Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 15 - Burden of Truth - full transcript

Intelligence searches for the dealer who caused multiple overdoses and is connected to Roman's missing sister. The case becomes a homicide investigation when they find the dealer's dead body.

- Think we found our guy.
Logan Peters.

- We got intel he's hanging
with the Southside Hustlers.

Roman said he'd call you once
he found the guy, but

- Wait a second,
you talking about Sean Roman?

Kim's ex-partner?
What's he got to do with this?

- My little sister Sarah,
she went missing last week.

I need to know what happened.

- Sean's in Chicago?

- You're not a cop anymore.

- No, but I'm Sarah's
big brother.

- 'Cause I can't blame Sean
for putting his family first.

I mean, let's do what we can
to help him.

- Here we go.

- What do we got?
- Fire's contained.

Got a couple smoke
inhalation injuries.

They're on their way now
to Med with the GSW victim,


Believe he started the fire.

Smelled gasoline
when we entered.

- So the, uh, shooter's
the dealer, Logan Peters?

- Yeah, he's in the wind.
Fled during the fire.

It's too late for a perimeter.

All right, well,
Kim will take your statement.

Someplace quiet, huh?

- Okay, what's going on?

- I arrived here
after tracking Logan.

- I'm not actually asking
for your statement.

I'm asking why the hell
you didn't come to us.

- My sister's missing.
I'm looking for her.

- Yeah, we have an entire unit
that specializes in just that.

Not to mention, you have me.
And Intelligence.

- I went to Fire first
because of the ODs.

- No...

I rode in a car with you
for two years.

I know when you're lying.
- I couldn't come to you.

- I don't care
that we broke up.

- It's not that.

- Do you realize how bad
this looks for you right now?

You're at the scene
of a shooting

I can book you as a suspect.
- You gotta be kidding me.

I was a cop.
- You're not anymore.

All right?

So if you want,
I'll take you down

to the station,
then you can answer

my questions in the box.

Your choice.

- She's dealing for him.

- What?

- My sister's an addict.
She has been for a while now.

And I think she's dealing
for her boyfriend.

And if she is,
and a teenager died,

then she's staring down
a drug induced homicide charge.

So yeah, I went to Fire first
and lied my ass off.

- Hey, hey, hey.

Look, I need you
to trust me now, okay? me, okay?

- We've been treating
at least three ODs an hour,

like stopping running water.

This kid who set the fire?

- Yeah.
- Travis Butler.

Paramedics brought him in
15 minutes ago,

GSW to the stomach,
smoke inhalation.

He's still in surgery, but
- If you're saying this place

is too busy,
then you see my daughter first.

- No, but my son's in worse
condition than your daughter.

- Sir, sit down.

- This kid could've killed
everyone in there.

- Hey, what's going on?

- Victims from the fire
were brought here,

and so was Travis.

- I do know that you
- Get your hands off of me!

- Police!
Hey, police!

- Get off of me!

- Hey!

- Come on!

- Police!
You need to calm down!

- Calm down. Calm down.
- My son's in worse condition.

- Calm down.
- Okay.

- Come on, let's go this way.

- I'm sorry...I would never
hit a copa woman.

I'm sorry.
- It's okay, I'm fine.

- They say my son started
the fire.

- Uh, we believe the guy
who shot your son

is also involved
in other crimes.

- What?
- He was in the apartment

where the fire started.
- No witnesses saw Logan flee.

- Mr. Butler?
- Yeah?

- Surgery went well.
Travis is stable.

- Can I see him?
- Mm-hmm.

- Thanks.

- See you guys.
Thank you.

- Good work.
- Thanks.

- Yeah.

- No, I didn't see
where Logan went.

He, uh, he shot me, I saw him
leave the room, but that's all.

- How well do you know Logan?
You know where he might run to?

- I don't know him at all.

Friend of mine told me
where to find him.

Told me he killed
my girlfriend.

