Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - Brother's Keeper - full transcript

A murder in a Bulgarian neighborhood results in a challenging investigation when locals won't talk to police. Ruzek has a clash with a patrol officer.

- What?
- Nothing.

It's just that we just
started this shift

and that's your second one.

What are you, the coffee police now?

No, I'm just saying.

All this caffeine you're drinking

is starting to explain a lot, though.

What's the drill today?

Mm, Albany Park.

Voight wants us to knock on some doors,

see if we can't find any witnesses

to that string of home invasions.

Oh, right.

One of my homies at patrol
told me about this.

Uh, two guys masked up, silver SUV.

Yeah, apparently last night's hit

was the third one this week.

Crawford's nervous enough about it,

he wants Intelligence to take over.

- So here we go.
- We can do that.

Mm, for the record,

I don't have a problem with coffee.

- I have problem without coffee.
- Copy that.

Let's go.

- Here you go.
- Thanks, Sarge.

- Okay.
- Ah, damn.

Sorry about that, sir.

- It's all right.
- There's coffee on my floor.

- You gonna clean that up?
- Yes, ma'am.

What'd you do now?

Oh, it's all right. Just
had a little spill.

Nah, that ain't okay.

He's the worst recruit I've ever had.

Get something and clean this up.

- Yes, sir.
- Now!

Y-yes, sir.

Ah, man, it was just an accident.

Think you're being a
little tough on the kid.

No, I ain't.

Look, everybody has
the right to be dumb.

That kid abuses that
privilege, know what I mean?


I remember the time.

I'm telling you, dog,

you definitely gotta do it that way.

It's stress... ah-ah-ah...
recovery, more stress.

Make them tough, dog.

Doesn't make them tough, though, really.

I mean, you know, the blues
don't need your approval.

I'm not saying that
they need my approval.

I just don't like the
bullying of recruits.

See? It's not bullying.

But I understand why you'd say that

because you didn't have to do the dance,

so you don't like the moves.

Shot fired in the 3000 block

of South Wells Street, Albany Park.

That's two blocks away.

50-21 Ida, we're close by.

We're gonna roll on that
job in plain clothes.

Help me, please!

I need help!

- Stop, stop!
- Please!

- Hands up.
- Stay right there.

- Put your hands up!
- Stay right there.

You stay right there.

I got him, I got him, I got him.

Are you hit, huh? You cut?

No, it's not mine!
It's my uncle's blood!

He's been shot!

50-21 David, we need backup and an ambo

to the 3000 block of Wells Street.

Where's the shooter? Is he still inside?

No, there were two guys!

They robbed us and shot my uncle!

Which way did they go?

They drove off in a silver SUV

with some patches on it going that way!

Be advised: silver SUV
fled this location.

Vehicle matches the description

from the earlier Albany
Park crime broadcast.

- Okay, where's your uncle?
- Inside our restaurant!

All right, you stay right there.

You get him, and I need you
to go around the back!


Chicago PD!

- Clear.
- Clear.

- Right, right, right.
- Okay.


He's still breathing.
You clear the place.

- I got him, all right?
- I got it, I got it.

Sir, my name is Officer Ruzek.

We got an ambulance on the way.

Hey, just keep breathing, all right?


Is that... is that who shot you?

Say it again.

- Ah, I don't understand...
- How we looking?

Kev, where is the ambo?

Squad, what's the ETA on ambo?

Hey, listen, do you speak English?

Can you tell me in English?
Tell me the name.

- Come on, man, come on.
- C-candle...

- Come on.
- C-candles...

Damn it.

All right, we're running
point on this now,

so what do we got?

Victim's name is Nikolay Lukov.

He had just opened the place up.

He was tallying receipts in here

when a couple guys came
in and they robbed him.

And like the previous
robberies in the area,

the offenders fled in a silver SUV

with patches on the side.

Looks like they've gone
from hitting residences

to hitting restaurants now.

How much they get?

Owner said there was about 14 grand

being prepared for deposit.

Any witnesses?

No other employees were here,
but we do have the owner's son.

17 years old. His name is Peter.

He actually flagged us down.

He said when he walked
up, the offenders fled

and he did catch a
glimpse of one of them

when they took their ski mask off.

Described him as male, white, 30s.

All right, we bag his
hands, do a GSR test?

Yep, it came back clean.

All right, so let's canvass the
neighborhood for witnesses.

Grab POD footage,

and check all suspicious persons

in service clothes too.

Maybe somebody saw the
offenders casing the place.

Copy that.

