Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Familia - full transcript

After a botched carjacking turns out to be something much bigger, Voight's unit goes toe-to-toe with a smart drug kingpin who only works with women. New recruit Vanessa Rojas struggles with the transition from undercover to Intelligence.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, do you know where
I can find Sergeant Platt?

Front desk.

Sergeant Platt?
I'm Officer Vanessa Rojas.

I've been assigned to Intelligence.

They said I should come see you first.

You moving in?

No, ma'am.

Am I in the right place?

Only time will tell.

You have some paperwork to fill in.

Cool. When do you need it by?

Before you start your tour of duty today.

But first on the agenda,
go to Headquarters

for your brand new undercover ID.

Give this to the guys at OCD.

I've already put your
new name into the system.

- Maria Lopez?
- Is there a problem?

Honestly, it's like the most
cliché Latina name there is...

and I'm part black.
Afro Latina, actually.

Officer Rojas...

If you make it in Intelligence...

and that is a big "if."

But if you do,
you will be working undercover.

Now, most of the bad guys
in the city have not undergone

racial sensitivity training,

so they will assume you are Latina

and should they Google your ass
to make sure that you are

the person you are pretending to be,

the fact that there's
a thousand Maria Lopezes

in Chicago will work
in your favor, right?

- Copy that.
- Vanessa,

how about I give you
a ride to Headquarters?

- Morning Sergeant.
- Detective.

- Oh, uh, what about my locker?
- Ah, ah, ah... later.

Talk about that later.

Let's get a cup of coffee.

So what the hell was Platt's deal?

The deal is...
do not mess with Trudy Platt.

Under no circumstances.
She ain't playing.

I thought Voight was our boss.

Right, he is, but we work
in Platt's house, right?

So she controls the weather.

Piss her off, she can make
it rain all day, every day.

She sounds old school.
I'll get her to lighten up.

[SCREAMING] Help! Help me!

Move, move!

- Someone please help!
- Let's go... stay close.

- Stay close.
- Hey, stop that...

Wait! All right! Take cover, take cover.

Let her go! Let her go... do not...

Back up, back up! Stop the vehicle.

Stop... I will shoot you. Stop!


Rojas, take my radio.

Call backup and an ambo...
and get those plates!

We need an ambo here, 1200 Washburn.

Copy that.

Ma'am, look at me.
Okay... help is on the way.

Stop the car!

Hey, get out now!

Driver, passenger... out of the car.

Out of the car, now.
Hands where I can see them.

Hands high! Turn around slow.

Driver, turn the car off.

Chicago PD. Everybody stay where you are.

Don't get out of the car.

Stop or I'll shoot!


This is Officer Rojas of Intelligence.

We have a carjacking at 1200 Washburn,

multiple victims injured.

Officer, what's your call sign?

I haven't been assigned one yet.

I just started.

The whole thing is a mess, Sarge.

We're basically
looking at three crime scenes.

It started back there
on Washburn with a carjacking

that Atwater and Rojas responded to.

The two offenders fled
and crashed into that car.

Then one offender took off in the car,

the other one Rojas chased down
and he was impaled by rebar.

- So that's our DOA.
- Yeah.

- Carjacking victim?
- Yeah, she's a young woman.

She was beaten pretty bad.
She's on her way to Med.

Listen, did the responding
backup units pick up anything

'cause I was on the zone
and I didn't hear any chatter.

That's the thing, Sarge.
They didn't call for backup.


All right, do me a favor.
See if you can tie this thing up?

- Yeah.
- Talk to me.

- Oh, he don't look too happy.
- That's just how he looks.

All right, walk me through this, Kev.

Why didn't you call for backup?

It was a hot pursuit, Sarge.
Heat of the moment...

everything just happened real fast.

Look, Atwater told me
to radio for backup,

but the offender was fleeing.

And if I had stopped,
I would've lost him.


You know there's
a lot of officers out there

monitoring that radio, ready to help.

I know. It was instinct.


Well your instinct
just caught us a carjacking,

an officer-involved death,
and a pile of paperwork.

Not a good look on your first day.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

What you doing?

I'm updating the board. Voight's orders.

- [GROANS] Boss.
- Huh?

