Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 7 - Instinct - full transcript


[wind whistling]

- All right, should we
run through it one more time?

- All right.

The targets are
the Becerra Brothers,

Enrique and Hector.

- Latin Players.

- Bought from these guys
three times,

so it should be nice and easy.

Nine grand gets us that eighth.

We'll make the exchange,
give you guys the positive,

and then take 'em down,
book 'em before lunch.

- Yeah, one problem.

You look like Paul Bunyan.
- That's what I was going for.

Paul Bunyan was a
handsome giant, so thank you.

- Cool seeing Makayla
at the park the other day.

Good to see her laugh.
- Yeah.

She's the strongest person
I know, Kev.

- You?
Well, you brought her in.

That's a big change.

- Yeah, I love it.
I really do.

I love it.
- And?

- And, um, I can barely crawl
into bed at the end of the day

and that's when everything
goes perfect.

- Probably wouldn't hurt
to have another pair of hands,

would it?

Thought about wrapping Ruz
into this?

- Yeah, I have.
- And?

- Yo, looks good.
- Here we go.

- Here we go.
- What's up, fellas?

- How do?
- What's up, bro?

- Living the dream over here.
- Ain't we all?

- A'ight, check it out.
That's 9 large.

You can count it if you got to.

- All good.
I'll get your package.

- Right on.

- Y'all need a taste
of the product?

- Nah, man.
We're good, we're good.

One of our boys called us,

said he was in the shoulder
with this stuff last time.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, we got that good stuff,

- Right on.

- Come on.
We don't play around.

- I know.

It's the same recipe
as last time, right?

- Tried and true.
- Purity, homey.

It's why the crystals
are so big.

- Oh, I know.
That's what I'm talking about.

All right, let's do this.
[engine revving]

- Jay, get down!
[automatic gunfire]

[dramatic music]

- Let's go.

[tires squealing]

- 5021 Eddie, 10-1, 10-1!
Shots fired at the police!

We're at the 4200 block
of South Justine.

We got undercover officers
taking fire.

- Eddie,
are there officers hit?

- Unknown.
Approaching now.

- All again,
we have a 10-1 being called.

- Jay, Adam!

- Guys, we're okay!
We're good!

Shooter's in a silver pickup
fleeing southbound.

- 5021 David,
officers are not hit.

I repeat,
officers are not hit.

Offenders fled southbound
on Justine in a silver pickup.

- What the hell just happened?

- All right.
So where are we?

- I got a partial
from the shooter's vehicle

that fled southbound.

CPIC's running it down.

A newer-model Silverado.

- Any shell casings?
- 19 so far.

- That'll do.

- Assault rifle.
Green tip .223s.

- All right.

Have Forensic bag, tag,
hand-deliver 'em to Ballistics.

we know these two victims

are gang-affiliated
meth dealers,

so hit the streets.

Look for beefs, anniversary
shootings, all of it.

Get me PODs, ShotSpotters.

Hey, whoever did this damn near
took out two of our own.

Don't forget that.

[soft dramatic music]


- Closest ShotSpotter
to the shooting.

Looks like someone else
got there first.

- It's from 2300 hours.

That's the night before
it went down.

- Well, tells the shooting
was calculated, planned.

What else you got?
- Nothing actionable.

I talked to some
of the victims' people.

They say they don't know what's
going on or who did this.

- Okay.
Anything on the shooter's car?

- CPIC pieced together
the plate from the hot sheet.

Vehicle was stolen
three days ago.

We lodged BOLOs, but--

- No, vehicle's torched
to the rims by now.

We're circling the drain here.

- Actually, maybe not, Sarge.

OCD busted into two burners

found at the Becerra Brothers'

These are the texts
on their phones.

"You sell, you die."
"I warned you."


- There's dozens of 'em.

Someone threatened to kill
the Becerra Brothers

if they didn't get out
of the meth game

and then they made good
on it.

- Okay, can we trace the texts?
- Not to a person.

Texts were sent

But to a neighborhood?

OCD puts them in and around
Garfield Park.

