Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 16 - Intimate Violence - full transcript

An armed robbery case quickly turns into a homicide investigation. When one suspect's background suggests domestic violence, Upton is forced to reckon with her childhood. Voight and Halstead butt heads over Halstead's righteous instinct.

You feeling any lingering
effects from the shooting?

Now when I put my shirt on,
I put my left arm in first.

Other than that, feels good.

- How's the mobility?
- Any stiffness?

Nothing that would prevent me
from doing my job.

You feeling any lingering
psychological effects?


mood swings, irritability.

These would all be
perfectly normal

responses six weeks later.

Honestly, Doc, this visit's
starting to make me

feel a little irritable.

It's just protocol,

You should be used to it.

I read your
Injured on Duty record.

You've had a hell of a run.

Six broken fingers,
one broken wrist,

five broken ribs,

lacerated skull,
over a hundred stitches.

And it's not the first time
you've been shot.

Chicago Med should give you
frequent flyer miles.

Uh, look, Doc, I don't know
what you want me to say.

I told you, feel strong,
and I feel clear.

I just hope you sign
whatever it is you gotta sign

so I can go back to work.

- What'd the doctor say?
- You good to go?

Good to go.

He said avoid bullets.
Lead's bad for your health.

I just talked to Voight.

He wants us partnered up again.

Oh, so you can
keep an eye on me?

'Cause we're good together,
and I asked him.

You all right with that?

I am.

- Units on the citywide.
- 2533 South Whipple.

Armed robbery in progress.
Pay-Day Advantage.

- That's right up Cermak.
- Let's take the stairs.

5021 George,
we're rolling on it.

There's a silent alarm.

- 5021 Henry on the scene.
- Call's bona fide.

- Copy that, 5021 Henry.
- Backup en route.

I got this.

- Go.
- All right.

- Hey, shut up!
- Come on.

- Police!
- Don't move!

Just shut up!

10-1, 10-1.

I got shots fired.
Shots fired at the police.

Send me some cars.
I got people everywhere.

Stay down!
Get down!

I got two masked offenders

fleeing northbound
in a gray van.

Copy that.

Oh, my God.

- 5021 George, roll an ambo.
- Got a civilian hit.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

- What's your name, man?
- What's your name?

- What's your name?
- Carl.

Carl, stay with me.

Stay with me.

Thank you.

- Hold on.
- I gotta talk to you for a sec.


Can't believe this.
It's horrible.

Yeah, I know.

We're just trying
to piece together

everything that happened.

Can you tell me your name?

It's Michelle.

Michelle Taylor.


Where were you
when the robbery went down?

I was in the store
down the street, shopping.

Michelle, do you remember
seeing anyone or anything

that was suspicious
before the robbery?


I was inside the store,

and when I came out,
I heard the shooting.

And I was so scared,
I hid behind a car.

And then I saw
that man get shot.

So I went to go help him.

A good Samaritan.

Well, if you don't need
anything else,

I have to go pick up
my daughter from school.

Just gotta take down
your information

in case I have
any more questions.


All right,
what we got was three guys.

Two of them go inside
to hit the place.

Another one's waiting in a van

down the street
as a getaway driver.

They're experienced
and motivated.

Yeah, they definitely had
no problem pulling the trigger.

Well, we get a look
at these guys?

No, they were wearing masks,
and when the shooting started,

a bystander got hit,

and he was just a guy
on his way home from work.

Clerk said the offenders
were both male and white.

She could see their necks
under the mask.

She saw them pass
the door strip.

She said that one was 6'0",
and one was 6'4".

And the only physical
evidence inside the store

are these zip-ties, which were
used to restrain the victims.

Patrol found the silver
van parked about a mile

down the road in an abandoned
parking lot off Division.

It's been torched.
It's actually still on fire.

Reported stolen
about a week ago.

So that's where
they made the switch.

No prints, no DNA?

There's no pictures either.

They spray-painted
all the surveillance cameras

as soon as they walked
in the store.

Well, the fact they knew
where the cameras were

suggests they cased the place.

So let's keep
talking to witnesses,

but pull all the surveillance
over the last couple of months.