This is for real?

Antonio's moving to Puerto Rico for sure?

It's what he wants.
He's got family there.

Look, end of the day,
it's probably a good decision.

You all know Officer Rojas?
Welcome to Intelligence.

Thank you.

Okay, I hope this isn't the part
where I have to make a speech.

Nothing like that.

Okay, what do we got?

Straight-up aggravated carjacking.

The victim's name is Ruby Garcia.

She's 24.

She's at Chicago Med with head trauma.

We lodged a BOLO on her
stolen car, nothing yet.

We ran prints on our DOA John Doe.

He's not in our system. No wallet or ID.

That means we gotta ID his
partner, so talk to your CIs.

Let's get a list
of everyone previously arrested

for carjacking in that area.

Kev, reach out to Major
Accidents, start the paper.

Yes, sir.

We've been chasing a major cartel supply

and we're dropping that for a carjacking?

The offender died
while we were chasing him,

so we own it.

Let's just tie it off cleanly
and quickly and move on.


What would you like for me to do?

I want you to head to Med
and get a victim statement

from this Ruby. And ride with Upton.

You two are going
to be partnering together.

Jay, you'll ride with Kim.

Sarge, what just happened?

It takes a lot of time and trust to build

a partnership that works
and Jay and I are working.

- I know.
- Then why split us up?

Because I need to evaluate Rojas

and I know you'll shoot me straight.

Look, there are a lot of red flags.

We don't need anybody
out there playing hero ball.

Sounds like you have your answer.

Yeah, well, I talked to my guys

over at the Academy
and Rojas checked every box.

Top gun, high scores...
I mean, she killed it.

And she's got street you can't teach.


All those accomplishments are individual.

We gotta know she can
work with this team.

You ever wonder why you and Halstead

are the only detectives
to join this unit?

Everybody else came in raw.

It's always better
to find the right person

before they learn the wrong habits.

You understand?

Then, right as I pull in the parking lot,

this guy reaches
in my car and pulls me out

and then one of them was punching me.

Did you see where they came from?

They came from behind me.
I saw them running.

- Did you guys find my car yet?
- No, I'm afraid we didn't.

[GROANS] Come on.

This can't be happening.

What were you doing in that neighborhood?

I was going to work.

And what kind of work do you do?

- I'm a waitress.
- Like, legit waitress?

- What are you saying?
- I'm just saying

you got a nice ride for
a waitress from Little Village.

Yeah, and how would you know?

'Cause that's where I grew up.

Oh... all right, and look at you now.

In answer to your question,
I'm a legit waitress.

I work at Pescado.

Okay, well you give us a call
if you think of anything.

Hey, um...

maybe we can get some coffee

and you can give me some advice?

I want to try something new with my life.


According to our victim,
Ruby, she saw the offenders

running from the street behind her.

Assuming these geniuses
didn't drive their own car

to a carjacking,
we checked the nearest L.

Right, and that
takes you to the Pink Line,

which is three blocks south.

This is ten minutes
before the jacking, Sarge.

That's our John Doe right there
during happier times...

before he was impaled.
That's karma for you.

Why don't you run
facial rec on the partner?

Already on it.

Felix Rodriguez. 19 with a juvie rap.

Lives in Englewood with his mama.

Drag his ass in.

Let's go.

I can tell you're scared, Felix.

You should be.

You're looking at carjacking,

you're looking at battery...

And you're looking at murder.

No... it wasn't supposed
to go down like this, I swear.

What's your partner's name, Felix?

His name's Miguel.
I think he's from Guatemala.

Last name?

Not sure... I didn't hardly know him.

You knew him well enough
to jack a car with him.

He said he'd give me $500
to help him pick up a car.

I didn't know there was
gonna be somebody in it.

So you were stealing a specific car?

Yeah, it was for somebody
that Miguel knew.

- I was just along for the ride.
- Look at me.

Then who did you give the car to?

Nobody. I parked it in the street

in Pilsen, like we were supposed to.

I'm telling you, man.

I was just trying to make some money.

A little late to the party, ain't we?


afternoon, Officer.

Hey... Ruzek, Intelligence.

- What do we got here?
- Just what you see.