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

- So can I take him home now?
- All right, listen...

- What's up, boss?
- Oh, listen, this is Vasil.

He owns the place.

His... his brother was the victim.

Oh, I'm very sorry for your loss.


Uh, I understand my brother
said something in Bulgarian.

Yeah, um, look, I'm
definitely butchering it,

but it was "koopi-she-something."

Sorry, I can't understand that.

"Koopi-she-Chevy," maybe?
Something like that?

When I asked him to say it in English,

I think I heard him whisper
the word "candles."

Was it...

Yeah, that sounds about right.

- Yeah.
- Okay, what's that mean?

It means, uh, "Buy yourself candles."

Okay, why do you think he'd say that?

It's an old phrase.

Um, loses something in translation,

but it's about forgiveness.

I'll ask around, see if
anybody saw anything.

Well, that's all right. My
people are all over that.

Most of us around here
are from the Balkans,

Sergeant Voight.

If anyone in this
neighborhood saw anything,

they wouldn't share it with you.

Well, this isn't the Balkans.

Chicago's a little different.

Is it?

Let's go.

All right, where we at on this?

We knocked on a few doors, came up dry.

You would have thought that
somebody would have looked

out the window or heard
the shots or something,

but nobody saw anything.

Or if they did, they ain't sharing.

All right, so street PODs?

Most of them have been vandalized,

made inoperable by the locals.

Patrol did say this
neighborhood is notorious

for not cooperating.

It's been like that for years.

All right, I'm gonna go
back, talk to this Vasil.

Encourage him to work with us.

Meanwhile, looks like
we're back at square one,

so let's restart at the beginning.

Hey, I just got a call

from a CI who's been asking around.

He said he got word that a
silver SUV with patches

was just dropped off at
an auto salvage yard

on the South Side.

Okay, well, that might be our
offender's ride right there.

All right, so you and Kev chase it.

Yo, my man.

My man, you the owner?

Nah, fam.

Let me, uh... let me go get him for you.

- Appreciate that.
- Yeah, you got it.

- Yeah.
- Kev.

You see this?

Silver SUV, Bondo patch
on the side there.

Could we be this lucky?

I think we got a winner.

We just gotta confirm it.

Convenience is king, though.


Leave it alone.

Relax, man. We're cops.

- Are you the owner?
- Yeah, I know who you are.

Now get off my property.

What's all this attitude about?

People like me being
tired of cops like you.

Listen, pal, we're
investigating a murder.

We think this vehicle might
have been involved, all right?

If you ain't got a warrant,
you need to leave.

No, we don't need a warrant to be here.

It's private property, so, yeah, you do.

My friend, you sweating the small stuff

that we don't really
care that much about.

We just want to make sure you
got the paperwork for this.

I'm not your friend.

Now leave before I file a complaint.

You got quite the lip on you, huh?

Chill, chill, chill, chill.

You know there's too much heat on you.

We got him.

All right, then.

It's not a problem. We'll come back.

I'm gonna see you again.

You'd better have a warrant if you do.

- What's this?
- Vasil asked for it.

Well, thank you.

- My people talk to you yet?
- Not yet.

I heard someone was coming by in a few,

but I don't know anything.

Well, they're gonna want
to talk to you anyway.


She's a good-looking girl, am I right?

Seems nice.

My son... she's too old for him,

but it doesn't stop him from trying.

How's he doing? Is he okay?

He was close to Nikolay,

so that wound won't heal for many years.

To my brother's memory.

- What is that?
- Rakia.

It's meant to be sipped.

That's good to know.

- Let me ask you something...
- Yeah.

How are we supposed to help you...

or anybody in this neighborhood...

if no one's willing to talk to us?

If someone saw something
that would help,

I'd know about it.

No, if someone sees something,

they talk to us, not you.

I'm... I'm afraid that's not
how this neighborhood works.

I told you the first time we met:

people here are guarded.

They come from an ex-Communist state.

They don't trust the police
and their street cameras.

They have had their fill of both.

So let's change that.

Fine, then it starts with us.

Listen, Vasil, this kind of thing

doesn't happen in a vacuum, okay?

Somebody had to eyeball this place

before they robbed it.

So if any of your employees
haven't been interviewed yet,

we need to do that, not you.



All right, here's our guy.

Jagoff's going mobile.

50-21 David to unit standing by,

suspect vehicle is westbound
from the location.

If you see a violation, shake him.

21-13, copy that. We got you covered.

Let's go.

- Any luck?
- Yeah, had a .380.