These guys did their homework.
Maybe we catch them studying.

Copy that.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- What's this?
- Um...

I got you hockey tickets.




From when I was pregnant
to when I wasn't,

you've been there for me,
and I appreciate it.

I feel like you've been with me
this whole way.

It's weird I got you tickets.

Thank you.


I'm still with you.

All right,
bring me up to speed.

The same crew has hit
two other check-cashing places

in the last couple weeks,
so that makes three.

It's definitely a pattern.

They're using
gloves and masks.

Same MO,
and they're stealing a car

every time
to cover their tracks.

Sarge, I pulled
the rest of the eyes

on the block like you said.


And as far as we can tell,
they had a lookout.

That might be our way in.

Thought it was
a three-man crew.

Same thing we thought,
but this makes four.

So this is the drug store
on the north end of the corner

five minutes
before the robbery.

The kid on the bike,
that's our lookout.

Look, he's watching
that patrol car down the block.

Soon as that
patrol car leaves...

He calls it in.

And there go the bad guys.

And there's the minivan
our shooters escaped in.

All right,
so how do we get the kid?

Well, we ran facial rec.

Jamal Meeky.

He's got one prior
for breaking and entering.

Spent a year in juvie.


Let's roll him up.

Come on, man.

We got a peeker.


He's out the back!

Copy that.

I'll take the next block.

Chicago PD!

Hands up.

Shut the car off.

- Offender's in custody.
- Copy that.

Jamal Meeky,
you're under arrest.

I don't have any idea
what you're talking about.

That is not my game.

Jamal, we got footage,
so we know you were there.

My neighborhood?

Being in the vicinity
of a crime

isn't all that unusual.

You hid while
the cops were there.

Soon as the cops left,
you made a phone call.

All right,
that's a bit of a tell.

Who'd you make the call to?

I don't remember.

Who'd you call?

I was calling my crew.

Telling them to stay inside,
not to come out

while the police
was on the block.

That's a bad time
to sell drugs.

Your words, not mine.

I had nothing to do
with what went down.

I swear on my mama.

Okay, if that's how you want
to play it, what's he got?

46 hours to refresh his memory?

46 hours...
That's plenty of time for me

to wipe that stupid smirk
off your face.

Here's what you don't seem
to understand.

These people,
they shot at cops.

They shot at our friends,
so this right here

is the easiest
you're gonna have it.

We're not gonna get nicer
as time goes on.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

- Okay, okay.
- Do you get it now?

Okay, yeah,
maybe I did see somebody.

- Mm-hmm.
- A white lady.

Across the street.

I thought
she might be tweaking.

She was pacing back and forth.

What'd she look like?

Red jacket, brown hair.

Stuck out like a sore,
white thumb.

Like a lookout?

She was on the lookout
for something.

That's for sure.

- Hey.
- Jamal's story seems credible.

We ran his phone records.

The only calls Jamal made
before the heist

were to his associates,
which are a couple of kids

with minor drug priors.

Okay, so the woman who Jamal
thought was suspicious,

Michelle Taylor, I interviewed
her at the crime scene.

The good Samaritan.

The good Samaritan
who gave me a bogus number.

And her story
does not jibe with Jamal's.

She said she's inside
during the robbery.

He says no,
she's outside the whole time.

All right,
so now she's a suspect.

Find her.

But you never want to put
carnations with the irises.

It kind of ruins the effect.

- Excuse me.
- Maybe you could help me?

Tina, go back to the office
and start your homework.

- Mommy.
- Do what I tell you.

- So you do have a daughter.
- That part's true, anyway.

How did you find me?

A Prius registered
to this florist

was parked outside the robbery.

You want to start over?

You want to tell me
your real name?


Michelle Sullivan.

Why'd you give me
false information?

I'm sorry,
I didn't want to get involved

with the police.

I got a witness says that you
were going from store to store,

acting strangely
during the robbery.

You said you're inside

and you're shopping
when you heard the gunshots.

So is that lie number two?

- No, I-I was confused.
- There was so much going on.

I didn't...