The plates were popped, VIN is scraped.

They tried to make the car disappear.

I'm still running it to see if it's hot.

It's definitely hot.

Yo, Ruz, come check this out.

You see where the fire
burned back the upholstery?

Yeah, bro.

Let me see that Halligan, my man.

There you go. Appreciate it.


Pretty sure Beamers don't come
factory-equipped with drug traps.


Hey, Sarge. So, turns out Ruby's car

was fitted with a high-end,
fireproof drug trap,

which is lucky for us
because it preserved

the drug residue inside,

which the field test
confirmed was heroin.

So this wasn't a carjacking,
it was a dope rip.

Exactly. The Lab told us that

the fingerprint found inside this trap

is definitely Ruby Garcia's.

Okay, which means Ruby
wasn't some innocent girl

who got her car jacked.
She's a drug runner.

Have Jay and Kim scoop her up.

Copy that.

Ten to one she's not home.

No bet.

Somebody help! Help!



- Hey!
- What'd you see?

Somebody ran that way.


5021 George... roll one ambo
to the 7300 block of Hamilton.

Copy that. 5021 George...

Cancel the ambo.

- COD?
- Deep puncture wounds to the chest...

M.E. says it looks like a serrated blade.

No evidence of robbery,
sexual assault, struggle.

It was a purposeful, quiet kill.

Only the one witness
so far... neighbor who discovered

Ruby's body says he saw
someone running away.

Give a description of the offender?

It was too far away.
Just a guy in a hoodie.

All right, we'll talk to the roommate

and search the apartment.
Meanwhile, I want you guys

to keep working the area.

Surveillance cameras,
suspicious person reports...

and let's find the prick
who killed this girl.

It's horrible. I just can't believe it.

This is Ruby's room.

Was... oh, my God.

How long have you lived with Ruby?

Um... we've been
roommates for about a year.

And no one came to the door?

You didn't see her leave with anyone?

Uh, I haven't seen her since yesterday.

She involved with anyone?

A boyfriend or a guy you saw her with?

No... no, she didn't have a boyfriend.

Anyone shady in her life?

Someone that could've threatened her?

Not that I know of.

How'd you meet Ruby?

At Pescado.

She worked there.
We just kind of hit it off.

We talked about how we
wanted to live in Lincoln Park,

but it was way too expensive, so,

um... we put all of our money
together and we moved in here.

We were living the life.

That's what we would always say...

Oh, my God. It's such a tragedy.

When was the last time you saw Ruby?

Two days ago.

She was supposed
to come into work yesterday.

How long has she worked here?

Maybe six months or so.

We ran Ruby's
social security number, though,

and there's no record of her
employment at your restaurant.

Do you have a reason for that?

Not trying to jam you up, Alexa.

We just wanna make sure we tie
this off the right way, so...



look, I... I've got
a soft spot in my heart

for girls who've had it tough,

so I let them
work here for straight tips.

This way they can keep
collecting benefits

from the state.

I mean, the whole system's
rigged against them, you know,

so I just... I try to help.

And sometimes it... sometimes it works

and sometimes it bites me
in my ass, you know?

I hear you.

We ran Ruby Garcia. She's got two priors.

One was coke, one was selling
joints to an undercover

when she was 16. She spent time in Juvie.

- What else?
- Um, okay...

no biological family,
given up for adoption,

grew up in foster care.

It looks like she had a hard life.

- And a short one.
- M.E.'s confirmed that Ruby

was stabbed with a serrated knife.

They also found this on her torso.

That's a brand.
Looks like the letter, "F."


All right, run this through
the Detective Bureau,

see if they've come
across anything similar.

Well, I spoke to the Crime Lab... Hailey.

They, uh, pulled the data
from Ruby's GPS.

Mostly non-descript, normal
driving around the city stuff,

but there's one outlier... this
neighborhood in the Wild 100s.

She went there four times
in the last month,

including right before she got jacked.

Well that's gotta
be where the weight is kept.

She was picking up dope from a source.

Right, so dig in, talk to your CIs.

Find out who's moving heroin in that area

and find out who Ruby was working for,

'cause right now he's looking
good for her murder.

All right.

