Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 17 - Before the Fall - full transcript

Voight enlists the help of a reformed gang member to get a key witness' testimony in a murder case. More lives are put on the line as a gang war brews.


[car approaching]

[tense music]

- I need you to back off.
This is a crime scene.

Back off, give me space.

5021, on scene.
Call is bona fide.

I got one down...
Over here, somebody!

- Copy that, 5021...
- Hurry, please, please!

Over here. Over here... hurry!

- Okay, sir.
Hey, I'm the police here.

Let me take a look.
Give me a little room.


Hey, I'm gonna
open your coat, okay?

Okay, I'm gonna try to help you.

- Let's just take a look.
- Daddy.

Okay, sir, I need you
to focus on me.

- [sobbing]
- Listen.

We gotta stop air from getting
inside that wound,

or the pressure's gonna
collapse her lungs.

Do you understand?
Sir, I need you to focus!

Find me a piece of plastic.
Help this man, go!

I got you.

5021, I got a tender-age GSW.

West side of the field house.
Sucking chest wound.

I need an ambulance
and some cars here now.

- Copy that, 5021...
- Stay with me.

That's it, just look at me.
I'm right here.

- [pained breathing]
- That's it.

Try to breathe. Relax.

[sirens wailing]

- Any witnesses?
- A few.

Including those members
of the Rollin' Avers gang.

Surprise, surprise,
they didn't see a damn thing.

Everybody in this park
gets documented.

Either a gang card
or a contact card, understand?

- Copy that.
- Hey, the hell you going?

You think that red tape's up
so we can play limbo?

- Hank Voight, Intelligence.
- Paul Staples, Homicide.

- Yeah, I was first on scene.
I found the girl.

- Thanks for that.
It's appreciated.

We got it from here.

- Listen, I'm taking the case.
Just wanna let you know...

Save you some time
and paperwork.

See this guy here,
he's... he's dead.

That means murder police
take on the investigation.

"Murder police"?

Let me tell you something.

I was holding that
little girl in my arms.

I had my hand inside her chest,
you understand?

There's no way
I'm walking away from this, so.

So why don't you save
the speech, get off my scene.

Hey, who the hell
do you think you are?

Are you out of your mind?

- Hey, Sarge, what's up?
We good?

[quiet dramatic music]

[sighs] Yeah, we're good.

Hell was that about?

All right, we got one down.

And one tender-age female
en route to Med.

Gang shooting gone bad?

It sure looks that way.

- Got an update on the girl?
- Yeah.

Willa Marie James,
Ten years old.

Was walking out
of a field house,

from orchestra rehearsal, when
she caught the stray bullet.

One in a million, Sarge.
She's out of surgery,

stable but critical.
Family's with her.

Deceased male
is Brooks Campbell, 33.

Identified and documented as

the head of
the Rollin' Avers gang.

So we convinced exactly
one witness to talk.

Said the shooter walked
straight up, fired, and ran.

But the guy was totally covered
up... gloves, hoodie, jacket.

Couldn't tell what race he was.

Couldn't even tell
if he was a he.

- Hell of a witness.
- Well, he did give us

one thing, though.
Said the shooter fled the scene

in an old-school Pontiac,
an Aztec.

- No plates, though.
- There's not many of those

on the road.
I just put out a BOLO.

Any casings
recovered at the scene?

- We hear back from Ballistics?
- There's nothing yet,

- I'm gonna stay on.
- Okay, good.

Meantime, let's dig
into this rival gang theory.

I talked to the gang unit.

They said that the Rollin'
Avers' biggest rival

is the West Side Jokers.

They deal dope on
the other side of Emerald Ave.

They used to beef, but they've
been quiet for a while.

Well, it ain't quiet now.

Someone just walked
in their front yard,

took out their top guy.

Listen, we don't move fast,

we got a gang war on our hands,
you understand?

All those people out there
who wouldn't talk to us?

They all know more than we do.

You can bet
they all want revenge, too.

Sarge, POD footage
from the park.