Are you involved
with the robbery?

If you're in some
kind of trouble,

you know I can help you.

No, you can't.

Hi, baby.

- Hi.
- Mwah.

Where's Tina?

She's in the back
doing homework.

You okay?

Oh, yeah, I'm just, um,
helping a customer.

Who you getting flowers for?

My, uh, my girlfriend.

carnations are for parades.

If I were you,
I'd go red roses.

Yeah, but everybody
goes red roses.

- Because it works.
- It's a classic.

With a little Baby's Breath.
Right, baby?


- Okay, sure.
- Yeah, I'll go red roses.

I'll wrap them up.

- She's gonna love them.
- All right, thanks.

All right.

What a guy.

- Her husband came in.
- She told him I was a customer.

Something didn't feel right.

Yeah, well,
I took a picture of them,

ran it through the system.

Lit up the screen.

Turns out our good Samaritan
is married

to a convicted felon.

Let me guess, armed robbery.

Told you
we were good together.

Michelle Taylor is actually
Michelle Sullivan,

who is married
to Shane Sullivan.

30 years old,
lived his whole life

in Bridgeport except
for three years that he served

in Pontiac Prison
for an armed robbery.

Was released six months ago.
Works in construction.

We talked to the guys
on robbery who worked the case.

It was a three-man crew
doing home invasions.

They arrested Shane,
tried to get him

to flip on the others.

He wouldn't do it.
He's old-school loyal.

He ate the whole charge.

All right,
any leads on the new crew?

Shane is 6'4", which matches
the clerk's description.

We ran Shane's phone records.

The only person he called
in the last two days

is his wife Michelle,
which means this new crew

is communicating with burners.

And Michelle
is the good Samaritan.

We get anything on her yet?

Michelle Sullivan,
she's also 30 years old.

Born and raised in Bridgeport.

She's got zero
criminal history.

She's got
an eight-year-old daughter,

and she works part-time
as a florist.

And part-time lookout
for her husband's robbery crew.

- Well, that's the theory.
- We don't have the evidence.

I mean,
it wasn't a coincidence

that she was at
a check-cashing store.

Yeah, I hear all that,
but based on her behavior,

she didn't give me up
as a cop to her husband,

so that suggests to me
that she's in trouble with him.

I think she's scared.

So we gotta cultivate her,
win her trust.

I'm with Jay.

If we push her and she
doesn't want to play ball,

we're tipping our hand
to Shane.

Right, and we know he's not
gonna cooperate with the cops.

If we push him, then he's just
gonna shut down the whole crew.

They're gonna disappear
in the wind.

Okay, so get out
your cameras.

Let's follow Shane.
Get a tracker on his car.

And dig into his associates.

Let's ID this crew,

get them in pocket
before they hit again.

Copy that.


- All right, saddle up.
- Our boy's coming out.

No, don't worry about it.

Go back inside.

Target is getting into a gray,
four-door BMW.

I don't think
they could afford that BMW

on a part-time florist salary.

He's headed south,
down Princeton toward 33rd.

Copy. Standing by on 31
to pick him up.

We've got eyes on Shane
outside the Red Hots on 35th.

Looks like he's meeting
with two other guys.

- Copy that.
- Standing by.

- His name is Mike Brady.
- He's notorious in Bridgeport.

Been a person of interest
in over a dozen heists.

They're all open cases.
None of them have been cleared.

Brady's so tough to bust
'cause guy only feeds

when he's hungry,
so the window of opportunity

to grab this guy is very slim.

A guy that works
for him is no joke.

Eric Walsh, age 40.

He's another Bridgeport boy.

He's basically got
a timeshare at the county jail.

He just did six months
for possession

of an illegal firearm.

Well, the good news is,
this crew is definitely active.

But meeting in a public place
is not a crime.

So we need an act
of furtherance

to catch this crew solid
so we can make a case.

I just talked to a nurse
at Chicago Med.

Carl Hoffman,
the guy who was shot

during the cash store robbery,
just died.

He left behind three kids.

So our armed robbery
just graduated to homicide.

It's time to take
the gloves off.