Ruby's made four trips to the bar...

it's owned by Jose Soto.

DEA's got an open case.
They think Soto's bringing

bulk heroin into the country
for the Cali Cartel.

Bar is legit.
Real business happens upstairs.

All right, Adam, Kevin,
Upton, you're with me.

Jay and Kim, breach through the west side

of the building, but on my orders.

- Let's move.
- Sarge...

I want you to stay outside,
keep eyes on the bar.

Try to avoid the windows.

Hey, hey, hey.

Nice and easy. Walk this way.

Eyes one me, hands on the bar.


Chicago PD, move forward.
Nobody move... hands up!

- Head's up... runner!
- I got him, I got him.

Go, go, go, go, go.

On the ground. Everybody on
your knees... right now.

Chicago PD. Hands in the air.

- Put your hands in the air!
- Hey... listen to her.

- Now get on your knees.
- Don't look like she playing.

Get on your knees.

12 kilos of heroin, Jose.

That's super Class X felony, bro.

It's game over.

Then why are we talking?

We need you to help us clear
up the murder of Ruby Garcia

who was stabbed to death last night.

- What's in it for me?
- For you?


There may be something in it for
your kid brother, Frank, though.

Yeah, we rolled him up, too.

Come on, man.

My brother ain't
got nothing to do with it.

Boy was he in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

I'll tell you what you need to know...

you don't squeeze my kid brother.

Start talking.

I didn't kill her.
I didn't even know her.

Dude, she was at your bar.

She had your heroin in her vehicle.

She lost your drugs.

Wasn't my drugs anymore.

Deal was done. I got my end.

She was a mule for the buyer.

So who was the buyer?

- Never met him.
- You never met him?

We only do business by text.

So you're saying you know
nothing about the buyer?

I know his money's green

and he always sends girls
to pick up the product.

So you hired the bangers to jack the car?

You knew it was loaded
and who's gonna suspect the guy

who sold the drugs to steal the drugs?

They made it too easy.

Sending cute girls to pick up drugs?

What was I supposed to do?

But I didn't kill nobody.

You got an alibi for 6:00 last night?

I was at Frank's soccer game.

He lost.

We checked Soto's alibi.

Three people put him
at his brother's game.

He could've hired the hit.

Maybe, but we don't
have any proof of that.

Boss... yeah, thank you.

All right, so Soto gave us
the number he was using

to communicate with this mystery dealer.

It was a burner phone.
It went dark, so I wasn't able

to track that,
but I did track where it was

purchased at Jin's Market
in Pilsen three days ago.

Okay, call Jay and Kim

and have them pay this Jin a visit.

Jin, can you step out here
so we can take a better look?

So this is all the surveillance
of three days ago...

people buying pay-as-you-go phones?

Yes, I remember two men
bought phones that day...

uh, here... is the first one.

Who's the second guy?

Uh... this guy.

- Eh, not likely.
- Can you rewind?

Go back, yeah.

Okay, stop.

- Her.
- We're looking for a man.

Says who?

- Do you recognize her?
- I do... that's Ruby's boss.

The burner used to do
the drug buys was purchased

by Alexa Rivera... 42,

she's not on DEA's or Narcotic's radar.

Based on the amount of heroin we think

she bought from Soto, she should be.

Before she started a restaurant,

Alexa was a social worker...

she taught a vocational training class
for at-risk youth.

Ruby was one of her students.

She got two priors. One for possession,

one for agg-battery.

She broke the eye socket
of her live-in girlfriend.

So, what are we waiting for?
Let's bust her.

All right... based on what?

Ruby was running drugs for Alexa,

who has a history of violence,
so when Ruby lost her load,

it makes sense she killed her.
Street justice.

Well, it's a very good theory,

but so far we got no evidence
Alexa murdered Ruby.

What we do know
is Alexa's in the drug trade.

So let's catch her dirty.

We'll take her off the street,
then build a murder case.

She might not be holding,
being her supply just got ripped.

Right, there's an opening,

which means she's looking for product.

I say we lay somebody under

with the bait, Sarge. See if she bites.



- Something to drink?
- I'm looking for Alexa Rivera.

Tell her we're associates of Jose Soto.

