Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 18 - Lines - full transcript

Intelligence does everything they can to build a case against the elusive leader of a drug ring, but things get complicated when Rojas realizes someone she cares about might be involved.

Detective Tierney.

Officer Ruzek, Intelligence.

Your sergeant's with our body.

Or, well, what's left of it.

Body popped as indexed with
the case you're working.

Victim's connected
to Gael Rodriguez.

Yeah, the guy's a head of a
drug trafficking organization.

Yeah, I know who he is.

Worked him for three years
with Narcotics.

Guy brought in 1,000 kilos
of dope a month

and we couldn't find a way
to touch him.

Follow the smell.

- And I take it no witnesses.
- Nope.

A couple of junkies broke in
to party.

- They found her.
- Boss...

Acid hadn't fully dissolved
her skull yet

so we managed to pull
the ID from a serial number

off a dental implant.

She's Isabel Peña.

- Gael's girlfriend.
- Yep.

Guessing she stepped
out of line.

He got rid of her.
Same old story.

There's no way
you're pulling Gael's DNA.

No, it's a stroke
of high junkie luck

that we even got her identity.

There's not a chance
we can pin it to Gael,

but we are definitely gonna try.

I'll keep you looped if
there's anything you can use.

- Appreciate it, Hannah.
- Hey, Voight...

- Huh?
- You guys anywhere on him?

We're getting a foothold.

We're working his number two,
a guy named TJ.

Well, I suppose life on
drug charges is something, huh?

Hey, I want that deal set now.

Atwater and Rojas are with TJ.

They're trying,
but the guy's a handful.

- I don't care.
I want it set tonight.

Get TJ, you get him to flip,

and you get Gael off the street.

Come on, TJ.

How many more times
we gotta dance for you

to tell you that we're good
for it?

Maria, you know who
I work for, right?

So you know the product's good.

So I think the two of you
are gonna sit here

long as I want,
until I feel all right.

If this guy's any more careful,

I'm gonna blow my brains out.

You know, if I worked for Gael,

I'd be the same way.

Yes, but we've already given
you 10% on top of the four.

That's more money than
we've ever given anybody

and that's only because

we wanna do this with you
long haul.

All right, 12% uptick
for a test run,

- then we talk.
- Hell no.

I'm not doing this with you
no more, bro.

It's 12 then 10,
and that's now or not at all.

But if you wanna make us
sit here and play with us

and try to have
a pissing contest

just because your boss
got a big product,

I can walk my black ass
up out of here.

I'm gonna go grab another drink.

Whoa, what the hell
is she doing?

- See?
About time to wrap it up

when she can't control herself.

- Hey.
- What's going on, Vee?

What are you doing here?

You said you were
working tonight.

- Well, I got off work early.
I'm just trying to get drunk.

- Oh, you're doing it wrong.
Who ya... who ya here with?

No, no, just work people.

Yeah, the halfway house
is having drunk night

at Perro Locos now?

- Funny.
We didn't bring the alcoholics.

You want whiskey?
Hey, can we get some whiskey?

Halfway house?

What the hell
are they talking about?

- Who is this guy?
- I don't know.

- I've never seen him before.
- No, no, no, no.

I wanna know what
this whole Vanessa Rojas

hyped-out-of-her-mind thing is
you've got going on.

What are you talking about?

Why you look like a shaky dog

who about to piss the carpet?

Look, I'm just... I'm just
surprised to see you here.

Whoever he is,
he just used her real name.

We gotta give 'em an out.
We should pull 'em.

He can blow her cover.

If we pull 'erm,
we risk losing the buy.

She can handle it.
She can do it.

- Who you here with?
- Just work friends.

Yeah, yeah, I wanna...
I wanna meet him.

That's one way to do it.

What are you doing?

- Atwater set the buy?
- Yep.

Buy's all set.
You gave him enough time.

So, who was that?

- Uh, just a guy I know.
- Mm-hmm.


- Ex?
Looked more like current.