These are from
the check-cashing robbery

the other day.

We are more than certain
that one of these men

is Shane Sullivan,
your husband.

No, that's not possible.

He just did a three-year
stint for armed robbery.

So it's definitely in the realm
of possibility.

You were there to help him.

No, that's not true.

Come on, Michelle,
you've been lying to us

from the get-go.
What were you doing there?

Why were you on the street?
You acting as a lookout?

- No, I already told you.
- I was shopping.

We checked
the security footage.

You weren't in that store.
You want to try again?

- Take a look at this picture.
- That's Carl Hoffman.

This is the guy that you
were trying to help save.

He is now dead.

That officially puts you
on the hook for felony murder.

- Look, we can still help you.
- You have no priors.

If you cooperate,
you can live a life,

see your daughter
go to college.

If not,
you're looking at 15 years.

If you know my husband
did this robbery,

how come you're talking to me?

Because we don't have
any evidence against him,

just you.

But I didn't do anything.

And I really need to get home.

My daughter is getting
dropped off from a playdate.

Michelle, you don't get it.

You're not going home.

You're not going home
for a long time.

Not unless you help us.

Yeah, I'd like to make
a phone call.

But I'm not gonna help you.

- So far, nothing.
- She's not cooperating.

- I don't understand.
- Why are we soft-shoeing here?

We can put her at the scene.
We can start to build a case.

Michelle denies
seeing anything,

and we can't prove
she did anything.

and if she doesn't testify,

we can't even place Shane
at the scene.

Hailey, I ran those 911
in-service calls

to Michelle Sullivan's address.


- Nothing.
- Not at her current address.

However, they used to rent
an apartment

at 3956 South Lowe,
the other side of Bridgeport.


Sarge, do you mind
if we tap the brakes

on pressing Michelle?

I may have another way
to get her to cooperate.

Two hours.


Hi, I'm Dr. Gordon.

Uh, Detective Upton,
Detective Halstead.

- How you doing?
- Here's the subpoena.

- Thank you for taking the time.
- I'm happy to help.

So you were the intake doctor
that helped Michelle Sullivan

four years ago?

The police responded
to a domestic.

That's right,
she was brought in

on an ambulance.

I was able to find
all the intake photos

and X-rays
with my notes attached,

but I can remember it clearly
without my notes.

- Really?
- From four years ago?

Bad ones stay with you.

Patient had swelling
around the eye

and six fractured ribs.

She claimed it was
from a bike accident.

But it wasn't
from a bike accident.

No, and it wasn't
the first time.

She'd had her ribs
broken before.

These are injuries
a boxer might sustain.

I asked her straight up
if her husband was hurting her.

I told her
that she could be protected,

and then her husband showed up.

That was that.

You didn't notify the police?

Of course I did.

But she refused
to press charges,

and I couldn't prove that
she didn't fall off her bike.

Is there anything else
you remember?

He seemed like
such a normal guy.

He even brought her flowers.

Red roses.

Thank you.

This is the one incident
we know about.

But there have been
a lot of others,

haven't there?

Ones that you were too afraid
to report.

Ones that you were ashamed of.

I know how hard it is
to leave him.

I really do.

You built a life with him.
You love him.

But deep down,
you know you gotta get out.

Shane's not perfect,
but he's not what you think.

He's a violent criminal
who beats women.

What are we missing?

- Shane's a good guy.
- He's a great father.

He's just been under
a lot of stress.

And you know what happens
when he's stressed, don't you?

Or in a bad mood.

Thinking he saw you
looking at another guy.

Maybe you left the dishes
in the sink.

This is your chance
to get out, Michelle.

To get out of going to prison.

To get out
of a really bad marriage.

Why were you at
the check-cashing store?

- What were you doing there?
- Just tell us.

- I am, I am.
- I'm...

I-I overheard Shane

talking on the phone.

He was saying something
about a job

at the Gordon Gardens strip.

I knew what that meant.

So I went there to stop him.

I didn't want him
to go to prison again.

I-I just wanted us
to be a normal family,

for Tina's sake.

Did you actually see him
in there?