- He dealt to her?

- She was happy.
She was perfect.

Then he started selling to her.

He's responsible for this.

I was just trying
to make it right.

I'm going to jail, aren't I?

- Oh, man.

I should've told you
to come here from the jump.

I'm sorry.
I steered you wrong.

- Well, I'm here now.

- You, uh, you gonna
talk to Voight?

- Yeah.
- Hey, O'Malley.

- Oh, come on, I finally got
detailed to TACT.

But who needs a three-house
raid when there's the honor

of covering your desk?

Hey, welcome back.
- Thanks.

- Sorry to hear about the
- Thank you.

- Sorry for your loss.

- What's he talking about?
- Uh, I got injured on the job.

That's all.

- My mother called me
last week.

She found pills
in Sarah's room.

Flushed them, then accused
her of dealing.

Which didn't go well.
- She ran?

- She's been gone nine days.
- Hmm.

- We thought she ran off
with her boyfriend.

I didn't even know his name
until yesterday.

Logan Peters.

- Hmm.
- If she did sell to those kids

that OD'd...

She's looking at a big charge.

- I know her, Sarge.
She's a good kid.

She's just down on her luck,
needs our help.

- Well, we find her first,
we'll do what we can

to protect her.
- Okay.

- All right.

You can roll with Kim.

On a short leash.

I'm gonna tell you something,
you go off on your own

while you're with my unit...

you're gonna see a whole other
side of me, you understand?

- Yeah.

- Okay, he's yours.

- Thank you.
- Mm.

- Ann Hoffman, 15.
Clarke Preston, 17.

Two more ODs pronounced
at Med in the last 24 hours.

And their tox report matches
our original DOA, Brandi.

Mass amounts of fentanyl
in their systems.

- Same compound product our
dealer Logan Peters is pushing.

The kid's got a few priors
for possession, theft,

and a statutory rate charge.
He was 23, his girlfriend, 15.

Charge was dismissed.
- All right, and the pills?

- Thinking Mexican oxy.
Looks, feels, tastes like

regular oxy, but it's fake.
Made with fentanyl, instead.

Comes directly from cartels,
and is dealt to Hispanic gangs

in the city.
- I got something.

- Latin Players said Logan
wasn't getting product

from them.
Southside Hustlers were

granting him asylum.
- Well, begs the question,

where's he getting his product?
- Witness popped.

Guy across the street
from the fire says

he saw Logan running
towards the L.

I pulled the footage.
He got off at Wilson.

- All right, so run all Logan
Peters' known associates

near that stop.

I mean, the guy's hiding
somewhere, right?

We find him, flip him for his
supplier, get this product

off the street
before that board grows.

- Hey, you, uh, you want me
to ride with you, or...

- No.

Smaller numbers,
it's a quicker spread.

- Right, okay.
- Yeah.

- Well, we'll see you
back here.

- What was that in there?
- What?

- You seem different.

- No, we just haven't
spoken in years.

- Your unit seems to be walking
on eggshells around you,

especially Ruzek.

- You should've
stuck around, Roman.

You would've made detective.

And you seem different too.

- No, hey, you can't just
come in.

- You answer the door high,
holding a joint.

Not sure what you expect.
- I ain't high.

And it's legal now.

- No, man, you're high
on something a lot stronger

than marijuana,
and you're on probation

- Baby, can you please
not be so loud?

- Hey, hey, come here.
Get over here. Hey!

Let's go.

You trying to get to
the drugs before we do?

- Mm.
- Have a seat. Sit down!

- All right,
you answer my questions,

I won't search this place,
we have a deal?

You know this guy,
Logan Peters?

- I don't know him.
- You do know him.

He listed this address
for two months

after he got out of prison.
Try again.

- Hey, look at this.

- Haven't seen him
in a long time.

- What about her?
Sarah Roman.

You know her?
She dating Logan?

- Don't know her.
- Do you know her?