Caught some of the action.

So you can't see
the shooter... he's off screen...

But there's Brooks Campbell,

leaning against the fence there.

See, he gets hit
with the first shot.

And then the guy
unloads five more,

gets Willa in the back there.

But check this guy out,
on the side here.

So he's just standing there.

He's got a clear view
of the whole thing.

Hold on, I talked
to him at the park.

- Mm-hmm.
- Remember the guy?

- Yeah.
- "Didn't see a damn thing."

Okay, we got a name
for this guy?

Yeah, it's Lamar Garrison...
Brooks Campbell's number two.

[low dramatic music]

[indistinct chatter]

[hip-hop music playing]

Take it easy. I'm the police.

Oh, word? You don't say.

It's nice to meet you, Lamar.

Sergeant Hank Voight.

I wanna talk about
that shooting last night.

Yeah, we took a hit.

You know, Brooks Campbell was
the man around here, so...

We hurting.

Well, I wanna know what you saw.

- Nothing.
I already told y'all that.

Yeah, I know you did.

Thing is, I also know
you were lying.

Talk in private?

- I got nothing to hide.
- Okay.


[dramatic music]

We got you on video,
watching the shooting,

so unless you're blind,
you saw who murdered your boss,

your friend, Brooks Campbell.

Look, we all was there,
all right?

I must have been looking
other way, 'cause like I said,

- I didn't see nothing.
- Mm-hmm.

Listen. Brooks...

I mean, he's lying
on a slab at the morgue.

I got a little girl
hanging on by a thread,

ten years old, civilian.

So we're gonna be
all over this neighborhood

till we have
that shooter in custody.

It's gonna be real hard
selling drugs

with all that blue around.

You know,
I'd really like to help,

but I didn't see nothing. Mm-mm.

[smacks lips]

You know, I got a feeling...

I got a feeling we're gonna
be seeing each other around.


[door creaks]

Hurry up and get in the van.

- Yeah.
- Come on.

Come on, man.

Everybody in? Good?

Don't take my word for it.

You know who agreed with me?
Albert Einstein.

I mean, they put him aside
and they said,

"Al, what is the most powerful
force in the universe?"

Now, he could've said anything.

He could've said,
gravity, nuclear energy...

Hell, he could have said love.

What did he say?
"Compound interest."

Now, simple interest...

That's like putting
your money in a shoebox.

Let it sit for a year,
you come back,

you got the same money,
only it smells like your shoes.

Compound interest...

That's interest
on your interest.

That's like a stone
rolling downhill.

Your money grows
faster and faster, yeah?

[laughs] Hank Voight,

- come on in here, man.
- How you doing, Frank?

Hey... Hey, yo.

Yo, this man right here?
This man right here...

- Whoo!
- Hey, my friend.

- Hey.

- How are you?
- Yo, hey.

He saved my life.
You know how he did it?

He put me in prison.
And trust me when I tell you,

there are better ways
to be saved.

- Now that's the truth.
- Right.

Okay, look here.

Y'all, you guys give us
five minutes, okay?

Hey, let's move it along
a little bit.

I never give y'all a five.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Ah, still doing your thing.

Yeah, I'm just trying
to save lives.

I got a steady stream
of clients, you can see.

- Yeah.
You keeping your hands clean?

Oh, I was innocent
back then, too.

- Yeah, of course you were.
- [laughs]

So, okay. You here for a prayer?

- You know what, in a way.
- Mm-hmm.

I assume you heard about
that shooting last night?

- Ooh, damn shame.
- You're right.

Look, I came in 'cause I know

you got the ear of the kids
in this neighborhood.

I'm wondering if you know a guy
named Lamar Garrison.

[water pouring]

- Lamar Garrison?
- Mm-hmm.

- Yeah, I know him well.
- Really?

- Yeah, he had a hard road.
- Huh.

His mother overdosed
a few years back.

Early on, he would sleep
a-a couple times a week

right here in the church
when things got rougher.

- Really?
- But Lamar...