Idiot tried to tuck it
underneath the seat

when I walked up.

All right.

You just made up for spilling my coffee.

I didn't really do too much, sir.

Sure about that?

'Cause you're the one writing the paper.

Hey, enjoy that paperwork.

Pay attention.

Yes, sir.

- Hi.
- Oh, this is entrapment.

Well, you play stupid games,
you win stupid prizes.

Here's the deal: you tell
me about the crushed SUV

and I'm gonna forget about the fact

that you're chopping up stolen rides.

No, you can forget it.

I ain't telling you or your boy
nothing about my business.

- "My boy"?
- You calling me a boy?

Yeah, consider me "not woke."

Yo, yo, yo, yo, you watch your mouth.

You wanna play with me?

You spit on me, huh? Huh?

What'd I tell you about stupid games?

- All right, okay!
- You wanna play with me?


The next thing I hear out of your mouth

are some answers, yeah?

- All right!
- All right.

Oh, damn.

It... it was a white dude, all right?

I'd never seen him before.

Didn't get a look at his face.

He gave me a grand to crush the car.

Okay, any papers?

No, the plates and VIN
were already removed.

And that's all I know, I swear!

- How'd he leave?
- Uh, Uber or Lyft.

He was using an app.

- Was that so hard?
- Hey.

I'm sorry I put hands on him.
You see what he did?

You know, he's got a
little split on his lip.

All good, no big deal. So what now?

Well, he gave us workable information,

so I think we just kick him.

Might as well.

- Nah, can't do that.
- You mean seriously?

Seriously. Cruz saw how it went down.

Gotta take him down,
book him for the gun.

Well, the split lip.

I mean, we're chasing this murder.

I don't have time to write up paper.

Okay, we'll say the recruit did it.

Got clumsy putting the
offender in the back seat.

That what happened, Leavins?

- Sir?
- That what happened?

Uh, yes, sir.

No, I'm just gonna write up the paper.

- It's fine.
- No, we got this.

Go ahead and do your case.

He doesn't know what he's agreeing to.

Kid, you sure you're
all right with this?

Bruh, he is.

I asked him, not you.

- And I'm speaking for him.
- We got this.

Listen, if I ask him a question,

you don't get to answer
it for him, all right?

What is your problem?

I don't have a problem, all right?

But I don't like putting
people in situations

that they don't want to be in.

Okay, you know what?

Screw it, I'll write the damn paper.

But you need to mind your own business.

How I treat and train my recruit

don't have anything to do with you.

Bruh, your guy.

- Who's this guy?
- Gregory Barnes.

He's 26, no criminal record.

We think this is the guy
that dropped off the SUV.

It was his Uber account
that requested the pick-up

at the auto salvage yard.

He got family, work ties to Albany Park?

None that we can find.

Let's bring him in.

Hey, I need a word.


Guy with the bloody lip is filing a CR.

- What?
- Really, for that?

Yeah, his lawyer's
making a lot of noise.

All right, well, did... did
you file the report?

Yeah, and I made myself the hero,

which means I'm the only one that lied.

All right, listen, man, I
didn't mean for that...

Well, it happened,

and the recruit didn't get
dirty writing the report,

which means he has no
incentive to back me up.

You think he'll roll?

He's a recruit, bruh. What you think?

Catches a beef, gets caught lying,

he's off the job for good.

No recourse.

There a problem?

No, boss.

All right, what's the hold up?

- Let's go.
- We're right behind you.

Look, I already asked
Platt to try to fix this.

If she can't, stick to
what's in the report.

It's our word against the suspect

and the recruit's.

So you seriously... you don't think

we should have our FOP reps
on standby just in case?

I think we sit tight.

Platt says she's got it.

You know she runs it with
the blue and whites.

Sergeant, we're trying
to get patrol out here

to cover the back, but
no one's acknowledging.

Yeah, well, we don't have time to wait,

so let's go in and get Barnes.

50-21 Ida, requesting a few units

to our location.

Non-emergency backup.

Any units, come back.

- Is this a joke?
- That's our guy right there.

Yep, that's Barnes.

Let's go.

We got eyes on Barnes.

Walking through the parking
lot of the building.

We're gonna grab him up.

Gregory Barnes.

Chicago PD.

- He's running.
- We got a runner.

- Gun, gun, gun!
- Got it!

Hands behind your back.

Anyone hear sirens?

'Cause I don't.

Come on.

Why'd patrol screw us
not rolling backup?

I don't know, I might
have caused an issue.

