Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Infection, Part III - full transcript

After zeroing in on a suspect responsible for bioterrorism, the P.D. prepares to undertake their biggest manhunt yet. Upton is torn between helping track down the perp and providing emotional support to a scared young girl who needs her..

- We've treated multiple cases
of necrotizing fasciitis.

- That's flesh-eating bacteria.

- I've called the CDC.

- I have never seen anything
like this.

We need something
that works stronger and faster.

- All of our victims have come
from one of two places,

the CCU lab
or this apartment building.

- I think someone
may be spreading this.

This is no outbreak.

It's an act of terrorism.

- We're gonna nail
this son of a bitch

before he infects more people.

- I know this guy.

He works at the CCU lab.

- What're you doing?

- Will's not picking up.

- Almost there.

- Whoa.


- We're looking for Dr. Seldon.
He's with my brother.

- The lab, second floor.
D wing.

- All right.
- Stairs will be faster.

- Hey!

- Man down!
- Get away from there!

- What are you doing?

- Hey!

- Get out of my way.
Police, move.

- Will?

What happened?

- I'm fine.

Dr. Seldon.
Damn it!

He knocked the hell out of me.

- Where is he?

- What happened?
- He sabotaged our work.

- Who?
- David Seldon.

- No, David Seldon, he was
helping us with the treatment.

- He cold-cocked me
over the head.

- Oh, God.
- How long were you out?

- I don't know
couldn't have been long,

he might still be
in the hospital.

- Jay, go, go.
- You gonna be okay?

- Yeah.
- Listen, you got this?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, here.
- Okay.

- Let me see.

- Is it bad?
- You've looked better.


- Hey, relax!

- This place is the source
of the outbreak!

- Yeah!
- And nobody's doing anything!

- None of that is true!
Now, back the hell up!

- It's all over the Internet!
The outbreak started here.

You're arresting
the wrong people!

- Back up.


What are you thinking?

- 5021 George,
I need a perimeter

set up at Chicago Med.

My sergeant's coming,
he's gotta talk to you.

Offender is male,
white, 40s,

should be considered
armed and dangerous.

May be in possession
of a deadly bacterial agent.

We gotta cover all the exits.

- All right, you got
a code for an offender

in the building,
possibly armed?

- That's a Code Silver.
- Activate it.

I need access to your
security room on this floor.

I need all footage
the exits, the lots,

and I need you to set up
a direct line of communication

between me
and Sharon Goodwin.

- Yes, sir.

- Code Silver.

- Code Silver?

- That's an active security
threat in the hospital.

- That means
they've ID'd the offender

and believe he's still in here.

- I'll text you as soon
as she's out of surgery.

- Back up!
- I got her.

I got her.

All right, Alma.
You're all right.

- What's going on?

- They think I did this.
- We know you didn't.

I need you to breathe, just...

focus on your breath, okay?
Just focus on your breath.

- Hi, you're okay, Alma.

We're just gonna give you
a little bit of oxygen

for that breathing,

but I really need you
to just calm down, okay?

You're okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.

Got it.

Deep breaths.
There you go, okay?

- Here we go.

- I feel like
this is getting away from us.

- Yeah.

- Okay, I've got two vehicles
registered to Seldon.

a red 2014 Corolla,
license plate 136 4987,

and a black 2019 Prius,

license plate
2336 Eddie Lincoln.

- There, top left.
Black Prius.

That's time-stamped
eight minutes ago.

He could be anywhere.

- 5021 Eddie,
requesting the air

put out an immediate

- All units
stay off the zone.

5021 Eddie,
go with your Flash.

- Be on the lookout
for a black 2019 Prius,

Illinois tags,
last seen

fleeing Chicago Med
eight minutes ago.

Driver's wanted
on multiple homicides.

- Patrol rounded up all but two

of the quarantine jailbreaks
from Med.

We've got BOLOs out
on the last two.

We broke up a mob action
near 445 North Racine with CFD.

- Yeah.

- Bunch of conspiracy
theory morons tossed

a Molotov cocktail through
Mama Garcia's front window.

- Yeah, I know.

- CFD is just as swamped
with calls as we are.

You need to pass these around.

City's in a panic.

- You putting more boots
on the ground?