- Yeah, one of my best CIs,
Tommy Lane,

he's a meth guy
in Garfield Park.

- Pay him a visit.
- All right.

You gotta be kidding me.

[loud music playing]



- Is that him?
- Yeah, that's him.

- Why are you busting my chops?

- Hey.
- This is what I always do.

- Calm down.
I'm asking, not accusing.

- Okay, this is me calm when
you come to my home

for the crime
of having a good time

and then call me a thief while
you're at it.

Only thing I ever stole
was my old lady's heart.

- God, Tommy.

They should take you to jail
for being a stupid sap.

- I'm guilty, my queen.
I am guilty of love.

I love you.

Stop it.
- Tommy.

- Ruz, what's up, bro?
- How you doing?

Guys, speak to you privately
real quick?

- Yeah.
Please take care.

- You stay there.
- Where am I going?

- We ain't done with you.
- My house, my home.

- Tommy.
- What?

- [shushes]

We got business with this guy.

- With this nitwit?
- Yeah, I know.

It seems improbable.

But, uh, you wanna tell us
what's going on?

What's the problem?

- Look, your boy's having
a birthday party for his kid.

- Yeah.

- The adults got
a little wasted, all right?

Neighbors called in
a noise complaint.

- That's it?
- No, that ain't it.

We got reason to believe

your boy stole
this bouncy house.


- [clears throat]

All right.

Look, guys.
Do us a favor.

Walk away, I promise you

we'll get this nitwit
to shut things down, okay?


- Take the tap off that keg?

- Yes.
- Yeah.

- We ain't walking away
a second time.

- Fair enough.

And hey, listen.

Expect to find something
bottled, brown,

and moderately expensive
in your lockers, okay?

I really appreciate it.

Thank you, thank you.
- Yeah, yeah.

- We'll be fine.


- Are you literally out
of your mind, bro?

- Where you been all my life,

- Yeah.

- Yeah--oh.

Still letting you pick your own
partners these days, huh?

- Sometimes.

- Feel a chill.
- Nah, she warms up.

Don't worry about it.
Come on.


- Come party, man.
Get a couple of shots!

- Thanks, little man.
- You're welcome.

- All right, come on.

Dad will be back out
in a minute.

- Okay.
- Thanks, Isabel.

[muffled loud music playing]

Really steal the bouncy house?

- Course I stole
the bouncy house.

Neighbor's a prick.
Finn's having a good time.

God would rather you be a thief
than a prick any day.

- Mm.

- So.
- So.

- What's up?

- I need you back in play.

- Come on.
- Look, bro.

We got a real bad person
or persons

causing a lot
of serious trouble.

- How serious?

- Well, we got two men,

Glass dealers in New City.

They were both shot
and killed yesterday

and we're trying to figure out

who's trying to muscle in
on their turf

before more people get killed.
- [sighs]

[dramatic music]

Come on, man.
I'm doing this now, you know?

Birthday cakes, bouncy houses.
- I know, I know, I get it.

- No, you can't bro.
My wife, Isabel, trust me.

Lot of ladies would've left
by now.

I pushed things far
as I can go, all right?

I'm trying to get clean,
get off the pipe, you know?

Got out of that whole scene.

- I got nothing but respect
for that.

So check it:

I can get you 5 grand

and the state's attorney's
gonna seal your record.

That means you don't have
to disclose anything

to any potential employers.

You can do
this whole thing right.

You can get a real job,
raise your family.

[soft dramatic music]

- All right, but yo,
I gotta talk to Isabel first.

- Well, she's already on board.
Called her before we came over.

- He's conniving, ain't he?

- Eh.
Let's call it persuasive.

- All right, the person you
really want is Logan.

- Who?
- Logan Teague.

Me and him used to run around
the block a few times.

Like I said,
I'm out of the game,

but Logan's a player.

Knows everyone out there.

he'll take us where we need
to go.

- Okay.
- Nice.

- All right.

- Hitting him up now.

- Hey, you ready?
You clean?

- As a whistle.