I was looking for him,

but I didn't know
where he was exactly.

I just knew he was
somewhere on the strip.

And then I heard the shooting.

We need Michelle
to wear a wire,

get a confession.

Yeah, I think
she might do it too.

We're breaking her down,
and she knows what's at stake.

I'm not so sure about that.

I've been behind those closed
doors when I was a kid,

and I know what it's like.

When you've been abused
like her over so many years,

you give up hope.

Right now, she's just
trying to stay alive,

and the police are a threat
to her survival.

All right, so how
do we get her to cooperate?

Give her hope.

A concrete,
tangible escape plan.

She needs to see what her
new life will look like,

proof that it's possible

that she and her daughter
will be safe,

and that he can't
come after them.

I've got my contact
at Social Services

who might be able to help.


So the city keeps
some of these apartments

for special circumstances.

Is this like a safe house?

No, not technically,
but you'd be safe here.

There's a 24-hour doorman

Nobody's coming up here.


So what would I need to do?

- You would need to help us.
- You have to wear a wire.

Get an admission
of your husband's guilt.

Then you can move in here,
transition into your new life.

- Well, what about my daughter?
- She'll want to see her father.

She can see her father
on visiting days

at Stateville Prison.

Shane's going down
no matter what, Michelle.

The question is,
are you going down with him?

This is your chance to save
yourself and your daughter.

- Hang on a second, honey.
- I gotta take this call.

What you got?

After what happened?

I trust the truck driver.

Who's the truck driver?

I don't know.

Only if he says
the store is fat.

Look, I'll call you back.

Who were you talking to?

None of your business.

It is my business.

You said you weren't
gonna go back to that life.

Who says I'm going back?

Where are we getting
all this money from lately?

- I told you.
- I'm working construction.

- Shane, come on.
- Just tell me the truth.

What are you talking about?

I followed you.

- You followed me?
- Where?

To the check-cashing store.

You were at the strip?

What the hell?
What did you see?

We lost visual.

Somebody got killed.

I don't know
nothing about that.

You know,
I do all of this for you,

so you can be happy,
and you follow me?

You ungrateful bitch!

- Daddy, stop!
- Please!

- Get out of here!
- Go to your room!

This thing's going off.

- We can't go in there.
- Not yet.

We're supposed to just
sit here and wait?

Yeah, we don't know
what this is.

I know what this is.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Damn it!

There she is.

- I'm so sorry, baby.
- I'm sorry.

I love you.


Come on, baby.
Let's go inside.

Jay, I know this is hard.

But we have to let it play out,

which means
we have to keep Michelle under.

I know.

It sounded like
he was hurting her.

- I know.
- I get it.

But they were just
yelling, arguing.

Which is really hard
to listen to,

and even harder to know
when to intervene.

But we're cops,

so we also have to think
about the family

of the guy who got murdered.

And that is the person
responsible for it.

The wire didn't
get us a confession,

but it did
introduce us to a possible

fourth member of the team.

- Okay.
- Truck driver.

Someone who knows
when the stores are fat.

That's right,
and the one thing

that all these cash stores
that got robbed

have in common are deliveries
from Conserva Armored Security.

We called Conserva.

They sent us over a list
of all the drivers

that did cash deliveries
on the days of the robberies.

There's only one driver

who delivered
to all of the stores

right before they were hit.

This guy, John Franklin.
He's age 35.

He's got zero priors.

Lives at 324 Maple Avenue
in Canaryville.

Take him.

John, we got evidence
you've been passing

inside information about your
cash drops to a robbery group.

I mean, you know that's why
you're here, right?

It wasn't supposed to happen
the way that it did.


Everybody who sits
in that chair

says the exact same thing.

Let's start with the names
of everybody in the robbery.

I don't know their names.

Well, that's not
a very good start, John.

Okay, how about this?
Look at this.

You recognize
any of these guys?

I didn't even meet them.


Who are you working with?

I don't know.

Everything was done
by the phone.

About a month ago,
I got a package in the mail.

Inside the package
was a cell phone and a note,

and the note said
that they knew that I delivered

money for check-cashing stores.

