.

[suspenseful music]

- Upton, you good?

- Parked and ready.

- All right, heads up,
Tariq is coming out.

[cell phone buzzes]

- Nia, you here?

- Gun.
- That you?

- Move in now.

- Chicago PD!
Put your hands up!

Put your hands up, Tariq.

Look around, man.

You got six guns
trained on you.

It's over.

Put your hands up.

- She was my baby.

- She's still your baby.
- I just wanted my baby!

They took her from me, man!

- Tariq, you listen to me.

You calm down, all right?

You raise that gun even
a little, you will be shot,

and not once.

Every cop here is gonna shoot,

and that is six bullets.

After everything you did,

I don't think that's how
you want this thing to end:

bleeding out in the dirt,

never seeing
your baby girl again.

Tariq, you listen to me.

You toss that gun,
you still have a chance

'cause you still got a kid,

that kid's still got a father,

and you are still alive.

Toss that gun.

- [groans]

- You toss that gun, Tariq!

- On your knees!

Drop the phone!

- I'm never gonna
see her again, am I?

- I sure as hell hope not.

[solemn music]

[cell phone chimes]
Ooh, didn't expect that.

DCFS tracked down
Makayla's family.

Cousin's on the way.
- Oh, that's great.

You know, it's your instincts
that got the case

and protected her.

It's good work.

You could let it count
for something.

- Eh.

- What?

- I don't know.
I was just thinking.

- About what?

- When we got pregnant.

I'm a cop.

I love being a cop.
I'm good at it.

- Mm-hmm.

- I didn't think I'd have
the instincts to be a mom too.

And then what happened

- No, you would've
been good at both.

- You're always giving me
the benefit of the doubt.

- No, I'm not.
I know you.

You would've had instincts
for all of it.

That's all.

That's just how it is.

- Yeah.

Maybe it makes you better
at both.

- Are we hanging tonight
or what?

- I don't know.
Can you stand the monotony?

- [laughs]

Yeah, you know what?
About that, I spoke to Barkey.

Apparently, that boat
was not his to sell.

- [gasps]
He stole the boat?

- No, he won it
in a not-so-legitimate parlay.

He did steal that boat.

He stole it.

- I will meet you at the bar.

I'm gonna wait with Makayla.
- All right.

[soft dramatic music]

- See, mine don't do it.

Got all your stuff, okay?
So don't worry about that.

Look who's here.
- Kathy!

- Hi, I'm Kathy Ward.
- Hi.

Kim Burgess.
- Good to meet you.

- You too.
This is her stuff.

- Okay.

- And here's my card.

You call if you need anything
or if you wanna keep in touch.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- All right, let's do this.

Just rip the Band-Aid off.
- [chuckles]

- What did the FBI offer you?

- Hmm, okay.

Joint level task force
with the HIG.

All interrogations.
All high-level targets.

- Sure.
Sure, sure, sure.

Yeah, that sounds awesome.
- [laughs]

- Is it good pay?
- It's great pay.

Honestly, it made me
a little embarrassed

about what we get paid.

- Well, you'd probably
be really good at it.

- Yeah, maybe.
I don't know.

- You liked it out there,

- Uh...I don't know
if I liked it.

I think it was just
what I needed at the time.

- Okay, but you don't
need it now?

- No, why?
You think I need it?

Are you trying to tell me
I should take it?

- No, uh...

I'm saying that
it's a good job for a good cop.

- You could tell me
you don't want me to take it.

It was an option.

- I want you to do
whatever you wanna do.

I'm just practicing
self-preservation here.

- The agent on the phone
said the only reason

a good cop doesn't take
a job like this

is 'cause they're scared,

implying that
I'm afraid of change

and I wanted to stay here
where it's safe.

- So he's a dick.
- [laughs]

I don't think that's why
I don't wanna take it.

I don't wanna take it
because of you.

I'm better...

with you as my partner.

You know, you, 21, with Voight.

I know I'm better here.

So I'm not gonna take it.

- You sure?

- Yeah.

- All set.

- He wasn't really wrong,
though, was he?

You gain something.
You give something up.

- Maybe, but...not always.

- Ugh.

It's been a long time

since I saw you
as just my partner.



[wolf howls]