- Do I need to get involved?
- No, I'm gonna handle it.

All right, good. Do that.


Look, I don't know what
you're talking about,

all right? I didn't rob anybody.

Then why were you carrying a gun?

Protection. It's a tough neighborhood.

What about the SUV you dumped
at the auto salvage yard?

What about it?

I mean, some guy sold it to me cheap.

It was a bucket that was barely running.

Worth more in scrap metal.

You see, that's funny,

because the guy at the salvage yard

said it was you that paid him,
not the other way around.

Well, he's lying.

So what's the name of
the guy you sold it to?

I dunno, some black dude.

Never seen him before or since.

Of course not.


They ain't just robberies
once a man dies.

You understand?

So if you weren't the shooter,

now's your chance to speak your piece.

No more questions. I want a lawyer.

Okay, anything else?

I mean, Barnes grew up in Chicago,

but since he's got no criminal record,

there's no associates in our database.

The guy flies under the radar.

There's no social media
footprint either.

- And the gun he tossed?
- Not reported stolen.

And the ballistics doesn't match,

so unless we can tie him
down on the robbery

in a more specific
way, we've got nothing

but a misdemeanor gun charge on him.

- Huh.
- What about Vasil's son?

I mean, he said he saw one of them

taking off his mask.

All right, arrange for a lineup.

All right, take your time.

If you need to see him in profile,

we can do that for you.

Okay, Peter?

So it's one of them?

That's for him to tell us.


I'm just not sure.

Well, there's no rush.
We got plenty of time.

Have a look.

I don't...

I just don't see the guy.

I'm just not sure.

It's okay.

You tried.

Boss, I found something interesting

when I was transcribing the
restaurant employee statements.

Vasil's bartender, Chelsea Roberts,

shared the same street
address as Barnes,

an apartment complex
over in Canaryville.

Well, that's huge.

It was years ago

and they lived in separate
apartments, but...

- But they knew each other.
- Huh?

Take a look at Chelsea Roberts'

social media account.

This is her with Barnes
like three months ago.

Huh, call down to Trudy.
Put a hold on Barnes.

Have Halstead and Upton bring her in.

Hey, Sarge, we need to
put a hold on Barnes.

How long ago?

All right, thank you. He
bonded out an hour ago.

All right, you and Kev go grab him.

Nice work, Rojas.

Yeah, this is Kev. Tell
Voight we came up dry.

Barnes isn't at home, but
we'll track him down.

All right.

Landlord said Barnes stopped by,

grabbed a few things,
and then he took off.

Well, that man ain't stupid.
He know we on his ass.

Yeah, she also said she's
looking out her window,

she sees a suspicious white guy

sitting in his car watching Barnes.

Could be the partner in crime.

Yeah, one would think,

except Barnes didn't seem
to know he was there.

Barnes takes off, car follows.

Why am I here? What's going on?

Why don't you tell us
about Gregory Barnes?


I... it doesn't sound familiar.

Doesn't sound familiar?

Why are you draped all
over him in that picture?

Somebody had to tell
Barnes and his partner

who the Albany Park targets
would be, Chelsea.

And a bartender in a place like that

probably heard a lot of
locals bragging about stuff.

I don't know what you're talking about.

A man has died, Chelsea.

Are you sure you want to keep
playing this game with us?

I didn't know anyone would be killed.

- But they were.
- I...

I shouldn't have told him
about the... the money

that the owner kept at the restaurant,

but Peter kept bragging

about how well the place
was doing and I...

And I was scared...

for the future.

Yours or his?

The baby's.

Chelsea, you're pregnant?

Eight weeks.

The best thing you can do for
that child and for yourself

is just tell us everything.

I... I want to, but I think

I should probably just get a lawyer.

Sure, you can do that.

We can't help you after that, though,

so it's up to you.

I... I can't go to jail.

You're gonna go to jail, Chelsea,

but what you say to us now
will make a big difference

as to how much time
you're gonna spend there.

When's the last time you
saw Barnes, Chelsea?

- Body.
- Clear.

- Clear.
- Clear!

No sign of forced entry,

so the shooter probably
knocked on the door.

Smart move hitting him here.

There's usually no cameras
in a place like this.

Yeah, but why kill him?

Partner probably got
nervous after the arrest.

Waits outside Barnes' apartment,

follows him to a seedy motel,
pops him, ties off the caper.

All right, well, let's
get the techs in here.

Hopefully they can find some prints

and we can untie this thing.

- Hey, you got a minute?
- Oh, for you, Trudy?