- Uh...
- We don't know her.

- Hey, does it look like
I'm talking to you?

Do you know her?

- She's my little sister.
- Baby, no.

- Well, she doesn't look
like that anymore.

- Oh, my God.

- So you've seen her?
- Daydaydays ago.

- Okay, where, where's
the last place you saw her?

Logan doesn't date these girls.

He just...plays with them.

- Listen, I don't care about
that, I want to know where

the last place
you saw Sarah was.

Look at me, not at him.

Where's the last place
you saw Sarah?

- The old lake house.

We break in there
to party sometimes.

- I want that address now.
- Yeah.

- No. No.

- Clear.

- Clear.

Now we're clear.

- Might as well start in here.
- Okay.

- You okay?

- Yeah.

- What happened on the job?

- Sex trafficking case.

I went in without backup,
I got worked.

- You lose a victim?

The PO at 21 said,
"Sorry for your loss."

- Ruzek and I got together,
I got pregnant,

and I'm not anymore.

- What?

Oh, I'm sorry.
I-I can't even imagine.

- It's okay. It was early.
It was an unplanned pregnancy.

I'm fine.

- Look at this.

It's the Southside Hustlers'

- Yeah, you said Logan was
getting asylum

from them, right?

- Looks like an oxy pill.

- Let's hope it's one
of the fake ones.

- Kim.
That's Sarah's.

- What?

- Yeah, it's her jacket.

- Okay.

- Sarah!
- Sarah?

- Sarah!
- Sarah

- Sarah!



- I believe Sarah died
a week ago.

Her body indicates
she struggled to survive.

Someone strangled her,
beat her.

There's presence of internal
bleeding in her stomach.

But none of those factors
are the actual cause of death.

It's likely she appeared dead
to her assailant

but survived these injuries.

she froze to death.

- Your body tricks you
when you freeze.

You think you're warm.

Probable she took off her
jacket trying to cool down,

went to the water and
- How long?

How long was she alone outside?

- I would guess she was alive
outside for around 19 hours.

- Sean.



What's going on?


- We found Sarah's body, Mom.

She died a week ago.

- No.

- She's gone.

- No, no.

- No!
- She needed you!

- No, no, no, no.
- We needed you!

- Please, please stop, please.

- You all right? You all right?
- I'm fine!

- How'd it go
with Roman's family?

- It went.
- All right, M.E. confirmed it.

DNA found under
Sarah's fingernails

popped in the system.

It was Logan's.

- All right, somebody tell me
we got something on this prick.

- We ran the pill we found
at the lake house through ISP.

They did confirm that it
matches our ODs,

but it ain't Mexican oxy.

That pill is way too sloppy
for the cartels.

ISP believes it's homemade.

- Might have something.

Reran Logan's GPS stats.

The tower pings up against
known Southside Hustler

hot spots.

One hit an old stash house

leased to a Leon Miller.

Guy's a bit of a heavy.

Known for leasing dope corners.

It's a long shot,
but that stretch of the city

is dead man's land.
There ain't nothing there.

- I mean, it's a damn good
place to hide out.

- Yeah. Let's roll on it.
Nice work.

- Thanks.

- All right, we'll take front,
you guys

- 5021 Frank,
we got shots fired

coming from inside a warehouse
at 1600 West Racine.

Get us some cars over here.

- Copy that.

Go, go, go.

- Hold on, hold on.


- Crossing.

- Ruz, you good?

- Yeah, I'm good.
We got Logan Peters.

DOA, looks like gunshot wounds
to the chest.

- Cross.

- Hey.

- Rear, possibly side
of the building.

- Copy that.

- Chicago PD!
Don't move!

Don't move.

Where's the gun?
You got the gun?

- I don't know, I don't see it.
I don't see it.

Buddy, where's the gun?

He's foaming at the mouth.
- What is he, an OD?

- I don't know, you got Narcan?
- No.