Yeah, I mean,
it's on again, off again.

Ex might be more accurate.

We just... we kind of fall
back into it a lot.

Hmm, so he's still in your life.

Yeah, you know,
he's like family.

He doesn't seem
to know you're a cop.

Vanessa, you've told
the people in your life

you're a cop, right?

I-I don't really have
a lot of people.

Just him, really, and no.

He's got no idea I'm a cop.


Our scene is clean.

Detective Ray called it perfect.

We got nothing.

That's 12 suspected bodies
on Gael,

including his own cousin.

All right,
take it from the top again.

All right, our main target
today is Gael Rodriguez.

He's a middleman between
cartels and gangs.

He sells mass quantities
of drugs

to west side gang factions.

As we know, Gael is smart, okay?

He doesn't leave a footprint.

Doesn't touch the guns
or the product.

Keeps his hands clean,
hard as hell to pin,

but last night I think
we got a way in.

TJ Trevino is set for a buy.

TJ confirmed he'd sell
four kilos as a test run.

The buy is set today,
3:00 p.m.

So money and drugs
exchange hands,

we grab TJ, flip him for Gael.

Jay, I want you and Hailey
taking the lead on this one.

Just remember, I mean,

we're running this guy
for drugs,

but our objective
is to end the violence.

Stay light.

Copy that.

- Forty minutes.
- There's lots of glass.

Think he's got eyes?

All right,
let's pull back a bit.

Switch your positions.
Loosen things up.

Rojas, Kev,
are we missing something?

No, I don't think so.

Plan was he'd post
his car up one side,

we'd pull the other,

switch keys inside the building.

Hand to hand.

I've got no movement
up front, guys.

There's nothing out back.

If the car was here,
it arrived before we got here.

Kev, why don't you
give him a call?


- It ain't happening.
Deal's off.

That's no bueno because
we already set the deal.

Now, if you wanna renegotiate
because you don't like

where the money is,
you let me know that.

Boss said no new partners.

- What do I have to do, TJ?
Get to know the boss?

Does the boss have
to get to know me?

Do I have to babysit his kids?

Let me know what I have to do
to make it work.

- No, that ain't how it works.
He said no.

Deal's dead.


Game over.

Son of a bitch.

- Atwater pressed him.
TJ held strong.

- He get burned?
- I don't think so.

- I don't think he ever showed.
- Huh.

Look, maybe Gael smelled
something was off

or TJ was talking game
he couldn't back up.

Either way, no new partners
means we're dead on undercover.

Gael just killed his girlfriend.

He's probably laying low,

We've seen guys
like this before.

What happened is
Gael's good at his job.

Betting we can make
all this sound

like we've exhausted
all options.

You thinking Title Three?

We get one,
we'll do a full-scale wire.


Have you ever done
a wire investigation?


- Welcome home.
You live here now.

All right,

we don't have nearly enough
for a warrant on Gael.

The judge agreed that we do
have enough for a Title Three

on TJ's burner,

so that's where
this wire's gonna start.

We'll listen
to every call he makes,

every word he says.

Then we build.

No organization can move
this much product

without a trace to their boss.

There's 1,000 paths up and down.

TJ will lead us to them.

Everything might be something.

Who TJ talks to, who he calls,

who calls him,
the women he's screwing,

his baby mamas,

the side chick he thinks
no one knows about.

Every person he meets with.

Every potential buyer
he shakes hands with.

They all become part
of the wire.

The bars he's drinking at.

Corners where he smokes.

All the cars he's ever driven
to get there.

The place he buys
his cigarettes,

his gas, his coffee.

We set up audio and video
everywhere this guy goes,

and every time TJ meets, looks,

thinks about his boss Gael.

We do this right,

we build from TJ
right on up to Gael,

hook him to
his entire organization,

all before he ever knows
we were there.

You know one of his girls
reamed him out today

for missing
four doctors appointments.

She ain't wrong.

He smokes five packs a day.

And what does he do?