He's made some choices
in his life, but this?

Hmm, I don't think
he's mixed up in this.

Well, yes and no.

I mean, he didn't
pull the trigger, but...

we got video confirms
he was in the park

and saw the guy who did.

And he's lying to us about it.
He won't cooperate.

Well, that's not
the first time that's happened.

But this case is different, man.

I got a ten-year-old girl
in critical condition.

I heard.

It hurts, because I
love this neighborhood.

I know you do. Hell.

You ran this neighborhood
for, what, ten years?

Yeah, I had a good run,
till you came along.


Frank, shooting like this...
You know what happens next.

I mean, Brooks Campbell...
He's big game out there.

Bro, there's a good chance

the West Side Jokers
are behind this.


We are staring down
a full-on gang war right now.

Neither one of us want that.

Okay, how can I help?

Talk to Garrison.

Get him to cooperate
with our investigation.

Tell him put his pride
on the shelf.

Let us do our jobs.

Frank, he's lying to us
because he wants payback.

Now let me tell you something.

He goes out there, starts
shooting up rival bangers,

he's gonna end up
one of two ways:

Dead or in prison for life.

Hank, these young bangers
don't listen.

They don't respect
the older generation.

- They think they know it all.
- Listen to me.

I know you can do this.

Look, I'm not
asking you to snitch.

I just need a name.
I don't care about Garrison.

I'm trying to save lives,
prevent a war, that's all.

Listen to me... off the record...
You deliver Garrison,

you get him to cooperate
with our investigation,

I'd gladly make a $1,000
donation to this church.

You double that,
and you got a deal.

- Still a thief.
- [laughs]

I'm glad you haven't changed.

[cell phone buzzing]

[laughs] Yeah.

- Save some lives, yeah?
- Yeah.

Oh, my God.


The little girl, Willa James...

She just died.

[solemn music]


Stay warm, kittens.

- She just call us kittens?
- Think so.

They're in position, right on
top of them with a great eye.

[suspenseful music]

Garrison's here.

Lamar, good to see you.

- All right.
- Come on in.

Going inside.

Copy. You have visuals?

Look, the cops have been
snooping around.

Wait, so I'm confused.

So now you're talking
to the police?

- Who said that?
- You.

We're up.

You got bad ears.

I ain't working with the police.

I ain't never worked
with the police

and never will neither.

You just said that
you was talking to them...

What I said was
that the cops came

to ask me questions
about you and your crew.

They seem to think
you saw the shooter.

If I did, I sure ain't
telling them.

I know that.

Sit down.

Look here.
I know you're a man of pride.

You want vengeance.

There ain't
nothing wrong with that.

Son, there's everything
wrong with that.

Brooks is gone; You're gonna
need a fresh start,

a strong start,
not a war on the streets,

not a million questions
about some little dead girl.

You don't want that heat.

And if you don't handle
your business

right now, right here,

your little reign as
leader of the Rollin' Avers

will be over before
it ever gets started.

So I'm offering you
another path, a rebirth.

Don't do it for the police,
you do it for you.

[dramatic music]

Hey, I need a name.

I need to know who killed
Brooks Campbell

and Willa James.

[sighs] Can't get back to me.

It won't.

The whole point of this
is that it don't fall on you.

I give it to the police
so that you can live your life.

[sighs deeply]

JoJo McGinnis.

JoJo McGinnis?

Thought he was gonna
shoot me too.

- There it is.
- All right, you heard the man.

I think I've heard of JoJo.

He calls shots for
the West Side Jokers.

Huh. So it's like we thought...

Jokers are behind this.

All right, nail down
where this JoJo is,

and let's pay him a visit.

Guy's reaching. He's reaching.

- Gun, gun, gun!
- It's the police!

I'll go around...


Against the wall!

[shouting and yelling]

- Hey!
- Stop! Stop!

- Chicago police!
- Drop the gun!

- Drop... what are you doing?
Don't do that!

- Hands up! Hands up!
- Get on the ground!