- Yeah, but I'm keeping
a reserve.

When you need a Tact team,
they'll be ready.

- Appreciate it.

- All right.
Everyone, listen up.

The entire police department
is officially

in a manhunt situation.

The identified offender's

what we know about him,
his picture, is in your email.

We are gonna answer calls
as we always do,

but if you locate
this offender,

you radio
and hold your position.

You do not approach.
Is that clear?


- Stay safe!

- Tell me we got
something solid.

- CPIC hit on Seldon's Prius,

Canal and Madison
16 minutes ago.

- Followed him on cams
into a parking structure

connected to Ogilvie Station.

- 12-tact is sitting
on the car.

They did a covert walk-by.
It's empty.

- He buy a train ticket?
- No confirmation of that.

UCs are flooding
the station right now.

No tellers ID'd him.

We got Amtrak security
checking the cars,

holding the trains,
just in case.

- Now, listen,
we don't assume anything.

Seldon could be
heading out of town.

He could be hiding.
We follow both.

- The transportation teams
are up to speed

Amtrak, CTA, Metra,
they're all aware.

- State police
for the highways,

airport police
for O'Hare and Midway.

- So... what do we know
about this guy?

- This is Dr. David Seldon.

He's 47, undergrad
from Emory College in '92

with a degree in Chemistry,
Master's in the same

and a Doctorate,
also in Chemistry.

- Married?
- Divorced, recently.

Papers signed for months ago.
He moved out of his house.

No children.

- Guy's been in education
and research

his entire career,
mostly infectious diseases.

He's got no criminal record,
I mean,

not even a parking ticket,

and zero pops of associates
with criminal background.

Up until today, this guy
has been an upstanding citizen.

- All right, well,
we've been here before.

We know how this goes.

I want everything on Seldon.
Every single detail.

Every single connection
to the victims.

Anything that can
find us a motive.

And we hit everyone.

Anyone he knows,
any property he could go to.

Jay, start with the ex-wife.

Let's find him fast.

- All right, we're starting
back at square one,

but that doesn't mean we rush.

Okay, mistakes happen
in a rush.

We work quickly
and deliberately.

- Hey.

Maybe not exactly square one.

So Seldon destroyed
all of the samples,

but we also tested for Vanc on
the microscopic slides, right?

- You're right.
Excuse me.

It's still here.

- That's a small sample size.

- So we need to be selective

as we combine
additional antibiotics.

We'll go by family.
Cephalosporin's next?

- Yep.
- You got more stores on-site?

- Not enough.

But I'll talk to Goodwin
and we'll figure it out.

- Okay.

- Ladies and gentlemen,
we have blood flow.

Amanda is gonna
get to keep her leg.

Kid's gonna get to walk, dance,
do cartwheels in the grass.

All right,
let's get her ready to close.

April, you got
a plastic surgeon on standby?

- Yep, Dr. Hayes
is happy to jump in.

- Great... let's give this girl

some good-looking scars
to boast about.

She's gonna be bragging
about them at school.

Let's make 'em badass.

- BP's dropping.

It's a quick drop.
80 over 50.

- Okay, give her bolus.

April, I'm gonna
close her up myself.

- Pressure's still dropping,
70 over 40.

- Damn it.
Push pressors.

Come on, kid.
Stay with me.

Stay with me.

- Okay, yeah.
Thanks, Natalie.

Amanda, the girl from Med,
went into shock during surgery.

They stabilized her, but
she's in critical condition.

14 years old,
alone at the hospital.

- Hey, which one is he, guys?
- The one with the red car.

- Any activity?

- No one in or out
since we parked it here.

It's been quiet
as a church mouse.

The vehicle in the driveway
comes back registered

to Carrie White Seldon.

- That's the one. Thanks.
- Yeah.

- You want us to back you up?

- No, we're good.
Get back out there.

- Copy that.

- Hailey,
you got your ears on?

- Yeah, go.

- Digital dump
of all Seldon's devices

showed last GPS ping on his
cell before he shut it off

it matches your location.

Seldon may have visited
his ex-wife after fleeing Med.

- Copy.

- Jay.

- Chicago PD!

Upstairs is clear.

- Stairs.

They have a bunker?

- You see this?
Looks like blood on the door.

