Chicago P.D. (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 20 - Silence of the Night - full transcript

Atwater goes undercover to take down a gun-trafficking ring, but discovers an officer from his past is undercover in the same organization.


[siren whoops]

Out of the car nice and slow.

You feel like a man now, huh?

Get your black ass
on your knees right now!


Those punks murdered Daryl
over nothing...

Driving while being black.

I've done research
on this cop Doyle.

He's got a track record.

This isn't about you anymore.

This is about the future
of Chicago.

You gotta do
what you think is right.

Just keep in mind, you're a cop.

- You backed me?
I appreciate that, bro.

No, I didn't come down here
to shake hands and make up.

[both grunting]

You may not go down
for that murder,

but I will get your badge
one way or the other.

- It's pizza.
It can't be that bad.

- It is.
It's like a sheet of paper.

Well, deep dish is waiting.

When you're back,
we'll hit Bartoli's.


You are coming back, right?

Yeah, I miss the wind...

and you.

So you miss me, do you?

Shut up. I gotta go.

- Yeah, talk soon.
Morning, Sarge.

Hey, listen, Adam and Kim
are case-on-case on this thing,

- so take us through.
- All right.

Three months ago,
an unlicensed mini Uzi was used

by a deranged white male
in a black church shooting.

Now, luckily for us,
nobody was seriously injured.

A week ago, the same type
of Uzi was used in a drive-by

at a G-Park Lord's funeral.
We got two dead.

The shooter was caught,
but he lawyered up.

OCD Intel says the Uzis
were stolen in Indiana

and then transported into town.

Our top priority target
is this guy, Tony Reed,

part-time biker,
part-time alt-right agitator.

He did two stints in Danville
for meth distro

before pivoting into guns.

Now, Tony,
he stays in the shadows

and relies on these
small-time punks

to distribute the weapons,

like this guy, JHawk261,

who posted that charming photo
on Instagram two days ago.

And we got Kev
in play as a buyer.

Plan is, bust this JHawk,
get him to flip on Reed.

Does JHawk know you're black?

Yeah, I'm fronting as a big dog

for the 88th Street Vipers.

My vibe is, he likes
selling to brothers

because he feels like we're
just gonna wipe each other out,

help his cause anyway.

We got a get-to-know-you offer
for five Uzis on the table,

the meeting's in two hours,
and I can't wait.

All right, as soon as Kev
makes the sale,

we move in fast.

He reaches for a weapon,

light his ass up.

- Copy that.
- Let's go.

- We got eyes on Kev.
Red Camry pulling up.

I'm running the tags now.

[keyboard clacking]

Okay, car belongs
to Jeffrey Alan Hill.

He's got two priors
for meth possession.

I'm guessing this is JHawk.

- [car beeps]
- You shopping?

- You JHawk?
- That's me.

You serious?

All good.

Let's go inside.

That wasn't part of the plan.

That's where
the groceries are, dude.

Let's do it.

[ominous music]


- 'Sup, boys?
Where are the sweepers?

- D's cleaning them.
- Where the hell's D?

Right here.

Polished and shined,
thing of beauty.

I'm telling you, these things
are gonna blow you away.

Whoa, boss.

You gotta be kidding me.
That's Tom Doyle.

- Mm.
- Who the hell's Tom Doyle?

He's a cop.

Who pulled over Atwater
while he was undercover

- and put a gun to his head.
- Easy, easy.

If he's dirty, we got a problem.

Just let it play.

What the hell is this?


[tense music]

A lot of buyers in Chicago.
You bring this?

The only color
Reed cares about is green.

Anybody even bother to do
the 411 on him?

I'm just here for business.

We still got a deal or not?

You need to get up on out
of here, you hear me?

I said run along, son.

Don't call me son.

I'ma give you a call later, bro,

when you realize
that your boy here's trippin'

and he don't know what the hell
he's talking about.

I said run along.

What the hell was that?

Spoke to Platt.

Apparently, Area South's
got Doyle working undercover

with Tony Reed's crew.