- Drop the gun!
- Hands up, hands up!

- JoJo McGinnis!
Where are you going?

Stay down.

[suspenseful music]





[both grunt]

We done, JoJo?
Or you wanna keep going?

Roll over, put your hands
behind your back.

- Roll over!
- All right, man.

- [grunts]
- You got anything on you?

No, man. Ow, man!

- Offender in custody.
- [grunts]

Yeah, copy that.

Get up, get up. Go.

Found that at your place.

Ran some tests,
it's a very serious narcotic.

2C-B, party drug.

Yeah, and it weighed in
north of 15 grams.

That's a minimum six years,
with weapons.

Gives us plenty of time to hit
you with the murders too.

- Murders?
- The shooting last night.

You know, the one that killed
Brooks Campbell

and Willa James.

Ten-year-old Willa James.

Whoa, man.

I wasn't involved
in any of that.

We're a little cynical, JoJo.

So you might wanna give us
more than that.

Look, I liked Brooks Campbell.

We were making bank
in that park,

talking about going
into business together.

I had no reason to harm him.

Okay, so where were you
last night?

- Out with some friends.
- Tell us where.

- I can't.
- I figured.

So we hit him with the drugs,
the weapons,

and we'll just keep
investigating the murder.

Okay, man, okay.

But you can't tell nobody.

The people in my line of work
aren't so understanding.

Just tell us
where you were, JoJo.


- Hey, Sarge.
- Yeah.

I just got off the phone with
the manager of The Flame.

- Huh.
- And JoJo's telling the truth.

He was there from 7:00 to 10:00.

There's video. It's a bust.

It keeps coming back
to Lamar Garrison.

I mean, the only thing we
know for sure

is that Garrison didn't do it,
from the video.

Yeah, but he keeps
lying about it, you know?

He lied to us at the scene,
and he lied to Frank

when he ID'd the wrong shooter.

Do you wanna bring Garrison in?

No, we do that,
it burns Frank as our CI.

It's a death sentence.

Then we don't have a case.

And there's nothing on
the getaway car, either.

- We're back to square one.
- All right, grab Hailey,

hit the streets,
just start knocking on doors.

See if we can figure out
what was going on in

that neighborhood
before the shootings.

All right.

So the Jokers run
the west side of the park.

The Avers, the east side.
We got a bunch of teenagers

pumped up on
testosterone and pride,

slinging dope right next
to each other.

Yeah, what could
possibly go wrong?

And these poor people live
right on the seams of it.

How you guys doing today?


Get inside!

[tires squealing]

Police! Stop!

[suspenseful music]

Get your hands out of the car!

Hands up, now!

Get your hands
out of the car, now!

- Okay, okay.
- You even blink,

- we will shoot you.
- Don't move!

- Get out of the car.
On the ground, now.

On the ground, face down.
You got me?

- Yeah.
- Get on the ground, face down.

Do not move!
- 5021 Henry,

we got shots fired,
two offenders in custody...


- You got this?
- Yeah, I'm good, go.

5021 George, shots fired.
600 block of Wells,

- Dolton Park.
- He's dead!

He's dead! [Sobbing]

They shot my little boy!

No! No!

He's dead!


- Sarge.
- Go.

DOA is Tyler Hamilton,
17 years old.

Well-known member
with the West Side Jokers.

- Shooters?
- Two up-and-comers

- with the Rollin' Avers.
- They're downstairs

being processed. Both juveniles.

- War's officially on, Sarge.
- Hmm.

All right, put this in my desk.

Call holding, have them send
JoJo up to Interview One.

Hey, JoJo.

You can unhook him.

I have bad news, bro.

Rollin' Avers just shot
your boy Tyler Hamilton.

He's dead. Sit down.

- That ain't right, man.
- Yeah, it is.

It's payback for what your
people did to Brooks Campbell.

I told you, man.

We weren't involved
in any of that.

That may or may not be true,
but either way,

you are gonna tell your people
to stand down.

They just killed my boy Tyler.