I think I got ten. What's up?

Uh, you picked up a complaint
on a training officer

by the name of Werner.

Yeah, I did.

I haven't had a chance to
give the file a read yet.

- What's your interest?
- He's one of mine.

Good police.

Intelligence walled off
the arrest to him.

If you dig too deep, others
are in the line of fire.

- It'll get messy.
- These things always do.

So can we police our own?
Maybe make this go away?

"Go away"?

No, not if there's any substance to it.

This guy's lawyer,

he's gonna want to get
his pound of flesh.


We've got history, you and I.

Best I can offer...

and I'm only floating
this because of that...

low-ball plea.

Let me know what that would consist of.

I'll see what I can do.

All right, what do we got?

The techs couldn't find
any comparable prints

in the motel room.

Ballistics confirmed that
it's a 9-millimeter,

but it doesn't match any in the system.

So nothing.

- I might have something.
- Okay.

I took a deep dive into
Barnes' cell records.

Figured if he's got a new
friend like Chelsea said,

that number would have
just started popping out

on his cell phone.

- You get a name?
- Yes.

Jack Cranston.

Recently paroled from
Stateville for armed robbery.

Exchanged gunfire with cops
last time they arrested him.

All right, let's get his address

from his parole officer.

I want a confirmed visual
before we grab him.

You got anything?

Nah, negative. No sign of him yet.

Hey, we've lost the eye.

There's a delivery truck that
just landed and blocked us.

Does it look like he's
gonna stick around?

Nah, just dropping off.
His hazards are on.

Is that Cranston?

I... I can't tell.

Let us know if you want us to do a pass.

No, that'll take too long.
I'm just gonna do a walk by.

All right, Hailey's
stepping out on foot.

She's gonna get a visual.

It's Cranston. We should move on him.

Get down, get down!

- Stop, stop, stop, stop!
- 10-1, 10-1!

- Shots fired at the police!
- Get out of the car.

Out of the car.

Get around back, get around back!

- Get down!
- Get down, get down!

Stay down! Stay down, stay down!



Stay down, stay down!

Moving! Back, back, back!

Cover me, cover me!

- I got you, I got you.
- CPD, I got you, I got you.


Come on, come on.

Where the hell's patrol?

We need backup! We're
still being fired on!

I'm moving! I'm moving!


Cranston, Chicago PD!

Come out with your hands up!
You're done!

Drop your weapon and step out!



- Son of a bitch.
- What?

Bro, what you got? No containment?

He's gone.

- Anything?
- No, nothing.

We've done a thorough grid search.

- How'd he break containment?
- There was none.


You do realize that if patrol
had actually rolled on this,

we would have the son
of a bitch right now?

I know.

Look, whatever this is
between you and them,

just put it to bed, and do it fast.

Yes, sir.


- What's up, Sarge?
- We need to end this crap.

Okay, but I never told
anyone not to roll

when Intelligence needed backup.

You didn't have to.

They did it out of respect for you.

I talked to IAD.

Plead to unreported force

and you'll only get a
three-day suspension.

If I do that, I lose my
training officer status.

Better I take the chance the
recruit sticks to the report.

- And if he doesn't?
- Werner, he's a recruit.

They're gonna press him
hard, and guess what?

He probably can't stand you,
so why would he be willing

to put his career on the line for this?

Look, I shouldn't be in this position.

But you are.

- What's this?
- It's from Ruzek.

There's a week's pay in there.

It is more than enough
to cover the three days,

and after you do 'em, you
contest the judgment.

By then, eye will be off
this and IAD will clear it.

Listen to me, Werner:

it's gonna take a bit,

but I can make you whole
on this if you let me.

I will, and thanks.

But this Ruzek guy showed me no respect.

Thinks he's a big shot
'cause he works upstairs.

We're both blue. Why's he get a pass?

Okay, what do you need?

I gotta go.

- Vasil, thank you.
- Is there news?

We realize this is a bad time,

but we'd like to show some
photos to Peter, please.

Look, we're trying to build a case

against the second member
of the robbery crew.

An ID from Peter would solidify it.

It's important.

Hey, Peter.

They want to show you some pictures.

All right, why don't
you just take a look?

We think, uh, one of these guys
might be the second robber.

Any of them look like the guy
that pulled up the ski mask?

I'm not sure.

Just take your time. Why
don't you look again?

Don't recognize them.


Go check on your aunt. Thank you.

- Anything else?
- No.

I know how hard this is, but...

is he okay?