- Doyle's patrol.
- He got promoted to detective.

Why didn't Area South
deconflict this?

I'm going to talk
to his sergeant right now,

and believe me,
I'm gonna find out.

The deconfliction screwup
is on us, Hank.

Someone made a mistake
with the paperwork.

That's a hell
of a mistake, Kenny.

Yeah, one of my guys put
Reed's alias into the system

- instead of his real name.
- Huh.

How long's Doyle been under?
Here, have a seat.

Three months.

It's a long play
to close in on Reed.


Hey, how about we
compare notes, work together?

Think that's our best shot
to take down Reed.

Eh, I'm not sure
that's a good idea.

Hey, look, Hank.

I know what went down last year
between Doyle and Atwater.

I don't think it'd be a problem
on our end.

The kid's a good cop.

It's the only reason
I put him up for detective.

Got nothing to do with
his father, his two cousins?

Yeah, I know he's got
a lot of family on the job,

but that wasn't the reason.

On my kids.

Okay, let's do it.

Tony Reed
is the head of the snake

of this gun-trafficking

He's elusive and cagey.

Always works through
an intermediary

like Jeffrey Hill.

That's the reason
I put Doyle under with him.


Best way to get access to Reed.

Hill's real loyal too.

Thinks Reed is some kind
of visionary.

That's why I killed the bust.

No way that Hill flips.

All right, so how do we
get Reed to the table, then?

Increase the size
of the purchase.


If it's a big enough deal,
Reed will wanna be there.

Okay, good, then we have
Atwater go back there

with a bigger,
better order, right?

Say 50 weapons instead of five.

- All right.
Gear up.

Hey, hey, you got a...

Hey, Kevin.

What's up?

Just want to, uh, clear
the air about that meet.

- You were doing your job.
I get it.

I was in character.

These guys,
they're real racists.

I just had to play along.

Must've been hard.

Come on, man.

Let's put that behind us, okay?

You and me,
let's focus on locking up Reed.

I come in peace.

I just wanna make
a good bust here.


I'll let you know
when I get a bite.



- How does it feel?
- Like you're making my day.

What we talking?

If you got for 50,
I'll cut you a deal.

$1,500 apiece.

Sure you can cover that?

You tell me.

How's that look?

Real good.

Why do you need all these guns?

There's a war on the way
to the South Side.

Everybody's strapping up.

So much for protecting
your fellow black man, huh?

Excuse me?

You sell these guns to
blacks, they kill more blacks.

You don't got a problem
with it, I sure as hell don't.

Just business.

[helicopter rotors whirring]

- Okay.
I'll set up a meeting.

I'll call my man right now.

What the hell's a helicopter
doing circling out here?

Hey, relax.

Sounds like it's going away,
all right?

Sounds like it's circling
back around.

I don't like it.

What the hell's going on?

Maybe they're friends of yours.

What the hell does that mean?

Are you a cop?

Let's everybody
just calm down, all right?

- Something ain't right here.
You a cop?

- Huh?
- Let's go.

That what this is?

Hey, let's just take it easy,
all right, J?

- [both grunting]
- Hey, hands up!

- Stay down, stay down.
- Don't shoot, don't shoot!

Keep your hands up!

- You were right.
We are the police.

- Kev, you guys all right?
- We all good.

- Yeah.
- You got him?


Nice work.

- Good looking out.
- Yeah, sure thing.


You get anything from Hill?

- Not a damn thing.
- Huh.

He's a true believer
in that racist punk Tony Reed.

Hold on.

This is the burner phone
we took off of Hill.

It's blowing up right now with
text messages from a Blue88.

Yeah, that's, uh,
Reed's code name.


It looks like Reed's
hot and heavy

to do this big sale
with Atwater.

You got a relationship
with Reed?

Yeah, he likes me.

- I want you to text him back.
Pretend to be Hill.

Tell him you've vetted Atwater,
the deal's on,

only you can't make it,
you know, family emergency.

- What's your cover name?
- McDonald.