I'm sorry, Miss Alexa's not around.


maybe she's in back?

Maybe you could go...

check for me?

Who did you say your friend was?

Jose Soto.

Thank you.


Looks like we're a go.

Here she comes.

Hi, is there something
I can help you with?

Alexa, my name is Jake.

I'd like to talk some business with you.

Well, you don't look
like a fish supplier.


I'm Jose Soto's partner.

I'm sorry, Jose... Soto?

Jose Soto. I believe you know who he is.

Uh... mm-mm. And you are?

This is my body guard.

Oh... really?

Um, look, I understand
you've had some bad luck

since your supply got disrupted.

I can replace what you lost.

I can give you credit until
you get back on your feet.

I think you've made a mistake.

I'm sorry.

Alexa, Jose... he can't help you.

He's skipped town.
He's gotta lay low for awhile,

so he asked me to reach out to you.

He values your relationship.

- Hmm...
- You know, you could call him.

He'll vouch for me.

I'll be right back.

This deal ain't happening. Not with you.


Take a look around. It's all women.

She only hires women.

Well, we're gonna play it out.

We'll see how it goes, okay?

I've got an angle.

- Grab me.
- What?

Grab me... make it seem
like we're in a fight.

- What is she talking about?
- Let go of me!

Hey... hey!
What the hell is going on here?

This is my place of business.

I apologize. Would you like to do this?


I don't know a Jose Soto, okay?

So you need to leave, now.

- Alexa, listen.
- Go... out.

Take care of yourself, sweetheart.

- What the hell happened?
- I mean, we laid the bait,

she just wasn't gonna bite.

Vanessa, I was clear...
you were supposed to follow

Adam's lead. Why'd you go off book?

- Because it wasn't gonna work.
- How do you know that?

I know Alexa's type.
She's only got women around.

Vulnerable ones... ones who need her.

She wasn't gonna talk to this guy.

Sarge, me and Burgess
sat on Soto the whole time.

Alexa never called him.

Yeah, for whatever reason,
she got cold feet.

Rojas is right.
She wasn't gonna do the deal.

Hey, tell them your idea.

Sergeant, I know how to get to her.

Oh... no, no, no, no. Wait, uh-uh.

Take that to my office. Miss Bodyguard,

I told you to leave
and I want you to stay away.

What happened to you?

He got mad at me for messing up the deal.

- Your boyfriend?
- Yeah...

yeah... it's not the first time.

All right, well why did you come here?

I know where he's got the dope.

Two keys.

I can steal it and sell it to you.

Look, I'm in a really
bad place right now,

so I'm willing to give you a deal.

We both know it's worth 100.
I'll give it to you for 25.



Please... look,
I just need some running money.

Where are you going to run to, hmm?

Do you have family?



You have no idea how angry

it makes me to see you like this.

Are we gonna do this or not?

Yeah... yeah, we're gonna do this.

But just you and me.

Nobody else involved. Do you understand?

What's your name?



Maria Lopez.

Now she's late.

Don't worry, we got all night.

Got a blue Nissan Altima
approaching from the south.

All right, wait for the exchange,

then move in on my signal.

- You Maria?
- Who are you?

I'm picking up a package for Miss Alexa.

Got a visual of the driver.

It's Karla Moore. It's Ruby's roommate.

Oh, man. Alexa doesn't disappoint.

Look, that wasn't part of the deal.

Alexa's supposed to meet me.
My ass is on the line for this.

I'm just supposed to pick it up.

Nah, screw that... I don't even know you.

Call Alexa... okay,
we're supposed to meet here...

her and I. That's what she promised.

We don't have ears on that call.

I have to go.

Miss Alexa changed her mind.

She said she doesn't want the sea bass.

Sea bass? What are you talking about?

She said you can keep it.

Wait... whatever, okay,

if that's what she wants,
I can sell this to you.

- I'm sorry, that won't work.
- We can still do the deal.

Nope... deal's off.

Sarge, you want us to snatch her up?

No, we don't wanna tip off Alexa.

I've got another idea.

What was Rojas thinking?
She makes the deal,

we follow the drugs, we bust Alexa.

She's just following
the terms that were laid out.