How did a whistle become
the thing we use

to measure being clean?

Got people's saliva all up
in there.

Who uses a whistle, huh?

Gym teachers? Cops?
- All right, yo.

Hey, we gotta be serious now,

This is real.

- Yeah, literally not real.

And they said irony was dead.
- [chuckles]

- Wait, what's your name
supposed to be again

when we get over there?

- It's Mike, bro.
- Mike.

I rest my case.

- Tommy, you're gonna
remember that, right?

- Adam's got himself
a live one.

- Indeed.

- Mike rhymes with bike.
Mike, bike, Mike, bike.

- Yeah, right.

When we get in there,

you don't gotta take it
too far.

You don't gotta front like
you're back in the game.

- Right, right.

- You're just making

Felt like a meet would be good
for me, Logan Teague,

you get a little taste,
and then after that,

you gotta do
what you're not so good at.

Shut the hell up and let me
do the talking, all right?

- Kay.
Mum's the word, Mikey.

- All right, so then I'll
lay groundwork for a buy.

- Cool, cool.

- This it right here?
- Yep.


- Here we go.

- Hey, Logan.
- Tommy, hey.

- What's up, man?

My boy Mike
I was telling you about.

- Contact confirmed
with Logan Teague.

- Copy.

- Ooh-hoo-hoo.

Is that for me?
- Yeah.

Smoke on up
while we're hanging out.

- For real?
- Yeah, customer loyalty, eh?

- Oh, dude.

- How long we been running

- I ever tell you I love you,

- Never enough.
- I love you.

Mm, mm.

Sweet, sweet Jesus.
Sweet, sweet Jesus.

- Jay, be advised
our CI is using.

This could crap out
at any second.

- I understand
you're in a bit of a pickle.

- What do you mean?

- What, Tommy didn't tell you
he called me and...

gave me a heads-up
on your issues?

- He did not, no.
- Tommy.

You gotta tell people
when you're, you know,

sharing their business.

- Oh, yeah, sorry.
That's right.

- This guy, eh?

- [chuckling]
Yeah, this guy.

- Yeah, no, no.

I told Logan how,
you know you and me,

we're all in this new thing

Partners, you know?

Moving product up
from the suburbs.

- Ah, that's right.

- This is what's up, man.
I also told him...

about our little
supply problem, you know,

how the Mexicans,
the Players, you know,

are scared as hell after
getting shot up the other day.

And look, man, we don't need
to know what's up, all right?

It's above our pay grade.

But we do need to know
what's down

as in we need a new supplier.

[suspenseful music]

- I mean, that's about
the long and short of it, man.

- You talking about
the Becerra Brothers?

Over New City way?

- Yeah.
- That's them.

- Yesterday's news, literally.

There's a new sheriff in town.
Indiana boy.


- Monahan.
- Monahan.

- He's got beaucoup product
to move.

Made in the USA, too.
- Oh, all right.

Well, shoot, that sounds like
a guy we should know.

- Sounds exactly like a guy
we should know.

- How much product
do you two think you can move

out in the suburbs?

- Half a pound a day, easy.
- Pound a day.

Sky's the limit
if the glass is clean, bro.

I'm telling you
we got something here.

We got the funnel,
we got the funnel.

- Okay.

That's some real weight.

- It's a serious situation,

- I'll get in touch
with Monahan,

see if I can get
the ball rolling.

- [sputters] That's what
we wanted to hear, man.

That's what I came to you for.

All right,
I will leave you be, man.

Have a good one, man.
Great seeing you, bro.

- See you, Tommy.

- Wah!

- So now you two partners?
- What?

Me and Ruz, we're buds.

- You better hope so,
'cause now you're on my wing

to the bitter end
of this thing.

- You guys are a barrel
of laughs.

- You told Adam you were clean,
like, 20 minutes ago.

- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, I was clean.

20 minutes ago.

It's like a pack-a-day smoker.
Quits every 20 minutes, right?

All right, look.

When I'm not using,
my head don't work right.