Yeah, suggest McDonald
go in his place.

- You cool with that?
- Yeah.

- All right, start texting.
See if he takes the bait.

[ominous music]

Atwater's heading
toward the entrance.

- Copy that.
I have eyes on him.

I assume
that's one of Reed's boys.

And we've got a good feed.

Why, 'cause he's white
and tatted up?

Maybe he's an honor student
waiting for the bus.

Don't judge a book
by its cover, man.

'Sup, Scorpio?

- Big man inside?
- Been here 15 minutes.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Here's the guy
we been talking about.

Came ready to play.

Let's see it.

I counted it.

It's good.

And I threw in an extra G
in good faith

that you deliver quality,
this won't be the last time.

I'm always looking
for reliable business partners.

[inhales sharply]

Here's a Christmas present.

Next time, I'll wrap them
for you.

Only if you use the paper
with the candy canes.

That's my favorite.

- Chicago PD!
- Don't move!

Get them up high!

- On the ground!
- Get your hands up!

- Get down!
- Down on your knees.


You're under arrest, Tony.

It's all you.


- Nice bust, man.
- Yeah, man, you too.

- How 'bout a beer?
- Nah, I can't.

I'ma call it an early night

so I can get started
on this paperwork.

- Come on.
We just made a nice pinch.

- Nice work, boys.
- Yeah.

Look, I don't wanna go there,
but I will if I have to.

What are you talking about?

Well, I pretty much saved
your life yesterday,

so I figured
the least you could do

is let me buy you
a stinking beer.


Okay, let's do it.

This was my first
undercover case.


You did good work.

- Thanks, man.
You too.

It's fun,
the whole undercover thing.

You know, it's kinda like
being an actor.


Except these bullets are real.



Hey, uh, so look...

The thing that happened
last year

with me and you...

I just want to apologize.

I, uh,
wish I handled that better.

Let's not do this.

- Do what?
- Talk about last year.

You did what you did.
Nothing can change that.

Yeah, no, I know,
but it's not as simple

as you're trying
to make it here.

- We ain't gonna do this.
You can pull over.

Just let me out.
I'll call an Uber.

- You serious?
- I'm dead serious. Pull over.

No, I'm not gonna
let you out here.

Look around, man.
It's a war zone.

I'll be fine.

I'll drive you back
to the district, okay?

And we don't have
to talk about last year

or anything else,
for that matter.

I'll just shut up
and be your damn chauffeur.


You seeing what I'm seeing?

- Talking about?
- That guy over there

with the bag... looks suspicious.

- Why?
'Cause he's black?


100 bucks says he heads
into that drug den over there.

Drug den? What the hell makes
you think that's a drug den?

- Look around.
It is what it is.

That is a brother
in a known gang zone,

carrying a bag,
walking into a stash house.

Based off of what theory?

- Pfft.

- What the hell you doing?
- Being a cop.

- Yo, what's in the bag?
- Nothing.

- Hey, I'm police.
I asked you a question.

What's in the bag?

Doyle, get your dumb ass
back in the car.

- I don't got nothing.
Yo, relax.

- I said I ain't got nothing.
- I am relaxed.

- You relax.
- Hey, man, keep it moving.

- Quit walking.

Doyle, let it go!

Like I said,
I ain't got nothing.

- Hey, stop.
I asked you a question.

Why you sweatin'?

I wanna know what's in the bag.

[horn honks]

- Quit moving back!
- Get off me, man!




[gunshots continue]

Chicago PD!
Doyle, where are you?

- Go, go.
5-0, 5-0.



Hey, hey.

It's all right.

Hold on, hold on.

10-1, this is Officer Atwater,
badge number 52784.

I need an ambo to 8701 Grafton.

And officer has been shot.
I repeat, an officer is down.

I'm right here with you.

I just need you to fight, Doyle.

I need you to fight.

You gonna be good.

- [whimpers]
- Just focus on me.

Focus on me, focus on me.
Just stay with me.

I need you to fight.