Chicago PD!

Whoever's in there,
I need you to open this door

and come out with your
hands up, nice and slow.

- It's probably soundproof.

- There's no way we're gonna
get into this thing on our own.


- It's reinforced steel.

- These things are made
to withstand fire,

any attempts to get inside.

- We got cameras?

- No, no cameras.

And if there's any
communication wires,

they're running
through the bottom.

- You think Seldon
might be inside?

- We got blood on the door,
so yeah.

There's a good chance
he's in there.

- Okay, we can open it,

but it's not gonna be pretty.

- Let's do it.

- You sure that column's
gonna hold?

- We're gonna find out.

You guys ready?

- Yeah, let's go.
- All right, Cruz, let's go.

- Chicago PD, drop your weapon!

- No Seldon, that's his wife.

- Carrie, drop your weapon now!

- Carrie!

- No!
Please don't come near me!

Please, I don't want to die!
Please stay away!

- No one's gonna hurt you,

but you need
to drop your weapon

and come out
with your hands up!

- I'm not coming out because
because my ex-husband said

that an infection has started
an outbreak,

and people are dying
and you could be infected.

- Nobody out here is infected.
- Please don't come near me!

- Ma'am, we're with
the Chicago Fire Department,

we know what the outbreak
looks like.

I promise you
we're not infected.

- Don't come near me, I said!

- You have to make contact
with the disease to get it.

We won't touch you.
Just come out.

- Carrie,
we don't want to hurt you,

but if you don't come out,
we're gonna come in.

- Put the weapon down!

Put the gun down,
put your hands in the air,

and walk towards me.

Do it slow.

Put it down!
- Okay!

- Put your hands up.
Put your hands up!

- Okay.
- Walk out here.

Step towards me.
Step towards me.

Keep coming.

Put your hands
against the wall.

- She's terrified.
She's shutting down.

She says that Sheldon was here,

he locked her
in the panic room, then left.

She claims that she doesn't
know where he is

and she's afraid to talkshe
doesn't want to implicate him.

- I get it.
- Boss.

That basement is insane.

I mean, we're gonna inventory,

but there's gotta be a decade's
worth of supplies down there.

We're not gonna know
what's missing

if we don't know what was there
in the first place.

- Any tech?

- Zero, nothing up or down.

He didn't plan
the attacks here.

- All right, so we'll
bring in the ex-wife.

Make her talk.

- All right.

- Just got back
from Lakeshore Memorial.

They're sending over

- All right,
we're back in business.

I'll help Danover get prepared.

- Uh, Dr. Halstead, did you
have someone check you out?

- I'm okay.
We can't slow down.

- Miss Goodwin?
- Yeah?

- Okay, all right.
I'll be back, excuse me.

Most of them are nothing
dermatitis, eczema...

people are just scared...
don't blame 'em.

Worse than the Ebola virus
in New York.

Ah, my patient.

- Pushing epi now.

- She's got an irregular rhythm,
she's in V-fib.

- Here, let me take over.

- Charged.

- No pulse.
- Another milligram of epi.

- Come on.
Come on.

- Clear.

- Come on, Amanda.

- Got a pulsesinus rhythm.
Get her on a mask.

- Okay, I want to know
why this keeps happening.

- Seems like a post-surgical
reaction to the septic shock.

- Could be, but I don't
wanna take any chances.

I want fresh blood cultures
times two, repeat CBC,

and get radiology to scan
her leg for any abscesses.

- Let's give her everything
we've got30 Levophed,

four vasopressin,
and another liter of saline.

- And add another pressor.

I'm gonna check
on her myself every 20.

- All right, I've got
to get back to quarantine.

Keep me updated?

- You're gonna be okay.

- I just wanna see him,
to talk to him.

- Ma'am, I need you
to answer my questions.

- I am trying.

I've told you everything
about my marriage.

But he wouldn't do this, I
he wouldn't, he wouldn't.

- You and your ex-husband
built a panic room.

Some of this must make sense.

- For when an outbreak happened
but not for when he caused one.

My ex-husband is not crazy,
he's not a monster,

hehe just,
he dedicated his whole life

to infectious diseases
and that's not

it's not paranoia,
it'sit's fear.