- Oh, God.
- 5021 George, emergency.

Roll an ambo to 1600 West
Racine, we got an OD victim.

Advise responding to set up

a four-block perimeter.
We still might have

a shooter here.


- His pulse is strong.

Let's get that Narcan
or we're going lose him.

- Yup. Stay with us.
- Here you go.

- Come on, come on.
- Come on, come on, come on.

- There you go.
There we go, that's it.

- Okay, let's get going.

- Whoa, whoa.
- Easy, easy.

- I gotta get his gloves
checked for GSR.

- We've really gotta get him
to the hospital.

- All right. Can we go?
- Yup.

- It's hard to imagine this
guy's capable of firing a gun.

- Looks that way,
but you never know.

- Right behind y'all.
- One, two, three.

Okay, all right, drop him.

- What can I do?

- Buckle him.
- Got it.

- Hey, how's Roman?
Is he doing okay?

- He's tough.
Losing his sister like that.

It's hard to accept.
- Yeah, more like impossible.

- You get the other guy to Med?

- Yeah.

Looks like Logan
was hiding out here.

- Yeah, well,
someone found him.

- He's got plenty
of self defense wounds,

bruising on his knuckles.
Looks like he was in quite

the scrape before he got shot.

- Logan's getting a lot
of heat for the ODs,

supplier gets spooked.

Beats him, kills him,
ties it off.

- Do you want us
to work this, Sarge,

or do you wanna wait for
Homicide? They're on their way.

- Well, if this punk's murder
can get us to our supplier,

get these pills off the street,
yeah, we'll work it.

I mean, for that.
Not for this.

- Why do you still have
that sonogram up, Adam?

- I don't know. Just couldn't
get rid of it yet.

- That doesn't really
make sense, but okay.

- It does to me.

- Look, I'm not trying
to weird you out.

I'll take it down right now
if you want me to.

- No, if you want to keep
it up, that's your call.

- You sure?
- Yeah, you do

what you need to do.
- 'Cause, you know,

I don't know if we're in
the same place with all this.

We haven't really
had a chance to talk.

- Okay, let's do it.
Let's talk. Let's talk.

- No, no, no, we don't have
- No, we should because

it's better than us avoiding
each other and

You justyou just go ahead,

you say what you're gonna say,
and you get it off your chest.

- Okay. What am I meant
to get off my chest?

- Your feelings, your anger.
- What do you mean?

- Adam, I can tell
I can feel it.

You blame me
for losing the baby.

- Blame you?
- Yeah.

- I don't blame you.
What are you talking about?

- 'Cause I wasn't supposed
to be in the field,

I wasn't supposed
to be at the motel

- And you were. And because you
were, you saved a kid's life.

- Yeah, but I could've waited
three minutes

- No, you couldn't have.
That man would've beat

that girl to death,
had you waited outside.

Kim, you were doing your job.
You're a cop.

You were at a scene
- I wasn't supposed to be

on the scene!

I wasn't supposed
to be in the motel!

I wasn't supposed
to lose the baby!

Don't you get that?
I don't want pity.

And I don't want support.

- What do you want?
- I want you to be angry

with me,
as angry with me as I am.

- I can't do that.

I'm sorry.

- Yes, okay.

Got it.

Okay, yes, thank you.

GSR on the junkie is negative.

- Dude ain't no killer,
just a stone cold addict.

I just talked to him at Med.
Good news is he's stable.

Bad news is he didn't
see a damn thing.

He said as soon as he heard
the shots, ran off scared.

- All right, so what do we
got on Leon Miller?

- Confirmed he's the one that's
paying rent on the warehouse.

It's bad paper, but the money
traces back to him.

Narcotics says that he's
well-established, smart,

and strategic.
- Hmm.

- He's a good fit
for Logan's supplier.

- All right, so dig into it.
See if we can put him

or one of his associates
at the scene.