I got you.
I got you.

Stay right here.
Stay with me.

Stay with me.
Stay with me.


Doyle got into it
with the guy over the bag.


- But the only thing
in the bag: sneakers.

Oh, God.

There's this heroin right here.

So what are you saying?

Did the drugs come
from the duffel or what?

I don't know.

- Hey, I got briefed outside.
You okay?

- I'm good.
Is Doyle gonna survive?

He's in surgery.

Here's what we know so far.

We've got one offender down,
no ID,

so we're labeling him
a John Doe.

Hey, Vanessa, did we find out
who owns this property?

Not yet, but it was definitely

being used as a stash house.

I found a kilo
in the air-conditioning unit,

there's heroin right there,

and Gangster Prophet graffitied
all over the place.

All right, what about the
two guys who fled the scene?

- You get a look at them, Kev?
- No, not really.

It was two males, black, 20s.

I got a witness,
gave the same description,

saw them fleeing
in a blue sedan.

It's probably a Ford.
Got partial plates.

All right, these guys shot
at the police, you hear me?

[cell phone buzzing]

I don't give a damn
what we gotta do.

[dramatic music]

Doyle didn't make it.
He's dead.

So we do whatever we gotta do
to find these guys.

You understand me?

Detective Doyle
was talking to a male, black,

right outside
this door right here.

Seemed like a routine
stop and frisk.

The offender ducked
into the building.

[camera shutter clicks]

Doyle ran inside.

I jumped out the car,
heard gunshots.

Entered the same door,

engaged with two offenders,

fired five shots.

The offenders fled out the back.

I noticed Doyle bleeding out.

Immediately rendered aid
and called a 10-1.

- That's good enough for now.
I'll be in touch.

[cell phone buzzes]


Guy came so close to being
the next mayor of Chicago.

Trudy, what are you doing here?

I came to give you a ride home.


- You're welcome.
What's up?

People are getting together

at Doyle's father's place
right now.

Yeah, that's a hard one.

But you should probably go, huh?

I'll go with you if you want.

- Please.
- Come on.

[indistinct chatter]

Thanks for coming by.

I did everything I could.

- Thanks for coming, Trudy.
- Yeah, anything I can do.

I just wanna thank everyone
for coming by

to pay your respects.

We got, uh, lots of beer,
cold cuts, and pizza over here,

so eat up,

have a few drinks,
and every now and then,

raise a glass to Tommy Doyle.

He loved being blue.

He loved being a Chicago cop.

And that feeling of brotherhood
and love that we all share...

That meant everything to him.

To Tommy.
All: To Tommy.

May he rest in peace.

Thanks, Jim.

Appreciate you coming by.

The father's right over there.
Can you say a few words?

Thank you.

Mr. Doyle.

Kevin Atwater.

[whispers indistinctly]

Appreciate you coming by, Kevin.

It's a good Irish name.

Yeah, I'm proud of it.

Look, I heard... I heard
what happened in there.

I know you tried to help my boy.

Thank you.
That means a lot.

Only silver lining is,
he went out a hero.

His name will be
memorialized on the wall.

Not many people get to say that.


Detective Thomas Doyle...

All right, I want updates.

We get a hit on this blue sedan?

No, but we're still
working on it.

Well, let's work harder.

We got two cop killers
in the wind.

[sighs] I got an ID
on the John Doe offender.

- Okay.
- His name is, uh, Shawn Page.

Married, no priors.

I also confirmed that
the bullets that killed Page

were fired from Doyle's gun.

All right,
so talk to Page's family,

see if they know anything
about the other two offenders.

Okay, boss, that, um...

you know,
might be a little tricky.

Her husband was
just shot to death.

So was a Chicago police officer.

I don't really care
if it's tricky.

Just get me some answers.


[clears throat]

Ma'am, I'm Officer Ruzek.

This is Officer Atwater.

We'd like to ask you
a few questions.

Excuse me?

About your husband, ma'am.

My husband's dead
'cause y'all shot his ass.