It's educated
and grounded fear.

And the right outbreak,
at the right time,

with the right factors
it could end this race

within months,
and that is a truth

that people can't
handle looking at,

and he had to look at it
every single day.

- All right, and we think your
ex-husband caused this, so...

- Notthat's not possible.

- Look at me.



Look at me.

Look at me!

Your husband did this, okay?

You fired at police officers.

I will hold you,
I will charge you,

I will make sure
you are incarcerated

for a very long time.

Now, I'm gonna ask you...

did your husband tell you

anything else before he left?

Did he?

- Yes, yes, he did.

I asked him why he was leaving,

and he said that he wasn't...

he said
that he wasn't done yet,

that he had more work to do.

- Okay.

Listen to me.

I need a list of everything
your husband may have taken

from your home
or from your storage.

We gotta focus now.

- Okay, okay.

- A satellite phone,
$3,000 in cash,

lots of chemistry equipment,
dishes, spray nozzles,

that sort of thing,

and, uh, keys
to a 2002 black Ford pickup

registered in Carrie's mother's
name parked in a lot downtown,

which Upton is now checking on.

Carrie said that their marriage
started to disintegrate

after Seldon became
more and more distant...

started feeling like
she was living with a ghost.

- Carrie also stated
that Seldon told her

he "wasn't done yet,"

so we gotta assume he's
planning to hit another target.

Where we at?
- Not that far, Sarge.

We're working on a rough
timelinewe haven't been

able to connect Seldon
to everything yet, but...

- What we know
he stole bacteria from

the university lab,
broke safety protocols

CDC believes
that's how our victim,

Veronica Song, got infected.

- Right, then he infected
his coworker,

Stuart Anderson, on purpose

spoofed his emails
and everything.

- Yeah, then he goes
back to ground zero,

the apartment building
we still haven't been able

to tie the building to Seldon,

but we have been able
to tie victims

two and three to the building.

They were there
visiting friends recently.

- From there,
he went back to the CCU labs,

set the place on fire,

then volunteered
to help the CDC

so he could sabotage
their research.

- I had a buddy

in Army Intelligence track
Seldon's sat phone.

It's at a gas station
right now, 4583 North Racine.

Upton's en route.

- Let's go.

- Intelligence, roll with me.

Phone's pinging
in that gas station.

Keep eyes as we clear.

Chicago PD,
stay down, stay down.

Get in your vehicle, sir.
Get in your vehicle.

- Let me see your hands.

- Get down.
Get down, stay down.

- Hands up!
I need your hands up.

Turn to face me!

You're good.

- Tucker, check inside.
We got the truck.

- All right, move, move.

- Hold, hold, hold.
Let's see your hands!

Get your hands up!

- Hands.

Is it him?

- Sorry, ma'am.
No, move.

- Clear.
- Detective, straight ahead!

- Tucker, 12:00.

A man got inside.
It could be him.

- Did you make a positive ID?
- I don't know.

He was holding something
in his hand.

Stay down.

- I need you
to shut the vehicle off

and get your hands out
of the window.

Get down.

- He had something
a canister, maybe.

- Hands up!
Shut the vehicle off now!

- He can infect everyone here.
- Calm.

- Police!
- Vehicle off, hands out, now!

- Hands up!

- That's not the same make
of vehicle.

- No, I saw him.
I saw him, he had something.

- Hold your fire!
- Hold your fire!

- Hold!
- Hands up!

Get your hands up!

Get out of the car!

We're good.

- It's just a can of pop.

- You all right?

Lower your weapon.
Lower your weapon.

Look at me.
Give me your gun.

Give me your gun.

Let's go.
Walk away.


- Sat phone was in
the bed of the truck.

Seldon left it there

Driver didn't speak English,
moved fast.

- Hey, how you doing?

All right, Detective Upton,
she's gonna stay with you.

I don't want you talking
to anybody till IRT gets here.

Just walk with her
away from everyone.

- Station's clear.
No sign of Seldon.

- Sarge, two of Seldon's
credit cards just popped up,

both of them way across town
from each other.

- So he's playing with us.

- Okay, thanks.

Two more of Seldon's
credit cards popped up.

One in Logan Square,
one in Pilsen.