- Sarge?
- Yes?

- Okay if I update Roman?
- Yeah.

- We found Logan
in an abandoned warehouse.

He was beaten.
Two shots to the chest.

He's dead, Roman.

We think that his supplier,
Leon Miller, looks good for it.

He also owns the warehouse
where Logan's body was found.

- Doesn't really matter now,
does it?

Who cares if he's dead?

She's still gone.

- I know. But down the line
it could help, you know?

Knowing the man responsible
for her death is gone too.

- I doubt it.

- Sean, it's not on you.
This is on Logan.

- What's not?
That I left her?

- No
- My sister needed me, Kim.

She was coming apart,
and she needed me to just

get on the plane
and come home to her.

But I didn't.

So you can give me
any platitudes you want

but you didn't want to hear
them from me, okay?

And I don't want to hear
them from you.

This is on me.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I'm not sure
- Jay?

- Yeah?
- Any new leads?

- No. We can prove that they
knew each other from texts,

social media, but there's
no tower pings,

there's no footage, nothing
that puts Miller or anyone

associated with him
near Logan's murder.

- Guys.

- Who was that?
- He's a potential witness.

He says he was near the crime
scene, saw a black Range Rover

speed away a minute
after hearing two gunshots.

- That's the lead we've
been waiting for.

Miller drives
a black Range Rover.

- Yeah. He also got a partial
plate. Time to move.

- Go.

- Ready?
- Yeah, let's go.

- Police!

- I got you.
Move up.

Move up, move up.
- Come on, come on.

Shots fired at the police.
- Gun!

- Go, Burgess, go Burgess,
I got you.

- I got you, Upton!
- Sarge, I got a runner!

He's headed straight for you!

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.
- Shut up, Leon.

Keep your hands up.

- Sarge.

- Whoa.
Stand back.


- Leon, we found 2,000
counterfeit oxy pills.

Plus a boatload of uncut

- Ain't mine.

- Okay, here's what
we're gonna do.

I'm gonna pretend
you didn't start there.

- And you're gonna pretend
you give a damn your pills

killed three teenagers.

- It ain't mine.

You can't connect me
to none of that.

I ain't never seen
or touched those drugs

- Kid, you tell your lawyer
to play that.

I promise you it ain't gonna
work for the murder.

- Murder? What the hell
is you talking about?

- Logan Peters.

- I ain't kill Logan.

- He was hiding out
at your warehouse.

You're the only person
who knew where he was.

- Look, man, I told him
he could hide out there.

No way I killed him.

I'll tell you whatever you want

on that,
but I ain't kill nobody.

I ain't been at
that warehouse in years.

- We got Miller on tape
eating at Frank's Grill

over on Marquette
from 12:31 to 2:18.

Son of a bitch
is telling the truth.

- Well, maybe he didn't
pull the trigger himself,

doesn't mean he didn't
order the hit.

Keep looking.
- Hey, we finally caught

a break with a bus cam.
He was passing Racine,

two blocks out, three minutes
after the gunshots.

Caught this blue Nissan sedan
driving westbound.

Unfortunately, because
of the glare on the windows,

you can't make out the driver.
- And the black Range Rover?

- No, it's just
the blue Nissan, no plates.

- Okay, so we start looking
for owners of blue Nissans.

Hey, Kim.
- Yeah?

- Talk to that witness again,
maybe he saw a blue Nissan too.

- Copy you.

Did you see any other cars,
anybody else?

- Uh, no, only saw
a black Range Rover.

- Okay, did you get a look
at the driver?

- No, just the car.
- And which way was it headed?

- Not sure.

I was driving
to my sister's house,

thought my tire was flat,
pulled over, checked the tire,

heard two gunshots.

- And then what?
- Got the hell out of there.

- What happened to the flat?

- Wasn't as bad as I thought.

- Oh.

Where does your sister live?

- In Englewood.
Lancaster Road.