He thinks it's his fault
my brother's dead,

that his mouth brought
us this misfortune.

So the answer's no.

He's not okay.

None of us are.

- Sarge, take a look at this.
- What do you got?

I pulled the POD footage to find out

how in the hell Cranston
broke containment.

- You zoom in on the plate?
- I did.

It's registered to a woman
named Gina Morales.

She and the car resurface yet?

No, and the GPS is disabled.

So he's still got her.

Think so. I put out a BOLO.

Yeah, and check her home address.

See if someone has her number.
We can ping and track her cell.

Yeah, good.

You ever had to do a
notification like this?

It's never easy to tell somebody,

"Hey, your loved one's been kidnapped."

Maybe we won't have
to. Isn't that her car?

It is.

All right, so either he let her go

and she was too scared
to report it, or...

Cranston's in the house.

Take the back, I got the front.

It's him! Let's go!

Don't move! Drop the weapon!

Drop the weapon!

Make me do it.

Smart move. Walk down the stairs.

On your knees.

On your knees!



This is Officer Rojas with Chicago PD.

- Oh, my God.
- You're safe.

Oh, my God, thank you.

Armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder.

- That's a felony trifecta.
- "Murder"?

Sit down.

Look, I don't know what he told you,

but it was Barnes that
shot that old man, not me.

- Barnes? Barnes...
- Sit down!

Look, you don't believe it,
put me in a cell with him.

I'll wear a wire.

You can hear it with your own ears.

The hell are you talking...

you want to be in a cell with Barnes?

Yeah, he's an idiot.

He panicked.

Gun went off when he was trying
to push the old man away.

I mean, Christ, I had to tell him

to get rid of the gun
after he'd used it!

He was gonna hold onto the damn thing.

Oh, come on!

Don't... don't play me for stupid!

I know you picked him up yesterday.

You're trying to tell me it
wasn't you followed Barnes

from the motel after he made bail?

What are you talking about?

Look, either this guy
is a hell of an actor

or he really doesn't
know Barnes is dead.

Maybe he doesn't.

His cell phone GPS puts him at home

during the time of Barnes' murder.

You're sure about that?

Yeah, she's right.

You said the landlord saw
a guy stalking Barnes

right after he bailed out.

Yeah, but we couldn't
confirm with the footage

from the street PODs
outside Barnes' apartment.

There was no sign of
Cranston or his car.

Well, maybe we're not
looking for Cranston.

Let's pull all POD footage
from in and around that motel.

I let myself in.

Dad, is everything okay?

Go upstairs.

I said go upstairs.

What's this about?

Your brother's last words.

"Buy yourself candles," right?

See, I think he meant it as a curse.

Like, candles for your funeral.

He wasn't asking for forgiveness.

It was a plea for vengeance, right?

He was dying.

What type of man
wouldn't want vengeance?

I just found that under
Peter's mattress.

It's a 9-millimeter.

Same caliber used to kill Barnes.

What's the chance the
ballistics will match?

It's mine.

Then why would you put it
under Peter's mattress?

You want a confession,
I'll give you one.

It's my gun.

I'm the one who killed that man.

But you didn't. Your son did.

Peter did recognize
Barnes in that lineup.

He just said he didn't
because he wanted revenge,

to earn back your respect.

I've already told you,

I'm the one who did it,

and you got no evidence
my son is involved.

Vasil, I got POD footage of Peter...

sitting in his car...

A block from the motel
where Barnes was murdered.

A man's dead, Vasil.

I can't just ignore that.


Is Chicago worse because of it?


this is on me.

Even though I didn't pull the trigger,

I'm the one responsible.

Come on.

Hey, Hank? Can I have a sidebar?

Give me a minute, Jay. I'll catch up.

What do you got?

I couldn't completely
resolve the Ruzek issue.

Werner has an ask that is
way beyond my paygrade.

Tell me.

"I was born for the storm and
the calm does not suit me."

You ever hear that saying?


Well, is that what this is, Adam?

You just can't take the calm?

I don't know, boss. I'm sorry.

Thought I could handle it.

But you didn't.

This thing between you and patrol...

it has got to end.

I know, I want it to.

- I mean, I'll do anything.
- Yeah?

Well, that's good to know.

Follow me.

Oh, God.

You know, Werner's losing his badge

for three days over this.

I know, I know.

I gave him money to try and
take the sting off that.

Yeah, well, he wants
more than your money.

Are you serious?

It's about respect.

He's a big guy, Sarge.


You're not asking me
to lose this, are you?