I can't think fast enough,

And that's fine if I'm farting
around at home or whatnot,

but in this line of work?
[clicks tongue]

Gotta electric slide, baby,
you know?

That's it.

- Crystal meth
isn't exactly known

to bring out the best
in people, Tommy.

- I highly disagree.

Look, we got what we wanted.

What is everyone so glum about?

- Tommy.
- What?

- If you want your money,
you want your record scrubbed,

there's no more dope.

- Fine.

- Come here, come here.
- What's their problem?

- Just go home to your family.

Remember why you're doing this,
all right?

- Hey, where you going?
How am I supposed to get there?

- Oh, you take a walk.

Take a walk and clear
your stupid head.


- What's up, Sarge?
- What do you got?

- Indiana State Police
confirmed the ID of the man

we believe killed
the Becerra Brothers.

His name's Keith Monahan.
Heavy hitter.

Sold mountains of crystal meth
in Muncie.

He's here now.

Indiana's intel says he's here
to stay.

They're pretty happy
he's our problem now.

- They've linked this guy
to ten murders,

but Monahan is smart
and he's calculated.

Probably knows where
to hide the bodies,

so he's one step ahead of them
all the time.

They got him on two gun charges
which are both misdemeanors,

so he's got virtually
no record.

- So we're nowhere
on the murders?

All right, let's keep chasing
the drug angle.

We'll get this son of a bitch
off the street that way.

Then we'll make the murders.


- So Logan Teague made contact
with Monahan.

We fronted like we wanted
to move some real weight,

so Monahan's pretty interested.

I got a dry meet on the books
with Tommy, my CI,

Logan, myself.

Logan wants to see money,

he wants to know
that we're capable,

he wants to set rules
and prices,

then he'll make the meet
with Monahan.

- Okay, let's do it.

I understand you ran into
a little trouble with your CI.

- [sighs softly]
Yeah, a bit.

He kind of took one
for the team, boss.

And we got what we wanted.

- Well, we can't go into
a meeting like this

with a CI high on meth.

Just bring him in,
put him in the box,

we'll keep him clean
until the dry meet.

- Oh, boss, I just don't know--
- Just bring him in.

- All right.

- Wanna go in?
- Yeah, I'll be right back.

[knock at door]

- Tommy ain't here.

He's gone, Ruz.

- Gone where?
- I never know.

He's into something.
- [sighs]

Well, what does that mean?

- Usually, it means
he'll be back in a few days,

smell like death,
get on his knees,

beg me for forgiveness,
sleep 48 hours straight,

then promise me
he'll never do it again.

- Okay.

I'm gonna find him for you.
I'm gonna find him, yeah?

[dramatic music]

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.

What, here?
- Yeah.

Homan between 15th and 16th.

- Son of a bitch.

- Keep it together.
You don't wanna burn him.

He's a CI.
- I know, I know.

I'm gonna kill him
with my bare hands.

- You're good.
- [indistinct chatter]

Oh, crap.

- Hey!
- Oh.

- You ripped me off.
- [chuckles] No.

- There's a guy selling
the same sneakers for far less

over in Independence Park!

- Sir, I'll be with you
in a minute.

I'm just handling a customer.

- Yeah?
- So dude, yeah, take--

- Why don't you get the hell
out of here?

- I'm trying to buy
these shoes.

- You're trying to buy
these shoes?

That's a very nice choice.
- Uh...

- Get the hell out of here!
- Okay.

- What are you doing?

- You owe me 100 bucks
for those, man.

- 100 bucks? I got 5 grand
coming your way, man.

- You know what
the resale value is

on Carolina blues, dude?
- What's wrong with you?

- Look, I'm keeping clean
like you want.

I am, okay?

I am and it hurts and it sucks,
but I'm doing it.

But I gotta make a living, man.

This is how I put food
on my table.

- I mean,
what are you even doing, man?

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- You can't just disappear
right before a meet.

- The two of you!
Just get in the car.

- [clears throat]
How you feeling, bro?

- It's freezing in here.

- Oh.
I'm sorry to tell you it's not.