Patrol said the one
in Logan Square was used by

a homeless man in a 7-Eleven.

- Yeah, this cell phone
ping for Seldon is bogus.

He threw it
in the back of a taxi.

- Rojas is saying
the same goes with the Uber

booked onlineno one showed.

- Sarge, we located
the black 2002 Ford pickup.

The plates match.

Tact team is sitting on it,
but nobody's in it.

- Sarge, we got too many leads.

- All right, enough.
Just put the phones down.

Put 'em down.
Kim, put it down.

We are not gonna be led
on a wild goose chase,

and we are not gonna
be led into a panic.

Look, he's buying time.

We gotta get ahead of him now.

- Well, patrol will stay
in the present.

We'll hit every alert,
every tip,

every sighting
like it's the real thing.

We'll loop in CPIC to work
footage, before and after.

- Well, there's still
a hell of a lot we don't know.

So we're gonna get ahead
by moving backwards.

I want a full timeline
of Seldon's life

for the past six months,
month by month.

Let's go.

- You want to hit
the university?

- Yeah, you know what,
I'm gonna meet you there.

- Okay.

- Hey, nothing's changed
since I called,

but that's not
a bad thing, you know?

It's just a waiting game
at this point.

All right, she's young,
and she's strong.

We gotta believe
her body's gonna fight back.

- Yeah, I just didn't want
her to be alone if...

- I know.

- Is there still
no family found?

- Uh, no, I got patrol
looking into it,

but the whole department's
in overdrive.

- We still haven't
been back to the station.

It's just call after call.

I've spent the last
24 hours telling people

everything's gonna be okay

when I'm not sure
I believe that myself.

- In it together?
All right.

I'm not going anywhere.
I'll keep checking on her.

- Okay.

- I'll check in with CPS.

They're good with
tracking family, they'll help.

- Okay, thank you.

I'll keep trying
to find this guy.


- Hailey,
we got a hit on Seldon.

Three weeks ago,
a coworker of his

saw him leaving
some work lofts on Ashland.

We confirmed with them
that he's been paying cash

for a loft for the last month.

- I'm on my way.

- We move coordinated
and quick.

ID, then subdue.

This target
is believed to be armed.

The target is also believed
to be in possession

of a weaponized bacteria
that can be fatal.

If you believe you're in
the presence of this bacterium,

you avoid contact,
keep a safe distance,

beads locked,
but do not approach.


All right, let's move.

- Sarge.

- Oh, my God.

That's right in the middle
of today's parade route.

- All right,
have CDC transport

all of that to Med right away.

Jay, you and me.

- Sorenstein...
this is Hank Voight,

Chicago PD Intelligence unit.

I need you to shut down
the parade right now.

Get everyone off that route.

- Yeah, that's not
gonna be a problem.

- What the hell?


- Never seen anything like it,
all my years on the job.

- Good thing about
a terrified city

there was no one was here
for Seldon to infect.

- Yeah, if this actually
was the target,

not just another diversion.

- The man wants
this city in a panic.

Now the first responders.
Keep us all occupied.

For what?

- We don't know yet.

But if he's buying time,

that means we still have time
to get ahead of him.

- Engine 51, Squad 3,
Ambo 61, structure fire,

reports of looting.

1340 Hazel Avenue.

- Listen, we keep steady,
we keep working our timeline.

All we need
is to find his "why."

That'll get us to his "where."

- All right, mm-hmm.
Thanks, Jay.

All right, Halstead's
got another for June.

- Okay.

- Neighbors report
a drastic change in behavior,

say Seldon was quick to anger,
quick to blame.

Apparently he got into
a shouting match with one

of his neighbors because their
dog walked across his lawn.

Sounds like they almost
came to blows.

- Well, that fits
with Carrie's timeline

of their marriage ending.

She filed for divorce
June 26th.

- And there's his finances,
I mean, those statements show

the big spending spike in June.

He started buying more
supplies, different supplies.

- Right, and then he rents
the work loft June 28th.

- I mean,
June's gotta be the break.

- Got something
from the university.

Two coworkers claim
Seldon started bitching

about science versus profit.

Not really anything new,

but they said he started
taking it personally,

that his research
wouldn't see the light of day.

Because of greed,
that people would die.