And yet, you're gonna move on.

- I can't move on.
- Mm-hmm.

And I damn sure can't
control my crew.

One of them wanna do work,
that's on them, not me.

Would you give us
a little privacy, Lawrence?

All right, let me put it
to you this way.

I gotta tell you,
personally, I don't give a damn

what you do with
your free time, really.

Long as you don't hurt anybody,
it's none of my business.

But I promise you this.

Your crew so much
as lights a firecracker

on the east side of Dolton Park,

I will make sure your less
enlightened associates

get a copy of that videotape.
You understand?

- Know what I'm talking about?
- [sighs]

The one of you partying in that
bar in Boystown last night.

Oh, yeah,
your alibi checked out.

[dramatic music]

[cell phone buzzing]

I guess you got
a decision to make.

- Hey, back to holding.
- Yeah.

Voight. Sir.

Sir, I don't think
that's a good idea.

It's just gonna slow us down.

Okay, then.


All right, we got any news?

Yeah, patrol found
the getaway car,

the Pontiac Aztec that was
used in the park shooting.

It was burned to a crisp,
but they were able to

lift prints off the flare cap
that was used to torch it.

Yeah, the prints
belong to this guy.

Sean Alter, 26.
And it's his car.

We confirmed it with the VIN
from the engine block.

I mean, bottom line...
Dude torched his own car.

Here's his rap sheet.

He's a small-time dirtbag
from Cicero.

It's clear on the other side
of town from the park.

Yeah, so now we just have to
figure out if Alter not only

torched his own car, but also
shot Willa and Brooks Campbell.

All right, so let's pay
him a visit.

If he's home, talk to him.
If he's not,

we do a sneak-and-peek
off the books.

We were never there.
Unless we find something.

Then we'll do
some creative writing.

Oh, yeah, I got one more thing.

Just got off the phone
with the Chief of Detectives.

He wants us to play nice
with Homicide on this one.

Means that little sweetheart
from the park...

What's his name? Staples.

He's gonna be joining us.

- You're kidding.
- It's what it is.

So, what, we gotta
get him up to speed

before we can track down Alter?

Hell no, no,
you guys do your thing.

I'm gonna send him over to
Dolton Park, have him canvass.

No one's around. Go for it.

[foreboding music]

We're gonna discuss how easy
that was for you later.




- A knife, Kev?
- Mm-hmm.

[knife snaps open]

- An 11-millimeter.
Don't see many of those.

Same caliber weapon that
killed Willa and Brooks.

Hopefully, Ballistics can
make a match.

How the hell does a tweaker
from the white suburbs

get involved
with a black gang war

on the other side of town?

- Something to think about.
- Yeah.

- Just talked to IDOC.
Turns out our boy Sean Alter

was roommates with
Lamar Garrison.

Started off in different worlds,

ended up in
the same 9x12 prison cell.

When they were locked up,
they were business partners...

Ran this underground
tattoo thing.

But the guy we talked to
said they were like brothers.

And check this out.

Three hours after the shooting,
Lamar Garrison wired

- three grand to Sean Alter.
- Well, it's an inside job.

- Mm-hmm.
- Garrison hired Alter

- to kill his boss.
- And I can tell you why.

I think some of you have met
Paul Staples from Homicide.

- He elected to come on up.
- He's part of the team.

All right,
show us what you got, Paul.

I went and shook
the bushes like you asked.

No one's talking.
So I went to wholesale.

Got a, uh, CI in distro.

Lamar Garrison's been making
some really big moves.

He had the feelers out,
he was trying to expand into

fentanyl, carfentanil...
I'm gonna cut you off.

Break down how that
connects to Brooks.

Garrison was doing
it all on the sly.

Brooks didn't know about it.

Garrison told my guys
Brooks couldn't know about it.


Garrison was moving
the corporation in a way that

Brooks did not want to go.

That's only gonna end one way.

One winner, one loser.

Explains why Garrison went

through so many hoops
to get it done.