So I ain't gonna be answering
any questions.

We understand how difficult
this has to be, Mrs. Page.



Amir, go with Auntie.

Mama has to talk to the police.

That little boy's daddy is dead.

We're very sorry for that.

But right now,
we have to find the two men

that your husband went to visit.

We believe they shot and killed

a Chicago police officer.

You acting like it's just
another day at the damn office,

like somehow my husband
deserved what he got.

- No.
We're not saying that.

The hell you not!

You come over to my house

the day after my husband
got shot for no damn reason,

and you want me to help you?

Ma'am, believe me,

this is the hardest part
of the job.

Your damn job
cost my husband his life.

And for what?

He was going
to visit his cousin,

just going to drop off
a pair of Air Jordans

for his birthday.

I saw that press conference.

That bitch acted like Shawn
was a criminal.

Just another young brother who
got mixed up with drugs, right?

Well, that's a damn lie.


was a good man, a good father.

And he wasn't
no damn gangbanger,

so please...

can you get the hell out?

Let me and my family grieve
in peace, please.



Get the hell out!
Get out!


- Kev, I got something.
- Hmm?

Sarge, we got a hit
on the blue sedan.

Patrol saw it pulling
into a house in Englewood.

Both the house and the car

are registered to this guy,
Jamal Pierce.

- This guy got a sheet?
- No, he's clean.

No gang ties,
but the house is in the middle

of a Gangster Prophet

Is this one of the guys
from the shoot-out?

- Not sure.
It happened so fast.

Yeah, well, this could be
our cop killer.

Get in touch with Nolan's crew.
Let's grab this guy now.

[tense music]

All right, we just pulled in

around the corner
from Jamal's place.

Kev, where you at?

Outside of Jamal's place,
posted by the back alley.

- Halstead?
- We're five minutes out.

All right, we wait
till everyone's in position.

Copy that.

That's him.

- We got eyes on the offender.
West alley, moving in.

Jamal Pierce, Chicago PD.

- Stop right there!
- Uh!

- Where you going, Jamal?

- Dude, I ain't do nothing!
- You gotta relax.

We still gotta get in the house.

Let's go.


Look at me.

You shoot a cop last night?

What the hell
are you talking about?

You hang out at that building
over on Grafton Street?

- No, man!
- Stop lying!


- You shot my partner.
I'd start talking.

Look, I ain't shoot nobody!

- [grunts]
- That's enough!

Do not tell me how to police!


Offender disobeyed an order.

'Cause I ain't do nothing!

Shut up.

A Chicago police officer
was just murdered.

Your car was at the scene.

You better give me an alibi
real fast, you understand me?

Now, where were you last night
around 7:00?

- I was at my uncle's house.
It was his birthday.


Look, I got pictures
on my phone!

Then give me.

- Give me!
- [breathing heavily]

I was there from 6:30
till past midnight.

- What's the passcode?
- 2121.

Then who was driving your car?

- Look, I don't know!
- You don't know?

Bad time to get amnesia, Jamal.

You got three seconds, or I
will beat your ass to a pulp.

Jamal, this gauze over here,
who is that for?


All right, listen to me, Jamal.

You work with us,
we can help you.

You let someone borrow your car?

Someone who got injured?


- Okay, good.

- My friend Terrence.
- Okay.

Is Terrence in your house
right now?


He's in my basement
with some other dude.

All right, listen to me.

You did the right thing.

All right, give me the keys.

[muffled chatter]


- Hey!
Don't even think about it.

- Get your ass down.
- Up!

- Down!
- On the ground.

- Up!
- [grunts]

What are you looking at?

Put your hands behind your back.


Come on, man!

Watch my arm!

Ain't the body part
you need to be worrying about

where you're going.

At least we got the guys
who shot Doyle.

- Ain't much, but it's something.
- We're arresting Jamal?

Damn right, we are.

Son of a bitch was harboring
two cop killers,

buying them bandages.

He's gotta do time for that.

He also gave us his friends.

I think we need to take that
into consideration.