They said all I gotta do
is just call the number

before I make a big drop,

and they'd kick me back
2 grand.

All right, how many times?



I don't understand.
I mean, you got no priors.

You seem like a good citizen.

So why would you risk all
of that for a measly 6 grand?

- My mom's sick.
- Cancer.

And the medicine's
crazy expensive,

and insurance companies,

they're not paying
for everything that she needs.

They even took up a special
collection for her at church,

and it didn't even make a dent.

- Hold on a second.
- What church do you go to?

St. Mark's.

That son of a bitch Brady

goes to the same church
as Franklin.

Knew the kid was struggling
to pay his mom's medical bills,

so he tempts him with a way
to make some extra cash.

The good news is,
Franklin confessed

to being the inside man
handing off info on cash drops.

The bad news is,
guy's a cutout.

I mean, he can't connect us
to the crew.

- Well, that's Brady's MO.
- Outsiders are kept outside.

Hold on a sec.

They don't know
that we arrested Franklin,

Brady and the crew.

They think he's still in play.

Boss, Franklin already
sent that text saying

he was driving
a fat truck tomorrow.

Yeah, Sarge, this heist
can still go down.

Yeah, so let's keep
this heist in motion.

Pull Franklin out of lockup.
Get him back into play.

Jay, you and Hailey
monitor Shane.

Let's lay a trap,
catch this crew in the act.

Worm is on the hook.

- We're in pocket.
- You just say the word, boss.

I'm in position.

Brady just arrived.

He's alone.

We got eyes, Sarge.

Who just called you?

I'm going out
to meet a friend.

- Which friend?
- None of your business.

I've gotta go.
Have you seen my keys?

We got eyes on Shane.

He hasn't left yet.

Driver just completed
his drop.

He's leaving now.

Sarge, what's he doing?

He's casing the place.

- What are you doing?
- Get out of my way.

I just... I don't want you
to get in trouble.

We can do this
a different way.

She's changing her mind.

She doesn't want him
to do the robbery.

Where are my keys?

Please, don't go.

Did you take my keys?

Sarge, we have a situation.

Looks like Michelle flipped.
She took Shane's keys.

I got Brady over here
right now waiting for him.

Yeah, well,
he hasn't left the house yet.

She won't let him go.

My keys were on the table.

Did you take my keys?

- Shane, please, just listen...
- Where are my keys, Michelle?

- I don't know!
- I want my keys!

That's not just arguing.

Jay, we don't know
what this is yet.

Let it play.

Shane, stop it!

- I'm going in.
- Stop!


Stop it!

What are you doing here?

We got a call
of a domestic disturbance.

- What? From who?
- Nobody here called.

What the hell is going on?

- Chicago PD.
- Stay where you are.

- You're a cop?
- This guy's a cop?

Just keep your hands
where I can see them.

There were sounds of violence
coming from the house.

I got frustrated
and I broke a vase.

Is that against the law?
I never touched her.

Is that true?

We were having a argument.

Did he physically hurt you?

- He grabbed my hand.
- Get up against the wall.

- You were holding my keys!
- Stand up against the wall.

Put your hands
behind your back.

Don't move.
You're under arrest.

- For what?
- For arguing with my wife?

No, for domestic assault.

- Michelle, tell him.
- Tell him it's not true.

Tell him!

We just arrested Shane.

He's not coming.

- Stand down.
- The deal's blown.


- Sarge.
- Uh-huh.

I know we would've had him
on the murder,

but I couldn't just sit there.

So what did happen?

You talk about being
in the moment all the time.

I was in the moment,

and the noises that I'm hearing
coming out of that house,

I know she's in danger,
so I acted.

This an apology?

No. I would do it again.


Look, Jay, I mean,
I know how you're wired.

Through the heart.

Someone's in trouble,
you just go.

That's part of what
makes you you.

I made peace with it.

I don't think you could be
any other way.

So where's Shane Sullivan now?

He's in lockup.

All right, good.

We still got
one last play left.

- Let me take a run at him.
- No, I got this.

You people come into my house

and accuse me
of hurting my wife?