- And where were you
coming from?

- Uh, I was at home.
In Pilsen.

- Okay. Question.

See, Pilsen is here,
and Englewood is here,

and the location of the
warehouse where the shooting

took place is about here.

Now, the shortest distance
between two points

is a straight line.

That line ain't
too straight, Christian.

- I'm not so good
at directions.

- Not so good at lying, either.

- Anything else?

- Why are you lying
to me, Christian?

- I ain't lying to you.

I told you exactly
what happened.

You know what?
I don't need this.

- Platt.
I need you to do a deep dive

on that witness,
Christian Lewis.

I'm not handing out work.
I just need this done

off the record.
- Okay, fine.

- Thank you.

- You guys are fishing
in the wrong pond here.

Hit men do not drive Nissans.

- Exactly why
a smart one would.

- Hey, we have anything?
- I don't know.

I got three accountants, two
teachers, and a dentist, so...

- Hold on, Ruz,
I think got one.

Robert Harper, age 43.
White as hell.

I mean, makes Halstead
look like Lil Wayne.

This man is very legit.

He's got three outstanding
parking tickets.

And if that's not gangster,
he's got a jaywalking citation.

I say we grab his ass up.

- Where are you going?
You just got here.

- Hey.
Uh, it turns out your witness,

Christian Lewis,
used to be an informant.

He was on our books
for a couple years.

- When?
- 2014 to '16.

I don't know what's going on,
I don't wanna know

what's going on, but you're
making me nervous.

- Oh, I'm fine.

- You like it here, right?
- Of course I like it here.

- Then be careful.

Keeping secrets from Voight
is not a game many people win.

Kim, you know
you're not alone in this.

You got people. Me.

People tend to lighten
the load.

- Hey, what's up?
It's almost midnight.

- We need to talk, now.
Here, someplace else.

- Come on in.
- Thanks.

- Yeah, my parents
are finally sleeping.

The doctor gave them
some sleeping pills.

- Good.
That's good.

- So what's going on?
- I wanted to talk to you

before too many people
got involved.

- What's that mean?
- It means that things are

starting to break a certain
way in Logan's murder, Sean.

- What way is that, Kim?
- In a way that points to you.

Our key witness,
Christian Lewis,

the guy who saw
a black Range Rover

the exact car
that Leon Miller drives

is one of your old CIs.

And the car that was actually
at the scene, a blue Nissan,

just so happens
to be the same type of car

that your cousin,
Tamra Riley, drives.

I've met her, Sean,
at your house, at parties.

I've met her,
and according to social media,

she has been in Florida
the last five days

- It's late, and I need to get
ready for my sister's funeral.

- Sean, I don't think
you meant to kill him

- I'm giving the eulogy,
and I wanna make sure I do

a good job, Kim.
- Sean.

- I appreciate you coming by.

- Get some rest, Sean.


- Where we at?

We find any blue Nissan owners
with a connection

to Leon Miller or the DOA?
- So we went through all of

Miller's known associates.
Nobody drives a blue Nissan.

- So, other than the car,
the only piece of evidence

we got is this witness,
Christian Lewis.

Who popped up out of nowhere

and luckily saw a black Range
Rover speed from the scene.

- Maybe Miller let
one of his associates

drive the Range Rover
to do the hit.

- It's possible, but Miller
seems smarter than that.

- So that leaves you
the killer drives the exact

same car as Miller,
with similar plates.

- Or witness is lying
his ass off.

- Mm-hmm.
- All right, Kim,

you talked to the
witness yesterday.

He seem credible to you?

- Um, you know, I-I couldn't
tell that he was lying,

but his story did have
some holes in it.

- Bring him in.

- We got open door.

Chicago PD.

- Christian Lewis.
Chicago PD.

- What the hell?

- Lewis packed up fast.

- He's gotta be playing us.
Made up the Range Rover

to get us to focus the
investigation on Miller.

Why do that?