Hangs up on her
and chain smokes ten tabs.


Ooh, we got movement.

Here go the big boss.

Yep, that's Gael.

Every time.

We can't get this man
close enough to anything

to get him on a mic.

Everything about him is smart.

You look at him,

you'd never think
he sells cartel dopem

kills anyone who breaks a rule.

- Hell of a double life.
- Mm-hmm.

- I need a protein refill.
You want one?

No, I'm good.

- All right, I'll be back.
Look alive.


What are you talking about?

Seven days, huh?

You know, I've been taking bets
how many days you were

gonna avoid me this time.

I've been busy at work.

Yeah, that's a boring lie.


Sober light of morning, then.

Or you were, uh, seeing somebody

and you didn't want me to think
that we were gonna start up.

You know, if a girl avoids you,

- sometimes it's just about you.
- Eh.


I didn't wanna
confuse your little brain.

I kissed you 'cause of
the cheap beer and bad weed.


Yeah, I'm not
starting things up.

That's good.

'Cause I was gonna
say no anyway.

- Sure.
That felt like a no.


Since when are you hanging
at Perro Loco, anyway?

You know, friends from work
say nothing good

- happens out of there.
- I know that.

And they say it's used
for running deals.

- You into something?
- No.

I'm not into anything.

Then since when
are you hanging there?

Since when are you?

All right, all right,
so let me get this straight.

Uh, a guy you're seeing
from work

is whispering in your ear,

and now you think
I'm out hustling?

If you were,

I think the guys there aren't
exactly run a dime,

get a dime.
I mean, they sound legit.

Listen, if somebody wants
a car disappeared,

guess who they go to?

- You sure you're not running...
- What are you doing?

I mean, I just gave you
your answer

to a question you don't even
have a right asking me.


You haven't asked me
something like that

since I got out.

Three years inside, remember?

- This wasn't part of the deal.
- I said okay.

So we got Gael's cars
and his address,

but so far he's not doing
anything incriminating

on the wire.
The more intel we gather,

it's pretty clear
that he keeps himself clean.

He trusts his men.
He goes to them directly.

It's TJ who meets
with all the buyers.

Schmoozes them up,
oversees all the drug deals.

Yeah, it seems like the only
time he gets directly involved

is when a buyer needs
a big re-up.

So TJ needs Gael's order
to approve it.


Then you're looking
at tickling the wire,

force Gael to approve something?

Yeah, that's what we're hoping.

All right, so who's
our best bet to do it?

I think we like Tyrell Young.

He's a buyer for TJ

and they've been meeting
pretty often.

Tyrell runs a dope stretch
in the Wild Hundreds.

Okay, so we flood
the area with buys,

dry it out,

and force this Tyrell to make

a massive reorder of dope,

And then we'll wait for TJ
to get Gael's approval.

- I like it.
Listen, Hailey,

I want you to oversee all
the call logs on this wire.

We're gonna be assigned
ASA Becerra on this one.

Oh, the hard ass that worked
the Darius Walker case?

Yeah, so it's gotta be
by the book.

Everything's gotta
be documented,

pertinent and non-pertinent.

We need every minute
of every call

and video logged on this wire.

Good work.

- All right, what is this?
What's going on?

- Oh, I screwed up.
- Okay.

I need the truth so I can help.

The guy at the bar, Luis...


- He was on the wire.
He met with TJ.

He only knows TJ
through the neighborhood.

It's the cost of owning
an auto shop in Little Village.

- You didn't.
- I deleted it.

I thought it would get lost
in the log no one saw.

Not in a case like this.

Vanessa, that's obstruction.
You could go to jail.

Give me the whole truth.

I've known him
since I was eight.

- Okay.
- He's always had my back,

even when it would have been
a hell of a lot easier not to.

I owe him and he's all I've got.

These guys
are violent criminals.

How do you know he's not
involved in that or the drugs?

He would never hurt anybody,

and I asked him about the drugs.

He's a good guy.
I know him.