The first conversation
they could remember

is, uh, early June.

- That's it.
That's what we're missing.

That's gotta be the trigger.

- Yeah?

- We found Seldon's funding
was drastically cut

for the coming year.
- Okay.

- Funding was provided
by a place called

BRT Health Industries.

- Okay, BRT,
that's what Anderson

was saying at the tailgate.

- That's right,
his funding was denied in June,

and that's when
he started planning.

- BRT industries
is the link between

the apartment building
and Seldon.

Lynn Messick in apartment 12,

she worked
for a consulting firm

that rehabbed BRT's budget

right before the decision was
made to pull Seldon's funding.

- Sarge, it all fits.

Seldon believed
he was researching a disease

that could kill the planet,

thought funding was needed
to create a treatment.

He was denied,
the man snapped,

and then he started
trying to prove it

to all these people
who didn't believe him.

- BRT Health Industries

owns a building
on the far West Side.

Boss, they're having
an annual board meeting today.

Six board members
flew in this morning.

- Oh, my God, that's it.
That's what he's waiting for.

He's gonna hit the building.

- I'll get every patrol member
I can spare.

Tact team will be en route
in two.

- Loop in the rest of the team.

Whoever's there first
moves in first.

Rojas, inform Med ASAP.

They got a treatment,
stores of it

should meet us there on-site.

Get on the horn with Fire.

We're gonna need help
evacuating that building.

- All I want is a nice,
long bath and a vat of Purell.

- Engine 51, Squad 3,
Ambulance 61,

evacuation assistance,
2600 Roosevelt.

- We just heard from CPD.
This is themthey think

Dr. Seldon's hitting the BRT
building from the West Side.

- All right, you heard her!
Let's move, move, move!

This is it!
Let's end this!

- I hear you and we are
making progress with what

Seldon left behind in
the work loft, but I'm sorry.

You just gotta give us
some more time.

- Hey, we might have something.
- Hold on a sec.

- Combination
of ampicillin-sulbactam,

ticarcillin/clavulanic acid,

and fourth-generation


- This culture started
with 70 percent e-87 staph.

Then I dosed it with
the new antibiotic cocktail.

- It shrunk to 8%.

- That's a treatment.

- Rojas?
Looks like we got something.

We'll replicate
as quick as we can

and send CDC scientists
your way,

but do anything you can
to limit pool of contact.


- Go, go, go, I got her.

- Police.
Stay calm, stay calm.

Everybody make
your way outside.

I'm going up,
we gotta cover the exit.

- Yeah, I'm on it.
Sir, hang up the phone.

Do you have a protocol to do
a full building evacuation?

- Yes.

- I need you
to execute that now.

Is there another exit?
- There, to the right.

- Police, get out of the way.


5021 George, I got shots fired
on the sixth floor.

Come on, come on, come on.
Get out, get out.

No, stay.
Go back, go back.

Get up, get up,
go outside.

Go outside, real slow.

- No, no!
Do not come in here!

- Okay, okay.
Detective Halstead, Chicago PD.

I'm not coming in.

- He's killing us.

- You shoot, and I will shoot.

- Then I won't.

5021 George, advise responding.
I got eyes on the offender.

Sixth floor,
southeast side of the building.

He has hostages.

Dr. Seldon,
I just want to talk.

Okay, can I come in there
and do that?

- No, no!
Do not come in.

- It's either me talking
or a team of men shooting.

Believe me,
whatever you're here to do...

it's better with me in there,
keeping them out.

What's it gonna be?

- Okay, okay, come in,
but slowly and drop the weapon.

Let me see it.

- Okay.
- Let me see it.

- Okay, I'll give you my gun.
I'll give you my gun, okay?

- Very slowly.

- Hailey, I'm going in.
I'm gonna keep this line open.

Get Voight on the line.
Try to get eyes on him.

All right, here I come.

- Slowly.
- Yep, I'm moving real slow.

- Turn around, turn around.
- Okay.

Okay, slow, yeah?

Close the door.
- All right.

- Now, drop that weapon.

Now, let it go.
Drop it.

Good, now turn back around
slowly, slowly.

Good, good.

- Everybody just stay calm.
Everything's gonna be okay.

- Jay said south rear window!