You seem to have a lot of issues

with the way I do my job.

No, I got issues with the way

you put your hands on people.

I thought he killed my partner.

Truth is,
if you were a better cop,

none of this would've happened.

Doyle would still be here.

Doyle is dead because of Doyle!

He did it to himself 'cause
he's a racist son of a bitch!

Don't disrespect my partner!

[both yelling]

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey.

Bro, take a walk, huh?


- You okay?
- I'm nowhere close to okay.

Listen to me, Terrence.

We went through
your friend's car.

We found the murder weapon,
shell casings,

and plenty of blood.

I think we both know

that the blood DNA's
gonna come back to you.

Damn straight, it will,

'cause that prick shot me.

So you admit you shot
Detective Doyle?

- Hell yeah!
We wasn't doing nothing.

Man, we were just minding
our own business,

playing "Fortnite."

Maybe I was about
to do some partying.

I know you found
my baggie of dope.

Saying that...

Saying that to prove
I ain't hiding anything.

And this white boy
came to the door,

beating my guy Shawn,

talking about he'll shoot
all our monkey asses.

Dude pulled a gun,
started waving it.

- Hold up.

You're saying
he pulled his gun first?


So I reached for my gun.

Then all hell broke loose.

So you're saying
the police shot first?

- I ain't saying.
That's exactly what happened.


Shawn was just dropping off
a pair of new sneakers.

- Huh.
- He ain't even in a gang.

Not even a little.
Telling y'all...

we was just
protecting ourselves.

- Self-defense?

That ain't gonna fly, trust me.

You and your buddy were sitting
on a couple of kilos of dope

when a Chicago police officer

entered the premises
to investigate,

and you two open fire.

That's the way it happened!

And I'm telling you,

that's the way
the jury's gonna see it too.

You can say whatever you want,

but that ain't even close
to how it went down.

Man, you don't know
what went down.

I'm about to tell
you what's gonna go down.

- [screams]
- Reconsider.

- Sarge, Sarge, Sarge.
Let me talk to you.


This better be good.

No, you're not about to like
what I'm finna say.

I think they're telling
the truth.

The hell are you talking about?

I'm telling you what
I should've told you earlier.

There was no probable cause.

Doyle saw a black man
walking down the street

and started profiling.

And that man was Shawn Page?

Wasn't doing
anything suspicious.

He was just a black man
in a bad neighborhood

holding a duffel bag, and
Doyle started following him.

Eyeballed him, hopped out
of the car, jammed him up.

And that's when everything
popped off.


Listen to me.

If what you're saying is true...

We got a big problem.

It's true.

And now that I know that Page
wasn't even in the gang...

he was just a regular dude

that was dropping off a pair
of Jordans to his cousin.

This is bad.

Gotta say something.

I can't just sit on this.

I gotta say something.


Thanks for meeting me.

What's going on?

- [sighs]
I'm starting to hear things.

What kinda things?

- Your guy Atwater.
- Uh-huh.

[sighs] Word is, he might be
looking to stir up trouble,

make a stink about how Doyle's
shooting went down.

I don't know nothing about that.

Well, whether you do
or you don't,

I'm here to tell you
it's a bad idea.


Atwater tries
to make this thing racial,

tries to ruin the legacy
of a good, hardworking cop,

a guy with lots of friends

and family in the rank and file,

there will be repercussions.

Sounds like you're making
a threat, Kenny.

I'm just telling you how it is.

No, let me tell you how it is.

Kevin Atwater's
like a son to me.

You go after him,
you better come after me too.

[tense music]

[knock at door]

Just got a call from COPA.

They wanna...

They wanna talk to you
this afternoon.


Thought about
how you wanna play it?

I'ma tell the truth.

I can't stay silent.

Oh, I get that.

I do, however...

Want you to understand that...

It's not that simple, Kevin.


No, bro,
I'm not giving you advice.

I mean, you're the only one
who can make this decision.


I just wanna
give you some facts,

lay out certain realities...