All right, well, hang in there.

I'll go get you a blanket,
all right?

- [blows air]

- Okay.

All right,

we are trying to take down
a smart, violent dealer.

Guy puts people in the ground
they blink the wrong way.

So I gotta know:
can we do it with this guy?

- Yeah.
- No.

[soft dramatic music]


I'm not saying we surrender.

I'm just saying
we cut Tommy lose.

We find another way
to get to Monahan.

- All right, look.
I get it, I do.

All right?
I do.

It's just you do not know
this guy like I do.

- I know that you guys go
way back.

He's put in good work for you.
You're friends.

But this guy is a mess, Adam.
He's a storm of bad news.

- Hey.

Just got a call about
another double play.

Looks like it's connected
to Monahan.

- Have Trudy keep an eye
on that guy.

- Yeah.

[dramatic music]

[indistinct radio chatter]

- What's the story?

- Unfortunately,
it's a familiar one.

DOA is Ramon Santiago.
He's 25.

- Let me guess.

Hispanic, documented gang
banger, crystal meth dealer?

- Yes, sir.

Shot and killed
by automatic rifle fire

from a vehicle
that rolled up on him.

- Shell casings are .223s.
Green tips.

Same rounds that killed
the Becerra Brothers.

- This other victim?
- Innocent, this time.

Ramon's girlfriend.
Wendy Garcia, 22.

Has a--
had a three-year-old son.

- All right,
have Ballistics confirm

these rounds were fired
from the same weapon

used on the Becerra Brothers.

See if that DOA got
any threatening text messages

from the same burner.

I mean, we already know

but let's do the work
to connect the two crimes.

Body count's up to four now.

- Monahan's doing this
as loud and public as possible.

- Yeah.

[indistinct radio chatter]

- Boss.

Look, I know Tommy's a mess.

He's a liar, he's a cheat,
he's a junkie.

- That's a hell
of a sales pitch.

- He's also the best CI
I ever had

and I think
we can work through this.

At this point,

I don't know if we got a lot
of choice in the matter.

We cut him loose now,
think we're dead in the water.

- Yeah, well, unfortunately,
I think you're right.

Let's get it done.
- Yes, sir.


- [groans]

- After this thing's over,
we're gonna get you some help.

- Just worry about getting me
my money.

- You're sick, Tommy.
No way to live.

- Yeah?
Well, maybe.

There's a chance I get better.

And however that turns out,
you'll still be

an unattractive, Irish prick
from Canaryville.

- Tommy's got enough strength
to talk smack.

I'd say that's something.

- He's gonna need more
than that.

- All right,
so we were thinking,

you know, two pounds to start.

You get that done?

- That's what I do.
Generate business.

Price'll be 20 per.

- [blows air]
20? Damn.

I mean,
that's pretty steep, man.

- With Monahan,
I'd encourage you

not think of it
as a negotiation.

Look, if I can get this thing
set up, you gotta understand.

If you're five minutes late
with this guy, he walks.

- All right.

- You try to change
the location on him, he walks.

- Who's he, the chosen one?
We gotta kiss his ring, too?

- Pull the plug,
you don't like it.

What's his problem?
- Ah, he's having a rough day.

Don't worry about him.

- My brokerage fee is 10%.

- Okay, so then we split that
with Monahan?

- No.
No, that's all on you.

- Just pay the man so we can
get the hell out of here, man.

- All right, Logan, look.

First time out,
you need it up front?

We can do it up front.

- Are you dry?
- I'm good, bro.

Just step off me, man.

- Here, knock yourself out.

[soft tense music]

Knock yourself out.

- Damn.

- I'm good, man.
Not here to get high.

Let's just finish this,
all right?

- You're dry, Tommy.

- Logan.

Leave him alone.
Let's get this done.

- Go on.

Why don't you smoke up, too,

- I sell it.
I don't smoke it.

[hammer clicks]
- I said smoke up, Mike.

- He's made.
Let's go get him.

- He wants to let it play,
so we let it play.

- What are you doing?
I mean, come on.