It was a power play.
And at the end of it,

he needed the loyalty
of his troops.

He had to use an outsider.

Well, our best move

is to find Alter and get
him to flip on Garrison.

- Sarge, we think we got him.
- Hmm.

- Pings put him in Lawndale.
His family owned a bar there,

- closed down three years ago.
- Alter and Garrison had been

in constant contact since
before the shooting.

Alter's been staying at
this bar the last couple days,

and the most recent ping
is two hours ago.

All right, so let's
hit this place.

[suspenseful music]

Let's go.


Hey, hey! Drop the knife.

Drop it!

Hey, hey, no, hey! I...

Bro, next one I won't miss.

I'll hit you square
in the chest.

Now put it down.

C-Cop... Cops.

- Sarge, I'm going in.
- I didn't know you guys...

- Don't move!
- I didn't know you were cops.

- I swear.
- Against the bar.

Damn right we're cops.

- Jay, we all good back here.
- Body.

Sarge, it's Alter.


I'm surprised
you didn't put a bullet

in that tweaker's head.

- Eh, there's no need to.
- Need to?

Sarge, uh, tweaker's name
is Tony Krebs.

- Says he's Alter's cousin.
- Uh-huh.

Found the body and was worried

whoever killed Alter
was coming for him too.

So what was the kid doing here?

Alter called him earlier
this morning,

said he came into some cash.

- Yeah, let me guess.
Three grand.

- Yeah, you got it.
Alter called, said they were

going to party,
score a bunch of crystal.

- Huh.
- You believe this guy?

We do.

Ran his hands,
no gunshot residue.

I think he's telling the truth.

All right, so hold him for 48.

I mean, if he's got nothing
outstanding, send him home.

What the hell are
you talking about?

This guy pulled a knife
on you, Voight.

Send him home.

- Sarge?
- Uh-huh.

He's got muzzle burn
on his eyebrows,

no GSR on his hands,

no signs of defensive
wounds anywhere.

He lies right where he was hit.

So it looks like
he knew his killer.

- Yeah, he did.
It was his old cellmate.

We know the whole damn story.

Problem is, we still got
nothing on Lamar Garrison.

He's sitting on the Rollin'
Avers throne as we speak.

All right, so we go talk to
Frank Rochester one more time.

I don't know
about this place, Sarge.

You sure Rochester is our guy?

I don't think he's still got
the game that you think he has.

Yeah, how's that?

He's an old hand
that talks at the young guns

and I'm not sure if they listen.

Frank Rochester was
a big man 20 years ago.

Everybody on the street
knew his name...

Some 'cause they loved him,
some 'cause they feared him.

But they damn sure
knew his name.

I'm pretty sure old Frank
can find the strength

to front us for one drug buy.

And all I'm saying is,
that legend fades

and there's nothing left
but ego,

things can get dangerous.

You got a better plan?

We go with Rochester.

Copy that.

So y'all come to make
that donation

- to the church, huh?
- We're not there yet, Frank.

What? We had a deal, Hank.

I help you out,
provide you with a service,

and you make a contribution
to this house of worship.

Now, I handed you JoJo McGinnis
on a silver platter.

- That's the problem.
JoJo didn't do it.

So who did?

- Lamar Garrison.
- What?

Lamar Garrison paid
his prison buddy

to assassinate Brooks Campbell.

Then he thanked his buddy

by putting a bullet in his face.

Treated that boy like my son.

That little bitch.

And he disrespected you,

Your reputation,
your accomplishments.

He's got no honor.
You understand?

This kid has no code.

So help us put him away.


Look, I-I wasn't even there.
I ain't got no information.

We need you to set up
a deal for some work.

Drug deal?

Yeah, but he killed two people.

We know that much,

but we also can't
prove that in court yet.


we put him away on drug charges,

not only does that
get him off the street,

but it gives us probable cause.

We can search his house;
We run his phones.

And let me tell you something,
it'll make it

a hell of a lot easier
to build that murder case.

So you want me to front
like I'm back in the game.