I never touched my wife.

That's not why you're here.

You're here...

'cause you've been hitting
check-cashing stores

with Mike Brady
and Eric Walsh.

And on the last job,
you killed this man.

That's why you're here.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You sure about that?

'Cause right now,
your two partners

are down the hall,
and they're each

getting a chance
to tell their story.

We don't think it was you
that pulled the trigger

and killed him.

We think it was Brady.

But we need you
to testify to that.

Only one of you
will get this chance.

Look, Shane,
you tell us what happened,

I might be able to work out
a deal with the ASA.

Sounds like maybe
I need a lawyer.

Yeah, maybe.

Problem is,
you bring in a lawyer,

that deal goes away.

I gotta tell you,
you add felony murder

to your résumé...

That's game over.

You know that.
You're going away for life.

What's it gonna be?

- I think you're fishing.
- Hmm.

And if you're not,
then bring it on,

because I sure ain't
gonna help the cops,

especially after
you used my wife

and turned her against me.

That's the lowest thing
you can do.

- You know what?
- We did try to use your wife.

You're right.

We tried.

But she wouldn't cooperate.

She didn't say
anything about you.

She protected you
the whole way.

- Did she?
- Yeah, she did.

Probably because
she's terrified

of what you might do to her.

You remember this night?

The night you put her
in the hospital?

Mother of your daughter.

You remember it?

Let me ask you
something, Shane.

Do you feel more powerful
when you beat up a woman?

Does it make you feel
like more of a man?

As I recall,
she fell off her bicycle.


Now, can I have
my lawyer, please?

- We had no choice, Hailey.
- We had to go in.

'Cause who knows
what that guy might've done?

- Yeah.
- No, you're right.

We didn't have a choice.

Thank you.

And we got nothing else
on Brady and Walsh?

- Nothing.
- Crickets.

Yeah, they'll lay low
for a while, but...

they are who they are,
and they'll hit again.

And when they do,
we'll nail their asses.

So I just talked to Michelle.

She's shaken up, obviously,
but she's willing

to press charges
against her husband,

so at least we'll catch him
on the domestic.

Well, that's good news.

I'll talk to ASA Boyd,
get it fast-tracked.

Let's slap him
with every charge we can.

Come on.

I still can't
get a hold of her.

Not surprised.

I'll keep trying.

Par for the course
with abuse victims.

Nothing's harder than putting
your own family in jail.

But we need these
domestic charges to stick.


Hey, do you mind
sticking around for a minute?


Hey, Trudy, do you know
what cell Shane Sullivan's in?

Uh, Shane Sullivan...

is not in a cell.

He was transported
to domestic court

and then released.


- Yeah.
- No complainant showed up.

- When was this?
- Two hours ago.




Michelle, are you okay?

Are you okay?

Is he still in the house?

Okay, and your daughter?

- She's at her cousin's.
- Okay.

Please come with me right now.

Please just get up
and come with me.

Come on.
Let's go.

It's gonna be okay.
Let's go.

Come on.

What are you doing
in my house?

Get away from my wife.

You take another step closer,
I'm gonna knock your ass out.

She's not going anywhere.


I ordered you a double.



So Michelle is on a plane
with her daughter.

And her brother's gonna
pick them up in Phoenix.

- That's great.
- That's great news.

It is if she stays away
from Shane.

All you can do
is buy her the ticket.

The rest is up to her.

I don't know how you went
through this growing up.


Every situation's
a little different.

My dad would come home drunk
after being out all night.

My mom would say
something to him.

He would snap.

I was little,
so I just put a pillow

over my head
to try to make it all go away.

But you know, she would come
downstairs the next day

with a bunch makeup on,
trying to cover it up.

You could still
see the bruises.

Every time, we would tell
ourselves it was the last time.

But, of course,
it would happen again,

and they were just
in this terrible dance.

But you know,
I would close my eyes,

and I would wish
that somebody would come in

and just put him in his place.

Do what you did.

You did a good thing, Jay.

- So what happened to your mom?
- Where'd she go?

- Nowhere.
- She's still with my dad.