We all stand to make a hell
of a lot of money here.

What are you doing?
- Yeah, that's the idea, yeah.

- And you're gonna pull a piece
on me?

- I gotta protect myself.

There's a lot of sketchy people
in this business.

You're starting
to make me nervous.

- You're making
a very big mistake, Logan.

- Am I?
- Mm.

- Go!

[dramatic music]

- Stop fighting, Logan.
Stop fighting, man.

- [growls]
- Stop!

- Chicago PD!
Chicago PD!

What else you got?

- There's crystal in his place
back there.

[soft dramatic music]

We should get him checked on,
make sure he's okay.

- Yeah.

- You wanted to see me?
- Yeah.

What the hell happened
out there?

- Tommy was a mess.
It went south.

- No kidding.

- [sighs]
I had to arrest the broker,

so I got him in the box.

I'm thinking we flip him,
we can get to Monahan that way.

- Shut the door.

- What's going on?

- I got a call from
an old buddy of mine,

that sergeant in the 13th.

You happen to recall seeing
some crummy liquor store

where all this went down?

- I mean,
we parked right outside of one.

- Uh-huh.

Well, turns out

the owner of that store's got
a camera in the alley.

Says he's got you on film.

"Police brutality" are
the words being tossed around.

- You gotta be kidding me.
I pinned the guy's carotid.

I'd do the exact same thing
next time.

Boss, I know the new rules.

I know the limitations
when we're out there.

But if I say that my life was
in danger, which it was,

I mean, we're good.

I'm telling you, boss, no.
This was a violent situation.

- Adam.
- I didn't do anything wrong.

- I know you didn't do
anything wrong.

That's just not the math
anymore, you understand?

Bro, in this new world order,

what matters is that some jerk
is shopping around

the perception
that you did something wrong.

That alone is enough
to ruin your career,

you understand?

- Yeah.

All right.


- How's the throat?
Mine's a little sore.

We got you dead to rights here,

Calculated drug conspiracy.
That's a Class X felony.

You're looking at six to 30.

- That's a long time.

- We're not actually finished.

You already got a felony
on your record,

so mandatory extension under
sentencing guidelines,

you're looking at,
I don't know,

let's be generous--50 years?

- I ain't flipping
on Keith Monahan.

That's a death sentence.
I'd rather be in the joint.

Three squares a day,

couple special friends
in the shower.

- I didn't ask
about your sex life

and I didn't ask you to flip.

- So what do you want?

- Your phone.

Give me the password,

tell me where you meet Monahan
when you do business,

and I will get you a good deal.

- I pulled a piece on a cop.
Game over.

- I know.
You pulled a piece on this cop.

Well, maybe I don't remember it
that way.

[soft dramatic music]

- What?

- Let me worry about
the details.

Things go well for us, be out
of here before you know it.


All right, come on, man.
Come on.

- Adam.
- Yeah.

- What are you doing?

- Setting up a buy with Monahan
posing as Logan Teague

just like we learned
in UC school.

- You give Logan a slap
on the wrist,

the first thing that he does
when he gets out,

he pops Tommy.

- No, that's not gonna happen.
- It is gonna happen.

- No, look, I'm gonna hold
Logan for 24 hours

then I'll send him downstate.

By the time he gets out,
he's looking for Tommy,

he's gonna have to search
in nursing homes.

- What are you talking about?

You can bend the truth
in there, Adam,

but I heard you give
that man your word.

- I don't--
- You promised him something.

- Hold on, hold on.

He pulled a gun on a cop,
all right?

I mean, like he said.
Game over.

Good Lord.

If this too messy for you,
look away, please,

'cause I will sleep fine


Here we go.

- Okay.

[phone chimes]

- Game on.
3:00 p.m.

- And now he's expecting you
and your partner.

- Yeah, well, that's what
he's gonna get.

- You kidding me?

Tommy couldn't make it through
that last meeting

without blowing it up.

- I'm gonna check on him.
I will make sure he's okay.

It's gonna be fine, I promise.