I know he's not involved
and I promise you

he can't get us anywhere
on that case.

Okay, I'll take care of it.

Thank you.

Next time, come to me first.


- Got eyes on buyer one.
Letting the money walk.

All right,
buyer two exchanging now.

- Copy.
I'm moving in.

Officer Gallins.

Appreciate the commitment
to the undercover persona,

but you will wash before
you re-enter my district.

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, we've seized about
a total of two bricks.

- Good.
Corners are drying out fast.

Matter of time before
they clear out completely.

- You look lovely.
- I try.

Yo, Sarge, we got him.

It worked.

Got Tyrell Young calling TJ

requesting an immediate re-up,

and then TJ calls

a burner phone
two minutes later.

It's Gael.

They like it white.

Thinking they need
three barrels to cover it.

Fine, but we do
the job in person.

Take it with Reyes.
Kid's a good painter.

Meet him at the house early.
He'll have tools.

It's solid.

It's the first time we've got
the boss giving orders.

Whole call is in code,
but we broke it down.

They're meeting tomorrow
at 1:00 p.m.

at an abandoned property
on the low end.

Only thing we don't know
is the kid Reyes.

We're guessing he's
a trusted drug runner.

"Tools" is probably traps.

Look, we get proof of this deal,

we now got Gael on the wire
showing he ordered it.

So we hit that deal, bust TJ,

use him to corroborate.

- Then we got him.
- Nice.

Runner's name was Reyes?

Yeah, we ran the name up
against all the guys we IDed

off the wire.
So far no hits.

- You all good?
- Yeah, I'm good.

- You lied to me.
- Good evening.

Hi, how are you?

You said all you do
was disappear a car.

That's not all you're doing,
is it?

I thought I made it really clear

I'm not talking to you about...
Yes, you are.

- Go home, Vanessa.
- So what is it, huh?

You running drugs
out of the shop?

- You placing traps?
- Go home.

Or are you seriously
running them yourself?

Luis Reyes
suddenly doing the job

- of an idiot 15-year-old.
- Who's talking to you?

- We know the same people!
Come on!

We don't know the same people!

Not in the same way!
Not for years!

- Who's talking to you?
- It doesn't matter.

What do you mean,
it doesn't matter?

Of course it matters!

People talk like that
and they get killed

and they could get
a bullet put in my head!

- So you are placing traps.
- Answer the question.

A coworker is dating
a guy named TJ.

He says you work for him.

I know what he does.

You wanna do this?

Let's do it.

I went to prison so you wouldn't

be standing where I am,
and I'm happy I did it.

I'd do anything for you.
You know that,

but you don't get to look at me
like I'm a failure.

I know.

But whatever it
is that you're into,

you need to lay off it.

You need to get out.


Go home, Vee.

- Sarge.

What's going on?
We have a scene or something?

I know where you just were.

We need to talk.

What's your relationship
to Luis Reyes?

- What do you mean?
- What do I mean?

Vanessa, I track mudds and tolls

on all wire investigations
in case we get burned.

One of the cars we bugged

pulled into Luis's shop tonight.

- So did yours.
- Sarge, I should've...

I know you should've,
but you didn't.

Did you?

What you did do
is a fireable offense.

Illegal, if you tipped him off.

So what's your relationship
to Luis Reyes?

I've known Luis
since I was in foster care.

We got moved around a lot
but we always managed

- to find each other again.
- Mm-hmm.

Then we aged out,
we wound up living together,

and then...

Then you got
in trouble together.

Please, there's red flags
all over your file.


- We got caught jacking cars.
- Mm-hmm.

And he took the full rap,
let me get off clean.

Did you tell him about the wire?

I didn't tell him anything.

I didn't tip him off.
I swear.

I just wanted
to get him out of it.

Look, Vanessa, believe me.

I know it's not easy,
but it is real simple.

There's a clear line
between cops and criminals.

You chose to be
on this side of it.

That was your choice.
Your call.

Nobody chased you.