Frank, after everything
you did for him,

for this neighborhood,
and he turned around

and treated you like a punk.

I know you're not
gonna stand for that.

[dramatic music]

Word on the street
is it's official.

- You're the new Brooks Campbell.
- [scoffs]

No, man, I'm just another dude
on the crew, all right?

There will never be
another Brooks Campbell.

Well, that false humility,
that's cute,

but I ain't buying it,
not for a second.

So why'd you call me,
Frank, huh?

- Why am I here?
- Well, let's talk business.

- [sighs]
- Here we go.

- Business?
- Yeah.

I got a friend who needs
product... big product.

What you know
about product, Reverend?

Mexican Tan. Bricks.

Now, he's a solid dude;
He got a lot of cash.

Lot of clients, you know.

He lost his supplier,
so he need a new connect.

Didn't know you was
back in the game, man.

Game ain't got
no in and out, man.

The game is survival.

All right? Now, uh...

I do a couple of these a year,

and I keep my church doors open.

[scoffs] So you do it for God.

- Right?
- Look here, man.

I'm lucky if I have ten people
at my Sunday services.

I got a roof that leaks,
I got windows busted...

I'm just hanging on.

All right, so my friend here,
he's gonna bust me off

some of this
if it all goes well.

Now, one transaction like this,

and I'm good till
the end of the year.

How many bricks
does your friend need?

Two for now.

But he said he'd be back
for more if this is easy.

Now, I told him you the man,
so it's gonna be easy.

Okay, I'll think about it.

Hey, one more thing now.

Are you sure you saw
JoJo shoot them people?

Why's he bringing up
JoJo McGinnis?

Just plant the seed
in the mud water

and get the hell out of there.

What you saying, man?

Word is, JoJo got an alibi.

Now, the cops are coming around.

They asking me more questions.

- Oh, Frank tripping.
You think he made Rojas?

- I don't know.
You wanna pull the plug?

I don't know. We're close.

- What you looking at?
- Girl is thick, that's all.

Look, I'm a preacher,
not a priest.

You know, you seem to be
paying a lot of attention

to my boy over there.

- I'm looking at the sky, bro.
Ain't no rule against that.

- [clicks tongue]
Where you from?

- Look now, man.
I ain't playing like that.

Not in the mood... worked
a double shift last night.

[tense music]

Yeah, all right.

- Mm-hmm.
Think we're good for now.

Good job, Rojas.

All right, Frank,
I gotta bounce.


- Hear anything?
- No, but he'll make.

That which will be
has already been.

I'm not sure what that means,
but I appreciate your optimism.

[cell phone buzzes]

Oh, Garrison bit. 4:00 p.m.

He wants to do it in my church.

See, I told you I still got it.
I told you.

Well, that's good to hear.

Now, I'm assuming that donation

will be much larger
when I pull this off?

- And you assume correctly.
- All right.

'Cause I need that money
for my church, for my boys.

- I'll see you at 4:00.
- All right.

[tense music]

Rochester's here. Here we go.

Copy. I'm in position.

- Garrison just pulled up.
- Copy.

He's making a move
for the trunk.

He's grabbing a black bag.
It looks good.

It's weighed and squared off.

Brought the whole family
to the picnic, huh?

What's up, fellas?

- Hey.
- Hey.

[indistinct chatter]

Stay out here. Keep an eye.

Your man is about
ten minutes late.

You know a drug dealer
that's punctual?

Hell, if the dude was on time,
I'd be scared he'd be police.

[laughs] Fair point.

Well, you always been
good with words, man,

even before you saw your light.

Guess you picked yourself
the best career.


Let your speech be with grace,

as though seasoned with salt.

I see you ain't been following
the scriptures.

Not since I stopped
letting you thump

that damn book over my head.

I'm ready for this to be done.

It'll be done when we make
an arrest, and not before.

You guys think
I beefed on Voight

because he big-footed me
on a case.

If I was some dog cop,

I would've disappeared.
I would've walked away.