So you have all the information
to make that decision,

you understand?

Now, first of all,
you tell the truth...

I mean, those two bangers
we grabbed, they're gonna walk.

And Doyle's murder becomes
a justifiable homicide,

and the drugs we seized,
they disappear too.

- Fruit of the poisonous tree.
- I get that.

Yo, Kev,

like I told you,
I'm not here to debate you.


I mean, if you tell the truth...


You know, we're gonna
catch heat for Page's death.

That becomes
a wrongful police shooting.

[dramatic music]

I mean, you're staring down

one hell of an Internal Affairs

And this city is going
to be sued for millions.


And I honestly could give
a damn about any of that.

That's problems we can handle,



What I do care about,
what does concern me...

Is Doyle's friends and family.

Man, that kid
was third-generation police.

He's got more uncles
and cousins on the force

than anybody I ever heard of.

And you're going after
his reputation,

his... his character.

I mean, you're gonna tarnish
his legacy.

Believe me, those people
are gonna close ranks.


I know.

Anyway, you gotta ask yourself,

I mean, really ask yourself...

How bad do you wanna be right?

[door buzzes]


- Yeah.
- All right.


- Good to see you again, Ray.
- Thanks for stopping by.

I don't get too many visitors.

Well, like I told you on the
phone, I'm looking for advice.

Type of advice I feel only
somebody like you can give.

[chuckles] Somebody like me?

I'm not sure
what that means anymore.

That means a man.

A black man
who's seen the world,

knows how it works.

Knows when to fight
and when to listen.

All right, so tell me
what's going on, Kevin.

Tell me how I can help.

It's like what MLK said,

tragedy is not
the oppression and cruelty

by the bad people.

It's the silence over that
by the good people.

- He's right.
It is.

It is the silence,
the acceptance,

and sometimes
you just gotta take a stand,

no matter how risky it is,

to let the chips fall
where they fall, right?

But you gotta be the right
person to do that.

You gotta be strong
through and through.

The God's honest truth is,

being a hero, being brave,

it's hard.

It don't pay the bills
or do much else.

The only thing it does get you

is peace of mind

and the belief that
you've made a difference.

And it's that belief,
that feeling,

that has to be good enough,
because if you expect more...

if you looking for praise
and high-fives,

they ain't gonna be coming.

And the hardest part?

No matter how principled
you could be

or how big the damn stand
you decide to take,

the odds of something actually
changing for the better

are close to zero.



What are you saying, Ray?

I'm just talking about reality.

And the reality is, you ain't
no Martin Luther King.

So what I'm saying,


Only a fool would take on
what you're talking about.

So if I was you...

I'd keep my mouth shut,

keep doing what I'm doing:

policing the way you police,

looking out the way
you look out.

And maybe, just maybe...

That might be good enough.

But I'm not you, am I?

Doyle and I
had just made an arrest.

Big gun dealer named Tony Reed.

We were feeling pretty good
about ourselves,

so we decided to celebrate...

Get a beer.

On the way to the bar,

Doyle noticed a male, black,
walking down the street.

He was carrying a bag,
duffel bag.

There is no right or wrong, Kev.

You did what you had to do,

what you felt was right.

I mean,
I can't make any promises

on how this is gonna play out,
but I'll tell you one thing.

Adam and I
and all of Intelligence,

bro, we got your back
no matter what.

That means a lot, Sarge.

Here's to having the guts
to tell the truth.

To tell your truth.

Your truth.

[ominous music]

- [car door clicks shut]
- [sighs]

Hell no.

Is this what we doing?

You coming for me?

If you coming for me,
then come on.

Just me and you.

I ain't going nowhere.

Where you going?

[engine turning over]
I ain't going nowhere.

[engines turning over]

So that's what it is?

So that's what it is, huh?

Well, come on!

I know exactly what time it is!

You think I'm going anywhere?
'Cause I'm not!

Y'all got the right one!

Y'all know exactly where I'm at!

I'm right here!
I'm right here!


[dark investigative music]

[wolf howls]