You think I give a damn
about your past?

That's gonna make you
a good cop.

Maybe a great cop.

One day.

But if Luis shows up
at that buy tomorrow,

we're gonna arrest him.

It's real simple.

- We're clear?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm just gonna hope
you didn't know all of that.

I didn't know all of it,
but I knew some.

I was trying to protect her.

And that's your call to make?

I thought it was
the call you'd make.

Remember, we need
this deal to go down

so we can get Tyrell in custody,

get him to corroborate.

No one moves till I say so.

- Copy that, Sarge.
- Copy.

We got movement
on the north end.

Tyrell Young is here.

Looks like we got
a blue Subaru headed our way.

Maybe TJ's driving an unknown.

Sarge, we've got
a negative on TJ.

Reyes is alone.

- Copy that.
Wait for my word.

We got eyes on the drugs.

One, two, three bricks.

Boss, if TJ's not here
and we take one of these guys,

we might tip off the wire.

I know, but we need
to make a move now.

All right,
we're gonna limit the risk.

All right, let the drugs walk.

I repeat, let Tyrell walk.

We're gonna take Reyes alone.

Copy that.

Tyrell Young has left the scene.

Luis is on the move.

- All right, you're clear.
Take him now.

- Chicago PD!
Get out of the car!

Get out of the car now!

Get out.

On the car.

Put your hands behind your back.

Let me see your hands.

Do you have a lawyer
you'd like us to call?


Name, office if you know it,

anyone else you'd like us
to call.

I know Vanessa well.
She says you're a good guy.

Well, she can go to hell.

She's trying to help you, Luis.

Help me?

She worked me.

She put me in cuffs.
She put me here.

No, you put you here.

You just sold three kilos worth
of dope, Luis.

You are the reason you're here,
and she's trying to save you.

Yeah, I don't think
this is saving me.

- She gave you an out.
You didn't take it.

I... you know,
I get what you're doing.

You're here to talk to me
before a lawyer comes.

Yes, because
when a lawyer comes,

- I can't help you.
- I don't want your help.

Yes, you do.

You did three years in Menard
and Vanessa said

it almost killed you.

Now, I'm guessing
you don't wanna do ten years

when you can do less than one.

I get you're angry, but...

She lied to me...

for I don't even know how long.

She looked me in the face
and she lied

like I was nothing to her.

- Okay.
Be mad at her.

Be angry.
Don't be an idiot.

Don't throw your life away...

because you're pissed at her.

Pissed at her?


I don't even know her.

I can help you now.

I don't know
if I can help you later.

Do you want me to call a lawyer
or do you want a deal?

Luis gave us everything.

So he installs all the traps
for Gael's organization

and he runs drugs,
but he gets his orders from TJ.

He drops the cash
at his stash house

that Gael never
actually goes to.

Now, none of this
is useful to us,

but he usually sees Gael
and TJ after a big re-up,

usually the next day.

He said they meet
outside the bar.

Gael likes to confirm
that his cash was dropped.

As in verbal confirmation?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

All right, so get Luis
to drop the cash now,

then we'll move on
in the morning.

This is Hank Voight.

You need to get
Gael and TJ talking.

We need Gael to reference
the cash or the drugs directly.

You've explained it
to me six times.

- I get it.
- Okay.

Do that up.

How long has she worked here?

About eight months.

She was pulled from the academy.

Worked undercover
and then was placed here.

This unit is considered
the most elite in CPD.

All right, good to go.

Luis said usually
before ten, right?

He did, but he said
Gael and TJ vary.

They're late.

It's way too early to call it.

They'll be here.

Can we get another check
on TJ's vehicle?

Hasn't moved, Sarge.

Still anchored
three blocks away.

Whoa, where are
the other trackers?

What the...

- Hell no.
You gotta be kidding me.

- Sarge, we got a problem.
The cells just went down.

What do you mean,
"The cells just went down"?

They're off.

Every single one of them
just turned off

and we lost the feed
on all the trackers

except for TJ's.