- I can get you in.
- Do it.

Stay on evac.
I'm with Upton.

Work with Fire, make sure
this building's evacuated,

then get a perimeter started.

Hostage mobile command
one block out.

- We've got an antibiotic

that's proven viable
we can administer on-site.

Where do you want us?
- Great, behind those rigs.

- I need you to talk to me.
Explain what we're doing here

and I'll be able to help you.

- My brother's inside?
- He is.

- I'm coming with you.

- Just stay out of the way
and follow my lead.

- Okay.

Just be calm.
So why are we here?

What's going on?
How can I help you, Dr. Seldon?

- I don't need help.

I'm not a bad person, I-I

I just needed to show them.

I needed them to see,

so that the whole world
could see.

- Okay, see what?

- See that this is how
the world's gonna end.

Thousands of strains
of bacteria

that we don't know
how to combat.

Thisthis bacteria,
it kills people so fast,

they barely have time
to know that they're dying.

But you see,
cures need funding,

and these people
these people denied

get your hands
back on the table!

That's right,
and they denied it

because there's no money in it.

Oh, sure, they funded
a Viagra substitute,

ADHD medication,
all while these diseases exist.

Diseases that could
wipe out the whole world,

so I

I showed them.

I made one.

Yes, I killed a few
to save the many,

and now
it's their choice again.

Now they choose.

See, now, it's a bullet

or to trust me this time.

A-a bullet, or I cut them,

I give them the bacteria.

And then my research,
thethe research

that they didn't want to fund,
that's what cures them.

Yeah, it'sit's their choice.

A bullet to die
or my research to live.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.

- Doc, get behind me.

- So how can I help you?

You want me to get
the media here?

You want me to arrange funding?

- No, no, no.
It's much too late for that.

It's time for you
to decide, sir.

What's your choice?
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.

I'll help you
prove you're right.


I believe you,
so let me do it.

Yeah, let me do it.

Let me do it.

- Okay, back up.
Back up.

Here, here.

You take that knife,
pick it up...

Pick it up!

- Okay, okay.
Picking it up.

Okay, now what?

- Sarge, I don't have a shot.

- Now you're gonna
cut yourself.

I said you are
going to cut yourself!

- Okay, okay.

- That's right.

Good, good.
Now throw back the knife.

- Okay.

- Slowly.

- Halstead just cut himself.
Sarge, this is flipping.

I do not have a shot.

- Now stay right there.
Don't move, don't move!

- Hailey, I need you to get set

for a high-diversion shot
at the ceiling.

No joy, repeat, no joy.

On my order.

- Copy.

- Okay, you're gonna take this,

and you're gonna spray it
on the cut.

Pick it up.

Go ahead.
Pick it up and spray it.

- Okay, okay.


- Do it.

Do it!

- Go now.

- Jay, you good?

- Yeah, I'm okay.

- Your first day
on CPD like this.

You got somewhere
to cool off the adrenaline?

- Yeah, yeah, Kev invited me
to grab some drinks

with him and some other cops.

- All right, that's good.

Gotta find ways
to get your breath back.

- Hey, you guys want
to come to Molly's tonight?

- Uh, thanks, I just
kind of want quiet time.

- Yeah, I think
I'm ready for home.

- All right, I'll see you guys.

- Night, Rojas.
- Night.

- Night.
- Hey.

- Yeah?

- Would you want
to come with me?

- Yeah.

- All right.

- Fear is a funny thing.

Most of the time,
it brings out

the very worst in people.

Panic, hate,
their selfishness.

Certainly saw that today.

But it also has a tendency
to bring out the very best.

- Hello!
I hope you're hungry.

- Hey, Mama!
- Aww, come on!

Look at you.
- Seriously?

- I made you a little snack.
- Come on!

Ah, you shouldn't have!
- A little snack?

- Hey, this is for you, Mama.

- Oh, my goodness.

Thank you so much.

- Amanda.

Amanda, sweetheart,
can you hear me?


There you are.

Hey, look who's here.

- Amanda.

- She's gonna be okay.

- People who stand steady,

who hold onto each other,

lean on each other,

find a way
to hold on to hope...

To cope and run into the fear.

- Herrmann.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Yes!

- Look at this, man.

- What?

- Life.