- 'Cause someone pays you to.

Let's go knock on some doors.

Good afternoon, sir, I was
hoping you could help me out.

Thanks so deeply
for your concern

about the city of Chicago.

- No, no, no, what I'm saying

is Christian is a good dude.

I mean, he ain't gonna
run for president,

but he's doing the best he can.

- Well, what do you
mean by that?

- He's an addict.
Heroin, crack, you name it.

But he's been getting himself
right, going to meetings,

making amends.

Landlady say he just
gave her an envelope

filled with fresh hundreds.
- This landlady,

she live in the complex?
- Yeah. Apartment 2C.

- How's it going?
Any leads?

- Uh, best one I have so far is
Lewis is trying to make amends.

- Uh-huh.
- He just handed the landlady

an envelope full of cash.
- Yeah, I just talked to her.

- Okay.
- Lewis gave her three grand

in cash,
squared up his whole debt.

- Hmm.

- Fresh cash, too, so we can
trace the serial numbers.

- That's good.

- Yeah, we identify the bank
where the money was withdrawn,

I'm guessing that'll get us to
the guy who paid Lewis to lie.

- Mm.

- Unless, of course,
you already know.

- No. I-I'm just doing
the math, like you.

Do you want me to run the cash?
- No, I got it.

- Okay.

Funeral for Roman's sister
is in a few hours.

- You should go.

- Okay.

- Good morning, everybody.

On behalf of the Roman family,

I would like to thank you all
for being here today.

I'd like to start with
a reading from Ecclesiastes.

"My child, when you come
to serve the Lord,

"prepare yourself for trials.
Be sincere of heart

"and steadfast,
and do not be impetuous

"in times of adversity.

"Cling to him,
do not leave him,

"that you may prosper
in your last days.

"Accept whatever
happens to you;

"in periods of humiliation,
be patient.

"For in fire gold is tested,
and the chosen,

"in the crucible
of humiliation.

"Trust in God,
and he will help you;

make your ways straight
and hope in him."

Word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.

- I love you.

- Did the right thing
to call me.

- My sister Sarah,
she died alone in a ditch.

was minus-4 degrees.

Can only imagine
how scared she was.

How alone she was.

Growing up...

My sister was never alone.

Uh, she was always surrounded
by her friends,

kids from down the block,

kids I didn't even know
where the hell

heck they came from.

You know,
they'd just be there,

in the kitchen one day,
drinking pop out of

a two liter,
waiting for my sister.

She drew people to her
because she was warm.

She was loving,
and she was always herself.

Strong and stubborn.

She was a fighter.

When they found her...

My sister had scratches

on her hands and knees
from crawling,

from fighting.

But there was no one there
to save her.

She screamed for help,
but no one heard her.

She was screaming weeks before.

Sarah needed help.

But I wasn't there for her.

"Whoever conceals
his transgressions

will not prosper."

"But he who confesses

and forsakes them
will obtain mercy."

Proverbs 28:13.

If you ask me, that's a lie.

You can't just recite a
passage, say a few Hail Marys,

and then wash away your sins.

And we shouldn't be able to.

We should be required
to carry around our sins

for the rest of our years.

All the pain and guilt too.

We need to feel them

so we can do better next time.

So that we can be there
the next time

someone screams for help.

- That was a hell of a eulogy.
- It was honest.

- Hmm.

- You believe in absolution?

- Kim, I don't think like that.

- Yeah, I know.

- I appreciate you waiting
till the service was over.

So how we gonna do this?

- We're not.

Logan Peters deserved
what he got.

As for the person

Well, we're gonna continue
our investigation,

but it's no longer
a top priority.

I mean, we'll keep you

keep you posted with
any new information,

but other than that...

I wish you the best.

- What just happened?

- I-I don't know.

- Sean.

I think you're right.

Maybe we should be required
to carry this pain...

But then don't we get to
decide what we do with it?