The whole wire's down.

All right, somebody get me
eyes on TJ's car now.

TJ, shut off your car now!

Chicago PD!

Hailey, blood.

Looks like they found
the tracker.

- We got TJ.
He's dead.

Multiple gunshot wounds
to the head.

Look, Gael's made us.
He's tying off loose ends.

He's not coming.

- We gotta move on him now.
He's on to us.

He's disappearing.

You don't have enough
for a case against Gael.

- We have the wire.
- The wire's a good start,

but you can't corroborate
it's Gael at the head.

You needed to catch him
with the drugs

or giving an order,

something that
directly connected him

to the organization,
otherwise there's no case.

Okay, what about
a warrant for his house?

His cars?

Any of it?

This guy's dropping bodies,

and he'll continue
dropping them.

Anyone he thinks is associated
with the police,

he will dump them like trash.

He dumped his girlfriend
into a vat of acid.

You know what
that'll do to a body?


We need to move on him.

- You can't.
You don't have it.

Okay, so what about Luis?

He doesn't have
enough specific information

- to get you far.
- No.

What about Luis's deal?
The kid kept up his end of it.

What's the verdict?

We don't have him.

So loop in Homicide
on TJ's death.

Maybe there's a slip up,
some way to pin it to Gael.

And the wire?

I don't know how he made us.

Probably had checks and balances

in the cash
we didn't know about.

Okay, let's start
breaking down the room.

Get everything we got
over to narcotics.

Might be a use next time
someone takes a run at him.

We weren't able to show
Luis's cooperation was enough.

Wait, so Luis isn't
getting the deal?

- I can tell him.
- No.

It should be me.

No, there was nothing else
we could do.

Patrol will be up here soon,
bring you to booking.

It's, uh... it's out of
our hands after that.

You know, I never mattered
to anyone growing up.

Not until I met you.

You know, I took this job
because of that.

I wanted to matter...
My life to matter.

Luis, I wanted to tell you
so many times,

and whenever I would get
close to saying it,

it's like I would go silent,

because I knew
I couldn't have both.

I knew I would lose you
and I couldn't lose you.

Luis, just please say something.

What can I say?

You're not wrong.
You don't have me.

I can't be your person anymore.

What we had is gone.

I thought we were going
to booking.


There's no cameras down here,

and I'll deny this conversation
ever happened,

but I need you
to give me more details

on the traps you install.

What kind of details?

Which car of Gael's
did you install the trap in?

Make, model,
where and when he drives it,

the exact location of the trap,
and how to get inside it.

It won't work.

Gael never drives his car
with anything illegal in it.

That doesn't matter.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that doesn't matter.

You wanted to see me?

Shut the door.

Sit down.

I just heard from Becerra.

Patrol found two keys of dope
in the trap in Gael's car...

And she's gonna use our wire
to build the case.

Should be a slam dunk.

Oh, and Luis,

he's gonna get the one-year deal

in exchange for
corroborating evidence, so...

- That's great.
Finally caught a break.


So this is something
we're doing now?

Planting dope?
Creating evidence?

If product was found in his car,

it was his own product.

And you think
that makes it better?


- Gael got off easy.
Luis deserved the deal.

Hailey, I understand
why you did it.

I'm not stupid.

Do you understand
you crossed the line?

Do you?

Hailey, the problem
with crossing lines...

You cross enough of them,
you forget where they are.

You don't see them anymore.

- I'm seeing just fine, sir.
- Yeah, okay.

Well, take a look at this.

New York's FBI task force
is looking

for a loan out officer.

- I just signed you up.
- What?

It's an assignment
for a few weeks.

Believe me,
they do things different there.

The lines, they are real clear.

I did the same thing
you would have done.

I don't want you to be me!

That's my job!

Your job is to be you!

Hailey, I'm starting
to wonder if you can do it.

All right,
Platt's got the details.

Flight leaves tomorrow.

Have a safe trip.