- I never seen it so bad, Adam.

He can't keep food down;
he can't keep water down.

I want him sober, obviously.

Things were just getting good
for us.

But I swear to Christ,
I'm afraid he's gonna die

before he makes it
to the other side.


- I'm sorry.

- [groaning]

- Tommy, stop.
Tommy, stop scratching.

- [groaning]
I can't, Steve.

Whatever your name
is supposed to be.

- It's Mike.

Mike, bike, Mike.

- Mike.

Drug dealer.

- Come here.
Let's sit you up.

- [groans]
- There you go, all right.

- Just, uh,
maybe the next time we do this,

you pick a name that matches
your personality more.

Like Elizabeth.
- [chuckles]

- Or Amanda.

- You sit tight.
I'm gonna clean you up.

Gonna clean you up, all right?

All right, buddy.
Come here, bud.

I want you to bite down
on this, all right?

Just real slow.
Wet your whistle a little.


Here you go, man.

- Mm.
- Yeah.

- That's nice.


- Now, we're close.

- I'm not gonna make it.

Not like this.
- No.

- There's only one way
to the promised land.

You know what that is.

- No.

- Yeah.

- No, Tommy.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes.


- You said it's off Pulaski,

- Yeah, just a...
just a little further.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Here, yeah.
Just dump me off right here.

Okay, okay.

[indistinct chatter]

- All right.
Go, man.

- [chuckles softly]

- No.

Bro, you can't be serious
right now.

- If it makes you feel
any better,

you can just look at it
as payment back

for those sneakers you owe me.

- [groans softly]

- [scoffs]

Isn't gonna make me
feel better about this.

How much you need
to make it through the night,

turn on that magic?

- Two grams, maybe.
60 a pop.

Good man, good man.

Everything's gonna be okay,
all right?

It's all gonna be worth it
in the end.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

[indistinct chatter]


- Adam and Tommy
are on their way.

- Everybody listen up.

We surveilled the site,
we all know our jobs,

but we didn't pick this spot.

There's a lot we don't know

including how much resistance
to expect.

Don't forget
Ruzek's in there naked.

He's got no weapon.

Let's make sure everyone
goes home tonight.

- We got security.

Two guys armed to the teeth.

[suspenseful music]

- Heads up.
Coming at us.

- All right, here we go.

They're greeting our party now.

[suspenseful music fades]

- Spread.
- Yes, sir.

That's a hell
of a tricked-out piece, man.

Folding stock,
little muzzle suppressor.

it can cook you breakfast, too?

What's that thing spit?

- Green tip .223s, bro.

- Ah.

You get the street mod,
make it a chopper?

- No need.
Came with a selector.

Fully auto, then go home.
- Amen to that.

- .223s. Green tip, fully auto.
- Probably the murder weapon.

- [clears throat]

[backpack unzips]

- Count it.

- We got a positive on Monahan.

- I don't mean to give
the impression

that I need to be friends,
'cause I don't.

- Fair enough.

- But I am in the midst of a...

significant business expansion.

Looking to move product.
- All right.

- Not looking to create
competition for myself.

Logan said you two plan
to distribute in the suburbs.

- That's right.

- Tell me more about that.

- Yeah, man.
We're an open book.

You know,
tell us what you wanna know.

We'll answer any questions

- You ever see those birds

that sit on top
of them water buffalos?

White suckers.
Know the ones?

I used to think,

"What are you doing on top
of that buffalo, birdy?"

Turns out he's having a snack.

It's true.
I saw it on TV.

Yeah, the bird eats the ticks
that make the buffalo sick.

It's a win-win for everyone.

Buffalo gets a clean bill
of health,

bird gets to have a feast.

[tense music]

- Is Tommy geeking out?

- He is.

- So am I the buffalo?
Am I the bird?

- You're...

whoever, man.

Dealer's choice.

See what I did there?

But point is
we ain't competitors.

We'd be fools, all right?

We want to be partners.

- What does that look like
to you?

- Trust.
- Trust.

- Trust.