She didn't know it'd go sideways.

What are you doing?


We went over this earlier.

I know that was scary, but we
did that for your protection

because we don't Alexa to know
you're talking to the police.

You don't think I'll tell her?

We don't think
it's in your best interests,

given the circumstances.

All right, Karla,
I'm gonna lay it out for you.

We believe Alexa killed Ruby

because she lost her load of heroin.

Are you crazy? Alexa didn't kill Ruby.

She would never do that.

Right... Alexa's a drug dealer.

She used young women to traffic her drugs

and we know that you're one of them.

Her drug supplier, Jose Soto...

he picked your face out of a photo array.

He admitted to giving
you dope in the past.

Karla, that puts you on the
hook for felony trafficking.

That's 15 to 30 years.

We understand Alexa
took advantage of you, okay?

We can make the drug charges go away.

But the only way that's gonna
happen is if you work with us.

You have to wear a wire.

You gotta get Alexa to confess to murder.

Like I told you before,

I have nothing to say to you.

All right, what's the deal with Karla?

She drank the Kool-Aid.

She doesn't believe that
Alexa's capable of murder.

Yeah, the only person
Karla trusts is Alexa.

All right, so we need to find
some evidence to break that trust.

What do we got?

Well, we could bring Alexa in,

sweat her, get her out
of her comfort zone.

If she doesn't roll,
then we've tipped our hand.

The only reason we never heard
of her is 'cause she's smart.

Sarge, we got something.
We sent that brand marking

to Detectives Bureau.
We got a hit from Homicide.

Julissa Cruz. Her body was discovered

in Armour Park nine months ago.

Same branding on her
torso as Ruby... letter "F."

So we pulled the Homicide file.

Alexa is a person of interest,
but they couldn't make a case.

So what's Julissa's connection to Alexa?

Julissa took Alexa's
vocational training class.

Same as Ruby, same as Karla.

Maybe let me take a shot?

Hi, Karla.

- Wait, you're a cop?
- I'm Officer Rojas.

Well, what the hell do you want?

I just wanna talk... please.

You can't trust anybody in this world.

Look, and I get why you feel that way.

You bounced around foster homes...

but they ain't even your homes

and they sure as hell ain't your family.

So of course there's
gonna be trust issues.

And how would you know?

Foster care is bad when you're in it,

but it's worse when you age out.

'Cause all of a sudden
you're out in the world

and you ain't got nowhere to go.

And these predators
come in all shapes and sizes

and they find you.

I don't know what you're talking about.


You know, mine was a man.

Some older dude. He had game.

He made me feel good,

bought me nice things,
let me crash at his place.

And he'd tell me I was his favorite.

And then he burned his freaking
cigarette into my shoulder.

That sounds like a creep who
wanted to have sex with a girl.

Alexa's the opposite
of what you're saying.

Is she?

Then what the hell is that on your belly?

- This was my choice.
- That's a brand.

That's what they do to cows.

You know, she's making you her property

and she ain't never letting you go.

She didn't let Ruby go... or Julissa.

- Julissa... what do you mean?
- You don't know?

Julissa's in Seattle.
She moved there last year.

She got a really good job.

Well, Julissa's not in Seattle.

She's in a casket.

What are you talking about?

They found her body
in Armour Park nine months ago.

No, that's not true.

Alexa spoke to her
on the phone last week.

She was stabbed
multiple times in the heart,

just like Ruby.


No, no, no, no, no. No.

They still haven't found her killer,

but you know who it was, don't you?


Remember, we're waiting for an admission

to Ruby's murder before we move in.

Copy... we're in position.

Got a visual on the button cam.

Hey, where were you? I was calling you.

I'm sorry, my phone died.

I need to talk to you. What's the matter?

I'm just confused about Ruby...

I don't understand what happened.

I told you... Ruby got caught up in drugs

and she started hanging
with the wrong people.

But I never saw her do drugs.

Yeah, because she was being sneaky, mama.

She hid it from you. From us.

She said she was going to meet you.

No, that's wrong.
Ruby was going to the police

and she betrayed us.
She betrayed our familia.

So is that why you killed her?

You don't know what you're talking about.