I'm fighting to work this.

I lost a CI in that exact same
park couple years back.

He was damn good too.

Whoever killed him
is from this world right here.


Whenever I get a chance to
work to work this neighborhood,

I take it.
No one's taking that from me.

All right, here's Kev.

[suspenseful music]

All right, he's going in.

Going in.

- Hey.
- Preacher man, hey.

- You good?
- Good.

All right.

All right, that's the man.

Okay, now, I don't know
how you wanna do this.

My man swears by you more
than black Jesus himself.


So if you wanna cut to the
chase, let's get it done.

- All right?
- I'm cool with that.

Okay, man,
shall we show and tell?

[bills flipping]

Mm, sounds like $100,000 to me.

- Mm-hmm.
- What you got for me?

- You wanna taste it?
- Do I need to taste it, Frank?

- No.
- I trust Frank.

- That means I trust you.
- Okay.

- Let me see what you got.
- All right, bro.

I think we got this.
We good now, you can go.

- You dismissing me?
- Yes, I am.

Yo, man, this is my church.

You can't dismiss me
in my church.

I think we all good, Frank.

You know I got you
on the back end.

If he says that
you should leave,

it might be best you do that.

Mm-hmm, you heard
what the man said, all right?

So get your ass up out of here.

Are you deaf, old man?

Hey, man,
you better watch your mouth.

- Go save your little souls.
- What's going on, man?

[scoffs] Sad ass preacher...

[both grunt]

- Hey.
- [laughs]

- What are we doing?
- [grunts]

- [groans]
- Hey!

[yells] [grunting]

What's going on, man?

- Deal's done, I'm going in.
- No, do not engage.


I got a CI in there
and a cop who's unarmed.

- Stand down.
- Come on, Staples.

That's our guy in there.

Damn, why'd you make
me do that, man?


Bro, stand down! Bro!

Do it! Do it!

You reach, you die!

Damn it, move in, go, go!

Let's go.

- Get against the wall!
Get against the wall!

Get on the wall! [Car screeches]

- Yo, let's get out of here.
- The hell is...

- Cops?
You done called the cops?

- [groaning]
- You gonna do that to me?

You turn on me like that,
old man?

- You turned on me, brother.
You turned on all of us.

- [yells]
- [groaning]

Hey! It's a'ight, man.

It's not that serious, okay?


Hey! Chicago PD, hands up!

On your knees! On your knees!

- Get on the ground!
- Get on your knees!

- Hands!
- Let him go!

Keep those hands up right there!


- Stay right there, don't move.
- Get up!

- Get on your knees.
Hands where I can see you.

- Get up!
- Get up, turn around!

- Okay!
- Turn around!

Roll an ambo.

It's okay; Take it easy.
Somebody's coming.

Somebody's coming.
We got somebody coming now.

- Hands behind your back.
- Okay!

[exhales sharply]




He's conscious,
but he's in bad shape.

Okay. Hey.

Cause of death: Male ego.

Did what you had to do.

Pride before the fall, yeah?

Just rest.

[dramatic music]

All right, thanks.

Ballistics just confirmed.

The gun we found in
Lamar Garrison's car

is the gun
that killed Sean Alter.

- That's the last piece.
- Yeah.

Hey, let's finish that
charging sheet and complaints.

I'll get it over
to the State's Attorney.

I'll call Willa's parents,
tell them we got the guy.

We'll start at the park,
work through the case

in chronological order.

Start with Lamar Garrison.

Got a solicitation
of first-degree murder...

Frank Rochester probably
won't see tomorrow, you know.

Yeah, his skull's cracked open,
bleeding on the brain.

All his ribs are broken.

[solemn music]

- Did it right, Voight.
Did it by the book.

Not my book.

I told you I had
an unarmed officer and a CI

inside that church.

We made the arrest.

That's the only thing
that matters...

- I gave you a direct order...
- I don't work for you...

- [grunts]
- [groans]


[clears throat]

Nice working with you, Paul.


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]