So I'm gonna tell you what
our secret sauce is.

We're gonna take your product,
mix it with X, make super X.

Kids love it.

That's why we're hitting up
the suburbs.

For the colleges.

Prairie, Wheaton, State.

I got ins all over the place.
What do you think's up there?

- Listen to that kid.

- So bunch of kids,

with a buttload of money,

just waiting.

Waiting for us.

[soft tense music]

- Super ecstasy?
- [chuckling] Yeah.

- [laughs]

- Yeah, he came up with it.

- Yeah, this guy's funny.
- Eh.

- Let's keep it simple.

We do this deal today.

Let's let this sit
for a minute, simmer.

- All right.

- Positive.
I repeat, we have a positive.

- Move, move.

- What do you say?
Meet back here in a week?

We explore all this other stuff

- Done.
- Yeah, hell yeah, man.

We'll be here.

- [softly]
You're good, you're good.

[automatic gunfire]
- [grunts]

- What the hell's going on?
What the hell is this?

[dramatic music]

- Oh!

[action clicks]
- Get out of here, Tommy.

Go now.

- Talk to me, Burgess!

Good, Burgess?
- I'm good, I'm good!

- 5021 George.
Shots fired.

Be advised, unarmed UC
in the middle of it.

I don't have a shot.
- Copy that.

- Cover me, cover me!

[engine revving]

- Hey!
- Chicago PD!

- On your knees.

- Hands behind your head.

I got this--you guys go.
I'll wait for patrol.

- Police, stop!

Chicago PD!
Turn around!

Turn around, Monahan!
Stop moving!

[tense music]

Put the gun down.

- Yeah, I don't think I will.

- Put the gun down, Monahan.

This thing's over.
There's nowhere to go.

Put it down.

- Is it over?

Monahan, you don't stop
pointing that gun at my friend,

I swear to God,
I will drop you!

- [laughs]
- Put it down!

Put it down.

- You ain't gonna shoot me.

- Put it down.

Put it--


- Ruz, Ruz.

- Tommy, Tommy.

Listen, man.

I need you to take your hands,

I need you to put 'em
right there, okay?

Hold down, all right?
- Sure...

- We'll get you all covered up.
- Tommy!

- Sarge, we found him at
the east end!

Shots fired, offender down!
Ruz is okay!

- All right?
Just keep your eyes open.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Copy that.

- Stop saying, "I'm sorry."

You did good.
Not your fault.

There you go, there you go.

- I got him.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- I need you
to keep your eyes open, eh?

I need you to keep talking
to me, all right?

Hey, keep your eyes open.

- 5021 David, we got a man
down, GSW to the chest.

- You gotta keep
your eyes open

for Isabel
and your family, right?

You gotta go home to 'em now,

enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Hey, what's--
hey, what's my undercover name?

- Elizabeth.
[chuckles weakly]

- Yeah, that's right.
Elizabeth it is.

You keep those eyes open.

You did good, bro.
You did good.

You stay with me, Tommy.
Tommy, you stay with me.

[speech inaudible]

[dramatic music]

I screwed up.


I just had all these voices
in my head.

You know, rules and...

not right or wrong, the
perception of right or wrong,

and all that crap
and I don't have my piece.

Carrying a rifle that's used
to murder four people.

This guy's not pointing
the gun at me,

he's pointing a gun at Tommy.

And so what the hell do I know?

What do I know?

Can't trust my instincts

And I think I had
a lawful shoot out there.

- You did.
- I know.

I know.

Yet I hesitated and I...

didn't pull the trigger
until after he shot my friend.

[soft dramatic music]

- Look, Adam.


I mean, we're running point
on a whole new thing here.

You're taking all these new
rules they're writing in here,

taking them into the chaos
out there.

It's not gonna be easy.

Not when you got, what,
half a second to decide

whether to take one guy's life
in order to save another?

Tell you one thing, right...

I mean,
right is still right, Adam.

I think we're all gonna be

groping around in the dark
for a while.

- Yeah.

- You know?

Least we'll be doing it
together, man.


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]