Alexa, I just want to know what happened.

I tried to call Julissa. Really?

When was that?

Right before I got here,
but the line was disconnected.

I thought you said your phone was dead.

It is.

I called her before...
I called her before it died.

Alexa, please.

I just wanna know what happened.

Please. Come here, mami.


Don't get stressed. Okay.

Okay? Everything's fine.

Mira, come. Come here.

You were always my favorite.

- She's gonna kill her.
- There's no weapon,

so we wait for the safe word.

But I think you're lying to me.

I'm telling you... she's gonna kill her.

- Wait, wait, wait.
- If you're lying to me...

She's got a weapon.

I'll keep eyes till you breach.

I'm gonna cut your freaking heart out.

Understand, bitch?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


- Chicago PD!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Everybody put your guns down.

Everybody relax. Let's stay calm.

All right, Alexa,

I'm Sergeant Hank Voight
and I'm putting my gun away.

I'm here to help you. Take it easy.

Look, obviously...
there's nowhere to go, okay?

So let's you and I figure
out a peaceful solution...

you and me.

This is entrapment. I didn't do anything.

Nobody is saying you did, okay?

Now Alexa, just put the...
put the knife down.

- I will cut this bitch!
- Okay, relax.

- I'll cut you, bitch!
- Come on... hey, hey, hey.


Alexa, put the knife down,

walk outside,
we'll have a conversation here.

- I want my lawyer first.
- Okay.

Okay, I'll get you your lawyer,

but you have to let Karla go first.


Do you know how much
I've done for this girl?

Remember how much I've done for you?

She was homeless.

I took her off the streets.


And now she's confused.
You've poisoned her against me.

Alexa... I hear you,

but we gotta focus on right now, okay?

I'm willing to work with you, okay?

But we gotta build trust.
The best way to do that

is to let Karla go.

You don't get it. Karla's a victim.

She's mentally ill.

She makes up stories
to protect herself to survive.

You can't believe anything she says.

We know that.

We know... and it all works
in your favor.


Now, don't blow it. Be smart.
Come on, let her go.

It's the only way.

Come on, Alexa. Put the knife down.

Put it down. Let her go.

- Hey, hey, hey... look at me.

It's over... it's over. Walk to me.

Put the knife down... come on.

Put the... put the knife down, now.

Now, walk to me.

Karla, no!

Drop the knife!

5021 Eddie... we have a stabbing victim.

Roll an ambulance to 1360 State Street

right now... right now.

Copy that.

Ambo dispatched.

- Sarge.
- Yeah?

Alexa didn't make it.

Get the knife to the Crime Lab.

Yeah, it's on its way.

What do you wanna do with Karla?

Anybody looks at that video is gonna know

Alexa wasn't armed.

What video?

I just heard from the Crime Lab.

They dismantled the knife
Karla used to kill Alexa

and they found Ruby's DNA in the hilt.

All right, good, so that case is closed.


I need to know your assessment of Rojas.


She went off book twice.

Her instincts were right,
but one day they won't be.

You live by your instincts,
eventually you die by them.

Or someone else does.


So, it's a no?


So you really did
get burnt with a cigarette.

Something like that.

You know,

Platt said they
couldn't give me a locker...

said there were some issues.

Pretty sure that's not a good sign.

Look, Vanessa.

The way they jammed you
into Intelligence...

they didn't do you any favors.

I was also in deep undercover.

Transition's a bitch.

You live by your lights,
your instincts...

because that's how you survive.

But here?

It's a different game.

It's about teamwork and trust.

And it takes time.

I get it.

Thank you.

I hope we can stay
in touch, if that's cool.

Yeah, we'll keep in touch.

We're gonna be working together.

- What are you talking about?
- You're in.

I'm in?

Yeah, Voight just signed off on you.

We just have one final hurdle.

Platt says you didn't
fill out your address.

No, I'll... I'll do that.

You don't have an address, do you?

Not yet.

They pulled me out
of my undercover apartment.

I just haven't had time
to look for a new place.

Honestly, with this job,

you're not gonna have any
free time any time soon, so...

Why don't you stay with me?

You mean that?

Yeah, we'll work it out.

Let's go.